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zhonglisface · 19 hours ago
“Zhongliiiiiii”, you wail, hiccuping as you sob your way through another cup of wine. You must look a sorry sight, a young girl crying a man’s name. It’s pathetic. 
And yet, here you are. 
“Why didn’t you come with me?”, hiccups interrupt your words often.
You order another drink as you wail shamefully like a heartbroken maiden. The barkeeper starts looking at you with pity after your third drink, but he doesn’t stop you. You’ve lost count of how many you’ve drunk by now. 
“Zhongli”, you miserably utter his name while staring into your wine. Nausea brews in the pit of your stomach but you still down it in one go. 
You prided yourself on your composure as you went to visit him, preening like a peacock as he admired your beauty.  
But now...
He would think you horrendous now, but you don’t plan on ever letting him know of your drunken nights spent in the tavern, where you drank and drank and drank. 
Maybe this is why he will not come with you. A god must need someone worthy of them, and you, you would like to hope that someday, you would be worthy of him. 
You place your head into your arms and curl up, hiccuping as your sobs and wails die down. The end of your breakdown is near, but you feel far too broken up. 
“I’ll pay for the little miss here”, you hear a voice say. You would raise your head to look if you didn’t feel so terrible. 
The choice is taken out of your hands when you are yanked off the bar stool, dragged out into the cool night and away from the heated atmosphere of the tavern. 
“What are you doing?”, you glance through bleary eyes, your heart skips a beat when you hold the irrational hope that it's him.
You see short hair first, too light to belong to him, and then gloved hands. You catch blue eyes, frigid as ever, and you know he is not the one you call your god. 
“You’re really a sight for sore eyes, little miss.”
“Childe”, you straighten up and steady yourself before taking a step away. He lets you, trailing his eyes over your sorry figure. 
“Haven’t you drank enough?”
“Is it your business to interfere with my affairs?”, you hiccup and turn away from Childe, ashamed at yourself. You contend with letting your eyes roam the streets. They are bare, most people already asleep or drinking at the tavern like you were just doing up till a moment ago. 
“No, it’s not”, he studies you lightly, your tear streaked face illuminated by the glow of the street lantern. “I just think it’s pitiful how you’ve been reduced to this state.”
“Watch your mouth”, you stare at the ground. There’s a crack in the cobbled path. “You don’t know what it’s like to love a god.”
“Are you sure you should be throwing around the word love so casually when it comes to gods?”
“Are you calling my love careless?”, your words sharpen as you turn to face Childe. Your face must have showed how you truly felt as you see Childe’s hand jump towards his bow. He eyes you warily but before he can draw it, you deflate. 
“Maybe it is reckless, to love a god— stupid even”, you think of your god’s warm golden eyes, comparable to the finest jewels and flowing black hair, the urge to run your hands through them is strong, and you know that you did not stand a chance against him. 
“Are you here to laugh at me, harbinger?”, you laugh emptily as Childe’s brows furrow. It is rare that you call him harbinger and not Childe. 
“I came to offer my condolences”, he purses his lips, hand still held over his sword. “Zhongli would not like it if he saw you like this.”
“You think I don’t know that?”, you rub your eyes. 
You are mostly sober now as you breathe in the night air. It is a starless night, and you wonder how many stars you would have to pluck from the sky to offer to Zhongli before he gave in to you. 
“I am a simple man.”
But he does not want stars, does he? What does he want? You would gladly give him everything, so what is it that holds Zhongli back like so?
A never ending cycle, so vicious as you never find reprieve from your thoughts. 
“Childe”, you lean against an aged lamppost, the light long blown out. “What say you to a quest?”
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lady-latte · a day ago
Hi I want Middle Earth matchup, I am just really curious about this. I’m a girl, I’m straight female, I’m 5’4, I have long curly golden brown hair, and brown eyes. My zodiac is Leo, I value self space. I like to bake, paint, write, and read. I am loud and I love to laugh, I make a lot of friends, but I don’t open easily to people, only few of my closest friends and family get to know me in reality. I love my family and friends and I’m loyal to them. I’m kind and generous towards others thanks!😊
Hey Anon! Thanks for sending in a matchup! I hope you see this! Let me know if you like it! ❤️
Tumblr media
I match you up with Prince Fili of Erebor!
He always heard your loud and joyful laughter. It would be carried by the wind, through the air and overhead. Singing like chimes hung by a string. Yet he has never seen you before. The town of Dale was always so boisterous that it was hard to pinpoint where the voice came from.
However, one fateful day, the young prince ran into you. Literally. He was running too fast and not paying attention, knocking you to the ground.
He swore that in that moment, it was love at first sight. And ever since that day, he continuously tells you so every night. How you are the love of his life; that no jewel in the world can compare to your beauty.
Fili is a very attentive lover, always putting your needs and feelings above his. Which means he is highly protective, but holds no jealously! This Lion understands the importance of trust and personal space.
He LOVES to buy anything that deals with your hobbies! When you run out of canvases or notebooks for your paintings, he’ll order a whole cart full just for you. And you can guarantee that this babe pulled some strings for you to have access to the restricted area in the Library.
Please bake for him, Fili has such an obsession with pasteries and pies. He will eat anything you make like a starved man eating for the first time in weeks. Fili praises you so much on your baking till you’re red in the face.
One of his favorite activities to do with you is relaxing in bed at night. You’ll be leaning against the headboard, reading aloud to the sleepy dwarf. Who has his arms wrapped around your waist tightly, and head in your lap; occasionally pressing soft kisses to your thighs.
