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asexualbookbird · 18 minutes ago
idek what kind of book im in the mood for now and thats likely why im having such a hard time choosing what to read
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bs-fangirl · 50 minutes ago
Normal Person: *dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates of Heaven* What is the answer to the meaning to life?
True Crime Fan: *dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates of Heaven* What is the answer to every unsolved mystery I’ve ever seen on a documentary/podcast?
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something-tofightfor · 52 minutes ago
500 Word Kiss Challenge: Ryan Brenner
Pairing: Ryan Brenner x female reader insert (Neon Lights / Just a Place)
Word Count: 500
Rating: M (Ryan brenner got a lil smutty and I didn’t even plan on it. Oops.)
Scenario: A birthday kiss
The house was dark aside from the single light over the porch when he pulled into the driveway. Shit. He ran his hand through his hair, pulling the long strands away from his face and closed his eyes, tapping his palm on the steering wheel. “Shit.” 
It wasn’t that late; he’d driven home immediately after his gig, declining the celebratory beer offered by the bartender and the woman that had played backup for him, and he hadn’t expected the place to be dark. You’d been working when he left - hunched over your computer desk and scrolling though images you’d been sent last minute - so he’d had no choice but to leave you behind. Couldn’t pass it up, an’ she knew that. 
Ryan didn’t think you were mad at him, but you hadn’t answered his texts, and so he had no way to know for sure. Maybe she’s just busy. He slung the guitar case’s strap over his shoulder and locked the door, thumbing through the keyring to find the right one. 
 Once inside, he glanced around, frowning at the darkened interior of the house, a low light from the kitchen catching his attention. Hmm. He lowered the guitar to the couch, letting his keys drop with it, and Ryan’s booted feet carried him into the kitchen, hand trailing along the wall.
He wasn’t expecting to see you sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, legs crossed at the knee and wearing only the t-shirt he’d left in your bag in Vegas, palms pressed to the table behind you as you leaned back. “What’s goin’ -” “Happy birthday, Ryan.” It was only then that he saw the source of the glow - candles on a round cake, plated and resting on the counter to your left. “Wanted to surprise you.” Goddamn. He was moving before he realized it, crossing the space toward you. Uncrossing your legs, he stepped between them and you reached up with both hands, cradling his bearded jaw. “Surprise.” He grinned, apprehension about your mood disappearing as he leaned down, tattooed hands finding your hips through the thin material and pulling you closer. “How’d you know it was m-”
“Saw your license.” You sighed as he nipped at your earlobe before he moved his lips to your cheek and then down, nuzzling against the side of your face. “Figured you didn’t ever tell me for a reason, but …” You hummed, fingers sliding into his hair and tugging as he groaned. “Couldn’t not do something to celebrate.” 
He kissed you - hard - hoping that you could feel his gratitude for the simple act of surprising him with a cake and candles, but when Ryan backed off enough to look into your eyes, there was nothing simple there. Good. “You gonna let me do somethin’ for you before we eat that cake?” 
You didn’t reply audibly, but he felt your legs tighten against his, giving him the tiniest nod of your head and biting your lower lip. “Whatever you want, Ry.”
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scenebunny · 55 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that moment when u. when u. uhhhh um. when you. uhh. yeah
⭐ he/him pronouns only! ⭐
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sanktasolis · an hour ago
"oh, quit that. blushing is for virgins and fjerdans." genya!!
“ I COULD’VE BEEN NAKED, you know. i almost was - “ she said mutinously. not that genya was phased, or even cared really - she’d seen it before and likely wasn’t shy about seeing it again. finishing adjusting her tunic she frowned up at the red haired woman. “ you’re in a cheery mood - “ she notes, and there’s something amused in dark eyes as she takes in the slight dishevelment of her hair. that told her plenty about how her new found relationship was treating her. “ and your hair is coming undone. “
Tumblr media
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sanktasolis · an hour ago
❛ sit .
@madefae sit .   gesture  for  my  muse  to  sit  down .
heaving a sigh, gaze cuts to the high lady with a reluctant frown. “ do i really need to ? “ was it illegal to say no ? feyre was high lady here, but she was also pretty adamant that she didn’t need to be formal in her presence. feyre wasn’t dressed in any formal sort of gown so it was probably social. their last interaction had went well but she didn’t really trust - people in her position. feyre had proven to be different but a lot of high lords tended to see their soldiers less as people and more as fodder.
brow raises at the tea set to feyre’s left, and she offers a small smile as she said, “ you were that serious over tea ? I’d hate to see the way you get over sweets. “
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the-queen-of-sevens · an hour ago
The State of the Writer: 5/16/21
The State of the Writer: 5/16/21
<–The State of the Writer: 5/2/21         The State of the Writer: 5/30/21–> A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks. Finished Projects: 1 Audio Recording & Video Slideshow: The Broken Rose Chapter 1 Desecration – 5/8/21 Project: Story Working Title: The High Archon Genre: Paranormal Romance Type: Original Length:…
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unfoldingnarratives · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The world rests in the night. Trees, mountains, fields, and faces are released from the prison of shape and the burden of exposure. Each thing creeps back into its own nature within the shelter of the dark. Darkness is the ancient womb. Nighttime is womb- time. Our souls come out to play. The darkness absolves everything; the struggle for identity and impression falls away. We rest in the night #JohnODonohue #madrid #night #cityscape #clouds #rest #demadridalcielo #lights
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gary4smith · 2 hours ago
Choosing the Best LED Shop Lights for your Business
Shop owners need to showcase their products for better customer exposure. LED shop lights have broad application areas such as shops, large retail spaces, and warehouses. Proper lumen capacity creates a welcoming ambiance for the customers.
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