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#legolas greenleaf fanfiction
maaaddiexo · 5 days ago
The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.8
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Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Eight
Nyx marched through the halls of Rivendell angrily. Flight of stairs after flight of stairs she went until she was at the highest lookout point the Elves of Rivendell had built. The sound of water cascading down the mountain drowned out the sound of blood pumping angrily in her ears, but she could still feel it nonetheless. She crossed a small arched bridge in front of waterfall. The mist that came off put out the smoke on her cape.
Nyx discarded her cloak angrily, throwing it on the floor and kicking it away. Her face burned with anger and she rubbed her face, frustrated tears running down her cheeks. Not even a week she’d worn the ring and already it had torn down the defenses she’d spent over a decade building up. She braced herself against the stone balcony railing.
“Focus, Nyx. Like Gandalf taught you.”
“Milady Nyx?” An Elf stood timidly at the top of the stairs. Clearly, he knew he was interrupting something. “Dinner will be served in fifteen minutes.”
“Tell Elrond and Gandalf I will not be attending. They will understand.”
The Elf hesitated and then bowed. “Of course, Milady Nyx. Would you like to have it sent to your room?”
Nyx hesitated and then nodded curtly.
The Elf bowed once more and then descended the stairs quickly and Nyx felt her knees give out, splitting when they hit the stone. Her fingers gripped the stone spindles and her head rested against them. Nyx couldn’t find it in herself to move. Not even as the sun began to set and the temperature dropped.
Nyx was tired. She could go no further.
When Nyx woke up the next morning, she was still on the outlook, her cloak wrapped around her like a blanket with leaves in her hair.
Someone was touching her shoulder. She saw the familiar staff before she heard the voice.
“My dear, why sleep on the floor when you’ve been offered a bed.”
Nyx looked away. All around her were burnt leaves and grass. Her fingertips were black with ash. She’d spent a long time trying to control her anger the night before. And though she hadn’t burned down a gazebo, Rivendell wasn’t completely unscathed. “What time is it?”
“The Council is about to begin but Frodo refused to start without you. He insists you be part of the meeting.”
Nyx frowned. She wanted no part of the Ring and its journey, wherever it led. Not after what it did to her in less than a week. She felt the anger in her, glowing bright. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out slowly.
“Come on. Up you get.” Gandalf helped Nyx to her feet and began to fret over her, pulling the leaves and twigs out of her hair and brushing down her cloak. “That’ll do.”
Nyx frowned and self-consciously pulled her hair into a bun at the nape of her neck. They descended the stairs quickly, Nyx trailing behind the grey wizard. “Gandalf, I do not want to go with the Ring.”
“You do not have to. But attend for Frodo’s sake. Here,” he grabbed Nyx’s scythe and placed it in her hands. There was still dried blood on it from the last time she used it. “Come.”
Everyone was already seated in the Council Room and Nyx moved to stand behind Frodo’s chair. He smiled gratefully at her over his shoulder. She tried to smile back but wasn’t sure how convincing it was.
“Strangers from distant lands,” Elrond began. “Friends of old. You have been summoned here to answer the threat of Mordor. Middle-Earth stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it. You will unite, or you will fall.”
Nyx found Aragorn’s eyes across the circular room, fear brimming in her eyes. Her gave her a calm smile before turning to look at someone else. The Elf from the day before. They shared a familiar look with one another. A look of familiarity and friendship.
“Each race is bound to this fate – this one doom,” Elrond continued. “Bring forth the Ring, Frodo.”
Frodo stood on shaky legs, looking at Gandalf and then Nyx behind him. She nodded encouragingly at him. He reached into his pocket as he walked towards the small stone table in the middle, octagonal in shape. He placed it on the stone gently but still, everyone heard it thud, like a boulder hitting the bottom of chasm.
Immediately, the Ring began to hum and sing, and everyone sat forward in their chairs, drawn to it. Except for Nyx. She took a step back in fear. Her fingers began to warm.
“So, it is true,” a man murmured. He stood up slowly. “In a dream, I saw the eastern sky grow dark. But in the west, a pale light lingered. Voices crying. Our doom is near at hand.” He moved closer to the Ring. “Isildur’s Bane is found.” He reached his hand forward. “Isildur’s Bane.”
“Boromir!” Elrond shouted. The man stood up with a fright, shaken out the Ring’s lure, and looked to the sky in shock as it began to darken.
Gandalf stood, reaching a hand to the sky. He began to chant in Black Speech.
Ash nazg durbatulûk
Ash nazg gimbatul
Ash nazg thrakatulûk
Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul
Nyx stared at the Ring, reciting the translation under her breath. It was the inscription on the Ring.
“One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the darkness bind them.”
With Gandalf’s word, the sky brightened as fast as it darkened and everyone sat back down except for Nyx, who had no seat.
“Never before has any voice uttered the words of that tongue here in Imladris.”
“I do not ask your pardon, Master Elrond,” Gandalf said to Elrond. “For the Black Speech of Mordor may yet be heard in every corner of the west. The Ring is altogether evil,” he reminded the people in front of him.
Boromir shook his head. “It is a gift. A gift to the foes of Mordor. Why not use this Ring? Long has my father, the Steward of Gondor, kept the forces of Mordor at bay! By the blood of our people are your lands kept safe. Give Gondor the weapon of the enemy! Let us use it against him!”
“It cannot be used against its true master,” Nyx said angrily. “All it does is pull the evil from within and make you a monster.”
“And what do you, a mere girl, know about the Ring?” Another man spat at her. The rage bubbled in Nyx and her fingers did more than warm. Someone laid a hand on arm. Gandalf.
“Nyx is right,” Aragorn said. “You cannot wield it. None of us can. The One Ring answers to Sauron alone. It has no other master.”
“And what would a Ranger know of this matter? You are no more experienced than the girl!”
“This is no mere Ranger.” Nyx watched as the silver-haired elf stood up. “He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your allegiance.” Aragorn and the Elf did know each other.
“And it would not be wise to insult Nyx,” Elrond added. “For she has the nasty habit of catching fire.”
“Witch!” A man hissed. Nyx glared at him, her eyes flaming orange. It was one of the few tricks she’d picked up over the years. The man gasped and then fainted, and Nyx smirked. She swore she heard Gandalf chuckle too.
Boromir looked at Nyx and then Aragorn. He chose to focus on the latter. “This is Isildur’s heir?”
“And heir to throne of Gondor,” the Elf added. Nyx winced. Salt in the wound, if you asked her.
“Havo dad, Legolas.” Nyx glanced at the elf as he obeyed his friend’s words to sit down. So his name was Legolas.
“Gondor has no King,” Boromir said. “Gondor needs no King.”
“Then what does that make you?” Nyx wondered.
Gandalf spoke before Boromir could respond to Nyx’s angry words. “Aragorn is right. We cannot use it.”
“You have only one choice,” Elrond added. “The Ring must be destroyed.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” The Dwarf with ginger hair and a thick Scottish accent stood up and swung his axe. His axe should have shattered the Ring. Instead, the axe splintered into pieces and the Dwarf was thrown onto his back.
Frodo flinched, grabbing for his head. Sauron’s Eye flashed in his mind.
Nyx dropped to the ground, feeling a stabbing pain in her chest as images flashed in her mind. White hair. Fire. A blade dripping in blood. Somebody screaming. She coughed and black liquid splattered onto the stone. Ichor. Her cheek burned.
“The Ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli, son of Glóin, by any craft we here possess. The Ring was made in the fires of Mount Doom. Only there can it be unmade. It must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.”
Nyx wiped at her lips with the sleeve of her dress and stood up on weak legs. Gandalf offered her his arm.
“One of you must do this.”
There was silence all around.
“One does not simply walk into Mordor,” Boromir argued quietly. “Its black gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep. And the great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.”
“Have you heard nothing Lord Elrond has said?” Legolas demanded. “The Ring must be destroyed!”
“And I suppose you think you’re the one to do it!” Gimli argued.
“And if we fail, what then?” Boromir added, standing up. “What happens when Sauron takes back what is his?”
Gimli stood up – not that it made him any taller. “I will be dead before I see the Ring in the hands of an Elf!”
The other Elves stood at Gimli’s insult and, soon enough, everyone was standing and yelling over one another. Frodo sat still, staring at the Ring as it called for him.
“Yes, Frodo?”
“I think it needs to be me.”
“Are you saying that because It calls to you or because you are strong enough to fight Its call?”
“I’m doing it because I don’t want to do it. Everyone is fighting to be the one because they don’t want somebody else to do it. I just want it done.”
Nyx smiled. “Then say so.”
Frodo’s announcement went unheard the first time. And the second. Nyx huffed and grabbed her scythe, which she had placed on the ground at the beginning of the meeting. She lifted it and swung it down against the concrete as hard as she could. The blade embedded itself in the concrete until no more metal could be seen. The crack echoed all across Rivendell and across the ponds and ocean, bouncing off the sides of the cliff. The Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Wizard stopped arguing instantly.
Elrond sighed indignantly. “Why must you always break something when you visit?”
“Because you ignorant and stubborn men never listen. Now, shut up and sit down. All of you.” She stepped back as Frodo stepped forward, swallowing thickly. His hands were so sweaty.
“I will take the Ring to Mordor. Though…I do not know the way.”
“I will help you bear this burden, Frodo Baggins.” Gandalf gently touched the young Hobbit’s shoulder in reassurance. “So long as it is yours to bear.”
Aragorn stood. “If by my life or death, I can protect you, I will.” He walked across the circular room and knelt at Frodo’s feet. “You have my sword.”
“And you have my bow.” Legolas moved to Frodo too, passing Nyx on the way.
“And my axe,” Gimli promised.
Boromir stepped forward slowly. “You carry the fate of us all, little one. If this is indeed the will of the Council, then Gondor will see it done.”
Nyx stared at Boromir a moment longer. She didn’t like the way he spoke to Frodo, and she certainly didn’t like the faraway look in his eye.
“Heh!” Something brushed the side of Nyx’s skirt and she watched as Sam jumped from behind some bushes and ran to Frodo’s side, crossing his arms. “Mister Frodo’s not going anywhere without me.”
Elrond looked down at Sam in both disappointment and pride. “No, indeed. It is hardly possible to separate you even when he is summoned to a secret Council and you are not.”
“Doing some gardening again are we, Master Gamgee?” Gandalf asked with a pointed look in his eyes.
Sam looked down at his feet awkwardly. Nyx smiled.
From the other end, someone shouted. “Oi! Wait! We’re coming too!”
Nyx bit back her laughter at Elrond’s expression as the two cousins rushed to stand beside Frodo as well.
“You’d have to send us home tied up in a sack to stop us!” Merry insisted.
“Anyway, you need people of intelligence on this sort of mission. Quest. Thing.”
Merry looked at Pippin. “Well, that rules you out, Pip.”
Pippin looked offended. Frodo turned around to look at Nyx, who was standing separate from the group.
“What about you, Nyx? Will you come with me?”
“You want me to?”
“Why wouldn’t we?” Aragorn said. “We could use a dragon in our company.”
Nyx smiled. For once, the name she’d been given wasn’t be used in anger or fear. “Then you shall have her.”
“Ten companions. So be it,” Elrond announced. “You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”
Part 1.9 ➺
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maaaddiexo · 7 days ago
The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.7
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Seven
Nyx had spent what felt like hours telling Lord Elrond what had transpired all those years ago in the Goblin caves and as recently as the past few days.
The Ring has awoken.
Sauron lives.
It was three days later when Strider and the Hobbits arrived and another two when Gandalf arrived. He apologized to the Hobbits and Nyx for abandoning them, filling them in on his time as Saruman’s prisoner. It was a shock for Elrond and Nyx to hear that the White Wizard had fallen to the seduction of evil.
One morning, Nyx had watched in curiosity as Rivendell messengers left at dawn for lands far and wide. She did not know why so many had left, but she knew it could not be good.
Nyx turned away and back to her room. The Hobbits had all been given their own rooms upon arriving, but Nyx knew they all ended up in the same bed every night. She had also learned of Strider’s true identity. A born-to-be King who did not want the throne.
“All power has ever done is corrupt and chain men,” Aragorn had said one evening.
“Power does not do that to just men,” Nyx had replied. The scar on her cheek burned and she touched it gently.
A blood curse cannot be broken.
Sam knocked on the doorframe of Nyx’s room. “He’s awake Lady Nyx.”
Nyx smiled and grabbed her cloak, wrapping it around her shoulders before following Sam to Frodo’s room. He was being helped into a vest when they arrived and Nyx smiled as Frodo’s face filled with glee at the sight of Nyx.
“Nyx!” The young girl bent down and wrapped her arms around Frodo, hugging him tightly.
“I am so glad you’re okay, Frodo.”
They pulled away. “Me too. Sam told me what you risked for me. Thank you, Nyx. For taking the Ring.”
