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#leonardo da vinci
dainslief-simp · 58 minutes ago
So, we’re studying the renaissance in school right? Instead of teaching us about the prominent figures of that time as one normally would, my teacher decides that we each ROLEPLAY as one of those figures and “speed date each other” 
And now we have to write about which figure we “met” that is compatible with ours and write a few paragraphs about it. 
So my question is, who do ya’ll think is a good match for Leonardo Da Vinci?
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my-own-zen · 9 hours ago
Dibujos anatómicos de Leonardo da Vinci.
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laclygrantham · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Studio di giglio, Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452-1519)
Reproduced by Mariani Affreschi
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cortegiania · 13 hours ago
Leonardo, filling out the contract: What's your middle name?
Cesare Borgia: Danger.
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peppart · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Leonardo Da Vinci - La Vergine delle Rocce - 1488
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peppart · 20 hours ago
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Leonardo Da Vinci - L'Annunciazione - 1475
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peppart · 20 hours ago
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Leonardo Da Vinci - Uomo vitruviano - 1490
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peppart · 21 hours ago
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Leonardo Da Vinci - Dama con ermellino - 1490
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peppart · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Leonardo Da Vinci - Ritratto di dama - 1495
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blondebrainpower · a day ago
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci on My Heritage
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It was party time at the assassins house hold for today(April 4th) is Easter also the day that Connor/ Ratonhnhaké:ton was born. They decided to try and throw Connor a suprise party at the house, once Connor was told to run an "aren" shaun asked him to take care of, with Ezio, the assassins wod get straight to working on the party. Ezio was tasked to make sure Connor stayed busy for a few hours till everything was ready, he was the inside man and was to alert them if Connor was coming back. Once Connor left with Ezio the assassins went straight to work. However as things started to quickly go south.
Jacob: *tangled in the streamers* guys I think I got myself stuck in the streamers again!
Evie: damn it Jacob! I said to let Arno handle the streamers for a reason!
Arno: ya about that Evie. *also stuck in the streamers* help.
Evie: *face palm and shacking her head of disappointment*
Alexios: ok he's definitely gonna like what I got him for his birthday! *is holding a poorly wrapped sword*
Kassandra: don't you think you should wrap that in a box brother?
Alexios: what's the point of going through the trouble of putting it in a box then wrapping it? This is a much more time saving way of doing it.
Edward: Ha! Well I now for sure my grandson is gonna love what I got him! *holding a small wrapped box*
Rebecca: Uh, a little help in the kitchen would be nice, guys!
Aveline: We got it! *hands Claudia the fire extinguisher*
Claudia: *takes the fire extinguisher and sprays the fire out*
Once the fire was out all that was left was a lump of charcoal sitting in the oven, that was supposed to be Connor's cake.
Aveline: ... I'm sure it's still good?
Claudia: *sighs* all that hard work for nothing... where's Altair? I thought I put him in charge of making sure the cake didn't burn?
Shaun: oh that's why he was in the kitchen standing about oh... crap sorry Claudia, I sent him out to take care of the ice... speaking of he should have been back by now, where is he?
The front door suddenly burst open then slammed shut as Altair leans back against the door as the sound of an angry mob runs past the house and then starts running down the street. Everyone paused for a moment at what they were doing and stared at an exhausted Altair who was also holding a half full bag of ice.
Altair: *pants* I got the ice Shaun! *holds up the half full bag of ice* *pants*
Desmond: ... what happened?
Altair: don't ask. *pants and puts the ice in a near by ice chest*
Bayek: uh, guys I think edward spiked the punch with rum again.
Malik: why do you say that?
Bayke: *points over to the punch bowl*
Liberty (Connor's Turkey assassin companion) was flapping his wings around like crazy trying to fly but only to land on his side or on his face and is wobbling around all over the place.
Edward: *helping Desmond with balloons* what!? I thought it might spice things up a bit for the pary.
Aya: but why did you spike the punch with rum specifically?
Edward: Only the best for my little sea captain grandson.
Malik: *face palm*
Achilles: so what about the cake?
Claudia: I'm sure we'll have time to quickly back another, *runs over to the stair case* LEONARDO! ARE WE STILL CLEAR OF TIME!?
Leonardo: *calling from up stairs in the attic* Si! We're still clear! No sign of their return yet!
Claudia: Si, we have time.
Desmond: well we gotta make this quick then!
Bayke: how are the balloons Desmond?
Desmond: *filling a balloon with helium* it's going good. Uh, you sure you don't need help Edward?
Edward: Nah, not at all lad, *struggling to turn the nob of the helium tank* j-just gotta turn, the damn- *slips his grip and almost falls over* Ga! Stupid, damn, tank! *hits the tank*
The tank breaks and helium leaks out.
