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#lh but also please lol
moon-jellie · 9 days ago
Hey whoever is putting oikawa smut on my dash can you tag it please <33 thank you
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marinetteapologist · 15 days ago
something something art kids with dyed hair stereotype that i will apply to mari. not for self-indulgent reasons though! haha (/s). anyway look at her:
Tumblr media
[id: an edited screencap of marinette from miraculous ladybug. she has been edited to have brown eyes with a monolid shape, as well as a slightly wider nose. her skin has been edited to a very light brown. she is in her usual outfit, carrying a bag as she looks forward in surprise. behind her are alya and juleka. alya is looking forward angrily, while juleka is looking forward with a shocked expression. /end id.]
i may not always enjoy the actual show but i do enjoy marinette as a character a lot of the time. i love our girl
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skeetlehands · 15 days ago
no that was for bee movie Anon. You Lex, are an absolutely wonderful human being and I feel terrible for making you feel like it was directed at you.
lex???? you call me lex???? are you from... The Discord??? kjahldjahlsdk
if you dont know what that means kdjhds sorry,,, kind of an inside joke? i know people dont like inside jokes sometimes, so if you dont get it its fine but where’d you learn to call me that 👀 i havent updated my bio yet have i???
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alliummc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm sorry but the way this cropped in the notif ksndndjdbfjdldb the feral boys broke my sense of humor
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i’m debating on adding more fandoms on my fandoms list (✪ω✪)
i’ll list the fandoms that i might be adding to the list !
Tumblr media
death note
food fantasy
identity v (hunters)
mystic messenger
danganronpa (trigger happy havoc, goodbye despair, killing harmony)
puella magi madoka magica
mr. osomatsu
project sekai: colorful stage! feat. hatsune miku
obey me!
black butler
Tumblr media
again, i am debating on putting them in but i’m not sure all of them will make it in.
but i will say identity v (hunters) will definitely be in there i just gotta make to write them in there (▔^▔)
honestly, i’m a bit hesitant to add danganronpa in because the fans scare me a lot (。ŏ_ŏ) /hj /lh
but i will consider adding it in because i used to have a huge danganronpa phase back then lol
dark times(*+﹏+*)
also, please ask me questions about other fandoms/questions about me too !
i would love to interact with you all more ! \\*^o^*//
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l0s3r95 · a day ago
HELLO really quick update it is 2:44am rn i am on ray route day 10 i am so sleep deprived n in so much pain oh my god /lh
n yeah!!! v comfy man :D<3 he's so tall,, /pos - ❄ (thank u btw!! my memory is failing me so i don't remember if i've already said this but i hope ur doing somewhat better ^^ /g)
also fhshdhdhd please sleep !! i know it can be hard while playing mysme but at least try !! /lh
he is tall lol ! he'd probably be nice to cuddle with 🥺
(thank you very much !!! i'm pretty sure you've already said it but thank you again, it means a lot /gen 🥺🖤🖤🖤)
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stellarwaffles · 3 days ago
I’m watching more Monkie Kid episodes!! Finally
And I have many thoughts.. I’ll put a read more in case this winds up being long idk
- wow Macaque does not sound like how I thought he would. I don’t know what I expected for his voice, but I was surprised
- also his name is not pronounced how I thought it was
- the season finale felt v rushed bc the episode was still 11 minutes but there was sorta alot going on?? Idk I guess I figured they might add a few minutes to fit more in
- ok Revenge of the Spider Queen time
- MK if you’re gonna watch the fireworks w Sun Wukong at least text your friends so they know why you ditched
- also why didn’t you just invite Sun Wukong to join you in hanging out with your friends
- wAIT MEI WHAT. Th. They know they don’t have fingers?? They actually legit in their reality don’t have fingers?? M e i
- “eight legged rooster” Tang. Tang, you’re supposed to be the smart one.. /lh
- wait they’re eating hair
- Sun Wukong enjoying the fireworks,, ♡♡
- Red Son where is your mother
- oh just in general but. I love the animation of this show, it’s so pretty
- DBK you need to work on being a better father
- Sun Wukong is so chill I love him
- this is loading so sLOW I wish I could find it on youtube it would load much better :(
- Mei why aren’t you using your dragon powers (also applies to the s1 finale)
- Red Son!! Yeah!!
