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#legolas x aragorn
claraofthepen · 14 hours ago
hey if you’re taking requests rn, i saw the proposal thing and i was wondering if you could do something with lotr/the hobbit characters asking you out for the first time or smth like that? also could you include aragorn, legolas, and kíli? you don’t have to, just a suggestion. thanks!!
I decided to just do Aragorn, Legolas, and Kili, hope that's alright! And also, so sorry this took forever.
Tumblr media
Aragorn would be nervous x10, though you know he wouldn't show it. You've been friends for quite some time, and he knows your mind like the back of his hand. He'll wait for a chance when you two are alone, and might arrange a night of stargazing for the occasion. The both of you are picking out the constellations, and he's telling the stories behind them, and watching your eyes the entire time, reflecting the same stories that he's telling. Eventually he asks if you'd be willing to become more than just friends, if you would accept his offer to begin a courtship and love each other on romantic terms, no longer just platonic. When you accept, he asks if he can hold your hand. You let him, and, with your hand grasped in his, he looks back up at the stars with a giddy smile on his face.
Tumblr media
Legolas is not very familiar with what is considered normal for human courting, so he's 100% going straight to Aragorn with all his questions: Do they braid hair like dwarves? Is it right to initiate physical intimacy, such as an embrace or a hand-hold? Would it be wrong to announce my intentions to the world? And Aragorn just starts shaking his head. After a very long conversation of the social norms of human courting, Legolas finally feels ready to ask you, and with aragorn as his wingman, your courtship begins. He was totally jittery the whole time, and stumbling over his words, slipping into elvish a couple times on accident, but once he gets his point across, both you and him couldn't be happier.
(also, this is an accurate representation of Aragorn cheering legolas on)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dwarves are smooth af, and Kili is no exception. I mean, remember his sickness-hazed declaration of love? Damn, even just off his death-bed, Kili's got it going for him. You just know he would spend time learning about human courting traditions first, to ensure that you feel comfortable, but he'd also be very firm in following dwarven traditions too, so expect to be showered in gold and gifts when he asks. But he's very sweet through it all, and stays his happy mischievous self, somehow making it all romantic and light-hearted, with a bit of comedic relief. He loves you, and makes it known that he hopes to stay with you for quite a while (if not forever), and, with his sweet puppy eyes, you can't help but say yes.
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Fellowship Preferences- Falling in Love
Request: How’s about falling in love preferences for Tolkien with Boromir, Faramir, Legolas, Merry, and whoever else you like (and Thorin and Thranduil if you do Hobbit too 😬)
Hi! Thank you for waiting so long!
Part 2 with miscellaneous Tolkien characters (LOTR + TH) is here
Aragon needs time before he lets you in- falling in love is a slow and careful journey, though the ranger is kind to you the whole time. It starts with a genuine friendship, then deeper trust: shared laughter and hidden smiles, his hand brushing against yours, until, without words, you know that you are utterly enamored and he is too.
It’s obvious to you the second Boromir falls in love- he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he’s confident enough to confess his feelings to you quickly. He’s honest and hopeful, but patient. Boromir would want you to be truthful, too, even if his affections aren’t reciprocated. But he’s overjoyed when they are- he’d kiss you, if you’re willing, or at least leave a peck on the back of your hand. Boromir is passionate, nearly overwhelmingly so, and he’ll sing your praises to everyone he knows- but it just goes to show how much and how deeply he loves you.
Legolas smiles when he sees you the first time- it’s barely there, and his gaze is fleeting, but the corners of his mouth tug upwards. He doesn’t say anything to you then, but it’s still a memorable first impression. And, from that moment on, you start to fall for each other, in quiet, stolen evenings looking up at the sky, reading poetry to each other, or sitting silently and just enjoying each other’s company. The depth of your bond is something that goes unspoken until Legolas kisses you for the first time- but that simple action is instantly proof of your commitment to one another.
You fall for Gimli’s heart- underneath the beard and the occasional gruffness is a kind, compassionate man who impresses you with his virtue. Gimli makes you laugh harder than anyone else can, and he causes you to see the world from a more nuanced point of view. He’d be very open about his affections for you, albeit surprisingly shy when initially confessing them. But, he’d make clear that he’s yours- together, you’re a team, so long as you have each other’s hearts.
Before you even meet Merry, you know of his ability to make others laugh. He proves his reputation true within minutes of your first encounter, but you soon find that Merry’s heart is underappreciated. He’s fiercely loyal and intelligent in an unassuming way. But it is laughter that makes you understand you want to be with him forever. He makes some witty comment and the humor that follows jolts you in realization that you cannot live without Merry- not without his heart nor the joy he brings you.
You know you’ve fallen for Pippin when you understand how much more there is to him than an immature boy with a penchant for mischief. Like Merry, he’s well known for making other’s laugh, but it its your patience and willingness to truly get to know Pippin that brings you close together. He appreciates your understanding, and this is what makes his own affections clear to him. There is more to Pippin than most others see- his loyalty, his heart, his empathy- and these traits are what you love him for.
Initially, you’re aware of Frodo as someone reserved and shy- and this remains true until he is fully comfortable around you. Still, even before that point, you are surprised by how much you value his company and input. Frodo is aware of things most other’s don’t consider, which means he perceives you like nobody else does- he sees the best in you and isn’t afraid to reassure you of your best qualities. And, once you truly know Frodo, you’re enamored by his compassion and kindness, and you realize you never want to be without him, this steady light in your life.
