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#light yagami
deathnotewiki · 3 minutes ago
June 15, 2004: Fifteenth day of Light Yagami and Misa Amane’s confinement.
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ironically-anticlimactic · 8 minutes ago
It is 3:50 in the fucking morning and I just went on the biggest rant about who'd win if Light and L's roles were reversed in the series to my friend in our chat. Like if their personalities and situations were the same but their goals were different (if L was kira and Light was the one trying to catch kira)
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pellucidlies · 2 hours ago
thinking about Light and Misa being the mlm and wlw besties the world needs.. they start working together under Kira to actually defeat evil in the world and then . misa notices light has been acting different. suprise! he caught feelings for L and hasnt been able to focus on his Kira work, instead wants to hang around HQ all the time to help L with his.
light totally tries to deny it at first and misas like "can you believe it!!? the great kira has fallen for his rival, L?" and light gets so flustered and ryuk rem and misa just tease him for hours
meanwhile L is totally oblivious to it but he starts to find himself attracted to light too. he pushes it away bc wtf that would just burden him?? its not like he even likes him back??.. and then one day misa spills lights secret to matsuda bc those two are BESTIES and matsuda starts implying things when the two are together . like a whole "aint that right Light.. hahha.... cause you know, you and L.. haha?" thing .. both are just so confused. fuck
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dearestones · 3 hours ago
Observations Part Two (Yandere! Yagami Light x Reader)
Warnings: Yandere behavior.
When you were younger, you used to think that school was a prison. There were rules, there were duties that you must fulfill, uniforms to wear, people to respect… It was all so droll and terrible for you as an impressionable child. However, as you huddled into your desk, worksheets and notes strewn around you and your classmates chattering to themselves, you felt safe and protected.
School had a routine.
School had restrictions.
School didn’t have murderers.
Except for one.
You raised your head slightly and cast a glance to the desks nearest the windows. Light Yagami, studious and so polite, was busy explaining a few concepts for next week’s exams to a fellow classmate. Despite his easy going explanation, however, you could still see his pen move over his notebook in a practiced, yet artful manner.
Days ago, you wouldn’t have thought much about it. However, after last night… You couldn’t help but wonder which notebook he was using at that moment. A normal, ordinary notebook for school?
Or the one… that could… kill?
Last night, you had been hesitant. Appalled, even. A notebook that could kill? What was he, a narcissistic edge lord? But, no.
As soon as you voiced your sentiments, Light had easily maneuvered you into his desk and turned on his tv. At his behest, you checked the news and when the segment had somehow, stupidly posted an array of criminals, you chose one at random—someone Kira had not targeted yet.
And then—
With all the confidence of someone who thought that this was all a prank and that this was Light’s misguided attempt to—intimidate you? make him seem all the more untouchable?—you took one of Light’s pens and wrote down the name on a notebook that he swore killed people.
No hesitation.
Just a hint of interest that slowly morphed into irritation as you glanced back at the screen.
“Well?” You asked. “What’s going to—“
And just as you began to accuse Light of wasting your time, the unthinkable happened. One of the reporters began to scream in apprehension.
And then—
“It’s Kira! Kira has answered our prayers!” On and on, the crazed reporter would shout until the news station abruptly cut off the air and the screen went silent.
Something must have happened at that point because one second you were seated only inches away from you had just confirmed to not only be a mass serial killer, but Kira himself and then you found yourself tucked in your bed.
Perhaps you were in a state of shock.
Maybe Light had done something to you.
Whatever the case, when you woke up, you didn’t want to leave. However, you knew that running away from a problem wouldn’t make it go away. In most situations, it would grow even bigger. With that thought in mind, you had eaten your breakfast (albeit, slowly and in a hazy state of mind) and went to school.
And here you are now.
Classmates with a murderer.
As you watched Light bid your classmate good luck, you saw him snap his notebook shut, the smile on his face faint before he turned towards you.
At that moment, you felt your insides harden into ice, your breathing became labored, slower. You had watched documentaries about animals stilling in the presence of a predator, but you had never thought that you would be in the sights of an actual killer.
