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#leviathantale mermay prompts
thepalecreator · 13 days ago
Day 1: Leviathan
Tumblr media
I know I'm more than a month late for skumhuu's mermay but I decided to try either way.
Here are the amazing people that came up with the different AUs that are involved. I recommend to follow them❤️
Leviathantale belongs to @skumhuu
Nightmare belongs to @jokublog
Horror!sans from Horrortale belongs to @horrortalecomic formerly @sour-apple-studios
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waddlebouncefloof · 19 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 31: Photograph
Final Day of Mermay. Blank gets a camera.
“Cwoss! Cwoss! Lookie! I gots ca-mra!” Blank giggles as they swim over to their brother with a camera in their hands. While the rest of the Shiver regards the odd contraption with varying expressions of confusion and wariness, Cross brightens up and takes a look at it. “Wow, Blank! Where did you find the camera this well-made? And its waterproof too! Did a landdweller accidentally drop it?”
“Nah! Pwesent! ‘Cause Bwank good advent-rer!” Blank boasts. Then, they wave the camera around. “Take pickies?”
Cross smiles and indulgently snaps a few pictures together with Blank with different poses and faces. They wiggle happily when they look at the results. “Good! Good!”
“Hey, hey, Crossy, what’s that?” Killer boldly gets into Cross’ space to take a look at the ‘camera’. “Huh?! There’s…a tinier you in there? What the heck?”
Curious, Horror and Dust wander over to take a look. Excited to share this new amazing thing with the Shiver, Blank shows them all the pictures that they took with their Mama, Papa, family, and friends. Eager to take part, the Shiver takes pictures with Blank too. Even Nightmare pulls himself from the darkness of the Deep since he wasn’t going to be left out on something the other Leviathans already participated in.
In no time, they use up the memory of Blank’s waterproof camera.
“Don’ worry!” The toddler assures the disappointed Shiver. “Bwank can fix!” And they do. Much to the amazement of the Shiver, they return the next day with copies of the pictures taken – printed out onto magic paper to prevent damage in the water, of course – and a cleared out camera to fill with new memories.
In the end, at Blank’s request, everyone agrees to take a huge family photo.
“All right, everyone! Gather around!” Kelp calls from the boat, adjusting the camera stand for the most optimal angle. After starting the timer, he quickly jumps into Horror’s waiting arms and quickly takes his place in the picture. Leviathans, Mers, and Monsters alike all surround Blank with smiles. The camera goes off many times.
“Cheese,” Core intones as the last flash goes off, freaking out a lot of people with their sudden appearance.
Later, after printing out the pictures and distributing around their big family, Blank comes to Cross with a special gift.
“Ta-da~! Cwoss pwesent!” Blank cheers as they hold out a golden locket. Cross takes it an opens it, tearing up at the small picture of their entire family inside. Blank shows off a matching locket around their neck. “Lookie! Match wit’ Bwank! Cwoss like?”
He hugs them. “I love it, Blank. Thank you.”
Years later, Blank would still keep their own locket on them at all times as they travel the world. As for Cross, he’d wear his own locket and maintain it with pride, always keeping the picture close to his soul as he celebrates every next day with his family.
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waddlebouncefloof · 19 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 30: Mermaid’s Kiss
Even after Kelp returns to land, he longs for the sea, the Deep, and the Shiver.
(Continuation of Day 10: Kelp & Day 23: Grotto)
Even after his return to land, Kelp longs for the sea. He longs to return to its depth and return to the deep where it felt so right. It makes him guilty whenever he thinks about it since the last time he disappeared on his family and friends, it sent them all into a panic. But the guilt doesn’t make the longing disappear. It stays.
Horror still visits his dock. The Great White takes care not to mention what happened on the beach and in the Deep, much to Kelp’s disappointment. He doesn’t let it show. He smiles and pretends along with his friend, afraid of breaking their normalcy and making things awkward.
Dust doesn’t come with him anymore. Kelp asks after the quiet and reserved Whitetip, but Horror always has excuses for why his shivermate couldn’t come.
“Dust wants to see you. He really does,” Horror assures Kelp every time. He sounds earnest, at least. “He’s just not feeling too well.”
“Did he regret it?” Kelp doesn’t ask. “When the heat broke and the eggs were laid, did he regret what he said to me? What we did?”
“I hope he feels better. Tell that to Dust for me please.”
As the months roll by, the longing gets worse and worse. Kelp’s mind drifts to memories of his time in the Deep. Classic notices, of course. He looks sadder and sadder whenever he sees the look on Kelp’s face. “Buddy, sometimes, I feel like you’re not here anymore.”
Kelp isn’t. By the time an entire year rolls around, he’s made his decision. After an emotional phone call with his little brother and a conversation with Classic, Kelp quits his job and leaves his house keys to his friend. He gives away some things and wraps things up. In the end, there’s only him and his fishing boat.
Kelp sets out to the ocean. He goes out farther than he’s ever gone before. He goes to where all ships sink and never return.
Kelp stops mid-row and stares at Dust. The mershark floats uncertainly near the side of Kelp’s boat. Slowly, Kelp smiles at Dust. “Hey there. Long time no see.”
It’s like a breath of relief, seeing Dust again. The Whitetip mershark flushes grey at the sight of the smile and hides into his hoodie. Kelp’s hands twitch with the instinctive urge to reach out and cup Dust’s cheeks. Instead, he sets aside his paddles.
"Where's Horror?"
Dust shifts uncomfortably. "It's clutching season and he doesn't want to be careless again. Sorry that he couldn't come to visit."
