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skumhuu · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cross nesting in a whale skeleton
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calmchapsart · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Leviathantale Mermay Day 7 - Mine
Tfw your shivermate wants your sword. Leviathantale belongs to @skumhuu
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sealpointselkie · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Saw a cat photo and immediately thought of the Leviathantale Shiver!
Apparently Cross is NOT a cuddle-fish.🥸 ba-dum-tiss (He likes it later)
Leviathantale by @skumhuu
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waddlebouncefloof · 18 hours ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 7: Mine
A wild orca considers eating a little, white baby seal as a quick snack.
...He reconsiders.
(A small Drabble about the possessiveness of Leviathans and scents.)
Leviathans are possessive creatures. They spent the first centuries of their existence fighting amongst each other over territory, pride, and power. Even though they mellowed out after centuries of separation and self-reflection, Leviathans are still possessive over what they consider their own and cover these things – or people – with their scents.
Nightmare: His scent is as unknown and deep as the trenches he hides away in. Treasure, the scent dubs its bearer, my most precious of things. The warning is clear: don’t steal. The scent is subtle at a distance, but when the bold ones don’t heed the polite warnings, they’re already decorating the sea floor where they would never be a threat ever again.
Dream: His scent is loud. Where his brother’s scents are only impressions, his scent is the highlighter of all scents. Just like his brother, anyone who bears his scent is clearly loved and cherished. Through this scent alone, the entire territory would know just who has his affections…and his protection.
Ink: His scent is a myriad of chaos and confusion. At first, outsiders would be drawn in by the scent, either by curiosity or interest. But then, the warning bells would start going off the closer and closer they get to the smell. Come closer, the scent dares. I will gladly snap up your soul if you do.
Error: His scent is a deterrent, plain and simple. Poison, intimidation, destruction, this scent feels like all of these things rolled together. It is the promise of the most vicious of bites. There will be no second warning.
Reaper: His scent is cold and sharp. It’s not as colorful or fanciful as the others, but it gets right to the point. Any mortal who smells it would feel as if death itself was hanging right over them. Anyone wise would have already fled at that point.
The overall message? This is mine. Mine, mine, mine. Take it? Hurt it? Eat it? You’re going to beg for an easy death and even then, I might not give it to you.
Even if the world has forgotten about the existence of Leviathans, even the most dangerous of predators in the sea knew to stay clear of those who bear the scent.
That’s why, when an Orca considers taking a bite out of a little white seal playing in the waters all alone, he stops right in his tracks and scrambles away the moment the fluffy pup’s scent hits him. He wants an easy snack, not a death sentence, thanks.
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skumhuu · a day ago
I noticed that dream's form in the mer au is a koi. Is this koi as large as the kraken and colossal squid orrr?
I don’t use actual measurements but he’s bigger than Nightmare’s big form! <3
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calmchapsart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Leviathantale Mermay Day 6 - Skull
A little doodle based of the Little Selkie shorts over at @waddlebouncefloof
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lenne13artblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
I am aliiiiive! Sorry guys I’m still drowning (HAH!) into work! But I wanted to do at least a piece for Mermay after being inspired by @skumhuu ‘s incredible levianthantale.  This adorable selkie Blue is theirs too and I love them so much OMG. I made my Cage boy a humpback whale! Did you know that they protect seals and other sea creature against sharks and orcas? Including humans! It’s so incredible, nature is awesome! Thank you for the inspiration Skumhuu!
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waddlebouncefloof · 2 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 6: Skull
Fun Fact: A baby eel is called an Elver
This piece is set after Chapter 10 of "Little Selkie".
When Ink and Error came to Blue with twin looks of mortification, the selkie knew his datemates did something very wrong. His suspicions prove correct when he catches sight of Blank. The moment he sees what’s in their hands, both Leviathans flinch. And rightly so.
There will be much belly slaps and scolding in the near future for these two for their mistake. And neither of them can blame Blue for it.
“I expected this from Ink, but not from you, Error!” Blue whispers his displeasure so Blank wouldn’t hear. “I thought you stopped!”
Ink coughs. “Ruru did,” he says in the Eel Mer’s defense, “he’s just terrible with cleaning up after himself. That one’s an old one.” He gives his grumpy datemate a look. “I told you that your little cave was getting cluttered. You shouldn’t have waited until visitors came to clean up after yourself.”
“Shut up, Squid! I swear, I hid them all away before the kid came!”
If Blue had hair, he’d be tearing them off his head. “Well obviously not well enough!”
The subject in question that is causing all this fuss is the object in Blank’s hands: a skull.
A human skull. Some unfortunate mortal who crossed paths with Error way before Blue came into the surly Leviathan’s life. Error was teaching Blank how to properly fit into dark spaces in coral reefs as an elver and brought them over to his favorite cave to offer them a good example. It seems that during their time in there, Blank found the skull and, completely unaware of its origins, took a shine to it.
