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#lending out books
fangmich · 24 days ago
Book Game
Thanks @rannadylin for tagging~
hardcover or paperback / rent or buy / reads in silence or reads with music / standalone or series / annotations or pristine pages / ebook or physical copy / dog ears or bookmarks / mismatched series or complete set / cover matters or you don’t judge / lend books or keep them to yourself / enjoys lit classes or despises them / browses shops or orders online / reads reviews or goes in blind / unreturned books or clean library record / rereads or once was enough / fanfic enthusiast or a stickler for canon / deep reader or easily distracted / must read the book before seeing the movie or order doesn’t matter / neat bookshelves or messy bookshelves / skips ahead or resists temptation / reads aloud or in your head / guesses plot twists or never sees them coming 
don’t know who to tag, sorry
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apoemaday · 29 days ago
Lending Out Books
by Hal Sirowitz
You’re always giving, my therapist said. You have to learn how to take. Whenever you meet a woman, the first thing you do is lend her your books. You think she’ll have to see you again in order to return them. But what happens is, she doesn’t have the time to read them, & she’s afraid if she sees you again you’ll expect her to talk about them, & will want to lend her even more. So she cancels the date. You end up losing a lot of books. You should borrow hers.
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whythinktoomuch · 2 months ago
honestly, i think one of the more formative moments for me was when some buddies & i were discussing our crushes, and i said that i wish i could be a boy & several years older so i could date my tutor, and everybody just went ?????? because apparently that wasn't a normal thing to say at the time
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terryboot · 3 months ago
had to go into work to sign something and got told i dont need to be at work on monday. but then i just got a text saying i dont need to be in at all next week which.....i am fine with but also confused by lmao
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nyctarian · 5 months ago
just sitting here stewing about lib authors who blame poor people insead of publishers when they dont make as much money as they want
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rieraclaelin · 8 months ago
Rules: bold your choices then tag some people to do the same.
I was tagged by @novemberhush, thank you! ♥
hardcover or paperback // rent or buy // reads in silence or reads with music // standalone or series // annotations or pristine pages // ebook or physical copy // dog ears or bookmarks // mismatched series or complete set // cover matters or you don’t judge // lend books or keep them to yourself // enjoys lit classes or despises them // browses shops or orders online // reads reviews or goes in blind // unreturned books or clean library record // rereads or once was enough // fanfic enthusiast or a stickler for canon // deep reader or easily distracted // must read the book before seeing the movie or order doesn’t matter // has neat bookshelves or messy bookshelves // skips ahead or resists temptation // reads aloud or in your head // guesses plot twists or never sees them coming
I will tag @sterekshaven, @compo67, @xx-thedarklord-xx and anyone else that wants to join in. Just claim a tag from me! ♥ As usual, if I tagged you, don’t feel like you have to play along!
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chiiquitita · 35 minutes ago
3. 5. 6. 15. 30. 37. 39. (for the obscure asks)
thank u 4 these!! 💌💌
what movie/game/etc. helps you calm down?
ummm tbh i like to read poetry (sweet stuff like wendy cope lol) or nostalgic books like the letter for the king :-) mostly i just try to take a walk and listen to the birds sing 🐦
do you like to organize?
yes and no.. i enjoy it but i usually do it when i really should be doing something else 🤕
what kind of music would you listen to if you could only choose one?
thats SUCH a hard question.. i think i would have to choose rock bc it's a broad genre so variety but maybe pop as well for the same reason
do you prefer space or the ocean?
space no question .. i love the ocean but she freaks me out 😬
what instrument do you wish you could master?
i play the piano but i would love to be good at the guitar i think it lends itself to so many types of music ... also i could do a signature bruce pose
what do you listen to music on?
just my phone lol 😔 i used to have a hello kitty cd player which looking back could be called camp but i have it away a couple years ago!! so sad
ear buds or headphones?
earbuds 🙏
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smokeybrand · an hour ago
Domestic Bliss
Tumblr media
Listen, i know it seems like a read a ton of Isekai and you’re right, i do. So many of these things, man, and i am unapologetic in my love for them. I’m a sucker for this type of content, ever since i saw Escaflowne on Fox Kids when i was a kid. I didn’t even know what Isekai was but i ended up falling in love with the concept almost immediately. It didn’t help that love was embellished with sh*t like the Dot.Hack and Kingdom Heats franchises, both Isekais in their own right. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the market isn’t completely saturated with Spirited Away content but i am going to tell that, if you take the time to weed through the trash, you find real gems. Saga of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, TenSura, Shield Hero, are exceptional in there execution and I've already highlighted a few others which i thing are just as amazing which haven’t got that shine yet and at the top of that list, for me, is Chillin Different World Life Of The Ex-Brave Candidate Was Cheat From Lv2!
