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#lemar hoskins
lemar standing up to Walker. lemar breaking away from Walker. Lemar begrudgingly working with Sam and bucky. Lemar apologising to Sam and bucky. Lemar befriending Sam and bucky. lemar being proud of his captain America and his white wolf. Lemar adopting Torres. Lemar surviving and going on any adventures with his (boyfriends?) friends. Lemar getting an actual arc and actual development.
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Another thing I hate about John Walker haters and Karli apologists is that they can't seem to distinguish between real life and what actually happens in the fictional world. They almost conflate the two as if they were one.
In real life the writers made a racist choice by having Lemar be killed to motivate John, they wrote Karli, someone who was fighting for justice and the welfare of people, especially refugees, to be a terrorist and an antagonist. Those are choices we should be critical of, but they have no bearing on the characters' actions inside the Marvel universe.
John doesn't know he and his friend are characters (They obviously don't exist but you get what I mean) he didn't choose for Lemar to die along the writers in a room ("This will motivate me and give me so much character development, mua ha ha" *evil white grin*), he witnessed the murder of his best friend after he saved him from being stabbed by Karli (While the "poor" terrorist he would eventually kill was holding him still no less) and became mad. It was a crime of passion.聽 He loved his friend so much that, just like when Steve lost his mind and almost killed Tony in Civil War, he wanted to avenge him. 聽All the people outraged about the bloody shield can only make me laugh about their collective amnesia and double standards. Literally the only difference is the tone, the music and the way the narrative presents it.
Karli, on the other hand, killed innocent people with premeditation, and not only during combat, which is justified, but killed unarmed people 鈥渢o send a message鈥.聽 The writers did that, and fuck them, sure, but inside the mcu universe, that is EXACTLY聽what happened, which is what I mean when I say Karli apologists seem to conflate the writers and reality with what Karli actualy does inside the fictional universe when they start trashing John while making excuses for her, saying she is just a good person fighting for what is right and that it is not fair John got a mini redemption arch at the end. As if killing a member of a terrorist group that took part in the killing of your best friend not even minutes ago in a fit of rage or fighting with guns (Like Steve, Bucky and Sam ALSO do, Sam literally in the very first episode, I can麓t with people and their dumb takes to justify hating John) were in any way comparable to literally burning random people alive inside a building.
聽Let's pretend for a moment she was not a fictional character and the people she burned alive were real and not just a stupid plot device to make her into a villain like it is in real life, why would ANYONE want to negociate with her? In that context, in an alternative real world where no one knows who "the main character" is, John Walker's distrust is way more understandable and even reasonable than Sam's self righteous attempt to negociate, something that could put innocent people in danger.聽
Imagining myself as a relative to one of Karli's victims, I would want her arrested no matter her reasons (And Zemo, for that matter, if they needed his help they could have asked for his temporal realese, that plot point could have been done without the cheesy, contrived prison breakout), and Sam's final speech where he short of praises Karli as a hero would be super insensitive. I would still respect Sam for his efforts to save lives, but I would feel as if his heart wasn麓t there with the victims, as if my pain was being trivialized.聽
So maybe instead of excusing Karli麓s actions, complaining about Sam not joining her and refusing to let her kill people or ranting about how horrible it is that John is making jokes minutes after her death (As if she hadn麓t literally killed his best friend in front of his eyes and John had even one reason to care for her) as many Karli stans seem to be doing, why don麓t they focus instead on the mere fact the writers made her a terrorist first place?聽
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Hot take: I unapologetically like John Walker, like, not even in a "he is morally gray and interesting" kind of way. He was brave and had good intentions, he just wasn't as quick to search for peaceful solutions and had several realistic flaws such as being insecure, ambitious and quick to follow orders for the establishment. Most people (on tumblr) just hate him because he is white so he must be evil or symbolically represent male white priviledge or something, because he didn麓t romanticize terrorism as the writers made Sam start doing, and because he聽鈥渦nfairly鈥 got the shield (The shield the dumb ass writers made Sam DECIDE to give up so they could have that sweet drama? THAT shield?). People say that Steve Rogers would have never done what John did, not even after his literal best friend was killed in front of his eyes, ehem... did we even watch the same movies? Did everyone just forget about that scene in Civil War after Tony tried to kill Bucky?
His reasons for murdering that terrorist 聽guy that took part in the killing of his best friend and for wanting to apprehend a potentially dangerous group were waay more understandable than any of Karli's actions AFTER she started killing innocent people "to send a message" while still claiming to have the moral highground instead of, you know, keep stealing and distributing food and medicines like they were exclusively doing at the beginning or something.
I get that it sucks the writers made the flag smashers the villians (I hate what they did with the good hearted and idealistic Sharon Carter as well), I myself would have prefered if Karli had been writen as an anti-hero or even new hero who teams up with Sam and Bucky, maybe the flag smashers could have been divided into different factions, some more extremist than others, and a government guy could have been the real or worst villain, but that sadly didn't happen. The moment they wrote her blowing up that building full of unarmed people though, she was a self-righteous murderer just like Zemo, which would have been fine if that was the point of her character.
聽I was very irritated by the way the show writers, via Sam, tried to minimize her actions and make us feel sorry for her, dehumanizing the people she had killed in the process. We barely ever see her victims, they are mostly faceless entities who don麓t matter in comparison to 鈥減oor well intentioned baby Karli鈥.