Fili loves all of you, but if he had to choose. His favorite part of you is your laugh. It’s his all time favorite sound in the world, and will do anything to make you laugh no matter the situation. Fili will tickle your sides, and tell the worst jokes just to hear it. After all, your laugh is what drew him to you.
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zhonglisface · 2 days ago
“What stops you from coming with me?”, you ask as you creep up behind the taller man, wrapping your arms around his neck and placing your chin on his shoulders.
“What makes you assume there is something stopping me?”, he returns, serene and calm. 
He picks up a cup of tea from the table in front of him and inhales its scent, smiling as you tighten your arms around his neck. 
“The trees are beautiful today”, he continues lightly, an attempt at a nicer topic that you want to reject and bring back to what you originally came to ask him.
He’s right though. The trees are beautiful, their pretty pink flowers blending seamlessly with red, orange and yellow leaves. A flower drifts down in front of him and you find yourself unconsciously reaching out towards it, just barely managing to brush your fingers against it. 
“You’re distracting me”, you say softly instead, suddenly scared to break the tranquil atmosphere. 
It is the most peaceful you’ve been since you decided you wanted him. After all, you’ve been fighting and working nonstop ever since. 
Quests, quests and more quests. There was never a shortage of them and you went all out. 
Funny how the very man who you gave such tiresome devotion to also gave you bone deep peace that no one else could. 
“Am I?”, he chuckles, deep voice providing you with further comfort. It makes you want to stay here with him, high up in the mountains, among the trees, where you and he could admire the breathtaking view of Liyue down below. 
“Is it mora?”, you ask, wanting an answer, wanting a response, wanting anything. “What do you desire? I shall give it to you.”
He simply remains silent and smiles at you, lips upturned delicately to give him the image of a mischievous minx. 
‘Nothing like a dragon’, you think.
“You won’t answer me, will you?”, disappointment colors your tone, though you try to hide it from him. He notices anyways. 
“I am a simple man”, he turns around and takes your chin with his fingers.
“Then why?” Why do you not come with me?
He tucks a flower behind your ear— you hadn’t even noticed when he’d plucked one from the air— and combs through your messy hair. 
“You have such beautiful hair; it would be a waste to leave it tangled like this.”
“Not as beautiful as yours”, you mutter, but you let him arrange it to his pleasing, secretly liking the attention he bestows on you.
Oh, what a fool you are, to love a god. 
“It’s all the wind here”, you grasp his wrist, hands wrapping around them loosely. You take a moment to compare how much larger his hands are than yours. “How does yours stay so-” neat, untangled, untouchable-
“Just a trick an old god learned centuries ago.”
“Don’t play coy with me, Zhongli.” His gold eyes glitter at you, teasing. You can’t bring yourself to scold him when he’s in front of you like this— loose, casual, relaxed. 
“No ‘liyue nerd’ or ‘mora idiot’?”
You blush as you remember calling him many names in the heat of that moment a few months ago. Zhongli finds it fascinating, the pink your cheeks have taken as he teased you. The shade of your cheeks delight him more than the shade of the flowers around him. 
“Will you come?”, you raise your eyes from the floor to stare at Zhongli. You already know your answer when his gold eyes shine sympathetically. 
“I’ll be here”, he turns back around, facing the table, tilting his head back as another breeze surges again. 
“Alright”, you don’t know when you will see him again, when you will allow yourself to give into temptation again to visit him. 
It is hard to turn your back on him and go back to the busy world, with many many quests to embark on. You steal a glance at Zhongli, drinking in the scenery of him at peace, before disappearing away to another part of Tevyat, far away from Zhongli
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zhonglisface · 4 days ago
“Would you have me change?”, Zhongli murmurs it quietly, like he’s divulging a secret kept close to his heart, and maybe, he was. Either way, you did not like the almost fragile feeling you read from his expression. 
How could you bear to have your most cherished feel such emotions in your presence? 
“Perhaps”, you do not change your words from the truth, knowing he would prefer it. “And yet, the choice has been taken out of my hands, no?” I still love you even if you don’t love me back.
Your god understands, and yet he does not. He hears your unsaid words better than anyone else, but he does not understand. It’s in the way he pulls back and tilts your chin up to look at him, the complicated complex of emotions in his eyes, confusion being the most prominent. 
“I would love you as you are, you idiot”, you smile fondly at him, “And I would love all the versions of you— past, present and future”, his expression startles a laugh out of you. 
“I-”, he licks his lips, pausing in his words. It is not the first time you made him speechless, but it is a treat to see all the same. 
“Oh? Is our Morax shy? To make such a grand declaration of love, shouldn’t it be I who should be bashful?”
Even now, you can feel a flush starting from your neck, creeping upwards, but you’d always been good at putting up a facade. 
“Do not worry, dearest”, you took his hand and placed it against your cheek, nuzzling into it. “Loving me or not— that is your choice, and I am fine with either.”
Though it would hurt if you didn’t.
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zhonglisface · 6 days ago
There is a certain... appeal to waking up next to Zhongli. Different from waking alone. It was such a strange yet fulfilling feeling that you find yourself realizing you wanted to wake up next to him again and again and again. 
“Aren’t you supposed to be taking care of me?”, you feel your lips pull into a hopelessly fond smile without your consent, “Sleepyhead.”
With his ebony hair spread around him in spidery patterns, lips slowly parting to let out breaths, he looks peaceful and at rest and you really really couldn’t bring yourself to wake him. 
Zhongli, bathing in the morning light, eyelashes fluttering ever so slightly at your gentle caress might always be too much for your poor heart. 
“One day”, you murmur, “I’ll really kick your ass to wake you up”, it’s a bald lie, but you say it anyways. 
His hair is smooth and silky in your hands. You play with it almost absentmindedly, twirling a strand in between your fingers before smoothing it out. 