Edward: uh oh...
Everyone close by the helium tank starts in haling the helium and starts coughing.
Altair: *cough* (high pitch voice) damn it Edward you ghabi! Look at what you've done! *quickly covers his mouth* ...
Everyone: ...
Desmond: (high pitch voice) oh crap helium tank broke.
Jacob and Edward: ... *snickers and starts laughing in high pitch voices* HAHAHA!
Jacob: Altair you sound like a mouse that had to much to drink!
Edward: Ey lad!
Altair: *high pitch low growl* you all sound like a bunch of mice too novice!
Jacob: Ha! I do, don't I!
Edward: you sound like a high pitch dolphin lad! *laughs high pitch*
Alexios: (normal voice) Hey let me try! *runs over and breaths in the left over helium* Wow this is werid!
Maria: (Normal voice) as much as I like to hear the sound of rats, I think we should go back to focusing on getting Connor's party ready
Altair: *clears throat* Llease let's. *glares at The three*
Jacob: I'll uh... get starts on the confetti! *runs up stairs*
Edward: ...and uh... I'll get the drinks ready! *runs off some where*
Alexios: *high pitch still* I'll uh, go see if Jacob needs help with the conffite. *walks over to where Jacob is*
Evie: *sighs* Maria do you need help setting up the snack table?
Maria: *nods* that would be of much help, thank you Evie.
Evie: no problem.
Jacob: Gang way!
Jacob and Alexios rolled out a large confetti cannon down the stairs and started filling it with confetti.
Desmond: since when did we own a confetti cannon!?
Jacob: since I asked Ezio to ask Leo to make one?
Desmond: ... the f@#$!?
Jacob: well he would never agree to make one if I asked him, but if Ezio asked him. Ha, the man would never refuse Ezio.
Alexios: yep!
Arno: oh mon Dieu! You guys why!?
Jacob: oh calm down Frenchy, not like it's gonna start a fire! Beside Connor's gonna love this!
Arno: and I wounder at times why Connor stopped hanging out with us... (whispers) (wish I had his guts to do the same)
Jacob: hey! He still hangs out with us at times.
Arno: Oui, when your not causing problems.
Alexios: will you relax, this won't cause any problems.
Evie: ok we got to have a rule for Leonardo to not agree on making such ridiculous requests like this.
Maria: agreed.
Aveline: *looking around for something*
Rebecca: you ok Aveline?
Aveline: ya I'm just looking for something I made for connor.
Rebecca: oh maybe I can help you find it. What did you make him?
Aveline: I made him a good luck bracelet for him to wear, it had two feathers on it and was made out of wooden beads.
Rebecca: I'm sure we can find it somewhere.
Nasir came by with silver (Connor's other companion silver back wolf) and Desmond the dog came around. Desmond (the dog) was barking and yipping happily around Jacob, Alexios, and the party cannon. Jacob and Alexios were distracted by Desmond tipping and barking that they didn't see Nasir sitting on the arm rest part of the couch investigating the strange cannon.
Jacob: come on Desmond the dog, knock it off! we got to set up the cannon right or-
Desmond the dog: *Barks* *grabs the remote from Jacob and runs to the other side of the room*
Desmond: *turns around* what!?
Jacob: oh not you Desmond, Desmond the dog, he-
Desmond the dog: *drops the remote and pushes the button*
Jacob: uh oh...
Everyone: 0_0
The Cannon went off and since the confetti wasn't completely separated properly a ball of compacted confetti bursted out the cannon landing into the kitchen and scaring the life out of Nasir. Nasir jumped onto Jacob's face trying to hide under his top hat while also clawing his face in the process. The ball of compacted confetti landed in the bowl of the fresh new batch of cake mix as Cladia was just about to place it I'm the oven not only getting cake mix on her, but on Achilles, Shaun, Evie, Aveline, Rebecca and Altair.
Achilles: ... ok that's it, I give up. *leaves the kitchen to go clean himself off*
Shaun: agreed *grabs a kitchen towel and cleans off his face*
Claudia: and there goes the last of the cake batter...
Aveline: *wipes a bit of the cake batter of her face and hives it a bit of a taste* hm, well I'll tell you this Claudia, the cake would have been amazing. *looks over by the counter and see the bracelet* oh! *grabs it* found it.
Altair: . . . jaCOB FRYYYYE!!!
Evie: oh bloody hell.
Jacob: AH! Altair- OUCH! GET YOUR CAT OFF ME! *trying to get Nasir off of him*
Altair: *wipes the cake batter off his face the best he can and runs over to Jacob* Nasir! no! Get off Jacob right now! *gently grabs Nasir of Jacob and hold him* you don't know where that man has been.
