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#lgbtq positivity
otherworldlypositive · 7 minutes ago
With pride month coming up in a couple of weeks I want you all to know that you're valid. And if you're in an unsupportive household that you can find a family here.
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soft-bi-punk · 16 minutes ago
tips for the transmasc by an ftm
hi hello and welcome to my post of tips for transmascs looking to pass as a dude. click that "keep reading" button if you're interested :)
first of all- has anybody told you today that you're handsome? because if not, i am here to tell you that you are!! you look very swag my friend. now, on to those tips i was talking about.
if you wear deodorant, buy men's deodorant. it's in like every store ever, no one bats an eye if you buy it even in a crowded CVS. try old spice, but the more mild scents. for the love of god do not buy axe anything.
are you a glasses wearer? i am! what helped me pass immensely was a) not wearing my glasses and getting contacts (or just go blind! /hj it's not fun, but i did it and passed. it's also why i got new glasses so i could ACTUALLY SEE. 4/10 would not recommend.) or b) getting new glasses. round/circular glasses will bring out the roundness of your face, so steer clear of those. get boxy, square ones.
swimming? buy a rash guard. a swim shirt. whatever you call it, it'll help you bind and swim. if you're binding and swimming BE CAREFUL! swim in binders that are approved to go in the water (gc2b binders, some sports bras, the like). wear swim trunks with bikini bottoms underneath for comfort reasons if you want. would highly recommend this.
avoid skinny jeans like the PLAGUE if you can. as much as i used to like them, they only emphasized my thighs and waist and all that mess. try for "slim fit" jeans if you don't want the, as i heard someone call it, "saggy ass" look.
your socks and shoes do not matter for the most part. dress shoes tip: LOAFERS. ALWAYS loafers. anyway, if you have tiny feet like me and want to make them look larger, vans do a good job of making my feet look wider and longer. my mother says they make me look like i have boats on my feet, but other than that, i have had no complaints.
go through the men's sections of target and walmart. cheap stuff that usually fits. don't be afraid to go into the youth or kids sections if you're small like me, there's usually a bunch of cool superhero shirts there.
usually i tell people to avoid makeup, but if you want to use it to add volume (is that the right word? idk) to your eyebrows, go nuts i guess. also- hollow out where your eye sockets meet your nose, hollow out the cheekbones and the jawline. get the sides of your nose too if you want.
long hair? not a prob! tie it up and flip it up so the ends of your hair flop over your forehead. now plop a hat on over it and it looks like bangs.
manspread. do not do the damb splits, that ain't it. i mean TAKE UP SPACE. avoid crossing your legs, except at the ankle. fold your arms up higher on your chest. men take up so much space when they do ANYTHING, so try to emulate that. also put your ankle on your knee, make a box with your legs if you get me.
want a deeper voice? sing. even if you're garbage at it. i sang so much over the quarantine that my vocal range got both higher and lower, and now i'm able to talk lower and sing lower. i'm also able to sing higher and more in my chest voice! so sing, baby. singggg.
if you're feeling dysphoric, my best tip is to listen to country songs about typically masculine things. it makes me feel like part of the dudes, maybe it'll work for you, too.
a rather bitter pill to swallow: men, especially younger men/boys, have no fashion sense. this means DARK COLORS, those weird long basketball shorts that you see at dick's sporting goods, and t-shirts with strange athletic logos on them. yes they are ugly! however they really do help you pass seeing as cis boys = not often fashionable. you will fit in with the guys and tbh sometimes that's the best feeling.
not a tip for passing or anything but DO NOT PUT YOUR BINDER IN THE DRYER. whoever told you to do that is WRONG. let it air dry, it'll last longer and feel tighter when you put it on if it's gotten looser over time.
if you're showering and dysphoric about it, look straight ahead or at the ceiling instead of down at yourself. or turn the lights off, but make sure not to slip and conk your head on something in the dark!!
SIT UP STRAIGHT YOU NERD. SIT UP. PULL THOSE SHOULDERS UP. SQUARE EM. not only will you look taller (because you ARE taller stop SLOUCHING) but squaring your shoulders makes them look wider. also makes you look more confident.