"And you?" Kelp gently prods. "Are you feeling better? I haven't seen you for a very long time, Dust. I missed you."
Dust, normally so impassive and apathetic, looks so vulnerable.
"Me too. I missed you too," his voice breaks. "But it wouldn't have been safe for you if I came. Horror agreed. I wasn't in my right - I wanted to keep - I wished -" Dust stops and takes a breath. Kelp waits patiently for the mershark to gather the right words, feeling as if he's at the edge of something important. "I couldn't forget the sight of you with us...heavy with Horror's clutch...happy. It made me want to keep you forever."
Kelp shivers. "I couldn't forget either. I was so happy there."
Dust floats closer until he’s close enough for Kelp to touch. He looks at Kelp with such longing but stops himself at the last second and shakes his head. “You’re too far out, Kelp. It’s too dangerous. I’ll help you back to your island.”
“No.” Kelp does reach out to touch Dust this time. He cups the side of his face and runs a soft thumb over his cheekbone. The mershark outs out a shuddering sigh at the contact and leans into it. “No, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”
“But your life on the Surface…”
“I’ve said my goodbyes and closed that part of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Horror and the Shiver…if all of you will have me.”
Dust lets out the most adorable chirp at Kelp’s declaration, eyelights blown wide. “You choose us? Really?”
“Yeah. I choose you.”
Dust pushes himself up at the side of the boat and captures Kelp into a kiss. Giddy and happy, Kelp returns it and lets the Dust slowly pull him down into the water. Down, down, down they go into the Deep where the rest of the Shiver would happily welcome Kelp home.
The waves eventually push Kelp’s boat back to the island and its shore. It remains empty.
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waddlebouncefloof · 19 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 29: Storm
Blank might have survived the storm, but that doesn't mean that they came out of it completely unscathed.
It had been a nice, sunny day on the island when Geno decided to come with Blank to visit Kelp. The selkie toddler was happily playing with some toys on the floor while Kelp treats Geno to some tea and snacks. They’re getting along very well despite Geno’s usual dislike of Landwalkers. Kelp’s kindness and generosity when housing Blank certainly helps too.
But the nice weather doesn’t last very long. Rain starts to pitter patter onto the glass of the window.
When the first rumbles of thunder sounds, Blank drops all of their toys. When the rumblings grow louder, they rush over to their Mama and Kelp. It’s not safe. Loud noises mean storms and storms mean danger. They have to go somewhere the current can’t reach them. Blank grows alarmed when they see how relaxed their Mama and Kelp are despite the storm. They slam into them.
“Darlin’ what’s wrong?”
In that moment, the thunder grows loud enough to shake the entire house.
“Hide! Hide! Hide!” Blank all but screeches as they tug their adults to the room and over to the bed. They fling the bed covers over them and crawls under. They hold onto the both of them and squeezes their eyes shut. The storm can’t reach them here. The storm can’t reach them here. The storm can’t –
“Shhh. Shhh. I’m here, Blank. I’m here.”
Geno places a hand on Blank’s cheek before completely pulling them close to his chest. Since they’re still gripping onto Kelp, the fisherman wiggles closer, rubbing calming circles against the hyperventilating toddler’s back.
“It’s okay,” Geno murmurs between his hushing. “It’s all right. The storm won’t take you from me ever again. We’re on land, Blank. We’re safe.”
But are they? Blank wonders as they cling onto their Mama tighter. Are they really?
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waddlebouncefloof · 19 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 28: Siren’s Song
A little peek into Reaper and Geno's courtship before they become mates. Can be seen as part of "Little Selkie" or not. [Afterdeath]
When the courtship between the Harbinger of Death and Geno officially began, the penguin population was threatened to the point that even Geno – who adored eating the flightless, bumbling birds – had to put a stop to the Leviathan’s eager hunting. Reaper then turned to alternative ways of wooing his selkie love.
“Oh Geno~!” Reaper calls out with a dopey smile on his face. He breaches the water multiple times, making a spectacle of himself. The splashes that he makes when coming down is powerful enough to shake the ice that Geno is standing on. “Look! Look! I’m strong! I’m capable! All for you! Are you impressed?”
“Ridiculous,” the Leopard Seal huffs, but the pretty, red blush splattered across his face betrays his true feelings. He lifts his pelt up to his mouth to hide the smile he’s failing to repress. Reaper’s romantic overtures don’t go unnoticed by the usually unimpressed Antarctic selkie. Much to the Orca Mer’s joy, Geno would often reward him with a courtship gift of his own or even a soul-melting kiss that melts him into a happy, giggling puddle.
It’s rare for Reaper to be away from Geno ever since their courtship started, so when Geno wakes up from his nap to see his datemate gone, he’s concerned. He slips into his skin and gets into the water to search for the Orca. The longer he searches, the more concerned he gets.
“Dammit, Reaper, if you got your head stuck in an iceberg again I’m going to –
Geno cuts himself off when he hears something. It’s faint at first, but then, it gets louder. A whale song. It’s haunting in the quiet waters. And yet, despite the undertone of danger, every note calls out to Geno. Entranced, he follows the sounds to an underwater cave made of ice. The telltale blue glow inside it confirms the selkie’s suspicions.
Geno quietly swims into the cave and listens as Reaper practices his mating song. While wild Orcas and their mer counterparts rarely sang when they courted each other, Reaper went through lengths to compose the perfect song for Geno.