Nyx smiled. “I do not know how you carry it. It is so heavy. But I will continue to carry it for you until you are better.”
Frodo smiled. “Thank you, Nyx. But I can take it. I think am strong enough.”
Nyx smiled and pulled off the chain and reclasped it around Frodo’s neck. “The strongest of us all. Now, shall we go find the others?”
Sam and Nyx led Frodo through the halls and corridors of Rivendell, letting him take his time in exploring the Elven town. It was fall and the leaves were slowly changing from a bright green to a warm orange.
“It’s beautiful.”
“I came here when I was a little girl,” Nyx admitted to the two boys. “I thought it was a palace. It was built thousands of years ago and has stood ever since. Well, except for that gazebo.” Nyx pointed to a gazebo below with a rounded top and a spike on top. “I burnt down the one that stood before it when Lord Elrond told me I couldn’t have dinner early.”
Frodo and Sam giggled at Nyx’s confession and they continued walking, stopping short when the other two hobbits barrelled into Sam and Frodo. Nyx, who had already reunited with the two, stepped away and climbed the stairs to where Elrond and Gandalf stood.
“How is he?” Elrond wondered.
“Happy,” Nyx replied. “He has the Ring again, but it doesn’t seem to bother him like it did before. Perhaps because he knows he will not have to hold onto it much longer.”
Elrond and Gandalf shared a look. “About that…”
“What do you mean the Ring cannot stay in Rivendell?” Nyx shouted angrily. The candles beside her lit on their own, flickering angrily.
“The Elves cannot hide its power, nor can we protect it against Isengard and Mordor. I have called a Council. This peril belongs to all Middle-Earth. It is only fair they have a say in what is done with it.”
A horn was blown below, and Nyx rushed with Gandalf to the balcony, sparing one last angry glare at Lord Elrond. She watched as horse after horse galloped into the courtyard. First, a Man with shoulder-length brown hair, a shield on his back, and flag around his horse’s neck.
Second, an elf with long silver hair braided back elegantly, pointed ears, a flowing cape, and bow on his back. An Elf, Nyx surmised. Though, not one from Rivendell. His beauty enraptured Nyx for all elves were ethereal, but this one’s silver eyes were intriguing, full of wonder. His eyes caught hers for a moment before she was drawn to two more incoming Elves behind him. Then came the Dwarves.
One had wild grey-white hair and a long beard, while the other was entrenched in leather armour with faux scales, and his long red beard had been braided in a traditional Dwarvish style. He rested on his axe patiently.
“With Frodo awake, we must decide now how to end it.”
Nyx spared one last glance at the Elf below before turning back to Elrond with daggers in her eyes. The end of her dress had begun to smoke. “It seems like you’ve already made a decision.”
“Nyx? Where are you going?”
“For some bloody air.”
“Be careful where you walk, my dear,” Gandalf warned calmly. “Your dress is on fire.”
Part 1.8 ➺
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I don't know.. I don't know if I like this story or not.. but it's worth a try. The first LOTR fanfic about Legolas and Y/N is here
Pairing: Legolas x you
Warnings: alcohol, grammatical errors
Summary: You will get drunk. What will Legolas do with it?
Drinking game
I love this gif so much! Leggy looks so cute and adorable! I had to put it here..
Tumblr media
Legolas was ignoring me.  For a long time.  I didn’t know why, but I slowly started to worry … did I do something wrong?
Brain told me that not.  But doubts still bothered me.
Did he find out … that I liked him?  I don’t know how he did that, because I didn’t let any of the my clues show that I like him!   I was afraid of his rejection.
But how did he find out?
So that was the question.
To keep my pride anyway, I pretended to don’t care that Legolas was ignoring me.
We were in Edoras now.  A feast was here, and I welcomed the feast with great pleasure.  We deserved it … We lost a lot of our fighters … but we won.  I wanted to forget about the fight and the others, at least for a while.
Gimli was sitting at a table with a huge glass of beer in front of him.
I raised an eyebrow.
Legolas stood with a glass on the table in front of him.  I smirked.
“Boys, are you going to play a drinking game?”
Legolas looked at me.
“Yes! And you? Don’t you want to join, lass?"  Gimli winked at me.
I laughed.  "I don’t drink alcohol. It’s been a long time."  I added.
In fact, I don’t have a good experience with alcohol.  Every time I take a sip of alcohol, I have to have another one and then I get really drunk.  And when I get drunk … I do all the stupid stuff.  The last time I ran naked into the woods.  Oh god.  No one has seen me there yet.  I hope.  
Alcohol?  No, please.
Legolas spoke up.  "So what exactly is the point of this drinking game then?”
That would interest me too.
Gimli mysteriously faced and grinned.  “Last man standing wins kiss from Y / N!”
“I am on!"  Legolas screamed and took a good gulp.
I looked at him in shock.  He ignored my gazes.  Does he want me to kiss him?  He ignored me!  I really don’t know men. Or elf - men. Not really.
Gimli also started drinking.  The two of them didn’t notice me either, they were biased to drink.
I walked over to Éomer, who was watching in amusement.
"They went crazy, didn’t they?"  I asked him.
Éomer grinned.  "You can’t blame them, Y / N. They want their deserved kiss.”
I rolled my eyes.  “All right then. Except that Legolas doesn’t look like he wants a kiss with me, but okay.”
Éomer faced in confusion.  “What are you talking about? The man is into you. Didn’t you notice the way he looked at you? And he almost died for fear that something would happen to you in battle!”
I widened my eyes.  “I don’t believe you, Éomer.”
“You know what, Y / N … you’re really a fool. You two walk around yourselves, but you don’t admit to each other that you feel anything for each other.”
“Who told you that?"  I hissed.  He couldn’t notice it in such a short time.
Eomer rolled his eyes.  "Even a blind man would notice. Everyone knows it. Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf, …”
I looked at him.  “Aren’t you drunk?”
He sighed.  “As you wish, Y / N. As you wish."  And with that, he walked away.
What was it?  It can not be true.  Legolas isn’t into me.  That’s enough.  The end.
I walked over to the table.  There was a pitcher of some lemonade.   I was hoping there was no alcohol in it.  Surprisingly, it tasted good and I didn’t smell any alcohol.  It was really good.  I poured it to myself again.
After a long time
Somehow my head was shaking.  I didn’t care. I was in a good mood.  Life seemed so nice!
I started moving to the beat of the music and then I fell.  Oops.
Someone helped me get up.
"Y / N. How much did you drink?”
Legolas.  Of course.
I pushed myself away from him. “I didn’t drink anything. By the way, how did you do in that game? Who won?”
Legolas squinted at me suspiciously.
I noticed Gimli on the ground.
“You won, didn’t you? You don’t look drunk. So don’t you want your prize?"  
"It doesn’t matter. I’ll take you to your room …” he took my hand.
 Didn’t I attract him?
“Let me be!"  I shouted and wanted to drink, but Legolas took my glass.
"That’s enough.”
“Legolas! That wasn’t nice of you!”
“Y / N .. trust me, you will thank me in the morning ..”
“Why are you so caring? You don’t like me!"  I whimpered.
Legolas blushed.  "What the hell are you talking about?”
“You’re ignoring me! Still! I don’t understand why, we were friends, didn’t I? But you probably started to think I liked you! You know what, my dear, it’s not at all! I don’t like you at all!"  And with that I ran away from him.
I didn’t know where I was going.  Or did I know?  I do not know.
Suddenly I was standing on the table, all eyes on me.
I wasn’t afraid.  "I, Y / N, will show you a great dance now! Look!”
Some looked amused, some even applauded me.  I didn’t care.  At that moment, the whole world belonged to me.
I started to curl up and I danced.
I felt like on fire.  I was warm.
“People! Are you so hot too?"  I shouted.  And I put on my top clothes.  I throw it somewhere.  There was an admiring whistle.
I also wanted to undress a short cloth that covered my chest.  I had nothing under it.
"Come on! Get undressed!"  someone shouted.
I wanted to fulfill his wish when someone put me down from the table.
It was Legolas.  "Put it on. Quickly."  He held his garment in his hand.   He was half naked.  He undressed because of me.  And he looked divine.
"Why? It was fun!"  I said unhappily.
"Yes, it was fun! Why didn’t you allow it to us, elf-boy?"  there was a male voice.  I guess it was the voice that supported me in undressing.
Legolas looked furiously.
He quickly pulled his cloth over my head and pushed me into someone’s arms … I looked up.  Aragorn.
"Take care of her."  he told him.
Aragorn nodded.  He had a small grin on his lips.
"What is he doing?"  I asked.
"Watch."  he said.
So I watched.  Legolas walked over to the guy and … hit him hard.
"Never support a drunk girl in undressing. Is that clear to you ?! Never! And especially not my girl! Because next time … I’ll kill you."  Legolas crashed into him a few more times and the man fell.
I had no words.  Why?  Did he say my girl ?
Legolas returned to me with a deadly expression and grabbed me from Aragorn’s arms.
"You’re coming with me.”
I didn’t object.  My head was still spinning.  He led me somewhere.  We found ourselves in a small room with a bed.  Legolas sat on it and put his head in his hands.  His hands were covered in blood.  I felt guilty.
“Legolas …” I walked over to him.  “I am sorry.”
He raised his head.  “It’s okay, Y / N. Get some sleep.”
I nodded and lay down on the bed.
Legolas got up and wanted to leave without a word, but I stopped him.
“Don’t go … stay. I’m scared.”
He smiled weakly.  “Is that brave warrior afraid?"  But he came to me.
I came in.  "Yes. Lie next to me.”
“Are you sure?"  he hesitated.
"Of course I am.”
He obeyed me and lay down next to me.  But as far away from me as possible.
I sighed.
“Why are you so far away from me? Come closer.”
Sigh.  “Y / N.”
Since he didn’t do anything, I moved closer him.  I laid my head on his .. still bare chest.
“Sleep already."  he ordered me, but stroked my hair.
"Hmm …”
I couldn’t sleep.  I turned my face to him.
“Did you call me your girl?”
He sighed again.
“Yes, Y / N. I called you.”
“It means…”
“That means you have to sleep."  he wanted to end the debate.
I nodded.  All right.
My eyes began to close.
I felt as if he had kissed me on the forehead and whispered, ”Ni meleth le.“
Headache.  Terrible headache.
That’s what I felt when I woke up.  And a terrible dry throat.
"Here’s the water,” came a pleasant voice.  Legolas.
What is he doing here?
He put a glass of water in my hand.  I drank it immediately.
“Legolas … what are you doing here?"  I rolled my eyes at him.
He grinned in amusement.  "You don’t remember?”
“What should I remember?"  I closed in confusion.
"Well … you was drunk. A lot."  he explained.
I looked at him like he was crazy and I started laughing.  "What? Certainly not. I haven’t drunk alcohol in 4 years.”
“But yes. You got drunk. And what do you remember from yesterday?”
I scratched my head.  I felt horrible.  “You and Gimli. You played drinking game. And then …”
“And then what?”
“I don’t know .. I’m doing something about dancing .. warmth, it was so hot! And .. I remember you too. And some battle!"  My head hurt even more.
"Well, Y / N, you probably don’t want to admit it, but you got pretty drunk yesterday. You danced on my desk. And you wanted to undress. If I wasn’t there, you would already standing there naked. And some guy was verbally harassing you."  he said.
I looked at him.  Did it really happen?
"But … but … I drank non alcoholic drinks!"  I shouted desperately.
"It wasn’t non alcoholic. It may have tasted without alcohol,  but that was strongest alcohol at the feast.”
I stared into space.  All the memories gradually came to my mind.  Bad memories.  I danced.  It was foggy.  A .. and Legolas!  God, I was arguing with him or what!
It’s true.  I got drunk.  I did it.  I don’t even want to see alcohol for years.  Actually, never again.
I looked at Legolas slowly.  He didn’t seem to mind.  He actually looked amused.
“Legolas, will you do me a favor?"  I asked him.
"What’s the matter?”
“Kill me. Seriously. Bury me in the ground. Come on, don’t laugh! That’s not funny! God, I feel so embarrassed … I’ll never drink again. Never."  I declared and he laughed.
"Come on, Y / N, it doesn’t matter. Each of us does a mess sometimes.”
“Has something like this already happened to you?”
“Um .. well .. probably not ..” he said.
I chased him.  “You see.”
“It’ll be fine. Really."  he smiled.
I sighed.  "Actually, I want to thank you for being with me yesterday and for fighting with a guy you didn’t have to do and for not allowing me to do something stupid … and for everything. Thank you ….  ”
“You’re welcome … really. I’d do it again.”
I smiled at him.
“And this … well, um …” I blushed.  “I’m sorry I acted like a camel.”
He smiled even wider.  “Y / N, you didn’t act like a camel. You don’t have to apologize. I should apologize. I ignored you.”
I was silent.
