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sokkasdarling · 5 months ago
second thoughts (legolas x reader)
The Fellowship of the Ring - Part 5
warnings: character death, fighting
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
a/n: hi my lovelies! first of all im so sorry about how long this has taken me, ive been struggling with writers block since the last chapter so i apologise if this chapter is a bit crap but i actually really like it? im proud of myself lol a n y w a y it might be a little while before the chapters regarding the events of the two towers comes out as i need to plan etc etc but anyway i hope you guys enjoy this chapter! i love you guys so much, thanks for sticking with me<3
Tumblr media
It had been days since you had set out from Lothlorien and no one’s spirits were above average. Frodo seemed wary; Sam worried for his master. Boromir did not speak much, even to you, which was very odd. Legolas kept to himself, more than usual. Gimli was particularly talkative, probably to fill the dreaded silence. Aragorn had nothing of importance to say. Merry and Pippin chatted back and forth quietly. And you, you did not know a single way to heighten their – and your – spirits, so you stayed silent instead.
You journeyed from Lothlorien on boats down the Great River, Anduin. Sam and Frodo rode with Aragorn, Merry and Pippin with Boromir and you with Legolas and Gimli. Honestly, you could not remember how long it had been since you had left, only that it seemed like a lifetime.
At one point, whilst sailing down the river, the sound of marching caught your attention, your head whipping to the left, finding nothing but trees and foliage. “What’s wrong, lassie?” Gimli asked, noticing that something that captured your focus.
“I thought I heard something beyond the trees.” You declared, shrugging when no one else heard anything. Suddenly though, Legolas faced the same trees, and the two you of shared an inquisitive look.
Eventually, the nine of you reached a place that you certainly recognised. You sat up in the boat, gently calling Aragorn’s name to the boat beside you, before pointing. His eyes lit up as they met the huge stone statues. He tapped Frodo on the shoulder gently.
“The Argonath. Long have I desired the look upon the Kings of old: my kin.” His lips turned up at the sides. You turned around to catch Boromir’s eye, a smile on your face, one which he returned incredulously.
It was not long after that that you reached your destination, a small rocky piece of land that led into a forest, not far north of a waterfall. Legolas docked the boat, hopping out and offering you a hand to help you out which you gladly took with a smile. The two of you turned to help out Gimli, but your eyes wondered as you began to heave the dwarf from your boat. Looking at Boromir, you could easily tell that something was wrong. Despite the sun shining and the elven cloaks, he shivered and closed his eyes, a regrettable look on his face. He hesitated to get out of the boat. You made your way over to him, offering him your hand just as Legolas had done for you a minute before. He looked up at you, flashing a very weak smile before he took your hand. Although he took your hand, he used his own weight to help himself out of the boat, landing in front of you. He seemed pale and gaunt, traits that were unusual to say about him. Casually looking around his frame to catch his eye, you could tell that his face was angled to gaze upon Frodo. A treacherous thought crossed your mind and your heart ached in your chest for a quick moment.
Not knowing how long you were going to be there; Aragorn built a fire with the help of Merry and Pippin. After an hour or so, you were reaching the camp again with Merry, placing down the wood that you had just collected. You scanned the area, your eyes widening in horror. Merry seemed to notice the very same thing that you did, the two of your turning to Aragorn.
“Where’s Frodo?” Merry asked. A wave of horror seemed to wash over the remainder of the members of the Fellowship, save one, for Boromir was not at the camp either.
“Oh, no.”
“What? Y/N, what is it?” Aragorn questioned, coming closer to you, urgent for information.
“Boromir was acting strange when we docked. He was pale. He—He wouldn’t take his eyes from Frodo. I didn’t think anything of it; I thought maybe the boat had made him ill. Forgive me, I—I should have said something.” You sniffled, a few tears pooling in your eyes and Aragorn shook his head, squeezing your hand gently.
“No, you did not know. Everyone split up; we must find them. Save from Y/N, come with me.” Nodding quickly at Aragorn’s words, you plucked your knives from the ground and ran with him.
It was difficult to tell how long you had been running to find them, for the adrenaline had consumed your entire body. You could hear the thudding of your feet on the floor, but you could no longer feel them. The beating of your heart seemed to resonate in your ears and fill your senses, and your breath heaved in your chest.
You stopped for a moment, Aragorn following your lead. Faintly, you heard a thump and a grunt, as if someone had fell. You led Aragorn towards the sound, the two of you coming to a stone structure. You walked around it, his feet seeming to echo as the sole of his boot came into contact with a rock wedged into the ground.
“Frodo?” He called out. The hobbit lay on the floor frantically turned around, his eyes scanning the two of you.
“It has taken Boromir.” Frodo declared, the statement drawing a gasp from your throat, a tear or two streaming down your face.
“Where is the Ring?” Aragorn moved towards the terrified hobbit.
“Stay away!” He yelled, running away from him.
“Frodo.” Aragorn opened his arms in submission. “I swore to protect you.”
“Can you protect me from yourself?” Frodo opened his hand, the Ring sitting on his palm. “Would you destroy it?” Aragorn moved closer to him, kneeling in front of him. You stayed a few steps behind. He closed Frodo’s hand around the Ring, pushing it to his chest.
“I would have gone with you to the end.” You joined Aragorn, kneeling before Frodo, an apologetic look on your face. He looked between the two of you. “Into the very fires of Mordor.”
“I know.” He nodded gently, turning to you. “Look after the others, especially Sam. He will not understand.”
You nodded, a soft smile on your lips. “I promise.” You leaned forward, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. As you pulled back, you looked behind, your eyes widening as the sound of treading feet filled your ears. You looked at Aragorn.
“Go, Frodo.” He unsheathed his sword, and you your knives. Frodo pulled on the hilt of his sword, his eyes growing wider as it glowed blue. “Run, run!”
“Now, Frodo!” You urged, eyes hardening as you turned away from him, walking with Aragorn to meet the fast-approaching, large group of Orcs. He raised his sword. Your knuckles whitened as you firmed your grip on the hilts of your knives. The two of you shared a subtle smirk as they approached.
An Orc swung towards you, but you skilfully dodged before plunging one of your knives into its fleshy side. Another moved towards you before you sliced its throat, driving your free weapon into its chest before kicking it away from you. You saw another making its way towards Aragorn from behind, and so you reached forward to cut its throat and push it into the ground. A sword was swung over a head, but you caught it, countering it before sticking each of your weapons into each of its eyes.
The sound of colliding swords filled your senses as you and Aragorn continued to fight the mass number of Orcs. The leader, whose face was stained with the white hand of Saruman, was grunting in displeasure before he yelled with an angry, gruff voice.
“Find the halfling!” He repeated, almost seeming like a chant, and many of the Orcs fled in the same direction that Frodo had gone, and suddenly your heart filled anxiety. You had scarce noticed Aragorn’s disappearance until he appeared again, jumping from the top of the stone structure into a group of Orcs, shouting ‘Elendil’ as he made contact with him. You let out a small laugh whilst you continued to slay the Orcs coming forth. Aragorn still had not been given the chance to stand, countering attacks while he was lay flat on his back. When you tried to get close to him to allow him to get up, much to your surprise, Legolas and Gimli emerged through the stone.
“Aragorn, go!” Legolas shouted, stabbing an Orc in the face with an arrow before using it to shoot the one behind. Aragorn noticed that you were busy and ran. Gimli hacked at the forthcoming Orcs with his axe, swinging it brutally over his shoulders to slash off limbs and pieces of flesh. You continued to cut and stab expertly through the thick skin of your enemies, eventually making your way towards Aragorn.
A certain Orc took you by complete surprise, swinging with a closed fist which you merely dodged. Overwhelmed by the shock, the delay caused you to barely counter the Orcs attack, pushing the blade of your knife against the ragged blade of the sword. It let out a growl and you a yell, forcing it back with all of your strength. As you blinked, you felt a small rush of wind pass by your face. You looked back to the Orc, an arrow protruding out from its face as it fell lifelessly to the floor. You took a sharp breath, giving Legolas a thankful nod and smile as Aragorn pushed the final body to the floor.
Suddenly from the distance, a horn blew, very familiar. In that moment, your heart sank. A bubbling filled your stomach, an urge coursing through your veins. Aragorn looked at you, as did Gimli and Legolas.
“The Horn of Gondor.” Legolas confirmed and you swallowed thickly, sprinting to the sound with all of your might. Aragorn followed close behind, cutting down the Orcs that managed to pass you. The urge was so strong in overtaking your body, that any Orc you saw filled you with an unexplainable rage. They would be lucky to be killed by Aragorn instead. You slaughtered all that came close to you, your vision turning red when the horn sounded again. With a roar, you lunged and jabbed and thrusted your knives at as many Orcs as you could. Your breath heaved from your chest.
You looked back at the others. “Hurry!” It was impossible to miss the terrified urgency that wrapped itself around your words and suffocated them. Even you heard it. And it was true; you were terrified. Terrified that you would not get to him in time. Terrified that he had called for your help and you would not show. Terrified that after everything he had done for you, that you would not be able to save him. You ran.
You ran over a little hill and your heart stung, as if you had been stabbed right in it with a morgul-blade. There was Boromir on his knees, arrows wedged into his body with the Orc leader standing over him, drawing an arrow that pointing right into his face.
“NO!” You cried with an intense vigour. Tears pooled and poured down your face as you ran toward the Orc, tackling him into the dirt. As you both stood, you used both of your knives to counter his blade. Your eyes were dark though they were streaming with wetness. It rumbled menacingly in your face and you kicked it away from your body, cutting through many pieces of flesh before it threw its shield, winding you. As you caught your breath, it stepped towards you and you yelled, driving your knives deep into its shoulder and thigh. It kicked you to the ground with an annoyed grunt, swinging its sword over its head to crash into the ground beside you, for you rolled out of the way. You crawled through its legs, grabbing it from behind and slitting its throat deeply, slowly. It pushed you back to the floor, once again raising its sword. But as it did so, a blade stuck out through its neck and its head rolled off its shoulders into the dirt. Behind the body was Aragorn, who helped you up quickly. You had no time to thank him before you ran towards Boromir, falling to your knees by his side.
“They took the little ones.” Boromir struggled, his breath getting sharper in his throat.
“Hush, now. Do not move.” You sniffled, your lip quivering at the sight of his paled face and bleeding body.
“Frodo. Where is Frodo?”
“I let Frodo go.” Aragorn admitted, his own voice trembling as it exited his mouth.
“Then you did what I could not. I tried to take the Ring from him.”
“No, that was not you.” Boromir cupped your face as you spoke. A series of sobs forced their way from your chest. You took his glove from his hand, placing it back against your cheek and placing your hand over the top of his.
“Forgive me. I did not see. I have failed you all.” You shook your head at his words, tears pouring from your eyes like a monsoon, so much so that you could not even speak.
“No, Boromir. You fought bravely. You have kept your honour.” Aragorn moved to remove an arrow from his chest, but Boromir grabbed his hand.
“Leave it! It is over. The world of Men will fall, and all will come to darkness, and my city to ruin.”
“No. No, I’m going to fix you. You’ll be okay, you’ll see. It will be like you said, the tower guard will—will take up the call.” He closed his eyes for a brief moment before opening them again slightly. He gave you a knowing look and you shook your head, hugging his body, sobbing heavily into his shoulder.
“I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear to you, I will not let the White City fall. Nor our people fail.” Aragorn put his arm around you.
“Our people.” Boromir smiled.
“Our people.” You repeated, sniffling. Boromir stretched out his hand, and you gently placed his sword in it. He held it to his chest for a moment before pushing it to yours.
“I want you to have it, if you would take it. Something to remember me by.”
“How could I ever forget you?” You cupped his cheek, his eyes filling with tears when he looked at you.
“You—You make me so proud - the daughter I never had. Look after her” He turned his gaze to Aragorn. “I would have followed you, my brother. My captain. My King.” He managed a small smile before he let out a breath. His final breath.
Your head shook in disbelief, your eyes filling persistently with tears, your heart aching profusely. Every time you blinked multiple new streams of salt water trickled themselves down your face. You could hear the pat of every tear falling onto the leather of his shirt, pierced by the arrows that were wedged deep into his chest. Aragorn held you as you wailed, your chest heaving up and down as sobs forced themselves from your throat and chest. His arms were strong but comforting. Tears fell from his own eyes as he held you, rocking gently with you in his arms whilst you cried into his shoulder.
Legolas watched from a little while away, his brows turned upwards in sorrow, his own heart hurting at the sight of you. When his eyes fell on Boromir, he swallowed dryly, hardly knowing what to do or say. He decided to stay silent, ears filled with the sounds of your tears and sniffles, paired with Aragorn’s low, reassuring mutters into your ear. Amongst your cries he could hear soft shushing and a sniffle that did not come from your frame.
You had no idea what to do. It was not easy to comprehend that your companion, the man who took up the role to raise you was now gone from the world. Your heart hardly hurt anymore, instead just throbbing with an incredible numbness, emptiness being the only thing to fill the void that you felt in your chest. Cold spread throughout your body as you looked upon his paled face, fiercely bubbling in your stomach in a way that made you feel as though you could spit fire, consumed by rage and sorrow – fighting to the death inside you. But you could not think about that right now. Not with Aragorn cupping your face, firm but gentle, moving you to look at him.
“Look at me. Look at me, Y/N.” You took his instruction. “He died with honour. That is what matters. He is at peace.” You merely managed to nod your head, since a stabbing sensation radiated through it when you moved. A hand on your shoulder. You looked up with a sniffle, to find Gimli kneeling beside the two of you on the ground, his own eyes teary from the scene. You placed one of your hands over his, and he cupped your joined hands in his other, squeezing gently before letting go and rubbing your shoulder. He did not have to say anything.
Aragorn helped you stand, stepping back to allow you to take a breath, before returning to the task at hand. You knew it was more important, and the others knew that you knew that, too. You turned, facing the three that you had been with since Rivendell, ridding your face of all tears with the back of your hand, sniffing.
“I do not want to leave him here; I would very much like to send him down the river if there is time.” You offered, not getting your hopes up as time was growing shorter. It would not be long before the Orcs found nothing on Merry and Pippin’s bodies and discarded of them, the only way they knew how.
“Of course, there is time, mellon nin.” Aragorn reassured.
“Anything you need, lassie.” A small smile grew on Gimli’s face and you returned it as best as you could. Aragorn noticed the conflicted look on Legolas’ face, and asked Gimli to help him move Boromir’s body back to the shore, where you had left the boats. Once the two had moved away from you and Legolas, you looked up at him, not missing the look that was present on his face either.
“Legolas, you need not say—” Your words were interrupted by strong arms scooping you up, pulling you gently against a warm chest. He engulfed you into a hug, your body fitting so perfectly against his own. All you could do was wrap your hands around his built torso, sighing as you pressed your cheek against his chest, matching your breathing with his heartbeat. The two of you stayed there for a while in each other’s arms, an intimate gesture between a pair of friends for comfort and reassurance.
It had not been long when you and Aragorn pushed the boat containing Boromir’s body down the river. His shield was above his head, his hands laying on his stomach, gripping his sword. In the end, you decided that you would not take it. You did not need anything to remember him by, only the memories that you had shared over the years. Also, the balance was never right for you, a fact that he also knew. There was no way that you would be able to keep a long sword simply as a memento. He knew it as well as you did. If anyone ever found him, you wanted them to know that he died with honour – Captain of the White Tower of Gondor. On his chest, latched to his clothing, was a brooch; a gift that he had given to you one day. You pressed a kiss to his forehead before you grabbed one side of the boat, hauling and pushing it down stream with the help of Aragorn. Your eyes wetted at the sight of the boat nearing the river, but with a side hug from Aragorn, a smile from Gimli and Legolas’ presence, you knew you were going to be okay.
Suddenly, Legolas grabbed a spare boat, rushing it toward the water. “Hurry! Frodo and Sam have reached the Eastern Shore.” He looked back, eyes flickering between you and Aragorn, and then Gimli. Aragorn sighed, before both of you looked over to the Eastern Shore, where you could barely make out the shape of two hobbits beyond the trees and moving further. The four of you shared a knowing look. “You mean not to follow them.”
“Frodo’s fate is no longer in our hands.” Aragorn said plainly. A look crossed Legolas’ face that you could not quite distinguish.
“Then it has all been in vain. The Fellowship has failed.”
“No, Gimli.” You denied, a small smile creeping across your face when Aragorn stood up beside you, reaching over to grasp the shoulders of the dwarf and the elf.
“Not if we hold true to each other.” Gimli placed his hand over the ranger’s arm, nodding slightly. You gave Legolas a smile, squeezing his hand gently. “We will not Merry and Pippin to torment and death. Not while we have strength left.” He abruptly turned tail, beginning to walk away into the forest.
“Leave all that can be spared behind. We travel light. Let’s hunt some Orc.” As Aragorn continued to stride through the sparse foliage, you, Gimli and Legolas shared a look. A smirk grew on all of your faces, Gimli shouting in approval before running to Aragorn. Legolas took your hand in his with a smile, his bow in the other. You gripped at his hand in response. The two of you ran with each other, joining with the others before you begun to trek what would be a chase that would be counted a marvel among the three kindreds.
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sokkasdarling · 6 months ago
second thoughts (legolas x reader)
The Fellowship of the Ring - Part 4
warnings: mentions of death, smoking, straying from canon, secret spilled, SUUUPER long a/n lol sorry
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
a/n: hello my lovelies! its long overdue i know im so sorry! i kinda fell of the train for a while, but im back and super excited to present chapter 4 of second thoughts! thank you all for being so sweet and loving and understanding with me, i appreciate it so much! also in the meantime i hit 400 followers! incredible are you kidding me? i appreciate all 412 of you i love you with my all my heart and THANK YOU. if you would like to participate in my follower celebration you can see that here or look at the pinned post on my blog page. SO all the BORING stuff out of the way (im kidding) this chapter is completely made up, none of this is canon but it takes place while they are at Lothlorien. i thought it would be fun to add a chapter completely made up to develop some of the readers relationships ! i hope you enjoy this and thank you all so much for bearing with me!!<3
Tumblr media
“Stay close, young hobbits.” Gimli spoke in a whisper once you were further into the woods. “They say a great sorceress lives in these woods. An elf-witch of terrible power. All who look upon her fall under her spell… And are never seen again.”
“But is there any truth to it?” You asked, unsure. These woods were happily familiar to you, you must have had good experiences here.
“I do not know, lass. But either way, here’s one dwarf she won’t ensnare so easily. I have eyes of a hawk and ears of a fox—” A gasp escaped your lips as you came face to face with many arrow heads in your direction.
“The dwarf breathes so loud; we could have shot him in the dark.” A – very attractive – elf emerged among the arrows. He eyes washed over you and your breath caught in your throat. He was strangely familiar, too.
Legolas had noticed the other elf’s eyes studying you and for some reason felt a surge of a strange feeling passing through his body. He did not like the way that he looked at you.
“Haldir of Lorien. We come here for help. We need your protection.” Aragorn spoke fluently. The elf cocked an eyebrow.
“Aragorn, these woods are perilous. We should go back.” Gimli suggested, sounding rather irritated.
“Quiet, Gimli.” Your words were soft, looking curiously at Haldir who returned the gaze.
“You have entered the realm of the Lady of the Wood. You cannot go back.” His eyes turned to Frodo. “Come. She is waiting.” He turned, and you followed.
Soon after, you found yourselves in Lothlorien, stepping up a tall, spiralling staircase. It was strange, for a reason that you could not explain or even pinpoint. But the peculiar could not overwrite its beauty. The staircase brought you to a beautiful arched building, supported by the tree branches it was built upon. It was white and glowing, and your eyes were fixed upon it entirely. Another staircase lay in front of you, of which two elves were situated on top, a man and a woman. He guided her down the steps with his hand. She was beautiful. Her skin was pale and her hair a platinum gold0silver. Her skin was flawless, her body covered by a gorgeously detailed white frock.
“Nine there are here yet ten there were set out from Rivendell. Tell me, where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him.” The man questioned. The woman’s eyes fell over your frame and you met them. Her gaze was intense.
“He has fallen into shadow.” She did not stop looking at you and you breathed silently, nodding slightly. She turned to Aragorn, and then at the other members of the Fellowship. “The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little and it will fail, to the ruin of all.” Her eyes wandered, fixing on Boromir whose forehead was smothered in beads of sweat and he avoided her look. You noticed, brows knitting together in confusion. Legolas had also noticed, though he said and did nothing. “Yet hope remains while the company is true. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Go now and rest, for you are weary with sorrow and much toil. Tonight, you will sleep in peace.”
It did not take long for you to get settled in, nor anyone else. You were each given fresh clothes and an opportunity to bathe. When the nine of you regathered to settle for bed, you chuckled to see that Aragorn looked the same as he had before. Legolas gave her a smile and stood beside her. You swallowed, thinking that he looked rather charming in the detailed silver tunic that wrapped his built torso. It suited him. In his hands he held a silver jug and he let out a breath.
“A lament for Gandalf.” He said, softly. You gave him a small smile which he returned.
“What do they say about him?”
“I have not the heart to tell you. For me, the grief is still too near.” You squeezed Legolas’ hand comfortingly, sharing a smile with him. Merry nudged Pippin, pointing at the two of you.
“It’s only a matter of time, young Pippin.” He whispered, a grin on his face.
“What does that mean?” Sam asked, but he was quickly shushed by the mischievous hobbits. Merry pointing yet again to you and Legolas.
“Do you think Y/N and Legolas will ever get together, Sam?” Sam shrugged to Pip’s question before they decided to continue preparing for bed. Meanwhile, Aragorn had made his way over to Boromir, who was sat in solitary with his head pointed towards the ground.
“Take some rest; these borders are well protected.”
“I will find no rest here.” Boromir declared. That caught your attention. You frowned, walking over to him, sitting beside him with a small smile ghosting over your lips. He let out a shaky breath. “I heard her voice inside my head. She spoke of my father and the fall of Gondor. She said to me, ‘even now, there is hope left’. But I cannot see it. It is long since we had any hope.” Tears pooled in your eyes listening to him and you sighed silently, hugging his torso whilst he placed his arm around your shoulders.
“My father is a noble man, but his rule is failing. And our—our people lose faith. He looks to me to make things right, and I would do it. I would see the glory of Gondor restored.” His lips tugged up gently at the edges. “Have you ever seen it, Aragorn? The White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze. Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?” It was not until that moment that you truly noticed how much you missed home. A few tears strayed from your eyes, racing down your face. You closed your eyes, leaning into Boromir’s side, sniffling quietly.
“I have seen the White City… Long ago.”
“One day, our paths will lead us there. And the tower guard shall take up the call – the Lords of Gondor have returned.” He smiled, turning to you to wipe the tears from your face before you pulled him into a hug. What he had said had terrified you. The fall of Gondor. Your home. And would any be there to save it? Or would people rather see it perish? After all, Denethor was completely useless and never aided those in need, so why would any come to Gondor’s need?