- Shsjshsjshsjshs Sandy caught him by the face lol
- “if you’ll excuse me I’ll just steal this ship”
- yES please team up w Red Son!!
- “he’s literally a demon!” And what are you, Pigsy?
- ‘borrowed’- no he stole them, lol. Sun Wukong stole the peaches
- they just plan to steal everything?? They’re taking after Sun Wukong it seems lol
- no one thought to ask anyone in the celestial realm for help? I’m sure they don’t want Spider Queen to take over the world
- skshsjshskshs Red Son has a hitlist
- mlm and wlw hostility!! Also she’s strong enough to carry him which supports my hc that Red Son weighs basically nothing
- “his. girlfriend?!?!?! >:(((((“ sorry spider dude but neither of them are straight, so uh. You got that wrong
- they’re husbands, your honor (Tang + Pigsy)
- This plan is a disaster lol
- why is there nobody anywhere in the celestial realm where is everyone
- Red Son totally has a crush on MK (or is developing a crush)
- Sun Wukong is being annoying on purpose for funzies I love him
- beards are extra storage space apparently. You learn something new every day
- so how come the spider robots affected the random people differently than it did the scientist dude?
- OOOH does he have a plan + isn’t just being annoying for funzies??
- he does have a plan! :)
- there are so many reasons he’s my favorite
- hi there, spooky blue ghost skeleton demon whatever? Meet me in the ally we’re gonna fistfight
- awww maybe DBK is an ok dad
- Red Son helped Mei :) they’re gonna be friends and there’s nothing he can do to stop it
- sishskdjskshsks my computer turned off :(( I’ll have to finish watching tomorrow
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iheartkuroo · 9 days ago
Pinned Post/Intro ; June 10th, 2021
Tumblr media
welcome to my main blog, everyone! thank you for checking out my lil blog. information about me / this blog / otherblogs
about me
my name is dex, i also go by cupid, oliver, rue, rio, and bennett though. my pronouns are he/they/ghost/catboy, i'm fine with whichever you choose to use though! if you need me to use them in a sentence just send an ask. i’m 15 aka a minor lolz. my personality and the way i type fluctuates a lot, and i'm really sorry if that confuses you! as you can tell by my blog url...i am sadly in love with kuroo tetsurou lol (/lh). my carrd has a lot of info too!
about this blog
this blog is my main and also functions as a shiftblr/shifting blog. i also tend to reblog funny posts i see here, i'm very sorry if that annoys you. my shifting carrd can be found here
My other blogs
editing - @/guessatori
art - @/cupidscatboy
youtube - @/dexxieeffect
selfship - @/kurooskissmate
any questions?
you're always free to dm or send me an ask if you're curious about anything! feel free to ask about my DRs, my interests, something that confused you, etc. I'd be happy to talk.
For Mutuals
mutuals please feel free to ask me to tag any of my posts! also feel free to ask me to make a playlist for you, i love sharing music.
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superstar-rockin-abs · 14 days ago
my chewie necklace barely fits around my Big Square Head but instead of un-clicking the strap and just putting it on like a normal person i will continue shoving it over my head and messing up my hair
also my face doesnt rly look like a girls one (except for the eyes which when its a dysphoria day i always notice they look like girls eyes) which is kinda nice but also. mildly chubby cheeks like can i have a slimmer face please not a rly feminine one but this one feels awkward
lol i feel that, i’ve got this like aphrodite shell necklace but i’m too lazy to size it right so i do the same thing
and you’ve just gotta grow into your face /lh bc when i was 13 i had a mildy chubby face but now it’s pretty slim and the same thing with my brother. so you’ve just gotta grow into it.
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graedari · 15 days ago
Hello grace!! 💜💜💜 I'm very pleased that we both love and respect Jake marshall 🤠 he is such an awesome character and I think it would be really cool if he made a reappearance sometime. It's what he deserves lol
(also thank you for the amazing tags on my art! 💜 It really makes my day!! Also yes you may marry my OCs 😂 no need to get mildly upset at me /lh)
Yes!!! This is a loving and appreciating Jake Marshall household. Nothing less will be tolerated! 😔 I would love to see him more as well! Despite being let go because of his involvement in RFtA, I would love to see him possibly reinstated for his perseverance in wanting to solve the rotten core of SL-9!