Tumblr media
Chillin’ follows the ex-Hero candidate, Banaza, who was cast out after a summoning for being an incompetent with base human stats. Considered a failure, a second summon was performed, delivering a proper hero with the specs to defeat the demon lord plaguing the world. Banaza  was sent to die but, instead, activated a magic that decimated an a entire battalion of the Demon Lord’s army, increasing his level and giving him the “infinite” stat. Having manifested a ton of brand new magic and abilities, he decided to change his appearance, becoming Fulio. As Fulio, he meets up with the Holy Knights, Barirosa, Blossom, Birelli, and Belano, after taking on an escort request from a small girl who had been refused for several days. Some things happen and our Hero begins his new life in a brand new world. That’s all the plot I'm giving you here because you definitely should experience this pure shine for yourself.
Tumblr media
I love this manga for a myriad of reasons but the first thing that made an impression was the art. This thing looks wonderful! Seeing these pages felt like the first time i saw Kubo’s art in BLEACH. i was legitimately speechless. Akine Itomachi looks to be the artist of this particular work but I'm not sure because, as much as i search, here doesn’t seem to be a ton of available content from them. I think this is there first work to be published and, if it is, what a f*cking first impression! The way they draw their figures, their backgrounds, the care placed into capturing such a direct vision; It’s all very endearing. There is a notable delicateness to the touch of their pen and that lends itself to the eye beautifully. I am absolutely in love with this artwork and look forward to whatever else Itomachi decides to do in the future.
Tumblr media
Now, the art piqued my interest but the narrative is what got my attention. This was one of the very first “Lazy life” Isekais I've come across and it turned out to be one of the best. The protagonist of this book, Fulio, has no interest to defeat the demon king or be a Hero, he just wants to live his life peacefully with his wife, his new family, and his brand new best friend. Dude doesn’t want any problems but, when they show up on his doorstep, he goes at them with proper intent. There’s a an arc where a certain horrific thing happens to a certain character, and Fulio just loses his sh*t. you can tell, through the writing, that Fulio is truly hurt and viciously incensed. It’s rare that an objective power fantasy instills such raw emotion into their characters but Miya Kinojo does this, consistently, effortless, through this book. Which leads me to my next point...
Tumblr media
The character work in this book is f*cking exceptional and has no right to be as fantastic as it truly is. This is an Isekai book, through and through. It’s supposed to be just another narrative about an overpowered harem protagonist, who saves the day and gets all the loot but nope! This story has mad depth and the growth is each character is real. It definitely takes it’s time to show you who these characters, these people, truly are, You grow attached to them, want the best for them, and feel for them when tragedy strikes. There's a scene where a new antagonist is introduced and some things go down. I audibly shouted at my computer reading that because they had come so far as a character and the sh*t that happened to them was straight up cruel. But then the retaliation came and it was violent. Visceral. Pronounced. I felt all of that. All of it. That’s testament to the character work laid all those chapters before. I’ve only ever felt like that handful of times reading manga. Erased immediately comes to mind and when Shion died in TenSura but, again, fantastic character work in both of those books, just like in this one.
Tumblr media
Now, all of the stuff i referenced before are solid reasons to check this book out and i enjoy them tremendously but, the thing that keeps me coming back, chapter after chapter, is definitely Risu! Listen she’s f*cking adorable, man, and gives any waifu a run for their money. Risu is one of the strongest characters in the entire narrative and her growth has been a straight up pleasure to witness that maturation. You can definitely see how far she’s come in the latest chapters, from that vicious intent she harbored for Fulio when they first met and i kind of love it. Hell, she’s even the voice of reason when it comes to certain revelation that happen toward the later chapters. Now, I'm not slighting anyone else in this book because, and i cannot stress this enough, the character work in this book is some of the best I've read in years, but Risu definitely takes the cake. She’s getting that Vegeta in Dragon Ball treatment and it’s a real joy to see.