There are many things to love about Sam- it’s easy to fall in love with him. You feel safe and happy with him, totally content to share the world and see it through his eyes. Sam’s true heart and genuine compassion draw you to him, and you realize he feels the same way when you catch him grinning at you, eyes looking lost. The expression causes your own face to flush and you know- you’re both totally smitten.
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nvd94 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
"You need not say anything. It is better to love me now, while you can," "Let us fill these years with more joy than I could experience in all the millennia I might live, thus the warm afterglow might remain with me for eternity."
this quote is from this lovely fanfic (my drawing is not the scene from the fic but I absolutely love the quote)
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tolkien-fantasy · 5 days ago
Okay, so I just got another idea for a potential fanfic, and I wanted to get some ideas and thoughts for it.
I've talked before about the Hobbits with a Strong S/O, but what about all the Lotr and The Hobbit Character with a s/o who's supernaturally strong. Like, can lift 1000 pounds and fling someone across the room like a frisbee kinda strong. Maybe she was granted that power by a God or something, so she's just got really impressive muscles and is super inhumanly strong.
Can you imagine how they'd all react to that?
Like maybe, in the Mines of Moria or the Stone Giants scene, a boulder or some debris falls on someone, but she just catches it, lifts the 5 ton rock above her head, looks down at the person about to be crushed like "You might want to move" and then just flings it a hundred feet away. Can you just imagine the look on their faces?? Merry and Pippin would have a lot of fun with that, I'm sure, as would Fili and Kili. The hobbits would probably have her lift them like weights. 🤣
@lady-latte, @moony-artnstuff, @simbxlmyne, @lothloriien, @beenovel, @thewhiteladyofrohan, @iwenttomordor, @claraofthepen, what do you all think? I think this would be hilarious, and have a lot of potential for character dynamics
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anotherbleedinghart · 5 days ago
The Butterfly Effect-Where It All Begins
(I apologize, It’s a bit rewritten after my blog got deleted. Sorry!)
Tumblr media
You had come to the renaissance festival for your friends birthday. Your friend having brought you for their birthday.
That’s how you ended up in front of a small shady looking stall. The seller is dressed as a rogue, their hood pulled low to obscure their face. You aren’t even sure how they can see anything like that. You had tried to brush off their advances. They claimed they had the perfect ring for you. You had wanted the one with the dragon curled around a pearl.
Instead they were talking up a thick silver band with topaz butterflies embedded in it. It was obviously waaaayyy out of your price range. You knew they were just trying to make a large sale. Or so you thought.
“Go on try it on!” They beam, holding it out for you. For the briefest moment you saw one of the butterflies flutter its wings. You take a step back in alarm.
“No than-“
You didn’t even get to finish before they’re sliding it onto you middle finger. When did they grab your hand? To your wonder it fits perfectly. The rogue grins as they clap their hands.
“Oh, I knew it wanted you! Not just anyone can wear one of these. It takes someone very very very special,” they chuckle clasping their hands together. You try to pull the ring off only to find it’s become stuck. What the hell? Did they out superglue on it or something?! You gave another sharp tug but the ring didn’t budge.
“Oh, and good luck. You’re going to need it!” They grinned pushing you backwards. You fell, a panicked shout leaving your throat. Your world tilted and you found yourself falling through leaves. Leaves? It wasn’t even fall!
As the orange and black colors swirled around you realized they weren’t leaves at all. They were Monarch butterflies! The persons gleeful cackle was swallowed up amongst the tiny wingbeats. Small rays of light peeked through the mass of butterflies. It almost felt like you were floating. You reached your hand out to tentatively touch on. Your fingers barely brushing against a papery wing.
And just like that they left you. Swirling up into the sky leaving you to free fall to the ground below. You landed with a harsh thud. Pushing yourself upright you met the eyes of someone who shouldn’t exist. That you’d seen in maybe a movie or fan art. Read about in books. But there was no way-
“What the hell was that all about?” They blurted.
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nic0lee · 7 days ago
i refuse to accept any ship or otp in any fandom i'm in because 99% of the time i am so incredibly in love with one or both participants that i cannot handle the thought of them being with another person that's not me
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melhekhelmurkun · 7 days ago
So here’s how it is in my mind;
Faramir is a trans bisexual (they/he) in a relationship with Eomer (he/him)
Eowyn is a trans ace lesbian (she/her) and hella gay for Arwen, also a lesbian (she/they)
Then there’s Aragorn (he/they) in a relationship with Boromir (he/him) and both of them are ace (Boromir is sex repulsed, Aragorn has no interest)
Legolas (she/they/xe) is with Gimli (any pronoun is fine unless they tell you not to use it)
Was Merry (they/them) ever married? Idk, doesn’t matter, they’re aro/ace now, but Pippin (he/she) is married and I don’t have any ideas for her aside from his pronouns but whatever
Sam (she/her) is in a poly relationship with Frodo (they/them) and Rosie (she/her) and all their children aaaahhh (holy shit there are so many?? I really love how their daughter Goldilocks married Pippin’s son Faramir, and also how Pippin’s son is named Faramir)
Gandalf is... Gandalf. I think we all know what that means. Gayer than the rainbow of Saruman’s robes.