Please accept these doodles of the funky cowboy
Tumblr media
(I am always thinking about Gumshoe's little talk about how Jake pretty much mentored him when he was first hired as a detective and that he gave him a cactus! 🥺)
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novace · 17 days ago
Idk anything abr novace !!!! Tell me evrything rn !!!
bad idea /lh
Edit: there's a cut now
ooh where do i start...ig for starters ill plug the doc on my sona LOL
(It needs more stuff added probably but it's a decent start)
novace fated meeting began in alabasta just around the time the rest of the strawhats met ace. Nova's reaction to him was.....different to say the least ! (He was being super gay) (ultra gqy)
Upon seeing ace Nova was practically already head over heels. Man hot. Man cool. Man ... nice??? What else could you want.
But fr you could tell right off the bat Nova had a big crush
Nova wanted to get closer — of course he would! Not only because at this point ace had piqued his interest romantically but also he just has a charm to him. He's such an interesting individual you just have to learn more
The actual like. Love part came afterwards. At least realizing that part! I mean, Nova felt drawn to Ace for things we will. Get into later probably, but the point where nova realized "oh fuck i think im developing feelings" like... actual In Love feelings, is when:
Ace saved him. It was some unknown monster , Nova was about to be fuckin eaten, and ace just. Scooped him up, and saved him with ease
Maybe it was the way ace's strong arms felt, maybe it was because he felt so secure in those arms, maybe it was because he had never had someone hold him like this before, maybe it was simply how ace defeated this stupid monster with ease. Maybe it was how ace smiled at him after the encounter, how he continued to hold him for a bit too long...
Either way it was. Something. And Oh Fuck I'm falling for my captain's brother I've only known for a few days.
They click well together . They have well but especially after this. Nova seems a lot happier around Ace! All is good.
And then ace leaves. It's bittersweet, but he has a mission, after all! Nova tries not to get too upset. But it's hard.... though he loves his crew, Ace is... different !
They share a goodbye. Ace promises Nova he'll see him again. And he gives him a red beaded bracelet, similar to the necklace he wears, as a sort of good luck charm .
Ace won't... admit it. At least not Out Loud. But you can tell he kinda has a little bit of a crush too. Nova showed... interest in him, outside of his looks, his infamy, just a genuine interest in Him as a person, which he hadn't had much of. Not to mention his brother's silly little crewmate was pretty cute as well .
I imagine they both handle their crushes in different ways. Nova is.... not subtle at all. He tries to be and fails. Ace is all thats on his mind. He's always asking about him, he has a little sketchbook full of doodles of him, he's just. Very gay for ace (rightfully so!)
Ace isn't as intense but he's definitely not the most subtle either. He's always checking the news to see what they're up to, and to see if there's any mention the straw hat pirates, just to see, not because his brother and his crush are both part of the crew. Not at all.
And when Nova got his first bounty, he was ecstatic
That's how everything began. It's late and this is already super long but 💔 hope u enjoy
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vicea · 21 days ago
no one hmu still thinking about that dream ace it was way too attractive for me not to talk about it on here
!!!!!!!!!! >:D
+ more asks below
Tumblr media
oh celestial anon, don't apologize, but at the same time... CELESTIAL ANON /lh <3 (i love all my anons who give brainrot, really gives my brain a run LOL)
Tumblr media
:O that will be very epic if thisi s the case!! lets keep our hopes up <3
Tumblr media
his stream quality is scuffed on his alt too but that's also not partnered- i think that the twitch partnership could play into a part of it considering how big of an audience dream has too. and i remember tommy facing similar issues with his bitrates due to the high viewercount. but i'm not too knowledgeable in that area so D: if that is the case, i really hope that he can work a way around it by either FINALLY getting partnered (bbh is partnered but he still streams on youtube LOL) or if he can, fix it on his end
Tumblr media
Anons back with another galaxy brain !!! fucking !!! mcc comp !!!! i'd love this one please !?!?!? these four fought each other once on stream for practice before and they were so silly, let's see it again IN ACTION
Tumblr media
and then dream's reply to her "was this meant for george" ... man LOL
Tumblr media
not to get "serious" on your ask but saltiness in competitive scenes are very normal - i get it, it's just a video game but saltiness in the first hour after the games are over are just there, it's the inevitable also take it all with a grain of salt. but yknow, people like to stretch a lot of stuff :/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
awww their friendship is so sweet they truly care and support each other a lot :’) ace race did everyone dirty though but it’s okay because it was fucking hilarious at the same time
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ghostpajamas · 21 days ago
p please,,,, can y you spare to;; elaborate on the tma au? sir,,, that is a mix of my 2 favorite pieces of media as of rn,,,,, plz sir im begging /lh
its so loosey goosey ahaa i am just thinking a lot about who would be avatars for what. i am a diehard vast!dream believer 🙏
Tumblr media
tommys exile, within this context, really hits as dream going for broke and trying to get tommy under the vast's (his, really) influence or kill him trying.
