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#leah x fatin
random-french-girl · 3 hours ago
Leatin for 15? 🥺 accidentally, leah sees fatin crying. would they say why, and what’s the fallout?
Hello Anon! Thanks! 
It happens probably two months into their island nightmare. Leah wakes up at night, and Fatin should be on watch duty but she’s nowhere to be seen, so Leah, obviously worried, goes to look for her. She hears weird sounds in the woods, approaches cautiously because her brain immediately goes into full conspiracy mode, but instead what she finds is Fatin, sitting by herself on a log, sobbing. It’s the first time Leah sees Fatin cry, and she is shocked. Like, the kind of shock where you freeze in place and stop breathing for a hot second. Deer in headlight. Because here’s the thing: Leah is used to being the hot mess. Her emotions run wild, but also right under the surface, ready to come out given the tiniest opening. Leah has a hard time controlling her emotions (and I think part of her doesn’t really want to, anyway), so she often ends up crying in front of people. 
But Fatin is the opposite. Fatin has a tight grip on her emotions - the only time she cries is right after the ~crash, when she’s so in shock she’s sobbing and gasping, covered in her own puke. Quickly after that, though, she regains control of herself, and she never lets go completely ever again. Until now, apparently.
And so Leah is paralyzed, and panicking, because she doesn’t know what to do at all. She’s never the one who comforts Fatin! She’s never the one crying people go to for a hug! (She’s the one people go to when they feel like they’re losing it, but this doesn’t seem like a mental breakdown.) Anyway she takes a big breath and joins Fatin on the log. Sits next to her silently. Thinks about opening with a joke, then decides against it, then probably says the most awkward thing possible anyway (”fancy seeing you here” “...” “sorry that wasn’t funny”) and hands Fatin a tissue (which really is a strip of one of Fatin’s own shirts that they’ve repurposed) and then tells Fatin that she’ll listen if Fatin wants to talk about it. And Fatin kind of resists, for a while, because it is so hard for her to be vulnerable and open, especially after what happened with her dad, but eventually she starts talking (and it’s something totally expected, like she misses her family and feels guilty about the way she left things) and Leah listens, and is surprisingly adept at finding a good balance between letting Fatin speak, and giving her advice, or her opinion, or gently countering her when she’s too hard on herself. And then Fatin leans against Leah and rests her head on Leah’s shoulder and Leah kind of... gingerly places an arm around Fatin’s back, and they stay quiet for a while while Leah’s heart beats way too fast, which she refuses to think about.
The fallout is that when they go back to camp everyone is FREAKING OUT and Shelby was just about to organize a search party. Dot and Rachel take turn yelling at them for leaving without warning anyone else, and Martha and Nora fret over them because they notice Fatin’s red eyes, and it’s only when Toni makes an innuendo about the two of them getting ~alone time that the tension disappears and everyone laughs, Fatin the loudest of them all. And afterwards, when they’re both lying side by side trying to fall back asleep, Leah makes Fatin promise her that the next time she gets so upset she’ll go to Leah first. 
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sugarsinks · 11 hours ago
haven’t posted about this before but i’m on ao3 and i’ve written some the wilds & dare me fics!! the wilds ones are mostly me indulging in rarepairs and for dare me it’s just my addybeth angst. :)
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jimalim · a day ago
Tumblr media
Leatin Fic Rec Friday! #7
So may fantastic Leatin fics to consume! The latest batch down below! And as always catch up on past week recs here!
here’s the thing, my youth is yours by beepbedeep
Words: 2,118 Chapters:1/1 Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Favorite Tag: am i projecting the answer is maybe!! Summary: This isn’t about the four different times Fatin has brought herself nose to nose with Leah in the past week, the times Leah was sure they were about to kiss, the times she really wanted her to. That’s not the point right now. What I personally love about this fic: There’s this adorable scenareio with this book, a list of names of all the people Fatin likes/slept with, and while it’s not stated explicitly, I think it’s safe to say Leah’s name is written in there haha and that thought drives me crazy in the best way!! Such a fluffy fun fic!!