“Your hair may be one of my favorite things of you.” Though your eyes were just as precious, as well as your heart.
To own a god's heart, to own Zhongli’s heart was one of your only desires. But this... this carefree Zhongli, not tied to anything but his own whims... well, you couldn’t say you hated it. In fact, you might even love it. 
“Ahh, what am I going to do with you?”, the sheet pool at your waist as you sit up to stare at Zhongli closer. You can count his eyelashes, you note with a faint flush riding high on your cheeks. “You’ve made me absolutely crazy for you. Got that, you mora idiot?”
“To confess in such a bold way, is that your way of saying ‘I love you’?”
You retract your hand quickly, but Zhongli is faster, tangling your fingers together with his naturally, smiling that idiotic smile that causes your heart to race. 
Ugh, mora idiot. 
He tightens his grip on your hand and you feel your heart race faster.
“Anything else, dear traveler?”, he brings your trapped hand to his cheek and nuzzles into it. It doesn’t help your flustered state at all. 
“Nothing. At. All”, you grit the words out, trying to calm your rapidly beating heart. Be! Still!
“A shame”, he lets you pull your hand away from his for a moment before grabbing it again, pressing a light kiss to your pulse. 
He chuckles and you know he knows. 
“Stop teasing me!”, you huff and curl your fingers under his chin in retaliation. He lets you, gold eyes sparkling. You’d like to see those eyes every morning. 
“Sorry, I couldn’t help it”, he lets you pull him closer to smack him as an apology. There’s none of your real strength behind it, and the both of you know it. 
“Are you feeling better?”, he places a cool hand over your forehead. You smile cheekily. 
“Of course I’m better; now that the great geo archon, Zhongli has taken care of me!”
“Is that so?”, the warm look in his eyes makes you feel warm. “That’s good to hear.”
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zhonglisface · 8 days ago
You think he looks like a prince the first time you see him. 
A demon prince. 
Which, looking back on it now, might be a little ridiculous and far fetched, but you believed the thought should have more merit.
He had those cat eyes to thank for your suspicion, the eyes that pierced through you and seemed to see into your soul. 
It was disconcerting, but also exhilarating. 
That was the first time you’d had to suppress a shiver because of him— the first time you’d had to suppress a shiver for anyone, really. 
It was Venti that had introduced the two of you, and it was he that had first told you of Zhongli, the Geo Archon. Often through tales and songs. 
You found yourself with a passing fancy then, listening as attentive as you could to Venti’s stories, at night around the fire after a repetitive battle against hilichurls. 
(You’d long gotten used to fighting the rascals, there never seemed to be a shortage of trouble caused by them.)
And to think your passing fancy would turn into something... more. Something less of a choice and more of a need. 
“You must be Zhongli”, you reach out a cautious hand to him, eyes darting around his face before settling below, at his neck. “Venti’s told me about you.”
Being up so close to him, you couldn’t help but notice how pretty the color of his eyes were, or how he held the faint scent of silk flowers. 
“Yes”, he doesn’t deign to speak more, tilting his head in an inquisitive way, a non verbal way of asking who you are. 
“I’m just a traveler”, you pull your hand back to yourself. The skin he’d touched burns, but in a good way, in a way that you like. 
Zhongli does not ask about your strange situation— for it was obvious you did not belong in this part of Tevyat, in fact, you did not belong anywhere in this world— 
It leaves quite a sour taste in your mouth.
“Shall we set off?”, he interrupts your thoughts, and you are grateful, never mind that it wasn’t intentional.
“Let’s”, you murmur. 
You have to lengthen your strides to keep up with him, you realize. Just how tall was he? You hadn’t noticed with how distracted you were, looking at his face. 
“Traveler”, he turns to you, “have you any mora on you?”
You blink and reach for your pouch, taking it out. The coins clink inside as you do so. 
“Perfect.” Zhongli turns back to the store vendor— when had they reached here?— and tilts his head in fascination at the numerous bookmarks on display. They are simple ones, really. Even you could make them if you tried. 
“These bookmarks must be made from mint, no? They are refreshing and pleasing to the eye, and give off a minty scent. It’s amazing how bookmarks have...”
You stop listening after that, if only because of pure disbelief. A spark of amusement lights your insides with butterflies as you stare at Zhongli’s side profile. 
He was quite different from how he looked. 
Quite the nerd. 
You feel the urge to laugh, suddenly, but you hold back out of courtesy for your still rambling companion. 
“Would you like me to buy one for you?”, his eyes lit up, though his face stayed the same. 
You would buy all the bookmarks in the world for him, you think. And you are then startled by the direction your thoughts have taken. 
Well... a pretty face could do wonders. 
“I’d appreciate it since I’d forgotten my wallet”, he smiles serenely at you, this is the first time you’d seen him smile. It leaves you in a daze. 
“A moment”, you look at Zhongli, and his well dressed appearance. “Are you telling me you don’t have any mora on you right now? You’re broke?”
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lady-latte · 27 days ago
Hellooo I’m the one that sent the thandruil ask hehe. Sorry I didn’t include any details!! Umm I’m not sure if you want match up details or just prompt details so I’ll do a little of both?
I’m a relatively tall girl so maybe an elf or human reader whichever you like. And maybe you could do general headcanons of what you think he’d be like as a husband. You can throw in a few angst ones too but mostly fluff plssss..!!
Is that ok? I don’t know what I’m doing.. thank you so much again 🥺🥺
Thranduil as a Husband
Thranduil x Reader
Fluff ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Warnings: None!
A/N: Thank you for requesting Anon! I’m sorry this took so long, I hope you see this. This is only my second time doing HCs so I hope it’s good!
