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#lelouch of the resurrection
gloomxroses · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
okay!! i get why people dislike suzaku. HOWEVER, i think he deserves some more appreciation and love!! he’s such an interesting character, not to mention, relatable. and besides lelouch, suzaku carried the whole show too. ALSO, HE’S HOT AS HELL LIKE😮‍💨👌🏻🔥
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seetoo37 · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“ I’m back C.C. ” 
“ Welcome back Lelouch ”
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gloomxroses · 14 days ago
i have driving school tomorrow, and all i’m doing is writing a whole ass essay about the complexities of lelouch and suzaku’s dynamic and their individual characters.
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gloomxroses · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
ya know how suzaku just has the curse of undying thanks to lelouch? i’m just imagining him on his death bed, waiting to see the light. but since he has no choice but to live, he’s just gonna keep on living until he’s complete dust. it’s a sad thought, but at the same time, it’s lowkey funny to me😅
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gloomxroses · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
okay, but the fact that lelouch literally used geass on GOD to kill his parents and allow him to take the throne is so funny and impressive to me. call it lazy writing or a 500 IQ move, you can’t deny that in that moment, lelouch vi britannia is more than an exiled prince with daddy and mommy issues. HE IS A GOD ABOVE GOD!!💀
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wbad-world · a month ago
The Emperor's Wish: My Personal Favorite [Fanfic Commentary #10]
Tumblr media
Fanfic AO3
His final judgment is at hand. The price is set and the plan is in motion. But Emperor Lelouch uncovers his lover's secret, and it will haunt him beyond his own death.
Legit, I’m proud of this one. I don’t know why… Probably not the best either. But this was incredibly self-indulgent, and hey, it turned out so well. Would you find it funny if I told you that this fic premise was in my head ever since I wanted to write for CLuCLu? Like, after watching the movie, I was always imagining how it would pan out so differently if Lelouch had a child, and C.C. is left to care for her lover and her son. 
This is my baby and my pride and joy. My only one probably 😅 There are lots of made-up quotes in that fic that I’m really (and I mean, really proud of, and I don’t say that often because my writing is ~Hit or miss~ )
Unlike One Day at a Time, this one took a genuine effort to understand characters and how they would react in this what-if situation I created in my fucked up head. 🤣😂
It was written during the thick of quarantine and lockdown last year (April 2020), and I guess that helped fuel my timeliness and speedy updates. Because I was writing fanfic for the majority of the day, with minimal breaks in-between. Some of the reviewers on FFN can attest to the daily updates I had for The Emperor’s Wish.
It started as a one-shot with the Prologue, as my way of testing the waters. When I felt secure and sure that I could finish it, I went headfirst, never looked back, and came out of the other side, proud of myself for not abandoning a WIP 😅. But that was also because I had so much fun with it. It was nice to imagine a world where Lelouch had proper closure with his friends and family.
My favorite moment from The Emperor’s Wish (aside from the blatant CLuCLu romance) is Lelouch and Suzaku’s relationship. I love how I wrote them there. I love their bromance, as well as the subtle Ned Stark & Robert Baratheon allusion towards Chapter 11: Rewriting the Stars.
Suzaku never had a brother. And Lelouch never truly liked any of his… But even if they weren't bound by blood, theirs was a bond built on so much more.
For you are the brother I chose…
Perchance if some reader is as obsessed and familiar with George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire as me, then I bet they would have caught that… Or not. And it was simply self-satisfaction for the writer. Either way, I. Don’t. Regret. It.
And of course, I loved writing it mostly because of the star of that fanfic: Alexander Lamperouge himself. 🤩
He’s now in my Sims 4 universe, as a spellcaster. 😂
My Loves and Regrets
I LOVE how I wrote Nunnally here, honestly. She’s not a character I’d imagine that I could ever pull off flawlessly, and while I don’t think I accomplished the ‘flawless’ part, I think I did a decent job fleshing out her reaction and what a decent conversation with her older brother and C.C. could have gone like, also her reaction to finding out she had a nephew.
I REGRET that I didn’t get to write a lot about Lelouch’s other friends -- Shirley, Milly, & Rivalz, to be honest. It just felt so out of left field for me to force their story somewhere in the fanfic retelling considering the entire story did revolve around the CLuCLu family. In my own way, I tried writing more for the three of them separately, but that didn’t push through, because for some reason my brain doesn’t work. The only one I made a decent attempt at is Shirley, but I didn’t publish the fic either. It was about her meeting with Lelouch again after a year or two. It was set somewhere in Dubai. She was supposed to meet his son, and see C.C. again, and the ending was supposed to have C.C. and Shirley hugging and Shirley tells C.C. to take care of Lelouch. It was a very bittersweet one-shot/drabble/plot idea that was never publicized.