聽If the writers wanted to send the audience a message about聽鈥渄oing better鈥 for refugees they could have done so by making the flag smashers the heroes that have been unjustly framed for the terrorist attacks (Which would have been an AMAZING plot twist), or writing them to be more complicated by making most of its members stand against the extemism of certain factions of the group, or by showing the good things they do, making them fight armed guards only. They should NOT have made terrorism seem 鈥渃ool鈥 and 鈥渢rendy鈥, the deaths of civilians 鈥渘ecessary鈥, and the terrorists the 鈥渞eal鈥 victims of... *gasp* being called... terrorists! The poor babies, noo, so offensive! The correct term is freedom fighters, nooo!聽
Needless to say, the woobification of the poor baby terrorists didn't work for me and I wasn't exactly horrified by Karli麓s death or impressed by Sam麓s corny victim blaming speech where he doesn麓t actually give any practical ideas on how to solve the refugee crisis caused by the snap but sure does love to say the government officials all, indiscriminately (Maybe AOCortez or someone was there? I mean, idk), deserved to feel powerless as hostages because that, apparently, will make them sympathize with the people that made them fear for their lives instead of, I don麓t know, seeing them as way too unreasonable to negociate with??
Now, I would have preferred for John Walker麓s actor to play Lemar and viceversa, because I get that black characters get killed to motivate white characters far too often, so it would have been nicer to see it done the other way around for once. For John Walker to be the new flawed yet good hearted war veteran who has to redeem himself after making a huge mistake born out of pain for the loss of his friend, someone who has to develop and learn different tactics other than violence in order to defend people, someone who has to learn to question the status quo... and he just happens to be black like Sam. Their rivalry would not be even implicitly about race, but exclusively about differences in methods and about who gets the Captain America legacy. We could still have Bucky hating on him, the funny rivalry moments, no changes.
But sadly the writers needed a character to represent the white that didn't deserve Sam's shield but only got it for his race, or for looking similar to Steve, which is an important theme, but one that was perfectly explored already with the plotline about the original black supersoldier who was erased from history, and one that didn麓t work for me because they made Sam give up the shield willingly BEFORE it was given to John, a war hero, so all I am getting is that simply being chosen for something important and accepting it because you think you can do the job, wanting justice for a friend, and not trusting terrorists to change their murderous ways is what made John 鈥渓ess than鈥 Sam and Bucky.
I guess what I am trying to say is that John doesn麓t deserve half the hate he gets and maybe if the writers had changed his race from the comic books then his character would have suffered less from being placed into a specific 鈥減ersonification of white male priviledge鈥 box here on tumblr. No offence to the actor though, he was great.
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kumkanii3 days ago
Time Variant Lemar that survived his encounter with Karli and maybe John didn't...? So Battlestar is promoted to Cap.
Marvel? Second season of 'What If...?', yes? Make it happen.
(Btw we stan Sam as Cap over here, I'm just sayin)
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johnwalker-the-newcap4 days ago
John:聽I failed my safety training course today.聽
Lemar:聽Why, what happened?聽
John:聽Well one of the questions was "In case of a fire, what steps would you take?"聽
John:聽Well apparently "F**KING LARGE ONES" isn't an acceptable answer.
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alwaysmoodboards5 days ago
Tumblr media
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: John Walker x Lemar Hoskins having a relaxing summer vacation
Summer Holiday Series (Because don鈥檛 we all deserve a chance for one this year ^_~)
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lriswestallens5 days ago
fuck it, tfatws high school au headcanons
- sam, bucky, sharon, and zemo get paired together for an art project or some shit and it鈥檚 the least productive arrangement ever. they try to take it seriously but they all have history together and issues with each other that were never really resolved
- sharon is always saying passive aggressive things to them bc she thinks it鈥檚 funny
- bucky would be like 鈥渙kay sharon ill finish up the report and text you when im done鈥 and sharon says something like 鈥渙h really? is that so? i don鈥檛 remember being able to rely on you when steve broke up with me and you and sam never talked to me again. WILL you text me when you鈥檙e done with the report? hmm?鈥 while sam and bucky sit there with matching guilty expressions on their faces
- i know for a FACT that john walker is the person who gets too invested during PE and treats it like it鈥檚 the fucking Olympics. he yells shit like 鈥淧ASS THE BALL鈥硷笍 PASS IT鈥硷笍 DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY?!?鈥 whenever a non-athletic kid has the ball
- karli and her friends would be super involved in clubs and stuff that serves to improve their school and community, organizing school cleanups and stuff like that. basically the nicest and most helpful group of people ever. but they can get really scary if someone wrongs them
- zemo is the mf that always has the answer keys to tests and homework worksheets somehow but sam, bucky, and sharon are the only ones he shares them with (sam refuses to use them because he believes he will never properly learn a subject unless he makes mistakes and learns from them, but he appreciates the sentiment)
- Lemar and john are inseparable best friends. whenever one of them is absent, the other goes all day not speaking a word to anyone else
- Bucky is always finishing homework at the last possible second, the teacher will literally be collecting it and he鈥檚 scribbling in bullshit answers in a hurry
- SAM IS CLASS PRESIDENT and he takes his job very seriously. Joaquin is his VP. (even though bucky could not care less about class activities, he shows up every time to all the events sam organizes anyways to support him. sharon and zemo get dragged along). one year karli runs against him to take the spot and it鈥檚 the most drama the school has had in years
- Sharon and Sam are obnoxiously athletic and are therefore always competing in gym class for the top grade. whenever they get put into the same team it鈥檚 OVER for everyone else
- Bucky does great in gym class as well but he doesnt take it as seriously as sam and sharon do. he does what he needs to do and is always rolling his eyes at them during class
- zemo has the potential to be top of the class along with them but he DOES NOT have the time or energy to care about this exercise shit. he walks the mile every week and is always forging doctors notes saying he鈥檚 injured and can鈥檛 participate. he actively avoids bucky whenever he does participate bc bucky鈥檚 always aggressively chucking the ball at him. sam and sharon boo at him every time they鈥檙e running laps and pass him sitting on the bleachers with his 鈥渟prained ankle鈥
- sharon is totally the student who sells candy/chips during lunch and somehow has never gotten caught by staff even tho literally everyone knows it鈥檚 her selling
- sambuckysharonzemo are for sure banned from sitting together in at least one class cuz they鈥檙e always giggling together in the back at the dumbest stuff possible
- zemo sharon and bucky land in detention once a month. sam is only able to rescue them from it because he vouches for them everytime and the staff trusts him
- buckysharonzemo: we鈥檙e sorry sam :/
sam: it鈥檚 fine guys
sam: i just think it鈥檚 funny how鈥
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redwingsupportgroup6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"If you guys, if you joined up with us, we could鈥"
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captainpikeachu6 days ago
honestly the reason the whole Sam/Bucky and John/Lemar not getting along with each other for one reason or another the entire season annoys me so much is that they would have made a great team 鈥 we actually get glimpses in both Episode 2 and Episode 6 that they actually DO make a good team when they work together and are on the same page, they actually fight well together and know how to read each other well
things would have gone a lot better for everyone if they had all actually just worked together from the very beginning (but I guess the show would have ended in like episode 4 and no more drama but we could have had two episodes of everyone just being happy and hanging out bc why not)
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captainpikeachu6 days ago
Far be it from me to keep saying this but Bucky鈥檚 behavior in Episode 2 consistently bothers me, and not necessarily because of Bucky鈥檚 attitude, but rather how the fandom excuses this behavior and in fact cheers it on without any consideration of how this is toxic behavior/bullying.