Tumblr media
Chillin Different World Life Of The Ex-Brave Candidate Was Cheat From Lv2! is one of the best manga being published today and it deserves as many eyes on it as possible This thing is as strong as Shield Hero, Overlord, and TenSura but no one is talking about it. That’s a straight up crime because it’s a true masterpiece of narrative, characters, artwork, and character development. Even mundane, slice of life chapters are outstanding reads. I haven’t been let down by a chapter yet and look forward to the next drop, every month. That’s rare for me as i actively read hundreds of manga at a time. Some, i don’t mind skipping over, others i wait until there’s a decent backlog to work through but with Chillin? It’s a must read and i thing you all must check it out. Read the first five chapters and if you’re not hooked, I'd be stunned. It really is that good.
Tumblr media
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this-is-uncool · 8 hours ago
Libraries in Tokyo are lending out more audiobooks and ebooks
More and more libraries in Tokyo have started offering audiobooks and eBooks as a means to encourage people to stay home during the time of the pandemic. In fact, this has been a global trend where libraries around the world saw increased uptake of eBooks and audiobooks as travel restrictions took effect post the Covid-19 pandemic. Take for instance Bunkyo Ward, a prominent location in Tokyo that started offering eBooks and audiobooks starting from January this year.
However, the process had started much earlier with the enforcement of the barrier-free act of 2019 that brought to focus issues faced by those with disabilities and ways to remedy them. In view of that, authorities chose to help those with visual disabilities with greater access to eBooks and audiobooks, a process that only gathered more steam during the pandemic as demands for these shot up.
Also, a good thing with the development is that even non-residents of the ward are also eligible for the reading material. All that is needed is a valid registration that will let the member have a library card, which in turn will allow readers to have access to the books. The books have no return dates as such while there is no curb either on the number of books a member can borrow.
However, the choice is still constrained given that there are just about 1,500 eBooks and 3,100 audiobooks available. That said, both the numbers are expected to go up in the coming days as demand for both picks up. Libraries in other municipalities in Tokyo such as Chiyoda, Toshima, Shibuya, and Setagaya are also offering eBooks while in Hachioji, libraries have more audiobooks to offer.
Among the choice of books on offer include kid’s titles as well. For instance, there is the 11 Piki no Neko” series of picture books by Noboru Baba and published by Koguma Publishing Co. It is among the more popular titles there and the series’ illustrations have gone on to adorn the library webpage as well, for the first time in Japan.
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The post Libraries in Tokyo are lending out more audiobooks and ebooks first appeared on Good e-Reader.
from Good e-Reader
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ebookporn · 8 hours ago
Thats not a digital comic THIS is a digital comic
First lets be clear - Motion Comics are not comics. At best they were bad cartoons at worst a Powerpoint presentation of just transitions with lightsaber sounds. I am not surprised Madefire failed, just how long they lasted and who they got to sign on.
The thing that made me angry about Madfire however was not the technology or even problematic Kevin Spacey - it was because they did not understand, at a fundemantal level, how comics work. Comics as a medium are not passive. The reader must fill in the action between panels. They must view and interpret the order in which the panels should be read. They must turn the page to advance the narrative. They are in control of the flow and in a constant dialog with the creator or storyteller. Motion Comics were a guided story written in another medium (actual print comic) told in another medium like a filmstrip abridgement of a movie you might have seen in elementary school. Not the original but not quite something else.
The problem that tends to trip up people is they focus on converting mulitpage print narratives to a single page format. In a print comic each panel has a grounded relationship with the page it is on, interacting with each other and with the page they all reside on. Each page interacting with the panels on the page before it. Whether phone, ebook, tablet, monitor or TV however you are looking a single page, a screen, which likely is smaller in size than the original one the comic was printed on. This makes one to one page to screen conversion unsatisfactory and forces choices like panel by panel slideshows or guided view ping pong. Niether narrative choices the creator wrote to.
For a digital comic to really work one needs to write for the medium it will be read on. The storyteller must create new language to insure the reader has an relationship with the story though the screen. Each panel must interact within this new lexicon.
One way this has be done successfully is with Webtoons. These digital comics are written with the assumption that they will be scrolled through on a smartphone. This scrolling format lends itself to more intimate stories as the small phone screen means sweeping action tends to get lost. But this limitation lends itself to facial closeups and nuance of expressions and simple declaritive speech bubbles - language ideal for drama and romance. These type of stories excel in this format. This type of storytelling feels similar to the soap opera comicstrips of newspapers like Mary Worth or Juliet Jones which also had to tell thier stories through the limited small space of the funny pages.