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fairytalelover33 · 8 days ago
LOTR/ The Hobbit Incorrect Quotes #26
Eowyn: “Are you and Aragorn dating dating? Or are you just talking?”
Arwen: “If I kill you, are you dead dead? Or just not breathing?”
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lyralas-greenleaf · 8 days ago
Boromir: and what would a ranger know of this matter?
Legolas: *triggered*
Legolas: This is no mere ranger! >:(
Legolas: He is Aragorn son of Arathorn, you owe him your allegiance.
Aragorn: Legolas can you just not? I know that we're in love but I can cope just fine
Legolas: But-
Aragorn: I'm fine, sit down Legolas.
Legolas: *sits down*
Legolas: *glares at Boromir*
Elrond: Okay should we continue or-
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plushchrome1212 · 8 days ago
Shipping Wars
The armies of Rohan have made camp for the night, journeying towards Minas Tirith to lend aid to Gondor. A campfire burns outside a tent. LEGOLAS and GIMLI are sat by the flames.
Legolas: The hour grows late. Yet Aragorn has not returned.
Gimli: Let him be, laddie. He has company to keep far more pleasant than yours or mine.
Legolas: You speak as though you know a secret.
Gimil: Secret? Ha! ‘Tis no secret that his stride often leads him to stand by Lady Eowyn. And why shouldn’t he? She’s a good match for him. Spirited, strong, humorous. They’ll make a fine pair.
Legolas: Mind your words; they are false! What of Lady Arwen?!
Gimli: Who?
Legolas: Arwen, daughter of Elrond! Long have she and Aragorn held an understanding!
Gimli: Oh, bah! 'Understandings,' a trifle of the past! You said yourself she's sailing away, off to the undying lands with all the rest of the elves.
Legolas: I said 'mayhaps,' nothing is definite!
Gimli: What's definite is that the lad could stand to find some happiness, and the same goes for Eowyn! They are good for each other, and I don't want their chances ruined by the ethereal and easily forgotten promises of a ghost in the night!
Legolas: Lady Arwen does not forget her promises! And neither would Aragorn! They have found a love that surpasses the length of time, that knows not the borders of land nor sea!
Gimli: She is leaving him to vanish to a mystical island!
Legolas: Her heart will carry his memory unto the end of days!
Elsewhere in the Camp stands ARAGORN, who is working with the shieldmaiden EOWYN, the two handing out blankets to the soldiers. The sounds of distant fighting begin to carry over on the wind.
Eowyn: Does that not sound like Gimli? I think I can hear the voice of Legolas as well. (AT THE SOUND OF A LOUD CRASH) I wonder, what has happened?
Aragorn: Who can tell? Another lover's quarrel...
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nvd94 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can’t paint water
btw I love Waterhouse’s painting so much
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solacryptid · 9 days ago
Unexpected Fate
Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) & Lord of the Rings Crossover 
Summary: Vilansia and her dragon, Svellevarina, have spent many years training the young dragon riders alongside Eragon and Saphira. But their time of adventure has come. The people of Middle Earth have called for aid and Alagaesia will answer.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Distant Lands
I let out a cry of laughter as our blades slammed together. "Well done, Adelina!" The young girl furrowed her pale brows and charged forward while I disengaged and stepped away. "But you need to focus."
I am trying, Master." She turned to face me as she wiped the sweat from her brow. "It's just-"
I held up my hand, silencing her. "Ne. I don't want to hear it. There are no excuses in the midst of battle." I stepped closer to her. "Focus, Adelina, and be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you."
She dug the tip of her blade into the ground, uprooting the grass. "I am only human, you know,"
A small smile tugged at the corner of my lips. "Eka kenna, I know. But you will learn to find balance, shur'tugal." I rested my hand on her shoulder. "Now go, return to your studies. We are done for today."
Her head snapped up. "My apologies, Master, I'll do better...please, can we try again?"
I searched her wide eyes for a moment before shaking my head. "You needn't apologize. I believe that perhaps you should reflect on our lesson in preparation for tomorrow." I let my hand fall from her shoulder as I reached for her practice blade. "Ganga. Go,"
She offered the blade with a sigh and bowed. "Eka elrun ono, Master. I will do better."
I nodded in reply before she turned from me. I watched her go as I reflected on the lesson of the day. As a human rider she had much to learn about the balance of emotion and logic, and being young didn't help the matter. Yet, I had faith. Her passion would carry her far.
A slight breeze shifted my dark hair as I placed the blades into the weapons rack. The training island was unusually quiet today, as most of the riders were in the Hall attending to their studies as their respective dragons were training with Saphira. My own dragon, Svellevarina, was among them, helping Saphira-elda with the younglings.
I entered the Hall, the creaking of the large wooden door causing a series of faces to look my way before returning to the books and pages on the table. I came to stand beside Eragon, who was overseeing the young riders as they studied. He raised an eyebrow as I met his gaze, clearly expecting an explanation on Adelina's early return.
I spoke in the Ancient Language in a hushed tone as I explained: "I have asked that she take time to reflect on balancing her emotions while in combat. It does no good to allow them to get the better of you."
"Emotions can be used as a tool," he replied.
I shook my head slightly. "Not when you allow them to overpower you, Eragon-vodhr."
"Hm. Balance is needed, I do agree," he glanced in her direction. "Alas, she is young. And human. There is much for her to learn."
