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gabridominiquea day ago
How u feel about long distance relationship ?
Never again. Fuck that shit.
LDR's are completely valid and can definitely work if you put in the effort there are so many people in the world it is unlikely that your soulmate is just around the corner. Do what makes you happy <3
That being said I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be in an LDR.
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lazyadmiral4 days ago
Just a heads up for anyone who cares (lol) the SO is visiting at the moment so I'm not going to be as actively online for most of this week but I'll try and catch up on things when I can 馃槉
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sheepwasfound6 days ago
Is it normal to go shower and stay muted on a call instead of ending it and telling the other person you got things to do? And they wont end the call because they are just as clingy as the other person and wont tell them their busy so that the other person doesn't end the call
oh yeah, you know how it is when you can't end the call w/ your friend even to take a shower, just in case he gets on a call with somebody else while you're showering! that'd be bad! better just mute real quick.
and you know how it is when your friend mutes during your call for like a rly long time, but instead of ending it and doing something else, you choose to just wait and then complain about it as brattily as possible ("did you forget about me?!") when he unmutes, just to hear his groveling excuses.
you know it right
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ur-fav-transmasc11 days ago
Excuse my but why are both of my partners long distance
How dare the universe have the audacity to give me, a person whose love language is physical touch and long conversations two different people who live hundreds of miles away
And in opposite directions might I add
I have rain and blankies and a wood fire and a house a walk away from a coffee shop/bookstore and a boyfriend who lives in fucking England
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loveisbraveandwild18 days ago
thoughts on long distance relationships
no opinion! i think some people do it really well and it doesnt work for others. communication in relationships is what the most important thing is
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Not sure if anyone still follows our story but if so here we go !
I moved to Oregon to live with my ldr boyfriend almost 2 years ago. And so much has happened!
I got a job at a super cool cookie shop, and worked my way up to General manager !!! 馃コ馃く馃檶鉂 where as 2 years ago I was a hostess at dennys, with terrible management and I was miserable.
My love works at a pizza place right next door to my job which is super cool !
In Decmeber 2020 we got our first apartment together !( before we were living with his parents. But that turned toxic very fast. ) it's 7 minutes from work which is way nicer than 30 !!
We're going to make a California trip here in the next couple weeks to go see my family, my mom's health is declining pretty fast and I want to be able to see her again just in case she passes before I can get down to south cali 馃槗 so I will take all the positive energy and love you guys can give. I surely need it right now !
But besides that, we are starting the small baby steps of getting engaged 馃槤鈽 just small things like ring sizes, prices etc. So we'll see what comes soon 馃構馃グ
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enchantechantea month ago
I have a question for you and your followers. Have you ever tried online dating? If so how did it go and wgat sites did you use? The same question goes for you followers. I live in a small town with very few black people. It's so hard to meet a black man who's interested in black women. Every one of them I've met only likes white women.I haven't been out with a black man since 2018.馃槖
Good question! I have had relationships with men I鈥檝e met online.聽
Back in the day I met a young man on BlogTV and then he followed me on Twitter we started talking and dated for about 3 years. I鈥檝e tried a couple sugaring websites that will go unnamed (was ok til it wasn鈥檛 lol), Plenty of Fish (started great & ended v wack experiences).聽
Sometimes the networking websites that aren鈥檛 specifically about finding love are better to find someone like-minded with common interests.聽
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katiecutiespacea month ago
Ya know, now that the initial shock of Daddy leaving for that work trip in a couple weeks (and future ones) is over, I'm feeling a lot calmer abt the whole situation. It's gonna be hard as hell to get thru, I can't imagine how long those days will feel. But!! I'm gonna do my best to take that frustration and turn it into inspiration & motivation for making all kinds of new content, whether it be graphics, concepts, porn, whatever I can do w it. Here's hoping this attitude sticks w me thru it all lol.