John and Lemar鈥檚 arrival directly saves Sam from being killed by a Flag Smasher, this indirectly leads to Sam being able to later save Bucky. Yet the first moment John and Lemar drive up, they are blatantly ignored and disrespected, not even a word of basic thanks.
And when John tries to convince them to work together, Bucky is outright hostile about it, and calls out John directly about his qualifications, as if he鈥檚 never done anything hard or difficult or brave to prove himself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then he fires back with a dig about jumping on a grenade, as if someone with three Medals of Honor earned those medals by skipping through a field of daisies and not actually by being willing to risk his life for other people?
Tumblr media
John answers he has jumped on grenades very matter of factly (because it鈥檚 literally his job and what he鈥檚 trained to do) and then skips over the story because his story isn鈥檛 the point of this conversation. And even after being directly insulted repeatedly,聽John still tries to get along, again saying that all of them working together would be a better route.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Lemar is right, pointing out the truth John and Lemar had a part in helping to save them from trouble that would have gotten both of them killed. Bucky responds to that by basically getting mad at Lemar鈥檚聽鈥淏attlestar鈥 name and walks off. Again, disrespectful.
Yet even after being insulted and having his partner insulted, John is still trying to be understanding, he鈥檚 still trying to be cooperative, because he wants them to all work together.聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But Bucky remains continuously hostile.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then after John effectively helps them to run free without any legal troubles following them, Bucky specifically, we once again have Bucky simply just being purposefully antagonistic and pointlessly cruel.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He literally goads and taunts John, someone who up until this point has literally not done anything wrong and actually helped save Sam and Bucky鈥檚 lives. He can鈥檛 take his anger out on Sam, can鈥檛 take his anger out on the government, so he鈥檚 decided that John is the easier scapegoat to blame for having a shield that John didn鈥檛 even ask for but rather the government is responsible for taking.
Tumblr media
Even Sam, who has mostly been silent to Bucky鈥檚 actions, actually steps in because Bucky has crossed a line.
Look, I love Bucky, I have loved him since the first Cap movie, but just because he鈥檚 one of my favorite characters doesn鈥檛 mean I鈥檓 okay with everything he鈥檚 done and the way he acts towards John from the very beginning has been extremely bothersome to me, and it鈥檚 worse because the fandom cheers on his bad behavior and never calls it out. Even the narrative barely calls it out and instead marks John commenting back for them to stay out of his way as the聽鈥渂ad鈥 thing and not Bucky being a bully.聽
I keep hearing people say John is a disrespectful bully, yet no one seem to ever want to acknowledge that Bucky was being a bully first from the very beginning and in fact John鈥檚 reactions are often because of Bucky鈥檚 condescending attitude towards him. If someone keeps consistently being dismissive and rude towards you, why should you respect or trust them? People seem to want John to act like a pushover and bow to Bucky despite Bucky mocking and insulting him since they met. Why? Bullying is okay just because it鈥檚 our heroes/protagonists doing it to someone we鈥檙e not supposed to like? Is that the morality we鈥檙e following?
Bucky is angry and upset, I get it. Even John gets it. No one is saying he shouldn鈥檛 be upset that the shield was given to someone else. But as this fandom loves to say, just because you鈥檙e upset doesn鈥檛 mean you get to hurt someone else, and the fact that the fandom made it okay that Bucky targets John simply because the fandom also doesn鈥檛 like John for just having the shield is a lot of hypocrisy.
This is literally the scenario where a company fired your best friend and replaced them with a new hire, and the new hire tries to do their job and get along with you and be cooperative and you start questioning their job qualifications and mocking the pressures of their job and refusing to help and is generally nasty towards them. Tell me, how is this not harassment? How is this not wrong and cruel? Imagine if the Avengers had behaved that way towards Wanda when she joined the team and constantly reminded her of how she messed with their heads and tried to kill them all and how she can never be good enough or qualified? Would that be okay?
John Walker didn鈥檛 ask to become Captain America, he didn鈥檛 steal the shield from Sam, he didn鈥檛 even ask for the shield. He was literally plucked out of the middle of prepping for a mission two weeks ago and plopped into this job he didn鈥檛 even ask for and tried to get along with everyone, and NO ONE bothered to give him a helping hand. They all wanted him to fail. They all expected him to fail. And when he did, they had no problem judging him for failing.