You stood, wiping your face with a small sniffle. Sighing, you walked away from the others, ambling off to wherever you could be on your own for a while. You took a seat on a flat tree root in a secluded area, trying to process the information about Gondor. You were so engrossed in your thoughts that you had not noticed the presence of another. As someone cleared their throat, you looked up, startled.
“Haldir. Forgive me I was—”
“Lost in your own mind?” He offered you a small smile.
“Exactly.” You chuckled. “It’s beautiful here, truly.” He stayed silent, taking a seat beside you. “It is strangely familiar to me.”
“Strange?” He questioned, tilting his head in confusion.
“Like I came here once in a dream.”
“Like a distant memory.”
“Exactly.” You smiled. Haldir watched you curiously, but with a knowing look spread across his face. As you turned to look at him, a realisation dawned upon you, and you found yourself repeating his words, “a distant memory…” He nodded once before standing, looking down at you.
“Goodnight, Y/N.” And with that, he was gone.
You had not slept very much during the night; you hoped that the next few nights would be better for you. The morning came around fast though, and soon enough everyone was awake and breakfasting. Not being particularly hungry, you only had a small breakfast. If it were up to you, you would not have eaten at all, but you did not want Sam to worry. Pippin and Merry were clamouring persistently to Boromir about how they wanted to practice. You watched them for a while, giggling at their stupidity before Aragorn sat beside you.
“Where did you wander off to last night?”
“I just wanted to be alone. A lot has happened in the last week; it all caught up to me.”
“You’re alright, Y/N.” He gently clapped you on the shoulder and you smiled at him, though tears gathered in your eyes.
“It is where I grew up, for the most part. I do not want to see it fall. And I’m afraid I won’t be able to help the way I want.” A stray tear fell down your face and Aragorn gently wiped it away with the pad of his thumb before he wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side. “Forgive me, I do not wish to be so emotional.”
“It happens to the best of us, mellon nin.” He gave you a smile which you gladly returned. “There’s that beautiful smile.”
Legolas watched the two of you, his brows furrowed together, that strange feeling pulsing through him again. Aragorn’s right, he thought. Her smile is beautiful. His eyes were fixed on you while you spoke to Sam and Frodo, so focused that he did not realise Aragorn was now stood behind him, leaning into his ear.
“You’re staring, Legolas.” He whispered, the elf’s blonde hair moving from Aragorn’s breath.
“No. I am merely watching.” Legolas denied, earning a chuckle from Aragorn.
“Whatever you say, mellon.” Aragorn strode away, a grin plastered on his face. A gentle blush dusted over the elf’s cheeks, something rather noticeable that stood out from his pale complexion. He tore his eyes away from you, instead joining Boromir and Gimli to train the hobbits.
“My old gaffer might just faint if he ever saw a place like this. Got a thing for pretty places, he has. Makes sense, him being a gardener. He’d love it here.” Sam noticed your vacant expression while he spoke and frowned, gently touching your hand. “Y/N, are you alright?”
“Oh, yes, I—I’m fine. Forgive me.” You gave him a smile, squeezing his hand reassuringly.
“What about your parents, Y/N? What are they like?” Frodo asked.
“My parents died when I was very young. I don’t really remember them.” Their faces dropped immediately and opened their mouths to apologise but you chuckled, waving them off. “Don’t apologise; you did not know.”
A small smile ghosted over Frodo’s lips. “My parents died when I was young, too, in a boating accident.”
“I’m sorry, Frodo.” You offered your condolences while he shook his head.
“That’s alright; It was an accident.”
“You really are a pair of remarkable hobbits.”
You jolted awake with a breath tearing from your throat. Frantically, you scanned the area, your hand automatically reaching for your knives on your belt – only they were not there. It was at that moment that you remembered that you were still in the comforts of Lothlorien. Something compelled you to make sure that all of your companions were still beside you and you counted as you gazed around at them.
“Y/N?” A soft, calming voice called out to you amongst the darkness.
“Yes?” You responded quietly, shivering slightly.
“Are you alright?”
“Are you sure?” The voice asked. You sighed at that.
“Just a bad dream.” It was an awful dream. Much like Frodo’s if you were honest. You did not want to think about it too much; you feared you might get emotional. The figure that had the voice stood and held his hand out to you. You took it, standing, and he led you a little away from the rest of the Fellowship.
As it became lighter, you could see the face of whomever had spoken to you. If you were honest, you were so drained from the dream that you had not distinguished who the voice belonged to. But, as the space got brighter, you could just make out the perfect contours of the face, the small curve on the lips, the concerned blue eyes that studied your face, the long blonde hair that gracefully fell over the broad shoulders.
“You were struggling in your sleep. I was worried for you.” He admitted, his voice seeming to get softer by the minute.
“Did I wake you? Forgive me I—”
“Do not worry, mellon nin; you did not wake me.” A small smile fell over his lips before his eyes filled with concern once again. “What were you dreaming of?” Legolas noticed the way that you squirmed at his question and furrowed his brows in response.
“Nothing important; I will be fine. But I appreciate your concern, Legolas.”
“Y/N, do not lie to me; you have no talent for it.” You smiled sheepishly. “You need not tell me, but I saw the way that you tossed and turned and the look of terror on your face. You were mumbling, incoherently, but you sounded terrified.”
“Everything seems so real now. It has finally seemed to sink in that Gandalf is gone and… It reminded me of my parents.” You sat down, your back flush against a tree trunk. “In my dream, everyone met the same fate, Gandalf’s fate. I was alone again.” Tears began to form in your eyes, your lip started to quiver. Legolas frowned, kneeling beside you before he gently tugged your chest against his, wrapping his arms around you protectively.
“Y/N, I will be with you for as long as you wish for me to be. You won’t ever be alone again.” He felt a terrible ache in his chest when you looked up at him, your arms still wrapped around his torso, your eyes puffy and a few wet streams leaking down your cheeks.
You gave him a weak smile, sniffling. “Do you promise?” He nodded. “Say it.”
“I promise.” He took a seat beside you after pulling away from the hug, a small distance between the two of you. After a long – yet comfortable – silence, you let out a sigh before moving closer to him, leaning into his body. You rested your head on his shoulder platonically, but Legolas could not escape the increasing beating of his heart when your leg touched his. He gently rested his head on top of yours, wondering what you were thinking about. Then, as if out of the blue – though it wasn’t really – you asked him a question.
“Have you ever been in love, Legolas? Have you ever loved someone so much to the point where it hurt?” Your voice faltered as you spoke, and the elf sighed silently. You could feel his breath shifting your hair.
“What was her name?”
“How did you know—”
“I can tell.” You looked up at him. “Your demeanour changed when I asked the question. Come, tell me about her.”
He did not know why, but he did. “Her name was Tauriel. She was the captain of the Elven guard of the Woodland Realm.”
“Was?” You questioned his use of the past. “What happened to her?”
“I do not know.” He let out a deep sigh and you frowned, wishing you had never asked for it was clearly a sensitive subject for him. “She did not believe herself worthy of me. Instead, she fell in love with a dwarf. Only, he died during a battle. I could not return to the Woodland Realm; my father gave me knowledge of Aragorn, and so I went to find him. I do not know what happened to her.”
“Forgive me, Legolas. I did not mean to upset you.” He shook his head at you, and you smiled, shifting a little closer to him to comfort him. He chuckled lightly as you wrapped your arms around him.
Back over by the others, Aragorn had awoken, but he did not move. Instead, he rolled over for he could hear familiar voices whispering behind him. As he turned, with a stealthy eye open, he watched you and Legolas sit together, a knowing smirk growing on his face.
The morning came quick, after you and Legolas had spoke about your lives all night and gotten a few quick hours of sleep before the others had awoken from their dreams. It was the last day that you would spend at Lothlorien, for you must all be getting a move on, and soon; the Ring would not take itself to Mount Doom. Since it was to be your last day in the comforts of the Lady of the Wood, she had asked to see all of you.
When the nine of you presented yourselves to her, she gifted each of you and Elven cloak, paired with a green brooch as a clasp. She named them the Leaves of Lorien. The Elven cloaks had been woven by Galadriel herself. They could not deflect a shaft or blade but instead, they could act as camouflage to unfriendly eyes. When you put it on, it was light and very agile. It was difficult to tell that you were even wearing a cloak. She explained that they would be warm or cool as needed. Then, she wished you all luck on your journey, and the nine of you quickly returned to the camp to begin packing for the day ahead; setting out early was important to travel as much as possible while it was still light.
Back at the camp, you all breakfasted. You made sure that the hobbits had taken enough before you started to pick at your own food. Aragorn wandered over to where you sat, perching himself beside you, a bowl in his hand, a small smirk tugging at his lips.
“What are you so amused by?” You paused chewing to ask, swallowing the remainder of the food in your mouth afterwards. A chuckle escaped him, and he turned to look at you.
“What is going on between you and Legolas?” His questioned startled you. You coughed profusely, trying to rid of the piece of food that lodged in your throat.
“What do you mean?”
“I happened to wake up last night, and…”
“And, what? You were spying on us?” You quirked your eyebrow cheekily, the hint of a grin on your lips. Aragorn grinned.
“And,” he lowered his voice. “I saw the two of you sitting together.”
“So? Is sitting together such a crime, Aragorn?” You shared a laugh with him. “Since you are so curious, I’ll tell you. The truth is, I was upset, and he comforted me. Then we spoke about life.” Aragorn raised his eyebrows, unsure if you were telling the truth or not. You giggled. “Have I ever lied to you, Aragorn?”
“No, I suppose not. My mistake. Forgive me, I thought something more might have been going on.”
“Well, I hate to disappoint, but nothing more is going on. He is kind, but we are friends, that is all.” Aragorn nodded at your words, then left you to sit in peace while you ate. He kept a close eye on you from afar, watching until you were distracted by the hobbits and by Boromir until he made his way to Legolas.
“Y/N looks nice today, don’t you think, Legolas?”
“Do not think I’m unaware of what you’re doing, Aragorn.” Legolas said with a scowl. Aragorn chuckled, holding his hands up in surrender.
“Alright. Though, you do seem very fond of her.”
“What’s not to be fond of? She’s kind, funny, a good fighter, she takes care of the hobbits.” A pink blush dusted over his cheeks. “She’s beautiful…”
“Legolas.” The ranger smirked. “Mellon nin, are you falling for Y/N?”
“Lower your voice, Aragorn.” Legolas urged, the blush growing on his face. Legolas wouldn’t say he was falling for you. He thought you were pretty, very pretty, and he enjoyed your company, but that does not mean that he liked you like that. His heart raced when you were close to him, and even harder when you touched. He hated to see you upset, loved to see you smile and laugh, although he preferred to be the one to make you smile. But none of that meant that he was falling for you, did it? He didn’t think so.
But as his eyes fell over you now, he could not help but feel that maybe, just maybe, that Aragorn was right. He watched your lips part and turn up into a smile, a hearty laugh drawing from your throat at something that Merry had said. Aragorn did not miss the smile that grew on Legolas’ face whilst he watched you, a longing, loving look in his blue eyes. All the ranger could do was smile at the elf and chuckle to himself, before finishing his food and continuing to pack what will be needed for when the journey resumes at dawn. Until then, the nine of you decided that you would appreciate the comforts of Lothlorien once more.
Time seemed to pass very quickly, and as fast as the morning had come, the night came. You and Aragorn were still awake, sitting beside each other, sharing his pipe, giggling about old times. You let out a contented sigh and he opened his arm for you to shift into him. As you did so, he plucked the pipe from your fingers and stuck it between his lips. You chuckled at him before sighing again.
“What’s wrong, mellon nin?” He said, the pipe bobbing in his mouth as he spoke.
“I have yet to find out what this place means to me, and we are already leaving.”
Aragorn sighed. “Y/N, you were born here.” Your eyes widened in shock.
“Your mother and father lived in Lothlorien; that is why you recognise this place.”
“How do you know this?” You asked. You need not ask if Aragorn was telling the truth; he knew how much this meant to you.
“Haldir. He and your father were good friends. He wanted to tell you himself.”
“Why didn’t he?”
“He thought it would be better to come from a friend.” He offered you a smile and you smiled softly, relief lifting a huge weight from your shoulders. Returning the favour, you plucked the pipe from his lips and placed it between your own. “You’re not angry?”
You shook your head, blowing out some smoke. “Why would I be?” Aragorn shrugged and you chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder. He gently pressed his head against yours and before you knew it, your eyes were fluttering closed and you were drifting off to a sound sleep.
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Random thought, but you should make one-shots of Arryin - continued. I guess that could count as fanfics of your own fanfic????? Idk
Ooo I was thinking about doing that!! But I also have sorta idea for a second book... but like it’s not a full idea it’s like half of an idea????? If that makes sense??? I still need to go back in and re-write the beginning chapters because they are low-key shit 😂😂😂
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second thoughts (legolas x reader)
The Fellowship of the Ring - Part 3
warnings: fighting, character death
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
a/n : part 3!!! i have so much fun writing this story and im so glad that i get to continue writing these chapters for you guys. thank you so much to everyone who is reading and showing support, it honestly means so much to me you have no idea. anyway, without further ado, here’s chapter 3! i hope you enjoy<3
Tumblr media
“Are we lost?”
“I think we are.”
“Shh! Gandalf’s thinking.”
“I’m hungry.” Pippin and Merry whispered between each other. They were sat opposite each other, their voices flowing through the space. Sam was sat up against one of the rocks near Frodo. Gandalf had perched himself upon a rock. He lifted a pipe to and from his lips, blowing out smoke when necessary. You were sat beside Boromir, who was beside Aragorn. Legolas was stood, his back leaned against rock, close to Aragorn.
“I miss home.” You mentioned. Boromir smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you gently into his side.
“After the journey, we will return. We will drink and feast and celebrate. And everything will go back to normal.” He assured and you gave a small smile. Though, you were unsure of whether you wanted that to be your reality when you were to finish the journey. You had quite enjoyed the thought of travelling with Aragorn and then when his time had come… Well, you had not thought that far just yet. Anyway, this was all hypothetical, of course, as it had much started to dawn on you that you might not get the chance to return. Luck had been on your side thus far but for how long would it continue to come to your aid?
Legolas noticed the worried look that fell over your features and his brows drew together, wishing that he could read your mind to know what troubled you. He was about to pull you to the side to ask how you were when Gandalf let out a loud noise.
“It’s that way.” He pointed with his eyes, a smile tugging at his lips as he looked at Frodo who was sat beside him.
“He’s remembered!” Merry said with a grin, pulling the pipe from his lips. He pushed himself to his feet.
Gandalf stood with the aid of his staff. “No, but the air doesn’t smell so foul down here. If in doubt, young Meriadoc, always follow your nose.” He led the way, holding his staff up so that the light exuding from it would reveal more of the path. Legolas held back to walk with you. You smiled at him and he returned it. Each member of the Fellowship stepped down the decreasing concrete.
“Let me risk a little more light.” Gandalf muttered. His staff brightened the way. “Behold, the great realm, the dwarf city of Dwarrowdelf.”
Your lips parted almost immediately in awe, breath drawing from your throat. There were pillars hundreds of feet tall, all so intricately designed and decorated. Somehow amongst the darkness all of the stone seemed to turn from a dull grey to a shimmering silver. Dips and grooves were so perfectly sculpted that it seemed surreal.
“Well, there’s an eyeopener, make no mistake.” Sam said. His eyes were glistening with wonder as well as everyone else’s.
“It’s beautiful.” You whispered. It seemed as if the words were forced from your mouth. There was so much beauty and brilliance in the world that you had yet to see; the sort of the thing that excited you.
It did not excite you for long, however. Once you had been walking for a while again, Gimli paused. His eyes quickly scanned over skeletons leading to a room. He took an audible breath, running into the room. Your eyes widened and you quickly followed him. Your heart ached at the sight of him. His face was stained with more tears, his eyes flooded. His wails were unforgettable. A series of sobs left his lips, his chest heaving up and down as you gently placed a hand on his shoulder. You could feel tears begin to pool in yours eyes. You had not noticed that the others had joined you until the sound of extra footsteps echoed off of the walls.
“Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria.” The wizard took a breath. You moved away from Gimli, standing beside Legolas with a small sniffle. “He is dead, then. It is as I feared.” He handed his things to Pippin, delicately moving a skeleton to pick up a dusty book that it had been holding, once. A shiver ran all the way up your spine, your skin prickling in goosebumps. You snapped your head around to look through the door behind you, anxiety growing within your frame.
“I have a bad feeling about this place.” You hissed into the elf’s ear and he nodded, leaning into Aragorn’s ear slightly.
“We must move on. We cannot linger.”
Gandalf turned the page. “They have taken the bridge, and the second hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes. Drums. Drums in the deep.” He turned the page. “We cannot get out. Shadow moves in the dark. We cannot get out. They are coming—”
Suddenly a loud noise captivated the attention of everybody. The noise came from beside Pippin, who was stood looking extremely guilty beside a headless body. Before you knew it, the body fell flimsily down the hole beside it and the weight that it was attached to quickly followed. If you wanted not to be noticed then perhaps bringing Pippin along was not the right idea, for the noises echoed loudly around the space. After a little while of silence, Boromir let out an audible breath of relief.
“Fool of a took!” Gandalf snapped, tossing the book to the floor. “Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity.” He snatched back his staff and hat and Pippin looked to the floor.
There was a faint bang in the distance. If anyone’s eyes had wondered, they were now firmly back on the hobbit. Breathing was audible from everyone in the room. You looked worriedly at Boromir, he, too, looked anxious. Your breath quickened, turning around to face the door but turning back when Sam spoke.
“Mister Frodo…” At his words, Frodo pulled out his sword which was glowing blue. Your eyes widened at the sight. He had told you before that his Uncle Bilbo had gifted it to him before he left Rivendell. It glowed blue if there were—
“Orcs.” Legolas confirmed at the overwhelming sound of energetic screams and shouts. Boromir turned, running to the door.
“Boromir!” You warned, gasping sharply when two arrows landed not even an inch away from his face, protruding out from the door. Sprinting to him, you helped him shove the door closed. You could make out Aragorn saying something to the hobbits over the vicious pumping of your heart. Instinctively you turned your back to the door, holding it shut whilst Legolas threw an axe to you. It threaded through the handle of the door kindly and you stepped away from the door slowly, pulling out your knives. The door began to wave outwards and inwards, like it was victim to an angry storm. Weapons were cutting through the wood at speed and soon enough the doors caved to the Orcs’ will. They came flooding through the space like they were on a water current. Legolas and Aragorn shot their arrows but there were too many. They continued to pour through until they reached you.
With a roar, you brought your knife up to counter a sword, plunging your other into the face of your attacker. You dodged an oncoming axe, dropping the floor to swipe its legs before heaving its own weapon into its chest. Swiftly you sliced through the flesh of one’s neck, spinning to punch another before you stabbed it in the heart; if they had hearts, that is, you did not really know. Your fingers tightened around the hilts of your knives, searching around. You quickly sheathed your knives, picking up an axe from one of those that you just killed. As you made for one about to attack Boromir from behind, you swung the axe over your head, burying it deep inside its skull. The body fell to its knees and you struggled to pull the weapon out, forcefully kicking the body to release the axe. Shouting, swinging at one’s knees before slicing its head clean from its body.
You shielded your face as rocks came flying from where the door was once. Sheer horror smacked you in the face at the sight of a cave troll. It had chains around its neck and a huge mallet in its hand. It came bounding right up to Sam after Legolas shot an arrow into the centre of its chest.
“Sam!” You cried, breathing as he managed to crawl out of the way. When you turned around, an Orc landed a punch straight to your nose. You fell, startled, wincing slightly at the pain. Your eyes widened as it swung its axe towards your head. With barely inches between you and the blade, you managed to roll out of the way. Suddenly the Orc let out a cry of pain, and you used the opportunity to ram your knives into each of its legs before pulling one out and driving it into its chest. When it fell to the floor, you managed to take a quick glance at the body. There was an arrow sticking out of the fleshy part of the side. A small smile tugged on your lips amongst the madness, your eyes searching.
Your smile faded when your gaze landed on Legolas. The troll swung its chain at him with ferocity, causing rocks to fall from the pillars and the walls.
“Legolas!” You screamed his name, tears in your eyes. He managed to swerve from all of the troll’s attacks. You did not see much of what happened next, for the number of Orcs seemed to increase again, but you cut down all of the Orcs that came your way with much frustration, the tears of worry in your eyes turning to those of anger.
When you next got a chance to look at the troll, it was attacking Frodo, Merry and Pippin. You began to make your way towards them, lunging at each creature that came to attack you, carving into their skin as if they were meat for dinner. The cave troll grabbed Frodo by his foot, and you called to him, raising the aggressiveness of your attacks unintentionally, frustration consuming your entire body. Frodo managed to slice something from the hand of the troll, giving Aragorn the chance to stick a spear just under its breast. It smacked Aragorn to the side and he hit a rock before his body tumbled lifelessly to the floor. Frodo desperately tried to run around the troll but to no avail. The troll pushed the spear into the hobbits chest.
A sob was forced from your throat, your chest heaving for breath. Merry and Pippin jumped on the troll, stabbing at its neck relentlessly. It managed to shake Merry off, dropping him to the floor from a height. Gimli ran at it, attempting to smack it with his axe but got kicked to the side. As you screamed, your knives tore and shredded through its thick skin. You swung an axe from the ground up to land firmly in the back of it. Legolas drew an arrow, aiming carefully before shooting it. The arrow buried itself in its mouth. It let out a noise. Then it fell to the ground, spreading the dust over the other bodies that lay there.
It took you no time at all to run to where Frodo’s and Aragorn’s bodies were. A few tears fell down your cheeks while you sprinted. You sighed in relief to see Aragorn crawling toward the hobbits body, but you frowned, noticing that Frodo still had not moved. The lump in your throat grew. Your breathing felt restricted, a small sob falling from your lips. Aragorn rolled Frodo’s body over into his lap.
A series of groans came from the mouth of the hobbit and your eyes widened, thinking that your ears had deceived you. The hobbit was stabbed, surely, he was dead! But Sam ran to your side, taking a deep breath before he looked to the rest of the Fellowship.
“He’s alive.” He confirmed. Everyone seemed to breathe at that.
“I’m alright. I’m not hurt.” Said Frodo, clutching his chest.
You smiled. “But how?”
“I think there is more to this hobbit than meets the eye,” Gandalf suggested with a knowing look. When you looked back towards Frodo, he pulled the fabric of his undershirt down, revealing a glimmering white chainmail material.