“Because … I love you. And I don’t know what to do. And I don’t know if you even like me …” he blushed.  It was adorable!  But I didn’t expect him to say he loved me …. Oh gosh, is it really happening?
“I love you too. Really. We acted like two idiots. The others were right.”
“They were."  Legolas agreed.
"By the way, I had a dream yesterday when we slept together. You said something in Elvish."  I remarked.
"It wasn’t dream. I said Ni meleth le. It means I love you."  he said.
"Oh Legolas …” I smiled.
We just held hands in silence for a moment when Legolas suddenly spoke.
“And while we’re at it, where’s my drinking game prize?”
I smirked.  “Come after it.”
If you liked it, please let me know!
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The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.6
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Six
Through the woods they ran. The sun had barely begun to rise when they heard the screeches of the Nazgûl once more.
“Hurry!” Strider shouted from the front of the line, Frodo thrown over his shoulder. His skin had paled and small groans came through his lips every time he was jostled around.
“We’re six days from Rivendell,” Sam replied. “He’ll never make it!”
“Have faith,” Nyx said, though she feared Sam was right. “If he can withstand the Ring he may be able to stay off the poison in his veins long enough.”
They moved as fast as they could until the next sunset, finding refuge in thick foliage, surrounded by three trolls that had once been turned to stone. Nyx touched one gently. “Bilbo turned these to stone sixty years ago. Gandalf told me about it when I was younger.”
“How did he turn them to stone?” Merry asked as he wrapped an unconscious Frodo in an extra blanket. The poor Hobbit had begun to shiver.
“Trolls cannot stand sunlight. They will turn to stone if any sunlight touches their skin. Bilbo saved the entire company from being eaten that night. It was the first time he proved himself helpful to Thorin Oakenshield.”
“He’s waking up!” Sam shouted. “Look, Frodo. It’s Mister Bilbo’s trolls!”
Frodo could only moan and groan, his eyes enlarged and his skin a pale blue. All of the veins in his chest were visible. Sam touched his cheek.
“Mister Frodo? He’s going cold!”
“Is he going to die?” Pippin asked worriedly.
Strider looked sadly at the Hobbits. “He is passing into the Shadow World. He’ll soon become a wraith like them.”
Frodo gasped painfully again, and the Ringwraiths screeched in response. The noise came from all around them.
“They’re close!” Merry gasped.
“Sam? Do you know the athelas plant?”
“Kingsfoil? Ah, it’s a weed.”
“It may help to slow the poison,” Strider said. Sam nodded and moved to leave but Nyx stopped him.
“I will go. I know what the plant looks like and where to find it. Besides, I am still uneasy from last night. I believe some time away from people may help calm me down.”
Strider hesitated and then nodded. “Alright. Don’t stray too far. There is another plant, echinacea. I will search for that.”
Nyx nodded and the two left the Hobbits alone and moved into the woods, searching for their respected plants. Nyx had just found hers when she heard a new voice. Not a wraith, but a woman.
“What’s this? A Ranger caught off his guard?”
Nyx grabbed her scythe. “Drop your weapon.”
“It’s alright, Nyx,” Strider said. “She is an old friend. Only having fun.”
The woman stood up straight and sheathed her sword, revealing porcelain skin and pointed ears. An Elf. “My name is Arwen. I bring no harm, but it is my job to patrol the borders. When we heard of Ringwraiths, I was sent out further to investigate.”
“Our friend, Frodo, he was stabbed with a Morgul blade,” Nyx said. “Can you help him?”
“Not here.”
“He’s this way,” Strider said. They returned to camp, Arwen with her white horse. Frodo’s head rolled to the side when they approached, but Nyx was unsure if he was truly seeing them.
“Frodo,” Arwen whispered. Frodo’s lips moved but nothing came out. Arwen said something in Elvish Nyx could barely hear. I have come to help you. Hear my voice. Come back to the light.
The Hobbit’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as some colour returned to his face.
“Who is she?” Merry whispered as Arwen knelt beside him.
“She’s an elf,” Sam said in awe. He had never seen an Elf before.
“He is fading,” Arwen whispered.
Nyx knelt on the other side of Frodo, ripping up the plant she’d gone out to find. Arwen pulled back Frodo’s shirt to examine the wound, revealing purplish and black veins stemming from the wound. After chewing on the plant, Nyx placed the plant over the wound, cooing at Frodo as he gasped in pain.
“He is not going to last. We must get him to my father.”
The three stood up and Strider picked up Frodo, moving to place him on Arwen’s horse.
“There are five Wraiths behind you. Where the other four are, I do not know.”
“They’ll be back,” Nyx said. A sense of dread filled her heart.
“Let me take him,” Arwen said.
“Arwen,” Strider sighed. Something in his eyes told Nyx that Arwen was more than just a friend to him.
“I do not fear them.”
Strider conceded, moving to let her mount her horse. “You must ride hard. Don’t look back.”
“Wait!” Nyx moved past Strider, reaching into Frodo’s pocket for the Ring. It immediately felt heavy in her hand, calling out for the devil within.
“Nyx!” Strider said harshly. “What are you doing?”
Nyx ignored him, stringing it onto the plain chain hidden underneath her dress. “Giving them a better chance.” Nyx moved to Strider’s horse, mounting it with ease.
“But they saw his face at the watchtower!” Merry shouted.
“Exactly. If the Ring is separated from the one who once had it, it will buy Arwen some extra time.”
“Nyx,” Strider warned. She looked down at him.
“I was telling you the truth the other night. I don’t want the Ring. But Gandalf believed that Frodo is destined to carry the One Ring. And if he is, he needs to be alive to do it.”
“Does it not call to you?” Strider asked softly.
“It does,” Nyx admitted. Already she could feel her resolve weakening against the curse. “But the evil inside me wants the Ring for itself. It does not want to give it away.” She tightened her grip on the reins. “I will see you all in Rivendell. With the Ring.”
“We need to hurry,” Arwen said. Nyx nodded and the two took off together. They rode through the night just like Strider had said – hard and fast. They did not stop at daybreak and they did not stop for food. At one point, when they had to cross a river, they let the horses drink momentarily and eat some grass by the shore, but then they were off again.
“How is he doing?” Nyx yelled as they rode through a meadow.
“The athelas isn’t working anymore!” Arwen replied. They both spurred their horses to go faster. The meadow ended just as suddenly as the forest began and the Ring around Nyx’s neck felt heavy with evil. Something churned inside her.
“They’re here!” she shouted to Arwen before pulling her horse away from the Elf and Hobbit. The Ring burned under her dress, begging her to take control of it. Give it to the Nazgûl. And the evil inside of her begged her to put it on and use it for herself. Nyx screamed aloud, forcing herself to stay true to her journey and dodged the trees. Hooves sounded loudly behind her and Nyx knew the Nazgûl were upon her. Through the trees to her left, she saw Arwen with a Ringwraith on either side of her. Normally, Arwen would have been able to fight them off. But Frodo was fading and she had to hold onto him to keep him on the horse.
“I cannot outrun them!”
Nyx reached for the necklace, pulling it over her head and dangling it in front of her. She didn’t have to say a word before the two Ringwraiths turned to her and left Arwen alone. “Go, Arwen!”
Nyx weaved through the trees as Arwen galloped straight ahead. They were almost at the border of Rivendell; Nyx could feel the magic in the air. The trees thickened and the air became colder as Nyx neared the riverbank. She could barely hear the trinkling of water over her laboured breath and heavy heart. The trees broke on the edge of the riverbank, and across the way she could see Arwen. She joined her side and together they watched to see if the Nazgûl would cross.
They screeched at the touch of the water.
“Give it up,” one growled.
Nyx held up the necklace while Arwen unsheathed her sword. “If you want it. If you want him, come and claim him.”
The Ringwraiths waded into the water on their horses and Nyx moved back. Arwen looked around them, muttering elvish under her breath. Nyx chanced a glance at Frodo. He was wheezing now, and green liquid was dripping from his mouth.
Something rumbled in the distance and all parties looked upstream as a tsunami of water came rushing at them. Wordlessly, Nyx moved to the shore and watched as something reached out from the rushing water.
“Horses?” she wondered. They trampled the Ringwraiths without hesitation, washing them and their horses downstream. Nyx smiled in delight, turning back to Arwen and Frodo only to see the two of them on the riverbank.
“No, Frodo!” Arwen cried. “Don’t give in.”
Frodo wheezed softly and Nyx dropped to her knees, pushing his sweaty curls out of his face. “Frodo…”
Arwen pulled the Hobbit into her, tears falling freely as she cradled the boy. “What grace has given me – let it pass to him. Let him be spared. Save him.”
Frodo gasped for air, but his eyes were still enlarged and the whites of his tinted red. Nyx looked at Arwen. “What did you do?”
“I gave him a little more time. Come on.”
Nyx mounted Strider’s horse and they were off once more. From the dirt came a stone pathway and stone arches overhead. Elves in armour watched as they raced past them but did not try to stop them. An Elven horn was blown somewhere behind them.
Arwen stopped in a round stone courtyard, and they dropped to the ground as a man with Arwen’s hair and bright blue eyes approached them.
“He’s been struck with a morgul blade. He needs help,” Arwen said. The man nodded and touched her back. Arwen hurried down the corridor on the right. Nyx moved to follow her but an arm prevented her from doing so.
“It has been a long time, Nyx of Tyndall.”
Nyx dropped into a quick curtsey. “Lord Elrond.”
“You carry more evil with you during this visit. What has happened?”
Nyx touched her sternum where the Ring rested. “Not here. And tell your men to expect more company. A Man and three Hobbits.”
Elrond nodded and led Nyx to the Council Room. “Tell me everything that has happened.”
Nervously, Nyx pulled the chain over her head and placed the ring on the table. It felt too heavy in her hands for just a ring.
“That cannot be,” Elrond gasped. The two stared down at, dread in their stomachs. “The Ring of Power has been found.”
Part 1.7 ➺
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The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.5
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Five
The next day was just as overcast but the air a little warmer. They made good time over the flatter and dryer lands. The ground beneath them didn’t crumble or shift and they came across no marshes. Nyx led the horse for a while at the back while Strider led the group like usual. They stopped at an abandoned and overgrown watchtower, agreeing to settle in for the night there, finding comfort in knowing they had their backs protected.
Once their sleeping rolls were set up and the horse had been tied at the edge of the woods, Strider began to unpack his things. He revealed four swords. “These are for you. I’m going to look around. Stay here with Nyx.”
Strider still had not returned when Frodo decided to go to bed.
“Go to sleep, Miss Nyx,” Sam said. “We’ll stay awake while you two sleep.”
Nyx didn’t like the idea of three innocent Hobbits taking watch, but she was more than tired and couldn’t help but agree. She lay next to Frodo, her hand resting over the handle of her scythe, and fell asleep almost instantly. When she woke up a few hours later, Frodo was screaming.
“Put it out, you fools!” The three boys had lit a fire, letting their hunger get the best of them. Nyx stood up, looking around but Strider still had not returned. She began to worry.
Something screeched in the distance.
“Grab your swords,” Nyx instructed urgently. “They found us.”
“But we don’t even know how to use them!” Pippin argued.
Nyx moved to the edge of the watchtower. At the bottom of the watchtower, figures moved through the thick fog. “You’re about to. Did you put the Ring on, Frodo?”
“Good. Don’t. And don’t give it to them either. They will deliver it directly to Sauron.”
Frodo unsheathed his sword and they climbed to the very top of the watchtower. In a circle they stood, waiting, until the first one came from the east. The temperature seemed to drop 10 degrees when it approached, and Nyx felt her blood run cold. Could these creatures even die?
Eight more came from the shadows and with every step they took, thunder rumbled in the air. They held their swords against their chests, the sharp tips raised towards the sky as they approached together and, slowly, the group of five retreated. Sam rashly jumped forward.
“Back, you devils!” His sword clashed against a Ringwraith’s twice before he was tossed aside. Merry and Pippin moved to be the next line of defense, but they too were tossed aside like they weighed nothing. Nyx and Frodo gasped in fear and surprise at their strength and as they continued to back up, Nyx felt it deep in her bones.
That dreaded, cursed anger.
Most of the time, Nyx tried to fight it. Ignore it. For when she got angry, people died. But, this time, she knew she needed it. She needed the strength it brought her. “Frodo,” she said, trying to relax her muscles. Stay in control just enough. “Whatever you do, do not get in my way.”
Nyx lunged forward and pushed back two of the Ringwraiths, dodging their swings and jabs. One hit her in the side with his elbow, but Nyx made sure to hit him twice as hard with her boot. When she spun to see how Frodo was faring, she caught a glimpse of orange. Nyx wasn’t surprised. For when she got angry, she had the nasty habit of catching fire.
It was why they called her the Dragon.