The young riders concluded their evening of studying when their dragons returned to the island with Saphira-elda and Svellevarina, allowing them to eat, rest, and spend much needed time with their dragons. The sun was just peeking over the tops of the trees now, giving the clouds in the sky a navy shadow.
"You and Svellevarina may be dismissed for the evening. No further training is needed tonight." Eragon told me.
I bowed my head. "Eka elrun ono, Eragon-vodhr. Svellevarina and I shall return tomorrow morning."
Eragon nodded with a small smile as I turned from him and made my way to Svellevarina, who was laying next to Saphira in the training field behind the Hall. In comparison, Svellevarina was much smaller than Saphira due to their drastic age difference but she was just as beautiful. Her white scales managed to catch every ounce of light and reflect them into rainbows on nearby surfaces. It was if she was made of diamonds.
Svellevarina hummed as I approached.
I bowed to Saphira, twisting my hand over my heart before I addressed my dragon. "Eragon-vodhr has dismissed us for the evening."
Svellevarina shifted, allowing me access to climb up onto her back and into my place in the saddle. She nudged Saphira gently before coming to stand on all fours. She took a few steps forward and unfurled her velvet wings, making sure not to hit the elder dragon in the process. She pushed off the ground with her powerful legs, her talons taking up the earth with her as she pumped her wings and rose into the air. I held on tightly to the neck spike in front of me as she gained altitude, my brown hair whipped back behind me. It was only when Svellevarina angled herself and was level with the horizon that I relaxed in the saddle.
"Adelina has come a long way," Svellevarina remarked.
"Indeed, she has. But as Eragon-vodhr said, there is much for her to learn,"
"They all do, Vilensia. That is not unique,"
I chuckled, looking over Svellevarina's side and into the ocean waters below us. "Her dragon, Kydus, he is quite like her,"
"He has spirit. As every dragon should,"
The edge of Ellesmera, the Elvish capital city, was now in view. The light blue glow of the night lights lined in the treetops could be seen even from this distance. It was old magic that kept these lights aglow every night and dimmed during the day, allowing for those awake in the night hours to see their way through the city. They were especially useful in places where the rays of the sun could not pierce through the thick canopy of the trees. Behind us, the sky was painted with purples and oranges as the sun-kissed the horizon. There was a patch of vibrant red ahead of us, however, that stood out from the colours of the sunset. The colour sparkled in the dimming sunlight and a playful roar echoed across the water. Svellevarina responded in kind as we intercepted the dragon and rider.
"Kvetha, Murtagh!" I called as the dragons flew circles around one another. "Kvetha, Thorn,"
"How goes the rider training?" Murtagh asked.
"Slowly," Svellevarina replied. "Even the oldest of them have a long ways to go yet,"
"It is best that their training is handled with patience. Time is not against them," Thorn replied.
Murtagh grinned. "Not everyone can excel at their training as the two of you, after all."
Svellevarina bobbed her head and drew her lips back in her form of a grin, exposing her teeth and gums. "Now this is true. We were, nay, are an exception."
I patted the side of her neck. "Come Svell, we best be off. Another day of training awaits us tomorrow and the sun is always early to rise."
She snorted in response.
"Well, I am glad we were able to catch you on your way home," Murtagh said. "Thorn and I were on our way to see Queen Nasuada,"
I sent him a knowing smile. For as long as I could remember the Queen of Men was rather close to Murtagh and Thorn, though I was never aware if anything was official between the two of them. I had met Queen Nasuada only a handful of occasions to deal with formal matters on behalf of Eragon if he was not able to leave the island. She was sharp-witted and strong, with the courage to challenge a dragon. The two of them were fitting companions.
Svellevarina stretched out her talons and flared her wings back as she entered the opening of my home tree. She perched on the ledge as I unseated myself from the saddle and climbed down into the room. Papers had scattered off the table and onto the floor from the wind created by Svellevarina's landing. I began my nightly routine as Svellevarina crawled inside and settled down in the open space on the floor next to the window.
"Do you think we shall get the chance to travel one day, Vilansia?" My dragon asked.
I paused in unbraiding my hair, my ends flowing loose. "Maybe one day, bjartskular," I continued letting down my hair. "Why do you ask?"
She sighed, a small cloud of smoke escaping her white nostrils. "My wings ache to soar on different currents. It would be good for us, don't you think?"
I offered her a small smile as I sat down beside her head and looked out the window with her. I rested my left hand on the top of her snout and scratched her scales. Svellevarina hummed in pleasure. "Yes. It would be good. My heart tells me that there is still so much more to see. Maybe one day,"
Svellevarina said nothing in response as she closed her scaly eyelids and slipped away into her dreams. I closed my mind slightly to her to prevent my thoughts from disturbing her rest.
I sighed as I settled in the chair in front of my desk, gathering my papers together. I reviewed my notes on the young riders in training, rubbing my temple. There was not much else that Svellevarina and I were kept busy with. Not to say that this was entirely bad, Alagaesia was experiencing a glorious time of peace and tranquility with the new dragon riders stationed across the country. New treaties had been made with different cities and it was our duty to ensure that the rules of the treaties were followed. Svellevarina and I, however, were asked to stay with Eragon and Saphira to assist with the training of the next generations of riders. We were honored by the request. Other riders and their dragons left Alagaesia, for once they finished their training they were given the freedom to do so. Few rarely came back, not because they had perished, but because they made the choice to stay wherever it was that they had settled down.