Jacob: *covered in cat scratches* Hey!
Leonardo: *yells from up stairs* THEIR ALMOST HERE!
Desmond: F@#$! We don't have time for this sh*t!
Everyone began to freak out and run about all over the living and kitchen only make more of a mess in the process.
Leonardo: *runs down stairs* everyone take place Their ba-... oh mio Dio...
Ezio and Connor where walking up to the hidden assassin home, with bags of stuff Shaun had asked them to get. The closer the two got to the house the more it was harder for Ezio to hide his smile anymore.
Connor: you seem to be in a good mood after finishing a long arena?
Ezio: hm? Oh, *clears throat* was I smiling? scusa I didn't realize.
Connor: uhm? Is there a reason for your sudden smile?
Ezio: well *chuckles* we were gonna wait till you came home, and that you are *unlocks and opens the door* Happy birthday Co- ...uh...
Ezio and Connor were welcomed home to the assassins all either taned up in streamers other were on the floor and were toppled over one another and some... were a mix of both, all but Leonardo who seemed equally confused as the two were.
Connor and Ezio: . . .
Jacob: *strung up to the ceiling with his sister in streamers* ...Happy Birthday Connor! *nervous smile*
Aveline: *tangled in streamers too* suprise...
Edward: *is strung upsidedown by his feet with Party streamers* *blows on a party blower*
Ezio and Connor: ...
Achilles: *comes down stairs* Are you guys almost- oh come on!
Just then they heard a small chuckle come from Connor. They all turned to face him as ge started chuckling and a bit of laughter.
Jacob: so... your not upset about the suprise party?
Connir: *Chuckling* mad? Why would I be mad? *snickers* I had a hunch something was up, and figured if it was something for my birthday, I was expecting it to end up something like this. Im honestly don't care for my birthday much anyway, but I'm happy you guys tried anyway, just to do something nice for me.
Leonardo: awe, your welcome acmico.
Edward: HAHA! That's my grandson!
Shaun: So, does that mean you'll help untangle us now?
Connor: ya, and I think I have a better idea on where I want to spen my birthday at.
That night they went to the bar Desmond worked at and had some food and drinks and Connor opened his gifts. Desmond said that he didn't mind the extra work hours -and erasing the camera footage- all was well, and Jacob got his face patched up as well.
Connor: *opens his gift from Edward* *is now holdings a small gold telescope* Wow, thanks grandfather.
Edward: Ey, Of course, this telescope use to be mine and I'm giving it to you now to take care of.
Connor: thanks again grandpa.
Edward: any time lad. *drinks his shot of rum*
Aveline: here's my gift to you Connor. *hands him the bracelet*
Connor: *takes the bracelet* You made this yourself Aveline?
Avelone: yep, that and this *kisses him on the check* that too.
Connor: O-Oh uh... Thank you, Aveline. -///-
The family laughted or chuckled at Connor's reaction. They were talking and hanging out and eating some food from the bar, till it was 1 in the morning.
Happy birthday
Tumblr media
Part 2?
Also yes I know it's late, I have been busy lately with testing 😔 it the final brain cell for me at this point.
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tempest07 · a day ago
My reaction and review of "Leonardo" (2021 TV Series) Season 1 Episode 2 and Episode 3. We finally got a story about Leonardo that doesn't shy away from also exploring the legendary artist's queer sexuality.
What did you think?
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theaidanturnercult · a day ago
I have to ask but which of Aidan Turner's performances is your favourite?
You know that’s an impossible question right? So I’m going to try and work my way around it. Early 2000’s Aidan - I have the biggest soft spot for, he was so eager and just starting out so I really cherish what he made in those times.
But if we’re talking performances (please let me give 3) (not in any order)
Russell in Love is blind- Aidan dedicated himself to that, he transformed his physicality, he gave attention the littlest details; his posture, what he does with his hands, then the way he talks and walks. He put so much thought into it!
Ross- there’s really nothing to say here. Ross is the first character that Aidan got to delve into and explore. He portrayed that so extremely well which is something we all know.
Leonardo - not saying anything for spoiler purposes. But once again, Aidan transforms and yet, he maintains that side of him that’s ‘just Aidan’
Tumblr media
Using this gif again because I really went off the rails
But what’s yours? 😂
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gorodetskaya · a day ago
Oh I don't post anything a few years yeah... I just forgot about my tmblr.
So, I made this in last year and still in love with this photo. As a huge fan of Fate series it was fun for make some cosplay. And this is only start of it.
Me as Leonardo da Vinci and my friend Valerie (@erie_lera on insta) as Dr. Romani Archaman
Tumblr media
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