Reaper cuts himself off when he notices the Leopard Seal. He flushes in embarrassment at being caught practicing the incomplete version. He shrinks into his hood as Geno swims closer. Tentatively, he lets out his own string of notes as an answering call. Where Reaper’s way of singing is haunting and romantic, Geno’s way of singing is sonorous and searching. He fills the cave with long, chirruping notes unique to himself. The Leviathan slowly joins Geno, repeating the mating call.
Together they make beautiful music in the cave. It hits the walls and resounds perfectly.
“It’s still not finished,” Reaper says shakily when they’ve run out of notes to sing. Geno settles onto his hand and gives the Leviathan a fond nuzzle. “Then we’ll work on it together. We have all the years together ahead of us to make it perfect. Be mine?”
“Of course! Yes! Always, Geno.”
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waddlebouncefloof · 20 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 27: Cradled
Blank has a dream about the past.
Sometimes, Blank has faint memories of their time before Cross. There was some coldness and loneliness, but there was also a constant source of warmth and comfort. Blank can’t quite describe it. It’s as if there was someone constantly cradling them. The feeling leaves not long after Cross comes into their life.
It’s not until Geno wrapped them in his pelt for safekeeping when first meeting Ink and Error when they remember the feeling. It’s similar yet different. The same love, but separate people.
They have a dream one night. They’re held in a stranger’s arms, and they’re being rocked back and forth. Blank doesn’t panic. They relax even more into the hold and breathes in a familiar scent that makes their chest ache. A light voice giggles and presses a kiss onto their head.
“I love you, my precious baby. I love you so much.”
Then, the stranger sets Blank down. They look up to see a very pretty lady. A selkie with human looks, just like them! But instead of feeling excited, Blank only feels sad. The feeling grows when the lady starts to sink into the waves. It’s as if they’re losing something…or already lost something? They can’t describe it. Blank feels tears roll down their face.
“I can’t wait for the world to see you.” The pretty lady whispers. She’s crying too. “They’re in for the best treat.”
Wait. Don’t go.
“Goodbye Blank.”
Blank blinks awake when they feel familiar hands pick them up.
“I’m here, Blank. I’m here,” Geno soothes as he cradles his child. Blank whimpers and sniffles. “Did you have a bad dream?”
“Sad,” Blank admits, “berry sad. Nice Miss say she love Bwank an’ say bye-bye.” They bury their face into Geno’s scarf and breathes his scent in. “Mama stay. Don’ go.”
Geno hushes them and wipes away their tears. “I won’t, Blank. I’ll stay with you as long as you need. It was just a bad dream.”
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waddlebouncefloof · 20 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 26: Coral
Blank remembers the lessons they learned and uses them to survive during their time alone.
(Continuation of Day 21: Net)
“I don’t want you getting near any landwalkers. They’re cruel and greedy. They’ll take one look at your face and take you away from me forever.”
The moment the landwalker turns his back on Blank, they slip into the water and swim away from shore. They’re still tired from the storm, but they know that they need to get as far away from the greedy landwalker as possible, just like Mama said.
…But the landwalker was nice. He helped Blank out of the fishing net and didn’t try to hurt them at all. And Blank didn’t even get to say thank you! That’s rude! They should thank the landwalker somehow. But first, they need to hide and rest before they can plan something like that.
“Okay, kid. Lesson number one about surviving as an eel: you gotta hide.”
In their Eel Mer form, Blank wiggles about the shallows until they find a coral reef. Exactly what Error told them to find! While an outcrop of rocks is good for older Eel Mer, Blank’s teeth is still too weak and tiny to properly carve out a cave. Coral is softer and easier to burrow into. In no time, Blank manages to make a hideout to keep themself safe.
Better yet, their position is perfect to sneak attack prey. Soon enough, Blank is snacking on some shellfish and filling their belly. Not as good as Mama’s milk…but it fills their tummy and energizes them. Now, with a fuller belly and some rest, Blank sets out to find a proper thank you gift!
Since their Mama doesn’t want them near landwalkers, it isn’t a bad thing to secretly leave things, right? In that way, they’re safe and they’re being polite.
Blank goes through great lengths to catch tiny crabs, shellfish, and fishies for their savior. But that’s not enough! And they’re accidentally eating some too! There must be something else they can add to their thank you gifts.
“My job is to retrieve items that landwalkers lose in the sea. They’re pretty clumsy!”
That’s right! Just like Uncle Blue, Blank can get landwalker things and give them to their savior along with the little treats! In that way, it’s extra special! Gleefully, Blank uses their Harbor Seal skin to dive and swim smoothly in the water. To their glee, they find so many fun things and shinies.
In mid-collection, something big snaps at Blank. A shark! And not a nice one! They drop everything and start to flee. When it starts to gain on them, Blank starts to tear up.
“Blank! If anything seems scary, just turn into Papa! Papa is the scariest in the sea, so they’ll run away!”
Blank shifts into their Papa’s form and shrieks at the shark. The creature flinches and scrambles away, much to their relief. Blank backtracks and recollect their snacks and shinies before leaving them at their savior’s hunting spot.
Exhausted, Blank shifts back into their eel form and crawls back into their little hole.
They hope their landwalker likes their gifts.
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waddlebouncefloof · 20 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 25: Ink
Blank comes to Ink with something strange and colorful covering their hands.
“Oh, Blank? What is this?”
Ink inspects Blank’s hands curiously. They’re covered in an odd substance that smells funny. He’s never seen such a thing before. Blank giggles and smears some onto Ink’s cheek. “Eco-fwend pain-t. Kelp gift! Mama say I can pway wit’ dem!”
“Paint?” Ink repeats, befuddled. “What’s that? And why is it on your hands?”