I began to write today's notes on Adelina's training, making sure to state that it had ended earlier than usual. Tomorrow I would be training with another of the older students, a male elf named Ivsaar, who was still but a child by Elvish standards. His training was coming along quite well, but where Adelina was emotional, Ivsaar was proud. Proud to the point of arrogance. I pushed my dark hair away from my face as I leaned against the back of the chair. There was never a moment of boredom for Svellevarina and I, our duties always kept us busy. I often wondered how Eragon and Saphira had done this for so many years on their own. Svell's tail twitched in her sleep, the sliding of her scales on the wooden floor making a slithering noise. Through our bond, I could interpret the theme of her dreams. Tonight her mind led her to a world of winged battle, fighting enemies from the skies. I smiled in her direction before turning my attention to my notes. As an Elf, I had no need for rest, though in some time I would need to recover. I could go many nights without sleep. Rather, our minds and bodies slip into a deep meditative state, where our subconscious remains alert and awake to the outside world, allowing us to rise at a moment's notice. Tonight would be one without rest for me, as there was still more paperwork to be done.
Pinks and oranges coloured my room as the sun peaked over the horizon, marking the start of a new day. I pressed my mind against Svellevarinas to wake her gently. She snorted, small sparks shooting from her nostrils. Her scaly eyelids opened to reveal her apatite coloured eyes as they focused on me.
"It's morning already?" She asked.
I couldn't help but chuckle. "So it is, Svell. Kvetha,"
She hummed in response, the vibrations created in her chest echoing throughout me and the room.
I gathered my notes together and placed them in my pack so that I would be able to go over them with Eragon when we arrived at the rider's training island. I quickly braided my hair back before throwing my pack over my shoulders and hauling Svellevarina's saddle over to her. She shifted so that she was no longer on her side and tucked her wings against her. I placed the saddle in the space on her back just before the start of her neck where there was a large space between the row of spikes that grew from the base of her head to the tip of her tail, where the largest and sharpest spike created the point of her tail. She stood slightly as I looped the straps around her midsection and tightened the buckles. Once everything was in place I climbed up her foreleg and sat in the saddle, shifting until I was comfortable. Svellevarina informed Saphira-elda of our departure from home as she climbed on to the ledge of the window, spreading her translucent white wings. She jumped, allowing the wind to catch under her and soared over the treetops of other Elvish homes.
Eragon greeted us at the front of the main hall when we arrived, his right hand held up in the form of a wave.
I jumped down from the saddle once Svell landed and bowed to Eragon, my hand over my heart. "Kvetha, Eragon-vodhr,"
"Kvetha, Vilansia, Svellevarina," He replied, nodding to each of us. "I take it you wish to review your notes on some of the young riders?"
"If you have a moment, yes. I only wish to ensure that we are on the right path for Adelina and Ivsaar," I replied.
"Very well. I will meet you in the Hall." He faced my dragon. "Saphira is waiting for you in the training field,"
She did not waste a moment to take off into the air once again to meet with the elder dragon.
I followed Eragon into the Hall, sitting in one of the many oak chairs that lined the long table. Eragon sat beside me and waited patiently for me to gather my notes out of my pack and arrange them accordingly.
I rested my palm on one of the two piles. "Here I have recorded the progress made with Adelina's training. I made sure to update it appropriately last night,"
He pushed the stack of papers toward him before picking through them, scanning the contents of a few of the pages. "I would not change what is written here, I believe you have done well. Perhaps we should discuss the direction of her training,"
"I had hoped you would be willing, Eragon-vodhr. I believe there is much to discuss,"
He leaned back in the chair, his elbow propped on the armrest with his fist supporting the weight of his head. "It does not do well to force the process. Adelina will come to in her own time. If I have learned anything in my many years on this island it is that each dragon and rider requires a different length of time to complete their journey here. While it is our duty to ensure the quality of their training, it is also our duty to respect their individuality and the needs that come with that," He let his hand fall to his lap. "You are not wrong to worry, Vilansia. Your concern demonstrates your care. But do not forget your own duties,"
I bowed my head respectively. "I admire your wisdom, as always. Elrun ono,"
He offered a small smile. "You are doing well, you needn't stress yourself so. Saphira and I both appreciate the dedication that you and Svellevarina have to train those that come here,"
"Why, of course!" I replied quickly, my brows raised. "We are honored to assist yourself and Saphira-elda with the rider training,"
Before Eragon could reply, the Hall doors swung open, the wood creaking from the sudden movement. "Apologies, Master Eragon, Master Vilansia," a male dwarf rider spoke. "Arya Dröttning and Firnen-elda have arrived on the island!"
Adelina burst in behind the young dwarf. "I have called on both Saphira-elda and Svellevarina-elda to return,"
"Very well. Elrun ono. When the dragons all return, gather the youngest riders and their dragons together. You are all dismissed from training for the remainder of the day." Eragon ordered as he stood.
I followed suit, the two of us making our way to the front entrance of the Hall where the Elf queen and her dragon would be waiting. The emerald green of Firnen-elda was the first thing my eyes were drawn to before my gaze rested on the elegance of Arya Dröttning beside him. Eragon and I both bowed to her, our hands twisted over our hearts.
"We are graced by your visit, Arya Dröttning. And you as well, Firnen." Eragon said once he stood to his full height. "Though I must inquire about the reason behind your visit. It is not often the queen of Ellesmera and her dragon find themselves on the training island."
