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justchukwa · 6 minutes ago
if a trans person was given a gender neutral name by their parents and decide to keep it after they transition is it still a deadname
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greensmycolor · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Movie Night- Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart (Did Not Finish)
I ended up really liking this movie for what is was. Wish You is a silly little gay romantic Korean drama of a movie that is pretty stinkin cheesy, but I do love myself some cheese.
Yoon Sang Yi is walking down the street and he sees a, what I assumed to be, street musician (In Soo) and falls for his beautiful eyes instantly. Turns out, Sang Yi also plays music, playing a keyboard for some record company and in a set up of silly romcom drama, end up working together and blah blah blah romance movie stuff.
Overall, I'm not a fan of the romance drama when it involves one person being a pushover and mushy, and I didn't like how Sang Yi was so horribly inept at saying the right thing at any point, but it was nice to see this goofy shit play out with two men. Is it a perfect example of how a gay relationship should look? No. But no romance movie is a good image of how any relationship should look. It's that it was played so naturally, as if their sexes didn't matter, is what I loved. Getting some more LGBT+ rep that is neutral is what makes me happy. Like we don't need to constantly prove our existence and all. Now look who's getting mushy.
I didn't finish the movie though because of one scene. And let me say, this isn't me saying the movie sucks. I just knew that from this scene I couldn't handle the rom com shit anymore. It was when the three lads had drinks (our lovey duo and the third wheel best friend), and love interest In Soo was passed out drunk. Then Sang Yi has the absolute gall to lean into this unconscious man for a kiss. Like, one, rapey so no, and (to a lesser degree) two! Who wants to kiss limp fish lips?! EW! He didn't kiss him but I was still cheesed they pulled that stunt.
I'm sure the rest of the movie is cute as hell. And if anything, I'm positive the lighting and color choices held up. Every scene in this movie was a soft pastel look of warm and cool tones. It was oh so very aesthetic and my heart yearned for more! Too bad about the creepiness that honestly plagues too much of our media, but I digress.
Wish You was cute, and I'm sure that if someone likes romance movies and is open to watching a movie outside of their little white American Hallmark circle (and isn't homophobic), they'll love this movie.
Pretty sure I'll finish it myself in a few days because it really was cute and I do want to see them kiss. Consensually.
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roseyshades · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
an incredibly frustrating day but maybe a captain america marathon will make me feel better 😝✌🏻 hope everyone’s weekend is going lovelyyyy
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ryahmib · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I'm okay with this information
But i'm am still angry about the fact I learn it on tiktok. WHY, GOD, WHY DO YOU PUNISH ME ?
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rorowrote · 16 minutes ago
Headcanons for ace reader coming out to the tall boys ✨
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Featuring: Kaeya x g/n reader
Warnings: sexuality ?
A/n: may or may not be based on personal experience hehe :3 haven't seen enough genshin x ace reader content so I'm making my own food 😎
Here's Kaeya! Diluc, Childe and Zhongli coming soon...
Tumblr media
You became friends through work, often helping him out with his duties for the Knights. You found him surprisingly easy to talk to but you still weren't 100% comfortable telling him things you didn't want anyone else to know
Kaeya came across to you as VERY confident in his sexuality, to the point that it intimidated you a little. You were very much starting to Catch Feelings but now you were afraid he'd wouldn't reciprocate if you told him you were ace
It's definitely bothering you… he notices you're not as focused as you usually are; you also seem to be avoiding him a little. After a week of this madness he's had enough. He catches you taking a break on the terrace of the Knights' HQ and gently asks if he did something to upset you.
The elevation, the view, the solitude… everything about the terrace makes you feel like taking a proverbial leap of faith. Quietly you tell him that you're scared you're unlovable but you don't specify why.
He's shocked. He grabs both your hands in his, more firmly than he meant to, but he's so overcome with wanting to help you that he doesn't care.
"Why would you say that, y/n?" Kaeya asks, baffled but with a tenderness in his eyes that you didn't expect.
You couldn’t meet his gaze. You felt so...stupid. Was there something wrong with you? He won’t get it, you keep telling yourself, and every time you repeat the thought the lump in your throat suffocates you more and more. You want to cry.
A cool hand slowly rests on your cheek, prompting you to look up at Kaeya.
“I’m--” you stutter, your nerves eating your words. “I’m asexual. I don’t feel the kind of attraction others do. What if…” Damn it, here come the waterworks.
“What if the people I love always leave? I’ll never be enough,” you sob, your hands weakly covering your face trying to hide how pathetic you feel.