Light… Light frightened you.
He watched—no, he observed—you with a half-lidded gaze.
Before you could react, the brunet left his desk—the sense of impending danger roaring in your ears. His footsteps, so slow, so rhythmic, echoed and reverberated in your head as if you were underwater. All too soon—and yet, it seemed that he took his time—he leaned over you, his eyes searching.
Still observing you.
“Would you like to visit my house again? I feel like my demonstration wasn’t enough.”
You reared back in your chair, finding his presence to be too domineering, too suffocating. Classmates were milling about, paying you no attention, but you couldn’t help but let your gaze dart about the room. One of your classmates caught your eye and gave a little wave, an action that settled your heart but didn’t abate the tension that you were feeling.
“And… if I say no?”
For a moment, it seemed like the entire world stopped just so it could listen on to your conversation.
It was just you.
And the murderer that the world either lauded as a savior or desperately wanted to get rid of.
You thought that he would react negatively to your denial of his request, but he simply smiled.
And said—
“But don’t you already know? By writing down that name, you’re one with Kira.” Before you could begin shaking your head in denial, he fished a neatly folded piece of paper from his pocket. Without seeing the contents of it, you already knew what was written inside.
It was what you had written down: the criminal’s name.
“I… I didn’t know that—”
In swift, almost cruel strokes, he opened up the paper and practically slapped it in on your desk.
You dared not look into his eyes or down to see your handwriting. Instead, you tried to look straight forward and away from the evil that was practically consuming you with its own gravitational pull.
“You are Kira and there’s nothing that you can do about it.”
You felt your hands begin to tremble and shake as sweat rolled down your temples.
“You’re mine now.”
DISCLAIMER: I do not condone yandere behavior outside of fictional settings. Please don’t mistake the actions of fictional characters displayed in works of fiction to be considered harmless in real life.
If you want to donate a Ko-Fi, feel free
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elliotjeevas13 · 3 hours ago
Most death note characters + the role they are when I self insert myself
Light Yagami
Tumblr media
When first crawling into the surface after being in a underworld like place and hating it there bc I was "too human" than other demons, I left and ran off to the human world, I walked around for a bit, exploring the new world, until I saw Light, that's when I decided to stick with him on his way home, he sorta delt with it, he cared about me, but he was busy a lot so I was left to explore the outside world, often stopping by the garbage dump to pick up trinkets and bring them home. Light cared about me, he really did, he hated seeing me hurt or upset
Tumblr media
First time meeting him was kinda wild, I just couldn't stop staring, there was something about him..just something I liked that made me want to be his friend. During the time of light and Misa being confined, I wouldn't leave the cameras, L noticed this and would something watch with me, he knew I hated seeing Light like this, considering he was away for 50 days, he even tried offering for me to stay with light, I declined, even if I hated seeing him this way
Tumblr media
Mother figure!
Very nice, I was with her a lot because of light being busy, I was apparently a hassle to control according to them, but I've improved a bit, Rem tries her best to take care of me, makes sure I'm not hurt (otherwise light gets really upset..). They were surprised at the fact I wasn't scared of her and acted so calm, so strangely calm at the sight of a shinigami, Rem honest expected I'd be more scared and run off (or something under the lines of me being terrified)
Tumblr media
Oh my, he's fun to hang out with, he constantly gets me and Matt into trouble, first time meeting him was when he got his scar, that's how I wanted to be friends, I found his scar really cool and him also really cool, riding with him on his motorcycle is honestly scary but I know he's not gonna just suddenly crash the motorcycle with me on it, everytime I come over, he does that thing where he just ruffles my hair and goes "the ball of chaos has returned, I see" and I find it funny with every nickname I have been given with each greeting
Tumblr media
BEST FRIEND!!!!!11111!!