“They named it,” Blue despairs. And it’s a cute name too: Bonehead. Blank had carefully crafted the name for their new friend who couldn’t talk. And since the skull had lost its body, Blank has made it their duty to help Bonehead around the Ocean.
In any other situation, Blank’s insistence on naming and attaching a personality to an inanimate object would be charming to the three. At the moment, all they are feeling is desperation to get the representation of mortality far away from the baby as possible.
“Show Mama Bonehead,” Blank decides. “Fwend!”
Error, Ink, and Blue all share a look. Geno and Reaper must never see this. Knowing how protective the two are, this just might decide to not let any of them see Blank again and that possibility is too much for any of them to bear.
And so, they all desperately stall for enough time and make enough of a distraction to sneak away the skull. It takes hours, but they manage. The first chance Error got, he destroyed Bonehead, leaving behind no evidence this time.
“Bonehead?” Blank inquires to the three a little later, a bit distressed that they lost their friend.
“Bonehead went back home to his family,” Blue appeases kindly. Though saddened that they won’t be able to see their friend anymore, Blank accepts the explanation and the three let out a sigh of relief.
(“Who’s Bonehead?” Geno would ask Blue a little while later, sending him into a mini-heart attack. Honestly, the trouble his datemates drag him into!)
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waddlebouncefloof · 2 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 5: Goldfish
This little Drabble happens between Chapters 15 and 16 in "Little Selkie"! Enjoy!
It’s rare for Dream to shed his scales, but it happens from time to time. Shedding was always an uncomfortable affair. His scales always felt tight and itchy, and getting the old scales off without harming himself was near-impossible whenever he was unfortunate enough to experience the shedding alone. Back when he was more wrathful and callous, he used to boil seas over his discomfort.
Nowadays, Dream has Nightmare and his Shiver to help him pick away at his loose scales. They make the process much more bearable, and Dream is thankful for it.
Unfortunately, when his most recent scale shedding comes around, Dream is completely alone at the shallows.
“Dwee? Okie?”
Well, almost completely alone.
Dream smiles weakly at the young shark pup hovering at his side. Blank must be worried at how oddly he’s been acting. They let out alarmed chittering noises when they see how Dream’s scales are peeling away. “Oh no, no, it’s all right. I’m not hurt. It’s just that my old scales are falling out because new, prettier ones are growing in. See?”
After Blank is appeased that the goldfish mer is in no serious danger, they look at Dream’s sorry state with a knowing look. “Itchy. Bwank hewp Dwee?”
Usually, Dream would kindly turn down the offer. Blank is only a child, after all, and such things should be left with the older and more experienced members of the shiver. But he’s so terribly itchy and the Deep is so far away. So, Dream accepts the pup’s offer and spends the rest of his afternoon teaching them which scales are the right ones to pluck. Blank is an earnest and diligent student, who manages to ease the discomfort significantly by plucking away the most stubborn and difficult-to-access scales.
By the end of it, Dream stretches out his tail. “Thank you, Blank! I feel so much better!” He catches sight of the shark pup fumbling with something. “Blank? What are you doing with my scales?”
“Shinies. Bwank wike shinies.” Blank cups the pile of shining scales and looks at Dream hopefully. “Can keep? Pwease?”
The goldfish mer softens. “Of course, Blank. Though I don’t know what you’d want to do with those old things.”
Much to Dream’s amazement, Blank uses his old scales to decorate the ocean floor. The scattered scales against the darkness look like stars when descending downwards. “Pwetty!” Blank celebrates after completing their project.
“Yes, pretty,” Dream agrees dazedly, looking around himself. He never thought of using his old scales this way before. Of course, after a day, the glow of the scales would petter out, but Dream and the rest of the shiver content themselves with one night of sleep surrounded by the gentle light.
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skumhuu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Goldfish and octopus cuddles <3
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skumhuu · 2 days ago
Had a thought, since reaper in leviathantale is an Orca why not have Geno be a Greenland shark? They are one of the few shark species that can survive in the freezing waters of the Artic. They are even seen beaten up from their long lifespans.
Tumblr media
Ohhh that’s a lovely idea but Geno is already a selkie :’) He’s a leopard seal <3 This is really cool too tho!
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lynn-does-stuff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Well I meant to do this for day one. Then I decided I’d do it for day two. Then I realized I’m slow at art and just decided to post it as can art in general uwu
I love Dust so much he’s so awesome I just-
Leviathantale!Dust belongs to @skumhuu
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calmchapsart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Leviathantale Mermay Day 5 - Goldfish
Pretty fishy belongs to @skumhuu 💛🧡❤️
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digitalvoidheart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
MerMay Days 4 & 5: Octopus & Goldfish
Decided to do 2 in 1 so I don't overwork myself.
Hope it looks okay!
Leviathantale belongs to @skumhuu
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waddlebouncefloof · 3 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 4: Octopus
A cute little snippet for Day 4. Happens after the events of Chapter 17 of "Little Selkie".
“Nai!” Blank singsongs, floating in front of the Kraken. “Nai! I gots you supwise!”