tethers by ThanksForListening
Words: 4,964 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Not Rated Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Favorite Tag: but the one ship i know we can all get behind is these characters x therapy Summary: "She put the bottle down, shifted so her head ended up in Fatin’s lap. They’d never talked about it, this position she often found herself in. Leah wasn’t even sure how it had started. All she knew was that she liked the way it felt, to lay against her, to feel the warmth of another person underneath her. And after that day they’d spent searching, when all she could think about was Fatin dead in a ditch somewhere, Leah couldn’t deny the comfort it gave her, knowing for certain that she was okay. That she was alive. Fatin never stopped her, not once. “or, Fatin and Leah talk after Leah ran into the ocean in 1x09 What I personally love about this fic: I always love a post Leah running into the ocean scene! But what I really love about this one is Fatin talking about cello! I really wish that aspect of her got explored more in the show, and this fic perfectly encapsulates that need in a beautifully written way!!
my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand by Pootin
Words: 5,124 Chapters: 2/2 Rating: General Audiences Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Favorite Tag: & awkward teens being awkward Summary: It’s one thing to be comforted in the harsh sunlight in front of the other girls, and another thing entirely to be held in the darkness of the night away from prying eyes. What I personally love about this fic: ngl rereading this for the post, I actually cried at the end of chapter 1? lol cuddling in fics is the number one way to my heart, and this scene is so tender and soft, that it genuinely had me emotional!! 
if i could save you from standing there (i would, i would, i would) by Kidfish
Words: 7,089 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Mature Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Favorite Tag: the inherent romanticism of leatin knowing each other before the island Summary: Fatin Jadmani does not pine, especially over girls with blue eyes who don’t even give her a second look in Calculus, even when she walks into class twenty-five minutes late.//Between her snarky crop tops, strappy heels, and her aloofness, Fatin is basically the definition of a #girlboss. It kind of makes Leah hate her. or: Fatin and Leah, who they are, before and during the island What I personally love about this fic: I love the premises of them knowing each other pre-island! The way the story goes back and forth between Leah and Fatin’s pov is a really nice way to get a good sense of how they both feel in this situation. Feels like it could be plugged directly into canon!
Always need to be closer by CaptainGay ( @i-can-see-queerly-now )
Words: 5,308 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Mature Archive Warning: Underage Favorite Tag: oh and there’s fluff! Summary: Sequel to Good Love is hard to find. Leah is finally ready to take the next step in her relationship with Fatin. She gets some help from unexpected parties while trying to set up the perfect day for her and Fatin. What I personally love about this fic: There’s this short conversation about them defining their relationship (girlfriends) and it’s so incredibly tender! This is a great sequel to a fic I love so much! (link above) very small moment of Leah/Rachel friendship that always makes me happy to see!!
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iamkidfish · a day ago
having feelings for a mentally ill girl with blue eyes
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i-can-see-queerly-now · 3 days ago
Well, turns out its nearly impossible for me to write a “short fic.” I think the total chapter count is going to be six chapters, but with the way this fic has been going, it might end up being more lol
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jimalim · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: as long as it’s just you and I pt. 2
Previously: “You know, I always imagined our first kiss would be by the waterfall.”
Without skipping a beat, stepping in close, Leah replies, “will this one suffice?”
Fatin doesn’t verbally answer.
Leah kisses Fatin again, and again, and again, and one more time for good measure. Her hands cupping Fatin’s face, pulling her close. The feeling of wetness coats her thumbs and for a moment she’s not sure if it’s tears or the subtle splashing of the rushing water behind them. She pulls back quickly. “Are you crying-am I that bad?” She jokes keeping it light. The tears in Fatin’s eyes shine bright in the midday sun, but not near as bright as the smile on her face. 
Fatin laughs, not even the slightest bit embarrassed. “I’m just really happy.” Much like Leah was the night before. They were together, and how could she not be in a good mood whenever Leah was around. She squeezes Leah’s forearms tight in effort to ground herself, to prove that this is real. Leah is here, she’s real, and this is finally happening. “I’ve wanted this for a very long time.” Her whispered confession making Leah’s eyes mirror the shine.
“Me too.” Leah echoes kissing Fatin’s forehead before pulling her in for a tight hug. Enveloped in Leah’s arms, Fatin lets herself let go. The physical relief she feels makes her feel light, an unburdening of weight being lifted. 
Enraptured by Leah’s embrace. After some time relishing in the feeling Fatin pulls back just far enough to look Leah in the eye. “Tell me, is this how you imagined this surprise would go?”