Tumblr media
Thranduil as a husband is *chefs kiss*
Absolute best husband ever, you can’t change my mind
His favorite time of the day are mornings!
Because he gets to wake up with you held tightly in his arms, sound asleep and content
He’ll have this soft, lopsided smile as he watches you sleep totally not in a creepy way
and press kisses to your forehead, cheeks, nose then your lips to wake you up
Thranduil adores the sleepy smile you grace him with when you do wake up
Depending on what duties the two of you have that day, your mornings will go two ways
Either super soft, taking your time getting dressed, basking in each other’s warmth
Or spend the morning talking about what needs to be done for the day, sharing a kiss before splitting ways
He loves to spoil you so much with jewelry and clothes
And especially loves when you wear them! His heart really go 💗💗
His absolute favorite thing you wear would be diamond chokers, why? I don’t know- he just does
It’s totally not because he loves to pull you in by it to give a passionate kiss Nah help I’m simping
He’s the BEST at them like come on! It ain’t fair with how good he is
Each one is always so passionate and full of love no matter how soft or hard it is
They never fail to make your heart pound and cheeks heat up
Gets a shiz-eating grin on his face every. single. Time.
Like this Elf knows what he’s doing to you and loves every second of it
Everyday without fail he sends a bouquet of flowers to your office! And they’re always perfect and smell amazing
But If you don’t like flowers then he would probably make a bouquet or food platter out of something you do like
Omg he’d definitely do something like this HAH
Babe is hella protective over you. Not in a overbearing, prevent you from ever doing stuff way
More of he knows the dangers of the world and lost his wife to it, so he wants to make sure you’re always safe
Because of this he also lowkey (highkey) gets jealous a lot
The kind of person to either glare down the elf flirting with you or go up and be very much obvious with his affections
Sometimes both! Not only is he protecting his lovely spouse but also gets you show you off
unless you hate PDA then he’ll back off
Since being King is a very stressful job and there’s not a lot of alone time, he prefers more relaxing dates
I mean sure he does love the extravagant fancy dates a lot but sometimes drinking a bottle of wine in a bubble bath while holding you is more ideal
It lets the two of you to de-stress after a long day and be as affectionate as you wish without worry of indecency
You’ll share stories and inside jokes about that one particular elf, talk about your day and just.. enjoy each other’s presence
Man that sounds awesome :/
Anyways Thranduil is best husband with or without angst which I totally did not include cause i will cry
10/10 recommend getting a Thranduil
Thank you @sunflower1000 and @little-miss-raven for proofreading and letting me know it’s good to post! ❤️❤️
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lady-latte · 28 days ago
Elrond Comfort HCs
Father Figure!Elrond x reader
Warnings: mentions of panic attack
A/N: So this is uh- pure self indulgent since I had a panic attack for like an hour straight this morning and not being able to take care of my self cause I didn’t have the time to spare
Tumblr media
Panic attacks aren’t fun, the constriction in your chest, heart pounding, the dizziness and loss of breath
Yeah.. not fun
Despite being an elf, Elrond completely understands the pain
He probably has definitely had the elven equivalent of a panic attack many times due to how rough his past is and his crazy kids
So when you start having a panic attack, he immediately gets to work to help you out
He’s so patient and gentle when it comes to you
Elrond will sit you down on the ground or sofa, with his hands on your cheeks, wiping your tears away and foreheads pressed together
His voice is soft as he tries to calm you down
Saying that everything will be okay, to take deep breaths, and to focus on him
“Shh, it’s okay, I’m here for you now. You’re safe”
“Deep breaths, Onya, in.. and out”
When you begin to calm down, he’ll pull you into a firm hug, pressing a kiss to your forehead
And this elf is tall- so he practically wraps himself around you making you feel safe and shielded from the world I want one :(
Elrond will hold you, stroking your hair, mumbling praises and comfort for however long you need him to
He isn’t going anywhere until he knows you’re 100% okay
Once the tears have stopped, and you have relaxed fully into his arms he’ll ask if you’re okay and if you want to talk about it
If you do wish to talk, Elrond will give his full attention, listening to every word you say, rubbing your back if you start getting nervous again
If you don’t, he’s perfectly fine with that and continue to sit with you until you’re ready
Will have someone bring water and a small platter of fruits for you
If you asked, Elrond won’t hesitate to stay with you all day, you are his child after all, and he worries for all his children
11/10 recommend having an Elrond to comfort you
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uniquevocashark · a month ago
Coffee Shop AU drabble
"Don't you want to?" Alcina asked.
She was bent down, her chest alarmingly close to your nose, casually planting her hands on both sides of the doorframe near your head. She smelt clean, like fancy sandalwood soap, and her expression was one of curated nonchalance.
"I didn't say that." You said, though the words were hard to get out. Like you were underwater, and your tongue was tied to your teeth.
"Is there someone else?"
"No," You said too quickly, touching her hands before they splintered the wood, "There isn't a reason to get jealous."
"I know," she sighed, "I just really hate that people flirt with you."
You patted her cheek instead of answering and her shut briefly, leaning into the soft action. She could be so adorable sometimes. "I have to go."
She dipped her face closer to yours and you turned so she kissed your cheek instead. She pouted, "I'll see you later."
"Bye." You smiled and slipped into the door behind you.
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zhonglisface · a month ago
“Selfish”, you want to call Zhongli, but how could you, when he shows you this sleeping visage of his, that no one else has seen?
Light suits him, you think. It dances across his face in spidery lines, and illuminates his peaceful expression. A smudge of red under his eyes reminds you of the remnants of yesterday’s eyeliner. You find it cute.