“Wa-wa, nah. Ummm,” Blank tries to gather the right words. Then, a lightbulb goes off in their head. “Kiki eenk! Like, like dat! But, but color! More!”
Ink nods and hums. “I see. So, paint is like my ink…but colorful! But why do you have it on your hands, Blank? Did you accidentally ink yourself? And why is your Mama letting you play with ink? It’s not a toy…at least, I don’t think it is.”
Blank struggles to explain. “Fun. Make…lotsa fun! Bwank show Kiki!” They wiggle away from Ink’s grip. They clamber onto the ship and go below deck to fetch something. When they return, they come with pieces of paper in their hands. They plop down at the edge and show off the paper proudly. “Ta-da~!”
Ink takes a closer look and gasps. He knew landdwellers use paper to communicate and write about their boring lives, but this…this is new. No wonder Blank had a hard time trying to explain it! Ink ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ over Blank’s creations. Some pictures are straightforward like the family portrait that they painstakingly made. Then, there are pictures that are simply paint smears and splatters that can be anything. Blank might say it’s a palm tree, but it can be a colorful fish too!
This is so exciting!
“Did you make all of this?” Ink marvels. Blank nods enthusiastically. “Uh huh! Bwank make all dem!” Then, they hold up a blank piece of paper. “Kiki wanna twy?”
Later, Error and Blue find Ink and Blank having a grand time making paintings. Ink waves them over enthusiastically with a paint-covered tentacle.
“Ruru! Blue! Guess what? I’m going to be an artist!”
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waddlebouncefloof · 26 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 21: Net
(What happened after Blank got washed away in Chapter 11)
When the current washed Blank away, they spent hours being battered around by the waves. They tried to swim against it a few times but was too weak against nature’s strength. By the time they managed to get out of it, the ship and their family was already out of sight.
“Mama?” Blank called out. “Mama! Mama!”
But nobody came.
They swam aimlessly for hours, shifting in between different forms. The shifting got them very hungry, so they tried to hunt. They tried again and again to catch fish, but to no avail. Error had only taught them how to hide and attack. There was only open water for Blank.
While desperately chasing a school of fish, they ran head-first into a fishing net. Blank flailed amongst the flopping fish in fear. For some reason, the net remained in the water for a long time. When Blank managed to claw their way out, snapping the ropes of the net with their second set of jaws from their eel form, they realize – with terror – that the same storm that had washed them away followed them.
They desperately swam out into the water but got tangled up in the same net they had broken out of.
They sobbed as they blindly scrambled around in the water. They could no longer shift into any new form. They were choking on seawater. Hungry and exhausted, Blank nearly accepted their fate.
But then, they caught sight of land.
With a little burst of Determination, they paddle towards the shore. They need to make it. They need to so they could return to their Mama.
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waddlebouncefloof · 26 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 20: Orca
Blank plays with Chara and bumps into an Orca Mer.
“Rawr! Imma getchu!”
Gleefully, Blank chases after Chara in their Orca form. Since they aren’t truly giving chase, Chara swims a good ways ahead of Blank. The older selkie cackles as they weave through the waters – even daring to add a flip – as they escape from their friend’s teeth. Chara is completely confident that Blank would never harm them even at play.
Something darts out and tackles Chara, making Blank cry out. They stare, horrified, as a dazed Chara dangles from the harsh grip of an Orca Mer. The adolescent predator looks down at the toddler in front of him. “Sorry runt, finders keepers. Go find some slower prey to eat.”
“Nah!” Blank insists, shaking one of their tiny fists at him. “Chara fwend! Food, nah!”
“Wait, what? You gotta be kidding me. You play with your food? This is why babies shouldn’t go out hunting without their mommies. Speaking of, go back to your pod, runt, or I’ll – shit! Ouch!” The Orca Mer howls, releasing Chara. The older selkie had vindictively bitten his hand the moment they recovered. “You fucker!”
“Chara!” Blank checks their friend over before pushing them behind themself. “Meanie! Go ‘way!”
The young Orca Mer snarls and darts forward to attack Blank. With a well-aimed whirl, Blank manages to smack away the teen with their own tail, using the momentum to create more distance between the aggressive mer and themself.
“Go ‘way!” Blank shouts even louder. “Or…or…Bwank tell Papa!”
The teen scoffs. “Oh yeah? So what? Your Papa can’t do anything dumbass! You should’ve brought up your Mama instead! She would’ve been more of a threat! You idiot! You – ow!”
Both Blank and Chara blink in confusion when they see a bigger Orca Mer come out of nowhere to smack the teen over his head.
“Grandma! What was that for?!?”
The elderly Orca Mer bows respectfully to Blank. “I apologize for my grandson’s actions. He committed a terrible wrong towards you and should be punished. My grandson may be rash and hot-headed, but he is of my pod. His failings are my failings. If you should summon the Harbinger, let him give me a cold death in my grandson’s stead.”
“Grandma! Don’t apologize! The Harbinger is only a myth! Don’t be so superstitious!” The teen insists. “The runt looks nothing like the deity that rules over the ice! And why would the Harbinger be doing so far north? Isn’t he said to be in the south always?”
“Vaycay,” Blank answers honestly.
“You! You stay out of this!”
The elder smacks the teen again.
“Ow! Grandma, stopit! It hurts!”
“Good. Then maybe you’ll learn how to use your nose instead of your stomach,” the older Orca Mer snaps. “Fool boy, use your nose!”
The teen pauses and sniffs. Then, he pales and looks at Blank and Chara in horror. “What…in the world?”
“That’s the mark of a powerful creature.”