The fire lit inside her as well, fueling her rage as she swung her scythe time after time at the Ringwraiths. And with every swing, she felt herself lose to the devil within her. She couldn’t tell what she was angry about. Perhaps it was the treatment of such innocent boys who had never left home before. Or maybe it was the fact that she could never get some God damned peace.
The rest of the Ringwraiths were advancing on Frodo, who had dropped his sword and was backing away on his hands and bum. “Frodo!” she screamed only to be thrown aside. She rolled until she hit what was left of a wall. She shook her head and stood up on wobbly legs, yelling when she saw Frodo pull out the Ring. Something in her shook free from the evil.
“Don’t, Frodo! It makes them stronger!”
Frodo didn’t hear Nyx’s words. All he could hear was the Ring whispering at him, tempting him to put it on. And he did. Nyx cried out as he put the Ring on and disappeared. The Ring would not save him from the Nazgûl. No. But it would make them stronger.
Something came at Nyx from behind and she swung her scythe, hitting the flat side of Strider’s sword. She growled and pushed harder against Strider, but her improved strength was still no match for Strider’s. In the back of her mind, she thought it odd.
The Ranger ground his teeth together for he knew what lurked within her. “Fight it, Nyx.”
Nyx growled again. “You’re just like the rest of them. You’ll kill me when I’m not looking. You’ll trade my life for yours.”
“Like you haven’t done that all your life.”
Nyx faltered, the words ringing painfully true. Strider took advantage of Nyx’s slip and slammed the handle of his sword against the side of her head. Nyx stumbled to the ground, dropping her scythe with a resounding clatter as the evil’s grip on her mind slipped as well. She saw darkness for only a moment before her eyes fluttered open. She looked up and Strider looked down cautiously.
“Are you back to your normal self, Miss Nyx>”
Nervously, she nodded, grabbing her weapon. “I think so.”
“Good.” Strider reached down to help Nyx up, but she pulled away. She still did not entirely trust herself. She stood up by herself.
“Frodo put on the Ring,” she said simply. Timidly.
There was a scream of pain and the two humans turned to see a Ringwraith pull their sword from a body they could not see. Strider grabbed a loose thick stick with dried leaves and touched it to the bottom of Nyx’s cloak that was still on fire. He swung it at the Ringwraiths and they screeched as the light combated their darkness. The two humans spared a glance at each other and lit two more branches on Nyx’s cloak before running for the Ringwraiths.
From the corner of her eye, Nyx saw Frodo reappear, screaming in agony. But she couldn’t reach him. She waved the burning branch in her, chasing away the Nazgûl. Fire touched the black cloak of one and it screeched, disappearing off the edge of the watchtower. Somehow, Nyx knew it would not be the last time she saw it. Strider struck the last one in the face with his branch and it disappeared with its brethren, its screeches echoing in the night.
“Strider! Nyx!”
The two dropped their weapons and rushed to the Hobbits. Frodo was still writhing in pain.
“Can you help him?”
Strider picked up the discarded blade, examining it. “He’s been stabbed by a Morgul blade.” The blade turned to ash in his hands and he dropped it in disgust, moving to pick up Frodo. “This is beyond my skill to heal. He needs Elvish medicine.”
“Nyx?” Sam pleaded. Nyx only shook her head sadly.
“Strider is right. The Elves are the only people who can save Frodo.”
Part 1.6 ➺
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The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.4
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Four
As Strider had declared, they left at dawn. The same man from the night before was asleep at the front desk, not even flinching when the bell above the door rang as they left. People had discovered the gatekeeper crushed beneath the large wooden door. Aragorn turned the other way and they took the eastern gate which had not been touched. An hour later was the first time anybody spoke.
“Where are you taking us?” Frodo asked Strider, trying to keep up with his large steps. Nyx was at the back of the group, continuously stopping Merry and Pippin’s pointless arguments.
“Into the wild,” Strider responded. They had no idea where to take the Ring. Nowhere was safe with the Ringwraiths searching for it. Strider had an idea of where to take it, but the chances of being let in with the Ring in their possession was low. For now, they would keep moving. They crossed through small woods and across streams. Over hills and at the bottom of gorges. Just as one ended, the next began. Already, they were in their third forest of the day, the trees blocking the sun and covered in beautiful green moss. Nyx felt at peace. This was, after all, where she’d grown up. The woods provided solace and protection from the biggest threat out there. Other humans.
“How do we know this Strider is a friend of Gandalf?” Merry asked Frodo lowly. The young Baggins hadn’t even heard his cousin approach.
Frodo whispered back, “I think a servant of the enemy would look fairer. Feel fowler.”
“He’s fowl enough- ow!”
Nyx was looking down at Merry with a disapproving glare. “Be nice, Meriadoc.”
Frodo glanced back at Strider. “We have no choice but to trust him.”
“But where is he leading us?” Sam wondered.
“Rivendell, Master Gamgee. The House of Elrond.”
The four Hobbits gasped.
“Did you hear that? Rivendell! We’re going to see the elves.” Of course, the boys had heard all about it from Gandalf, and Bilbo had told Frodo of his time there, but now they were going to see the magical land with their own eyes.
Nyx, on the other hand, felt a little more dread. She’d been there once before and though she hadn’t hurt anybody, she had destroyed Lord Elrond’s favourite gazebo. She’d been terrified to go back ever since. So as the boys whispered amongst themselves in excitement, Nyx stayed quiet. Rivendell was one of the kinder Elven houses, but that didn’t mean Lord Elrond didn’t have a temper.
They tried to stop during the night, but all of them were too on edge to sleep, knowing the Ringwraiths could attack at any moment, so they continued on and into the next day without rest. The clouds all blended into one, with the fog hanging low and dampening their hair. Nyx was looking around when she bumped into Frodo. “Um, why are we stopping?”
“Gentlemen,” Strider said, turning around. All four boys had stopped and were unloading some of the packs. Nyx stood beside them, looking confused. “We don’t not stop until nightfall.”
“What about breakfast?” Pippin asked.
Strider was confused. “You’ve already had it.”
“We’ve had one, yes. What about second breakfast?” All four Hobbits looked at Strider expectantly, but he just turned around and continued walking. Nyx chuckled.
“I don’t think he knows about second breakfast, Pip,” Merry informed him, rolling up a pack and placing it back on his shoulder.
“What about Elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea. Dinner? Supper! He knows about them, doesn’t he?”
“I wouldn’t count on it.” Something came flying over the bushes ahead of them, and Merry caught it seconds before it hit his face. He looked down at it. A perfectly ripe red apple. He patted Pippin’s shoulder and continued walking.
Pippin harumphed and continued trudging.
“Here you go, Pippin.” Nyx handed him an apple. “Don’t eat it all at once because we won’t be stopping for food until dusk.”
Pippin sighed and walked alongside Nyx for the next few hours. His definition of ‘not eating it all at once’ was eating it within ten minutes, which Nyx supposed was good for a hungry Hobbit like Peregrine Took.
They made camp on the other side of a large swamp, their clothes freezing from the water they’d waded through. Strider, who had been gone nearly an hour, returned with a deer slung over his shoulder, which he dropped with a grunt. He and Nyx quickly and quietly began to skin it and prepare it for dinner; they’d both spent a lot of time in the wild. After a quiet meal of deer and chopped carrots, the four Hobbits unraveled their sleeping rolls and fell asleep.
Nyx, who’d always felt more awake at night, crawled under her own blankets but did not sleep. Instead, she listened to Strider sing under his breath and watched the stars slowly move across the night sky.
“Who is she? This woman you sing of?” Nyx sat up with Frodo’s question. She was tired of pretending to sleep. Aragorn stared at the two of them before looking away.
“It is the lay of Lúthien, an elf-maid who gave her love to Beren, a mortal.”
“What happened to her?”
“She died.” Strider looked down at his lap sullenly. “Get some sleep, Frodo.”
Frodo lay back down and closed his eyes, but Nyx did not move. “You can relate to the song, can’t you?”
Strider glanced at Nyx over his shoulder. “Have you ever been in love?”
Nyx rolled onto her side and pulled at some grass beside her, too ashamed to look at Strider. “Like anybody could ever love a cursed monster like me.”
Part 1.5 ➺
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The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.3
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Three
The group of four ran up the stairs, the three boys grabbing whatever they could to use as weapons while Nyx grabbed for her weapon strapped to her back. The boys gasped at the blood-covered curved blade but moved with her nonetheless. Nyx kicked open the door, unsurprised at the sight of Strider’s blade pointed right at her.
“Let him go!” Sam yelled, moving in front of Nyx. His fists were balled up in front of him while Merry and Pippin held a candelabra and a chair. “Or I’ll have you on shanks!”
Nyx rolled her eyes and lowered her weapon – once Strider sheathed his sword. She noticed his curly black hair and light eyes. Hazel, in this light.
“You have a stout heart, little Hobbit. But that will not save you. Nor will she,” he gestured to Nyx with a glare.
“You know who I am.” It wasn’t a question. Nor was she surprised.
Strider gave her look. “Rumour speaks of a human girl with white hair covered in blood who carries a scythe with her wherever she goes. You may not have blood on you, but it is not hard to guess who you are.”
Nyx placed the scythe on her back in its sheath. “Gandalf sent me to protect them. I’m not going to hurt them.”
“Rumour also has it that you can’t help yourself from killing.”
Nyx ground her teeth together. She hadn’t told the Hobbits who she was for a reason. She could feel their eyes settle on her in fear, wondering if Strider’s words were true. They were – to a certain degree. “And yet you’re still standing.”
Strider smiled. “Indeed I am.” He turned to Frodo. “You can no longer wait for the wizard, Frodo. They’re coming.”
“The men I told you about,” Nyx answered. “Though, they’re not men anymore.”
“What do we do?” Merry asked nervously.
Strider glanced out the window. “You put the Ring on downstairs so they will be drawn to that location. We shouldn’t move at night. We need to find another place to sleep.”
“There’s another inn across the street,” Nyx said. “I saw it on my way in. It’s probably the only other place to sleep in this town.”
Strider nodded. “Let’s go.”
The six of them took the back stairwell into the alley behind the Prancing Pony Bar & Inn, darting across the street when no one was watching. The man at the front desk was half asleep when they entered, jumping awake when the door slammed shut behind them. He looked at the four Hobbits and then Strider and Nyx.
“We don’t have mixed rooms, I’m afraid.”
Strider shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. Just a room for the Hobbits, please.” The two men exchanged payment for a key and then the six of them were climbing the rickety oak stairs to the upper floor.
“Get some rest,” Strider instructed, throwing his cloak on an empty chair by the window. Merry and Pippin immediately moved to two of the beds, but Frodo was less eager. And because of him, Sam was too. Nyx placed a comforting hand on Frodo’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Frodo. I won’t be sleeping so I’ll wake you if something is wrong. Just don’t put the Ring on, alright?”
Frodo nodded and moved to a bed, but he didn’t lay down or get under the sheets. He simply sat. Sam hesitantly moved to the last empty bed and crawled under the sheets. The moment his head hit the pillow, snores came softly from his mouth. Nyx smiled. The innocence that radiated off the Hobbits was refreshing but made Nyx sad. She’d never had that luxury.
And she never would.
Strider stood near the window, keeping an eye on the street below, tensing up every time someone appeared within his view. He only relaxed when they passed by the inn.
“How long do you think until they arrive?”
Strider spared a glance at Nyx. “Not long. They’re fast and will not let anything in their path slow them down. Not even that man at the gate.”
Nyx sighed. “That sounds familiar.”
Strider moved closer to Nyx so that Frodo would not hear his next words, though the Hobbit was lost in his thoughts and fears. “Are you truly here to protect them?”
Nyx bristled but didn’t blame Strider’s scepticism. “Yes. Gandalf is a friend. He entrusted me to protect them and the Ring. The last thing I want to do is disappoint him. Besides, I don’t need that damned ring to be an even worse human than I already am.”
Strider had more questions, Nyx could tell. But instead of asking them, he nodded and straightened up, looking back out the window. His shoulders tensed. “They’re here.”
“Do you think our distraction will work?”
“I don’t know. It will make them angry, for sure. But hopefully they will leave town, assuming we have done the same. I do not know how long it will hold them off. Soon, they will find us again.”
Nyx sighed and looked over her shoulder at Frodo. He was so young and already fraught with worry. But there was nothing she could do to help him.
Suddenly, screeches could be heard from across the road. No doubt Sauron’s men had discovered their distraction. The three Hobbits woke up with a start, and Nyx moved to sit on the bed, holding onto her scythe for comfort.
“What are they?” Frodo whispered. He’d never heard sounds like that before. None of them had.
Strider considered his words before speaking. “Like Nyx said, they were once men. Great kings of Men. And then Sauron the Deceiver gave to them Nine Rings of Power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question. One by one, they fell to the darkness carried in the rings. And now they are slaves to Sauron’s will. They are the Nazgûl. Ringwraiths. Neither living nor dead.