Tumblr media
But there are still few who are truely working to find and develop language specifically for telling stories in this new medium. One such person who is experimenting with digital comic narrative is Emmanuel Espinasse.
Tumblr media
His Super Pixel Quest I and II are creative and and fun extrapolations of how panels can actively work with the reader in digital comics without abandoning their core properties inherent to the medium. The result could be described as Chris Ware writing Life in Hell instead of Matt Groening. Using gifs, creative reveals of panels on the screen and a respect for negative space the final work is a satisfying narrative experience somewhere between Fantagraphics and Nintendo Gameboy.
Check it out below - (don't worry about the french, its a wordless comic).
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stayquaint · 14 hours ago
[Review] ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ Confidently Carves a New Path for the Franchise
Eight entries deep into the popular Saw franchise meant dizzying levels of history; time jumps, character reveals, mythology, deadly traps, and twists aplenty. To say the storytelling got a bit complicated to keep the momentum going strong long after its central mastermind, John “Jigsaw” Kramer (Tobin Bell), perished would be an understatement. For the ninth installment, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, director Darren Lynn Bousman returns to usher the series in an exciting new direction, one that evolves the franchise’s potential while delving into its underexplored relationship with cops.
Chris Rock stars as Detective Zeke Banks, a deeply cynical cop that’s amassed an impressive number of enemies during his tenure. He prefers to work alone, unwilling to trust the vast majority of his colleagues that turned on him. Zeke also can’t remove himself from the shadow of his father, Marcus (Samuel L. Jackson), an esteemed former leader of the precinct. Saddled with a rookie partner (Max Minghella) he doesn’t want, Zeke gets assigned a throwaway case that turns out to be something far more significant and grislier than anyone anticipated. A new Jigsaw-inspired copycat unleashes a new game of lethal justice, and this time their target is the police.
Straightaway, Spiral establishes a new tone and style that signifies this entry seeks to break free from the mold. An opening sequence game brings the deadly trap and a gruesome demise, but its game master looks and sounds very different. Jigsaw truly is long gone. Cut to our introduction to Zeke, who takes to his undercover persona a little too well, demonstrating a sense of humor along with a rebellious streak. It’s this off-the-book behavior that lands him his new partner, William, mandated by Captain Angie Garza (Marisol Nichols). It’s a complementary pairing, as William’s eager to please persona means he’s willing to put up with Zeke’s volatile nature more than most. That animosity gets amplified when Zeke becomes the main focal point for the new killer, who’s targeting the force’s most corrupt.
If it’s not already clear, Spiral eschews the familiar game setting of a Saw movie and goes all-in on a police procedural. Written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger (Jigsaw), the narrative focuses on the driving mystery; who is slaying cops, and why is Zeke the receiver of the killer’s messages? Using Zeke as the audience proxy from the very beginning of an investigation means that time is spent establishing all of the moving parts to this puzzle, and it’s effectively engaging. The traps are there, but they’re not the focal point of this story. The killer remains ahead of the entire homicide team throughout, getting more and more personal with every slaying. It lends emotional stakes, as well as substance. The “why” is just as important as the “who,” if not more so. It raises interesting moral questions on corruption and complicity. Considering that cops have been an integral part of the franchise since its inception, often featuring hot-headed and dishonest detectives, this captivating and refreshing angle feels overdue in many ways.
Bousman offers a few wry winks to fans of the franchise but confidently carves out a new path for the series. Spiral exists within the same world but only uses Jigsaw’s winding history and connections as a loose inspiration for a wholly separate copycat. The pared-back simplicity allows its characters and mystery to shine while building a new foundation for new chapters to build upon. 
The latest installment bears more in common with Se7en than Saw, which might prove polarizing for longtime fans. The smaller scale means a smaller body count and also makes essential plot points easier to decipher ahead of reveals. Still, Rock provides compelling rooting interest in a caustic character with righteous anger, and the film has a distinct sense of humor that offsets some of its crime thriller grit. The traps bring the pain, but they take a backseat to Zeke’s journey. Spiral brings style and substance, with a few chuckles to balance the gore. For this standalone entry, Bousman subverts familiarity and reinvigorates the franchise by substantially expanding and evolving the Saw universe. Perhaps it’s Rock that surprises the most, who enters the Saw franchise and leads it with ease.