“Mithril.” Gimli whispered, a smile on his face. “You are full of surprises, Master Baggins.” Y stood, laughing breathily before turning to those behind you. Your gaze landed on Boromir and you smiled, wiping a bit of blood from his cheek comically. He chuckled, engulfing you in a hug. He gently pressed his lips to your to the top of your head and you smiled. Boromir left you to check on Merry and Pippin and you turned to Legolas, smiling.
“I was worried for you, mellon nin.” You avoided his gaze.
“And I for you.” He said. You could hear the smile on his face when he spoke, and your smile widened. You were about to say something else when more manic screams and shouts were heard, identical to the ones that were heard before the Orcs attacked you. Your eyes widened, turning to Gandalf.
“To the bridge of Khazad-Dum.”
And with that the Fellowship took off down the stony halls of Moria. You were all sprinting at full speed. It was a little surprising that the hobbits could keep up, but they had proven many times by now that they could hold their own and should never be underestimated. Screams echoed behind you and you turned to look, slowing when you noticed how many Orcs there were. This was a battle you were destined to lose. Fingers wrapped firmly around your wrist and you snapped your head forward again to see Boromir holding to you with one of his arms, pulling you along. Orcs started to pop up out of the floor and crawl down from the ceiling and quite quickly it was easy to see that there were way too many of them to even fathom fighting. The Fellowship slowed to a stop and you created a circle, pulling your knives from their sheaths and staring down the Orcs that surrounded you. The circle seemed to get smaller and smaller and soon you were shoulder to shoulder with Legolas and Boromir. The Orcs smiled maniacally at you. You took a sharp breath, ready to lunge at them when a very loud rumbling noise came from the end of the corridor.
Immediately, the Orcs turned frail, squeaking with fear and soon they scattered off just as quickly as they had appeared. You were alone again. The noise reverberated through the halls.
“What is that?” Somehow you had the nerve to ask the question.
“A Balrog. A demon of the ancient world.” You watched Legolas’ eyes widen slightly at the wizard’s words and you swallowed dryly. “This foe is beyond any of you. Run!”
Gandalf made for the opening that you had all meant to go down originally, the rest of you darting to the end of the hall to keep up with him. He stopped at the open archway, allowing the others in front of him. You ran just behind Legolas and Boromir was now leading the way. He moved down the newly presented set of stairs, not noticing the empty chasm that lay before his feet. He wobbled on the very edge, dropping his torch down the space as Legolas lunged forward, wrapped his arms around his chest and pulled him back.
Behind you, Gandalf clutched hold of Aragorn’s shoulder. “Lead them on, Aragorn. The bridge is near.” When Aragorn tried to help him, he pushed on his shoulder, forcing him away. “Do as I say! Swords are no more use here.” You raced down the numerous flights of stone stairs until you came to a halt. A part of the staircase was missing. Legolas jumped over it carelessly, landing perfectly on the other side. He held his hand out to you. You took a breath before leaping over the disparity, grabbing his hand tightly as he safely pulled you into his chest.
“Gandalf.” He gestured for the wizard to come next. Gandalf jumped and you gasped as an arrow missed your face by just a few inches. Legolas frowned, aiming and shooting, his arrow hitting the Orc archer right between the eyes. You ushered Boromir down and he nodded, grabbing Merry and Pippin before diving over the gaping chasm. You caught Merry in your arms, setting him down with a head pat before Aragorn tossed Sam to you. Catching him, you gently set him down beside Merry whilst Legolas dealt with Gimli. Once Gimli joined you, however, the rock that Frodo and Aragorn were still perched on began to crumble. You gasped, squeezing Boromir’s hand in anxiety as you watched. A huge roar echoed from where you had just come from, causing the archway to shake and break. A large piece of stone plunged from the ceiling, crashing down onto the very staircase that the man and the hobbit were situated on. Your heart stuttered as the rock destroyed what was in its way, falling into the abyss below. The stem of the staircase broke.
“Be careful!” You cried, biting your lip so hard it pooled with blood. Aragorn pulled a very terrified Frodo into his chest. You watched with complete anxiety yet confusion; you could see that the man was calculating something.
“Lean forward!” He instructed to the Ring-Bearer and as the two did so, the faulty staircase began to lean under their weight. Slowly, it moved towards the stable one, crashing into it and you let out a breath with Frodo in your arms. All you wanted was to sit and hug him and make sure that he knew everything was going to be alright – even though you weren’t entirely sure it would be – but you knew that could not happen. Legolas had safely caught Aragorn and the next thing you knew, the ten of you were rapidly rushing down the numerous flights of trembling stairs.
Eventually you got to flat ground but none of you stopped running. Your thoughts wandered to Gandalf, wondering if it was wise that he should be running like this, for it seemed he was far too tired even earlier.
The bridge was near. “Over the bridge! Fly!” Little attention was paid to the roaring fires acting as gates toward it. Whilst everyone ran, Gandalf made sure to lack behind and just as he turned around, slowly, a giant creature emerged from the fire. It had black tattered skin and horns, terrible teeth and bright white eyes. Its mouth opened, and it created sound unlike any other on Middle-Earth, its mouth mirroring hot embers. Gandalf turned once it had taken a step, fleeing towards the group of you who also began to scurry away from the creature. You sprinted, heart jolting each time you heard – and felt – the Balrog take a step. In single file, ushering the hobbits in front of you, you crossed the bridge. Boromir held you for a moment once you had crossed, making sure that you were alright before he let go, eyes widening at the sight of Gandalf still in the centre of the bridge.
“You cannot pass.” Gandalf yelled, facing the beast with his staff out in front of him, his long sword settled in his other hand.
“Gandalf!” Frodo screamed. You inhaled sharply, eyes filling with tears in worry. Aragorn squeezed your hand gently as the beast stood tall, erupting into a ball of flame.
“I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun!” A great light emitted from Gandalf’s staff when he held it up, but the Balrog created a weapon of his own. A flash of lightning spewed from the connection of Gandalf’s staff and the Balrog’s sword of flame. You grasped Aragorn’s hand tighter, feeling all of the moisture from your mouth dissipate. The sword melted down into the abyss and the creature moaned ferociously at the wizard once again. “Go back to the shadow.” He said behind hooded eyes. It stepped toward him, creating a fiery whip which he cracked against the stone.
“You shall not pass!” As his voice echoed, Gandalf thrust his staff into the stone, white sparks flying from the collision. The beast raised his arm, stepping mightily towards to wizard, but the stone crumbled under its weight. He plummeted into the abyss. You let out a breath you did not know you were holding. Gandalf turned to step towards you.
However, as he did so, an orange-yellow string secured itself around his ankle, pulling him across the stone until he barely hung from the edge.
You gasped, shaking your head incredulously. “No…” Frodo ran for him. Boromir grabbed him, holding him close before he could reach. Your eyes were wide with anguish, Frodo’s screams painfully ringing in your ears.
He looked amongst you. “Fly, you fools.” Was all he said before he spread his fingers out, giving in, and he fell. Tears pooled in your eyes, an aching sensation pounding in your chest, throughout your entire body. A few choked sobs escaped you whilst Aragorn, still latched to your hand, pulled you along, shielding you from the many arrows that were being shot your way. The final set of steps lay in front of you, and as Aragorn gently dragged you along, you found yourself looking back, filled with a sorrow that everyone was experiencing.
Upon exiting Moria, you found that Boromir was holding back Gimli, from going in there and no doubt trying to murder the Balrog that had taken Gandalf. Sam was sat on his own, crying into his hand. Pippin was sprawled out on the floor in pain, Merry holding onto him, both of them with tears gushing down their faces. If your heart was not already broken from the loss, it certainly was shattered now from the melancholy faces that lay before you. Slowly, you made your way over to Sam, resting a gentle hand on his shoulder as you knelt beside him. He looked up and threw his arms around your body, sobbing silently into your shoulder. You closed your eyes, tears streaming, hugging him as tightly while he clung to you.
Legolas looked around, it seemed as if for the first time that he was unsure of what to do. His chest ached, even harder when his eyes landed upon you, and how you quickly swiped your tears away before talking to Sam, wanting to be strong for him and the other hobbits.
Aragorn cleaned his sword with his clothes. “Legolas, get them up.” He came close to you and Sam and you shook your head gently.
“Leave them.” You sniffed.
“Give them a moment, for pity’s sake!”
“By nightfall, these hills will be swarming with Orcs. We must reach the Woods of Lothlorien. Come Boromir. Y/N, Legolas, Gimli, get them up.” Aragorn pulled Sam up from the floor. “On your feet.” Boromir made his over to you, wrapping a comforting arm around your shoulder. You smiled weakly at him, and he kissed your temple softly. “Frodo?” You heard Aragorn call, your eyes wandering to try to find the hobbit. Once you had found him, you sighed.
“It is hardly fair, that they do not get a chance to lament.”
“I know, but Aragorn is right. We must hurry to avoid the Orcs and another potential loss.” You nodded and Boromir’s words, hugging into his side, your eyes never leaving Frodo.
You had all been walking for a long while, but it was still light. You had been walking beside Aragorn, listening to him talk away about where we going and then after that and after that. It was not until he mentioned again where you were going now, that a faint memory flooded into your head. Your brows furrowed together whilst you tried to remember the details of the memory.
“What is it, Y/N?” Aragorn asked, concerned.
“Lothlorien. It sounds familiar.” You gave him a knowing look and his eyes widened, only slightly, in surprise. You both knew what that could mean. Legolas, however, did not, but he wanted to. He felt awful for eavesdropping yet again, but you intrigued him more than one ever had before, and his curiousness was getting the better of him.
Aragorn started to jog toward the forest, and you joined him, stopping once you were inside. Your eyes widened when you looked around, your breathing staggering only slightly, your heart thumping in your chest.
“Aragorn,” you whispered. “I have been here before.”
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second thoughts (legolas x reader)
The Fellowship of the Ring - Part 2
warnings: mention of skeletons
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
a/n : part 2 finally lol !! thank you to everyone who has given chapter 1 a read, thank you for all the support you have all given me i appreciate it so much. so im super happy to present part 2<3 lmk if anyone wants to be added to the taglist or any taglist, send me an ask. thank you for reading, i hope you enjoy and i hope you have a wonderful day<333
Tumblr media
It had hardly seemed to be long before the moon began to fall in the sky, and the sun peered itself through the low clouds. Aragorn had set off to collect firewood. He had no issue leaving you to protect the others on your own for he had seen you fight before. When you heard a little moan, you turned to look at the members of the Fellowship. Sam was sleeping soundly, his cheek squished up against his arm. Merry and Pippin were both drooling with mouths wide open. Boromir had his back to you. Gimli was clutching his axe – and snoring intensely. Legolas’ hair still looked perfect and tiny little snores escaped him every so often. Gandalf’s eyes were wide open, and he muttered in his sleep. Frodo was sat up. His eyes were wide, and his hand was clutching the fabric over his chest. He swallowed thickly.
“Frodo,” you whispered. “Are you alright?”
“Just a nightmare.” He admitted and you frowned, inviting him to sit beside you.
“What was it about? I heard if you tell your nightmares, they do not come back.”
“This one comes back.” Frodo looked at you, his eyes full of worry. “I dream that the Ring will take me. Or that it will take all of you, and I will be forced to continue the journey myself. But I fail.”
You sighed. “There is not much advice I can give to you, Master Baggins. Only to take every day as it comes. Do not fret about what the future could hold, Frodo. Focus on the present, as much as you can.” A silence fell over you for a while. Frodo turned to face you.
“Y/N?” You looked at him. “Why did you not want me to take the Ring?”
“It is a huge burden to bear. I feared it would be too much for you. But you have proved me very wrong thus far, Frodo Baggins. I hope you continue to prove me wrong.” The two of you shared a smile before you decided to wake up the others. Frodo woke the hobbits whilst you knelt beside Legolas. You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder before you called out his name. His eyelids slowly began to flicker open and you softly smiled at him.
“Good morning, Legolas. Wake Gimli, would you?” A smirk tugged at your lips as you turned to move towards Boromir.
“Wouldn’t you rather do it?” Legolas protested. “I am sure you’re a sight he would rather see the moment he wakes up.”
“Why do you say that?”
He gave you a knowing look. “He sleeps holding his axe.”
You laughed. “The Mirkwood Prince is afraid of a dwarf. I never would have guessed that.” Legolas scoffed and you grinned at him. “I will wake him. Help Aragorn with the fire when he comes back.” He flashed you a smile and you giggled, shaking your head. You turned to Boromir.
“It is time to wake, Boromir. If you could hurry, we want to travel in daylight.” He chuckled tiredly at your words.
Aragorn had come back with the firewood and the Fellowship quickly breakfasted. Sam was very happy to see that you had eaten on your own accord. Then, you set off.
The next predicted stop was a few days journey away. It did not seem to take as long as you thought that it would. But Pippin began to get restless, constantly mumbling something of his hunger. Eventually, Gandalf – who had had enough of Pippin’s “whining” – decided that the Fellowship should stop to regain health and stamina. The stop was well timed, you thought, before we continue on the passage south, a quick camp might just be what we need.
Boromir decided to train Merry and Pippin in some defensive skills whilst Aragorn watched, shouting instructions to them. Frodo and Sam perched themselves on a rock, food in their hands. Legolas was scouting the area, presumably searching for any danger with his elf eyes. You had sat yourself beside the wizard, for you much needed to speak with him about Frodo. You were growing worried for the hobbit. He awakens frequently in the night, you had noticed, perhaps due to the nightmares that he had told you about, but you had yet to confide with anyone else about them.
“If anyone were to ask for my opinion, which I note they are not, I would say we were taking the long way round. Gandalf, we could pass through the Mines of Moria. My cousin, Balin, would give us a royal welcome.” The wizard’s face dropped at the mention of the mines and he shook his head at the dwarf.
“No, Gimli. I would not take the road through Moria unless I had no other choice.” Gandalf declared, a nervous look in his eyes. You frowned.
“What is it that you fear, Gandalf?”
“It is troubling… I cannot say.”
“Gandalf, I—I am worried about Frodo. I fear he is struggling to rest. He told me of nightmares that he endures. I do not know how to help.” You confessed. Gandalf sighed.
“I fear that also. However, Frodo seems to be doing fine as of now. We will keep an eye on him, hm?”
“Four eyes.” You nodded and shared a smile with the wizard. Your eyes wandered, watching Legolas as he stepped to a different rock. Standing, you moved towards him, catching sight of something beyond the clouds.
“Do you see that?”
“What is it?” Sam asked.
Gimli scoffed. “Nothing, just a wisp of cloud.”
“It’s moving fast. Against the wind.” Boromir added, holding tight to Merry and Pippin. Legolas’ face faltered.
“Crebain from Dunland.” He affirmed and your eyes widened in shock.
“Hide!” Aragorn cried. He grabbed Frodo, running to Sam who made the brilliant decision to put the fire out. Boromir ran with the other two hobbits, finding a hiding place that would suffice for the three of them. Legolas took your hand instinctively, pulling you under the cover of a nearby bush. It was large enough to shield the both of you from sight, but he protectively held you close anyway. You could feel his breath on your face. His hand was still clamped in yours. You swore you could hear his heartbeat, or perhaps that was your own, thumping vigorously from the adrenaline.
The caws of the birds insisted on your attention, your eyes watching them each time that they circled the area before they flew back off in the direction that they had come from. You and Legolas resurfaced. You looked around to check everyone was alright while Legolas’ gaze held on the birds.
“Spies of Saruman.” Gandalf grimaced. “The passage south is being watched.”
“Where will we go?” You asked anxiously.
“We must take the pass of Caradhras.” Gandalf said, already beginning to lead the way. You let out a breath, walking alongside Legolas.
It was light again when you made your way up the mountain. The ground was a blanket of white velvet, creasing only when footsteps trudged muddily through it. The path Gandalf took you on was winding, moving left to right and up and down. Eventually, the Fellowship came to a slowly ascending hill. It allowed you all to finally pick up pace, so you began fast approaching on the pass of Caradhras.
The change in pace was not great for some, however. As Frodo’s feet were dragging through the thick snow, he clearly began to get overwhelmed by the vast amount. The snow reached his knees, perhaps even further up his leg. His feet failed him, and his body crashed into the snow, tumbling a little way down the hill. His body managed to flatten out at Aragorn’s feet, and he helped him up. As soon as he was upright, Frodo’s hand plunged into his shirt, his hand groping at his chest to find the Ring. Only it was not there.
Boromir crouched down, plucking something from the snow with his fingers. The chain twinkled against the Ring as it was brought to his eye level, gently swinging from left to right before his face. Frodo’s brows knit together, and Aragorn watched Boromir curiously, his hand moving to the hilt of his sword. You frowned.
“Boromir.” Aragorn called, but he seemed unbothered.
“It is a strange fate that we must suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing.” Boromir said, though not particularly to anyone. “Such a little thing.”
“Boromir!” He looked at Aragorn, clutching the Ring tighter. “Give the Ring to Frodo.” Aragorn commanded and Boromir stayed still for a few moments before stepping towards the hobbit. He hesitantly held the Ring out to him. Frodo took no time at all to snatch it from his grasp.
“As you wish. I care not.” He chuckled, ruffling Frodo’s hair. Aragorn’s dark eyes never left him as he continued walking. When Frodo was way ahead of Aragorn, you held back to speak with him.
“What was that?” He looked puzzled. “Your hand on the hilt of your sword. Tell me you had no intention of harming him.” He sighed at your words, not exactly knowing how to respond.
“Tell me!” You urged.
“It was just to be safe, Y/N. What if he were to have taken it, what then?”
“He wouldn’t.”
“How do you know?” He asked. You scoffed, hurt that he would even question it. “You said it yourself, the Ring can’t be trusted in the hands of Men.”
You frowned. “I know Boromir. He wouldn’t take it.” Walking ahead, you caught up to Merry and Sam. Aragorn’s words took a toll on you, and you glanced back to Boromir, offering him a smile. He returned it for a second before it fell from his face and he avoided your gaze. You trusted him even if no one else did.
Quite soon a blizzard began to attack the path. The others trudged through the snow, Gandalf leading the way by attempting to clear the snow with his staff. You and Legolas stayed behind. For some reason you were able to almost hover on the snow, like you weighed nothing. Your feet left barely an imprint in the thick. The falling snow seemed to glue to every part of the others, but when it fell onto your figure, it seemed to melt away almost instantly. You wished that the journey would be easier for the hobbits. If you could trade your position for theirs, you would do it in a heartbeat. You hated how it was so troublesome for them but not for you.
Suddenly Legolas drew forward before everyone else and you joined him, looking out from the mountain. Small murmurs of wind came rushing past.
“There is a foul voice on the air.” He said.
“It’s Saruman!” Gandalf cried. A huge crash came from above. As you looked up, Legolas gently grabbed you, pulling you back so your back was flush with the mountain, his body shielding yours. You looked over his shoulder, watching as many rocks were forced down from the top, plummeting past all of you.
“He’s trying to bring down the mountain! Gandalf, we must turn back!” Aragorn yelled, his face troubled, grasping Sam and Frodo tightly. He held them tight to his body.
“No!” The wizard began chanting to counter Saruman’s, but to no avail. An echoing clap of thunder startled you, and the mountain shook in pain, shedding more rocks and snow. It came crashing down, smothering you in an instant.
You resurfaced with a gasp, looking around. Legolas was the only one you could see. Your hands fondled through the snow, searching for any of the others. A hand grasped yours tightly and you heaved them out of the snow. Wiping their face to remove any excess snow, you saw a shivering Sam, one who’s cheeks were bright red from the biting cold. You quickly undid your cloak from around your neck, wrapping it around his small frame and he breathed, snuggling into it for a tad of extra warmth. The others came up out of the snow quickly after.
“We must get off the mountain!” Boromir suggested. You nodded in response, holding Sam close to you. “Make for the Gap of Rohan or take the west road to my city.”
“The Gap of Rohan takes us too close to Isengard.”
“If we cannot pass over the mountain, let us go under it. Let us go through the Mines of Moria.” Gimli advised. Gandalf’s eyes faltered in fear.
He gulped. “Let the Ring-Bearer decide.”
“Frodo?” You asked after a while of silence whilst Frodo pondered the options.
“We will go through the mines.” He affirmed. You breathed in relief.
“So be it.”
The journey to Moria did not take long. Though to you, it seemed as if you would never get there. The entire time you could feel someone watching you. You did not entirely know why, and you were unsure of whether to ask why an eye was being kept on you.
Eventually, the Fellowship made way down the mountain. All of the snow had disappeared from everyone’s clothes. Gimli’s eyes widened in awe at the sight that appeared before you.
“The Walls of Moria.” He pointed. Your lips parted in trepidation. It was incredible. Not beautiful like Rivendell, or even Gondor. It was simply a wonderous sight. You had never seen anything like it. You quickly made your way around to where the door was supposed to be. But after a while of looking, you could not seem to find it. Gandalf stumbled over to a flat part of the wall.
“Ithildin.” He muttered. “It mirrors only starlight and moonlight.” He turned to face the moon, tutting when it seemed to be covered by a cloud. Then, almost as if Gandalf had moved it himself, the cloud shifted, and the moonlight shone on the stone. It lit up, showing an archway with elvish markings. You tilted your head in confusion.
“Why is it written in Elvish? I thought Moria was inhabited by dwarves.” You asked, looking to Legolas. He smiled at the question.
“The gate was primarily used by elves, despite being made by dwarves. The spell was cast upon it by the elves, so that they could pass to the nearby elven lands.” He answered and you nodded.
“It reads, ‘The Doors of Durin – Lord of Moria. Speak, friend and enter.” Gandalf pointed to each word as he translated it.
“What d’you suppose that means?” Merry questioned, his neck straining as he looked up at the archway.
“Oh, it’s quite simple, If you are a friend, you speak the password, and the doors will open.” He replied. Then he spoke the password, only it did not work. He shifted, attempting to move the doors with force, his shoulder colliding with the stone. You moved away after an uncountable number of unsuccessful attempts. Sam was looking particularly miserable, and so you made your way towards him, kneeling beside him.
“The mines are no place for a pony, even one so brave as this.” Aragorn said.
“Bye-bye, Bill.” Sam sighed as Aragorn shifted the pony away.
“Don’t worry, Sam. He knows the way home.”
“He’ll be safe there.” You reassured and he gave you a small smile. Gently, you rubbed his arm before your eyes widened at the sound of crashing water. You spun around, grabbing Merry’s hand. He and Pippin had been throwing stones into the water. Aragorn leant into Pip’s ear, speaking in a whisper.
“Do not disturb the water.” You gave Aragorn a worried look, swallowing thickly. His eyes scanned back over the water for a moment before he looked back to you. You took the two hobbits from the water, moving away from it cautiously. Legolas moved towards Aragorn. He eyed you curiously.
“I have been wondering, Aragorn, about Y/N. I had heard you speaking with her a few nights ago.”
“What makes you so curious, Legolas?”
“She mentioned a decision that she must make. I have been watching her and yet she does not seem particularly troubled.” Legolas recalled. Aragorn smiled, clapping him on the shoulder gently.