“Papa,” Blank agrees. “…An’ Mama. Mama more scawwy. Say sowwy to Chara or Bwank tell.”
The teen apologizes and (after a lot of groveling) Chara magnanimously accepts.
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waddlebouncefloof · 28 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 19: Gone Fishing
Blank meets Kelp's landdweller friend.
“Kelp! Look! Fishie!”
Kelp laughs warmly as Blank toddles up to him with dinner in their hands. The poor fish flaps uselessly in its death throes. Just like first one they gave him the day before, it’s an impressive size for the child. “Thank you, Blank. It looks delicious. Here, have a kitty sticker.” With a happy squeal, Blank sticks it to their cheek. “Bwank kute!”
“Blank is always cute,” Kelp corrects them. “But now, you’re cuter!”
“Oh wow, bud. Congrats on being a parent,” a fellow fisherman congratulates Kelp from the side, gaining Blank’s attention. When he sees that their eyes are on him, the skeleton monster offers them a lazy wink. “Sup. Name’s Classic. I’m your dad’s pal.”
Blank gives him a confused look. “Kelp Papa, nah.”
“Blank is temporarily staying with me,” Kelp hurries to clear the misunderstanding. “They got separated from their parents during the storm. I’m trying to help spread news out but…” The terrible storms and earthquakes.
“Gotcha. Not your kid.” Classic quickly shifts the conversation to something less heavy, sensing Blank’s growing sadness at the mention of their parents. “Nice fish, kiddo. Caught it yourself?”
Blank beams proudly. “Yah!”
“Whoa. That’s pretty big.” Classic grins, immediately making Kelp wary. “But not as big as the fish I caught last week. It was thiiiiis big.” He stretches out his hands to make his point about its size.
Liar. It was just an average sized tuna any fisherman would reel in.
Naïve to the dubious validity to Classic’s tale, Blank’s eyes widen adorably. “Whaaaa? Nah-uh!”
“Uh-huh. I really did.”
“Wooooow!” Blank’s eyes start to sparkle with admiration. “Gunna catch fishie dat big too!”
“Heh, yeah. Maybe one day, kiddo.”
Classic doesn’t see the Determined gleam in Blank’s eyes. The next day, when Blank returns to the dock, they don’t carry their fish over to Kelp and Classic.
They drag it over to them.
Classic drops his fishing pole as Blank plops a fish just as big as he claimed his own catch to be right at his feet. “Bwank did it!” They cheer.
Kelp throws his head back and laughs.
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waddlebouncefloof · 28 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 17: Shipwreck
Blank does a little exploring.
Whenever Blank visits the Deep, they’re usually entertained by the Shiver or out hunting. Today, though, Blank has decided to explore. So, they manage to sneak off into the darkness thanks to the practice they had with TK in the Nursery. The Shiver aren’t as observant as Alter, lucky for Blank. In their goldfish form to light their way, they go off to explore.
“Ooooh!” Blank marvels as they come upon the wreckage of a ship. They curiously poke around the metal structure. It’s bigger than the one they came on with their Mama. It’s snapped into half as if something big broke it. Blank coos when they come upon some scattered coins. “Shinies.”
Then they brighten when they see something else – something familiar. “Bonehead!” Their friend! They found their body! And just like what Ink, Error, and Blue told them, they found their family! With a happy dance and a wave, Blank wishes their old friend well before moving on in their adventures.
Blank is tugging out an interesting, framed map of the world when a familiar cyan light settles on them. “Nai!”
“Are you having fun?”
“Yah! Lookie!” Blank gestures around them. “Big ship! Shinies! Bonehead fwend! An’…” They look to the object in their hands curiously. “Bwank dunno!”
“A map,” Nightmare informs them. “It’s something mortal landdwellers made so they can travel the seas and explore the world.”
Nightmare scoops up the wiggling fry. “Yes, yes, it’s all very interesting. I’m even more glad that I took this ship down since it brings you so much joy. Gather up what you want, we’re going back home. You scared Cross by sneaking off, you know?”
“Bwank sowwy.” They hold up a handful of coins. “Sowwy shinies fo’ Cwoss?”
Nightmare pats their head with a finger. “Something tells me that he’ll forgive you.”
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waddlebouncefloof · 28 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 16: Bubbles
(Afterdeathberry Fluff)
There are many things that Reaper loves about Geno. He loves Geno’s grace in the water. He loves Geno’s strength in his bearing and his teeth. He loves Geno’s gentleness towards their child. If Reaper continued, he’d spend an eternity listing everything since more would simply pile up at every sunrise.
But one of the smaller things he adores about his mate is the way he leaves behind a trail of bubbles whenever he dives deep underwater to swim with Reaper. Since he doesn’t require air to swim underwater, he’s never made bubbles himself. And any land-breathing creatures who dared come close enough to him underwater usually ended up eaten.
Geno, of course, is a special exception. He always is.
Until now.
More energetic and flashy than Reaper’s mate, Blue playfully flits around Reaper. The orca mer indulges Blue’s playful pokes. Sometimes, he even tries to respond in kind, only to miss the smaller selkie every time. Blue dodges him without fail, leaving trails of bubbles behind him as he swam circles around the huge mer. He even encourages Geno to join him in his games.
Out of breath, Reaper lets out a wheezing laugh. “Two cute seals against one? How is that fair?”
“Tired, love?” Geno taunts with a challenging gleam in his eyelight. “I thought the apex predator of the sea has more to offer than this.”
“Chase us, Reaper, chase us!” Blue trills.
Geno’s taunt and Blue’s demand light up something in Reaper. He smiles wide enough to reveal his teeth. Both selkies shiver with anticipation. “Oh? Is that what you want? A hunt? As you wish.”
