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#leoni hilli
illiver · 3 hours ago
Almandla Stenberg would be PERFECT to play Leoni Hilli in the next seasons of Shadow and Bone
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blackasmysoul · 3 days ago
Remember Jesper's mother Aditi Hilli dies saving a young girl's life before he came to Ketterdam
I was just reading kos and found out that Leoni was the one who she saved.
Why is no one talking about this??
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zemenipearls · 7 days ago
art by @discountscoobyart and @floriahart here and here!
Fandom: The Grisha Trilogy - Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Zoya Nazyalensky/Genya Safin, Jesper Fahey / Fedyor Kaminsky, Leoni Hilli/Adrik Zhabin Additional Characters: Aleksander Morozova, Baghra Morozova, Hanne Brum, Nikolai Lantsov, Joost
Dear Readers,
You have somehow found yourself to my society paper on the Os Alta social season. While I admire you for your general literacy and good enough taste, I can hardly be bothered to summarize what I am about. But I’ll try. I am a gossipmonger who has nothing better to do with my time than remind people not to have too big of an ego. I’ve been known to spread rumors about the grisha in the Little Palace. This is a selection of my weekly notices. Will you, or your favorite appear? Read on or read the tags to know.
All the best,
Lady Thistleup.
Bridgerton AU where a certain crotchety lady decides to snark on some favorite Grishaverse characters! Barely a plot, but fun. Written for the @grishaversebigbang 2021 mini-bang. About as historically accurate as the movie 10,000 BC which is not at all.
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cinno · 10 days ago
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MINI BANG TIME!!!! here’s Jesper, Leoni, and Wylan making some beautiful new custom revolvers for our fav💕💕 check out the fic A Personal Touch by @niecity with other works for our gang by @idkchatie and @sunlitangles !!!
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idkchatie · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
A Personal Touch
My art for the @grishaversebigbang mini bang, inspired by this wonderful fic by @niecity in which Jesper uses his fabrikator abilities to make new revolvers!
Other beautiful art inspired by this fic by @sunlitangles [here] and @cinno [here]
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sunlitangles · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m so excited to share my mini bang piece for @niecity ‘s fic, A Personal Touch!! It was an absolute pleasure working with my group, and they’re all so talented so please go check them out!! <33
You can find their pieces here! @grishaversebigbang
@cinno x
@idkchatie x
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niecity · 10 days ago
@grishaversebigbang spontaneously remembered that i do in fact have a tumblr and wrote a little jesper-centric fic for the grishaverse mini bang my gang is the coolest
artists: @idkchatie‘s piece @sunlitangles‘s piece @cinno‘s piece
Summary: A Fabrikator's power can guide a bullet to a mark. And it can do much more. (or, Jesper uses his zowa power to make himself some guns)
AO3 Link: A Personal Touch
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lantsovsbitch · 14 days ago
the signs as underrated (imo) grishaverse characters
aries: tamar kir-bataar
taurus: tolya kir-bataar
gemini: alys van eck
cancer: joost van poel
leo: malyen oretsev
virgo: kuwei yul-bo
libra: leoni hilli
scorpio: zoya nazyalensky
sagittarius: genya safin
capricorn: adrik zhabin
aquarius: hanne brum
pisces: misha
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i-like-your-face · 16 days ago
I ask for one thing from the S&B series. I need Jesper and Leoni to meet. I need Jes to see first hand where his mother's sacrifice led. Especially with where her character arch goes in KOS/ROW
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goawaygoaway · 19 days ago
The fact that Alina, the MAIN CHARACTER, is being sidelined in favor of the D*rkling and a goat is not sitting well with me. 
I get it. Milo is hilarious. But fandoms have a nasty habit of ignoring characters that are women, especially Black women and women of color, in favor of white villains, white side characters, and weirdly enough, animals. This needs to stop. Because all it tells us is that we aren’t worthy of our own stories. 
Yes, The D*rkling is hot. Yes, Ivan and Fedyor are cute. Yes, Milo is the seventh Crow. But the fact that I’ve seen more posts about them than I’ve seen about Alina is ridiculous. Again, she’s the MAIN CHARACTER.
Respect Alina, Jessie, and all the other WOC in the show and the books or die by my hand.
[Edit] @ everyone who said that the D*rkling is a billion years old and therefore not hot: you are so sexy and I want to marry you.
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generalnabri · 23 days ago
you know what i want? for leoni and jesper to become friends, act like siblings, bond over growing up together in novyi zem and with jespers mom. i want leoni to help teach jesper how to master being a fabrikator. for when they come visit ravka, he comes to the little palace and they talk for hours, laugh about how they got polar opposite boyfriends. just a leoni jesper friendship :))
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im-someone-i-guess · a month ago
Tumblr media
Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo
Not me still patiently waiting until Jesper finally meets Leoni
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discountscoobyart · a month ago
Adrik A2 and Leoni C2? 👀
Tumblr media
i had the hardest time drawing leoni for some reason, she’s mad because i haven’t properly drawn her in so long probably 😩
thanks for the request ❤️
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generalstarkov · a month ago
the grishaverse characters meet enneagram by sleeping at last 🌿
this post is courtesy of your wannabe edit maker 🙆🏽‍♀️ and the vibes queen @thefirsttailor
ryan o'neal (sleeping at last) composed 9 magnificent songs for each enneagram type, so immy and I decided to share braincells and match some grishaverse characters with a type and a song she matched all the characters I just nodded in agreement and made the pretty pics
you can take the test here !
this is the first past of this post, go to immy's blog to check the rest of the characters 💖
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kkanej · a month ago
can’t believe we didn’t get to see jesper & leoni meeting this is a hate crime
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