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#law of abundance
treasuredgirl · 10 minutes ago
I’m about to have two remote jobs. I need to save up so I can start my business. The hustle never stops.
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shaysoulful · a day ago
😙 High vibrational energy always! Do follow me on Twitter or add my snap. IF you are feeling generous too you can cash app me x
Hope you have an amazing day divine souls
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Random Musings Sometimes I get scared, will good things ever happen for me?am I ever going to experience true and genuine love where I have a partner who loves and adores me? Showers me with gifts and affectio, cuddles me and holds me when I'm sad, takes me on road trips and vacations abroad, always gets me flowers, thinks of me everyday, constantly reassures and makes me feel safe? I wanna love someone, I want to experience real and true genuine love.i wanna love my partner and shower them with love, affection and gifts. I want to get him stuff that he mentioned in a casual conversation,surprise him with random gifts, hold his hand, hold his head against my chest, stroke his hair and back. Go on road trips in the middle of the night when we can't sleep. Hotel sex in different countries, dinner dates where we dress up and finish the night with awesome intense love making Haha! I'm speaking that shit into existence. I am claiming it! Universe please provide.
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shaysoulful · a day ago
As we’re approaching Taurus season✨ I am manifesting self love, financial wealth, better health, alignment, guidance, protection, abundance and prosperity🙇🏾‍♀️ . Everything that is meant for me, will always be for me. I am magnetic and I shall attract and gravitate towards high vibrational energies.
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treasuredgirl · a day ago
Know Your Value And Then Add Tax
People will only value you as much as you value yourself.
You must understand what you want and deserve from the people that surround you and what you are willing to give in return. All relationships, intimate or platonic, are give and take. If you accept the bare minimum, you will continuously be given the bare minimum.
Everyone has the same intrinsic value but many aren't aware of their worth because they believe it lies in materialistic things. Your value lies within your spirit and no one can take it away unless you allow them to.
If someone doesn't believe that you are worth what you are expecting/asking for, then do not entertain them. We do not argue about our value. Once they see that you are not willing to negotiate they will either leave it or ready to give you what you deserve. Now, it's your turn to decide if you want them or not, feel free to add that tax to test them.
They should've known better the first time. But we must teach those who try us so they know never to do it again.
- Glow
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