I鈥檓 not saying Bucky should have been buddies with him, or even friends. But even basic level of respect would have sufficed. Outright hostility and taunting and insults aren鈥檛 cute, and the fact that a good chunk of fandom thought this was okay and funny and cheers it on will always disturb me. Ya鈥檒l are literally saying harassment is cute if your faves do it to someone you don鈥檛 like.
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marvelfanfiction8 days ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 34, The Star Spangled Man
Third Person POV:
Charlie, Bucky, and Sam each watch John Walker's first interview as Captain America. Each one with different emotions. Sam is just confused and hurt. Charlie is scared with what could become of this. Bucky is pissed. Everything about John Walker seems off and wrong. If Sam didn't want that shield, he should have passed it on to someone else. Steve trusted him, believed in him. Sam has a funny way of showing it, Bucky thinks to himself.
The band plays a version of "The Star-Spangled Man" for John's intro. He runs out on the field sure of himself. He greets the host, Sarah. He's playing the part well. His voice oozes of arrogance. Steve was never like that. He was humble, which is why he was so loved.
This display is a mockery to Steve's legacy. Too much show, and he's done nothing to prove himself.
Tumblr media
"Thank you so much for coming. This has gotta be fun coming back to your high school after so much has changed?" She asks starting the interview.
"Oh, it's great. We're...Oh!" He acknowledges all the screaming fans. Grinning and smiling like this is a concert.
"John, I think the first thing everyone wants to know is what is it like being Captain America? Do eagles fly overhead wherever you go?"
He laughs, continuing on his act of being the perfect boy next door. "Uh, yes. Yeah, that and flags tend to start majestically waving in the wind."
"And how's the tour been? I know they did a big rollout for you, right?"
"It's the greatest honor of my life. Um, but I'm just a little shocked, I think. How did a guy like me end up here?"
"Oh, wait, wait, wait...'A guy like me'? Somebody's being a bit too humble. For those of you who aren't familiar with his resume, 'John Walker, first person in American history to receive three Medals of Honor, ran RS-One missions in counterterrorism and hostage rescue. The government did a study of your body at MIT, and you tested off the charts in every measurable category. Speed, endurance, intelligence..."
"Look, here's the thing, uh, I'm not Tony Stark, I'm not Dr. Banner, okay? I don't have the flashiest gadgets; I don't have super strength. But what I do have is guts. Something Captain America always had, always needs to have, and I'm gonna need every ounce of it. Because I got big shoes to fill." Bucky watches his television confused about everything that's transpiring.
"Did you know Steve Rogers?"
"I was two years out of West Point when Steve came back on the scene. I followed his career very closely as an Avenger. I like to think that I modeled my work after his."
"So, you've always wanted to be a hero?"
"I liked that what I was doing would make people feel safe. Steve Rogers was the kind of guy who could do that, he gave me hope. Even though I never met him, he feels like a brother. I even got to meet his wife and daughter. They are more than pleased about me taking up the mantle." Bucky clenches his fists and teeth. It was bad enough he had the audacity to speak about Steve as if he had met him, and now he's bringing up Charlie and Maggie. Charlie and Steve neither one wanted Maggie's existence out to the public. Not to mention Charlie and Steve were never actually married. How did this information get out?
"Wow...I didn't even know Steve was married or had children."
"When they heard about what I was doing, they were more than eager to meet me, and give me their blessings."
Sam looks at the tv horrified. He knows that Charlie did nothing of the sort. He can't dwell on it too much. If Charlie needs to, she can call him, he has to get to the bottom of the Flag Smashers, and Torres was able to locate their whereabouts.
Charlie is pissed. She can't think straight. Before she can react, Peter Parker calls her, "Charlie, remember that thing you asked me to hack into?"
"Okay, well we got a location. You ready for this?"
"No, but send me the info though. I can decide whether I want to pursue or not."
"Sent. You got everything you need in case you go? Which we know you will. You haven't turned anything down yet."
"This is different Peter. It's a bit more personal. Thanks for helping me."
"I'm just glad you're being more productive. It would be a waste. Talk to you later."
Bucky's POV:
I angrily walk in to see Sam, how could he? Now there's even more issues. Even though Charlie has moved on, I still feel the need to protect her, and defend her honor. Posters of John are everywhere. You can't go anywhere without seeing his stupid face.
"Shouldn't have given up the shield." Once I spot Sam, I walk right up to him.
"Good to see you too, Buck." He answers, clearly, he's not in the mood to see me. He walks right past me, barely acknowledging me.
"This is wrong." And it is, everything about it just feels wrong.
"Hey, hey, look, I'm working, alright? So, all this outrage is gonna have to wait."
"You didn't know that was gonna happen?" He had to have known something would happen like that. The shield would have been better in storage.
"No, of course I didn't know that was gonna happen. Nobody did. Charlie only found out after the fact."
"Why are you bringing her into this?" His eyes narrow at me, knowing he's struck a nerve.
"Walker went to Charlie's work, telling her he was the new Captain America. He made a comment about Maggie and then told her she didn't want him as an enemy." What? Before I can add anything to that comment about him threatening her, he continues. "You think it didn't break my heart to see them march him out there and call him the new Captain America?"
"He threatened Charlie?" My voice is laced in hatred for John.
"You know if you actually picked up your phone, you would have known this. After he left her office, you were the first one she called." Sam's voice is growing agitated.
"This isn't what Steve wanted." He wanted Sam to have the shield and he damn sure didn't want someone threatening Charlie or Maggie.