"Indeed, it is not," Arya replied. "We bring urgent news from a distant land that must be discussed immediately,"
Eragon gestured to the Hall, allowing Arya to walk in front of him as he rested his hand on the small of her back, guiding her the rest of the way. I followed the two of them, walking a few paces in front of Firnen. The Hall doors were large enough to accommodate the largest of dragons easily so that they may be present for any and all meetings within the Hall. Arya sat at the head of the table and Eragon placed himself on her right side. I sat next to Arya on her left as Firnen curled himself behind Arya Dröttning.
I wanted nothing more than to barrage the queen with questions about this pressing news, but I knew better to wait for the arrival of Svellevarina and Saphira-elda. It was not often at all that the queen made an appearance. In fact, it was rare for either her or Firnen to leave the borders of Ellesmera, as their duties required them to stay close to home. I couldn't help but notice the small glances that Eragon cast her way. There was no denying the care that he held in his brown eyes towards her, as he made no attempt to hide it. The two of them were an unlikely pairing. Saphira had shared the story of their meeting to me when I was considerably younger after I had pleaded for some time that someone tell it to me. She seemed happy to indulge my curious mind. Their fondness for one another was something I had grown up with, just as Svellevarina had with Saphira and Firnen. While the two never showed it, I was certain that the time and distance a part from one another certainly had it's toll.
Saphira was the first to enter the Hall, causing Firnen to stand and greet her as she settled in behind Eragon. He rubbed the top of his snout against her neck, humming until Saphira returned the gesture.
Arya cleared her throat, her green eyes sharp and focused. "I received word from outsiders of Alagaesia," she folded her hands together on the table in front of her. "Our people have known of distant lands for some time. As you all know, we have not always resided in Du Weldenvarden. Since that time, however, we had not heard from those living outside Alagaesia. That is, until now. I was contacted by an individual who claimed to be from a country called Middle Earth. He introduced himself as Gandalf Mithrandir but would not share much more about himself,"
"How was he able to contact you?" I interrupted.
The queen shook her head. "I do not know exactly how, I had believed our blockades around Du Weldenvarden to be stronger. In any case, he was able to scry me and he told me that his country is in a state of crisis, a war for them is inevitable. His purpose in contacting me was to seek out help so that they may have a better chance of defeating the evil forces threatening to take over. Apparently there were ancient texts describing our lands that he came across, thus leading him to seek someone out,"
Saphira lifted her head above Eragon's chair, leaning over her rider. "If he is asking for help, what exactly does he expect from us?"
"That is for us to decide. I believe that something must be done, though it is not up to me alone. Hence this meeting," Arya Dröttning replied.
Eragon shook his head. "Our graduated riders are scattered across Alagaesia. Even attempting to contact them would take some time,"
"Time is something those of Middle Earth do not have," Firnen stated.
"What is the threat, exactly?" I asked.
The queen's gaze fell on me, her mouth was pulled tight. "Gandalf Mithrandir described a sleeping darkness that is finally beginning to wake. A being capable of complete devastation on the free people of Middle Earth and has been slowly growing in power,"
"It must be stopped," Svellevarina said.
"I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that I agree," Arya replied, her green eyes focused on her hands in front of her. "The question remains. How are we to send aid? Firnen and I cannot leave, our duties require us to remain,"
Svellevarina shifted. "What about Vilansia and I? We are not so needed here as you all are,"
I couldn't help but turn to look at her. She glanced at me briefly before focusing on the others. There was no hesitation in her, she was completely set on this decision. After a moment I turned back around, my back straight. It was true. While Svell and I did much of the rider training on the island, our presence was not needed in the way that Eragon and Saphira were. There was no question that Arya and Firnen would not be able to leave the country, and with the other graduated rider's whereabouts unknown, it only made sense for Svellevarina and me to be the ones to go. All eyes were on my dragon and I.
"We are certainly capable,"
"There is no question about your capability," Eragon said. "The question is if you are willing,"
"I was not given much more information besides what I have already shared. Gandalf gave me coordinates to a meeting place in Middle Earth, but aside from that I know nothing else," Arya Dröttning added. "There is no question that this will be dangerous. It is only a matter of time before battle ensues,"
A small smirk played on my lips. "Eragon-vodhr, did Svellevarina and I not excel in our training?"
"You both did, yes,"
"There is no doubt, then, that we are a fitting choice," Svellevarina said.
Firnen growled low in his throat. "Do not take this matter lightly. You would be entering a time of great peril,"
"They need help, Firnen-elda," I replied. "We cannot deny them that. Svellevarina and I should be the ones to go,"
There was a moment of silence while everyone remained deep in thought.
"Very well," Arya Dröttning said, breaking the quiet. "The two of you shall leave tomorrow morning. There will be preparations made for your departure," She stood from the table. "I shall meet you all at the main hall of Ellesmera at sunrise," She faced me. "Gather what you are able. Whatever provisions you are lacking I can provide," With a twirl of her dress skirts, she took her leave of the Hall, Eragon being quick to follow her.
Saphira nudged Firnen along as they made their way after their riders.
I stood from the table as well to face my dragon. "You truly wish to take on this mission?"
"It will be a worthy adventure, Vi,"
I tilted my head. There was a small part of her that was slightly intimidated. The stress in Arya's voice was indeed sincere and we knew better than to take that lightly. I too was apprehensive, but the confidence I had in our abilities overshadowed my doubt.