Kaeya doesn’t speak until your breathing has eased at least a little. He steps forward slightly, grips your shoulders and leans down to match your height.
“y/n, you are so, so much. Everything about you is wonderful, and frankly I can’t get enough of you,” he paused, a smile now weaving its way into his words, “Only a fool would leave you, y/n. Only a complete imbecile would fail to love you.”
Something within you breaks free from a prison you never knew existed. You let the tears fall as you shudder and gasp for air. Kaeya wraps one arm around your back and cradles your head in the other, pulling you into the warmest embrace you’ve received in a long, long while.
“I was so scared,” you confess, in a voice barely above a whisper. “I was afraid you’d think something was wrong with me…” Kaeya shakes his head vehemently, protesting even the mere suggestion that you were anything but normal.
“Thank you, Kaeya.”
“Thank you for telling me, y/n,” his voice is soft, like freshly fallen snow.
Who knew ice could be so warm…
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knavedreamer · 17 minutes ago
Mass Effect
loser catgirl streamer plays mass effect for the first time ive never played mass effect please help
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thatvelvetcowboy · 17 minutes ago
It may not be completely flat but I feel comfortable lounging without a shirt on :)
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maxs-corner-of-hell · 18 minutes ago
You ever just feel really gay and really wish you had a woman to love? Cause that’s my mood today
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real-turtle-bean · 19 minutes ago
i want menstrual product commercials with masculine-presenting people so badly i would buy the shit out of those
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jarx423 · 23 minutes ago
Does anyone have any ideas for a new term for the lgbtq+ community? I mean. First of all. It’s such a mouthful to say I mean saying that is six syllables and trying to say it quickly in convo just doesn’t happen. Second. Idk if anyone else feels this way but it kinda feels like we’re just being reduced to letters. I mean it sounds like some kind of diagnosis. Third. It’s kind of an exclusive term. Yes Ik the + is supposed to represent all other identities but still. It’s like if you’re not in the big 5 too bad you get lumped into the + category. I mean pan isn’t even in the acronym? Ace is if you add the A at the end but most people don’t. I feel like our community has outgrown this term? But we don’t really have an alternative. Anyway I’ve thought about making queer more streamline as just an all encompassing identity but I also understand that some people are uncomfortable w the term for personal experiences. So idk. Any ideas?
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whatisarchaeology · 23 minutes ago
German physician and activist Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Wissenschaftlich-humanitäres Komitee ("Scientific-Humanitarian Committee") in Berlin on this day in 1897, which is considered the first organization advocating for LGBTQ rights in known history. Hirschfeld was also the founder the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft ("Institute for Sexual Research") which offered some of the first modern gender affirmation surgeries as well as shelter, education, and assistance for members of the LGBTQ community.
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reggiescountrymusic · 23 minutes ago
99% of my friends are gay
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totallyoriginalname5432 · 28 minutes ago
Galatians 5:19
The acts of flesh are obvious: Sexual immorality, impurity, orgies, debauchery.
So in conclusion God is saying, everyone should be Asexual.
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santoshbvn · 30 minutes ago
A card exempted a homosexual man from serving in Iran's navy. It could have price him his life
A card exempted a homosexual man from serving in Iran’s navy. It could have price him his life
The 20-year-old Iranian had hoped to flee the nation, the place he felt stifled by the Iranian regime’s restrictions on homosexuality, and had desires of modeling or changing into a make-up artist, his associate Aghil Abiat advised CNN. In lengthy cellphone calls and video messages with Abiat — who’s a refugee in Turkey after being outed in Iran — Fazeli-Monfared would describe the experiences he…
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Tumblr media
I swear, Shoku would be so good at flirt when he’s not trying, but as soon as you put him in a room w/ someone cute, he’s a blushy disaster.
Don’t get me started on Kaga. Bet he’d be either, 
sweating & stuttering are a dead giveaway, b o i
sweating & stuttering, whatever could it mean?
lowkey, came up w/ the pairing on the fly, but it’s really grown on me
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maalx · 30 minutes ago
Help a nonbinary sibling in need!
Hey everyone your mentally ill they/them here. I'm making this post again because old one died, can someone help their nonbinary sibling with rent? I had to pay my electricity and internet bills and i am 80$ short on rent for next week. I don't have family i can rely on and due to this pandemic and mi mental health it has been very hard for me to look for a source of income I may start a job on July if everything goes as planned
Thank you everyone for your help 💙 if you want to know more about my situation or proof just hit my dms
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