I LOVE my shoddy attempt at drawing parallels between certain scenes in The Emperor’s Wish. One of the readers, Kurosawa Ayumi, actually caught it and mentioned it in a review. It was the scene where Alexander was playing with his Knightmare toys (Lancelot & Gawain), and how Lancelot was cleaved in half from being accidentally thrown or dropped, and then how Jeremiah put him back together again. And then I transitioned to the annals of the prison in Grahlbad where Lelouch and Suzaku were about to confront each other after two years of not speaking and assuming one was dead.
I REGRET that The Emperor’s Wish isn’t longer. Like, I wish I took the plunge to create complicated twists, but it just… didn’t feel right at that time, you know? 😅🤔 Considering how I framed the fanfic as a retelling and reimagination of Re;surrection’s plot from the start, I feel like it would be too far-out to suddenly make things overly complicated than they already are. Also, there literally wasn’t much information available about Shamna, Shalio, and the rest at the time.
I LOVE the scenes I added in the fic, and the ones I put my own fanfic twist on. Re;surrection was a movie, so for obvious reasons, there’s time constraints and not as much time to flesh out characters like in a series. I tried doing that in my own way in this fic, and whether I succeeded at adding believable details to their interactions or not, it’s up to the reader. I’m just relieved that I actually managed to pull it off, given how sucky I am lately.
The Epilogue
The epilogue for The Emperor’s Wish went through a lot of rewrites.
At one point, it was supposed to overtly show the CLuCLu family traveling through Georgia, Lebanon, etc., and about how exhausting and challenging it was to hunt Geass fragments, gather intel, and take care of a baby at the same time. But I scratched it in favor of the first scene in the epilogue that we have now -- which is Suzaku and Nunnally discussing the latest Black Knight report, and the convenience of the entire operation because L.L. and C.C. were involved in some ways.
Hence the lines:
"They were responsible for stopping that criminal, weren't they?" She asked even when she already knew the answer.
"Highly likely. Probably stripped him of his powers before they abandoned him to be caught by the Black Knights."
And then I decided to take the steamy-but-not-really route for the final scene. The vague lovey-dovey between Lelouch and C.C. There was also a slightly vague allusion to them getting married underneath a poplar tree.
Plus, the last line was the cherry on top of my favorite fic so far:
— professing over and over again how fortunate and how blessed he was to have and to hold her for better or for worse…
And not even Death was powerful enough to tear them apart.
And on that note,
It wasn’t the longest fic I would ever write, nor is it the best, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. 😊😍🥰 And I loved every second of writing it. 🥳
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naehja · a month ago
Lelouch: What’s up? I’m back.
Suzaku: I literally saw you die. You died. You were dead
Lelouch: Death is a social construct.
Lelouch: I didn't planned that.
Lelouch: *points CC* It's her fault.
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wbad-world · a month ago
There's a First Time for Everything: Applies to Lelouch More than Anyone [Fanfic Commentary #8]
Tumblr media
Artist: lucky_keai
Fanfic AO3
His accomplishments and impossible feats are numerous! But all men have flaws. And even Lelouch is entitled to one of the many. Just so happens that his flaw is that he died a virgin. But no worries... C.C. is around and mature enough to answer his many MANY questions.
The fic that opened my New Year in 2020. xD I felt so stupid and so ridiculously cheesy thinking about how I was going to open the new year with a bang. Yes, I know shitty sex joke. 
I was high off of a picture drama that time too. The Deep Sea Fragment one I think, and over there, Lelouch was so flustered while C.C. was being so relentless with her innuendos, it’s AHGKASHJGKJD! I CAN’T.
I mentioned this in my author’s note too -- how the whole thing started because I had a lovely conversation with a Reddit user named cheeky822. It led to a discussion on how Lelouch would react and act when he had his first time. Because, in the words of my A/N, “Dude died a virgin.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I could go on and on about how much of a sexy character Lelouch is, but he’s the most non-sexual person you’ll ever know. Again, his brain is hardwired for obliterating Britannia.
There’s a First Time for Everything was a fun concept & an even bigger pleasure to write and mess around with.
A flustered Lelouch is an amusing Lelouch.
As much as I enjoy a flustered C.C. in my writing, and in spite of how much I love it when Lelouch gets over being a prude and starts being the control freak in bed, it’s still fun to write about a floundering Lelouch. It’s just cute, okay?
It’s also super easy to write Lelouch as being the inexperienced one, because in Canon, he is! 