“It is something that she must reveal to you herself, Legolas. I will not be the one to tell her secrets.” Legolas nodded appreciatively at his words.
Suddenly Gandalf threw down his staff, slumping down on a rock beside Frodo. “Oh, it’s useless…” Frodo stood, his eyes scanning the door.
You heard the water crash against the shore and turned with wide eyes. Boromir stood beside you, looking out into the dark. His brows furrowed and he moved in front of you protectively, and to get a better look. You moved further back, holding the hobbits close to you.
“It’s a riddle. Speak friend and enter. What’s the elvish word for friend?”
“Mellon.” Gandalf spoke with raised brows. The door began to creak. It slowly shifted open, spare dust and little stones falling into the cavity where the rock once stood firm. Your eyes could not seem to shift away from the rippling water, an anxiety growing in the pit of your stomach. Boromir turned you away from the water, moving you into the mines with the others.
“Soon, Master Elf, you will enjoy the fabled hospitality of the dwarves. Roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone. This, my friend, is the home of my cousin Balin. And they call it a mine. A mine!” Gimli boomed. You chuckled, patting your stomach gently at the thought. You tripped but Boromir caught you, steadying you before he looked to see what you had fell over. You gasped at the sight.
“This is no mine. It’s a tomb.” At Boromir’s words, all of the blackened skeletons that were sprawled out on the stone floor seemed perfectly visible. One or two of the hobbits let out a whimper whilst Gimli cried out, kneeling beside a decayed body. Legolas pulled an arrow out of a skeleton, inspecting the end quickly before throwing it down, drawing his bow.
“Goblins.” He declared. You unsheathed your knives, one in each hand, fingers whitening as they tightened around the hilts. Aragorn and Boromir did the same with their longswords. You looked at Boromir.
“We make for the Gap of Rohan.” He said. “We should never have come here, now get out of here. Get out!” You turned, just as a giant tentacle slithered from the water and wrapped itself around Frodo’s leg.
“Frodo!” You cried, reaching out your hand for him to grab it but were too late. It dragged his body across the floor. The hobbits helped you grab him hastily while he screamed in fear.
“Strider!” Sam called as you managed to slice the tentacle off of Frodo’s foot with his help.
“Aragorn!” You yelled, panting as you checked Frodo for other wounds while keeping a close eye on the water.
Ten or more tentacles abruptly thrust out of the water, fiercely striking everyone in their stomachs. Some noise of shock tore from your throat, your eyes widening in horror as it took a hold of Frodo once more. Pushing yourself to your feet, you kicked restlessly through the water, cutting through the flesh of the creature with a roar.
“Strider!” The shrill that left Frodo’s lips went straight through you. As you stabbed relentlessly at the beast the others joined you. Boromir cut down one arm that moved towards you. The creature revealed itself, surfacing from the water. The Watcher, you thought. It opened its mouth, holding Frodo’s flailing body above it. You tore through two tentacles at once, feeling satisfied when they fell lifelessly into the once stagnant lake. Aragorn swiftly moved to the arm wrapped around the hobbit and heaved his sword right through it. In a split second it submerged into the water and Frodo was in his arms. He lugged his legs through water as fast as he could. You were too busy ensuring that Frodo was now safe that you had not noticed the tentacle that squeezed around your arm. It pulled you back as you desperately tried to join the others, stabbing at it mindlessly with your knife.
“Legolas!” You cried, noticing how his arm was drew back. Digging your knife into the tentacle and drawing it across it, you waited for Legolas to hit his shot. When he did, it hit the monster straight through its eye. The tentacle loosened and you speedily weaved your way through the waves, grabbing Legolas’ outstretched hand and sprinting into the mines with him. You looked back at the monster once you were all safely inside the mines in utter dismay. It crushed the stone. Rocks tumbled down in replacement of the entrance – and exit – and you let out a sigh. The elf squeezed your hand gently before letting go. You sheathed your weapons, which you had shifted into one hand once the tentacle had let you go.
Gandalf summoned a light through his staff. “We now have but one choice. We must face the long dark of Moria. Be on your guard, there are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world.” He led the way hesitatingly.
“Quietly, now. It is a four-day journey to the other side. And let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed.”
Once you had begun walking, Sam bumbled up to you, gently tugging on your sleeve to get your attention. “Are you alright, Sam?”
“Oh, I’m fine, me. Actually, I wanted to ask if you were doin’ alright. That big tentacle wrapped around your arm couldn’t ‘ave been very comfortable.” He said sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. You smiled.
“Thank you, Sam. I’m fine, it hardly hurts at all.” You gently clapped his shoulder and he smiled.
You had hardly gotten very far when everyone took a break. It was thought best to get some rest before the rest of the journey through Moria. You had offered to take the night watch, and Aragorn suggested that Legolas do too, since he is an elf, he does not tire half as much as the rest of the Fellowship. He agreed and soon enough the Fellowship were getting ready to sleep. Only you and Legolas remained awake. You sat with your back against the stone, blowing hot air into your hands and rubbing them together. He watched curiously.
“Are you cold?” He asked and you nodded at him. You watched curiously as he searched through a bag that someone had been carrying. He pulled out a cloak, and gently placed it around your small frame. You gave him a thankful smile and he returned it. “I do not understand. You do not tire. You did not feel the cold at Caradhras, yet you feel the cold now.”
“It seems to differ; I do not know why. In the most extreme conditions, I do not feel anything. When there is little to feel, I feel it.” You shrugged.
“Why do I feel differently? I do not know.” A lie. When he didn’t respond, you let out a silent breath of relief. You knew you could trust Legolas, but you were unsure whether you wanted to tell him. You were already having second thoughts on your entire life plan; another’s input was sure to take a toll on how you felt.
“I noticed you already knew Aragorn.” He said. You nodded at him, not knowing if it was a simple statement or if he was asking you how you knew him.
“Yes. We are old friends.”
“How did you meet?”
You took a breath. “When my parents died, I had nowhere to go. So, I ran. I don’t know where and I don’t know for how long. All I remember was that I was starving and sore. Some creature attacked me, and he heard my screams. He saved me.” A smile fell over your face as you recalled the events.
“He saved me and brought me to Rivendell, where Lord Elrond agreed for me to be taken to the White City, to live as a Gondorian. That is where I met Boromir. He has fathered me ever since.
I owe Aragorn everything. We used to meet up as much as we could. I swore to him that I would follow him, however I could.”
“Forgive me, I did not realise how long I had been talking.”
“No, it is nice listening to you talk. Your voice is soothing.” He gave you a small smile which you returned. He noticed the way that your eyes smiled when you spoke about Aragorn. You crossed your legs, sitting up properly and facing him.
“Tell me about you.” He gave you a puzzled look. “Tell me how you know Aragorn. Tell me about your life.” He smiled, and he did. He told you everything. From a huge battle at Erebor to his father – who seemingly was not very nice to him – telling him to meet Aragorn. Then, he went silent and turned his gaze away from you. It was clear he had remembered something bad.
“What is it, Legolas?”
“It’s nothing.” The two of you sat in silence for a while and you sighed, feeling awful that you made him remember something that he clearly did not want to. Looking around, you caught sight of something where stone met stone. Your brows furrowed together curiously, and you leaned forward to touch it. A smile ghosted over your features when you plucked it, sitting back down normally.
“How beautiful.” You smiled at the flower that perched between your fingers.
“She was.” Legolas mumbled and you looked at him.
“Oh, nothing.” Legolas said. You frowned, noticing how disoriented he seemed. You cleared your throat.
“Legolas?” He looked at you as you felt your hand out to him, the flower in the centre. “A symbol of our newly found friendship.”
He smiled gratefully, taking it from you. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, mellon nin.” He snapped his head quickly to look at you and you flinched slightly. “What is it?”
“You speak elvish.”
“Oh, yes. Aragorn taught me.” Legolas nodded slowly at your words. You traced the patterns on your knife sheath whilst he kept his eyes fixed on you. He could tell you weren’t telling the truth, but he did not know what the truth was.
Eventually, he sat down beside you. He jumped slightly at the sensation of something on his shoulder, but when he looked and saw that it was only your head, he smiled. You did not understand why, but you began to feel very tired and swore to only shut your eyes for a moment. Legolas chuckled slightly when he heard soft snores escaping your parted lips. He looked over at you asleep on his shoulder and could not help but think you looked simply ethereal. He felt himself drawn to you, like a protectiveness had fallen over him and he wanted to keep you safe and warm. Gently, he swiped his finger across your face to remove the hair that had fell in the way. Your plump lips were parted, and he could feel your soft breaths on his skin. He opened his hand, looking at the flower that you had handed him merely minutes ago.
“Goodnight, mellon nin.”
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second thoughts (legolas x reader)
The Fellowship of the Ring - Part 1
warnings: none (i think)
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
a/n : so after writing it for the first time, rewriting it and then rewriting it again lol the first chapter of my canon lotr fic is here. not much legolas x reader interaction in this one, more of just an introduction to the series and the readers relationships etc. i also quickly wanna thank @falcor-thee-luck-dragon​ for being super supportive of this ever since i even mentioned it as an idea ily! im super excited for it and i hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading i love you and i hope you have a wonderful day<3 (also i guess let me know if you want to be added to my taglist)
Tumblr media
The journey to Rivendell was purely insufferable. Not only was it due to the time it took nor the saddle sore that you had endured, but to how the time had passed so quickly and yet so painfully slowly at the very same time. You had always loved to travel, but you did not seem to have any time at all to admire the vast amount of sights that appeared before you. In the blink of an eye they were gone, and the views became new for a brief second before they disappeared beyond what you could see. Your eyes were forced to stay focused on the road and the rider ahead of you so that the way would not be lost.
When you arrived at Rivendell, however, all of the annoyance that you had endured throughout the voyage seemed to simply melt away. There were no words for how you felt in that moment when you dropped from your horse, gaping at the infrastructure in complete awe. Always, you had associated elves with inexplicable beauty, but never would you have expected something as incredible as what lay before you. Quick to abandon your guide, you made sure to take your precious time when you strode through the decorative archways, following up the spiral staircase, marveling at everything your eyes could possibly muster.
It had hardly been long when your eyes travelled to seek out shards of a broken blade, sat on a bed of silk, a statue standing tall behind it. The concrete seemed to present it to all who passed. You dared not touch it, though a wave of tempt washed over your senses. The fragments made up Narsil, the blade of King Elendil, the one used by his son, Isildur, to cut the finger that held the One Ring of Sauron the Terrible during the War of the Last Alliance. The legend of the One Ring had faded into less than nothing over the years of its absence, but fear always struck you when you imagined the dreaded return of the Dark Lord. The longsword that lay in front of you belonged to the heir of Isildur, the King of Gondor, Aragorn Son of Arathorn. Your heart forever ached with hope that one day he would return to the White City and that the useless steward that held his place would once again be nothing more than just that.
You had scarcely noticed the figure sitting beside the balustrade until you had felt an uneasy turn in your stomach, signaling that someone was watching you. As you shifted your eyes over to the body in black, they fell upon a man with long, unkempt hair and a scruffy grown-out stubble that covered his face and neck. His arm was casually slung over the handrail, his lips drawn into a perfectly straight line and his eyes were fixed on you. The edge of his lips turned up as your eyes locked.
You blinked. “Aragorn! Forgive me, I was unaware of your presence; I would have come sooner.”
“It is good to see you, Y/N.”
“You, as well, mellon nin.” You clapped him on the shoulder. “I had planned to ride north a little while ago.”
“And I had planned to ride for the White City, until Gandalf called upon me.” Aragorn said, and your mouth turned up into a smile. Your eyes flickered up to the ceiling, once again distracted by the beautiful view.
“It is beautiful here. You are very lucky.” Aragorn gave you a small smile. “For why have I been brought here, Aragorn?”
He took a breath. “You will find out, soon enough. For now, you should rest. Your journey could have hardly been sparing.”
“Oh, alright.” You mused, now engaged with the thought of bed and sleep. He gently shook your shoulder. “Goodnight, Aragorn.”
“Goodnight.” He returned to his previous position; arm hung over the bannister as you ambled off in search of a place where you could find rest.
During your search, your feet treading across smooth slabs, and you came to a halt. There were small folk, talking to one another. They were speaking in the common tongue, and seemed half of your height, though you could not really tell from a distance. Fascinating, you thought. So far, the thought had not even crossed your mind that others might be here, besides yourself, Boromir and Aragorn and Gandalf, of course.
One of them moved toward the other, who was staring out among the balcony. The starrer turned, showed something in the palm of his hand and spoke.
“You’re right, Sam. We did what we set out to do.” He opened his hand and lowered his voice. What he said next could not be distinguished by your faint ears. “I am ready to go home.” He put his hand back into his pocket before it slithered out once again, only this time it was empty.
“And where would home be for you two?” You asked. They turned to look at you.
“The Shire, miss.” One said, the one called Sam.
“Hobbits! In Rivendell! How incredible. How curious.” Kneeling down to get a better look, Sam straightening his vest as the other kept a firm hand on his pocket. You noticed. “Do not fret, hobbit from The Shire. I am not interested in stealing from you. Or anyone else, for that matter. But perhaps a small piece of advice is, make it less obvious that you are carrying something worth taking.” The hobbit with brown, curly hair and bright blue eyes smiled sheepishly. You chuckled, standing. “Go to rest, hobbits. Get ready to go home, to The Shire.”
They bumbled off and a smile spread across your face as you continued the forage for somewhere to sleep.
The morning came quickly. The night had been comfortable, and you set out early to explore the inhabitancy that you had found yourself entering that day previous. A meeting had been called to finally reveal why your presence had been requested, and now, you sat on a chair in a circle, surrounded by some known faces and many unfamiliar ones. There were elves and dwarves grouped near each other, which would never be a good idea. One of the hobbits from the day before sat beside Gandalf. You were located between Boromir and Aragorn, two of your very good friends. Lord Elrond sat at the head of the circle. He stood once everyone had arrived.
“Strangers of distant lands, friends of old. You have summoned here to answer the threat of Mordor. Middle-Earth stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it.” Lord Elrond began. He scanned those sat before him. “You will unite, or you will fall. Each race is bound to this one fate, this one doom.” He paused, turning to the hobbit. He brought his arm forth, inviting him.
“Bring forth the Ring, Frodo.”
By Elrond’s instruction, Frodo placed a golden ring on the centered table. Boromir muttered something under his breath. Then Frodo turned, and sat back in his seat, looking rather timid. You gave him a small smile before your eyes glued to the table and the item it held upon it. It called to you, whispering things in a language that you could not understand and subconsciously you were sure you did not want to hear what it was saying to you. How did a hobbit from the Shire receive a Ring of Power? What business did he have with it?
“It is a gift.” The voice tore you from your thoughts. Your eyes caught sight of Boromir standing beside you. “A gift to the foes of Mordor. Why not use this ring?” You pursed your lips in disapproval. One who thought of using any of the Rings of Power is a fool.
“Long has my father, the steward of Gondor, kept the forces of Mordor at bay by the blood of our people, while your lands kept safe.” He looked at you, nodding, giving you the notion that you should be encouraging him. But you couldn’t help but think that Boromir sounded rather ill. Your eyes travelled to the floor for a moment before he continued. “Give Gondor the weapon of the enemy. Let us use it against Him.”
“Do you know nothing of the Ring?” Your brows furrowed as you spoke, unable to contain your discontent for his words any longer. “It is because of Man’s weakness that the Ring survives. It is not safe in the hands of Men.” You spat unwillingly. You hadn’t expected your words to come off so aggressive. After all, you did not want to hurt Boromir’s feelings, just make him see sense. His eye caught yours and you gave him an apologetic look.
“It does not matter; you cannot wield it. None of us can.” Aragorn said. “The one Ring answers to Sauron alone. It has no other master.”
“And what would a ranger know of this matter?”
“This is no mere ranger.” Behind Boromir someone stood. It was an elf. Some of his silky hair had been tied back into braids and a velvet cloak smothered his built body. His dark brows drew together as he spoke. “He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your allegiance.” You studied him with curiosity, narrowed slightly whilst you scanned his presence. His eyes locked with yours for a brief moment before you turned them back to Boromir, who seemed to be staring at your friend in utter disbelief.
“Aragorn? This, is Isildur’s heir?”
“And heir to the throne of Gondor.” The elf finished and you looked at him as a way to avoid Boromir’s gaze. It was true. The White City that Boromir’s father currently ruled deserved to have their rightful King back. You could only hope that one day Aragorn would finally take the throne and restore the faith of Gondor once again.
“Sit down, Legolas.” Aragorn spoke in an elvish tongue. So, this was the infamous Legolas, you thought. Aragorn had spoken a lot of him to you in the past, but you had yet to meet him until this very moment.
“Gondor has no King. Gondor needs no King.” Boromir took his seat beside you, but you still refused to return his eye. Instead, you and the elf shared a look.
“Aragorn is right. We cannot use it.” Gandalf confirmed.
“You have only one choice.” Lord Elrond stood. “The Ring must be destroyed.” Silence fell among the space for a moment, before a dwarf shifted off of his seat, his fingers tightening around the axe beside him.
“What are we waiting for?” He rumbled, swinging his axe over his shoulder to slice the Ring with a roar. His blade ricocheted and shattered. His back became flush to the floor, his eyes wide in shock. You gasped, sitting forward in your seat to rush to help him. But before you could, the other dwarves appeared by his sides, steadying him.
Frodo clutched his chest when the dwarf’s blade collided with the Ring, as if the axe had struck Frodo himself. Pain seemed to radiate through his body. You looked to him, concerned. Gandalf had also noticed the hobbit’s reaction to the attempted destruction of the Ring.
“The Ring cannot be destroyed Gimli, Son of Gloin, by any craft that we here possess. The Ring was made in the fires of Mount Doom. Only there can it be unmade.” Lord Elrond looked around at the subjects once again. “It must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came. One of you must do this.”
“One does not simply walk into Mordor. Its black gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep. The great eye,” he made a circle with his hand, “is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this, it is folly.”
“Have you heard nothing Lord Elrond has said? The Ring must be destroyed.” Legolas stood, once again challenging your companion. You agreed that the Ring had to be destroyed, there was no doubt about that. Venturing deep into Mordor, however, was an impossible task.
“And I suppose you think you’re the one to do it.” Gimli bellowed from his seat, eyes wide with hatred, fixed upon the elf.
“And if we fail, what then? What happens when Sauron takes back what is his?” Boromir stood and you mirrored his actions, gently grabbing his arm, ushering him to calm down.
“I will be dead before I see the Ring in the hands of an elf!” The words of Gimli, son of Gloin, had all of the elves standing in protest which quickly led to the dwarves standing in hostility too. The squabbling continued despite your attempts to calm it down. You took your seat, sharing a defeated sigh with Aragorn. Gandalf stood to try to diffuse the tension.
“I will take it.” A small voice against the yelling caught your attention. Frodo had stood, standing beside the table. You pulled Aragorn’s sleeve to get his attention, your brows furrowed.
“I will take it!” The disputing seemed to die down when he raised his voice and you shook your head gently at him. “I will take the Ring to Mordor. Though… I do not know the way.”
“I will help you bear this burden, Frodo Baggins. As long as it is yours to bear.” Gandalf placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Aragorn stood from beside you, marching towards the hobbit, keeling.
“If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.”
It was no question for you as you stood, kneeling beside Aragorn. “You have my knives.”
“And you have my bow.” Legolas moved towards the hobbit. The three of you moved behind Frodo. You gently rubbed his shoulder, sharing a smile with him when he looked up at you.
“And my axe.” Gimli raised his weapon in the air, joining you.
“You carry the fate of us all, little one. If this is indeed the will of the council, Gondor shall see it done.” Boromir gave you a smile and you were quick to return it. A yell echoed from behind, another hobbit running to join Frodo. It was Sam.
“Mister Frodo’s not goin’ anywhere without me.” He crossed his arms over his chest.
“No, indeed, it is hardly possible to separate you, even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not.” A smirk tugged at Elrond’s lips and more shouts were heard from behind. Two more hobbits joined.
“We’re comin’ too! You’ll have to send us home tied up in a sack to stop us.” One said, slinging his arm around Frodo’s shoulders.
“Anyway, you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission. Quest. Thing.” The other chimed in, raising his eyebrows. The other turned to him in disbelief.
“Well, that rules you out, Pip.” You giggled quietly at the hobbits, the one in the yellow waistcoat turning to grin at you before Lord Elrond chuckled slightly. His eyes scanned over the group before him.
“Ten companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”
“Right! Where are we going?” The hobbit in the green coat, Pip, asked. The other, once again, stared at him in disbelief. Gandalf shook his head.
You were chatting aimlessly with Aragorn by the gates of Rivendell, where you had arrived only a few days previous. The Fellowship were getting ready to leave in the next hours, you had been preparing for days. Now, all that was needed was to get little extra items that could help along the journey.
Aragorn gave a smile to someone behind you and you turned, standing beside him. It was Legolas. You smiled at him and he returned it.
“Forgive me, my Lady, but I am unsure of your name.” He said.
“Y/N. Pleased to finally meet you, my Lord.”
“Legolas Greenleaf.” He corrected. “The pleasure is mine.”
“So, you are the infamous elf that Aragorn has mentioned to me so many times. I had begun to believe Arwen was no longer in his heart and you had taken her place.” Legolas and Aragorn chuckled at your joke. You gave Aragorn a cheeky grin before you caught sight of Boromir. “Please, excuse me.” He made his way toward you as you did the same. When you reached each other, he chuckled, shaking his head.
“You just cannot help yourself, can you?” Boromir said and you giggled. “I am proud of you. It was a brave thing to do.” You threw your arms around him, pulling him into a hug.
“Thank you for coming along, too. It will be nice to have Aragorn around and, of course, the others who I am yet to know, but I am very glad for your presence.”
“And I for yours.” He chuckled, clapping you gently on the shoulder. You gave him one last tight squeeze before making your way over to the dwarf. You stood silently beside him for a little time, while he mumbled things to himself that you could make out.
“Forgive me for interrupting you, Master Dwarf. I would like to know your name; I do not recall it from the meeting.”
“You’re not interrupting me, lassie. The name is Gimli, Son of Gloin.” Gimli responded, giving you a tight-lipped smile. You returned it with a genuine smile though you worried he was wary of you.
“Pleased to meet you, Gimli, Son of Gloin. I am Y/N.” You responded kindly. Not knowing what else you could say, your feet decided to take you over to the hobbits, one of which you had already met. Sam and the other two hobbits were tending to their respective packs that they would bring on the journey. Frodo was absent.
“There’s a girl?”
“Yes, there’s a girl, Pip. Did you not see?” The other replied.
“Stood beside Strider, she was.” Sam mentioned, earning a nod from the other.