hit all the criteria (giving him the means to launch into the stratosphere, isolating him in a wide open place, dehumanizing him n making him feel insiginificant and powerless to change his circumstances, the 'waking up in the ocean everyday' thing, getting struck by lightning, the tower) lol
tommys being talked down from suicide via lava ("its not your time to die") feels like dream saw the opportunity for his plans being disrupted (whats the point of him dying if you dont do it yourself?) tommys stuff being blown up further disconnects him from the world and makes his impact, his existence less tangible. it being destroyed in a hole (and cementing a fear of pits) is a very vast 💔 buried move. which makes my hc of buried!tubbo sooo evil >:]
him towering up was a do-or-die moment. will you accept your place? will your fear consume you?
and he chose neither.
EDIT: also the prison being THE thing to have contained mr wastaken makes a lot of sense for a vast avatar :D
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relocateproject · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’m making this bc i don’t have the energy to go thru making a carrd or separate about page lawl
hi there. call me jackie/stevie/raymond switch it up from time to time yknow. call me whichever one you like most doesn’t matter. he/him only, don’t call me by they/them please.
16, mexican+white (white-passing), tme transmasc acespec butch. don’t call me a woman, i perfer masc terms. autistic, adhd, mentally ill. i love my partner wormie pillbugplushie even when they say something about blood being the gender fluid /lh
so sorry for any typos or anything i have really shaky hands and tbh a lot of the stuff i say is incoherent ramblings. also i have difficultly reading tones and tons of issues w empathy so i can come off as a little mean or cold or my jokes might seem a little puzzling like they only make sense to me but i promise i’m nice. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
^ jack my friend jack do you like him? you better. he is my friend jack twf
special interests: the walten files, phantom of the paradise (best movie ever made), fnaf, character design, cartoons, horror + slashers, splatoon, punk subcultures, plushies, practical gore effects
hyperfixations: fnafvhs series, reanimator, texas chainsaw massacre 1+2, miitopia
normal interests: roller blading, antiques, insects, reptiles and being diabolical and funny and oh so talented!
there’s more i’m probably forgetting lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dni please god!!!! i use the block button like it was just invented
biphobic/acephobic/panphobic/transphobic etc i could not give a shit less just let people live u cant change my stance on that.
terf/truscum/gender crit
anti neopronouns, anti he/him lesbian (thags me bitch!!!) anti she/her gay and so on
fans of: harry potter, dream smp/mcyt, south park, camp camp, aot, hazbin hotel/vivziepop or anything similar to it
racist or any other kind of variant
pro cringe culture
bootlickers (elon musk defenders, cop supporters you know the drill)
under 14 or over 26
generally if u seem Off or weird lol
if ur someone who’s like “no minor interaction w me pls!! “ but then go out of your way to interact w minors, like those types of ppl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
other accs
i’m too lazy to link these by hand by my insta is locksuit i should post there more...anyway byyyee 🖤
oh yea also rb my art it’s really pretty and i work very hard on it you can see it in the my art tag
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dodo-begone · 22 days ago
Holy shit, are you okay? Like, seriously. I know you said it’s all good, but still. Please please please take all the time you need before being active again on here.
So, funny(ish) story! Not sure if it’ll make you feel better, but you’re not the only one to have shit happen at a school event yesterday LOL. Lemme start off by saying that after prom was at a water park. (Very interesting choice for a 1am destination.) I ended up with a random bloody nose while in the wave pool and had to shuffle across the park towards the locker rooms to get something to put against my nose. I guarantee I left a trail of blood. I kinda forgot to check tho lol. Once it was all over I hacked up a bit of blood into my arm—I was coughing into it—and ended up in some awkward silence with my friend group when I recovered. That was definitely interesting. Totally fine! It’s normal for me when I get bloody noses. I’m also littered with bruises I know I didn’t have before I left for prom, but I have no clue how I got them. My legs are COVERED. Oh, almost forgot! The ceiling above the dance floor at prom was definitely on the verge of caving in. All in all, very interesting experience.