Leah’s smirk grows devilish, “I hoped.”
Fatin healthily laughs and pulls her in for another kiss.
After finally getting together during part one of their road trip to Minnesota, Fatin and Leah agree to keep things on the down low so as not to steal any of Martha’s thunder. This weekend is about Marty. They fail, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Part 2/the conclusion to the road trip expansion fic, now live!
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jimalim · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Leatin Fic Rec Friday! #6
Happy 6 month anniversary of The Wilds! We’re still rolling along with some great Leatin fics! Don’t forget to catch up on weeks 1-5!
it’s you and me (alone) by lostresidentevilpotter
Words: 14,384 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Not Rated Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Favorite Tag: leah and fatin cuddle for warmth Summary: “If I’m going to take your jacket, the least I can do is offer to share my body heat.” Fatin pauses, staring at the side of Leah’s face as Leah stares up at the stars, trying not to grimace. “You know, I don’t really do the whole letting people hold me thing,” Fatin says. “But I guess I will make an exception just this one time.” Or, an alternate version of 1x05 where Leah finds Fatin by the water on her own and they have to camp out there together. And maybe they work some of their stuff out. What I personally love about this fic: There’s such a good buildup of tension! The banter is so in character. Really well paced! And who doesn’t love reluctant yet necessary cuddling!
I’ve been digging too deep (I always do) by beepbedeep
Words: 2,062 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Favorite Tags: they said SHE WOULD WRITE A BOOKAnd likeyeah - FreeformYEAH SHE WOULD Summary: It’s one of these mornings, before Fatin has even sat all the way up, while Leah pulls on a pair of shorts, that she mentions it, have I told you I’m writing a book? Or something? What I personally love about this fic: I’m obsessed with this idea of Leah writing a book about their time on the island. This is such a well written fic and that last paragraph, esspecially that last line, truly knocked me out! So fucking good!!
i know i’ve kissed you before (can i try again?) by likeastranger
Words: 2,440 Chapters: 1/1 Rating:Not RatedArchive Warning:Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Favorite Tags: Idiots in Love Summary: She leans forward and down, just slightly, and kisses Fatin. She kisses Fatin in the bathroom of a dirty, smelly frat house. She kisses Fatin while she’s a little bit tipsy, they both are, and they haven’t talked about anything. She kisses Fatin and her lips are soft, soft, soft. They’re warm and coated in lip gloss that sticks to Leah’s lips when she pulls away. She kisses Fatin, and Fatin doesn’t kiss her back. Or: They’re both idiots but they’ll be okay. What I personally love about this fic: So so fluffy!!! There’s a group chat scene that is my favorite thing! Love it!
do I owe each kiss to lip and cheek by 28haught
Words: 1,019 Chapters: 1/1 Rating: General Audiences Archive Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings No Archive Warnings Apply Favorite Tag: i just wanted them to kiss Summary: prompt: kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing Leah’s busy reading and Fatin wants attention from her tall and v cute gf. Is that a crime? What I personally love about this fic: It’s so incredibly fluffy! It’s almost sickening! My absolute favorite kind of fluff! Absolutely adorable!
Good love is hard to find by CaptainGay ( @i-can-see-queerly-now )
Words: 16,968 Chapters: 3/3 Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Favorite Tag: just gals being pals working through trauma together Summary: Both of them should have seen it coming. They should have known the way they cared for the other, they way the other looked at them, that it was more than just friendship. Fatin had a long history of sexual encounters and could spot sexual and romantic tension from a mile away. Leah knew what it was like to be in love, knew when a look held deeper emotions and lingered too long to be platonic. But somehow they had fallen and neither of them were the first (or even second) one to realize it. What I personally love about this fic: (A little biased because Cecil is a dear friend and I love everything they write so much!) Aside from some perfectly balanced leatin fluff and angst, there’s a few conversations Leah and Fatin have with other members of the unsinkable eight that are just really great! I love seeing the girls interact, and especially helping these two idiots discover their feelings.
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welcometothetripguys · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Everyone! by beau
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random-french-girl · 9 days ago
16. why does Fatin ask Leah to dance, and how does it turn out?
Thank you!