ACK- he's my best friend!! First time seeing him was when I was asked to find where Mello is, I saw him and instantly? I was basically just- in love, I wanted to be his friend SOOO badly! So, I made the move to say hi, but at first he was really shy (I was too, trust me), but overtime he kinda became inseparable, I mean, we both love video games and love talking about them! Btw, he agrees with my statement that he's basically sans
Tumblr media
Was litterally the one who helped me find what kind of style I have when I comes to outfits, and it started when I stole one of her band tees she had! She found out quickly that it must've been me, lights kid, who'd done it, since she knew I liked band tees, so that's when she help me out with an outfit I'd enjoy (and a fashion sense). She's caring and really nice to me, and even sometimes does fun things with my hair!
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! (Or well, partner!)
At first, I hated him, there was nothing I loved about him and wanted him dead, but then he began to grow on me, I started liking him, and then I told them about my feelings, was I honestly shocked Near felt that way too? Yes! I was! That's our love story! There for me, Near comforts me whenever I'm feeling upset, and enjoys when I talk about what I love, even if he doesn't get it, me explaining is enough for them to understand whatever I'm talking about (ex; undertale)
Tumblr media
Friend!!11 (I have so many friends I know)
Again, I didn't like him at first, but then he kinda just- grew on me over time, and he was the one to ask Light if he could be my friend! He tends to give me small things he finds, and I'd cherish it, even if it was a leaf that looked unique I'd keep it, what else would I do with it? I'm not getting rid of it that's for sure. We don't really hang out much so I can't say too much about him sadly
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fanb0yz · 4 hours ago
have any of you guys read white chocolate roses…
it’s like.. one of the best fics i’ve ever read in my life. it’s been 6 months and i still can’t stop thinking about it :[
it’s a lawlight fic btw. 100% recommend
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greatestdtective · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is L and Light texting
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hebescus · 7 hours ago
damn i forgot how fun self insert fics are
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13eyond13 · 7 hours ago
After seeing the tags for your last post it has me wondering... may I ask what your favourite platonic dynamics are involving Ryuk? I'm tempted to ask that about a lot of characters, but I'll stop at Ryuk. Of course you don't have to reply!
Ryuk and Light have such a fun dynamic! It's the only truly honest relationship Light has throughout the entire series. Not even Misa knew all of Light's sincere inner thoughts and motivations to the same degree; he was always keeping parts of himself hidden from everybody else, except the shinigami who was going to one day take his life. I think the way Ohba set all of it up between the two of them and used Ryuk in the story was brilliantly done. So even though I have zero interest in reading something shippy between Ryuk and Light I do love their canon relationship very much, and I think it makes sense that Ryuk has trouble finding the same amount of fun again after finally killing Light. Seeing how differently he vibes with Minoru and how much less he enjoys himself is a great example of the uniquely good chemistry he had with Light.
So yeah, the main one is def Light. Ryuk's uncomfy vibes with Misa and Sidoh and Matsuda and whoever else he interacts with occasionally are pretty humourous to me as well. I think it would have been fun if he'd been able to interact personally with L too, but alas...
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13eyond13 · 8 hours ago
Mello/misa and mello/light and mello/matsuda
Tumblr media
I can only really remember Mello thinking Misa was stupid in canon, and I don't think they've ever interacted in any fan stuff I've seen either? Might be fun, but it doesn't immediately spark interesting possibilities in my mind
Tumblr media
I have seen the Light and Mello pairing a few times in fics, and it usually kind of squicks me out or annoys me. I would more likely avoid a fic than click it if I saw it was a pairing tbh, hahaha. Not sure if it's just because of how people normally portray them together or what, but their personalities don't mesh in super interesting ways for me in a ship. Might be some fun platonically, though
Tumblr media
Never seen this one before! I feel Mello would intimidate and boss Matsuda around easily, hahaha
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iced-bees · 8 hours ago
i can't get over the difference in light's eyes when he gives up his ownership of the death note
Tumblr media
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ygm1slt · 8 hours ago
OKAY I THINK I GOT A JUICY ONEEE ( light is most def kira by now ) so can i get VERY toxic light x fem reader nsfw ( rough ) so it's halloween and there is a hella big party and y/n gets dressed up REALLY SEXYYY and tries to go and light doesnt want to go or her going. we all know our boi light gets a lil jelly 😏😏 i know u wont let me down
you know what this means 😏 skimpy maid costume
♡  ⊹    °     . ˚   𖧷 ·  °     .  ♡  ⊹
Change of Plans - toxic!Light Yagami x fem!reader
took me two weeks to write this for some reason, and i wrote the end of it while dealing with writer's block so i really hope it's still good hahaha
cw // ⚠️ nsfw!! , degradation
Ruffles of the short dress you wore sat right below your butt, threatening to show the lacy panties you had on underneath, god forbid you bend down. It was tight around your waist, hugging your body and accentuating your curves. The dress may have been a little indecent, but it made you look sexy and that's all that mattered to you.