“Are you talking about me, hobbits?” You drew your arms over your chest, one of your eyebrows raised, a smirk tugging at your lips.
“N—No, miss! We were just—”
“Then, what exactly were you talking about?”
They looked between each other. “Merry was speaking about you, miss. Talkin’ of how pretty you were, he was.” Sam admitted and your heart felt warm in your chest. Pip nodded to back up Sam’s claim and a light blush dusted over Merry’s cheeks. You smiled.
“You are very sweet, Merry. If I may call you that.”
“Meriadoc Brandybuck is my full name. But call me Merry if you please.”
“Alright, Merry.” You said softly.
“What’s yours?” Pip questioned.
“That’s a nice name.” Sam gushed and you could not help but grin. Who knew that a few hobbits could be so incredibly sweet? You pondered, ruffling their hair gently before you wandered off again, sitting by yourself this time.
It had been almost a week since the Fellowship had set off from Rivendell and all had agreed that a night stop was definitely needed. You and Aragorn had agreed that you would take the night watch for you did not get much rest even at home. It was not difficult for you to still function without much sleep. Before everyone went off to bed, however, they were shoveling food down their empty stomachs. You sighed, looking at the food spread. You were not particularly hungry though you knew you were going to have to eat something. Sam finished his own food and made sure Frodo completed all of his, plating up another portion and plodding his way over to you. He sheepishly held out the bowl to you, scratching the back of his neck with his spare hand. You gave him a smile, thanking him, taking the bowl before biting into the food. Sam took a seat beside you, making sure you would eat everything.
“You should really be eatin’ everything you can, Y/N. We wouldn’t be wanting you to starve.”
A breathy laugh left your lips. “I’m alright, Sam. You needn’t worry about me.”
“Not worrying, miss. Just making sure you’re alright.”
“Thank you.” Sam shared a smile with you. “And you? Are you alright?” He gave you a nod. You continued to eat until you had finished everything in the bowl. By that time, most of the Fellowship had settled down to get some sleep but Sam was still at your side.
“Goodnight, Y/N.” He yawned, treading off to settle beside his master. You wrapped your cloak further around yourself, sitting beside Aragorn. Neither of you spoke for a while, rather just enjoying the other’s presence in a comfortable silence.
You do not remember much of how you and Aragorn had met, only that he had saved your life. He was known to you as Strider back then. There was a creature that attempted to attack you. You knew nothing of combat back then. He slayed the beast and brought you back to Rivendell. Quick friends you had become. Somehow, Lord Elrond arranged for you to be taken to Gondor. It was there that you would grow up. Boromir acted as your father since you had first arrived there. He was protective of you; you were the daughter he had failed to have.
“What are you thinking of, mellon nin?” Aragorn said in a whisper. You took a breath.
“Our friendship. And how I am glad to spend time with you once again before I make my decision.”
“Have you made it?” He queried, turning his head to look at you and you shook your head at him.
“It is not simple, Aragorn. How am I supposed to make a decision that affects the rest of my life and those who will come after me?” Another sigh left your lips and you leaned into Aragorn’s side.
“I could not describe the feeling when Arwen chose what she wanted. My heart ached with many feelings.”
“Arwen has something to choose for,” you mentioned. “Who knows? Perhaps I will meet a lovely fellow, be it man, elf, dwarf, or even, hobbit, and I decide that I want to spend the rest of my life with them. That would sway my decision quite a lot. I could not imagine being shipped off to the Undying Lands while my love stays on Middle-Earth. Nor would I want to wait for them to die and then hop on a boat to live forever. I am unsure, Aragorn.”
“You need not make any decision yet, mellon.” You continued to speak with your close friend throughout the night, whilst keeping close watch on your surroundings. However, what you did not notice was that a third member of the Fellowship was far from sleep and had in fact been listening in on your conversation.
Legolas rolled over, turning away from the two of you, his head against something that acted as a quite poorly pillow. He had not the slightest idea of what you meant, only that for some reason, you could choose to make your way to the Undying Lands. But this was something that man could not do, so why were you able to choose? He did not know. But he wanted to find out. He did not know why but you intrigued him. How friendly yet quiet you were. The timid yet confident way that you carried yourself. The knives that you held on your belt. He had not seen you use them yet, luckily, but he was looking forward to. You were the first woman he had seen since Tauriel who carried weapons. It was not common for a woman to be trained in combat. He pondered where you had learned, and if you were any good at all.
“The night is long, mellon nin. You should rest.” Aragorn suggested.
You let out a chuckle. “And leave you by yourself? You will need me to protect you from any danger. I will not rest.” Aragorn smiled at your words and gave you a nod. Your eyelids became heavy throughout the night, but you refused to give in to the temptation and the snores of Gimli were sure to keep you from any sleep that you could potentially get. Fixing your cloak around yourself for warmth, your eyes continued to search the space around you. Your ears perked up so to hear any sign of movement. You watched your breath exit your mouth and disperse into the crisp air. The moon was bright and tall in the sky. Hoping nothing would come in the night, you sighed and relaxed against the tree that you were sat up against though still keeping a firm hand on your knife belt. Aragorn pulled you into his side and you smiled. Your hand tightened around your belt.
“Goodnight, Aragorn.” You whispered, and you hoped it would be.
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angelic-kisses13 · 6 months ago
Ithildin Nin- Part 3
Tumblr media
I dont know who the maker of this gif is. if anyone knows please let me know so I can give credit. 
Authors Note: Here is the third part of this story. Enjoy!
Warnings: Goblins, blood, swearing
Summary: Legolas and Elnora begin their journey towards Mirkwood, only to encounter a few obstacles. 
Morning came all too soon and Elnora found herself being dragged out of bed by one of her maids. The poor woman muttered about, opening the balcony doors and ushering her towards the bathing room. 
“Im’d like na wear i purple tunic with i mithril a thilivern leggings, Driah.” (I’d like to wear the purple tunic with the silver and white leggings, Driah.) 
The maid nodded her head. She poured the water over Elnora’s head, washing her hair with a practiced ease. Elnora’s eyes fluttered shut and she groaned appreciatively. Her hair wasn’t often played with and it was a soft spot for sure. If someone wanted her to do something that she didn’t like, all they had to do was run their fingers through her hair and she was a goner. 
“Cin should wear cín fin pher or- sír, nin híril. Show tuin bein colors off. I cóon would mel hain, hain might remind hon -o i wildflowers in Mirkwood.” (You should wear your hair half up today, My Lady. Show those pretty colors off. The Prince would love them, they might remind him of the wildflowers in Mirkwood.)
“Cin’ve been na Mirkwood? Im don’t remember seeing flowers ir i was ennas video. Just a bunch -o trees a fallen golas.” (You’ve been to Mirkwood? I don’t remember seeing flowers when I was there last. Just a bunch of trees and fallen leaves.) 
Elnora mused as she stood from the tub, water cascading down around her, goosebumps appearing on her fair skin at the change in temperature. 
“Yes, nin híril, im was nún ennas. Im moved hi ir im got married.” (Yes, My Lady, I was born there. I moved here when I got married.) Elnora looked at the woman through the mirror as she pulled her tunic over her head, the maid helping in pulling her hair out from under the collar and smoothing it down her back. 
Now that she thought about it, her and the maids hair were a stark contrast to the raven haired elves of Imladris. 
“Ha must n- a beautiful sight.” (It must be a beautiful sight.) She murmured as the maid had her sit down on a chair, her fingers making quick work of her tair, twisting half of it up into a bun, placing a few pearled pins into place, leaving the other half down in long waves, the sunlight catching the pink and blue. She hummed as she stepped back, a proud smile on her face. 
“Finished, Aranel.” (Finished, Princess.) Elnora smiled in gratitude before standing up, making her way down to the dining hall for breakfast. Maybe, Prince Legolas decided to sleep in and she would be able to eat and avoid him until they left later in the morning. She might even get to check out the library before she was forced to leave. 
The guards opened the door as she walked in, she was so lost in thought she missed the elf standing right in front of her and she collided with the poor elloth. Both of them tripping over their feet and she felt the heel of her boot snap from under her. 
She yelped as the two of them crashed to the floor in a tangled heap. 
“Erui i miruvor a hi hi?” (First the wine and now this?) Her heart stopped as she pushed her hair out of her face, so much for the half up half down look. Legolas lay under her, his blonde hair fanning out like a halo. Even having been taken down, he still looked good. 
Her lips pursed at the thought and she sat up, arms crossed as she tongued the inside of her cheek, trying to will away the sarcastic comment that threatened to spill out of her lips. Though the smug look of the Prince made her resolve crumble. 
“What were cin doing standing in i en -o i fen?” (What were you doing standing in the middle of the door?) 
“Im was waiting an cin.” (I was waiting for you.)
“In i en -o i doorwaui? Whui?” (In the middle of the doorway? Why?) 
“So im can’t darth- an cin where im anír-?” (So I can’t wait for you where I want?) 
“Ú- ir its in a stupid near like i.” (Not when its in a stupid place like that.) 
“Eithel mabe if cin paid more attention then hi wouldn’t gar- happened.” (Well maybe if you had paid more attention then this wouldn’t have happened.) 
“Oh im sorrui, please ceri- díhen- nin treasonous act -o thinking. Cin should trui ha sometime. Ha might help cin pick better locations na darth- an núr.” (Oh I’m sorry, please do forgive my treasonous act of thinking. You should try it sometime. It might help you pick better locations to wait for people.) 
A loud bark of laughter echoed beneath her and Elnora’s body relaxed, her neck and jaw untensing as she settled down on the legs beneath her. Wait, legs? 
Her head snapped around and she realized that she had been straddling the Prince in the middle of the Dining Hall for all to see. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Legolas hadn't had his hands resting on her waist, his thumbs rubbing patterns into her hips. 
A strangled sound left her throat as she rolled off of him, she stood up, hands wiping at the imaginary dust covering her clothes. 
“Díhen- nin, cóon Legolas. Im wasn’t aware-” (Forgive me, Prince Legolas. I wasn’t aware-) Legolas interrupted her, 
“Its alright. Though im ceri- believe cín clumsiness na- something im’m going na gar- na cheb-an hend bo.” (It’s alright. Though I do believe your clumsiness is something I’m going to have to keep an eye on.)
“Im ceri- iest cin luck bo i. Im tur-’t ceri- i a im’m i er controlling nin bodui.” (I do wish you luck on that. I can’t do that and I’m the one controlling my body.) 
His eyes twinkled as he reached a hand out, his fingers running through her hair. She batted his hand away before reaching up to pull the poor pins out, her hair tumbling down to her shoulders. 
“Cin messed or- nin fin.” (You messed up my hair.) She pouted as she raked her fingers through it, trying to gather it up into a halfway decent bun. 
“Nin apologies. Hi im will glenn- a get er -o i maids na help cin.” (My apologies. Here I will go and get one of the maids to help you.) 
“It’s alright, it’s just going na dant- ed- anywaui.” (It’s alright, its just going to fall out anyway.)  Legolas opened his mouth to respond when the doors were thrown open and a few guards rushed in. Setting their eyes on Legolas, they bowed before standing.
“Nin cóon, i aran erain has requested an cín rinn-. I spiders are getting braver -esse their attempt ana breach i gates. So doesn’t iest an cin ben i aranel na get injured.” (My Prince, your father has requested for you to return quickly. The spiders are getting braver in their attempt to breach the gates. He doesn’t wish for you or the Princess to get injured.) 
“Spiders? Cin guys gar- spiders hi?” (Spiders? You guys have spiders now?) Legolas winced
“Hain aren’t mín choice -o decoration, nin híril.” (They aren’t our choice for decoration, my Lady.) She side-eed the Prince before sniffing and walking towards the table. 
“Im assume cin mín are na leave soon?” (I assume we are to leave soon?)
“Sui soon sui possible, Princess Elnora. Im don’t aní- na cheb- nin adar waiting.” (As soon as possible, Princess Elnora. I don’t want to keep my Father waiting.)
“Verui eithel. Im will n- hurin in fifteen minutes.” (Very well. I will be ready in fifteen minutes.) Legolas nodded before swiping an apple from the table. He winked her way before exiting, most likely checking on the carriages and horses. 
“Cin are far a mess hi eren, nin meld.” (You are quite a mess this morning, my dear.) Elnora jumped at the sound of Elrond’s voice. Turning she saw him smirking down at her, his eyes calm in the vast sea of emotions she was feeling. 
“Im ind im was supposed na nifred what na- coming next.” (I thought I was supposed to fear what is coming next.) 
“Cin don’t” (You don’t?) 
“Im nifred i im’m too tovan alreadui. Im don’t know hon, hir Elrond a yet nin bodui calls an hon. Im don’t heni-.” (I fear that I’m falling too deep already. I don’t know him, Lord Elrond and yet my body calls for him. I don’t understand.) 
“Cin will soon.” (You will soon.) 
“Has an edhel  loved their bereth more than i other bereth loved hain?” (Has an elf loved their spouse more than the other spouse loved them?)
“Cin know galadrim onlui mel once?” (You know Elves only love once.)
“Yes, but what if im mel hon more than ho could oiale mel nin? Am im dooming hon a myself?” (Yes, but what if I love him more than he could ever love me? Am I dooming him and myself?) 
“Baw, nin hen. Cin are giving hon estel. A chance na prove a gal- na mel cin i sae te cin mel hon.” (No, my child. You are giving him hope. A chance to prove and grow to love you the same way you love him.) Elrond’s hand moved and lay over the young Princess’s, a gentle comforting warmth that only a father and healer could offer. 
“Whui ceri- cin doubt?” (Why do you doubt?) 
“Ha’s u- i im doub-” (It’s not that I doub-)
“Ceri- u- lets its claws harm cin. N- i galad ho needs, mir-, a prove cin mel.” (Fear is doubt. Do not let its claws harm you. Be the light that he needs, shine, and prove your love.) Elnora nodded as she pondered his words. 
“Im know im gar- na trui, a im know i Legolas a im are in i same lunt, neither -o ammen reallui knows what na but at i same anand, im feel like im baur na orive something na myself. I’m just don’t know what yet.” (I know I have to try, and I know that Legolas and I are in the same boat, neither of us really knows what to do but at the same time, I feel like I need to prove something to myself. I just don’t know what yet.) 
“I na- ir cin confide in nin, Meleth.” (That is when you confide in me, Meleth.) Elrond and she both jerked their heads to the dining-room door. Too engrossed in their conversation they hadn’t realized that Legolas had reentered. 
Their eyes locked, and Elnora’s chest constricted. 
“Tul-. Min are hurin na leave. I maids gar- put cin trunks into i nif carriage. Min will no- in i back.” (Come. We are ready to leave. The maids have put your trunks into the front carriage. We will ride in the back.) 
“Thank cin, hir Elrond, cin hospitalitui has been wonderful.” (Thank you, Lord Elrond, your hospitality has been wonderful.)
“-o ior, Melon. Im thir forward na seeing cin ui- in a few months anand.” (Of course, Mellon. I look forward to seeing you both in a few month’s time.) Legolas and Elnora smiled as they both departed the dining hall. 
Once they reached the courtyard, Elnora spun on her heel and took one last look at the house of Imladris. Her heart twinged at the thought of leaving, but she knew where she was going was to be a big adventure. Legolas stood beside her, his warmth radiating off of his form. His shoulder brushed hers and she smiled as she glanced over, seeing him watching her with soft eyes. 
“Hurin?” (Ready?) 
“Always.” He held his arm out for her and she stepped into the carriage, Legolas right behind her. 
“How an wil ha take ammen na get na Mirkwood?” (How long will it take us to get to Mirkwood?) 
“Nia a week, Meleth. Min will trui na ech- ha quicker but i horses will baur na post.” (About a week, Meleth. We will try and make it quicker but the horses will need to rest.) Elnora hummed as she settled back against the cushion, her eyes straying out the window, taking in the plains and odd waterfalls in the distance. 
She could hear the forest talking, the air was full of excitement. It seemed it was just as excited to see the two married then the elves themselves. Her lips pulled up and she grinned as she listened to their stories and questions. 
She could remember being an elfling and having the forest ask her questions about her home. It would constantly play with her and Legolas. Pushing the two together whenever they were apart. 
The forest was almost as bad as their parents, now that she thought about it. Always meddling in one way or another. 
“(Imladris hasn’t changed.” 
“Im’d like na trenaeri- cin Mirkwood hasn’t either.” (I’d like to tell you Mirkwood hasn’t either.) 
“But?” Legolas winced at the probing question. 
“Fuin has started na creep in, a Ada na- slowlui losing hon gul na cheb- all -o ha safe.” (Darkness has started to creep in, and Ada is slowly losing his magic to keep all of it safe.)
“Na- ho okaui? Ho isn;t losing himself na- ho?” (Is he okay? He isn’t losing himself is he?) There was a long period of silence and Elnora moved so she was seated next to the Prince. Her hand coming down on his arm, trying to soothe him the best she could. 
“Ho hasn’t been i same since Naneth passed.” (He hasn’t been the same since Naneth passed.) 
“A cin? Gar- cin lost yourself?” (And you? Have you lost yourself?) A weak smile touched his lips and Elnora’s hands came up and gently cupped his cheeks. Legolas kept his gaze down, not willing to meet her eyes but that was fine. She would wait, she wanted him to be comfortable with her. 
His eyes finally lifted up and met hers, she could see the turmoil and sadness, but there was also a deep sense of longing and hurt hidden in the depths. She moved closer, their hips and thighs snug as she leaned forward and placed her forehead against his. 
“Im will ceri- everything in nin rod na tul- cin back, Legolas. Im will even trui na tul THranduil back too.” (I will do everything in my power to bring you back, Legolas. I will even try to bring Thranduil back too.) 
“Cin don’t baur na ceri- i, Meleth.” (You don’t need to do that, Meleth.) Elnora bumped her nose against his, a smirk appearing on her lips. 
“Im ceri- a im will. If cin forgot, min are a package deal.” (I do and I will. If you forgot, we are a package deal.) Legolas huffed a laugh as he reached up and brushed her hair back from her face, his fingers weaving through her locks. 
“How could im forget? Im gar- i prettiest elleth sui nin betrothed.” (How could I forget? I have the prettiest elleth as my betrothed.) Her cheeks flared a bright red and she ducked her head. Legolas hummed as they pulled apart, his hand coming down to wrap around hers. 
They traveled along in silence, their hands entwined. It wasn’t until dusk began to fall that they stopped. Setting up camp and a perimeter was the only time Legolas left her side. Elnora waved him away, telling him he needed to do his duty and she would do hers. Elrond had some food prepared for the caravan, and she helped her maids with the preparation of dinner. 
 She was just putting the soup on the fire when she heard footsteps come back into the little clearing. Her head moved as she watched the guards trickle in, Legolas being one of the last ones to come back. The forest giggled at her, and she scowled at the whispered thoughts. A breeze ran through the camp, ruffling her dress, and her throat dried up as it played with Legolas’ hair. The blonde locks fanning around him like a halo, showcasing his collarbone and sharp features. 
She raised her hands to her cheeks, willing the deep blush to disappear. Once she was sure she had herself back together, she called out to him. 
“Everything okaui?” (Everything okay?) He looked startled as he took in her hunched form over the fire. 
“Im- yes. What are cin doing?” (I- yes. What are you doing?) 
Elnora frowned as she looked down at herself, “Im’m helping na ech- dinner” (I’m helping to make dinner.) 
“Cin don’t baur na ceri- i. I maids are hi.” (You don’t need to do that. The maids are here.) Elnora snorted as she went back to stoking the fire. 
“Im know hain are, but hain deserve a break too. Besides, im enjoui cooking, ha was er -o nin duties back in Valinor.” (I know they are, but they deserve a break too. Besides, I enjoy cooking, it was one of my duties back in Valinor.) Legolas slowly nodded his head, his eyebrows furrowed as he processed her words. 
“Sit, nin Coon, supper will n- hurin soon.” (Sit Nin Coon, supper will be ready soon.) She said as she walked away, gathering a few of the maids to get some bowls and utensils settled with everyone. Ten minutes later and everyone was seated in little groups, food being passed around. Laughter and stories rumbled in the breeze, causing Elnora to settle down and relax. Legolas had gone around, making sure everyone had food and drink before making his way back over to her. 
“Im’ll take i crui tir- tonight, but im will n- back na ech- sure cin’re comfortable.” (I’ll take the first watch tonight, but I will be back to make sure you're comfortable.) Elnora nodded her head as the two continued to eat dinner. 
“Cin seemed lost in ind earlier. Are cin okaui?” (You seemed lost in thought earlier. Are you okay?) Elnora tilted her head at the Elf. 
“Im’m triw. I glad na- active a ha tends ne teith- nin attention more than im anir- ha na.” (I’m fine. The forest is active and it tends to draw my attention more than I want it to.) 
“I glad?” (The forest?)
“Mhm. Cin tur- hear i golas flos, tur- cin u-?” (Mhm. You can hear the leaves whisper, can you not?) Legolas laughed softly. 
“Im tur-, but nothing i seems na cause a tovon flush. Wa exactlui did ha ped-?” (I can, but nothing that seems to cause a deep flush. What exactly, did it say?) Elnora’s eyes widened and she ducked her head.
“Ha’s nothing. Don’t worrui nia ha?” (It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.) 
“Elnora.” His voice was lilting, trying to pry her thoughts out. 
“Hain are excited to na see ammen go- ad-. Im think hain are more excited nia ammen married than min parents.” (They are excited to see us together again. I think they are more excited about us married than our parents.) Legolas was quiet as he processed her words. A slow smile lighting his features. 
“Im’m happui i glad approves.” (I’m happy the Forest approves.) Elnora laughed as she bumped her shoulder with his. 
“Cin’ll n- safe, yes?” (You’ll be safe, yes?) Legolas laughed as he grabbed his bow and made way for one of the trees. 
“Im’m always safe, Meleth.” (I’m always safe, Meleth.) Legolas’ words were greeted by several exasperated looks and snorts from the few lingering guards. Elnora raised an eyebrow, lips twitching at the guards giving away the Ellon in front of her. 
“Something tells nin differentlui, Nin Coon.” (Something tells me differently, Nin Coon.) Legolas rolled his eyes as he pressed a quick kiss to her knuckles. 
“Nothing na worrui nia. Besides, i glad won’t let anything na nin. Get some sleep im will see cin in i erin.” (Nothing to worry about, besides, the Forest won’t let anything happen to me. Get some sleep. I will see you in the morning.) She hummed as she watched him climb the tree and disappear into the surrounding darkness. 
“Hi te, nin hiril, cin tur- sleep bui i naur.” (This way, my lady, you can sleep by the fire.) 
Every day was much the same, they traveled in the carriage together, sharing stories and getting closer to one another as the days wore on. Every night, they would eat dinner together, and Legolas would end up taking the first watch. 