They've been on the island for more than two months, and like, they're alive - they've survived a shark attack and near-starvation and a number of mental breakdowns - but morale is at an all-time low, so Fatin successfully lobbies Dot for the 8 of them to take an evening off from chores and have a little party. The party involves finishing the very last of the vodka, feasting on delicacies such as lychees and dried goat meat, and, absurdly, dancing : it's Martha who starts them off on the dancing. She easily convinces Toni, Shelby and Nora to dance with her, jumping up and down, barefoot on the sand, and eventually Fatin, Dot, even Rachel join them, until only Leah remains sitting, forlornly staring at the campfire like the emo teen protagonist of an artsy coming-of-age movie. Obviously Fatin is not having any of it. So she hauls a very recalcitrant Leah to her feet and makes her dance, twirls her around, probably dramatically dips her at one point (and Leah is taller so Fatin almost drops her ass down and they’re both giggling at this point) until Leah is smiling and laughing and dancing on her own with everyone else. And Fatin watches her have fun and feels happier than she thought she could, definitely happier than the situation warrants, and decides against overthinking this.
(And later, when Shelby gets all of them to slow dance, it’s possible that Fatin’s stomach does a weird little twist when Leah puts her hands on her hips as they sway together, but she also firmly decides against overanalyzing that.)
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cobblestaubrey · 9 days ago
What are you the Wilds rarepairs? I’ll go first:
Nora and Toni. 
Toni’s a jock who can NOT talk to girls (re: Regan), and Nora is a bookworm who can NOT talk to girls (re: my imagination). 
I already read a story where it takes them FOUR YEARS to finally get together and it’s exactly how I assume it would happen.
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random-french-girl · 10 days ago
8. why does X go to visit Y at midnight?
Why does Fatin go to visit Leah at midnight?
Thank you!!! Okay, keeping things canon-compliant, here are three scenarios:
Before the island:
Honestly, before the island, Fatin would have only visited Leah at night for partying reasons. I’m thinking of Leah at her most self-destructive, no-self-esteem, depressed-and-careless - after the break-up, after she believes Ian betrayed her, but before the car accident - and maybe her parents go away for a weekend, and Leah throws a huge party, because fuck it, right? And invites literally the whole school. Fatin shows up, even though that’s not quite her scene, because she’s curious, and kind of impressed - she only knows Leah as this weird, too serious, art prude loner girl, she would not have pegged her for the type to do something reckless and fun. When Fatin shows up at midnight at Leah’s house, there’s a lot of people, not one of them sober. The music is not great, the guys aren’t hot enough for her. She catches a glimpse of Leah crying to herself in the bathroom with a bottle of cheap vodka, and that’s the last straw. Too many bad vibes - Fatin is out. She leaves before Leah even sees her.
On the island:
Fatin wakes up at around midnight, and finds Leah gone. Which is terrifying for a multitude of reasons, so she stresses out for a hot minute, but Leah is just sitting like 20 feet away from camp, by herself. Just thinking, she says, you can go back to sleep, but Fatin doesn’t, because Leah being deep in her thoughts is always a bit worrying, and also because secretly she loves it - she loves having time alone with Leah away from the group, just the two of them watching the ocean, talking quietly, sitting too close to each other, Fatin’s head on Leah’s shoulder.
In the bunker:
Agent Young brings Fatin to Leah’s room in the middle of the night, because Leah’s been having a huge, drawn out panic attack/mental breakdown, and nobody has been able to calm her down, and he feels kinda bad about having Leah sedated again, so he wants to try everything else before resorting to it. He knows Fatin and Leah are close, he’s watched the island footage, he’s listened to them talk about each other in interviews. So he wakes Fatin up, explains the situation, walks her to Leah’s room, and it’s the first time Fatin sees Leah since their ~rescue, and she looks different - cleaner, less hungry, less hagard, in a new set of clothes - but the look in Leah’s eyes when she sees Fatin is like it always is, ever since they made up, that mix of joy and relief and gratitude and trust, and her body, in Fatin’s arms, feels the same as it always does. 
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cobblestaubrey · 11 days ago
I made a post about this before but yeah I’ve officiallydone it. I’ve read pretty much all of the completed Wilds fics. All of them are jumbled in my mind and I’ve mixed up all the plots and sometimes confuse them with in-progress stories but I’ve done it. I’m a monster
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