Within a blink, both selkies are off. Twin trails of bubbles stretch out in front of Reaper. With a grin, he goes to chase his quarry.
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waddlebouncefloof · 28 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 15: Squid
The Little Mermaid has a completely different ending in the "Little Selkie" universe.
Ari has heard about the Sea Witch as a child. Every story surrounding the witch spoke of miracles performed and wishes being granted. And yet, those stories also warned mers away from making any deals with the witch because the price is always greater than the deed. No matter how much you desire something, it’s better to settle with disappointment than risk dealing your life away.
But Ari is desperate. She has fallen for a landdweller. As a mer, this union would be impossible, but if her landdweller lover could breathe underwater maybe…
Only the Sea Witch can help her now.
Ari has been swimming for hours, trying to find the domain of the Sea Witch. Growing weary and frustration, she considers turning around and giving up.
“Hi there!”
Ari jumps and shrieks. She looks fearfully at the stranger. “E-Eeek! I-I-I’m sorry for intruding! I’m trying to find someone and I got lost!”
“Oh? Really? Maybe I can help!” Despite surprising her, the squid mer looks friendly and sympathetic to her situation. Tentatively, Ari reveals her self-assigned quest. The stranger brightens up when she mentions the Sea Witch. “Sea Witch? That’s me!”
“Wait, r-really?” He looks smaller and friendlier than how the stories paint him…
“Yup! I’m Ink! Nice to meet’cha!”
“Ari,” she returns shyly. “Can you really grant any wish?”
“Make a contract with me,” Ink smiles brightly, “and I’ll make your greatest wish come true!”
Ari tells him her wish and they strike a deal. She will return with her mortal lover at this very spot a week later and Ink would grant him the ability to breathe underwater until his final days.
A week later, Ink happily snacks on two souls, relishing how each bite fills him with emotions and lessens his hunger.
He always loved it when his meals came to him willingly.
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waddlebouncefloof · 28 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 14: Moray Eel
Error goes to apologize to Geno - (Continuation of Day 8: Depths, Set during Chapter 11: Growing Pains)
Error is not a Leviathan who talked through his problems. He usually destroyed things before they became an inconvenience. Unfortunately, those days of wreaking havoc onto the world are long gone, leaving Error with the burden of actually communicating with another living being. Civilly.
“Hey. We need to talk.” Error does his best to hide his embarrassment as he floats right in front of the ship. Geno stands at the edge where he had seen Blank off with Ink.
The selkie blinks.
“We do?”
“All right.”
Geno joins him in the water. There’s no hesitation in his actions, much to Error’s surprise. He’d expected some reservation or even some bitterness considering what Ink had revealed two nights before. Geno only looks at him curiously as he bobs right in front of Error in the water in his part-seal form.
There’s just something about seeing the resemblance between him and Blue that eases a little of Error’s wariness about this entire conversation.
“I…wanted to apologize. For what Ink did,” Error begins as he had rehearsed. Geno’s eyelight brightens with recognition. He smiles kindly at Error, much to the eel’s surprise. “Oh, that’s all right. Blue already apologized for that yesterday morning, not that it’s either of your faults. Still, it’s nice of you to do that.”
Completely unbalanced by the sudden shift, Error flounders. “But…but what Ink said about Reaper and me –
“Ancient history,” Geno waves it away. “And obviously more complicated than how Ink phrased it. Whatever your unresolved issues are, I trust that you and Reaper will be able to talk things through eventually.” His expression softens. “I trust my mate and we might not know each other very well, but I feel like you’re someone I can trust too.”
Geno’s smile becomes teasing. “I mean, there’s also the fact that you looked away the best you could when your shameless datemate felt up my mate. Very respectful.”
Error flushes at the memory of it. He hadn’t been as “respectful” as Geno implied and gotten a generous eyeful. He’d peeked…but only a little! It was an accident, just like how Reaper’s reaction was an accident!
“Of course! I’m not as shameless as Ink! I-I-It was all an accident!” Error blusters. “So y-y-you shouldn’t blame Reaper, okay?” he makes sure to insist just in case. “Ink does these…things with his tentacles a-a-and it just –” Too embarrassed to say any more, the eel mer covers his face with his hands. When he manages to look up, Error’s jaw drops when he sees a mirroring flush on Geno’s face.
It suddenly strikes Error. “You…you liked it too!” he accuses.
“Heh, ‘too’,” the selkie snarks back yet not losing his flush. Then, after a beat, he admits, “It was pretty hot.”
“…Yeah. It was,” Error agrees shyly. “Blue thought so too.”
“He would,” Geno snorts. Then, he becomes contemplative. “All of us are going to have to talk about this. Separately from the boundary lines and visitation times with Blank, of course.”
“Of course,” Error echoes with a warmth stirring in the corners of his soul. Though he can’t picture himself being with Geno romantically – they were too similar – the idea of all them together…happy…raising Blank…
…It’s tempting. Error wants it. He yearns for it.
Then, a thought hits him that sours the entire image. He growls. “Dammit, the squid is going to get what he wants! Again!”
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waddlebouncefloof · a month ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 13: Shiver
Dream muses about his past and feels grateful for the present.
It’s rare for Nightmare to be in his smaller form. As the smallest Leviathan, Dream’s brother has come to favor his larger form. Dream respects his brother’s choice. Still, he has learned to cherish the small moments when he’s able to hold Nightmare. Like now, for instance.