Confidently, you walked out of the bedroom and into the living room where Light was. He was sat on the couch, watching the news and taking note of all the criminals being shown. As you walked to the front door, his eyes landed on you.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, in a low, irritated tone.
“That party I told you about, remember?” you say.
“Not dressed like that, you’re not.”
You knew the outfit was anything but modest, but it was Halloween, and everyone you knew would be wearing something suggestive. However, Light preferred that you didn’t leave the house wearing something so revealing. He was prone to getting jealous, and the idea of you going to a party where you looked like that, annoyed him. Obviously you were the loyal type, but the mere thought of someone looking at you with intentions had him livid.
Turning to look at him, you pouted like a child- crossing your arms and furrowing your brows, "Light come on... I'm not gonna let anybody do anything, if that's what you're worried about. And I said you could come with, but you don't want to, so I'm going alone."
He closed the notebook, resting the pen on the coffee table beside it. Letting out a heavy sigh, he stood up, "You're not going at all. I don't care if you won't let anyone 'make moves,' I don't want them to even think about trying."
Rolling your eyes, you stepped away from the door and walked to where he stood. Sweetly, you kissed his cheek- maybe if I butter him up he'll let me go, you thought, but you were wrong. Light grabbed your wrist, pulling your arm lightly to bring your ear close to his mouth.
"Don't think you'll be able to change my mind. You're not going, and that's final. Do you understand?"
Slowly, you straightened yourself, glaring at him with annoyance. Quite often, he would refuse to let you leave the house if he thought what you were wearing was too lewd. It'd always piss you off- how controlling he was sometimes. Sure, it was "nice" to have him "looking out for you," but he was being dramatic.
Light squeezed your wrist a little harder, repeating the question he previously asked to get the answer he was waiting for. Quietly, you whispered a "yes Sir," with an aggravated tone to your voice. His demeanor suddenly changed, now appearing charming. With his other hand, he cupped your cheek, kissing you on the lips softly.
The hand on your cheek moved under your jaw, gripping tightly as he pulled away, "If you're gonna dress like a slut, it'll be for me- and for me only."
He crashed his lips on yours again, running his other hand along your thigh and up under the dress to squeeze your ass. The action made you whimper, resulting in him smiling against your mouth. Light's hand roughly grabbed at your butt, his fingers threatening to pull at your panties. It was obvious he only wanted you for himself, and as much as you did want to go to that party, you knew you wouldn't make it on time now. Light pulled away from you, releasing his hold on your jaw and butt and grabbing your hand to lead you to the bedroom.
As soon as you walked into the room, he shut the door and pushed you onto the bed. His body hovered yours, both his hands beside your head as he stares at you lustfully.
"Something tells me you wore this for attention-" He kissed down your jaw, to your neck, kitten-licking your skin before speaking again, "Mmm you're just a little attention whore, aren't you? Do you want people to give you looks?"
Light's lips attacked your neck whilst his hands moved to your hips from under the dress. You arched your back, moaning at the feeling of his warm tongue on you. Roughly, his hands rubbed at your body as he bruised your neck. He brought his mouth up to your ear, speaking quietly, "Hands and knees, now."
He lifted himself off of you, allowing you to move into his desired position, and while doing so he began to get undressed. Light immediately pulled your panties down your legs, throwing them to the floor. He pushed on your back, implying he wanted you to relax. With your backside now sticking up, Light slid his hands under the dress, exposing your bare skin. His fingers brushed against your heat as he placed a kiss on your butt.
