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#leonie maier
arsenalwfcaddicted · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I think I will never ever get to the point I can watch this without crying, y’all too or am I just too f*cking sensetive?
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greywindsports · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Such a good chip from Katie- also that Caitlin twirl🤣
Tumblr media
I didn’t realise I had been holding my breath during the penalty!
Arsenal vs Everton- May 2, 2021
Source: FA player
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incorrectarsenalwfc · 4 days ago
@liawaelti​ was on about who can drink the most in the squad and its was decided that it would probably be little Leo. Can we get a quote about it?
@liawaelti when it comes to beer Leo could outdrink the whole team:
Leo: So it's a drinking game?
Lisa: Aye, last one standing wins. *Laughs*
*Leo takes a small sip from her drink. Lisa chugs hers*
*Sometime later*
*Leo examines her fingers, looking worried*
Leo: I feel something. A slight tingling in my fingers. I think it's affecting me.
Lisa: Ha I thought Germans could hold their liq-
*Lisa passes out, Leo looks smug*
Leo: Game over.
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incorrectarsenalwfc · 4 days ago
Some kidnapping?? 🥺
Katie: Do you know…..the muffin man?
Viv: Katie I swear-
Jessie: The muffin man? 
Jessie: The….one who lives on drury - Wait is this a Shrek reference?
Katie: FINALLY! You owe me a fiver Viv. I told you one of them would get it one day!
Magda: I’ve kidnapped you. Now you have to do as I say.
Kim: *Wrapped in blankets holding a cup of tea*  Ah finally some me time.
Lia: Hello?
Magda: I-
Lia: You again? Seriously?
Magda: Yes... *clears throat* I have Malin.
Lia: ... What?
Magda: I. Have. Malin.
Lia: ....
Lia: You crossed a line.
*Hangs up*
Magda: ....
Magda: Shit.
AKB: You're such a smol bean. 
Leo: *Angry pouts*
AKB: *Pats Leo’s head*
Leo: I hope that when you sleep both sides of your pillow are warm!!!
AKB: That's the kind of insult a smol bean gives.
Little Erin: My scar IS real! I got into a super scary fight with Mccabe— I won and got this victorious scar!
Pernille: Erin come here. You have some marker on your face.
Pernille: *Does that thing mums do where they lick their thumb and rub the gook off with their spit*
Little Erin: No my victory scar!
Magda: I think Little is playing with us, like a rat with a mouse.
Millie: That's a cat with a mouse, Mags.
Magda: A cat and a mouse don't play together. They're mortal enemies. They don't even know the same game. Think before you speak, Millie.
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arsenalwfcaddicted · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Here is my goodnight to y’all, see here a flying leo 😀
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charbonara · 10 days ago
Idk but I laughed at this part. Jill's birthday & she sat in the middle of viv lisa and both like parents accompanying a 5 yo child celebrating her birthday 😭
Btw lisa looks like a mom 😂
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incorrectarsenalwfc · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectarsenalwfc · 25 days ago
something with the smols and tols?
*Trying to reach a high self*
Kim on Jordan’s shoulders: I can't reach it!
Leo on Daan’s shoulders: Neither can I.
Leah: Step aside, short people; I'll get it.
Leah: *Tries, but fails*
Jordan: You can't reach it either, huh?
Leah: .....
Leah: *Yelling* JEN!
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incorrectarsenalwfc · 25 days ago
my team just lost the championship match of our football tournament so a captain leo pick me up pls🥺 i did get four goals on the weekend, but still bummed that we didn’t win
Aww I’m sorry anon. Hopefully, this will cheer you up.
Captain Leo’s inspirational speech mid-game
Leo: Remember we must treat our opponent with respect and kindness. 
Leo: Even though they are from a wild unlawful place where they make cakes solely using ice cream
Rest of the German team: *Shocked outraged gasps*
Leo: Yes, there is evil in this world.
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