Today, though, there was a difference. The elves were quiet, their singing and laughter having left the clearing early yesterday morning. Anytime she asked a question or tried to talk she was hushed and told to stay out of sight. Even Legolas had been avoiding her. Taking extra shifts and helping the riders in the front. Legolas came over, his fingers brushing through her hair as he sat next to her. 
“Im won’t n- able na nor- with cin hi eren.” (I won’t be able to ride with you this morning.) Elnora frowned. 
“Cin didn’t nor- with nin yesterdaui either. Na everything okaui?” (You didn’t ride with me yesterday either. Is everything okay?) 
“Min gar- entered coth ardhon a im baur na n- in i nif ensure i cin will n- safe.” (We have entered enemy territory and I need to be in the front to ensure that you will be safe.)
“Na- i whui everyone has been quiet? Im was beginning na think im had done something.” (Is that why everyone has been quiet? I was beginning to think I had done something.) The Prince’s eyes softened and he brushed his nose against hers. 
“Cin did nothing roeg, Meleth. Im just anir- cin sae a i quieter min are means i faster im tur- get cin bar. Ada na- anxious na see cin ad-, im think ho would far- been i er na tul- a get cin, had ho u- been busui wth other duties.” (You did nothing wrong, Meleth. I just want you safe and the quieter we are means the faster I can get you home. Ada is anxious to see you again, I think he would have been the one to come and get you, had he not been busy with other duties.) 
Elnora chuckled as she leaned against Legolas’ side, her hand coming to rest on his knee. 
“I minute min are ed- -o coth ardhon im will nor- with cin. Im lonn’t seen i sunshine ben felt ha bo nin riv in a ir.” (The minute we are out of enemy territory, I will ride next to you, I haven’t seen the sunshine or felt it on my skin in a while.) His lips came down onto her forehead, searing her skin. 
“Im thir foreword na ha.” (I look forward to it.) She smiled as he got up, rounding up the guards and helping her into the carriage. 
Elnora couldn’t figure out what was going on, one minute she had been riding in silence, the sunshine breaking through the tree line, and the next she was on the ground, the carriage having been tipped over when the horses spooked. Her body ached at the impact, her head spinning. 
She could hear shouts and the clashing of metal. Dull sounds of bodies falling to the earth made her stomach churn. She looked around her, the door was above her, the window was broken and she could make out shadows running across every couple of seconds. 
She rolled onto her side, trying to find a weapon of any kind in the carriage. Her hands were shaking as she scoured the floor and cushions, coming up empty. She winced at not having a means to defend herself. Elnora knew that she couldn’t stay here. Whoever Legolas and his men were fighting, they knew that it wasn’t just a normal caravan, not with the royal coach. 
Elnora crawled onto her knees and hesitantly poked her head out the door, her sight was overtaken by bodies and blood. Smoke was burning somewhere, and she could hear squeals coming from her left. When she glanced over, a horrified shriek fell from her lips.
A disgusting twisted creature was running towards the pack of Elves, ax high in the air. At the sound of her scream, the creature turned its head, and its yellow eyes glinted dangerously. She was so focused on the one coming towards her, she didn’t hear or see the one behind her. 
Elnora’s hair was gripped at the roots, and her body was dragged out of the carriage, her skirt snaring on the broken pieces of wood and metal. Her hands came up and tried to pry the creature's fingers from her locks. 
Her body was shaking. She could hear the earth weeping at the spilled blood. Her thoughts were spinning as she tried to gather herself. She couldn’t focus if she was taking on Nature’s emotions as well as hers. 
She closed her eyes, willing her body to go slack in the creature’s hold. The beast huffed in surprise as it tried to keep its hold on her hair. When her body slumped against the ground, her hands dug into the dirt. 
Her body was suddenly pinned to the soil, her breath whooshing out of her, causing her lungs to sting. Her lower back ached with the weight of the creature. She turned her head to see a club swinging side to side. Her eyes widened when a deep piercing whistle soared through the air. The creatures that were closer stopped fighting and rallied around the one above her. Several spears were embedded into the earth, outlining her silhouette. 
A grating chuckle met her ears, and she cringed at the sound. 
“Prince Legolas, I believe we have something of great importance.” Elnora’s body ached as she struggled to turn over. She hated having her back to the enemy, but the foot on her lower back was quickly ground into her spine. She screamed out in pain, her nerve endings lighting up. 
“Don’t touch her!” The words were snarled, and she stopped screaming at the ferocity. 
A round of laughter circled her as the Prince came into view, his pale skin flushed, covered in black blood. His blonde hair a tangled mess at his shoulders, his blue eyes met hers, and her body flushed with hot embarrassment. She was a Princess, she was taught how to fight at a young age. She should have been able to stand her ground. Instead, she had let her emotions get the best of her. 
Now, she was at the mercy of a hideous creature who had ruined her dress and her chance to ride with Legolas. She scowled, her teeth grinding together. 
“Let her go.” 
“I don’t think so. I imagine she tastes good; it’s been a while since we had anything other than orc.” Shouts and jeers left the creatures, their weapons waving in the air.  Elnora seethed at the notion. She picked her upper body up, turned her head to the Lead Creature, and spat at it. 
The group went silent, and she grinned in triumph. Legolas had gone stock still, his chest hardly moving as he watched her. His eyes flashed with an unknown emotion. 
“Elven bitch!” The creature roared as he removed his foot and grabbed her hair once again. Yanking her up, her body hovering a few inches off the ground. A sword was held at her throat, the dirty blood-covered blade glinting menacingly. 
“Elnora!” Legolas’ cry was the only reason she looked away from the creature in front of her. Her grey eyes rested on him, and she felt a wave of calm come over her. 
The trees rustled in anger, the wind picking up as the leader sliced slowly at her neck. Her eyes stung with tears as she tried to stay still. Her pain was cut short as her body dropped to the ground. Her ankles twinging at the impact. 
She glanced through her hair to see the Leader dead, an arrow piercing his eye. She looked over at Legolas, his eyes wild as he took her in. He stepped forward but was cut off by a small gang of the beasts, their spears raised and jabbing at him. 
His jaw locked as he quickly set to work, his twin daggers unsheathed and imbedded into the creatures’ heads and shoulders. 
“Get i Goblins awaui uin aranel Consort.” (Get the Goblins away from the Princess Consort!) Before the other elves could even take a step, they were being attacked, and she was in the middle of it. Three Goblins turned their attention to her, their yellow orbs glinting with blood. 
She bent down, her hands digging into the dirt, her fingernails scraping and cracking with force. The wind was picking up, her dress and hair swirling around her. Ancient words spilled from her lips, a chant floating on the breeze, each word dripping with venom and promise of death. Her grey orbs rolled back into her head, showing the whites of her eyes as she uttered the final phrase. 
“Infinite gurth.” (Infiniste death.) A ball of light flashed, blinding everyone around her. Harsh wind and a warm heat met the elves as the goblins were pushed away, their bodies sailing through the air into trees and boulders. 
The Elves stood still, no-one daring to breathe as they took in their surroundings. Elnora lay on the ground, her blonde hair splayed out around her. Legolas’ heart stopped at the sight, he told his body to move, to go towards her, but he couldn’t. He only breathed again when he saw her roll onto her side. Her face caked in dirt and blood. 
Noticing that they were safe for the time being, they moved in action. Legolas began giving orders, sheathing his twin daggers as he went. Elves broke off into groups, some gathering the wounded and discarded weapons. Others grabbed the few arrows Legolas had managed to knock off. 
“Elnora, Meleth.” (Elnora, love.) Elnora looked up, and she laughed as the full impact of what happened hit her. She was drained of energy and the only thing she could do was giggle in mirth. She could make out Legolas’ form as dark spots decorated her vision. Her hearing going in and out, almost as if she was underwater. 
Someone kneeled down next to her, they grasped her shaking hands, elvish words being spoken but she couldn’t make sense of them. She was still gasping for air, her giggles long faded away as she struggled to stay conscious. Her efforts were in vain and she slumped to the ground, her body losing the war to keep itself awake. 
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angelic-kisses13 · 7 months ago
Ithildin Nin- Part 2
Tumblr media
Authors Note: Part 2 of Ithildin Nin. I hope you enjoy!
Warnings: Fluff, teasing, sarcasm
Summary: Legolas and Elnora get more acquainted 
It took her three minutes to get from the balcony down to the courtyard. She hovered by one of the pillars, watching the Prince and his guards go about getting their items set up and brought into rooms. It seems that they will be spending the night in Imladris. Elnora took a shaky breath before stepping out on the cobbled walkway, her heels clicking softly against the grey brick. Several guards turned to see who was coming and bowed at her approach. 
She nodded at each one, silently thanking them for their hard work and labor. It was never fun to be a guard, and she felt for them. Their jobs were never done, just like hers and Legolas’. Her eyes were drawn from the guards when a tall figure stepped in front of her, halting her progression. 
“Elnora.” Her name was a breathless whisper, and it sent tingles down her spine. His blue eyes were bright; cheeks flushed as he took in her features. She opened her mouth to greet the Prince, but her words caught. He smiled, eyes dancing with amusement at her silence. 
“Im remember ir ennas was a anand cin couldn’t n- quiet na save cín cuil.” (I remember when there was a time you couldn’t be quiet to save your life.) That did the trick, her mouth snapped shut with a click, and she moved forward, grasping his hands in hers. His skin was cold and slightly clammy, but it made the situation real. He was here, right in front of her, after all this time. 
“Im missed cin.” (I missed you.) His hands squeezed hers tightly before lifting them, pressing kisses to her knuckles and the inside of her wrists. Warmth surged through Elnora at his actions, her heart fluttering, sending her head spinning. Legolas’ eyes narrowed, lips smirking as he dropped her hands and stepped away. Her lips pulled down into a frown; he shouldn’t be so far away. He needed to be right next to her. She needed to feel his warmth, claim him as hers. 
“Hir Elrond.” (Lord Elrond.)
“Cóon Legolas, ha na- man na see cin. Ind mín weren’t expecting cín presence. Na- everything alright in Mirkwood?” (Prince Legolas, it is good to see you. Though we weren’t expecting your presence. Is everything alright in Mirkwood?) 
Legolas’ eyes flickered in embarrassment before bowing once again to Lord Elrond. 
“Díhen- nin, but im ind ha best na tul- a see na i Princess’s needs myself.” ( Forgive me, but I thought it best to come and see to the Princess’s needs myself.) 
Legolas’ embarrassment endeared Elnora immensely, a soft giggle falling from her lips before she turned her head away, attempting to silence herself. Altogether missing the gentle smile, Legolas sent her way. Lord Elrond rolled his eyes fondly. They reminded him of when he was courting his wife. 
Elrond motioned the two elves to follow after him, not daring to look back for fear of ruining the moment between them. 
“Im nauth-cin will baur a few rooms?” (I imagine you will need a few rooms?) He frowned when he didn’t get a response, sighing; he turned on his heel, expecting to see the two right behind him. He was not expecting the sight of the two of them forehead to forehead, whispering to one another. Fingers running along the others features, several yards away from where he stood. 
“Hîn.” (Children.)  Both heads turned instantly at the reprimand. Realizing that they hadn’t been listening, they hurriedly broke apart and hurried after him. Exasperation laced his words, “Rooms an cin a cín men, Cóon Legolas?” (Rooms for you and your men Prince Legolas?) 
“If cin will gar- ammen.” (If you will have us.) Elrond waved Legolas’ worries away before taking them towards the dining hall. Elrond moved towards the head of the table, Elnora sitting a few seats from his left. Before she could sit though, Legolas was there, pulling her chair out and tucking her in against the table. She sent the Prince a bashful smile before turning back to her plate. Legolas rounded the table and sat in front of Elnora, his eyes never leaving her face.
Elrond was pulled from his thoughts when his wife entered the room, her eyes widening at the sight of Legolas but greeting him nonetheless. She smiled over at Elnora as she took a seat beside Elrond, their hands tangling together. Dinner was uneventful, and after several glasses of the wine, Elrond thought it best to retire for the night. 
“Tul-, Melleth, let's leave hin tád na ad- or-.” (Come, Melleth, let’s leave these two to catch up.) Elrond and Celebrían stood, resulting in both the Prince and Princess to rise with them. Celebrían waved them off with a soft smile and a gentle ‘Goodnight’ before the two young elloths were left to their own devices. 
Legolas watched Elnora as she sank back down into her seat, grabbing her glass of wine, she kept her gaze down. Avoiding his, he narrowed his eyes before silently getting up and making his way over to her. His fingers gently grazed her shoulder as he took a seat beside her. 
“Are cin scared?” (Are you scared?) He cocked his head in silent contemplation, swirling the wine around in his goblet. 
“-o spending i post -o nin cuil with cin? Baw. Im am scared -o nin cuil possiblui changing thoigh. Ha’s ú- going na glenn- back na what ha was a few days io.” (Of spending the rest of my life with you? No. I am scared of my life possibly changing, though. It’s not going to go back to what it was a few days ago.)
Elnora hummed, her grey orbs fluttering around the room, not wanting to make him uncomfortable by her staring. 
“Cin’re ú- going na regret hi? Ammen? Nin?” (You’re not going to regret this? Us? Me?) A rough and calloused hand settled over hers, a thumb smoothing over her knuckles gently. 
“Cin tur- ask nin i after mín tád months are or-.” (You can ask me that after our two months are up.) Her eyes shifted over to Legolas, lips pressed into a thin line. He winked at her, a cheeky grin lighting up his features. 
Her breath was stolen from her at the thought of their two month escape. It was custom for all high elves to get two months away from the court and palace life. There the courting couple would learn how to live with one another, after the two months were up the couple would then decide if they could spend the rest of their lives together. Most made it through the ritual but there were an odd few who didn’t. 
 As if reading her thoughts, Legolas reached down and brushed his fingertips from the inside of her wrist up to her shoulders, fingering the lace that sat against her clavicle. 
“Min will ech- ha, then cin will n- stuck with nin.” (We will make it, then you will be stuck with me.) Legolas smirked over at her, his skin glowing in the torch light. His blonde hair became a waterfall of fire as he shifted in the seat next to her. She could feel her hand slipping on her goblet and she quickly rushed to put it down. The silver clanking onto the table as she straightened. Her heart was pounding and her cheeks were flushed. 
“Cin’re blushing.” (You’re blushing.) She huffed as she elbowed him, both watched as his arm jerked to block the blow. His wine sloshing out of the cup and over his green tunic. They both sat there in silent shock before mirthful giggles sounded from Elnora’s lips. 
Her giggles were silenced at the look Legolas shot her. His eyes were calculated, roaming her face as she shook in her seat. She could feel the distress and the frustration rolling off him. His shoulders were tense, coiled, ready for action. 
She winced as she realized that, maybe, Legolas wasn’t as into the same play fighting and pranking as she remembered. Oh Valar, I really messed this up. You had one thing to do, Elnora, and you ruined it! You were given specific instructions on what to do: this was one of the things that you weren’t supposed to do. 
She gasped for breath as she quickly scurried up from her seat and made way for the dining room doors. Oh god she just spilled wine all over him. Why couldn’t she just be a normal, elegant elf, like her grandmother? It shouldn’t be this hard to keep watch of her arms and elbows. Apparently, it gets harder when she throws in the man she is betrothed to and a glass of wine. Guess that's one way of making a lasting impression.
“Looks like i’s nin signal na leave. Goodnight.” (Looks like that’s my signal to leave. Goodnight!) Elnora said as she tried to leave the room in a reasonably dignified manner. 
She could hear his chair scrap back and his footsteps were coming after her. A groan left her lips as she paced down the halls, her hair flowing behind her. 
“I was er- o ni favorite tunics!” (That was one of my favorite tunics!) She heard him say as she rounded a corner. She winced, of course it was, could her clumsiness get any better? Plastering a smile on her face she glanced over her shoulder. Maybe the best way out of the situation was to be playful. Flirt a little? 
“Im didn’t mind ha either! Made cín shoulders a arms stand ed-” (I didn’t mind it either! Made your shoulders and arms stand out!) She replied as she ducked behind a pillar, her hands coming up to massage her temples, she was tired and embarrassed. All she wanted to do was go back to her room and sink into her bed. Her hands stilled as she processed the quiet. She strained her ears to pick up any sound. 
Legolas had an advantage over her. He was required to have stealth, living in Mirkwood, and being captain of the Guard, he couldn’t afford to be heavy-footed. She hesitantly poked her head around the pillar, seeing the corridor clear, she sighed in relief. She moved out from her hiding place and went further down the hall.
Just as she cleared the turn, her waist was caught, and she was brought back against a firm and warm chest, hot puffs of air brushing the shell of her ear. Her breath stuttered as she froze, her eyes closing in defeat. 
“Im believe cin owe an apologui.” (I believe you owe an apology.) His voice was affectionate, a hint of laughter tinting his words. With a dragged out sigh, Elnora spun in his embrace, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders. 
“Im suppose cin’re foeir,” (I suppose you’re right,) Her fingers ran over the collar, before gliding down his chest and resting on the wine stain, lips twitching. 
“Im sorrui, cin foeg, foeg shirt. Ha na- a tragic té na glenn- a na think sin had such grand balls na attend a memories na ech-. Oh, woe na- nin.” (I’m sorry, you poor, poor shirt. It is a tragic way to go and to think you had such grand balls to attend and memories to make. Oh, woe is me.) 
Hopefully, if she played it off well, and he wouldn’t be too upset at her being clumsy. Valar knows her grandparents got annoyed after one too many falls or broken dishes. She was given a playful look before he responded,
“Cute.” She grinned impishly before pulling away from him. 
“Goodnight, Nin Cóon.” (Goodnight, my Prince.) She cooed at him, blowing him a kiss as she sauntered down the halls. 
“Goodnight, Nin Aranel.” (Goodnight, my Princess.) 
Once inside her chambers, she blew an exhausted huff of air, her body slumping back against the wood door. Running her hands down her face she stood up and readied herself for bed. Glancing in the vanity mirror as she pulled the pins from hair she looked over the ribbons of color that adorned her white hair. Blues and purples and a soft coral mixed together under the white of her locks. She remembered how she hated being the odd one out in her family. Her Naneth always said it was the stars blessing her. 
As if the glimmering white of her skin wasn’t enough of a blessing she had hair like the tail of a comet’s. She was just grateful that the colors were underneath and not scattered atop her head, then she would really be an outcast.
It seemed that as she grew older, the colors darkened, pretty soon she wasn’t going to be able to hide them from anybody, maybe then she would be able to embrace it more. Adapt the colors into her life instead of being embarrassed and ashamed. 
She ran the comb through her hair, detangling the ends before setting the brush aside and gathering the skirts of her nightgown, making her way to the bed. In three month’s time she would be wed, the left side of her bed being filled by another body. 
Elnora’s heart lightened at the thought of knowing that her husband would be someone she at least knows a little, and from the looks of tonight, someone she could grow to love and cherish above all else. She fell asleep dreaming of what was to come and the love she was hoping to build between herself and the Prince of Mirkwood. 
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cxmetery-gates · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Miakoda Ramla was born under the Blood Moon, granting her the gift of foresight. All was peaceful within her part of Middle Earth until the oracle wakes from a vision of her people slaughtered at the hands of Sauron. Now, Miakoda and her king must fight alongside the Fellowship of the Ring. On her grand adventure, the oracle soon learns that perhaps she cannot foresee everything, maybe even to her delight.
NOTES: Very much fluffy! A bit of a slow burn as well. Contains fantasy violence and major character death.
Q'orianka Kilcher as Miakoda Ramla Orlando Bloom as Legolas Greenleaf Kalani Queypo as Amarag Lail Taylor Lautner as Azad Lail
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guardianofrivendell · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Legolas x OC
Requested: Nope
Summary:  Mira. A short and unusual name for a short and unusual Elf. After an audience with Galadriel goes sideways, she leaves her birthplace Lóthlorien and the Elves for good.  That is until a certain Gandalf asks for a favor. Come along on her journey, as she reluctantly agrees to accompany Gandalf on the quest to destroy the One Ring.  She befriends every Fellowship member, except one. Legolas and Mira are water and fire from the very first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will this be an obstacle during the quest or is it going to make everything just a little more interesting?
Warnings: None, other than this is more of a filler chapter so nothing exciting is happening. Sorry! And the usual bickering :)
After about 6 days they reached Eregion. A decision had to be made on the best way to cross the Misty Mountains, so they took a longer break than usual.
Gandalf and Aragorn were sitting on the rocks smoking their pipe, Sam made a fire and was surely planning to cook something soon and Legolas kept watch. Again.
Merry and Boromir were standing in the middle of the clearance. Boromir had promised the Hobbit a few days ago to teach him how to wield a sword - well, dagger in his case. Mira snorted, the image of Merry trying to wield a human sized sword now in her head. Gandalf gave her a questioning look, but she shook her head. The grey wizard was happy to see her smile more often, and was more than relieved that Mira seemed to have found her place within the fellowship.
“Are you ready?” Boromir asked Merry, swords in their hand. He swallowed heavily, but gave a small nod. “Come on, Merry!” Mira cheered him on.
Merry was the first one to make a move, and Boromir easily parred him. She noticed he didn’t use his full force, going easy on the Hobbit. Boromir had surprised her in the last couple of days, he was kinder than she had given him credit for. He may have doubted her in the beginning of the journey, but it seemed that he finally warmed up to the idea of a woman in the fellowship. They had talked a couple of times while crossing the fields, mostly about his brother. He caught her every time she slipped or tripped over her own feet - which was more often than she would have liked - and he was never disrespectful about it. That’s not what she could say about Legolas, hearing him snort or sigh every time Boromir had to grab her waist or arm to prevent her from smacking to the ground.
Merry did his best, but was no match to the experienced warrior. He ducked when Boromir swung his sword at him, and tried to hit him with his dagger. The only thing he cut was a hole in the air.
Aragorn laughed. “Move your feet, Merry!” It was a welcome distraction, after days and days of endless hiking, crossing the plain fields. But they did have something important to discuss.
“If anyone was to ask for my opinion, which they’re not,” Gimli started, “I’d say we are taking the long way around. We should pass through the Mines of Moria, Gandalf. My cousin Balin will give us a royal welcome!”
“No Gimli, I will not take the road through Moria unless there was no other choice,” Gandalf answered him. Mira released her breath in relief. She hated being underground. Elves get restless when they can’t see the sky, and she was no exception. 
She continued to watch Merry and Boromir, and noticed that the warrior of Gondor wasn’t holding back anymore. Mira suspected it was no longer a training session to him, but more some kind of way to show off his skills.
“Hold on,” she interrupted the fight. Boromir watched her walk to Merry. “What’s wrong, my lady?” he asked. She waved at him. “Nothing, don’t worry. I just want to give Merry some pointers.”