"How are you already wet? I haven't done anything." He chuckled lightly, pushing his fingers on your clit and making you gasp. His fingers rubbed between your wet folds while his other hand caressed your ass. He'd squeeze it tightly as he began to rub fast circles into your clit. You arched your back, whimpering from the sensation.
"Are you thinking about all those people giving you dirty looks? Huh, you slut? Is that why you're already dripping?" Light spoke in a stern voice, clearly pissed off with the assumption he made.
Briefly, he removed his fingers to kneel between your legs. Kisses were placed on your throbbing cunt, making you whine. It was pathetic how needy you already were- knowing how little intimacy there was- but the way Light talked to you always seemed to turn you on. You felt his tongue flatten against your pussy, lapping at the wetness that was dripping down your lips.
Light put both his hands on your ass, squeezing it tightly while he let his mouth do all the work. He'd flick your clit with his tongue before sliding it into your cunt and making you moan. Your head was resting in the pillows now and your hands tugged at the blanket beneath you.
His tongue moved quickly, slipping out occasionally to swirl around your clit. Light would pull away, replacing his tongue with his fingers, pumping them in and out of you quickly. He'd kiss and suck at the soft skin of your ass, leaving a bruise where his lips had been.
"Light- fuck, please don't stop." Your words came out like whines, expressing your desperation.
"Yeah does it feel good? Beg for more- nice and loud."
He quickened the pace of his fingers, slipping in a third one just to see you squirm. A hearty moan came from the back of your throat at the feeling of his fingers stretching you out. You'd push back your butt, trying to force additional friction. Light slapped your ass in response, twisting his fingers inside your cunt.
"I said beg, don't you listen." he says, with an irritated voice.
Obeying his command, you beg for him; asking him to give you more than what you're receiving. But instead of complying, he stopped; removing his fingers and telling you to turn around. You did as you were told, sitting on the bed with your back against the headboard. Light came up to you, kissing you roughly, and soon slipping his fingers back inside your cunt, causing you to moan into the kiss. The pad of his thumb formed circles on your clit as his fingers curled inside you.
Kissing him became difficult from how good you felt, but it soon ended. Light stopped what he was doing and got off the bed. As he pulled his boxers down, he demanded that you kneel before him.
Now on your knees, you sat with your mouth open, waiting for him to do as he pleased. He let out a soft chuckle at your obedience, wrapping a hand in your hair and sliding his hardened cock into your mouth.
"You truly are a slut for me huh? Mmm- sitting pretty in that slutty dress, waiting for me stuff your throat."
He wasted no time speeding up. You'd gag and whimper around his length every time the tip hit the back of your throat. Light threw his head back, shutting his eyes and moaning your name. The hand he had in your hair is what was guiding your head along his shaft.
Tilting his head back down to look at you, he managed to form a sentence, "Fuck- you look so pretty with my cock in your mouth."
The praise he handed you made you moan- the wetness between your legs dripping onto your thighs. His moans got louder from feeling the vibrations of the sounds you made. Light pushed your head until your nose touch his lower stomach, and then he'd pull on you hair to bring you back up before forcing you back down again. The abuse your throat endured brought tears to your eyes, a few rolling down your cheeks. Rubbing your thighs together, you looked up at him innocently and teary-eyed, hoping he'd catch the hint that you wanted him to touch you.
"Awe is Kira's pet getting needy again?" Roughly he pulled your hair, removing your mouth from his shaft with a pop.
Light made you get on the bed again, on all fours with your back arched. He got behind you, pushing the bottom off the dress up so it was bunched up by your stomach. A hand grabbed your ass, squeezing it while his other hand stroked his cock.
"I bet if you would've gone to that party, somebody would've tried bending you over like this-" The reddened tip of his cock pushed against your cunt, making you moan.
"That's why you wore it right? You dressed like a whore for attention?"
Without any further dialogue, Light slid his cock in your entrance, causing your head to fall into the pillows as you muffle a moan. A low groan came from the back of his throat at the feeling of your walls closing in around him. He kept a hand on your ass, bringing the other up to your head and wrapping it in your hair to pull you up.