I wanted to make it sweet & a little realistic -- to a certain degree, but not too much. It’s why there’s no exchange of ‘I love yous’ by the end -- as cute as that would have been. I also think this particular story was written for the alternate canon timeline; like maybe after they left Zilkhistan and settled someplace else. They will do it at some point. It’s kind of inevitable when they’re just alone together. True, it may take decades or more in reality, but it will happen. Also, Lelouch’s brain won’t stay in its mental state like in R1 & R2. His attention will shift to other things eventually. And it just so happens, he has a willing partner living with him.
And on that note, I’m leaving again to go and contemplate the latest smut fics I’ve been writing… Maybe edit them and make them a little less cringey. 🤣😂
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wbad-world · a month ago
It's 2021 but I still cry on the Resurrection film like it was just released yesterday. Cluclu supremacy 🤘
Saaammmee~ Sometimes I forgot it already aired 2-3 years ago. 🥺😭 I will never forget the day I squealed like a little bitch when the trailer showed us C.C. holding Lelouch’s hand. 😅😂🤣
Tumblr media
And when that smile was on show at the very end, 🥺😭 OMG I can’t...
Tumblr media
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wbad-world · 2 months ago
I'm a little bit confused about these: a lot of people say c.c. brought back lelouch but why does he have the code? Isn't that if you have the code you are already an immortal? Then lelouch really didnt die? Its really confusing, can you explain this hehehe
Code Geass is never clear about how its supernatural elements work. 🙄😂🤣
Nevertheless, here’s what I think I understand. 😁 I’ll do my best to explain, but no promises xD
why does he have the code?
Lelouch got the Code from his father, Charles, not from C.C... 
Tumblr media
If Lelouch took C.C.’s code, she would have to be dead. This is a problem in itself because Code Geass never explains how a Geass-holder takes the Code.
Isn't that if you have the code you are already an immortal?
Yes, Code-bearers are immortal. But according to explanations, the Code that Lelouch (accidentally, I presume) got from Charles is “broken”, for some reason.
Then lelouch really didnt die?
Oh, he died. That’s for sure. In the original series, a Geass-holder who acquired a Code from their contractor has to die for the Code to activate.
Tumblr media
The pic ^ up there shows C.C. moments after she got her Code from the nun. There’s no explanation in the series as to how Codes are passed, but we do have this -- a bloody and broken C.C., presumed dead before her Code brought her back to life?
There’s also the part about V.V. dying with no Code because Charles has it. Although, that part is not clear either, because V.V. could have just died from injuries after he was blasted out of the sky. 🤷‍♀️
Back to Lelouch’s case though xD
Because, according to C.C., Lelouch received “half” a Code from his father, it didn’t properly activate when he died. So I think C.C. had to manually do it herself. That means replacing defective and broken body parts in C’s world, apparently.
There’s a scene in Re;surrection where C.C. talks about how she can come back to life after being killed. Her destroyed body parts get replaced from the body parts that exist in the World of C.
So this begs the question, “Is Lelouch immortal?”
There are a couple of observations taken from official material.
Obsv. 1: Shamna. Shamna has a Code. But she’s susceptible to Geass, and she can die. And considering Lelouch is susceptible to Geass as well, we can presume he is just like Shamna. He can be affected by Geass & he can die.
Obsv 2: In the Picture Drama, Deep Sea Fragment, events are set 10 years after Re;surrection ended. And Lelouch doesn’t age one bit. Sooo, he can’t age. Presumably, he’s immortal as long as nobody stabs him to death or gives him a mortal injury.
But then...
Obsv 3: We have THIS scene in the official manga:
Where Lelouch dies after slipping off of a high place.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did Lelouch just heal from his fatal wounds & come back to life?
YES, yes he did. Does that mean his Code can function normally to a certain extent? His destroyed body parts get replaced by the ones in C’s World?
But then we have C.C.’s explanation about a broken C’s World, and that her coming back to life after getting shot by Qujappat was just out of pure luck.
So what happens if the spare body parts in C’s World run out? Does that mean Lelouch & C.C. will eventually die if someone kills them?
They’re immune to aging and dying from aging, but they’re not forever immune to being killed.
Oh my gosh, Sunrise needs to give an official & complete explanation real quick! 🤣😂
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vyselelouch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
#1 Lelouch anti
(click on image 4 better quality)
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keiyen · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
lelouch vi britannia
lelouch brainrot currently 12 am and im in bed but i had to doodle him 💔
i love him sm i remember having a huge crush on him when i was younger 😭
on a side note, why are there no good lelouch fanfics my heart is crying
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lookingatheclouds · 2 months ago
The Britannia family from Code Geass and the Sohma family from Fruits Basket are two sides of the same coin - no I won’t be explaining
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marygoesaround · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Waited so long for this moment...TT
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