At the time of writing this I am! When this gets to y’all though I should be a ton better. Like I said before, if ur positivity is toxic enough everything will actually be good! /lh /hj And I will! Don’t worry about that haha!
And omg!! What a fucking story! Why was the water park open at 1 am??? Plz tell me where you are /j because like, HOLY COW MAN-
Damn that sounds like a death trap tbh. Just the entire night because wtf. Just everything man.
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dollarstore-writings · 22 days ago
blog suggestions
since there are so many sexy writers out there <3
warning: PLEASE make sure to look over what i say about some of the authors as a precaution since some of them write dark content. ik not everyone likes that sort of thing, so it’s best to stay weary~!
Tumblr media
@dvlboy - has only a few works but i v much enjoy their content so far!💕 exclusivly top m.reader too! mega bonus since their writing for characters like gundham and mondo don’t seem forced compared to some other authors (not named on this v small list lol) and it doesn’t feel like these more masculine, dominant-appearing characters are being forced into a sub box!! includes dark content
@some-dr-writings - HELLA good danganronpa writing. probably my favorite to go to for the good kush. gndfjd tears still falling from all their gundham fics, especially the hanahaki one. ending left me heartbroken 💔
@sinfulcries - such smutty dark content that i like to check every once in a while~ just to rile myself up. hella fun time going through their fics.
@kaeyatitsz - genshin content for the top m.readers ~ they also write for other fandoms too, so if genshin isn’t your style, they write for other anime’s/games as well!! seriously the way they write kaeya has me melted 🛐
@minkmousesworld - such good content. my favorite kind of writing of theirs is anything w their omegaverse au~ they are a dark content-positive blog but also have a lot of fluffy content so i’d suggest you still read through their more safe works if dark isn’t your thing :))
@thosevesuvianthots - idk how else to explain it, but their writing for the arcana is just something i go to for a good way to cheer up my day?? like it’s just. hard to explain what i love about this blog, because i kind of just love the fact that it exists? and it’s writing is so cute?? ty for existing 🛐💕
@kutiekaidou - just.. mm yes. includes dark content
@miyosamu - oh fuck their one rengoku post where his boyfriend turns into a demon fucked me up down and sideways for a good two days /lh. i absolutely love this authors content so much 💕
@fc-taylor - another author who’s rengoku fic made me sob. when their requests are open again i’m defo gonna ask for some more fluffy angst bc their whump is so good
@saichihara - still not over the “konnichiwa, plebeians” line in their gundham hc KDBJDNFN they have some rly nice, sweet content and i live for the vibes their blog’s aesthetic gives off 💕
@ryujin-zanba - oml i have a lot to say about this author. they write such cute fics. their smut as well is just 💕💕 ESPECIALLY the ones w like chubby bucky barnes, or the monster au loki/julian devorak fics. i love when they reblog general body pos/tummy posts that always make me so happy to see. i rarely find good tummy/chub posts, especially ones as home-y and comfortable as theirs! (if you know/are a similar blog who writes that content, pls let me know, i’d love to read through what you have !!)
@jerod-writes - previous moot from my old tumblr account. absolutely loved their writing back then and i still do 💕 especially their peter parker fics 🛐💕💕 the one fix w peter and his scary boyfriend that his friends don’t approve of? i absolutely loved that one 🛐💕
@yanronpa - yandere danganronpa content that i absolutely love to read through 🛐💕 plus the aesthetic on their blog that they have going on greatly inspired the way i try to format mine. their delusional nagito hcs are all collectively the air i breathe.
@syiano - they write mlm content for marvel. i absolutely love their writing sm💕 especially the quick headcanons that i can just browse through all day. they’re short and to-the-point, which leaves a lot for you to fantasize about and is honestly sometimes a great way to get inspo for my art/writing :) 💕
Tumblr media
by posting this i realize it will notify all these authors, so i am mentally preparing myself for them being annoyed at me sjdkskf
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edgar Valden (IDV) stimboard with painting, paint-mixing, and overall paint-related/artist-related stims for Valden (@seratoga-system)!