“At all times, they feel the presence of the Ring, drawn to the power of the One. They will never stop hunting you.”
Frodo looked away and Nyx touched his shoulder. “That is why I’m here, Frodo. I know what it is like. And I will do everything I can to help you.”
“I will help you too,” Strider announced, watching as the Ringwraiths left the inn on their black horses. “Now get some rest. All of you. We leave at dawn.”
Part 1.4 ➺
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The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.2
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter Two
The Prancing Pony was a two day’s trek from the woods and, after setting a fire to alert the men’s friends and family of their location, Nyx spent the night trying to get as far away as she could. She preferred to travel at night and rest in the trees during the day – less people to run into – but she had wanted to get an early start only to run into the two men.
This time, Nyx would not be so careless, waiting long after the sun had set before she climbed down from a large maple tree to continue on her way to Bree. Just as the sun was beginning to rise on her last day of walking for the Prancing Pony, she stopped by a river, discarding her cloak and weapon to dip her head in the creek. She scrubbed at her scalp, dislodging the dried blood and caked-on dirt. Though it wasn’t an actual bath – which she hadn’t had in ages – it still felt refreshing. She picked at the dirt underneath her nails and washed her face before continuing on.
The last thing I need is to look like the killer I am, she thought to herself grimly.
She came upon Bree a few hours after sunset. It was pouring and Nyx was soaked all the way through to her bones, but she knew a few cups of ale would warm me her quickly. After being let through the wooden gate by the grumpy gatekeeper, Nyx headed straight for the Prancing Pony. Not only did she not have much on her back, but she barely had any money to afford a room for the night. She’d spent most of her life living with the Grey and Brown wizards or on her own in the woods. From now on, she knew she would be anything but alone.
The Prancing Pony bustling with rough-looking men. She approached the man at the front with her weapon hidden beneath her dark grey cloak.
“Hello, young lady. What can I do for you?”
“I’m looking for Gandalf the Grey? Is he here yet? Or two Hobbits?”
The man made a face and chuckled. “You’re the second to ask about Gandalf tonight. In fact, it was a Hobbit who asked about him earlier. But there were four Hobbits. Not two.”
Nyx frowned. I was sure Gandalf had said two Hobbits. “Are they still here?”
The man pointed to the far corner of the room where four small, young boys were sitting around a table with cups of ale bigger than their heads. Nyx smiled at him before weaving through the crowd and stopping at the end of the table. The four Hobbits looked at Nyx wearily but she was only interested in one of them.
“Frodo Baggins?”
A boy shook his head. “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong table. No Frodo Baggins here.” He was thin with bright blue eyes and straggly hair. A spitting image of a young Bilbo Baggins Nyx had seen pictures of. Nyx smiled at him.
“Nice to meet you, Frodo. I’m Gandalf’s companion, Nyx. I believe he mentioned me? Though not by name.”
Frodo contemplated Nyx’s words for a moment before his eyes filled with suspicion. “How do I know you’re telling the truth? Gandalf isn’t with you.”
Nyx frowned. “No, he is not. And I’m surprised because he is never late. But he told me what you carry with you. I am only here to help protect you.”
“You? Protect us?” Another Hobbit uttered, staring at me. “But you’re a girl.”
“A girl who’s killed more than I hope you ever will. I’ve been hunted my whole life and I hear you are being hunted by Sauron’s men. I can help. Please. That’s all I want to do.” For once in my life.
Frodo stared at Nyx a moment longer before moving over on the bench. She smiled gratefully and gently sat next to him, careful to keep her weapon covered. It felt odd to Nyx – sitting in such a place so busy with people. She’d spent her whole life in the forest, isolated from people. And the only interactions she’d had with people resulted in their deaths and her tears. What felt even more odd was sitting with people much smaller than her, for she’d only ever been around Men. Still, their tolerance for alcohol was no different than hers, as demonstrated by Merry Brandybuck. Soon, she learned all of their names.
Samwise Gamgee, who went by Sam, had blonde shaggy hair like all but Frodo, knobby fingers, a troubled look permanently etched on his face, and a little extra weight around his waist. He had been the one sent to accompany Frodo as well. Pippin Took had a long straight nose, blonde hair that could use a good wash and brush, and wide blue eyes. Absolutely adorable, in Nyx’s opinion. Last was Merry Brandybuck, Pippin’s best friend. He had the same shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes, but his nose was larger, and he seemed to be the daredevil of the group. He also had the largest alcohol tolerance.
“Why isn’t Gandalf with you?” Sam asked.
Nyx shrugged, skillfully hiding her worry. “He needed to meet with a fellow wizard. I suppose he got caught up.” Looking around the room, she noticed that most people took turns staring at them. She could see how odd it would look – four Hobbits and an unknown human girl having a drink together surrounded by humans. Her eyes landed on a man in the far corner staring back at her. His hood hides most of his face, but she could see a little bit of stubble on his cheeks and chin.
Sam noticed him too. “That fellow has done nothing but stare at you since we arrived,” he told Frodo. “Do you recognize him, Nyx?”
The young girl shook her head. “I actually do my best to stay away from people.”
Nervously, Frodo spared a glance at the man in the corner before stopping a waiter walking by the table. “Excuse me. That man in the corner – who is he?”
The waiter, who was sporting an overgrown mustache and horrible mutton chops looked over his shoulder at the man before bending down to Frodo’s height so he could be heard over the chatter. “He’s one of them Rangers. Dangerous folk, they are – wanderin’ the wilds. What his real name is, I’ve never heard. But around here, he’s known as Strider.”
The man walked away, and Nyx rolled her eyes at the table. Bit of a lame name, if you ask me. Then again, she’d heard the names she’d been called and they weren’t any better.
“Strider,” Frodo whispered to himself. It was an intimidating name to him and seemed to fit the man’s current appearance. He didn’t want anything to do with this Strider fellow – especially if he was after the Ring. He played with the Ring under the table, staring at nothing in particular as he thought over possible options. They could make a run for it. They could confront him. Or, they could act like they had done nothing wrong – which they hadn’t – and wait a little longer for Gandalf. The Ring was smooth and warm in Frodo’s hands and soon he forgot what he had been thinking about, falling victim to the whispers of the Ring.
Baggins, it whispered.
“Baggins!” Frodo’s eyes snapped open as he heard Pippin’s familiar voice over the roar of the crowd. “Sure I know a Baggins,” he said from the bar. With an ale in his hand, he pointed right at his cousin. “He’s over there. Frodo Baggins!”
Nyx, Sam, and Frodo gasped. Their cover was blown. Nyx grabbed for her bag by her feet. “Time to go. Grab Pippin, Frodo.” She began to shove the food on the table into the folds of her cloak as Frodo moved towards the bar.
“What’s going on?” Merry asked.
“If people know a Baggins is here, then the Ringwraiths will know too. Stupid men can’t keep their bloody mouths shut,” she said angrily, sparing a glance at the bar just in time to see Frodo on the floor before he disappeared. She dropped a piece of bread and gasped. She knew Frodo had the Ring, but she’d never seen it in action.
Sam and Merry gasped too, standing up. Nyx began moving faster as everyone stared at the ground where Frodo had just been. She grabbed them by the shoulders of their jackets. “Come on.”
“Where’d he go?” Sam asked worriedly. Nyx shook her head, moving towards Pippin.
“I don’t know.” They reached Pippin at the bar, who was still staring at the spot on the floor, a stuttering mess. Nyx stood on her tiptoes, looking around for any sign of Frodo, sighing in relief when she saw him being pushed up the stairs to the inn above.
By Strider.
“Damn,” she cursed. “Come on.”
Part 1.3 ➺
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maaaddiexo · 18 days ago
The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.1
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
Chapter One
It was everywhere. In her mouth. In her hair. Under her fingernails. And all over the two men in front of her. They had been sliced to pieces with the weapon that she was gripping so tight she was sure it would break.
Did she feel guilt and remorse? Yes. But would she change what had happened? No. Because it was either her or them. And though she hated herself for her actions, she didn’t want to die. She was selfish like that.
The sun was nearly beneath the horizon and the young girl knew she needed to work fast before people came looking for the two men. She dropped her weapon and began to dig two shallow graves next to a large oak tree with her bare hands. The men were heavy and their bodies stiff by the time she was able to roll them into their graves. With blood- and dirt-stained hands, she closed their eyes and began to rebury them.
She didn’t plan on hiding them. Only giving them the best burial that she could provide before they were found and properly reburied by loved ones. The girl sat back on her heels, taking a moment to wipe away the traitorous tears that fell.
“My dear.”
The young girl looked over her shoulder, bloody white hair whipping around. Her lip began to quiver when she saw Gandalf the Grey staring down at her with clear disappointment in his eyes. She looked away.
“I’m sorry, Gandalf. I tried to run away. I tried not to fight.”
“What happened, my dear?”
“They cornered me. They were calling me all these horrible names.” She shook my head. “And then I just blacked out. The evil took over. I’m trying to fight it, Gandalf. I really am. I promise.”
“I know you are, my dear. I wish I could help you.”
She stood up, wiping her hands on her black dress. “You have already done plenty for me, Gandalf. You don’t need to do anymore.”
“Well, that’s too bad. You see, I need a favour. And I believe it will be great for you.”
Pale hands hesitated in picking up the weapon. She looked at Gandalf curiously, who gave nothing away. “A favour? What kind of favour?”
“You remember my old friend, Bilbo Baggins? The Hobbit?”
She nodded eagerly. “Yes, of course. Those are some of my favourite stories of yours. Your quest to Erebor. Is he alright?”
Gandalf puttered over his words for a moment. “For the most part, yes. My favour has to do with his nephew, Frodo Baggins. It would appear that Bilbo possesses the One Ring, once worn by Sauron.”
Grey eyes widened and the girl gasped. Gandalf had told her all the stories when she was younger. The defeat of Sauron had always been more of a nightmare to her, even though he’d been defeated. “Oh no.”
“My thoughts exactly. Even worse is that Sauron lives because the Ring lives. And He grows stronger by the day. I’ve asked Frodo to take it to the Prancing Pony where I will meet him along with my companion. I want you to be my companion.”
“What? You want me to be around other people? Hobbits, no less! That is a very bad idea, Gandalf. An absolutely horrible one!” The girl pointed to the two men behind her. “Look at them! I won’t put other people in danger. I won’t do it, Gandalf!”
“My dear, you are no threat. The Ring will only answer to Sauron but Frodo seems strong enough to fight off its lure. Perhaps it is destiny. Still, others will not be so strong and he will need someone to protect him.”
“Protect? Did you not hear me, Gandalf? Look at them! I killed them! I’m a killer. I shouldn’t be around people. I should be rotting in some prison.”
“Oh, please. You’ve always talked about finding a way to redeem yourself and your actions – not that any of it is your fault. But, if you’re really serious about redeeming yourself, this is the way to do it. Simply meet us at the Prancing Pony and accompany us – and the Ring – to a safe place.”
She nibbled her lower lip, easily drawing blood. “I don’t know, Gandalf.”
“I know I am asking a lot, my dear. But I trust you. And they will need someone capable of protecting them. Like you said, they are Hobbits. They know nothing about anything outside of the Shire.”
“Frodo and his friend, Samwise Gamgee. Meet them at the Prancing Pony. I will get there as soon as I can.”
“Where are you going?”
“To seek answers from Saruman. He will know where the Ring will be safe. Do not worry, my child. I will be there.”
“Do you promise, Gandalf?”
“I promise, Nyx.”
1.2 ➺
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maaaddiexo · 18 days ago
The Within Series | Legolas Greenleaf
Book 1: The Devil Within - 1.0
Mainlist | Serieslist
Tumblr media
Nyx of Tyndall does not know love or kindness. Cursed at a young age by a jealous witch, Nyx has lived a life of solitude and death.
Until Gandalf the Grey requests her presence and uncontrollable skill in assisting a young Hobbit across Middle-Earth with nine others to destroy a ring so powerful all fall victim to its evil.
Not only must Nyx face Orcs, demons, and creatures she’s never seen before, but also the devil inside. Controlling the devil is the key to finding freedom in a spell that can’t be broken. But it will not be so easy for Nyx when every obstacle she faces pushes her to an edge she cannot return from.
She has found us. We have hidden successfully for a year, but she has found us once again. I fear what she will do to us. To our daughter.
The wind howls and the sky darkens at her presence. We have barred the windows and locked the door but she will find a way in. Nothing will stop her from getting revenge.
She has found us.
The Witch is coming.
Part 1.1 ➺
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7soulstars · 28 days ago
Hi ! Could I request a Thranduil x reader where reader has a hUGE fear of spiders, even the very little ones she's so afraid and always begs Thranduil to kill them/remove them away for her?? Hope it's not too complicated, tyyy 💕
Hey darling I had done a VERY similar one on Legolas but since it is a different character I’ll make it somewhat like a different version for you. I hope you like it and thank you for being patient with me ! I have also written a Legolas Version in which she is also scared of spiders !