Mira crouched down to Merry’s level and lowered her voice to a whisper so no one else could hear them. Well, Legolas probably could but he was still busy staring at their surroundings. He never let his guard down and although she thought he was taking this far too seriously, she also admired his dedication. Wait a minute… Did she just think something nice about him? “My lady?” Merry asked, interrupting her thoughts. “Right! Sorry,” she laughed. “Merry, he’s not fighting fair anymore. So you won’t do that either. Here’s what you are going to do.” She whispered a few things in his ear, and his eyes went wide at first but a wicked grin followed quickly. She gestured at Pippin to come over and did the same with him.
When she sat back next to Aragorn, he eyed her curiously. “What did you say to them?” Mira shrugged. “Nothing much, just a little something to make the fight fairer.”
Merry got back in position with regained confidence, and gave Mira a wink. She raised her thumb at him.
Everyone was watching the so-called ‘training session’, their discussion about the route they should take completely forgotten. Boromir was a bit hesitant at first, curious about the ‘pointers’ the hooded lady had given his opponent. The fight that followed was nothing like the first few rounds. Merry went full force on Boromir and tried to hit him as many times as he could. Boromir blocked them all with his shield, before he finally raised to his full height and swung his sword at Merry. The Hobbit wasn’t quick enough and the blade hit his arm. Merry cried out in pain and Boromir instantly dropped his shield and sword, making his way over to the Hobbit.
“I’m so sorry,” he gasped, but when he reached Merry, he saw his expression change from a grimace to a full grin.  Before he could do anything, he heard Mira yell: “Now!” and he was thrown to the ground by the two Hobbits.
“For the Shire!” they cried, desperately trying to keep Boromir on the ground. Mira was a bit anxious about the warrior’s reaction, but he took it rather well. More than well, since his laughter could be heard all over the ruïns of Eregion. Most of the fellowship followed his example.
“Aragorn! Help me!” Aragorn put out his pipe and tried to help him to his feet, but soon suffered the same fate. Mira smiled smugly, satisfied that she had succeeded. The confidence of Merry and Pippin got the boost they needed, Boromir had learned his lesson and everyone’s spirits were lifted. “I know what you did,” Gandalf said to her. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Gandalf said something else, but Mira didn’t hear. A sudden uneasy feeling overcame her, and she looked around in an attempt to find the cause.
“What’s that?” Frodo asked, and he went to stand next to Legolas.
Merry and Pippin let go of Boromir and Aragorn, and they all looked at the sky ahead. “It’s just a whiff of cloud,” Gimli grumbles, still angry that Gandalf wouldn’t listen to him.
That is definitely not a cloud, Mira thought. If she wasn’t mistaken, that was Saruman’s Crebain. She couldn’t say anything, and could only hope Legolas would. What good was it that he was the one constantly on watch when he couldn’t see danger when it was right in front of him?
Boromir stood next to her, his eyes on the black ‘cloud’. “It’s moving against the wind,” he noticed. Very clever, Mira thought. Why is it taking them so long?
“Crebain from Dunland!” Legolas yelled, finally realizing what it was.
“Hide!” Mira cried, and grabbed Merry and Pippin by their hand and quickly shoved them under the first protruding rock she saw. It was too small for her, but big enough to hide the two Hobbits. With her vow to protect the Halflings in mind, she looked around for Sam and Frodo but couldn’t spot them anywhere. Hoping they’d found a good hiding spot, she dived between a few skinny bushes. The others could take care of themselves.
Before the Crebain reached them, someone wrapped their arm around her waist and pulled her into a shallow gap in the ground. It was hidden from plain sight because of the overhanging bushes. She yelped in surprise, and a hand covered her mouth.
“Hush! Or do you want them to know we are here?” She rolled her eyes. Of course it was Legolas. She pulled his hand from her mouth and reached for her hood, pulling it even further over her head. To hide her identity, but mostly because she didn’t have to look at him that way.
The crow-like birds flew over them, their horrible squawking noise painful to her ears. Her hands flew over the fabric of her cloak to cover her ears in an attempt to shut out the noise.
She felt her eyes tremble. Not now, she groaned but her vision shifted despite her attempts to suppress it.
The images were clear but changing very fast like they usually did, Mira had to concentrate to keep up with them.
She saw the Crebain in some kind of fiery mine workplace, Saruman, snow, darkness, hundreds of riders on horses, battles and a boat toppling over the edge of a waterfall.
When her vision slowly returned, she felt Legolas’ hands on her shoulder and waist, slightly shaking her.
“Is everything alright?” she heard another voice.
Great, she thought to herself. How am I going to explain this?
She pushed Legolas’ hands off of her and clambered out of the gap, wiping the dust of her legs and arms.
“What happened?” Aragorn asked her. He, Gimli and Boromir stood at the edge of the gap.
“Nothing,” she answered.
“She was not responding to me, her eyes were glazed over,” Legolas said, his cold stare directed at her. It was obvious he didn’t trust her at all.
“Clearly your eyes are failing you, blondie,” she snapped, pointing at her eyes. They had returned to their normal warm brown colour.
“I know what I saw!” he yelled at her.
“This is not the time nor the place to discuss this matter,” Gandalf intervened, coming to her aid.
“What was that, Gandalf?” Sam asked.
“Spies of Saruman! The South Pass is being watched. We must take the Pass of Caradhras,” Gandalf decided.
Everyone gathered their things and started packing for the mountain hike. When Legolas passed Mira, he bumped her shoulder which made her falter. She squinted her eyes at him. “You know,” Gandalf spoke to her. “Kindness does wonders.”
“That goes both ways, Gandalf,” she said, jaw still clenched. “Do I have to tell them about my visions?”
“In due time, my dear. In due time.”
He walked to the others and urged them to follow him. Mira looked towards the snowy mountains and sighed. She hated snow...
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Ithildin Nin
Tumblr media
Authors Note: I am a terrible person, I have mutiple asks that I should be working on, but after my binge-a-thon for The Hobbit and LOTR I had to write a Legolas x OC story. I hope you enjoy!! All of the elvish prases are from an elvish translator so I’m sooo sorry if it’s wrong! 
Warnings: None, fluff
Summary: Elnora is a Princess from Valinor, she and Legolas have been betrothed since they were elflings. This is there first meeting in a thousand years. 
The waves broke against the side of the ship as Elnora stood on deck; she could feel the salty spray hit her skin. Seagulls squawked in the distance, and she smiled as she watched a few dolphins and mermaids jump in and out of the water, playfully waving and making faces at the elves on the ship. 
The shimmering of their scales reflected the sunlight and Elnora became entranced by the multitude of colors. Between the water spray and the sunlight, the scales created mini-rainbows over the mermaids as htey dived about. Their giggles and singing hanging on the wind. 
In the distance she could make out the lush green hills, some spots yellow and gold. She could feel her body hum as she came closer to Imladris, the magic of Vilya surrounding the water and buildings. She felt safe and welcomed, almost like the Kingdom was welcoming her with open arms. 
It was different feeling to her homeland, Valinor was a mix of purity and goodness, nothing bad every happened and that meant journeys and mischief were out of the question. Both were something that she longed for, especially after she had met the Prince of Mirkwood. 
Neither of them had known who the other was, but it didn’t stop them from wrecking havoc in Riverdell and Mirkwood. Elnora could remember the looks of Elrond and Celeborn as they gratefully ushered the two into Thranduil’s and Elanor’s care. A bubble of laughter spilled from her lips at she remembered King Thranduil’s wide eyes, when he stumbled upon her and Legolas covered head to toe in mud, leaves sticking out of their hair. They had been grounded for two weeks after that incident. 
Elnora’a heart soared at the thought of her first best friend, it had pained her when she had to leave him. Neither wanting to part from their farewell hug, not realizing that their hearts had claimed the other as their match. Legolas’s parents had though, many letters being sent back and forth discussing the betrothal. 
She hadn’t been made aware of it until a week ago, she had just come of age and her grandparents thought it best to send her off as soon as possible. Something about them wanting little elloths running around. Her cheeks had heated up at their words, embarrassment coloring her features. Secrectly, she had rejoiced in the fact that she would get to see Legolas again. 
Her heart was racing the closer they neared the mainland. It had been ages since she had been to Imladris and even longer since she had set foot in Mirkwood. 
“Nin Híril, Imladris na.” Elnora turned her attention from the water to see the buildings coming into view. They were twinkling in the light, trees lovely shades of yellow and gold, a few dusting of red and brown here and there. A smile touched her features as she walked closer to the side, her hands clutching the wood. She glanced down at the river, taking in the blue colors that swirled out from under the boat. The color reminded her of Legolas’ eyes and she sighed at the thought. Just a few more days and she would be reunited with her betrothed. 
A few moments later and the boat had docked along the river Bruinen. Elnora was met with Elrond waiting on the port, a hidden smile on his face. She was helped onto the ramp, her heels wobbling as she adjusted to dry land. Just as she thought herself clear, her ankle twisted just so, and she went stumbling down onto the stone paving. 
Hands wrapped around her waist and elbows, stabilizing her form. Giggling she straightened, a healthy pink dosing her cheeks and chest as Elnora peered out from her hair at King Elrond. 
“Im’m sorrui, nin mellon.”  (I’m sorry, my friend.) Elrond waved her worries away. Gently clasping their hands together as he guided them further into the kingdom. The walk was quiet as the two of them made their way to King Elrond’s study. Once the doors were shut tight did the two of them speak. 
“How gar-cin been?” (How have you been?)
“Man. Cin?” (Good. You?)
“Busui, im heard nia cín marriage proposal na cóon Legolas, are cín nervous?” (Busy, I heard about your marriage proposal to Prince Legolas, are you nervous?)
“Verui, im don’t anir-na disappoint cóon ben i aran erain’s.” (Very, I don’t want to disappoint the Prince or the King.)
“Cin couldn’t disappoint either er, nin mellon. Ui-are luckui na gar- i granddaughter -o híril Galadriel in their nos.”  (You couldn’t disappoint either one, my friend. Both are lucky to have the granddaughter or Lady Galadriel in their family.)  Elnora chuckled as she sat down in one of the chairs by the opened balcony, fond memories of her grandmother surfacing in her mind. 
“Im remember ir she told nin nia i lands haer Valanor,” (I remember when she told me about the lands beyond Valar.) Elnora started, her hands coming up to brush through her hair as she thought through her words. She needed Elrond to understand her emotions, she needed his wisdom right now. 
“She was so reverent nia ha all. She would trenerinin stories nia cin a aran erain Thranduil, erain, a hon bereth,” (She was so reverent about it all. She would tell me stoies about King Thranduil, you and his wife.) 
 “Even stories nia i dilthen cóon, who wanted na travel i realm. Im remember wanting na govannon- i cóon, wishing a hoping i er aur im would get i chance. Im never ind i im would n- engaged na hon, ben moving awaui o Valar.” (Even stories about the little Prince, who wanted to travel the realm. I remember wanting to meet the Prince, wishing and hoping that one day I would get the chance. I never thought that I would be engaged to him, or moving away from Valanor.)  
Elrond hummed as he sat in the chair across from her, his robes fanning out around him. He could see the love and hear the fondness that Elnora spoke with, he knew that the two elves would do just fine. They would have their own fairytale. 
“Cóon Legolas na- a man edhel, Princess Elnora. Im think ha’s a man match an cin ui-.” (Prince Legolas is a good elf, Princess Elnora. I think it’s a good match for you both.) Elnora felt secure at King Elrond’s words, most of her elven family and friends believed the match was a great idea. A good way to seal two families and kingdoms together. 
“Min’re cin nervous an cín marriage, Mellon?” (We’re you nervous for your marriage, friend?) Elrond smiled at the young elleth, before answering her. 
“Yes a baw.” (Yes and no.) Elnora snorted before her cheeks reddened and her hands lifted up to cover her mouth. 
“Sorrui.” (Sorry.)
“I should definitelui lúth i cóon, nin híril.” (That should definitely charm the Prince, My Lady.) The two continued to chat for a few hours longer, catching up on current events. When there was a knock on the study door, both elves turned their attention to the guard that had just entered. 
“Díhen- i intrusion, nin aran erain but ha appears i Mirkwood galadrim gar- made an appearance.” (Forgive the intrusion, My King but it appears the Mirkwood Elves have made an appearance.) Elnora’s eyes widened and she was up from her chair in seconds, her dress billowing out behind her as she moved towards the door. Why were the Mirkwood elves here? She was supposed to be on her way tomorrow morning. She wasn’t expecting an entourage to come for her. 
“Ha seems cín cóon na- baras na see cin.” (It seems your prince is eager to see you.) Elnora cocked her head to the side as she watched the band of elves enter the courtyard and fan out. A young ellon on a white horse came into view, his green and silver tunic shining in the sunset. He had a bow strapped to the side of the horse, his quiver over his back. 
Excitment raced through her, as the Prince peered around, looking for something or someone. A slow smile turned her lips up as he looked up at the balcony that her and Elrond stood. She could see the moment he rested his eyes on her, his mouth parted, body straightening. Legolas climbed down his horse and stepped forward a few steps before raising his left hand and forming a fist, placing it over his heart. He bowed to them both and Elrond exteded the same curtesy. Elnora, however, tilted her head as she curtesied. 
“Hir Elrond, ceri- im thír alright?” (Lord Elrond, do I look alright?) There was a deep chuckle from beside her but she didn’t pay it any mind. 
“Yes, Nin híril.” (Yes, my lady.) Elnora noddded her head before turning around and making her way down to the courtyard. She had a Prince to greet.
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sokkasdarling · 7 months ago
also idk if anyone has it but if anyone by chance has the gif at the start of meeting where the fellowship is formed and legolas puts his arm out in front of the other elves or just when he looks at gimli super mad can someone give it to me PLEASE its so hot
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Thranduil's s/o dying her hair crazy colour
This was request by one really nice (I realized I don't know gender, I panicked) cookie 🍪 :3 And it took me really long, but here you go :3 (I'm not sure if you want to be tagged, if you have problem with it, I would untag you ^•^) Also it's my favorite s/o from human world au, bcs I think it's the only way Thranduil's s/o can have hair colors ^•^
Tumblr media
• You weren't from Middle Earth, you magically appeared in Mirkwood forest one evening. It was shocking for the elven guards who found you, but it was even weirder for you.
• You were on your way home from work and all of sudden you were in middle of some forest surrounded by some tall, pointed-eared human-like creatures.
• You quickly got used to life in Mirkwood and you even fell in love with the elven king, Thranduil.
• One evening you remembered you had something in your bag, that got teleported with you.
• Thranduil was on council meeting so there was nothing standing between you and your-soon-to-be purple hair.
• You went into the bathroom and you were really thankful it wasn't that type of hair colour you have to mix.
• You started applying the dark purple gel into your hair and after few minutes you were done, you sat on floor and thought about you life back home, while waiting for the colour to apply.
• After what you guess was half a hour you washed it off and your hair had vibrant purple colour. Now you just had to wait for Thranduil to come from his meeting.
• You were about to plan what so say to him when you heard door to your shared chamber open. You felt really nervous when you heard Thranduil call your name.
• He turned around with a smile when he heard door open and close behind you, but the smile quickly changed into shocked expression. He didn't know what to say, so he just stood here with mouth and eyes wide open.
• „Before you say anything, that's normal in my world, we colour our hair to express ourselves or to feel prettier, it will disappear after few months. I had some of the dye in my bag, I still have some left, if you want“ The last one was only teasing, but still Thranduil looked at you in horror upon hearing it.
• „It looks great as everything on you,my love. But try to do this to my hair and I will tell Legolas who ate his food“ He responded with smirk as he examined your hair.
• Eleves will just never walk around with coloured hair, at least until you and Legolas have great idea on how to prank Thranduil.
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Tumblr media
Legolas x OC
Requested: Nope
Summary:  Mira. A short and unusual name for a short and unusual Elf. After an audience with Galadriel goes sideways, she leaves her birthplace Lóthlorien and the Elves for good.  That is until a certain Gandalf asks for a favor. Come along on her journey, as she reluctantly agrees to accompany Gandalf on the quest to destroy the One Ring.  She befriends every Fellowship member, except one. Legolas and Mira are water and fire from the very first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will this be an obstacle during the quest or is it going to make everything just a little more interesting?
Warnings: none in this chapter, just a stubborn Elf 
Masterlist Perfect Secrets
Guardianofrivendell’s Masterlist
Everyone started to leave after the remaining Council Members had wished them a safe trip. Mira was still trying to wrap her head around it all. It slowly started to dawn on her that she was going to Mordor. Mordor.  It’s not that she was afraid. She was brave enough, she had killed her fair share of Orcs. But this quest was nothing like she had ever done before. She had mostly been on her own, and now had to travel with nine others. Two of them being major dickheads.
“What is clouding your thoughts, my dear?” Gandalf’s voice sounded behind her. 
“Why, Gandalf?” She immediately shot back. 
“Because I was hungry, because I felt like it, it was the right time and because you wanted to. All answers to questions, but none to the one you just asked me. Let me ask you a question in return, Mira. Why not?”
Mira sighed, looking at the other members of the newly founded fellowship. Even though they had volunteered only a few moments before, they all looked so… prepared. 
“Because I’m not ready. This is nothing like the quests we’ve done in the past, Gandalf. I’m sure they all have something to contribute like strength and skills. Filled to the brink with courage, all of them…”
She paused before she added, “Well, of one of them I’m quite certain it’s more stupidity and arrogance than courage but that’s not the point right now. Remember that I did not volunteer myself. You dragged me into this.” She poked his chest to back up her words.  Gandalf wanted to say something, but she interrupted him immediately. “Don’t even think about bringing Galadriel’s words into this!”  He raised his hands in defeat, chuckling lightly. “I was not planning to. Come, child, join me on a walk around the gardens.”
Legolas was talking to Aragorn, briefing him of the escape of Gollum. The reason he came to Rivendell in the first place. Not that he regretted his decision to join the Fellowship, it was the right thing to do and he would do anything in his power to protect the little Hobbit and help destroy the Ring. 
He saw Gandalf talking to the hooded lady. Mira, was it? Everyone could see that she didn’t want to go, and he could hear her complaining about it to the Grey Wizard. Why was Gandalf so keen on bringing her along? What was so special about her? Legolas didn’t like her and that was nothing like him. Somehow she annoyed him terribly. 
“Legolas?” Aragorn repeated. He looked at him in surprise. 
“Welcome back, mellon nin. You were deep in thought! What troubles you?” (My friend)
“Lady Mira. I can not help but have a bad feeling about her,” he stated. 
“And why is that?” 
Legolas watched them descend the stairs, Gandalf a few steps ahead and Mira trudging after him. Even now she still kept her hood up.
“She is constantly hiding underneath her hood. Clearly she does not want to join us. Yet Gandalf insists. I can’t help but wonder why.”
Aragorn smiled. “It’s Gandalf. He always has his reasons.”
“I hope you’re right,” Legolas sighed. He was going to keep an eye on her, until she proved him wrong. 
Mira walked alongside Gandalf through the many little garden paths of Rivendell. She had to admit it was very beautiful and it brought a certain peace to her. She felt almost comfortable being here. Almost. 
“You have skills that will be very useful during our journey, my dear. Do not belittle yourself,” Gandalf began. “Your visions are growing stronger.”
She nodded. “They are, but I can’t control them. I’m vulnerable when I have them, they’re blocking my sight. It’s not something you want to happen mid-fight.”
“There are nine others including myself who can keep an eye on you if that were to happen. You have excellent fighting skills. I cannot see a reason for you not to join.”
She looked at the old Wizard, studying the many wrinkles across his kind face. They went through a lot together, and she suddenly felt the need to protect him overcome her. She thought about all the times she saved him and when he returned the favor. Maybe it was for the best she went with him, if only to keep an eye on him. 
But then she noticed the twinkle in his eyes. 
“What are you not telling me?”
“These gardens are extraordinary, don’t you think? Let us find Lord Elrond so I can compliment him,” he said with a knowing smile and walked away. Mira stood with her hands down, lost for words. He only did this when he tried to hide something. 
“Gandalf!” she yelled before running after him.
Gandalf never told her what he was hiding and after a few days she gave up trying.
He did give her the advice to start getting to know the others before their journey began. Mira agreed, although reluctantly. She didn’t like talking all that much, afraid she would say something that would give her away. But then she realised they probably weren’t even alive back then - well, maybe the Elf was - and she started to feel more comfortable around them. 
She slowly warmed up to Aragorn and Gimli, making her feel a little more at ease. She hadn’t lowered her hood, and they didn’t ask her about it. Yet. 
During meals she preferred to sit with the Hobbits. Their kind and animated personalities made them ideal companions. She especially got along with Merry and Pippin, since Frodo kept mostly to himself and Sam was too busy worrying about Frodo’s wellbeing. It was nice to see how strong their friendship was.  The only two members she tried to avoid as much as she could were Boromir and Legolas and she had the impression they were doing the same. 
She sometimes caught them staring at her during meals, but it wasn’t out of curiosity or even boredom. She knew both men didn’t trust her. Legolas’ electric blue eyes turned cold and distant every time they met hers. If looks could kill, Mira would be slaughtered at least twice a day. 
So to say the fellowship was one tight big family when they left a few weeks later… that would be part truth, and part lies.
Gandalf kept himself close to Frodo so Mira chose to walk with Merry and Pippin instead, sometimes accompanied by Gimli. The Dwarf took a particular liking towards her humor and sarcasm and sometimes the others could hear his booming laughter echoing over the fields.
Legolas kept walking around the group, sometimes going ahead to scout and report to Gandalf and Aragorn on his return. He never stayed with the group and for some reason that irritated Mira immensely. 
She could hear and see everything just as well from her spot in the group, he had no reason to hop around like he was doing right now. He was just showing off. 
When they came to their stop for the night on the 6th day, the Hobbits were exhausted. Gandalf and Aragorn hadn’t allowed them to stop during the day, not even for a meal. The days of constant walking without breaks started to take their toll. And she suspected they finally realized this wasn’t just some fun trip to Mordor and back in a few days. They hadn’t spoken a word for hours.
Sam unpacked his trusty pan and started cooking, but not even the foresight of food could lift the other Hobbit’s spirits up. 
She let herself drop between Merry and Pippin. They hardly acknowledged her presence.
“Hey, it’s okay to be a little scared you know,” she whispered to them. 
“We’re not scared,” Merry said proudly. 
“Course not, and Gimli’s beard isn’t even real!” she laughed. When their eyes widened, she assured them that it was only a joke and she begged them not to go test the authenticity of his beard. 
“I only said that to let you know that I know you’re lying, Merry. But like I said, it’s okay to be scared. I used to be scared all the time.”
She put her hand in her pocket. “Until I got this…”
She opened her palm and showed them what was inside: a blue-green gem stone, shaped like a small rock.
“What is that, my lady?” Merry asked her, looking at the stone in her hand. 
She showed it to them, the blue-green shine reflecting in their eyes. 
“It’s my good luck charm. It was a gift from my father when I was only a child. When I have this with me, I know it will all be okay.” 