Zhongli sleeps— not quite sprawled, but loose enough that his hand is free for you to grasp. You resist the urge to, touching it lightly before snatching your hand back.
A sliver of collarbone peaks out from underneath his night robes— they are white and you hope that Zhongli would dress himself in white more often, it suits him much better than black— and you find yourself tucking it back in place, hands shaking.
He makes for a dashing image, one you are particularly weak to.
It is the afternoon, and he is still asleep. Maybe it was a terrible idea to have you be the one to wake him up, considering how you just didn’t have the heart to.
“It is a sunny day”, you murmur, eyes turned to the window. How long had you sat by his bedside, trying to build up the nerve to wake him? Too long, for it had been dark when you first came.
You are due to leave soon, for another quest, but you had come for a quick visit. Zhongli has insisted you wake him up to see you off but maybe it would be best if you didn’t? It would be most difficult to leave, knowing you would have to leave behind Zhongli’s warm eyes and warmer hands.
(They are particularly nice to hold, you find out one winter day, but that is a story for another time.)
“I am worried”, you tuck strands of his hair behind his ear, they had fallen across his face and your hand had moved before you could think. “This is a particularly tedious quest, and possibly dangerous.”
“It is rare you worry of a quest, adventurer”, his sleep filled voice startles you enough to flinch. When had he woken up?
“You are awake”, you withdraw your hand and watch as he sits up, long hair pooling at his waist.
“Indeed”, he smiles, and you are reminded of how much you think light suits him when he does so. “What troubles you, adventurer?”
“So I am ‘adventurer’ now? And here I thought you would call me ‘traveler’ for another century.”
“You are about to embark on another quest”, the corners of his eyes crinkle as he laughs delicately. “‘Adventurer’ would be more fitting, no?”
“Call me whatever you want”, and you mean it, knowing he could have given you far worse titles.
“And will I get to know of this tedious quest?”, he teases you, but he is gentle with you. Sometimes you wonder if it is the god in him that treats you fragilely, like if he used too much strength, you would break.
“It gives me a bad feeling”, and it did, your stomach rolling at the mere thought of it.
He hums thoughtfully, and doesn’t offer you meaningless words of “It’s ok” “There’s nothing to worry about” or “You can do it”.
Instead, he says “I’ll be here”, and that, by far, reassures you more than any other words could.
“I know”, you stand from your seat. He catches you by the hand before you can leave, and brings it up to his lips, kissing your knuckles lightly.
“Let’s meet again”, he releases your hand, and you have to force your locked legs to move. It was unfair of him to surprise you like that, you think furiously, suppressing a blush. Your legs have become like jelly.
“Of course we’ll meet again, mora idiot.”
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zhonglisface · a month ago
“I’m back, old friend!”, you swing in through the tavern doors, purposefully making your steps loud and heavy.
“Unfortunately”, Diluc places the wine glass he’d been drying onto a shelf. “What do you want?”
“Surprise me”, you settle into a stool, placing your cheek against your palm. Diluc looks the same since you’d last seen him, though his hair had grown even longer- and was that a hint of blush on his cheeks?
“Stop with your nonsensical thoughts”, he folds his hands. “I can hear them loud and clear. It’s noisy.”
“Sorry, sorry...”, you grin. “Anything caught your fancy?”
“Hah? What are you going on about?”
“You’re blushing, Master Diluc!”, delight is the only thing you’re feeling, getting to tease one of your oldest friends.
“The remnants of my time outside, yes”, he quirks a brow. “Do you have anything of use to say?”
“No fun~”, you pout before brightening. “I met someone. He’s remarkably like you at a glance.”
“At a glance?”, he’s disinterested, you can tell, but you’re grateful he always listens to your ramblings.
“Once you get to know him... he’s really nothing like you at all”, a flash of bright gold eyes, like the molten sun, pop into your mind, gone as sudden as it came. “Nothing like you at all.”
The tavern is warm, most probably to counter the harsh winter cold outside, but thinking of him makes you feel warmer.
That’s a new feeling. You could get used to it, you decide, a pleased flush on your cheeks.
“Careful”, Diluc eyes you. Was that distaste in his eyes? You eye him back, with a hefty dose of amusement. “You’re on the verge of another obsession.”
“Nonsense”, you wave your hand, dismissing his words. “I’ve only met him a month ago. This is.. just a passing interest, yes. He’s interesting and makes me feel weird things.”
Diluc snorts, lip curling in disagreement but keeps his silence, tactful and careful as ever. You applaud his diplomacy. Mentally, of course, to avoid stirring a beast.
“I know you want to hear of the boring commissions I’ve done recently”, you huff into your drink, newly placed in front of you. It’s fruity, and smells sweet.
“Go on”, he looks particularly interested, though you do not know for what reasons commissions of all things would be interesting. He was really quite the workaholic.
Zhongli crosses your mind again for a fleeting moment. You’d quite like to meet him again and go on another quest together.
Diluc wasn’t right, was he? This couldn’t be another obsession.
The interest would fade, you were sure of it.
For now...
“First, tell me how things are going with your brother”, you smile placidly. “Still at each other’s throats?”
Diluc looks absolutely murderous.
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uniquevocashark · a month ago
Tea and Ice Lattes
Part 2
tw cussing and mentions of pain
Rosalyn relieves you of work immediately after the Countess leaves, and Maxwell spreads the salve on you before you can bloody your cheek.
“Hey,” he snaps his fingers in front of you and you jolt upright. “Hey, stay with us.”
You look around and find that the back room is trashed, the chairs thrown about and the table flipped over. Rosalyn has your arm trapped against the wall, your fingers twitching back and forth. You open your mouth to speak but your jaw aches so bad you snap it shut.
