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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#life is beautiful
north-star-24 · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Flower of the day: Fresia (Freesia)
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astrologgeek · a day ago
⚠️ I do not give any permission to anyone reading this post to re-post my content nor plagiarize it. This content belongs to me and myself only @astrologgeek ⚠️
Disclaimer: this post, my observations and notes are completely from my perspective - they are not professional nor approved by any professional astrologer. If my notes don't resonate with you - that's ok! I do hope you enjoy this post tho 🦉💕
Gemini risings look like squirrles - they have the ball-shaped cheeks and bold teeth and big expressive eyes (I'm so proud of this note bc it's so accurate and ik so many gemini risings).
Btw Someone told me Gemini rising's look like elves... no?? They're all literally squirrels. If you want to search for elves go to cancer rising's or to neptune bc you're all delusional.
A lot of people say pisces rising people have big eyes but I actually think they have the smallest eyes. Like tiny fish 🤰 or it's like one pisces rising will have the biggest eyes and one will have the smallest.
People with Libra moons / venus dominant people may literally cry from aesthetic stuff. I'm a libra moon and a venus dominant person and I'm literally the only example to this 🤡
I can't do this y'all. I don't wanna make astro-notes anymore. So umm Get ready!! I have an amazing original replacement for y'all that I hope you'd like 🥰🥰 gonna be more active after my school starts considering us as human beings 👀 Much love 💕💕💕
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transcontinentaltimes · 3 days ago
Life Hacks – Keep It Super Simple
Life Hacks – Keep It Super Simple #LifeHacks #LifeIsBeautiful
SINGAPORE: As 2020 draws to a close, I penned some of my reflections and learnings over these past months. Thematically, what I have heard as the most expressed emotion this year is ‘worry’. Most of the social conversations these days are around concerns related to health, COVID-19, ageing and vulnerable parents, children’s education, feeling of being locked down, money, and the list of worrying…
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aflightoffancy-mc · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
It may be difficult right now, but there’s beauty underneath all the nonsense ♥️
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nandanandose · 4 days ago
Reminiscences. How wonderful Allah remember all my hopes that I forget. All the details. Then I realised that everything had happened.
Allah is The Best Planners.
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reasonstolve · 4 days ago
Hey! DM @reasonstolve on Instagram your reason to live, a positive memory or cute story and it will be posted anonymously!
The goal right now is to reach as many people as possible with the hope to make the REASONSTOLVE project a community for all the people that are healing.
Good vibes are fundamental for a healthy lifestyle and state of mind!
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xsantxsx · 5 days ago
Quiero ser el todo de todos, quiero mucho de las personas pero al mismo tiempo no quiero nada. Me entiendes. No quiero que la gente me ayude pero necesito ayuda. No podía ser el todo de todos ¿Entiendes? No cuando tomo pastillas, pero es temporal. ¿Quizá un día moriré joven y seré feliz?¿Qué es la felicidad? Aveces la siento por algunos segundos y luego se va. Estoy cansándome tanto de esto. Pero así es la realidad.
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