"Oh, my God. So, what do you want me to do? Call America and tell 'em I change my mind? Huh?" He chuckles. "Yeah, right. It's a great reunion, buddy, be well." He slaps my arm, and walks off, trying to end the conversation.
"You had no right to give up the shield, Sam."
"Hey. This is what you're not gonna do. You're not gonna come here in your overextended life and tell me about my rights. It's over Bucky. Besides, I have bigger things to deal with now."
"What could be bigger than this?" Between the shield and the threats to Charlie, these are the most pressing matters.
He pulls out his phone, showing me a photo. "This guy. His connections with rebel organizations all over Eastern and Central Europe, and he's strong. Too strong."
How is this more important, "And?"
"Well, he's been connected to this online group call the Flag Smashers. Now, Redwing traced them to a building somewhere outside of Munich. So, that's where I'm going."
"Well, I don't trust Redwing." It's a stupid flying robot. Why should I? He begins to walk away, "Hold on a minute."
"You don't have to trust Redwing, but I'm gonna see if he's right. And Charlie thinks he's cute." He smiles at me, making sure I hear her name again. "And I have a feeling they might be part of the Big Three."
I sigh, not giving into his constant mentions of her. "What Big Three?"
"The Big Three." Clears things up.
"What Big Three?" This is ridiculous.
"Androids, aliens, and wizards."
I squint at him. He's serious. "That's not a thing."
"That's definitely a thing."
"No, it's not." My eyes are still squinted at him, because I clearly see an idiot in front of me.
Tumblr media
"Every time we fight, it's one of the three."
"So, who are you fighting now, Gandalf?" Idiot.
"How do you know about Gandalf?"
"I read The Hobbit in 1937 when it first came out."
"So, you see my point?" Imbecile.
"No, I don't. There are no wizards."
"Doctor Strange." Moron.
"Is a sorcerer."
"Ahh!" He chuckles, actually smiling. "A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat." Fool. "Think about it. Right? I'm right. I just came up with that. It's crazy. Look, look, that's not the point. These guys aren't magical. Alright, they use brute force like you, the incredibly annoying guy, who won't call a girl back that's in front of me with the staring problem." Her again. He turns to walk away.
"I'm coming with you."
"No, you're not."
"Yes, I am."
"Fine, I'll make you a deal. You can come with me, but you have to talk to Charlie." He gets in the plane sitting smiling at me. I huff as I sit down. Shaking my head, "Get out. You're not coming then."
"She doesn't want to see me."
"What?" Now, I'm curious.
"At the shield ceremony I found her and Maggie in the exhibit."
"To see pictures of Steve, for Maggie." I don't feel I should tell him about Steve's visits to Maggie.
"No. They were standing in front of a picture of you. She was crying." I look at him, narrowing my eyes, trying to decipher exactly what he's telling me. "Look, I don't know the details of what happened between the two of you, but she for whatever reason, still loves you." I chuckle, "What?"
"She went on a date."
"Maybe she should. Wait...what makes you think she went on a date?" The plane readies for take-off. Ha, I'm going.
"I saw her in Brooklyn and I might have followed her."
"That's creepy."
"And she met some man at a restaurant." He laughs, and I raise my eyebrows at him.
"This about two weeks ago?" I nod my head. She must have told him about the date. "That wasn't a date."
"Clearly, it was. She met him for dinner, and she was laughing and smiling at him."
"If you bothered to talk to the woman, you would know that wasn't a date."
"What was it then?" His smile hasn't faltered.
"He's a lawyer." Again, I narrow my eyes. So, she's dating a lawyer. "Maggie is Steve's daughter. Do you really think he would leave Charlie raising a daughter without help?"
"He kind of did, yeah." He rolls his eyes at me.
"Him and Peggy set up a trust fund for Maggie and child support for Charlie." I look off into the distance taking this information in. "Not to mention that Tony set aside a trust fund for Maggie and left a sizable portion of Stark Industries to Charlie. And a small portion of Tony's billions was left to Charlie in his will. She met Murdock to go over all the fine details and sign papers."
"So, it wasn't a date."
"No, she's still single. Waiting on an idiot. Like I said, pick up your damn phone."
Before I can respond Torres comes down, "One minute to drop off, Sam."
This conversation has given me hope, and then also, pissed me off. I have possibly wasted all this time. My gaze doesn't leave Sam's. He called me an idiot, and he knows more about Charlie than me. He returns my stare. Sharply keeping my glares. I always knew how protective he was of Charlie. And right now, he's viewing me as the enemy. He leans forward and I give him a cocky grin, turning my neck, not backing down.
With a jolt he stands up, gathering his gear for the mission. I follow. "So, what's our plan?" Silently he places his earpiece in. "Great. So, no plan."
"Thirty seconds!" Torres screams.
"Enjoy your ride, Buck."
"No, you can't call me that."
"Why not? That's what Steve called you."
"Steve knew me longer, and Steve had a plan."
"Fifteen seconds to drop."
"Fine then, James." He smiles at me as he walks away, knowing that Charlie called me James, but mostly in our more intimate moments. I huff at him. "I have a plan."
"Really? What is it?" I stand walking towards him, as he places himself at the door. He smiles again, before jumping out. Dammit. "Great. Where's the chute?"
Tumblr media
"We're at 200 feet. It's too low for a chute." Torres calls back. Alright, the hard way it is.
I stalk up to the door. "I don't need it anyway." We both look out the window.
"You sure about that? Would she want you to do that?" I turn scowling at him. What does he know about Charlie?
I look down at the landscape below. Trees, they'll help me. "Yeah." I don't know if I'm answering whether I'm sure or if she would want me to do that. After how cold I've been towards her I'm sure she would want me to jump. I look over at my arm. I've spent so much time covering this stupid thing up. I'm on a mission, I can show it. Let's rip this stupid thing off.