Nauth- i Aiwenor 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Thranduil x Reader
Warnings: Arachnophobia?, mentions of blood, best friend Leggy, WHIPPED Thranduil
Summary: Local elven king wants nothing but to keep his lady happy 
Nauth- i aiwenor; Elvish for Imagine the sky
A high pitched scream echoed through the palace disrupting the ever-so-peaceful aura of Mirkwood. If the annoyingly long blabbering of a minister had bored the elven king enough to make the king drowsy the scream sure enough shocked him to the state of high conciousness. Legolas’ screams to ask the owner owner of the disruptive screech were second to follow.
This had prompted Thranduil to storm out of his throne room. His face masked with stoic casuality but his feet made haste, stopping only when he saw a flow of an elven gown running towards him, a flash of green not far behind. He had held his arms wide open as the bundle shot right into his chest. Arms flailing around his waist and what-not. 
“Ada! I tried to calm her down but she just sprinted screaming for you ”, the young prince tried to reason knowing that his father knew just what he meant. This wasn’t the first time it had happened and as much as Thranduil wanted to keep holding Y/N in his arms he did also want to confirm the situation and get rid of it.  
“Y/N....darling look at me...”,he gently spoke as her crying slowed down. But the moment she looked at him she burst back into tears. It always awed the tenants of the palace how careful the supposedly ruthless king was to one woman. He treated her like glass but at the same time kept her on an equal pedestal as him. He would drop everything else when it came to her.
“T-there was a s-spi”, she couldn’t even finish the sentence as she buried herself back into his chest. She had always been scared of the ghastly creatures, rightfully so. She called them the spawn of demons which Legolas would often tease her about. But the moment she had burst into tears the first time she saw one in the palace everyone had realized that her fear was of no laughing matter. Thranduil shot Legolas a demanding look as the other sighed. “I keep telling her it was squashed ! It was like ‘this’ tiny! A troop of ours has already killed enough of the bigger ones for the other half to leave the realm ”, they prince exclaimed as he vaguely gestured with his hands. 
Thranduil had dismissed his son as he lead a very shook up Y/N to their chambers. “Y/N.” he had requested again gaining a tiresome squeak that made his heart urch. He hated when she cried. To him it seemed like he failed. Especially when she easily able to take care of the horrors of his past and his fears.
“Close your eyes, Meleth-nin. Nauth- i aiwenor....With me”
Y/N felt safe. She knew he would always be there to look out for her.
--The End--
I am so sorry that this is so short ! But I had already written a Legolas Version so my mind went blank *cries* but I really hope you liked this one! Thank you so much for being so patient! Please like, comment and reblog to support me if you like my work ! Please do not plagarise my works!
~Love, Hri
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angelxnaa · 29 days ago
A Reclamation of Time | l.g |
legolas x gn!reader
requested by anon - Lena! I’m very excited for your new fics, especially lotr! I was wondering if maybe I could request one with Legolas where he and the reader are comforting each other after Gandalf dies? Like tears, feels, maybe a kiss...? Thank you! <3
warnings; angst, mentions of death, fluff
a/n; Lóth means flower in Elvish ... and this is my first fic for the lotr fandom sooo comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated and encouraged.
word count; 1.4k
add yourself to a tag list here!
forever friends; @coffee--writes​​ // @willowbleedsonpaper​​ // @lxve-hermione​​ // @steadycoffeecrusade​​ // @opal-moon-23​​ // @chaotic-fae-queen​​ // @maddyisheere​​ // @criminaly-supernatural​ // @probably-peeves​ // @hannolannno​​ // @awritingtree​​ // @izzyyy-1
lotr; @highpriestessrebek // @cap-n-stuff // @dianaswanda // @johnmurphyisqueer​ // @lxncelot​ // @april-showers-and-flowers​ // @spxllcxstxr // @daisiesandearlgrey
Tumblr media
It’s funny how cruel fate can bring such bittersweet happiness. When times become difficult and the prospect of surviving seems slim, people subvert their own expectations, say things they’d never have the courage to say, and live like every day might be their last. And while the reason behind it all is foundation for brutal despair, there comes a dim light in the midst of the darkness that we all cling to like an adolescent to their youth. Legolas was your light.
From your childhood, the odds had been against you. Your parents were lost to an ancient war hardly spoken of in modern times. Brought up in the King’s court, you grew up to be a warrior, side by side with Tauriel and Legolas. You could rival Legolas at his archery skills and that was the single thing that brought you together. What allowed you to stay together, was your friendship. 
Legolas was not always one for fun and games, but if anyone could bring it out of him, it was you. When Tauriel began to fall for Kili, it was harder and harder to receive that smile as bright as starlight. But you weren’t certain that even his smile could dull the pain of watching his eyes long for another, surpassing you altogether. Of course, when it came to matters of the heart, there was no taming it, no changing its mind. And so, you longed for Legolas while he longer for another, both doomed to an eternity to love alone.
With Kili’s death and Tauriel’s despair, Legolas went looking for something else he could chase. Something he had the possibility of catching. ‘Strider’ his father had said. And when his mind was made up, that was that. But stubbornness was a trait you both shared, and when you decided to accompany him, having nothing left behind, there was little he could do to stop you. 
And what an adventure it had turned out to be. Meeting dwarves, men, hobbits and Kings along the way. And all the while you remained by his side — the Fellowship of the Ring. 
That of course, was when you realised that your journey may have quite a contradicting end to what you had first imagined. Death had never been on your agenda, but thinking about it carefully, nor had returning to Mirkwood. So perhaps death was appropriate, though an elf, who was ever supposed to live nearly three thousand years? After days and weeks of wondering, you approached Legolas on his night watch.
He looked downwards from the night sky and met your gaze with perfect grace. Though dark and without firelight, his blue eyes were still illuminated. You could often tell his moods by his eyes, whether he was angry, sad, in the mood to talk or irritated by another’s presence. But that night, he seemed so open and calm that you couldn’t read him at all. You’d never seen him so open with you before — it threw you off guard.
His lack of response paved the way for you to speak again. “How did you imagine this would end?” You asked gently, looking up to the sky wistfully, in order to make the question sound more innocent than it was.
“What do you mean?” He asked, furrowing his brows ever so slightly. He moved closer to you in anticipation of your response and the heat radiating from him caused your cheeks to blush slightly under the moonlight.
“I mean, when we started all this, did you think we’d return to Mirkwood? Or something else?” You asked, still trying to mask your real question. But how does one ask another whether they think their death is upon them?
“I don’t know. I’m not sure if I looked that far ahead. Why, is something on your mind, Lóth?” He nudged.
That nickname, born nearly three thousand years ago and used as if it was created only yesterday. A true token of your time and intimacy together over the years. And the use of it only made the question burn sharper in your mind. 
“Do you think we’re going to die?” You asked. 
Such a raw question that sounded as if it was coming from a child. And though you were far from a child, especially in the eyes of men, in the face of death you felt...premature. After close to three millenia, one might think that the concept of death may coincide with a sound mind, and yet it threw you into torment. For how could it be received calmly when you’d never been given the chance to think about it, let alone accept it. Life had not offered you the time to think about death as a so-called immortal. And in that moment you felt incredibly selfish, for how could you, someone who has been granted a dozen lifetimes and more, be scared about the simple path of death, when so many were dying younger, and without the chance to see the world and experience love?
You’d seen the world, you’d experienced love. It may have been unrequited, but it was love nevertheless. So, as he turned his head to yours and looked at you with silent anguish, you let a single selfish tear fall down your cheek and onto the grass below. 
“If we die, then I will be happy to die alongside you. You have been there for me from the beginning and I cannot thank you enough. But, life comes with tragedy and we bear it through love.”
It had not answered your question that night. But months later it would and in the hardest way it would become clear exactly what he meant. Life is a tragedy, death is peace. The only tragedy death brings is for those it leaves behind. 
But that night, selfishly again, all you could think was how you and the word love had sat side by side in the words that left Legolas’ lips. The blush that crept up your cheeks was more vibrant than the last, and for a split moment, you thought there was one present on his face as well. And then you thought about all the ways love can form, and cast the thought of him loving you the way you wanted from your mind. He was not your beacon in catastrophe.
And until then, that was the closest death had come to you since your parents. During the days leading up to its next visit, Legolas had hardly left your side. It was different than usual, it was deeper — as if there was some deeper meaning behind him standing so close, or behind him protecting you above all others. It felt as if something in the world, in which only you two shared, had shifted. And If you could dream that world, it would be full of flowers, and the greenest grass, graced by the cleanest water that sparkled in both sunlight and starlight. 
And then, when faced so ruthlessly with the temporary nature of life, there was another shift. As the company stood in shock after escaping from Moria, it seemed a moving stillness had caused time to stop and the world to briefly mourn Gandalf the Grey. And then it was shattered by the sound of crying. Death had claimed another to peace and left the world behind to war. 
In the moments of wanting to both give and receive comfort, you looked for him. There he stood, one single tear in his eye on the mountain top, his hair swaying gently in the wind. If not for the internal torment he was feeling, he may look like an angel. And then you caught yourself re-evaluating, before running to him — what angel doesn’t have demons?
His arms wrapped loosely around your waist and got tighter with each passing second. His head was buried into your neck and only then did he let his tears fall. Pulling back slowly, you understood the gravity of his words those months before. And realising, not fast enough, that time was merciless, you inched further towards his lips. You wouldn’t let time deny you him, only he would be allowed that power. If he turned you away, then you could walk away knowing that it wasn’t for lack of time. But he didn’t; in a tender embrace he conveyed all his emotions to you that he couldn’t speak.
“For the longest time,” he admitted, “What a fool I’ve been.”
“It doesn’t matter now,” you reassured. 
It was bittersweet to receive such happiness that only occurred because of such pain. But it would be foolish not to accept it when it showed itself to you. The prospects of surviving were slim, time merciless, and Legolas utterly perfect as he held you in his arms, kissing you once again, perhaps wondering just the same as you, if that kiss was to be goodbye.
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sokkasdarling · a month ago
alive (legolas x reader)
Tumblr media
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requested by : @wellfuckmyexistence​ (ages ago im so SORRY)  -  Because your A FREAKING QUEEEEEN AND I LOVE YOU!!!from the fluff prompt list: “Stop moving and let me braid your hair.”With maybe Legolas X Reader? Or Haldir?? Whatever floats you’re boat hehe!! ☺️🤗
a/n: feeling some weird surge of energy and wanna write SO im trying to get as much done lol so heres a fluffy legolas oneshot thingy for the loml also the laptop im usings keys r super weird??? if anyone finds anything misspelled or literal words missing or incorrect punctuation PLS TELL ME THANK U anyway hope u all enjoy<3
meleth nin = my love in elvish
Shards of early morning sun ripped into your chambers through the deep-coloured – but somehow rather transparent – curtains. You allowed an elongated sigh to tumble from your lips before you rubbed your eyes. As you leaned to stretch your arms out in front of you, you felt a tug at your long locks, huffing at the frustrating sensation.
Quite quickly, you closed your eyes and your head met the pillow once again, and you wrapped the covers around your shivering frame. It always took you a while to get comfortable, and this time was no exception, tossing and turning in an attempt to find a position in which you could stay for a while until Legolas would return from his morning meetings.
Since the two of you had begun courting, you hadn’t fought much—well, not at all really, except for once. Being the Prince of Mirkwood was hardly an easy job, but neither was courting him. If he wasn’t in meetings with his father all day, then he was busy with some other nonsense that you didn’t understand, or helping to guard the forest. This meant that you really didn’t get to spend much time at all with him. It had started to bother both of you, so you found a compromise. After Legolas’ morning meetings, he would return to your shared chambers in order to spend some time with you before he tended to other business. He also arranged for some guards to train you in combat (only when he couldn’t train you himself, of course) so that the two of you could protect the forest together. It was working very well. The two of you have never been more in love.
While you were swivelling around, a deep exhale came from behind you that caused you to freeze.
“Legolas?” You called out in a whisper.
“Yes, meleth nin?”
“By the Valar,” you cursed quietly. “Legolas, you frightened me!” After a short while of silence, you turned your head to look at him, eliciting another over-dramatic sigh from him.
“Stop moving and let me braid your hair.” Oh, yes, how could you forget? Another term of your compromise was that Legolas would braid your hair each morning and undo them each night before you slept. With a chuckle, you sat up with your back to him. His smile was radiant, you didn’t have to look at him to know how hard he was grinning.
“Why didn’t you wake me?” You asked gently, taking extra care to keep as still as you could.
There was a short silence before he responded. He was concentrating. “You looked peaceful. And you haven’t been sleeping well recently, so I let you sleep.”