“Here.” Rosalyn murmurs, and spreads a bit more salve on your face. Your eyes water but the pain fades eventually. “You should go home until this heals.” She counsels, letting go of your arm slowly.
You rub your cheek and wince.
It takes longer to heal than you think it should.
The first three days you’re never far from an ice pack and you burn through three quarters of the salve before the pain cools. Rosalyn checks up on you those days, often with jars or bowls that someone left for you at the store of foods so soft you can suck them up a straw. After that, Maxwell takes her place, though he doesn’t stay long.
A week after your incident, he comes by with a large purple box, wrapped with a ribbon softer than anything you had in your house. The card stuck to it was equally as soft and shone like spun silver under the light.
“Hey,” You greeted him, “What the fuck is this?”
“Yeah.” He laughed uncomfortably, then handed the box over. It’s too large to fit under your arm, so you end up carrying it like a forklift with your arms out and palms up. You wonder how he even managed to carry it up the stairs, let alone fit it through the doorways.
Your name is written in large, loopy cursive on the letter, in letters too large to have been comfortable to write with a normal sized hand. “Do I need to worry about this?”
“Oh, nah,” He shrugged, “We did the cat test, and it turned out fine.”
“The cat test?”
“Yeah, the cat test.”
“Elaborate, please?”
“It’s an old superstition about the Dimitrescu’s. Nothing dangerous,” He assures you when you look at the box suspiciously, “We rubbed a couple cats on it.”
“You rubbed cats on the box?”
“Yeah. We held them up like Simba and rubbed them on the box.”
“Alright then,” You say, “Which one is it from?”
“I don’t know,” He paused, checking his watch, “hey, I gotta go. Adrian and I are going on a lunch date.”
“Oh, right. Have fun!”
“Yeah. See you later.”
By nightfall, after you’ve managed a dinner of chicken nuggets and creamed corn, you still haven’t opened the box. It’s very picturesque unopened, like those aesthetic photos you see sometimes. The letter, too, is very nice, with a proper wax seal to close it.
It smells distinctly like the Countess, which makes your face itch so badly you have to flee to the kitchen and get the salve to calm yourself down. You make yourself a coffee. It isn’t a good thing to do, especially so late at night, but you drain two cups before you can force yourself back into the lounge.
The letter isn’t anything special though, or particularly harmful. It’s a long three pages of an obvious copy paste offering all kinds of platitudes and condolences that don’t really have anything to do with you. The only thing of note is the handwritten note at the end, which differs from the mechanical writing of the letter with thick cursive in red ink.
To whom it may concern,
I hope this gift will convince my errant daughter that my apologies to you are sincere, and that I didn’t mean any truly debilitating harm to a lovely creature like yourself.
With my full regards,
Countess Dimitrescu
“Creepy.” You say to no one and through the letter back on the table.
You take the lid of the box and are met with a mountain of velvet. Beneath the lilac layers is a set of teacups and a finely filigreed book. The book is an 1898 version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which is a little on the nose, considering the Dimitrescu family history.
The teacups though are too large for you, more like a soup cup than anything, painted delicately on each of the sides are birds. One depicts a duck, another a hummingbird, and another a kingfisher. They’re a little impractical, especially since you don’t drink tea, but they are lovely.
Hidden in one of the teacups is a bundle of duck fluff and feathers and a small portrait of a very happy duck in a finely made suit.
You decide to treat the teacups like a white elephant, because they are no doubt expensive, and you want to have them sit around for a little bit before you use them. The book is even worse to look after, because you have no idea how to keep it pristine and end up keeping it along with the duck portrait in the box.
Thursday rolls through with a lazy breeze and light snow. It’s spring, and the icicles on your windows are a little smaller than they were yesterday. Maxwell comes by practically glowing, and he spends the walk to work gushing over his boyfriend. They went a town over to have lunch, where the place was built half in the woods and half out of it.
You’re barely into the rhythm of work before you’re swamped. It is nice to be able to do something again, that isn’t scratch your cheek and watching the same series for the fourth time, so despite the heavy work load you find yourself smiling.
Today must be a special day too, because Alcina walks in around one, wearing a perfect purple pantsuit and sleek black and red heels. She seems surprised to see you, and her smile is more genuine than she usually directs at other people.
“You’re better.” She says by way of greeting, leaning forward more so than usual as she stands at the counter.
“I am!” You smile, straightening your apron, “Your usual today?”
Her chest gives a little peep. You peek lower than you usually would and see a duckling in the fold of her jacket, its beak peeking between her fingers. Alcina clears her throat, her smile a little more sheepish, “That was a yes.”
Her duck peeps again and she remains by the counter, watching you make the drinks.
“Archibald,” You hear her admonish quietly, her voice thick and disappointed, “That is very naughty, young man.”
Archibald peeps quietly again, and it sounds cheeky. You glance over and see Archibald held to her eye level, her lips pursed, and eyes narrowed.
“Are you taking it to go?” You ask after a second, not sure if interrupting is rude or not.
“No,” She says calmly, at odds with the face she gives her duckling, “Here is fine.”
You look at her a second longer, the way her face isn’t drawn or tight. Alcina languidly strokes the top of Archibald’s head, and she seems calmer than the last time you say her.
She catches your eye, “Yes?”
“Oh, nothing.” You smile and she looks away.
“I wanted to ask a question.” Alcina says as she comes up to pay.
“Yes?” You reply.
“Would you accompany me to an event this weekend?”
You deposit the money into the till. You weren’t, precisely, busy. Being cooped up at home for the week with nothing to do meant that you had powered through your household chores. Archibald, as if he could sense you debating, waddled towards you on the counter and shook his little tail feathers. He was from a large breed, almost twice as large as your hand, and he nudged at your fingers until you pet him gently.