His thrusts were hard, indicating he was upset with you. You hadn't even answered any of his rhetorical questions, but he didn't need an answer. Light was "content" with his hypothetical situation that was: you dressing up to get attention from strangers. Obviously, that wasn't the case; you dressed up for yourself, but Light wouldn't be satisfied with that answer, so you didn't bother answering at all.
He'd tug on your hair roughly, ramming into you and making the ruffles of the costume you wore bounce back and forth. You'd moan his name loudly, profanities following after every noise you made. Your knuckles turned white from how hard you were gripping the sheets and your neck started to hurt from the angle it held.
Light let go of your hair, quickly moving his hand under your jaw- the other one now gripping your waist from under the dress- and bringing his body closer to yours. His mouth was close your ear while he lifted your head up bit.
"You're mine. Do you understand, pet? No one's allowed to touch you like this except me. You belong to Kira, don't forget it."
The closeness of your bodies allowed his cock to hit deep inside you, the tip kissing your cervix. Your eyes were tightly shut and your mouth hung open a little as loud moans spilled from your lips. Grunts and moans were repeated in your ear- the sound of them only adding to the pleasure you felt.
The grip on your jaw tightened and Light began to thrust a little faster, all while he spoke to you with a low voice, "You sound like such a slut, y/n. Fuck- how cute that you actually dressed the part today."
His words did nothing but turn you on. They may have been degrading, but he always talked to you like that- to have him repeat how much of a "slut" he thought you were was making you go feral. Light would continue to call you names, additionally, getting you to moan louder with every thrust of his hips.
The fact that you were still fully dressed was making you a lot hotter than you would've been, had you been naked. As much as he shamed you for wearing it, Light clearly loved the dress- because if he didn't, he would've taken it off of you.
You felt yourself clenching around him, signalling your incoming orgasm. Light chuckled softly at how close you already were. He started to slow down, pulling almost all way out and sliding back in slowly just to tease you.
"How pathetic- Kira's pet is already gonna cum? Remind me who you belong to and maybe I'll let you."
His thrusts maintained a leisurely pace as you cried out for him, "I belong to you, Kira. I'm yours, I always will be, I promise. Please make me cum, I'm so close."
Light moved his hand down to your neck, squeezing it tightly and quickening his thrusts in response to your pleas. A slight yelp left your mouth from the sudden change in pace. It was becoming difficult to hold yourself up with how rough he was being; slamming into your throbbing cunt hard enough to bruise you. His moans got loud again and he kept grunting your name into your ear.
Things seemed to be moving pretty quickly all of a sudden; at this point, you were both desperate. You felt his cock jerk inside you, and he whispered to you that he was close. Light began to ask you to finish around him, saying he wanted you to make a mess for him. Both your moans turned to whimpers and soon enough, you felt yourself cumming hard around him.
Light slowed down, loosing his grip on your neck and grabbing your shoulder as he let himself finish. You felt nothing but bliss from the feeling of his hot cum shooting inside you. Your head had fallen into the pillows as the upper half of your body collapsed. Light's hand moved to your ass, groping it as he slowly pulled out, letting strings of cum spill out of your cunt and drip down your legs.
He knelt down to kiss the soft skin of your butt before getting off the bed and heading to the bathroom. You lied on the bed, exhausted but feeling fulfilled. Light had come back with a washcloth and began to clean you up, but he didn't say anything. There was probably still time for you to make it to the party, but it didn't seem worth it anymore. So when Light finished, you sat up and began to undress- it was late and you were tired, and you didn't see the point in trying to make the party.
Light walked back into the room, wearing nothing but a clean pair of boxers- implying he was ready for bed. You got off the bed, shleping your way to the dresser to get clean clothes, but he had grabbed your arms. He brought his mouth close to your ear, whispering to you softly before giving you a quick kiss, "You better keep that costume. Sure, it's slutty, but you look so hot in it."
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wintistrash · 8 hours ago
just listened to 30 seconds of Where's the Justice and discovered that
there's a death note musical!
i think i hate it
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