That was something you adored about him, how he always put your needs at the forefront. Funnily enough, he loved the very same thing about you. You looked after each other. Most times together didn’t need to be spent doing anything romantic. If he was frustrated you would listen to him, if you were cold he would wrap his body around your own, if you were feeling anxious he would hold your hand, if he needed a break you would ensure that a break was taken. Your love went without saying, but of course, that didn’t mean you didn’t tell each other.
You were unsure if you had ever felt love like this, your love with Legolas. It had all seemed so foreign and distant for so much of your life, but now, it was close; warm and inviting.
A sniffle.
Legolas immediately released your hair from his fingers, holding his hands up in surrender. “Are you alright? Was I pulling too hard?” Urgency suffocated his words as he moved around the bed to face you, cupping your cheek with his hand. You smiled, holding his hand against your face, giggling a little at his confused face.
“I’m fine, meleth nin. I was merely thinking of how much you mean to me.” His perplexed scowl softened at your words, that lopsided grin you adored capturing his face again. He carefully wiped away your tears with the pad of his thumb. He did not say anything in return. He didn’t have to.
Legolas gently pulled your body against his, encapsulating you in a loving embrace. He pressed his lips to your forehead. You listened to his heartbeat, breathing along with him, smiling at how his chest rose and fell.
“I’m happy you’re alive.” You sighed contentedly.
“I’m happy you’re alive, too, Y/N.” He hummed in return, finishing off your braids while you held each other.
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💛 33 with Legolas <3 congrats!
A.N: I haven’t written for Legolas in so long, this honestly felt like therapy! (therapy probably shouldn’t be writing imaginary romance with fictional characters, now that I think about it. Oh well!) Anyhoo. Thank you so so much for this request, I adored it and got to break out the Legolas fluff again. I hope you like it <3!!
Word Count: 419
Warnings: Fluff, the teensiest (is that a word?) bit of Angst
Legolas is Terrible at Planning
You walked down the halls of the Woodland Realm, arm in arm with your betrothed, Legolas. You were heading back to your rooms after a council meeting, in which King Thranduil had appointed Legolas to travel to Imladris and bring news of the escape of the creature known as Gollum.
“I cannot believe you are going to Imladris! I would so love to see Arwen.”
He nodded. “I know. I’m hopeful that our friend Aragorn may be there as well, I have not seen him for moons.”
You smiled at him. “Well, I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time.”
Inside, you secretly wished that he would not go. You loved him and wanted him to be able to visit his friends and be happy, but part of you wished you were joining him. You did not want to be parted for the time the journey would take.
Arriving at the door to his rooms, you entered and began helping him pack. You stayed for a little while, before leaving to do the rest of your duties as one of Thranduil’s councilors. You advised the king on several diplomatic issues, most having to do with the dwarves, as the king was not known for his tact when handling such matters, all the while trying
Later that day, you headed back to Legolas’s rooms, wanting to say goodbye before his departure. Mustering up a happy face, you entered, just in time to see him shrug on his cloak.
“Meleth nin!” He greeted you, striding over for a kiss before picking up his quiver to fasten over his shoulder.
“I hope you have a safe journey.” You pressed a kiss to his lips, before breaking away and watching him walk towards the door.
You couldn’t stand it anymore.
He turned.
“Please don’t say goodbye,” you whispered.
He strode back to you, and the smirk on his face told you something was up.
“Didn’t I mention? You’re joining me!”
You smacked him. “Are you serious!”
He lifted your packed bag from where he had hidden it behind his bed in answer.
“You are terrible at planning trips. You don’t tell someone they’re going with you five minutes before you leave!” You exclaimed this, standing there with your arms crossed.
Then you smiled, grabbing it and whisking the cloak that you had conveniently left in his rooms earlier around your shoulders.
“I love you.”
“I love you too,” he said, grabbing your hand and whisking you out the door, to a new adventure.
Everything tag 💞: @entishramblings @itgetsatadhazy @boyruins @anjhope1 @wellofeternalthirst @kumqu4t @katbby16 @thewhiteladyofrohan
Legolas tag: @from-patroclus-with-love @bitter-sweet-farmgirl
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Always Meant To Be
A/N: Firstly thank you all so much for all the love on my first Legolas oneshot. It seriously means so much to me, I love you all. <3 Secondly I realise the plot of this oneshot is a little bit cliche but hopefully you all enjoy it anyway. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting frequently, but obviously I have a lot of school work. :) x
Pairing: Legolas x Fem!Human!Reader (Takes place in The Hobbit)
Word Count: 1,024
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Legolas insists that you are the only one meant to be with him, but the other Elves judge you for being mortal. Since Human and Elfin relationships are largely frowned upon you begin to believe that Legolas’ heart is meant for someone else.
Tumblr media
Sliding your bow over your shoulders, you sighed letting the wood slip down your back. Wandering down the hallways of Mirkwood, your head was clouded in thought. Legolas had just brought back a number of Dwarves who a group of Elf fighters had found in the middle of the forest, they were now imprisoned in cells with no way of escaping. Obviously you knew of the fights between the Dwarves and Elves but you didn’t know that Legolas, would do such a thing as capture them.
You stepped into a stairway and noticed two Elves talking behind a corner. Hands by your side you wandered quickly passed them, keeping your head down but as you passed them you shot a smile their way. One of the Elves smiled weakly back and acted very surprised to see you. Of course she was surprised, they were obviously talking about you. As most of the Elves were. Lowering your head again you made your way back through the hallways, trying to take your mind off the remarks that were always being thrown your way. Of course you knew the Elves had preferences when it came to their significant others, but you didn’t know that it was highly frowned upon to be in love with anything but an Elf, and since it was the prince that just made the whole situation worse.
Walking up to a large door at the end of the walkway, you swung it open, stepping inside. Letting yourself slide against the hardwood on your back, you sighed. All of this murmuring was getting on your nerves. You had to talk to Legolas about it and just as his name popped into your mind he appeared in front of you.
“Hello, Meleth Nin.” He said, a huge smile beaming across his face. It was rare for him to smile these days, so of course seeing him smile made your heart soar. He caressed your cheek and gave it a kiss before pulling his hands into yours. You gave him a weak grin.
“Evening, Legolas.” You answered, looking down at your intertwined hands, his thumb tracing the edges of your finger. He furrowed his eyebrows and tightened his grip on your hands, causing you to look swiftly up at him. His eyes were piercing and caring looking for some form of distress on your face.
“What is wrong?” He asked, unravelling his hands from yours and instead placing them on your biceps, giving them a light squeeze. Your eyes met his and your walls came tumbling down.
“I’m just disappointed.” You began, his eyes never loosing focus from yours. “Disappointed, that you didn’t find a better lover.” You breathed out, almost as a whisper so low that no creature would be able to hear.
Legolas’ grip tightened on your arms, breathing out a small sigh of his own, before letting go of you all together and stepping back slightly. You could feel the tears welling in your eyes but you had to tell him about how you felt, how you thought everyone felt.
“Meleth Nin, no one is more suited for me than you. You are the moon in my night, the light in my darkness. Not a single person in Middle Earth could compare to you. We were always meant to be.” Legolas spoke, his accent dripping off every word. This eased your conscience but only a little, you still had more queries to bestow to him.
“But why me, a Human, why not an Elf?” You questioned, your sadness now turning into a modest anger. “Why choose a human, who can die, over a being of your own kind, who can live for eternity?!”
Legolas, who was taken aback by the sudden raise of your voice, raised his eyebrows in astonishment. “The reason my heart chose you is because I fell in love with you. There is not a single other being out there for me.”
But at that moment a name burst into your mind. “What about Tauriel?! Why can’t you fall for her?” You yelled. Legolas quickly took your face into his palms and stroked your cheek with his thumb.
“Because I have known her for most of my life. She is one of my closest friends, so I wouldn’t want to lead her on, Why? What has brought this on?” He kept his voice calm and collected but you could see it in his eyes that he was worried.
“Nothing.” You explained, the sadness and anger now slowly oozing out of you. “Just a few Elves whispering horrible things about us.”
Legolas sighed, returning his hands to his sides. “Yes some Elves can behave that way, but I wouldn’t pay much attention to what they say.” He then chuckled. “Besides I thought it were strange that you brought Tauriel into the conversation. She has become transfixed with one of the Dwarves in the cells.”
You smiled, as he chuckled. “That’s good, at least we wont be the only couple talked about then.”
Legolas spun around. “I just hope my father doesn’t become too restless with their intimacy, although I don’t agree that Dwarves and Elves should be together.”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re beginning to sound like your father.”
Legolas chuckled and wandered over to a small table, beside you and his bed. A bottle of wine was situated on the top of it, unopened and looked like it had been this way for many a century. You slowly slid the bow you held off your back and kneeled it against the door frame. He took two wine glasses out of a drawer and began pouring the age old wine inside. Bubbles fizzed inside the crystal glasses as you made your way over to his side, admiring him as he silently worked. After pouring the glasses he placed the bottle down and picked up the drinks, handing one to you. You took it in your hand and happily gazed back at your beloved, who was smiling back at you.
“To us?” He questioned, and without hesitation you clinked the two glasses filled with white, bubbling wine together.
“To us.” You laughed.
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zaraquinn · 2 months ago
Love Underneath the Stars
Legolas - Fluff + Mereth Aderthad [Mereth-en-Gilith] (The Feast of Reuniting/Stars)
Word Count: 965
Legolas Greenleaf x Fem!Reader (Human)
Requested: @naryamirie
Y/N - Your Name
Additional Notes: I just watched the two towers I got a hot batch of motivational juice to write! so here’s this one (and I hope I did the Mereth-en-Gilith justice)! Also, I just realized how much of canon!book Legolas I added to this—with Legolas staying in Ithilien after the ring (with Gimli ofc).
Tumblr media
Mereth Aderthad. ‘The Feast of Reuniting’, but also known as ‘The Feast of Stars’. It was where Y/N and Legolas were preparing to go, as they were invited by Elrond of Rivendell himself.
Middle Earth had found its newfound peace once more—after the destruction of the One Ring and Sauron. And not only did Middle Earth find its newfound peace, but the race of men found their long lost king. All hope and light were restored, and the rest of time can pass on into the age of men. After the departure of the Fellowship, the members had all settled to what they desired to at the end. Aragorn became King and Arwen his Queen. Frodo was in the process of starting his adventure of the ring, preceding Bilbo’s adventures in his book, while Sam, Merry and Pippin used this time to have a well rest—they deserved it. Gandalf tended to some other White Wizard goals and tasks, keeping him busy.
All that was left were Legolas, Gimli and Y/N. After the Ring’s destruction, the three had decided to keep travelling and finding adventure around Middle Earth, and where their feet hadn’t travelled yet. Although, there were sometimes where their adventures, albeit shorter than most, were just times of rest and recovery. It was those times where Legolas and Y/N had finally settled together. Legolas had met Y/N in Gondor—along with Faramir, they aided in the mission to take down the One Ring, and during Gandalf’s stay at Gondor, she joined the Fellowship; promising to put her life for Frodo and the rest of the team—and just like that, Gandalf had accepted her place of fealty as she was welcomed in the group. A fair ranger she was, she was sent out of Gondor during the third age war to find and help the iconic trio; Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. Who knew her mission of fighting alongside a man, dwarf, elf and countless undead ghosts was one to reunite a bond of a lifetime.
It was since then, her admiration and bond grew with the three companions, especially the elf in particular. His warrior skills; light as a feather and tough as seven giants, the elf never left Y/N sight. There was nothing else to compare to him, and she knew after fighting alongside him in the fields of Pelennor, as well as him saving her multiple times, she knew her heart's calling. It was also rare for the elf to develop these feelings for the human woman. As strong as she was, she was fierce in her intellect—and agile as an angel; he had no shame as he spent more time with Y/N that the young elven princeling started to answer his heart’s calling as well. It was calling for her and her for his—they were calling for each other. In such little time, the two became close and even closer after the One Ring’s destruction, and it was a certain dwarf master that made them finally confess their love for each other. Safe to say, he was proud he finally made the two warriors do something. Legolas has still a way to go in the world, and Y/N still had more years to come, and Gimli decided it was for them to spend together (with him too at times of course!).
“Meleth nin.” The voice from behind Y/N had snapped her attention back to reality, as her brain had wandered back to nostalgically thinking of the past. She smiled as she was greeted with Legolas’s fair complexion in the beautiful moonlight. He held her from behind in his arms and planted a soft kiss at the back of her head. She smiled in bliss as she easily gave into his touch, humming as they both stood on the balcony of their shared room in Ithilien. “It is soon Mereth Aderthad.” Legolas said, and Y/N looking up at him for a quick translation to the elven language. “It is the reunion of stars; a feast. It is where the elves join together and celebrate every race of the elves and our culture. A meeting that has been the source of great bonds and friendship that last lifetimes.” He simply explained and Y/N smiled. “That sounds wonderful, Legolas! I am sure you and your people would love to see you again!” She said ecstatically, finding it odd he mentioned it out of the blue. It seemed like he was trying to ask permission to go, but she hesitated and kept the thought to herself.