This does not mean I'll be taking requests for IDV. It is not a source of mine as of right now, so please (/g /nm) don't send any IDV requests. I just made this solely for him, as he's been going through a lot right now. So, I figured I'd make him something!
I hope you like this, Val (if you don't, you can tell me lol /g)! You're absolutely amazing, and you mean a lot to me. Hope you feel better ASAP!
Also, I am not sorry for using that particular GIF. I just had to use it lmao /lh
🎨 🎨 🎨
🖌️ 🖌️ 🖌️
🎨 🎨 🎨
Don't use this unless you are him!
~ Mod Ally (??? shift)
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fandomclutterr · 23 days ago
Hello! Could I possibly get a fnf matchup (mods included) please?
Appearance: I'm a 5'7" pale as fuck girl who is on the verge of being underweight. I have light freckles on my face and arms, I wear rounded glasses, I have bright green eyes, I have long and very straight light brown hair, and my entire body is coverd in big and small scars from being a stupid kid. I normally have on a grey jacket, whatever shirt I have that's clean, baggy jeans, and whatever shoes I can get my hands on.
Personality: I'm very shy until I get to know someone, the second I'm comfortable with someone though I turn into a complete and utter dumbass. I live to make people laugh so I constantly make jokes about almost everything. Ya boi has social anxiety so I have to like cling onto my friends and shit when we're out and about so I don't have a panic attack. I'm book smart but have little common sense. I really just wanna help people with their problems and will sit and listen to someone rant for hours.
Hobbies/Things I Enjoy: I draw constantly, wether that be on someone to calm myself down or on any paper I can get. I play video games, mostly rpgs, and get attached to characters very easily. I'm super into musicals and Disney and will sing almost to every song I know even tho I can't sing for shit. I watch YouTube a lot and always gotta listen to music or something to keep myself focused.
Gender and Sexuality: Female and I'm Bi
Weaknesses: I didn't have the best childhood so not only do I struggle with the big sad and anxiety but normal relationship things are hard for me to do. I struggle with words a lot and tend to get overwhelmed but act fine until I'm in over my head. Doing basic shit like giving physical affection and asking for it is hard for me because I have a big fear of being rejected on top of other things. I'm also insecure about like every single thing about myself.
Quirks and Random Things: I'm double jointed in my ankles and shoulders meaning I can do some weird shit. I'm an August Leo. My vocal range is all over the place and I love doing different voices mid conversation to mess with people. Ya boi is so touch starved it's not even funny. I have a habit and just snatching things from people, mostly hats and jackets, and wearing them until asked to give it back because wearing someone's clothes feels personal, also I have short friends and they can't reach up to get shit back from me lol. The smell of cigarette smoke is actually comforting to me because my parents smoked a lot when I was a kid. I draw on people to help my anxiety. I absolutely love to give affection but can never really tell when it's a good time to do so.
Characters I would rather not be paired with: Bf, Gf or her parents, the spooky bois, monster, Senpai, or bob
Anyway have a good day and remember not to overwork yourself :)
Not you throwing all the main characters out the door- /lh
Tumblr media
My top match for you is Myra!
—Shes just happy to have someone near her—
—She's pretty calm, so you being shy is ok
—when you get used to her, it's fine for you to be a loud around her, she just appreciates your company.
—That also means that she's fine with you clinging to her!
—Sometimes when you have some small dumb moments she'll look at you for a moment and then laugh a lil
—When she has to go somewhere, she often lends you her trenchcoat so you have something to remind you of her
—Speaking of her trenchcoat, she's willing to take it off if you wanna draw on her
—The relationship is more of a growing process, because she's used to being lonely as well, so there's nothing to be ashamed of in that sense
—She totally let's you wear her hat as well, and she won't ask for it back till she actually needs it
(an alternative match for you would be Garcello!)
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meshi-editing · 23 days ago
*slides into your DMs* At long last, it's me, the Ultimate Annoying Bitch, here to perhaps start sending requests again lol /lh Is there any way I can request a scenecore Komaru Naegi sprite edit, please? I would prefer her wearing anything that's more on the masculine side, and maybe any bisexual pride/hints/bracelets/etc. would be nice, too. Thankies v much! /g
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here! Sorry this took so Long. Though I hope You like it!
Tumblr media
Also, You're not Annoying. You're really Cool!!
Tumblr media
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