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flowerfemmegirla month ago
Ps......and snuggles 馃ズ
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yseraa month ago
1) how would you describe your relationship with your mom/dad
theyve got their issues but comparatively preddy good. im generally not too afraid to tell them anything i need to which honestly goes a long way. they couldve been less neglectful when i was younger, done a bit better job of raising me, but looking around.. im glad i have them. they met on the fucking internet, compared to internet couples who have kids together that i see NOW i think i have it good lol 10, 11, 15 are all answered
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loveslick2 months ago
some annoyance under the cut, this isn鈥檛 a vent post and i am fine but it IS a little complainy so keep that in mind 馃槼
i WISH there was a WAY. for me to fully turn off the switch in my brain that allows me to desire a relationship with someone who is not aroace or ace at the least. because all it does is make me WORRY!!!
i know it鈥檚 totally possible to date allo people as an aro/ace person i know plenty of people who have been or are in a relationship like that which work for them. but i CANNOT!!!! stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong and i BARELY HAVE A CRUSH ON THIS GUY..... like it鈥檚 genuinely the smallest beginnings of a 鈥渋 really like hanging out with this guy and kinda think it would be cool if it were a Thing鈥 crush it鈥檚 not even a legit entire crush.
and yet im still running jn little mental circles about how miserable it would probably be for him in a sexless relationship . and how hard it would be to convince someone who equates attractiveness with sexual desire that they鈥檙e attractive and worthwhile if you just... aren鈥檛 attracted to them in a physical sense . and how horrible it could be on the days that romance squicks me out if he couldn鈥檛 understand that it doesn鈥檛 actually mean the way i feel has changed at all, just my comfort levels
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globelily3 months ago
me: i fuckin hate ldrs >:/ cringe
song: *sings about how theyre 5 hrs apart and theyre a month into being long distance and how they arent going to let go of the relationship because they want to make it work*
Tumblr media
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lesbian-ed3 months ago
Hi! I sent an ask back in December about how I started a ldr and was so excited, and I thought you'd like an update: over the summer we got to meet and it was absolutely amazing and solidified all my feelings and washed away my doubts, I'm so in love, and we are going to get another week this Christmas and right now our time frame of the ldr turning into a irlr is only about a year and gah! Things are going fantastic!
This is an old ask, but I鈥檓 happy for you, and just wanted to publish this so people know LDRs are doable, and they can be so worth the patience, wait, love. Good luck, I hope things will only continue to be amazing for y鈥檃ll
/Mod A
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lesbian-ed3 months ago
Hi, this may be a silly but I don't know where to go for advice, I've been friends with a girl from another country for a while, we always talk a lot and lately we've been flirting and we talk about attraction and turns ons and public figures we find hot and all our talks feel super sexually charged. I want to move into something more than a friendship but I don't know how to approach it or how to take that step in case she's not interested and I don't wanna ruin our friendship. Help?
Hey!!! This isn't silly, y'all never need to apologize for asking what you need to ask. 馃挅
Okay so, the way I see it, you have two main possible paths here. 1) You can let it develop as is, see what happens as y'all continue flirting and dancing around each other or 2) You can be direct, and ask her.
My current girlfriend of 6 years (we're LDR) picked path number 2, and it has been working out for her haha
I know it can be scary, and I understand wanting to protect the friendship. But if you think she's flirting, then chances are she's also interested. Maybe you could casually say that you think LDRs are neat, that they could work and stuff like that. Drop hints here and there, see how she reacts, and then if it's positive, tell her what you want.
If you chose option number 1, I'd still suggest hints here and there, as you allow your playful dynamic to maybe become more serious and personal.
It's all up to you. Telling her how you feel doesn't have to mean the end of your friendship or any such thing. It might change a bit, but it doesn't have to be over. And if it does work out, then you get to be with her!
Honestly, so often when someone is in this situation the other person is super into them. To me it sounds like she's into you as much as you're into her. I'd say go for it. Good luck!
/Mod A
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