"And we are a worthy team,"
Svellevarina's tail twitched in approval as she swung her head to nudge me gently. I rested my head on the top of her snout where her scales were the softest and held on to her bottom jaw. I closed my eyes, Svellevarina's hot breath shifting my hair with each exhale.
-next chapter-
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fairytalelover33 · 10 days ago
LOTR/ Hobbit Incorrect Quotes #24
Aragorn: “Where are Merry and Pippin?”
Legolas: “In Merry’s room, they said they were composing a sad song, so I left them be.”
Aragorn: “How sweet! They’re more cultured than we gave them credit for.”
Meanwhile, down the hall
Merry and Pippin singing: “ what’s the point of bein single when you break up alONE, yo chicken nuggets on the floor, and yo b**** is a hoe.”
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nvd94 · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Leggy is so shy 🥺🤏🏻 he’s hiding from hooman
And I have WIP Aralas to show you!
P.S.Those pics are inspired by J.W. Waterhouse painting. He’s the one of my fav artist 🤍🤍🤍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lest-we-expire · 11 days ago
Aragorn & Legolas plot bunnies
At Helm's Deep
- Canon Plot: Aragorn shouts for Legolas to kill the suicide bomber orc bearing a torch to lit explosives to destroy the deepening wall. Legolas' arrow lands in the orc's neck but the orc still succeeds in his quest. Plot Bunny: Legolas blaming himself for it and Aragorn comforting him
- Canon Plot: When Theoden tells everyone to pull back to the Keep, Aragorn and Legolas run to safety, and while running, Legolas continues shooting, Aragorn grabs his hand and hurries him up the stairs. Plot Bunny: What Aragorn could have said to Legolas to tell him to stop fighting
- Canon Plot: Legolas pulling Aragorn and Gimli up the wall with a rope. Plot Bunny: After the battle, Aragorn tending to the cuts and bruises on Legolas' hands from pulling up their too heavy weight.
- Canon Plot: Many of Haldir's Elves sacrificed themselves in the battle (it seems in the movie that none survived?) Plot Bunny: Legolas is saddened by the passing of his kinsmen, Aragorn offers comfort and a warm embrace.
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nvd94 · 13 days ago
Typically I don’t draw nsfw stuffs but I did it 😳
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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simbxlmyne · 13 days ago
request list:
   currently writing for:
      lord of the rings:
   - aragorn
   - legolas
   - haldir
   - faramir
   - boromir
   - elrond
   - eomer
   - frodo
   - whole fellowship
      the hobbit:
   - thranduil
   - bilbo
   - thorin
   - fili
   - kili
   - whole company
☆ all requests will be written for a fem!reader unless specified otherwise
☆ not writing smut at the moment so please don't ask until further notice
☆ characters not listed may be requested for, but may not be written
☆ requests open for oneshots, headcannons, or general imagines
☆ send requests as a dm preferably but asks are okay too
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nvd94 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
WIP Aragorn and Leggy 😳😳😳
Last weekend was my best weekend ever! bc Chelsea won the UEFA champion leagues! my team is the king of Europe once again!
and you know what I told my moots on my Twitter before the game like if Chelsea win this trophy I’ll draw Aralas nsfw (aka they fuck or do something naughty and fun in the forest) in the end my team won so I’m on my way to finish nsfw Aragorn x Legolas 😏✌🏻
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lady-latte · 15 days ago
👀 saw requests were open
Thought I’d ask for something cute for Aragorn? Like maybe his gruff way of trying to take care of the reader, and everyone is like ‘he’s flirting with you, y/n’ and reader is like ‘what-me? No, he’s just, uh, a good leader, and is concerned for everyone’
(N.) the inability to express your feelings
Aragorn x Reader
Lil angsty, lil fluffy
Living in such rough times, makes love much more confusing
Warnings: nightmare, panic attack in the beginning
A/N: Sorry that this took so long! but I’m feeling better now >:D this turned out less fluffy and more.. casual? But I hope you like it! also according to Reddit/Twitter gender neutral term for lassie/laddie is Lax ?? Idk but I just had a midlife crisis realizing I can’t use lassie/ laddie lmao
Tumblr media
The first time Aragorn cared for you was when you awoke from a night terror in Lothlorien.
Nightmares from the Mines of Moria haunted you in your sleep. It was always the same thing every night.
You’re running through the halls, lungs burning and tears blinding your vision. The darkness around you is slowly closing in; separating the fellowship from one another. Screams echo against the walls, vibrating in your heart.
Within moments, the darkness envelops you, and the floor melts under your feet. Your heart lurches as you begin to free fall- startling you awake.
Your whole body shivers in a cold sweat; arms trembling as they struggle to keep you seated upright. A pain pounds at your head, making you nauseous and vision blur. The ache in your heart makes it hard to breathe, barely letting your lungs get the oxygen they need.
A voice softly calls out your name, one that sounds so familiar. To your left, a body appears in your peripheral vision. It reaches out, one hand resting on your shoulder and the other on your cheek.
“Deep breaths Y/N. Slowly- in and out”
You do as he says, now recognizing the voice as Aragorns. Focusing on the feeling of his hand on your right cheek, you take slow, deep breaths. Grounding yourself back to reality.
