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9zup-blog · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
เห็นเชื้อแรงดี ขอผสมกับทองพันชั่งอีกสักดอก 😍🌿 16/05/2021 #ราชินีไม้ใบ #บอนสี #คนชอบบอนสี #caladium #caladiumthailand #9mytjplants #9mytj #plants #plantsofinstagram #jungleplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #instaplants #leaf #beautyfulcolors #leafbeauty #caladiumlovers #QueenoftheLeafyPlants #caladiumlover #9mytjcaladiums (at Bangkok, Thailand)
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darkmagiciangirl · 2 hours ago
Some of the things people think we keep in the garden centre that’s inside.... I just wanna sit the, down and ask if they’d keep some of it outside where it rains
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inukkiarts · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Holy moly. Forgot to post this. I‘m so sleepy lately. Stupid early shifts xD
My part of an art trade with @tailsluigi
Big Kid Cat with Raymond and his Pokesona TL, giving a high five.
Not accepting further ATs until my next vacation in July. :)
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antoine-foegle · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Curry Leaf Rice
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softened-dreams · 3 hours ago
I bought custom Bluebear plushie from straycatcrafts on Instagram, and I decided to make a small TikTok video of unboxing her! <3
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alisonsmouth · 4 hours ago
My parents and their whole church think Israel is defending their right to be Christians again by "holding their own" against Palestine I don't know how but they just get worse by the day, like I gotta leave this house oof -🌱
there's so much I can't wrap my head around, just like the Israeli gov saying they're bombarding places connected to Hamas and telling civilians to evacuate but have they seem how small that place is? you throw a bomb there and obviously you'd hit so many people. they wouldn't have anywhere to go. this shit is so complicated that I feel so much for those living in the situation and I hope you get to leave that place asap
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lesbiannova · 5 hours ago
are you enjoying new leaf so far? :3c do you have any cute villagers?
Thanks for asking, Wiz! 💜
I’m enjoying New Leaf so far, despite me missing the larger inventory space and stacked items in New Horizons, and I’m still waiting to be able to buy more tools since I only have a fishing rod and a shovel at the moment. I’ve even bought some Animal Crossing 3DS themes and use one of the themes for my 3DS.
Currently the villagers in my New Leaf town consist of Cally, Gaston, Freya, Moe, Sterling, Ed, Gabi, Canberra and Zucker, though Moe has decided to move out soon. Among these villagers, I find Cally and Gabi the cutest.
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akatsukincorrectquotes · 6 hours ago
*tsunade transformed into a child to hide from debt collectors *
Konoha shopkeeper: good morning shizune san how are yo- *sees kid tsunade * that your kid I didn't know you had any
Shizune: yeah......she's my daughter
Shopkeeper: oh how old are you sweetie
Tsunade: 14 years old sir!
Shopkeeper: wait...wouldn't that mean....
Shizune:(dying inside)yes indeed I was a very sexually active 13 year old
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mplanetleaf · 7 hours ago
'విక్రమార్క - బేతాళ' కథల అసలు చరిత్ర! | Historical Marvel of Ruler Vikram and Betal Stories | MPlanetLeaf
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childmirrorarts · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media #Graphic-design,#Minimalism,#Contemporary,#Geometric,#Scandinavian,#Minimal,#Pop-art,#Zen,#Modern,#Abstract,#Nordic,#Retro,#Mid-century,#surfing,#leaf,#summer,#season,#plant,#beach,#socciety6,#sea
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