Spiral: From the Book of Saw releases in theaters on May 14.
from Bloody Disgusting!
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motionedits · 16 hours ago
Top Reasons Why Wedding Studios Outsource Their Video Editing
Tumblr media
Shot a Video, Now What?
As a wedding film producer, you shoot tons of videos on a regular basis. The process of video post-production is not alien to you. You know that post-production is a tedious and time-consuming process. And, you fully comprehend the importance of video editing to project your vision aesthetically. Now, the question is: Do you have the time, expertise, or resources to weave post-production magic into your videos?
The Answer Lies in Hiring a Pro Editor
Let’s be honest, a wedding video isn’t just a video documenting the event. It’s an emotive capture of memories that tell the unique story of the couple and an heirloom piece to be enjoyed across generations.    
There’s a host of tricks and techniques that go into making raw footage into a dreamy wedding film.
That’s where the need for a professional video editor comes into play.
A professional video editor will piece together your raw footage shot with multiple cameras, like pearls in a string, to tell a coherent story. They will have the craftsmanship to set the tone of the story, pace it and create a rhythm, and pay the kind of attention to perfect the end-product that equates to practiced art.
The pro editor will carefully knit to create an engaging story around the speeches and the vows, the letters read by bride and groom, the music and its lyrics – all in a way that’s guaranteed to be a fitting and fascinating memoir of their wedding for years to come.
Simply put, a professional video editor will take your compilation of raw footage and turn it into a compelling, moving story that will evoke emotions and memories in the viewers.
Why Outsource Your Post-Production?
Picture this: You’ve filmed a wedding and your client is waiting eagerly for a perfectly captured, soul-stirringly immersive life-long souvenir to arrive. At the same time, you have other wedding shoots lined up.
So, how do you deliver a video that meets the expectations of one client, while you go out and win a few more?
Outsourcing your video editing not only rids you of the hassles of post-production technicalities but also allows you to scale your videography business to newer heights.
When you hire a reputed video editing professional, you essentially free up your time to concentrate on filming, while you can rest assured that every video will be masterfully edited and ready to be delivered to your clients.
Not convinced yet? Here are some indisputable benefits that wedding studios and videographers get to enjoy when they outsource their post-production work.
1. Advantage of a professional editing crew with premium tools
Outsourcing the video editing process to experienced professionals ensures that you get to choose the best talents in the business. You can check references for testimonials and experience of the team before collaborating to be sure of their work quality.
Getting the video editing done by pros also means that you don’t have to spend anything on a premium video editing software, setting up an editing lab, or scouting to recruit trained people.
Outsourcing substantially reduces your cost of production as there is no investment in terms of equipment and expert manpower.
2. Fresh perspective helps create a mesmerizing final content
Just as authors find it difficult to edit their books most effectively, the same applies to videographers. As the creator of the video footage, you may feel each shot to be perfect or indispensable for the finished product.
An outsourced video editing team lends a fresh pair of eyes and a completely unbiased viewpoint that can bring a dramatic difference to the end result. They see your work purely from a professional perspective that’s devoid of any emotional attachment that you might carry. Therefore, editing professionals will do a better job at creating cohesive content out of your raw footage.
3. Allows you to focus on your core business
Video editing is a meticulous process and requires your undivided attention and time. As a busy videographer amidst a full-fledged wedding season, you are most likely to have your hands full with bookings for video shoots.
By dividing your attention between shooting weddings and editing videos, you could be doing your business a disservice. Therefore, it makes sense to focus on what you do best, i.e., videography, and entrust the post-production with experts. This way, you will be able to scale your videography business without having to concentrate on the post-production process while maintaining the quality of the deliverables.
4. Saves cost, time, and effort
This is, by far, the most compelling of all reasons. Outsourcing the post-production part of your business will save you an enormous amount of cost, time, and effort.
Recruiting a team of editing professionals, setting up appropriate lab space for the editing work, arranging for advanced editing tools — all of these require an up-front investment. But, if you outsource the entire editing process to external experts, you save on making the immense initial cash layout and utilize your time and effort in more productive activities like promoting your business and shooting more videos. And, all these, while being consistent in delivering quality services to your clients.
5. Faster turnarounds
Outsourced video editors, having experience in their craft, will have a much faster turnaround time in comparison to what you could do when you sit down to edit your work.
Practically thinking, by outsourcing video editing to a post-production company, you can take advantage of their team of video editors who can handle multiple projects at a time, so you can get more work done in less time and deliver to your clients promptly.