“There you are-“ His voice is soft to your ears. Contrasting to the sound of your thumping heart. “You’re doing so well, Y/N. Just focus on me”
Minutes have passed when you finally stopped trembling. With a sigh, you rest your head against Aragorns shoulder; eyes fluttering shut as exhaustion settles in your bones.
Aragorn shifts under you before speaking quietly. “You should get some rest. You’ll feel better in the morning.”
Pressing the gentlest of kisses to the top of your head, He helps you lie back onto the bedroll; tucking the blanket around you.
You shift slightly on the bedroll, trying to get more comfortable. Once you do, you let out another quiet sigh. Looking up at Aragorn with half-lidded eyes, struggling to keep them open.
A smile tugs at Aragorns lips, “Get some sleep, Y/N. I’ll still be here when you wake.”
Your voice is barely audible, mumbling a quiet thank you, as you drift to sleep once more.
Ever since that night, Aragorn has been so gentle with you. He would ask how you slept, how you were feeling, and always offered a shoulder to cry on.
At first, you thought he was just being friendly. Especially since it’s normal for Aragorn to be concerned about the fellowship. But as the days passed, the rest of the fellowship would share pointed looks and grins. Ones that were not subtle in the slightest.
At some point in the journey, the looks between the boys started to become too much. They frustrated you cause no matter what you said, or did, they wouldn’t tell you why. That is, until one day they accidentally slipped up.
“You need some help, Y/N?”
The gruff voice from behind startles you as your hands struggle to tie the pack securely. You turn around and sigh softly when you notice it’s Aragorn.
“No- no it’s okay. I think I got it” You can’t help but ramble slightly as your heart beat quickens. Why now of all times for him to appear, right as your struggling with the simplest of things.
You can’t help but let out a huff, as you continue to struggle tying the bag. It seems as through your fingers just refuse to cooperate.
Aragorn chuckles as he steps forward to stand beside you. He gently takes the strings from your hands and begins to tie it into a perfect knot. With a satisfied nod, he steps back just slightly.
“There you go” He says, looking over at you. “Happens to the best of us, so don’t fret about it.”
“Thank you” Your voice comes out quietly as you reach for the bag, hoisting it up over your shoulders. Doing anything you can to ignore the growing heat on your cheeks.
A grin tugs at Aragorn’s lips as he watches, knowing full well the affect he has on you. He waits until you have settled the bag comfortably before speaking once more.
“Course, just let me know if you need help with anything else.”
His smile is contagious that you can’t stop the small grin that grows on your face, mirroring his own.
“I will” You chuckle, “and thank you, again for the help.”
Aragorn’s smile brightens just slightly as he gives you a curt nod before walking away; heading towards King Theoden. Probably to discuss things that have to do with your current situation.
The current situation.. it seems nearly impossible, crazy even, that one would attempt it. And yet, here you are. Walking miles in open plains of dead grass with the whole town of Rohan next to you.
King Theoden ordered an evacuation, for everyone to make way to Helms Deep. A supposed impenetrable fortress that will protect everyone from the Uruk-hai. Aragorn thought he was foolish, to flee rather than fight. And you can’t help but agree.
The Uruk-hai are strong, much stronger than the average orc. Heck, you and the Fellowship barely made it out alive back in Argonath. They’re smarter, and know their way around battles. They will for sure find a way to break through the fortress.
You huff as you readjust the pack; looking back to look at Theoden, then to Aragorn, eyes lingering for a little too long before snapping back ahead of you. Looking around at the people around you.
Foolish indeed. But he’s doing what he think is best for his people.
Your eyes land on Legolas, who happens to be walking beside Gimli. The two of them watching you with mischievous smirks.
“Can I help you?” You asked, already annoyed with the two.
Legolas speaks up, his smirk not once faltering. “You know He’s flirting with you, right?”
His comment caught you off guard, stumbling over your feet. Your cheeks heat up as your heart skips a beat.
“Wha- what no. No he isn’t... I-“ You cough, clearing your voice. “He’s just being friendly and helping out.”
An abrupt cackle comes from Gimli, “You sure are oblivious, Lax.”
“The hell are you talking about ??” You gawked, “there’s no way he’s been flirti-“
Legolas cuts you off, his tone light and teasing.
“He’s been flirting with you for the past three months, Y/N. Trust me- I would know, I am the expert here.”
You scoffed, looking away from the boys to focus on what’s ahead of you. “You’re crazy is what you are.”
“I’ll tell you what” Legolas starts, “if you go up there to him right now. His eyes and tone will soften, concerned that something might have happened.”
A laugh catches in your throat at his ridiculousness. There’s no way Aragorn would like you. Especially since he has Arwen.
“Yeah, no. You’re definitely crazy” You muttered, completely done with his nonsense.
They’re so insistent that Aragorn likes you. It’s terrible hearing them talk that way; giving you a false hope that leaves a pain in your chest.
Gimli doesn’t bother holding back as he rolls his eyes, “chicken”
“I am not a chicken!” You whisper shouted at the smug dwarf before speed waking away. Pure spite running through your veins just to prove him wrong.
They know the perfect way to push your buttons; and used it to their advantage. Curse Legolas, curse Gimli, curse that damn man who captured your heart.
The boys converse once more as soon as you’re out of earshot; watching you make your way to Aragorn.
“Six coins says she chickens out and turns back.” Gimli grins, amusement lacing his voice.
Legolas laughs breathlessly, “Ten says she lasts an hour.”
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