“If it’s on Saturday, then yes.” You say.
Her fingers shook for a second and her voice was smooth as cream as she whipped a pair of black glasses onto her face. “Excellent. I’ll pick you up at ten on Saturday?”
“From the store,” You say quickly.
Alcina scooped Archibald into her hands, “Yes! Yes, of course.”
You gave her the receipt. “I’ll see you Saturday then.”
“Yes, Saturday.”
She strode from the store more quickly than you’ve ever seen her move. You looked at Maxwell and he looked at you before cracking a smile.
“Holy shit.” He laughed, “She asked you out.”
“I guess she did.” You say lightly.
He wiggled his eyebrows. “Somebody has a crush.”
You flip him off.
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ivyandink · a month ago
Hi new followers 👋
Going to take this moment to flex my new ✨about ✨ page, if any of u want to creep and/or see a cute photo of my cats who are also brothers
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uniquevocashark · 2 months ago
Snippet for coffee au part 1
"You're better." She says by way of greeting, looming over you as she stands at the counter.
"I am!" You smile, "Your usual today?"
Her chest gives a little peep. You look down and see that she is holding her ducks against her chest. One had tumbled into her hand, its beak peeking between her fingers. Alcina clears her throat, but can't hide her smile, "That was a yes."
Instead of sitting though, Alcina stays by the counter, watching you make her tea and the caffeinated milk for her ducks.
"Archibald," you hear her whisper while you're turned away, "that was very silly young man."
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misscrazyfangirl321 · 2 months ago
did u ever write any fanfic for the mentalist? ✟☕
I cannot BELIEVE I never answered this ask!!! Yes, I did, although I probably won’t ever share it in a public space. I haven’t touched that fanfiction account in so long... I was very young and had a very odd sense of morality back then, so some of my fics are very strange, and are going to hang out in 2011 where they belong. 
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uniquevocashark · 2 months ago
Posting an updated version of my coffee shop AU to ao3 soon!
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farahblack · 2 months ago
Todd opens the door to the office.
His eyes are immediately assaulted by pinkredwhite. Everything is covered in various heart-shaped paraphernalia -- confetti, garlands, pillows. In the middle of it all stands Dirk, grinning eagerly, dressed in pink and white and clutching a box of chocolates to his chest. He has a rose between his teeth.
Todd closes the door.
“Wait! Todd, no, come back--!” Dirk says from behind the door, words garbled. Todd hears him spit out the rose.
Todd closes his eyes. Pinches the bridge of his nose and tries not to let his face burn. He sinks his teeth into his lip and counts to ten.
“Todd? Do you not like it?”
“Can you come out here?” he says, voice tense. Dirk sounds the slightest bit disheartened and Todd forces in a deep breath. “I’m not angry, just -- please.”
“Yes, of course, let me just--”
He hears Dirk’s footsteps, further away and then closer to the door, until he’s pushing it open and slipping against the wall beside Todd. Dirk frowns at him.
“Is everything-- I mean, did you-- Are you alright?”
“Yeah,” Todd says, carefully. “I--appreciate, the gesture. It was just...”
“Too much?”
Todd tilts his head acquiescence. “It was very -- bright. And loud. The colors were...” he searches for the right word.
“A lot?”
Dirk nods. He fiddles with the end of his tie -- which is patterned with anatomical hearts, to Todd’s unsurprise -- and slouches a bit towards Todd. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think.”
“It’s alright,” Todd feels the need to reassure him. Dirk glares. “Okay, so, maybe it’s not. But it’s not your fault. You didn’t know. I’ve just--” he sighs. “I’ve had a long day.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Dirk, it’s fine. I -- I appreciate the thought. It was... nice of you. It’s just a bad time.”
“Still.” Dirk holds out his hand, palm up, like a gentleman. Todd huffs out a reluctant laugh. “Would you like to go for hot cocoa, then? I hear the coffee shop down the street is selling red velvet lattes.”
“Red velvet lattes?”
“I have no idea. I haven’t tried one. You in?”
Dirk wiggles his fingers. Todd rolls his eyes, fondly, and tangles their hands together.
The red velvet latte is disgustingly sweet, and Farah leaves four angry voicemails to each of their phones about the mess in the office. Dirk leans over the table and kisses Todd’s cheek, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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lady-latte · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey Anon! You sound like a lovely person- and I gotta say, Hawaiian shirts are the best 😎. (I am so sorry for what took so long pls forgive me) I hope you enjoy your matchup!
Tumblr media
I match you up with Samwise Gamgee!
It was a beautiful warm day in the Shire. There wasn’t a cloud in sight as the sun shined down on the bustling hobbits. Laughs were shared between friends and baked goods were traded. Children running around, tripping over their feet as they played tag.
This was the norm here in the shire, always oh so lively and as sweet as summertime strawberries. Yet this time around, there’s a slight... bite on the tip of the tongue. A stranger is visiting, one who they’ve never seen before. And that stranger is you.
You don’t live too far from the shire, just over the hill, across the river. You decided to explore the surrounding forest when you stumbled upon the hobbits. It was a honest mistake, but one you soon wouldn’t regret.
As you were exploring the cute town you found Samwise Gamgee tending to a garden. It was filled of peonies, tulips, roses and many more sweet smelling flowers. The arrangement was beautiful, each flower was delicately placed into the soil, as if the gardener had such great passion for the art.
You couldn’t help but compliment the young hobbit on his skills. Causing a bright red blush to appear on his cheeks.