I jump out with a scream. Quickly I'm attacked by the tree branches. They hit and smack at my face. I deserve this. Landing on my back with a thump, I look up. What the hell was that? That was dumb. I close my eyes with a groan. Thank God, no one was there to witness that.
"I have all of that on camera. You know that, right?" Redwing buzzes towards me, hovering above my head.
"Get out of my face, Sam, or I'll break it."
"Okay, head north. Come on."
I run towards the building Sam guides me to. Stopping because I think I see a figure. I watch closely. "What are you doing?"
"I thought I saw someone."
Rolling my eyes I continue my trek to Sam, only to stop and look to the left when I hear something. All this talk about Charlie has got me seeing things. Redwing flies into a building that I enter. Sam controls the stupid thing to fly around me, and I swat at it savagely. "Oh-ho-ho. Don't hurt him." God, I hate him.
I finally spot Sam and walk over towards him, brows furrowed. Stupid wings. He can fly. I glance out the door. "You're doing the staring thing again." My gaze turns back to him. He just continues to look at his arm band. At least if Charlie was here, I would have something pretty to look at. "They're in there."
"Where's the guy?" I look down at his arm band. Seeing what Redwing is seeing.
"I don't know. I think they're smuggling weapons, though." I look back up at him. Obviously.
"Well, I think you could be right. But there's only one way to find out. I see a clear path. I say we take it."
"We're not assassins." I mean, I kind of am.
My eyes narrow back at him. "I'll see you inside or not." Let's finish this mission so we can move on to more important things. I turn leaving him. Gaining on these people.
"Hey, come on, man. I'm just messing with you. Come back."
I stalk down the hallway, needing to get closer to these pricks. "Look at you. All stealthy. A little time in Wakanda and you come out White Panther."
"It's actually White Wolf." Charlie was always fond of that name; even told me I was the Alpha. Shut up about Charlie!
"Huh?" Sam mumbles, clearly confused.
I hide behind some shelves. I see them, "Alright, I'm inside. Therefore, way ahead of you. It's not great, but very doable." Turning to the side I spot Sam. How the hell? "Huh? Hello. How are you?" I keep glancing back. How did he do that?
"Good. What did I miss? Nothing."
I will not admit defeat. "Alright, let's go." I turn to leave.
"No, wait."
"I got a vibranium arm. I can take them." I wiggle my fingers at him, in case he forgot.
"And I can fly. Who gives a shit? Wait. I want to see where they're going."
"There's two people." I don't want to stand here. We're wasting time.
"You only see two?" Sam asks arrogantly.
"That's what I saw."
"Let me see what Redwing sees." That stupid thing.
"Let's see what Redwing...Oh, look at that. How many people you see now?" He continues to look down at his arm band, as I watch as more people walk in, "One, two...oh, here it comes again."
"Four. Five." I hate when he's right.
"Yeah, five. Yeah."
"So, they're strong. Whatever." They lift up impossibly to carry containers with ease. "Alright, let's go." Still wasting time.
"No, no, wait." Infuriating. He pulls at my arm and we hit the shelves. "Shit." They glance over to where we are. They obviously didn't see us, because they move out. Their eyes suck. I would have seen us. Sam taps on his arm band. "There's an eighth person. I think they have a hostage."
Okay, that's enough. I bolt off. Running towards the truck that has the hostage. Sam flies up behind me. Stupid wings. I jump onto the back of the truck and waste no time in opening the hatch. If there is a hostage they will get out of there.
Once in the back I also look at what exactly they have in here. It's not weapons. Large crates full, "They're stealing medicine. Vaccines." I continue looking around until movement catches my eyes. There she is. Scared she backs behind one of the crates in the shadows. "Hi." Be nice, smile, be comfort. She comes back out of the shadows.
"Bucky, talk to me. What's goin' on?"
I turn answering Sam. "I found the hostage." Attention back on the girl, "You, okay?" She gives me a maniacal grin. Oh, shit. I don't think she's a hostage. Before I can react she leans back, kicking me in the chest. My body slings out of the back of the truck and onto the windshield of the truck behind us. Not a hostage. "Shit."
Her form comes to the back of the truck as she places on a black mask. Flag Smasher. I turn to pull myself of the truck, but my hands are met with four arms pulling me. This isn't good. On top of the truck, they hold me in place as the girl jumps up onto the truck. She runs back to me, jumping up and punching me in the face. The other two continue to hold onto me.
Redwing comes up from behind shooting at the girl, and she jumps up, grabbing him. Hitting Redwing on her knee she breaks the stupid machine in half. I'm not mad about it. "I always wanted to do that."
One of the men holding me turns and punches me in the face. Sam flies in knocking the girl down as he begins fighting her, "Good of you to join the fight, Sam!"
I kick at the shin of one of my opponents, and before I can take care of the other, another person flies at my other opponent, slinging him back and off of me. 聽She's dressed in a full black suit. The material looks as if it was poured on her body. Clinging to every curve and the deepest inky black. A mask covers her face.
While Sam is being fought, and held by other members of the Flag Smashers, she continues to fight off one of my foes as I attend to the other. And then, the shield. It flies down, bouncing off one of their chests. The woman in black and I both glance up, seeing a helicopter with the one and only John Walker jumping out.
Another man jumps out of the helicopter, but swings down knocking the first girl off the truck. She catches herself on the side and pulls up. John continues throwing the shield at our rivals. He throws the shield right at the girl, and thankfully she ducks before it hits the man behind her. She turns looking at him, and I swear I hear her growl.
The two men do a weird forearm shake, "Sam. John Walker, Captain America."