Lazily, Dream flounders about on his back as Nightmare dozes off on him, tentacles curling possessively around his twin. Dream indulgently lets him as he hums and strokes his twin’s head.
It’s hard to imagine that a millennia ago, they had been at each other’s throats. Dream remembered how he boiled mer alive and many other forms of oceanlife in his rage against his twin’s currents. They only wanted to hurt each other then. Dream doesn’t remember the reason for his hatred now. It all seems a petty and unimportant in the present.
But that’s because they changed, Nightmare and him.
At first, the change came with the end of the constant war. Dream tried to mend bridges by sharing his territory with Night and staying by his side. But things remained tense and strange between them until their mersharks trickled into their lives, one by one.
With every new addition, the ancient beings learned and grew. They began to feel. Dream learned kindness and compassion. He learned to see the beauty and pleasure in the small, simple things. Nightmare learned about the weight of the important people in his life, who he hoards and protects jealously.
The Shiver all changed them for the better. Dream never wanted to be that cruel, apathetic Leviathan ever again.
“Brother?” Dream can’t help but ask, rousing his brother from his nap. “Hmm?”
“I love you.”
“…Love you too.”
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Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 12: Trapped
A snippet from the Baby Shark AU (fondly known as the Trauma AU to @letsallbecalmchaps and me)
[Warning: Drowning]
Blank whines as the water rushes through the vent in their cage, leaving less and less air for the pup. Cross, restrained and completely paralyzed because of his position, is helpless as fear completely overtakes his little sibling’s eyes.
Cross wishes desperately that he could scoop them up and hug them. He wishes that he could tell them it would be okay. But neither of that is possible because of his bindings and gag.
It takes only three minutes for their container to completely fill with ocean water. It takes fifteen more for Blank to truly start drowning. They twitch and cough as their tiny lungs fill with water.
Just a few hours ago, Cross had been relieved that Dr. Gaster had put them together in the same container as he made plans to move them to the new laboratory. The entire experience would have been frightening and stressful without Blank there. Now, he wishes Gaster had been cruel. Perhaps then, Blank wouldn’t be trapped and drowning.
Cross watches miserably as the baby seal writhes in agony.
But that’s nothing compared to when it all stops.
Blank’s little body goes still and floats in front of him. For three, soul-wrenching seconds, Cross’ soul goes cold. He thinks that he has failed. He failed Mia and he failed Blank. But before he could even fully process the idea of Blank’s death, the seal pup’s little body starts to faintly glow with magic. A miracle happens.
For an unknown amount of time later, when Ink and Error comes upon the metal box and rips it open, they find a bound mershark and a tiny shark pup curled at his side.
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Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 11: Seal
There's a reason why the Shiver stopped eating seal.
[Warning: Seal Death, Breakdown, Grief, Cross has a Bad Time]
Seals are not usually a common catch amongst the shiver. Too quick and often a waste of energy to pursue. Fish of all kinds are the main staple. But today, Horror and Dust managed to come upon an injured seal. It’s a young one too. Proud with their catch, they drag the entire carcass into the trenches to present it to everyone.
Horror and Dust doesn’t expect Cross to scream. He pales at the sight of the carcass in Horror’s grasp and looks as if his entire world was ripped away from him in that single moment. It’s because of that expression and the terrible, awful sound he made that neither Horror nor Dust put up any fight when their newest shivermate darts forward and snatches the catch from them.
Cross pokes and prods at the corpse, desperately trying to wake the seal. When none of that works, he lets out a grief-stricken wail that makes everyone shudder. Then, before Nightmare, Dream, or Killer could catch him, he takes the carcass and flees into the darkness with it.
It takes hours for them to find him. When they do, they find him curled protectively around the corpse, sobbing inconsolably over it. Cross snarls and nips at anyone who tries to come near. In the end, Nightmare manages to drag him away from the dead seal as the others get to it. “GIVE THEM BACK!” he shrieks, scrabbling against Nightmare’s grip. “NO!”
Dream tries to comfort him, but Cross is completely inconsolable. He sobs as the others quickly disposed the carcass. “Give them back. Give them –” he sobs and covers his face with his hands. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
Cross eventually tires out enough for his shivermates to safely bring him back to their section of the Deep. It takes him days before he eats properly again. He doesn’t talk about his episode. No one asks.
After that, the Shiver unanimously decide that they would never bring seal in for a meal ever again.
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Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 9: Manatee
a.k.a Cross' worst nightmare. RIP Cross.
Blank and Dream giggle as a family of friendly manatee surround them, eager for Dream’s gentle petting and curious about Blank, who had shifted to their tail to look like theirs. The calf of the group sedately pokes its nose at the selkie mage, drawing out another giggle from the child. New friends!
Eager to share this with their brother, Blank looks around for Cross. When they find him pressed behind some coral, they eagerly swim over to him with their new friend slowly trailing after them. “Cwoss! Cwoss! Look! New fwend!”
“D-D-Don’t come any closer!”
Blank stops and tilts their head curiously at the shakiness in Cross’ voice. Their brother, for some reason, is staunchly avoiding looking at Blank. “Cwoss?” Their brother flinches when the manatee calf starts to curiously float towards him. “Okie?”
“I-I-I-I’m fine, Blank. Just –” Cross takes a shaky breath. “Just…get that away from me.”
It takes a moment for Blank to realize that he’s talking about their new friend. Confused and a little hurt, they do so. Later, after the manatee family swims away, Dream explains everything.
“Cross has an extreme fear of manatees. Usually, he’d swim away whenever he sees them, but he stayed this time. Most likely to make sure you’re safe.”