“Does it help you win fights?” Pippin wondered.
“It always does, I never lost one since,” she smiled at him. Pippin’s smile grew wider and it warmed her heart, glad to see her trick had helped. 
She took his little hand and placed the stone in it. “Keep this with you,” she whispered to him.  It wasn’t easy for her to part with the gemstone, it was the last thing she had that reminded her of her parents. But when she saw his face light up she knew she’d done the right thing.
“Luck has nothing to do with it, only courage, skills and experience can help you win a fight,” Legolas said to Pippin, before he headed towards the other side of the camp. 
Mira saw Pippin’s smile falter and it made her angry. Who the hell did he think he was?
She stood up and went his way. Legolas stood tall on the top of a large boulder, scanning the surroundings for possible threats. He didn’t even look down when she reached him. 
“What is your problem?”
His eyes met hers briefly, before he continued staring in the distance. 
“You should not give them false hope.”
Mira scoffed. “I’m not giving them false hope! They’re capable of a lot more than you give them credit for!”
He didn’t react to that. In fact, he ignored her completely, his eyes locked to a point somewhere in the distance. Completely fed up with his attitude, she climbed the rock he was standing on and stood right in front of him. 
“Hey, I’m talking to you,” she snapped, poking his chest. 
“I heard you,” he answered.
“They joined the fellowship to help us destroy the Ring, the least you could do is help them in return. Yes, they aren’t warriors or experienced fighters like you and me.” He snorted at that, but she let it slide. “But they want to learn. And you talking them down like that is not helping!”
She turned around, leaving a confused Legolas behind, not sure how he should react. 
When she wanted to jump off the rock, her foot slipped and she would’ve hit her head or made a nasty fall if Legolas hadn’t grabbed her under her arms. 
“It seems like your luck has run out,” he challenged, easily slipping back in his previous attitude. “You might want to ask your stone back.”
“You’re impossible!” she grunted, pulling her arm out of his grasp. 
When she stomped back to Merry and Pippin, she failed to notice the twinkles in Gandalf’s eyes had returned and the suppressed snickers from the others who had watched their interaction with mirth...
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guardianofrivendell · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Legolas x OC
Requested: Nope
Summary:  Mira. A short and unusual name for a short and unusual Elf. After an audience with Galadriel goes sideways, she leaves her birthplace Lóthlorien and the Elves for good.  That is until a certain Gandalf asks for a favor. Come along on her journey, as she reluctantly agrees to accompany Gandalf on the quest to destroy the One Ring.  She befriends every Fellowship member, except one. Legolas and Mira are water and fire from the very first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will this be an obstacle during the quest or is it going to make everything just a little more interesting?
Warnings: None, just men being men. 
Masterlist Perfect Secrets
While Gandalf and Mira climbed the stairs, she asked him why he had summoned her. Gandalf wouldn’t say, only telling her to be patient and that everything would be cleared up at the ‘Council of Elrond’. 
When the pair reached the top of the stairs, they were welcomed by Lord Elrond.
The Council hadn’t begun yet, and Mira was a bit surprised to see more people than she expected to be at a secret meeting. A delegation of Elves, Dwarves, Men and one small Hobbit were seated in a circle, around a rock with a flattened surface. 
They were looking towards her and Gandalf. She could hear them mutter amongst themselves asking who the hooded lady was. She smirked confidently. Let them guess, she thought. They’ll never know. 
Elrond gestured to take a seat in the two remaining empty chairs, one next to the Hobbit and one between Legolas and the other Elves. Did Elrond suspect something?
Mira looked back at him, but he had already turned around to take a stand at the head of the circle. Gandalf took the seat next to the Halfling, whispering a few words into his ear. She hesitated for a few seconds, before walking around the outside of the circle to the wall of the building, feeling the eyes of everyone piercing her back. She turned around and leaned with her back against the wall, arms crossed, one foot over the other. 
It was her way to say she didn’t belong to the Elves nor Men, keeping the mystery alive. Plus she preferred to be in the background anyways. Gandalf nodded at Elrond, signaling that the Council could begin.
“Strangers from distant lands, friends and old. You have been summoned here to answer the threat of Mordor. Middle-Earth stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it, you will unite or you will fall. Each race is bound to its fate; this one doom. Bring forth the ring, Frodo,” Elrond asked the small Hobbit. Frodo stood up and carefully placed a small golden ring on the centered rock. 
“So it’s true,” one of the Men gasped, his eyes fixed on the ring. “In a dream, I saw the Eastern sky grow dark. But in the West a pale light lingered. A voice was crying: your doom is near at hand. Isildur’s Bane is found.” He was on his feet now, and got dangerously close to the ring. 
“Boromir!” Elrond warned him. He sat down at once. 
“Frodo, will you tell us how this ring came to you and the troubles you have faced already?” Gandalf asked the Hobbit. Everyone listened to his story, how he inherited the ring from Bilbo, that he had encountered Black Riders, fought against them and got stabbed by a Morgul Blade in the process. 
Mira had listened to him intently. It was remarkable how such a small being had endured so much in so little time, there was no doubt this was the One Ring. Hobbits never cease to amaze her.
The sky turned dark and ominous. Gandalf’s voice became deeper, there was a strange echo when he spoke. The moment he spoke the first words, Mira got a splitting headache. 
“Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul” (One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them)
Mira shook her head, trying to get rid of the headache. She didn’t want anyone to notice something was wrong, but she recognized the pained expressions from the other Elves. She was not the only one who felt it. 
As soon as Gandalf finished, the sky cleared and so did the headache.
Lord Elrond gasped, definitely not happy with Gandalf’s actions.
“Never before has any voice uttered the words of that tongue here in Imladris!”
“I do not ask your pardon, Master Elrond, for the Black Speech of Mordor may yet be heard in every corner of the West! The Ring is altogether evil!”
Well, he does have a point there, Mira thought to herself. Gandalf had been right, they were on the verge of war. If they had the One Ring, Sauron would do anything to get it back. 
“It is a gift. A gift from the foes of Mordor. Why not use this ring? Long has my father, the Steward of Gondor, kept the forces of Mordor at bay. By the blood of my people are your lands kept safe! Give Gondor the weapon of the enemy. Let us use it against him!” Boromir demanded. 
“You cannot wield it! None of us can. The One Ring answers to Sauron alone. It has no other master,” the ranger answered him. 
“And what would a ranger know of this matter?” Boromir sneered back. 
At this point, Legolas stood up from his chair. 
“This is no mere ranger. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your allegiance.”
“This is Isildur’s heir?” Boromir asked, just as Mira thought the exact same thing.
“And heir to the throne of Gondor,” Legolas countered confidently. 
Mira would say it was more arrogant than confident but maybe she was a bit biased. 
“Havo dad, Legolas,” Aragorn said to him, trying to calm him down. (Sit down) Legolas obeyed, but kept a stern look on Boromir. Mira could tell the tension was building. It wouldn’t take much before they’d start killing each other. She hadn’t missed the angry glances between the Elves and Dwarves. 
“Gondor has no king. Gondor needs no king,” Boromir muttered angrily before taking a seat again. His attitude was starting to get on Mira’s nerves. What was it with men and their pride, always wanting to have the last word?
“Aragorn is right. We cannot use it,” Elrond intervened, trying to clear the tension. “You have only one choice. The Ring must be destroyed.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” One of the Dwarves jumped out of his seat and tried to destroy the Ring, shattering his axe in the process. 
Mira chuckled, noticing the stunned expression of the Dwarf upon seeing his ruined axe. She liked this one, he was straightforward and didn’t hesitate. 
“The Ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli, son of Gloín, by any craft that we here possess,” Elrond said to him. “The Ring was made in the fires of Mount Doom. Only there can it be unmade. It must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm of whence it came. One of you must do this.”
He looked around the circle, but there was no reaction. 
Boromir sighed heavily. “One does not simply walk into Mordor.” 
He continued warning everyone about the dangers Mordor held for anyone who dared to cross the Black Gates. Legolas interrupted him, clearly fed up with the man of Gondor. 
“Have you heard nothing of what Lord Elrond has said? The Ring must be destroyed!”
“Well yes, Elf Boy, we all heard that,” Mira muttered silently, rolling her eyes. She knew he would be the only one to hear it. Legolas’ head snapped in her direction, his eyes shooting daggers at her. Before he could say something, Gimli interrupted.
“And I suppose you think you’re the one to do it?” he shouted angrily at Legolas. “I will be dead before I see the ring in the hands of an Elf!”
Mira had to admit that was taking it a bit too far. She might be hiding the fact that she was an Elf, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t proud of being one. The others took this as their cue to start arguing. Even Gandalf and Elrond took part in the fight, which surprised her. She had taken a few steps away from the wall, so she was ready to intervene if necessary. 
The only one who wasn’t participating was Frodo, he was still in his chair seemingly deep in thought. Mira also stayed out of the argument, and kept an eye on everyone in the room. 
All of a sudden Frodo’s eyes focused again and he said, “I will take it!”
Nobody except Gandalf and Mira had heard him. Gandalf closed his eyes in defeat, clearly not happy with the Hobbit’s suggestion.
“I will take the Ring to Mordor,” Frodo repeated, finally getting everyone’s attention. His expression changed once he noticed everyone staring at him, almost looking shy. “Though I do not know the way.”
Gandalf kneeled in front of him, placing his hand on his shoulder. 
“I will help you bear this burden, Frodo Baggins, as long as it is yours to bear.”
Frodo looked very grateful. He should be, Mira thought, it was a very dangerous task and he should accept all the help he could get. She did think it was very brave of him to volunteer. Stupid too. But brave nonetheless. 
In the next few minutes, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Boromir had offered their help as well. Mira couldn’t help but notice Legolas’ smirk when he looked at her. Was he challenging her? 
“Oi! Mister Frodo is not going anywhere without me!” Another Hobbit was coming out of the bushes, rushing towards the group. 
Elrond looked sternly at him, but Mira could see a hint of a smile. 
“No indeed, it is hardly possible to separate you even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not.”
Mira crossed her arms again, and leaned back against the wall behind her. The group standing before Elrond was a sight to behold. Wizards, Men, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits, every race was represented. Who would have thought this to be possible?
“Seven companions-”, Elrond started but was interrupted by yet another pair of Hobbits who came running from behind the pillars in the back. 
“Wait! We are coming too!” They rushed to Frodo’s side. Mira smiled, she was certain these Hobbits would give Gandalf a hard, but interesting time during their quest. 
“You’d have to send us home tied up in a sack to stop us!” one of them said proudly, crossing his arms.
The blond Hobbit wanted to say something smart too, and added, “Anyway, you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission, quest… thing.”
“Well, that rules you out, Pip,” his friend was quick to answer. Mira snorted. 
Elrond opened his arms. “Nine companions-”
“Lord Elrond, if you please,” Gandalf interrupted him. Mira half expected Elrond to drop his arms at his side and just give up speaking altogether, but his expression didn’t even falter. Impressive.
“I do believe there is someone else who would be wise to join us,” Gandalf spoke, looking directly at Mira. 
Mira’s eyes widened. No, he wouldn’t, would he? She even looked behind her, forgetting she was leaning against a wall, to check if there was a chance he didn’t mean her. 
“Mira, my dear. Don’t keep us waiting,” he said warmly. 
She froze, frantically trying to think of an excuse, any excuse not to join them. 
“A woman?” Boromir laughed. “You can’t be serious! Does she even know how to fight?”
That comment made something stir within her. Wasn’t it enough that Legolas had been acting like he did towards her, and now another man had to doubt her skills?
In less than a split second she had drawn her two knives from her boots and threw them towards Boromir, effectively pinning his cape to the railing of the balcony behind him, without even scratching Legolas and the Hobbits, who were all standing in very close proximity. It did not only show her skills with a knife, but her strength as well since the railing was made out of stone. 
“I can assure you, Boromir, that Mira knows exactly how to defend herself. Best not to get on her bad side,” Gandalf chuckled. Mira stepped towards Boromir and pulled her knives out of the railing, keeping her eyes fixed on Legolas’ the whole time, as if to say “Did you see that?”.
Elrond cleared his throat, opening his arms for the third time. Before he started, he looked at Gandalf, who nodded at him. 
“Ten companions… so be it! You shall be known as the Fellowship of the Ring!”
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guardianofrivendell · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Legolas x OC
Summary -  A short and unusual name for a short and unusual Elf. After an audience with Galadriel goes sideways, she leaves her birthplace Lóthlorien and the Elves for good.  That is until a certain Gandalf asks for a favor. Come along on her journey, as she reluctantly agrees to accompany Gandalf on the quest to destroy the One Ring.  She befriends every Fellowship member, except one. Legolas and Mira are water and fire from the very first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will this be an obstacle during the quest or is it going to make everything just a little more interesting?
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7
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guardianofrivendell · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Legolas x OC multichapter
Requested: Nope
Summary:  Mira. A short and unusual name for a short and unusual Elf. After an audience with Galadriel goes sideways, she leaves her birthplace Lóthlorien and the Elves for good.  That is until a certain Gandalf asks for a favor. Come along on her journey, as she reluctantly agrees to accompany Gandalf on the quest to destroy the One Ring.  She befriends every Fellowship member, except one. Legolas and Mira are water and fire from the very first moment they laid eyes on each other. Will this be an obstacle during the quest or is it going to make everything just a little more interesting?
Warnings: none that I noticed
Masterlist Perfect Secrets
A/N: For the sake of the story, Mira doesn’t know that the name of the Prince of Mirkwood is Legolas. Just so you know...
Mira was crossing the Old Forest, on her way to Hobbiton. It had been literal centuries since she had been in the Shire and she was curious how it had changed in the meantime. She was hoping that for one, she was welcome and two, that she could stay for a couple of months before moving on to her next destination. Wherever that may be. 
With her hood still up - you might never know - she placed herself behind a rock to take a break and have a bite to eat before continuing her journey. She nibbled absentmindedly on her last piece of fruit. Another reason to linger in the Shire for a while: food. 
If she learned one thing on her last stay with the Hobbits, it was that they knew how to appreciate food. Maybe they could provide her with enough provision for the next part of her journey... Not that she really needed it, but living around humans for so long made her appreciate food for the taste instead of pure nourishment. 
Out of nowhere she started to feel uncomfortable. Her eyes darted from tree to tree, down to the bushes, even to the sky to try and locate the threat. But she couldn’t see anything wrong.
“Eímiraelyn!” A voice echoed in her mind. It came so unexpected that she dropped her apple to the ground. She rolled her eyes even though the messenger wouldn’t see it. There was only one person who would contact her this way.
“I told you many times not to call me that, Gandalf,” she sighed. She hated it when he did this. It did explain her uncomfortable feeling, so she felt a little more at ease now, focusing on the voice in her head instead of her environment. 
“Come to the Valley of Rivendell,” Gandalf began. “I will await your arrival.”
Rivendell? There was no way she would go to an Elven town. Absolutely no way.
“Trust me, Mira. You’ll want to be there. I know you will do the right thing.” 
The uncomfortable feeling disappeared, alerting Mira that Gandalf was out of her mind. She picked the apple from the ground and twisted it in her hands, pondering over Gandalf’s request. 
Rivendell was more than 400 miles away and she was on foot. Even if she decided to go, it would take her more than a couple of days to get there. And then there was the risk of someone recognizing her. She had never been to Rivendell before, but that didn’t mean anything. 
Gandalf asked for her help. She had turned him down last time, could she do it again? 
She thought about it for a few more hours, torn between her wanting to help Gandalf and the desire to stay hidden. Leave for Rivendell, or continue her journey to the Shire. 
Her eyes started trembling and her vision shifted from the forest around her to images flashing in front of her. She couldn’t see them very clearly because it all went pretty fast, but she saw what she thought to be Rivendell, Orthanc, Saruman, battles between Orcs and Men, and snowy mountains but the last one made her head start to shake to get rid of it: the forest of Lóthlorien.
Visions like the one she just had weren’t uncommon anymore. They had started a few years after she left her home, only lasting a fraction of seconds and never clear enough to see something, let alone understand them. 
But lately they became more frequent and she started seeing longer images, long enough to actually see what they were. Sometimes feeling certain emotions with them as well. 
She knew from what Galadriel had told her at the time that it were flashes from the future, of what could be. 
When her vision changed back to normal, she let her head drop in her hands, her fingers disappearing in her hair beneath her hood. She softly pulled at the roots out of frustration, knowing what the vision was trying to tell her. 
She got to her feet, wiped the sand of her clothes and adjusted her hood. 
“Alright Mira, let’s go. It seems we have an eight days’ walk ahead of us,” she sighed. She threw the apple as far as she could as she headed in the opposite direction. To Rivendell of all places. 
After eight days walking and almost no rest she reached the Ford of Bruinen, crossing the outer borders of Rivendell. 
Was this really such a good idea? What if they recognized her? The only ones who would really know she was a runaway were Gandalf, Galadriel, her parents and the King and Prince of Mirkwood. Her parents sailed to Valinor centuries ago, Galadriel wouldn’t leave Lóthlorien and what were the odds of Mirkwood royalty to be here at the exact same moment? 
She wasn’t taking any risks though. After she entered the forest surrounding the gorge where Rivendell was built, she climbed one of the trees to keep out of sight. 
She tucked every loose strand of hair into her hood to hide her ears, like she did when she lived with humans. She was used to pretending to be a mortal; if it was good enough to fool the humans, it would work with the Elves as well. Probably. Hopefully. 
Mira decided to stay off the ground for a while, choosing to jump from tree to tree instead. One of the benefits of being an Elf, she thought, jumping with ease, hardly making a sound while doing so. 
When she saw the first buildings of the town come into view, she let herself drop to the ground soundlessly.
“Still got it,” she said, smiling to herself. 
But when she rose to her full height, she looked straight at the tip of a notched arrow. She wasn’t the only one who had been silent. She tilted her head to see who had the audacity to point an arrow at her, surprised to find a rather handsome Elf with blue eyes and blonde hair attached to the bow. Figures, she thought. Of course it’s blonde. 
“One step further and you are dead,” he growled at her. Mira looked at him surprised. 
“You’re joking right?”
“Turn around,” he snapped at her. She groaned, but did as she was told. 
The ellon slung his bow back over his shoulders and returned his arrow in his quiver in a single swift movement. He took a step forward, grabbing her shoulder with one hand and her wrists in the other - a little rougher than she had expected - and he started to push her towards Rivendell. This was just lovely, she thought. 
“For your information, I’m here at the invitation of Gandalf the Grey,” Mira told him. “If you were invited, you would not be sneaking around and hiding in the trees. And the hood? Not suspicious at all,” he answered. 
They both reached a small square, where a couple of people stood in small conversation. 
“Lord Elrond,” the ellon called out. “I have found this being in the woods, sneaking around.”
The male Elf who was referred to as Lord Elrond, looked at Mira for a few seconds before he answered her captor. 
“Legolas, as I seem to recall, you do not belong to the Guard of Rivendell. I can assure you my guards would have intercepted her much earlier if she really was a threat.”
“Seriously?” Mira exclaimed, giving Legolas her deadliest glare. “You’re not even supposed to be doing this? Talk about an overachiever!” 
“If you’re not a threat, then why the disguise? Let us see who you are,” Legolas said, grabbing the edge of her hood to pull it off her head. Mira was just about to kick him in his knee caps - or preferably a little higher - when a familiar voice boomed over the square. 
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Legolas!”
Gandalf entered the space, and he didn’t look pleased at all. 
“She claims to be here at your invitation, Gandalf,” Legolas tried again. 
“That is true indeed,” Gandalf said. “She is here at my request.” 
He smiled kindly at Mira. “My dear child, how happy I am to finally see you again!”
“Likewise, Gandalf. It has been too long,” she replied, after which she mouthed him a ‘thank you’. Gandalf knew how much her anonymity meant to her. 
She looked behind her at Legolas, trying to move her wrists out of his grasp. “Would you mind?”
He reluctantly let her go. 
Before she could give him a piece of her mind - she really, really wanted to - Lord Elrond called everyone together, for some kind of council. The others followed him up the stairs, leaving Gandalf and Mira alone. Legolas also followed, but not before he gave her a cold look. 
“He seems very cheerful,” Mira murmured. She felt a hand on her shoulder. 
“Do not think I don’t appreciate your presence here, Mira, but what exactly made you change your mind?”
“Like you don’t already know that,” she immediately replied with a smirk. 
Gandalf pursed his lips into a thin line. 
“Are you willing to tell me what the vision showed you?”
Mira told him what she saw and felt. Gandalf was silent for a while after that, processing the new information.
“It is as I feared,” he told her eventually. “Saruman is no longer the Wizard he was before and is corrupted by evil. I experienced it first hand. We are at the verge of war.”
“Gandalf, Middle Earth is always at the verge of war.”
“As sad as it is, you are not wrong. Come, we have a Council meeting to attend.”
Mira made no move to follow. 
“You need to be there too, my child. After all… you were destined for great things, were you not?”
She rolled her eyes as he repeated the words of Galadriel.
“There is the Mira that I know,” he smiled.
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letskidnapsenpai · 8 months ago
Thranduil with s/o from this world HC
It looks like you really liked my last lotr HC so, here you go with Thranduil HC :3 And I would love some requests for him, or for anybody else from my list :3 Also, I know my english is sometimes kinda bad, but it's my second language and I'm still not perfect at it, event though I'm trying ^•^
Tumblr media
• He found you one day sleeping in forest while he was riding on his elk. He was curious about your weird clothes, so he took you to the castle with him and he let you sleep in the royal chambers.
• He ordered everyone to treat you the best and he was there the whole time you were sleeping.
• After you woke up, he asked you where you're from and you had to explain everything about your world and how you got to Mirkwood.
• He called Gandalf to his kingdom, so he can find way to take you back home. Unfortunately, there was no way to take you back home.
• You started to get used to Middle-earth. You started working in the gardens, even when Thranduil told you don't have to.
• Thranduil started to feel something towards you, but he was still in love with his dead wife, so he pretended he doesn't feel anything.
• You befriended Legolas and you two spend a lot of time together, Thranduil got a bit jealous of his son and wanted to get to know you better.
• He started visiting you in evenings, he always bought dinner and ate with you, at first you were shocked, but you slowly got used to the king's company.
• He started giving you little gifts, that got bigger, it started with flowers and after a while it was common to find box with fancy dress or jewelry.
• Thranduil was slowly getting to his old self, he weren't so cold anymore and the forest started to get better too.
• One day he took you for ride on his elk in the forest and on the place he found you, he confessed his feelings for you.
• He started courting you and he soon announced to the whole kingdom then you'll be the new queen of Mirkwood.
• Everybody was happy for their king to finally be happy again and Legolas was happy for his father too. Even though it was a bit weird for Legolas to imagine his father with somebody else then his mother, be knew then you truly love his father and you will be good queen.
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