"Lamar Hoskins." The other man salutes. With a huff the woman in black flies away. John looks at her with disdain before bringing his attention back to us. "Looks like you guys can use some help."
The first girl comes up behind John hitting him. He blocks her with the shield and uses it to sling her back. He throws it at one of the men, and as it bounces off, I grab it. I wish the woman in black were here to fly away with it, but he grabs it out of my hand. So close.
Tumblr media
Multiple men gang up on Sam and I jump over to the other truck to help. During the scuffle I jump back over to the first truck and don't succeed. I use my metal arm to scrape down the side, slowing me down. Tucking myself under the truck, I use the foot rails to hold me up. Which would be perfect, but one of the Flag Smashers comes down, trying to knock me off. I'm suspended in the air and trapped. The woman in black could be handy at this moment.
And as if she heard my thoughts, she flies up. I see a glint of navy as a sound wave pauses the man. She grunts as she flies up against him. Dumping him up onto the truck as she flies off again. That couldn't be...because she can't fly. I hang from the bottom of the truck, trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to get off this truck. I see Sam's wings as he screams, "That little girl kicked your ass."
I grunt at him. A little help from my position would be nice. The railing falls down. And to keep my body up off the road I use my metal arm, the metal makes a sickening screeching sound as it runs over the road. Sam flies under the trucks, grabbing my body as we propel into a field on the side of the road. We roll on the ground before stopping. My body lies on top of Sam's, "We could have used that shield." I groan down at him.
"Get off of me."
I roll off of him. Staring at the sky. "Those were all super soldiers, Sam."
"I know. You're welcome, by the way."
"Who was the woman in black?"
Sam laughs, sitting up looking at the edge of the field and she lands. Her tiny frame pauses, staring at us, well mostly me. She salutes as she walks away. I must be imagining things, because her suit was full on black now. "I have no idea who that is."
We start our walk on the road. I guess it's time to get back. "Sorry about Redwing."
"No, you're not." Sam answers. No, no I'm not. "What's going on in that big cyborg brain of yours?"
"It's computing." It's thinking. I had that shield. If she wouldn't have flown off, she could have flown off with it. She seemed like she wanted to help us.
"You know what? I can actually see it. I can see the gears turning. Oh, they're malfunctioning, shutting down. Yep, they're on fire."
"We gotta figure out where the serum's coming from." I hate him.
"Yeah. And how in the hell after eighty years are there eight super soldiers runnin' loose?" Not to mention who's the woman in black. We need her. She could be of use. She was fast, she was strong, she can fly without wings, and she didn't like John Walker.
I'm taken out of my thinking as a jeep drives by with the very ass hole I was thinking about. "So, that didn't go as planned, huh?" I really hate him. He doesn't deserve that shield. And he threatened Charlie and Maggie. He opens up a door, wanting us to get in. No. "Okay. Let's keep going." He closes the door and they slowly drive in front of us. "Look, at least we know what we're up against now, huh?" I don't like the sound of his voice. "And we're pretty sure it's one of the Big Three, so..." Him too?
"Aliens, Androids, or wizards." Hoskins says.
"Pretty sure, yeah." John responds.
"There's no such thing as wizards." I grit out of my teeth. My eyes stay locked on the road.
"Alright, then it's aliens or androids..." John responds.
"Or super soldiers." Sam looks at him as he answers. John is an ass.
"Shit. Super soldiers, for real?" Hoskins asks. Who are these people?
"Yeah." Sam responds.
"Wow. Alright, well, then we gotta work together." Is he kidding me?
"That's not happening." My voice is flat, and I can't give him any respect, so I don't bother to look at him.
"I think we stand a much better chance if we all just..."
I've had it. "Just because you carry that shield, it doesn't mean you're Captain America."
"Look, I've done the work, okay?" I finally look over at his smug face. I want to hit him.
"You ever jump on top of a grenade?" One of Steve's more stupid ideas.
"Yeah. Actually, I have. Four times. It's a thing I do with my helmet. It's a reinforced helmet. It's a long story, but, anywho. I even got Charlie's approval."
"No, you didn't." Sam answers before I can respond, placing a hand on my chest.
"I did, her daughter wants to meet me."
I inhale deeply. "Do you not think we don't talk to her?" Sam responds.
"Okay, maybe I didn't, but she's thinking about it."
"You stay away from her." I growl up at him.
"Okay, okay...Fine. Look, it's twenty miles to the airport. You guys need a ride. I'm trying to make peace here. Guys." He opens the door. "Gary, stop. Get in."
Sam and I look at one another. Silently we agree to use them, just for a ride. He needs to shut up before I hit him. "Okay, so we've got eight super soldiers on a bulk supply run. Why?" He asks. We're too close back here. I don't like it.
"They say their mission is to get things back to the way it was during The Blip. Maybe they're just trying to help." Sam is calm. I can't look at them, so I keep my eyes on my hands.
"They had a funny way of showing it." I look over to Sam.
"That serum doesn't exactly have a great track record. No offense." John looks over at me. My eyes finally meet his and I want to burn a hole in his head.
"We need to figure out where they're going. How'd you track 'em here? The Flag Smashers?" Sam asks.
"Uh, no, we didn't track them, we tracked you, uh, through Redwing." Hoskins says as he awkwardly scratches his head. That's actually funny. Couldn't trust Redwing. I knew it.
"You hacked my tech?"
"Sorry. It's not exactly hacking. It's government property." God, he's so cocky. I'm still determined to burn a hole in his head. "Kind of the government." He motions between him and Hoskins. "Does he always just stare like that?" Only when I want you to die a fiery death.
"You get used to it."
"How did you get the Nighthawk on your side?" John asks.