LAST POINT: the trans experience is more than deep voices, beards, and manspreading. if you enjoy being and looking and feeling feminine, go for it! you are no less transmasc because you enjoy those things. i think you rock. be you pal :)
thanks for reading! i'll update this every so often when i think of new things :) - luke
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sternest · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok so why did Richards twitter bio just make me tear up
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magnetothemagnificent · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
[id: twelve striped image, with the colours onyx, jasper, ruby, peridot, malachite, emerald, prase, torquise, sapphire, jasper, pearl, and crystal moving down from the top, with a Jewish heart in black in the middle.]
I've been meaning to do this for a whole, but I did it. I designed a pride flag specifically for queer Jews. It's a rainbow pattern, but it's colour-picked from the 12 stones of the 12 tribes, with a Jewish heart. To me, my Judaism and my queerness are intrinsically tied, and I think queer Jews should be able to celebrate all aspects of their identity.
Feel free to use this flag if you give me proper credit.
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sadaroacegirlflux · 2 hours ago
i told my sister i’m asexual today and the conversation went something like this:
my sister: my friend told me she’s pan and she thinks you’re ace
me: why does she think that?
sister: cause you said you don’t look at people sexually
me: mmm haha
sister: and you wear the ace flag all the time
me: why do you think i wear the ace flag all the time?
sister: because it’s your favourite flag and you support it
me: why do you think i wear the ace flag all the time
sister, joking: cause you’re ACE
me: YES
sister: wait what
me: you fucking idiot, why else would i wear it
sister: i’m really stupid
me: yes you are
me, not being able to resist a pun: guess it’s all or nothing now
my sister: i hate you
me: don’t tell mom though
sister: don’t worry, i won’t
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starr-medicine · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pride bookmarks I made for someone special in my life. Do you guys think I should make more?
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azertyhug · 3 hours ago
👨🏻🚫🏳️‍🌈: “why do lesbians date girls who look like men instead of just dating men?”
why don’t you date james charles? he’s feminine he looks like a girl. oh is it because he’s still a guy and you’re not attracted to guys? hmm?
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Tumblr media
Nick, 26, 4 years on T
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invalid-author · 3 hours ago
The best part of being
(And also panromantic)
Is that you can look at
No matter what gender, and say:
God, I am so fucking gay
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ambermation · 3 hours ago
I did my nails! I'm not quite non binary but I felt like putting the non binary flag on my nails.
Tumblr media
(Also my mom and step dad didn't realise that it's the non binary flag, which I'm glad for. Otherwise they'd probably tell me that non binary people don't exist and stuff like that. Then they'd obsess over gender and say there's only two genders 😒🥺)
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halfbloodprincess123 · 4 hours ago
Yes I’m bisexual but that’s none of your business
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abrosexualityy · 4 hours ago
My own theory about abrosexuality
Maybe us abros are shapeshifters (not physically, but like spiritually or something) and that's why our sexual orientation is fluid. Maybe that's why our sexual attraction seems to randomly come and go, espicially when it might come to fictional situations or characters.
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queen-of-sweets · 4 hours ago
Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention
While I was filing out the paperwork at my new job today, I told the hiring manager I was nonbinary, and she had this blank look on her face and asked me what that meant, I was really terrified so I just told her it was a gender thing, and then asked her if she could replace my dead name with my new nickname
she did it without second thoughts and started calling me Lisi
Even if you don’t understand someone’s gender, it isn’t hard to treat them like it’s human. I don’t know why this still needs to be said.
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sexymissjessica · 5 hours ago
Frisky Friday has me 🔒 up for the day while my wife sends me to work but keeps the 🔑!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The skirt is me around the house before work for her viewing pleasure (you should see the backside!) and the VS panties are under my pants at work today!
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spirit-crafter · 6 hours ago
I can't believe I used to be so against neopronouns. like?? People like Kalvin Garrah really made so many of us younger trans people internalize so much transphobia, and push toxic views on others. I felt like I needed to fit into a certain box to be 'trans enough' and avoid being called a trender. Even after I abandoned all those views, and formed a healthier view of what being trans/genderqueer really means, I still avoided neopronouns. I respected those who used them, but never even considered using them for myself. Now that I've actually educated myself and looked into neos, I've realized how cool they are :D and now I even have a pronouny. I'm still a little nervous to share it, or what neos i like (aside from ze/zem which is in my bio) because I'm afraid of being judged or made fun of. But like, neos are fucking pog and valid as hell. They're so fun to use !!
I hate being in discourse, but I just needed to post about this somewhere alkhfd now back to minecraft and mcyt posts
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