“Oh?” Nightmare’s tentacles curl in amusement at the wiggling shark pup in front of him. “Let’s see it then.”
Blank hesitates for a moment before requesting, “Nai wittle? …Pwease?”
If it were anyone else asking, Nightmare would have outright refused. He never felt comfortable in his smaller form. And yet, it’s difficult to say no to Blank, who was always sincere and adorable whenever they made their requests. So, Nightmare acquiesces.
Blank shifts just as Nightmare shifts into his smaller form. The shark pup is no more, leaving behind a young, overexcited octopus mer. They give him a hug. “Hug!”
Nightmare indulgently returns it. “Is this what you wanted to surprise me with?” He wonders.
Then, Blank surprises him when they tangle their tentacles with his own. It’s more dexterity than he expected from someone who’s still inexperienced with this form. Blank grins up at him. “Hug pwus eigh’! Bwank gib more hug for Nai! Supwise!”
Nightmare feels himself melt.
“Thank you, Blank. I love it.”
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waddlebouncefloof · 3 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 3: Selkie
For this prompt, I've decided to do something new! Here is a list of lessons on cuteness that our adorable selkie, Blue, as imparted to his floofy protege!
How to Use Your Selkie Cuteness for Good - Blue’s Edition
1. Smile when your face is tilted in your most optimum angle. That’s one of your main selling points! Especially with a cute face like yours!
2. Politeness is key. Always remember your manners. Saying “please” and “thank you” to others when they help you is very important!
3. Be confident! Not only does this boost your own happiness, but it also inspires others around you to be happy too! I find the best way to express this is through the banana pose. Not only does it regulate your temperature, but you look casual and cute too!
4. No belly slapping at Papa! That is a very rude thing to do, and it hurts your Papa’s feelings. Remember Number #2!
5. Always have a clean and tidy appearance. Yes, that means tongue baths, Blank. No, don’t look at me like that don’t –
6. New Rule, Do Not use Weapon: Big Ol’ Eyes at adults to get away from tongue baths or other things you do not like but are for your own good.
a. Amendment: Since you are unaware of the power of your cuteness, you shall be forgiven the first time if you stop the moment an adult points out that you are using them. No second chances.
b. Fine, three chances. But just because you’re too cute!
7. Imitating others with your magical abilities is also adorable! It’s the highest form of flattery and you make it all very cute!
8. Having Error teaching and parenting you while you look like him is DOUBLE cute! You are making Ink and I VERY happy! Keep it up, Blank!
a. (Personal Note) Error being good with children is soooo hot 💙
9. Do not manipulate others with your cuteness ever without good reason.
a. If Ink and Error are being naughty or mean, you have my permission to use your cuteness to make them feel guilty! It’s a learning experience for them!
b. Amendment: If it’s for your own survival, use it a lot. Anything to get back to your Mama and Papa safe.
10. If your cuteness can help others, help them!
11. Be kind to others. This is very important! Just because you have a gift, does not mean you should abuse it and be mean.
12. Blank, NO! That’s stealing! Don’t use your cuteness to commit crimes!! Now your misdeeds are immortalized on the internet!
13. Be yourself!
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skumhuu · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Banana pose!!
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waddlebouncefloof · 3 days ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 2: Shark
Here's Day 2! Some fluff that happens between Chapter 15 and 16 of "Little Selkie"
The upside of being able shift into different creatures is the experience. Blank is able to swim in different ways, eat different food, and access different parts of the sea! But then there are downsides.
Like cleaning time.
“Blank, it’s time for your grooming session,” Horror calls.
Dust gives the toddler a flat look. “Blank.”
As much as Blank loves all the adults in their life, they don’t like are the cleaning sessions. From their Mama’s tongue baths to Kelp’s tiny ocean cleans with strange-smelling bubbles, all adults are too interested in Blank’s cleanliness. It’s terrible.
After an impressive chase, Killer – the fastest out of all of them – eventually manages to catch them, flip them over, and hand them off to Horror.
“It’s for your own good, Blank,” Horror reminds them as he checks them over for any parasites or algae. Blank whines as the Great White grooms their tail. They only manage the lightest of wiggles in their flipped over position. “Why do you always run?”
“Tickles,” Blank pouts. “Likey, nah.”
“Well, if Horror doesn’t do this, some nasty, nasty bugs will suck up your blood and make your tail itchy,” Killer cautions, trying to make Blank feel better. “When Crossy first came to us, he was covered in nasty wormies and barnacles since he didn’t have any nice shivermates to help groom him. Cross would be heartbroken if you went through the same.”
Blank looks at Killer dubiously. ”…Weally?”
“Yes, really.”
Blank looks thoughtful. Then, they look back at Horror. “…Okie. Bwank be good. Howa cwean pwease. Thankee.”
Horror pauses for a moment to nuzzle Blank’s nose. “’Course, pup. I’ll make sure you’re the cleanest pup in the sea by the time I’m done.”
- Mod Berry
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calmchapsart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Leviathantale Mermay Day 4 - Octopus
Au belongs to @skumhuu
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