“Sorry Blank,” Cross apologizes glumly a little later after he recovers from his shock, “I must look pretty uncool now, huh?”
“Nah! Cwoss cool! Cwoss bwave!” Blank insists as they give their big brother a hug. Their brother stayed the entire time to make sure they were safe despite his fears. He’s very brave indeed. “Bwank pwoud. Wuv Cwoss.”
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Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 8: Depths
Negotiations between Leviathans start out petty before it gets a little...heated.
Warning(s): Suggestive Content, Ink knowing no boundaries
Established Afterdeath and BEI, hints of past(?) DestructiveDeath, Pre-Afterdeath+BEI poly…maybe
“Stop insulting my datemate!”
“Stinky squid.”
“S-S-S-Stop it!”
This was supposed to be a mature negotiation between Leviathans to loosen up territory lines for the sake of the baby selkie currently taking their nap. Unfortunately, the “mature” part of this entire interaction is noticeably absent. Geno and Blue, who were overseeing this entire interaction from a distance, share matching looks of exasperation and sigh.
“Immature idiots.”
Despite being so deep in the ocean’s depths, the two mortals remain unaffected by the lack of air and untouched by the pressure thanks to the magic of their lovers. There is no issue in Geno and Blue’s ability to see in the depths since the lights that their respective lovers give off in their Leviathan forms does well enough in keeping away the darkness.
Their titainesque forms would have made a majestic sight but…
“Grrraghh! I-I-I’ll K-KILL YOU, REAPER!!”
“Hah! As if your noodle body can pin me long enough to do that!”
…well, squabbling like three-year-olds always look ridiculous no matter the appearance. The unamused selkies watch as the fight starts to escalate into a physical one with Error trying to wrap himself around Reaper to hold him in place while he tries to strangle the other Leviathan.
“I’m sorry about my mate,” Geno apologizes to Blue. “Reaper is still upset about Blank’s first mer transformation. Still, it’s no excuse for his behavior.” He shakes his head. “By the way things are going, we’re going to have to go back to Antarctica with Blank to prevent any more fights.”
“Okay, okay, no more fighting!” Ink finally intervenes after overhearing Geno’s comment. He tangles up his fellow Leviathans with his tentacles and breaks them apart. “Especially you, Reaper. I don’t mind that you think I’m stinky, but you’re making Ruru upset and that’s not good.” He tilts his head and blinks innocently. “Just because Blank thinks we’re more interesting than you doesn’t mean you have to be so salty!”
“Ink,” Blue gasps in the background, scandalized at his datemate’s words.
Reaper bares his teeth at the giant squid. “Shut up, you slippery bastaaaaaaah. Ah.” Ink blinks in surprise at the reaction. He’d only given the other Leviathan a friendly, warning squeeze. It takes a moment for him to realize that he’d accidentally wrapped Reaper up in a pattern reserved for more fun and private activities. Old habits die hard.
Instead of being embarrassed about his mistake, Ink’s smile shifts into a knowing smirk, teasing his fellow Leviathan. Reaper flushes with humiliation and looks away.
“Whoops, I slipped. Sorry!” Ink’s apology sound completely insincere even to himself. Not that it matters. Ink’s interest is piqued and that isn’t always a good thing for others when he gets like this. He looks down and his smirk grows wider. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Seems like the Harbinger of Death is sensitive.”
“Oh,” Blue flushes when Ink moves a tentacle aside. “That’s…impressive.” Geno, you lucky selkie, was unsaid but heavily implied.
Error is in a worse state. He’s a flustered mess, unable to cover his face with his arms tangled up in Ink’s tentacles.
“You’re actually really pretty, Reaper,” Ink says with a giggle. “You know, I used to be so jealous of your past relationship with Ruru, but I’m beginning to see why he was so taken with you.”
Reaper and Error immediately start spluttering at Ink’s words.
“That’s not–!”
“Those two have a history,” Ink stage whispers to the witnessing selkies with a wink. “You should’ve seen them. They had a sexual tension so thick that you’d think it’s fatty tuna.”
“SHUT UP, INK!” Reaper and Error cry out in unison.
Ink laughs at their reactions. “It’s not like I mind about you two now, you sillies! It’s a good thing! Don’t you see? We can make this work! You can have two – maybe three! – more datemates and Blank can stay as long as they’d like! We don’t need to worry over the boundary lines!” He reaches out with both hands and cups Reaper’s cheeks with a tenderness that contrasts sharply with his careless air. “What do you say? Doesn’t that sound great?”
“Stop terrorizing my mate with seduction,” Geno appears right in front of Ink’s face, making all Leviathans jerk back. He doesn’t look the slightest bit amused by the entire thing. “If you’re trying to steal my mate away from me in order to make Blank stay, then it’s a terrible idea.” Ink flinches at the severity in Geno’s eyelights. His grip on Reaper immediately falls away, freeing the dazed Orca. Geno settles on Reaper’s shoulder, snapping him back to reality. “Negotiations are going nowhere. We’re done here for tonight. Let’s go back up, Reaper.”
“Yes, darling.”
Geno and Reaper start to leave when they’re stopped by a single tentacle. Ink reels them back in. “What do you mean stealing your mate because of Blank?” Ink asks. Behind him, Error and Blue hiss at him to shut up. “I’d steal him even without Blank in the picture! I’d steal you too! I think you’re both pretty! Be our datemates please!”
It’s Geno turn to flush.
“We’re!! Done!! For tonight!!” he shouts as he pushes Reaper to leave faster.
(“Hmm, maybe he didn’t accept because I didn’t come with courting gifts?” “Shut up, Squid.”)
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