Lastly, outsourcing allows you to still remain in control of your work. You can get quality work done by outsourced professionals, on your terms, and as per your specifications. Of course, the outsourced service will come at a cost, but the benefits associated far outweigh the charges that you have to pay to a professional editor you’d rather hire.
Our team at Motion Edits has been handling the post-production process for wedding studios and videographers worldwide. Our expertise in video editing helps you deliver quality films to your clients while enabling you to reap all the benefits that we discussed above.
To know how we can transform your wedding footages into tastefully edited heirloom films that your clients desire and deserve, get in touch with us today.
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stitch1830 · 22 hours ago
Okay took me a while to choose the prompts... For Azulaang, please: 18. "That's not what I meant!"; 29. "When was the last time you slept?!?"; 39. "They are so your child/children."; and 54. "Tell me something I don't know about you."
Hello hello! Took me a hot minute to get to this my b. But! I completed all of them, so get ready for a feed full of Azulaang lol. Some got rather long, so I will make them their own separate post, but I’ll link to this original one. Thanks for the asks! Hope they were what you were looking for!
29. “When was the last time you slept?”
39. “They are so your children”
54. “Tell me something I don’t know about you”
Azulaang - #18 - “That’s not what I meant!”
Avatar Aang wasn’t about violence, sure. He was a monk, all-loving pacifist man who believed every life was precious and beautiful.
But Azula was getting on his last nerve. He was ready to fight her, for sure.
He was currently traveling the world with her, travel buddies and all, and she demanded the world from everyone. She refused the hospitality of some towns, made no effort to hide her disdain for the different nation’s cuisine, and there was always something wrong with the inn that they stayed at. “Too small of a room” this and “Too rough of linens” that.
Aang needed to intervene, and show her a simpler lifestyle, one of peace and gratitude. After all, he was the Avatar! He could do it, right?
If he could, he was off to a pretty fuckin’ bad start…
“Azula, these kind people are offering their home to us for shelter! How kind of them, right?”
“I have servants at home that live in establishments larger than this, and the aroma is much more pleasant in the stables than it is in here. But sure, our many thanks go out to you and your… hospitality,” she replied sarcastically.
Well, at least she said thanks. Maybe another angle would work...
“Azula, isn’t it great that we get to try different foods from the nations and towns all over the world! I feel immersed in their culture.”
“If I wanted to be educated on the nations and towns of the world, I would have opened up a history scroll and book.”
Well, at least she was honest?
Aang was losing his positive resolve at this point, but he had it in him for one last try.
“Azula! Get this. The inn was gracious enough to lend us their very last room, as well as a spare bed and blankets to us before we hit the road free of charge! How thoughtful of them, no?”
Azula rolled her eyes. “If I wished for charity, I would have begged for it, but I have enough coins in my purse to buy out every room in this institution.”
Aang groaned. He gave up. “Azula! Come on. Are you seriously suggesting that there is nothing worthwhile on this trip? Nothing that you’re grateful for?”
“I didn’t come to marvel at the lowly lifestyles of the people of the Earth Kingdom, Avatar!”
“Then why did you come??”
Azula hesitated. It was the first time he saw the woman flustered. She stuttered, “Because… Because—”
“—Because what?”
“Nothing,” she hissed, crossing her arms and turning up her chin.
“Don’t do that! Just tell me!”
“Don’t be even more obnoxious, Azula—”
“—Because of you!”
“I—” Aang paused. Did she say, she came on the trip for… Him?
Huh, what a turn of events.
“I—I didn’t mean it like that, Avatar—”
“—Oh but you did!” he exclaimed. Now that he knew the truth, he couldn’t help but tease her. “Just admit you have feelings for me and kiss me already!”
“Absolutely not! You—that’s not—”
“—What, should I kiss you?”
Azula groaned. “Avatar—”
“Come on, a quick one on the—” Aang never got to finish his sentence, as Azula’s lips were on his. When they parted, Aang was stunned. That kiss was…
It was something.
The firebender let out a huff and tried to hide the blush that was growing on her face. “There. Satisfied?”
Aang blinked, then finally came to it. He surprised her with a surprise kiss right after. The airbender smiled at the shocked look on Azula’s face.
“Yes. Yes I am.”
Send me a prompt and a ship to write about! (For ATLA).
Or just send me asks lol.
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