"Who?" I finally speak.
"The Nighthawk. Normally she works alone." Hoskins responds. "She's very...efficient."
"Who is she?" I need to know these answers.
"Wait, she wasn't with you?" John looks between us.
"She just showed up." Sam answers, seeming uninterested.
"But she fought alongside you." John motions his head over towards me. She didn't leave my side. She never went to help Sam, "So I just thought she was a partner or..."
"I don't know her." I flatly answer.
"Okay, look, you know things have gotten kind of, uh..." John changes the subject.
"Chaotic." Hoskins finishes.
"Yeah. The GRC, they're doing the best they can to get things up and running smoothly, post Blip." These two finish each other's sentences. So cute.
"Reactivating citizenship, social security, healthcare. Basically, just managing resources for the refugees who were displaced by the return." Again, Hoskin finishes.
"The Global Repatriation Council does all that. I get that. So, why exactly are you two here?" Sam is trying to figure out they're part. Glad he can be level headed.
"Well, they provide the resources and we keep things stable." Hoskins responds.
"Yeah, violent revolutionaries aren't usually good for anyone's cause." John adds.
"Usually said by the people with resources." Sam's not wrong.
"Well, we got a lot of resources." John is an ass. "If you guys, if you joined up with us, we could..." Here he goes again.
"No." I quickly respond.
"But if you joined us, we could get Charlie..."
"No." Again, he's not getting.
"She could be an asset for us." His eyes look at me.
"No, for you. She would be an asset to you.聽 She won't do it." My voice becomes more agitated as Sam puts a warning hand on my arm. John continues looking at me. Daring me to tell him why Charlie is so important to me.
"I got mad respect for both of y'all. But you were getting your asses kicked till we showed up. Well and before the Nighthawk." My eyes narrow at Hoskins.
"Who are you?" I ask.
"Lemar Hoskins."
"Look, I see a guy hanging out of a helicopter in tactical gear, I need a lot more than Lemar Hoskins." Sam responds.
"I'm Battlestar. John's partner."
"Battlestar?" I've had enough. "Stop the car!"
"Look, I...I get it, okay? I get the attitude, I do." I get out, slamming the back, trying to walk away. "You didn't think that the shield was gonna end up here. I get it, Bucky. You have an allegiance to Charlie, because that's Steve's girl, and you feel the need to protect her..."
My body reacts as I turn to face him. "She isn't his girl! You have no idea what you're talking about. I was...we were there. Leave her out of this!" Sam holds my arm back and keeps me away from John as I fully walk away, but still able to hear Sam. 聽She was never Steve's girl. 聽She girl.
"What's his problem when I talk about Charlie?" John asks.
"Leave her and her daughter out of it. Like Bucky said, you don't know what you're talking about. 聽And if you refer to her as Steve's wife again, talk about her daughter, or threaten them again, you'll have to deal with me."
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griffinsanddragons8 days ago
Lemar Hoskins is a saint because if I saw MY bff getting beatup by the Dora Milaje, I'd simply bow my head and watch.
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captainpikeachu8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these ep 2 bts scenes are very curious, I wonder if these are from deleted and/or cut scenes that didn鈥檛 make it into the final official release?
and if so maybe we could get some extra deleted scenes shown of this? clearly they filmed something in this location, looks to be sort of the air field? and Bucky looks focused at something in the first image and the second one looks like they鈥檙e about to have some epic dance off 馃槅
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strangehaiyin8 days ago
Tumblr media
it's not finished and I'm still getting used to use my new tablet so... yeah, that's what we got rn
please take it easy on me, I'm trying 馃ズ
also their uniforms are SO hard to draw I had to put a reference >:v that's why it looks so tough
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captainpikeachu9 days ago
this scene absolutely hurts my soul, because it鈥檚 just so sad, the whole helplessness of it all
Tumblr media
John knows that nothing he says, even聽鈥渟orry鈥, can bring Lemar back, there鈥檚 nothing he can do to make any of this better because Lemar is gone
Tumblr media
and you see it in Lemar鈥檚 sister鈥檚 face how nothing John says can fix things for her, he鈥檚 alive, her brother is not, that鈥檚 always going to hurt, him being there for her family is not going to fix anything or bring her brother back, but she鈥檚 also trying not to express that pain and anger outward because she knows that everyone鈥檚 hurting too
Tumblr media
this is the best John can do, the only thing he can really say, but even his best is never going to be enough because he can鈥檛 give them Lemar back, and if they can go back in time and switch places, John would do it but they can鈥檛 do that so they鈥檙e all just stuck here in this grief, this thing that no one can ever fix, just irrevocably broken
Tumblr media
this image is just the epitome of grief isn鈥檛 it?
four people, all broken, in pain, all have to find ways to deal with this horrible thing in their own way, because that鈥檚 the thing about grief, everyone has to confront it on their own and you can鈥檛 run from it
time may make things a little easier, but there鈥檚 nothing that can erase the hurt
and if John鈥檚 MCU backstory is any similar to his comics one, then he knows very well exactly how this feels, how helpless everyone is to the grief, because he lost his older brother in the same way, and how shallow his words of being there must feel because it can鈥檛 fix what鈥檚 broken
it will never be enough
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lemar's face when John was challenging Sam and the Dora Milaje 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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Would anyone want to be added to a FATWS/CAATWS tag for the future?
Tumblr media
I can also add you guys to separate character tag list. Please let me know either by responding to this post or sending in an ask! 鉂も潳
Characters I write for:
Baron Helmut Zemo
James Barnes (Bucky/ Winter Soldier)
Sam Wilson (Falcon/ Captain America)
Sarah Wilson
John Walker (US Agent)
Lemar Hoskins (Battlestar)
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