That was just the beginning of yours and Samwise’s relationship. It started out as a soft friendship, later blossoming into a strong and sweet partnership.
Samwise is also a bit guilty of providing for others. It’s in a hobbits nature. So when you two first started courting, it was a bit rough trying to work your guys around that issue. But eventually it became a routine, taking turns on task on who gets to do what. Sometimes it even becomes a challenge as to who could be the most chivalrous in one day.
Dates between the two of you are casual yet so soft. From spending hours in the kitchen, cooking meals and desserts. To sitting in the garden; doing your respective hobby. Samwise tending to the plants, and you leaned against a large tree, reading.
Sam completely understands that you sometimes tend to run your mouth. Especially against others who deserve it or when someone mouths off about your cooking. Especially your cooking. This man is in the same boat as you. He’s all about food, 7 course meals everyday on the dot. And mouths off to those who dare hate on it. (I mean did you see the scene of him sassing Gollum about potatoes?? What a man.)
Samwise finds your clothing style to be unique! From the coziness of your turtlenecks, large scarves to Hawaiian shirts. Due to your love of those items, he took up a hobby of knitting! Each time he gifts you one, the surprise and happiness on your face makes him fall in love with you so much more.
The way Samwise confessed his love for you was so so sweet and innocent. He took the flowers he grew himself from the garden and arranged a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Each flower had its own meaning.
Iris’s to convey that the bouquet has a message intertwined in the petals. Deep red tulips as a declaration of love. Baby’s breath to soften and ferns add sincerity to the words.
The blush on his cheeks were accompanied with the bouquet, he was shy and nervous to hear your reaction. But all doubt and worry disappeared when you placed a kiss to his cheek, whispering the words to him.
Thank you @sunflower1000 for helping me with some wording. And dealing with me fangirling while researching flower language 😌
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lady-latte · 3 months ago
La Douleur Exquise
(n.) the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable
Human x Elf!Reader
The gift of men is a double-edged sword, leaving a bitter taste on ones tongue.
A/N: So uh, this was supposed to be something completely different but I didn’t have an outline and accidentally ended up with this monstrosity. This was written at 2am bear with me lol
Tumblr media
The night sky is always oh so beautiful. How the moon glows brightly, illuminating the kingdom. And silver stars wink down at the sleeping children. The tears of fallen angels fly across the sky, granting the sweetest wishes of lovers.
A chilly breeze flows around trees and through their golden leaves. Weaving it’s way around the sculpted white pillars; seeping under the cracks of doors and windows.
The halls are quiet, not a single word is whispered in fear of waking the unknown. Oh but for the unknown, is the known. Who wanders during the witching hour. For the quiet brings relief and comfort; yet ignites a pain of loneliness.
Their footsteps are light, guiding them through the empty corridor; towards the edge of a balcony. A sigh just barely audible leaves their lips, a puff of a cloud appearing- only to vanish.
They stood there, watching the stars; yearning for the day they will be free. Free from their heartache, and the numbness in their limbs.
They pray- they plea to the Valar for mercy. To spare them from the pain. But there is no reply, not even a single glance in their direction. Ignoring the hot tears streaming down their face.
No, the Valar won’t help. For their lover was not born of the stars and to be pure. They were human, a race who were named the inscrutable, the self-cursed. For they were given the gift of men. To never be tethered to Arda.
It was considered a blessing to the Elven-kin who wish for peace. Yet a curse, to those who fall in love with a human. To love a human, is to call upon the devil himself. To ensnare their heart and never let go; to suffer in silence. They watch their loves’ strength fade and bodies wither. Their proud eyes become glazed of grey, lashes fluttering as they take their last breath. Falling into an eternal sleep.
The pain of losing the love of your life is indescribable. Knowing that they will never lie their eyes upon the stars again. To feel the breeze on their skin; dancing and singing amongst the flower fields. They will never taste the kiss of life once more; holding so desperately onto them.
To lose your love, is to lose yourself in sorrow. Never to see the light in the world again.
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lady-latte · 3 months ago
(n.) running your fingers through the hair of someone you love
Lindir x Reader
After spending days working on a project, Lindir takes care of you.
A/N: This wasn’t requested but I needed a break from matchups cause brain go hurr. This is v self-indulgent.
Tumblr media
A loud thump echoes throughout the dark study. Followed by a heavy sigh from you. You’re hunched over the dark oak desk, trying to rub the sleep from your eyes.
Lord Elrond entrusted you with an important task. One that had a strict deadline, which only made it more stressful. There was still a few days till then, but you were determined to get it done before the date. Even if it meant losing sleep.
Your husband, Lindir, wasn’t quite happy about your decision. Every time he checked up on you, he’d find you stressed; dark eye bags prominent on your face and sickly pale from the lack of eating. He worries greatly for your health. Yet no matter how much he begs for you to get some rest, you resist.
A groan escapes your lips as you lie your head down. Relief flooding your body when your eyes finally close.
‘Maybe a few minutes wouldn’t hurt’ you thought.
Those few minutes became a few hours and when you awoke. You found yourself in bed with a thick blanket covering your form. The warmth was comforting, blocking out the cool breeze from the open windows.
Despite sleeping for so long, you still felt so exhausted. Your eyes were drooping, and your limbs felt like lead. A hum then a voice is heard beside you, breaking the silence.
“Good morning, my love”
Shifting in bed to lie on your side, you look up at Lindir. Your words slurred and voice thick, “mm, morning.”
Lindir can’t help but laugh softly at your sleepy state. Pure adoration in his eyes as he combs his fingers through your hair.
“Rest some more, Meleth Nin. I’ll stay by your side.”
His words repeated in your head; a small, content smile on your face as he lulled you back to sleep.
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