“Why would I go alone? You would not accompany me?” His brows furrowed in confusion, turning Y/N around in his arms as his one hand travelled gently to her cheek. “I assumed it was only for your people—your kind. I am only human, Legolas. I understand.” She said, in full honestly and also confusion. “But I want you to come with me.” He took both of Y/N’s hands into his own and bringing them close to his lips. “Are the race of men even allowed at the gathering?” She said, looking down with some worry. “They will now. I won’t leave you behind. I am a part of your life, and you will be part of mine, whether they like it or not.” The young prince says, kissing Y/N’s hands.
She closed her eyes in solace; Legolas’ forever loyalty never failing to make her feel safe, welcoming and loved. Opening her eyes, she was met with Legolas’ sky orbs, as she leaned in to press a kiss on his lips. Soft as a cloud but heavy with love, the couple shared a moment of adoration beneath the moonlight above. “I love you.” They both said, coincidentally right after they departed from the kiss, being followed by a short chuckle between them.
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elvish-sky · 2 months ago
We Will Live
A.N: Happy Valentine’s day, everyone! You can probably tell that some of the lines are modified lyrics from One Republic’s I Lived, so the credit for those goes to them. Also- I’m sorry it’s so short!! I didn’t want to add unnecessary stuff, and I also wanted to post it on Valentine’s day (because I have an angsty fic that I’ll be ripping your hearts out with soon) and I honestly kinda like it like this but I’m still sorry. I hope it’s ok!
Requested by Nonny: hey maia <3 i’ve got a request for you, but if you don’t wanna write it i totally get it bc you have a bunch of stuff to write. so, it’s kinda sad, but a Legolas fic inspired by the song “I lived” by OneRepublic? Like, the reader saying a sad farewell to Legolas because she’s mortal? like her wishes for her love when she’s gone? but, if you can, find a way to make it a somewhat fluffy ending. that’s a lot so don’t feel pressured to write it if you don’t wanna lol. much love. -Nonny💞
Pairings: Legolas x Reader, mentioned Aragorn x Arwen
Summary: You don’t want Legolas to tie himself to you, a mortal. Inspired by One Republic’s I Lived.
Warnings: Angst, Fluff
We Will Live
You leaned on Legolas’ shoulder, sitting on a bench at the top of the Guarded City in the moonlight. Aragorn had been crowned king that day, and while you had been happy for him, happy to see him finally recognized for who he was, and reunited with his love, you had also seen the pain on the elves' faces as Arwen kissed him. They knew that now she was lost to them, having given up her immortality, and you had been reflecting on this since. 
You didn’t want Legolas to give up his immortal life for you. 
“I hope that one day you can look back and truly say that you lived.” You brushed Legolas’ hair from his face, taking in the sight of him glowing in the moonlight for the last time.
“I wish that I could witness it all, all your joys and pains, but I will not let you shackle yourself to a mortal.”  You were trying not to cry, this was the hardest thing you’d ever had to do. He was starting to get what you meant and looked devastated. 
“It hurts to go, but I have to. I can’t do this to you. Goodbye, Legolas.” You rose, not wanting to draw this out any longer, but he stood too. He moved in front of you so that he was looking into your eyes.
“We fell in love, and it hurt because we gave it our all. And we’re gonna keep giving it our all. I’m not giving up on you, and you can’t give up on me.” 
You blinked at him. You hadn’t expected that. 
“But you cannot give up your whole life yet!”
“And I won’t. We’ll figure it out as we go.”
You nodded at him. “Alright.” 
He cupped your chin in his hand, bringing it up and kissing you. 
He pulled away and whispered, “we will live, Y/N. We will do it all together.”
And you did.
You had helped rebuild Minas Tirith together, laughing as Aragorn struggled to adjust to kingly life. You had left for Ithilien soon after, while he and Gimli had gone to fulfill their promises and see the Glittering Caves and Fangorn forest. You had restored the forests of Ithilien with the two of them, your love and your friend. You owned every second that the world had given you, and when it was time for Legolas to join his people in the Undying Lands he brought you and Gimli with him. 
You truly had lived. 
Everything tag: @entishramblings @itgetsatadhazy @boyruins @anjhope1
Legolas tag: @bitter-sweet-farmgirl @sheriffgerard
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Half: Old and New
A.N: So first of all, I just made myself cry while writing this. That’s never happened before, so be warned. Anyways, this is the first part of my new Legolas x Reader series, called Half. The series is based on a personal thing about me, and I wrote a little intro post that explains it and all the details here. I’m so unbelievably excited to be able to share this with you all, I’ve been planning it for three weeks at this point, and I really hope you enjoy it.
Word Count: 1,776
Warnings: Death, angst, grief, comforting, there’s really nothing happy happening in this part.
*IMPORTANT: Just so you know, the reader only uses their right eye. Everything in their left just looks blurry. 
Old and New
You had watched as the faceless black shadow cut down your kin like they were nothing. Sweeps of the blade felled man after man, and you were unable to lift your eyes from the terrible scene below.
You drew your swords, knowing you were supposed to stay hidden but not being able to bear watching your friends be slaughtered. You sprang down from the tree, lifting your blades as you sprinted to put yourself between the shadow and your brother. Parrying the stroke, feeling it resonate down your arm in all its wrongness, you could sense the air of terror surrounding you. You sensed something moving on your left and spun just in time to be whacked by the flat of the blade, your swords knocked out of your hands. Dazed from the blow, you tried to rise, watching as it advanced on your brother, who was lying helpless on the ground.
You scrambled for a dagger, a sword, any weapon that might be able to save him, and your hand landed on an arrow from the quiver still strapped onto your back. Seizing it, you threw it at the shadow, hoping to distract it more than anything else. It splintered as soon as it touched the creature, who didn’t even notice it, and stepped forward, stabbing your brother right in the heart.
You grabbed another arrow, standing, and cast it at the shadow only to watch it splinter as well. It turned towards you, and whipped its sword back at you, knocking you over again but not piercing your skin. 
“Worthless girl.” It stood over you, and its voice sounded like all that was evil, making you feel like no light could ever pierce this overwhelming darkness. Your eyes followed its hand as it descended towards your face. It looked as if it was moving very slowly, but you knew this not to be true as you felt it strike your jaw, everything fading to black.
You blinked your eyes open, gazing up at the darkening sky as your brain tried to piece everything together. Why did your side hurt? Why was your jaw aching? 
You looked at the bodies of your fallen comrades, strewn around the clearing, and your eyes came to rest on the still form of Hallas. You crawled over to him, dragging his body onto your lap as you let out a scream raw with grief. You let yourself sob as you cradled him, rocking back and forth, but pulled yourself back a few minutes later, knowing that you needed to be thinking rationally.
If the shadow had slaughtered everyone at the Sarn Fords, then its comrades that you had seen riding off earlier had probably caught the Rangers sent to warn Aragorn, the chief. So it was up to you now. 
You crept through the trees, making sure to stay silent as you made your way to the clearing, about five miles from the fords, where you’d left your horse, praying that the shadows hadn’t found him as well. Nahar, for that was his name, was peacefully grazing on the grass. You almost broke down at the sight of him but settled with stroking his velvety nose before swinging into the saddle. You knew you had to tell Aragorn, and you knew he was in Bree, so you tugged on the reins and Nahar set off at a brisk stride, living up to his namesake. 
While you rode, you scoured your brain trying to figure out the shadows, ignoring your grief as best as you could. Some things were more important than sorrow. They were like nothing you had ever seen before, the fear that had crept over you was like nothing you had ever felt before. You thought back over stories you had heard, tales from your childhood. The Ringwraiths. It hit you, and you quickly nudged Nahar into a gallop.
You had arrived at Bree to find the town reeling. The shadows had appeared there two nights after you had fought one, and Aragorn, or as they knew him, Strider, had left that same night. Knowing that he was headed to Rivendell, you refused the night’s rest that had been offered to you and set off again. 
Swinging out of the saddle, you handed Nahar’s reins to a startled stablehand and tore through the halls of Rivendell, heading for the terrace where you knew at least someone would be. 
You heard shouting, and spun around the last corner, passing two small hobbits, and ran down the steps, seeing a small crowd gathered on the terrace. Not caring, you burst through the circle to skid to a halt in front of your chief. 
“Aragorn!” You collapsed at his feet. “The nine walk again. Mordor has awoken.” 
A silence fell, broken by the voice of another hobbit. “I will take it.” Everyone turned towards him. “I will take the Ring to Mordor.” 
As he spoke, you glanced at the pedestal in the center of the group and saw a golden ring resting there. You recalled more tales from your youth, of great power and twenty rings, and put the pieces together. The one ring.
“If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.” You watched as Aragorn strode over to the hobbit, kneeling before him. “You have my sword.”
“And you have my bow.” A tall, blond elf stepped forward. 
“And my axe!” A red-bearded dwarf joined him.
“You carry the fate of us all, little one. If this is indeed the will of the council, then Gondor will see it done.” A tall man stepped forward, joining them.
You started as a hobbit appeared from your left, and then two more, all lining up as if forming ranks for battle. 
“Nine companions,” declared Lord Elrond, “so be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”
They all stood there, looking very regal and such until you rose from the seat next to Aragorn where you had been catching your breath. 
“I shall join you.” You walked over, intending to join their little formation, but Aragorn grabbed your shoulder as you stood next to him.
“Y/N. You cannot. You must rejoin our kin by Sarn Fords.” 
You held back tears at the name of the place. “They are all dead.” 
You heard gasps at your words. 
You watched Aragorn’s face as the realization sunk in. “Hallas?”
You nodded, not trusting yourself to be able to speak. 
“Oh, Y/N.” He quickly gathered you into his arms, and you bit your lip to stop yourself from breaking down right then. 
You heard a cough and quickly stepped back, composing yourself. 
“I suppose you shall be ten companions, then. Very well, I do not see the difference from nine.” You nodded your thanks to Elrond as the council dissipated, the members of the newly formed Fellowship heading off in pairs or groups of three. As they headed off, Aragorn quickly drew you to the side. 
“I have to go speak with Gandalf.” You blinked back tears again at the prospect of being alone but nodded at him. 
“Go. I’ll be fine.” You watched him jog to catch up with the wizard, greeting him with a smile. You sat back onto the bench. Hallas had never been to Rivendell, you were always sent to retrieve Aragorn or deal with the elves, but he had always wanted to. Looking around at the splendor you had become accustomed to, you finally let the tears pour, bowing your head as you mourned your brother, your better half. 
A soft shuffling sound caught your attention. You lifted your head, blinking to clear the tears as the blurry figure of the blond elf came into focus. He was approaching from your left, which explained why you hadn’t noticed him until then. You felt a small bit of shame at not noticing, you prided yourself on your skills making up for your lack of sight but dismissed it.
“Y/N, right?”
You nodded.
“Aragorn has told me much about you. I’m Legolas.” He sat next to you. “Do you need to talk about it?”
You automatically started to shake your head before pausing. You would be traveling with him, Aragorn trusted him, and you really needed some sort of comfort.
Taking a deep breath, you spoke. “I was one of the Dunedain holding Sarn Ford against the nine.”
The concern clear in his eyes encouraged you to continue.
“I tried to stop them, but they killed everyone. My brother…” and on that word, your voice broke, and you tried to keep yourself from dissolving into sobs again. His hand started tracing soothing circles across your back, and you kept going.
“My brother Hallas was the last to die. It killed him right in front of me, I was powerless to stop it.” 
Your thin thread of control over yourself snapped, and you let the grief take over again. The elf beside you was dismayed as you buried your head in your arms, body wracked with sobs. He gently wrapped his arm around your shoulders and drew you in so that you were leaning into him, face now buried in his chest as he continued to move his hand across your back. 
Legolas held you until your sobs died down into hiccups as you slowly regained control. You pulled away from him, wiping your eyes with your sleeve, embarrassed.
“I’m so sorry, Legolas, I did not mean for that to happen.” 
His hand on your shoulder forced you to look into his eyes. 
“It is alright. You needed comfort, and I was happy to provide it.”
“Does it get any easier?” You needed to hear the answer, needed to know if this pain would ever go away.
“No. It never does. I have watched as many friends died, and been powerless to save them. But I’ve come to learn that the best thing we can do to honor their memories is to not dwell on how we could not save them, but to live lives they would be proud of.”
Gazing up at him, you mulled over his words as he blinked back tears of his own.
“That is very wise.”
He forced a small chuckle. “I’ve had lots of practice.”
“No, truly. Thank you for that. It helps.” 
He smiled. Not a big smile, but one of acknowledgment. You smiled back. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and drew you close again.
You sat there together for hours, together in your grief as preparations were made for departure. He mourned with you, and you with him, for losses old and new. 
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