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#lan zhan
gnashingteef · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
LWJ and WWX are my current brain rot. Catch me crying in the corner.
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the-fairest-sex · 6 hours ago
lan zhan  🤝 lan xichen
autistic twin jades who hyperfixate on their demonic cultivator significant others
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laowen · 6 hours ago
basically, mo xuanyu used a spell that would summon a spirit into his body in exchange for a final wish (revenge). he summons wei wuxian into his body (mo xuanyu is gone now, he'll never come back) and now wei wuxian has to figure out what he wanted or he'll... get yeeted out of that body i suppose. mxy wanted his family to die, but wwx is summoned at a critical moment where a ghost ends up taking care of that work for him. now wwx has to figure out what that ghost wants, and where its body is
ohhhhh!!! okay. i did understand half of it. thank you for filling in the gaps, makes sense!
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neko-bunny · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Link to original tweet
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princess-anna-croft · 7 hours ago
Did your guys Know that Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are participating in a competition and if they get 1° and 2° place they gonna be together in a stage again? Go to "you poll me most asian" and vote for them.
Tumblr media
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tangledinmdzs · 8 hours ago
move - mdzs character hcs
wangxian as your dance teachers/partners, a dance au of sorts
☆♬○♩●♪✧♩  ♩✧♪●♩○♬☆
Wei Wuxian
“it’s in the hips, remember?”
you take in a deep breath, a focused half sigh as you let Wei Wuxian’s hands guide the movement of your hips from your waist down
his hands don’t linger on you for long,
because he’s a professional, 
and easily moves on to the next student
when his hands are off of you, you find your movements are less fluid, more stuck on the beat than the rhythmic feel that you had just managed to get
and you hate how you just can’t dance as much, or as well as you like 
when you are not under his attention
perhaps it was just the dance style,
because this was tango dancing
and you always needed a partner
when you’re paired with another friendly face from the class, Wen Ning he goes by, both of you are more or less tripping over your own feet
but it’s fun with him because you both aren’t too serious about it
you’re too busy smiling at Wen Ning 
to notice the way that your dance teacher, is scrutinizing the both of you
maybe it’s because you’re not dancing correctly
or maybe it’s something else
☆♬○♩●♪✧♩  ♩✧♪●♩○♬☆
Lan Wangji
dancing with Wangji is about as easy as breathing
you’ve both been partners for long enough 
that you know the other person well
and even though you don’t have half as much as experience as him,
you’ve  learn a lot through your dance experiences with him
and besides
he’s still a good teacher to you 
and you’re usually a good student
but for some reason, you just can’t catch one another’s pace just like the routine that you are practicing tonight
you huff an annoyed sort of half grunt when you fall onto your butt from the spin that and Wangji had been working on and sit there
you pout, sweat dripping down your temple, making some nice shadows on your tank top
“break?” Wangji asks you lowly,
you both have been here for hours anyways,
even the owner had left the studio keys for you both to close up when you’re done
because everyone knows
that when you wanted to get down a routine
it was hard to convince you to stop
“sokay, let’s take it from the 1 minute mark again,” you tell him, pushing yourself up to stand 
you’re readying yourself for the music to start, but you’re surprised by the grasp that you feel on your wrist
you turn to look at Lan Wangji, raising an eyebrow at him
“i’m tired,” Wangji tries, tells you and you just huff a laugh at him
“then take a break, i’ll turn on the music myself then-”
before you can go to the stereo, Lan Wangji grabs your arm again, pulls you down to solidly sit on the floor with him
he lays down on the cool wooden floor of the dance studio, and you sit, stubbornly beside him because his hand is still wrapped around your wrist
you sit and take a break like he asks, 
but you break lasts about 5 mins
and you want to get up to dance again
but Lan Wangji proves that he knows you very well,
when he simply tugs on your wrist again
beckoning you to lay down next to him
and even though you’re itching to feel the rhythm of the music in your movements
when you lay down next to him,
you’re surprised at the contentment that you find there
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incorrect-untamed · 9 hours ago
WWX: ask me why i love you.
LWJ: Wei Ying, why do you love me?
WWX: *pulls out 20 page essay and a slide show* I’m so glad you asked!
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the-nonchalance-draws · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Don’t mind me crying, I’m still trying to figure out his face
Help a jobless artist: commissions are open and you can support me on ko-fi with just a small donation! (And get a digital sketch as a thank you!) also reblogs are free and are the best way to reach more people that may be interested so, if you like my work please reblog 🥺
Song: Starry Night
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zoenoel123 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
translation: you have $ 100 to create your team, and the rest will try to kill you                                                                                                                                     repost and tell me who your team is / vuelve  a publicarlo y dime cual es tu equipo 
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daayylan · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What is your reaction when you find your ex-boyfriend in the least expected place?
Yes, the reaction of both of you is valid, it's been 5 years in which neither of you have seen each other since that break up.
Damn it someone say something!
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wangxian-on-repeat · 11 hours ago
Lan Wangji: Are you getting sleep?
Wei Wuxian: What? Why are you asking?
Lan Wangji: That's your third cup of coffee and you've been staring at the wall for ten minutes.
Wei Wuxian: First of all, that's normal behavior.
Wei Wuxian: Second of all, sleep is for the weak -
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waanjai-wangxian · 11 hours ago
Chapter 3 : A new start
The new couple were too engrossed in each other that they became oblivious to their surrounding. The sun was already down and everyone were already heading home.
Maybe for being ignored for too long wei ying's stomach growled very loudly startling both of them. It was only then that lan Zhan noticed how sickly thin wei ying was. After finding wei ying he was too busy conveying his feeling that he totally forgot about other things.
Lan Zhan then took a look at wei ying and his heart literally broke at the sight. Wei ying's body so thin that the bones were all visible. His legs were covered with wounds and dog bites. His face was sallow and pale. He look like he would pass out any moment.
Feeling lan Zhan's gaze wei ying gave him a timid smile.
"Lan Zhan I'm fine. It's just that I haven't eaten in a while. And these wounds don't hurt anymore, I have already applied some medicine. Don't worry. "
Lan Zhan just stared at him and then took out his qiankun bag. He then proceeded to take out some dumplings, medicines, clothes and a container containing water. He gave the dumplings to wei ying.
"Eat. "
I love you lan Zhan. You brought food for me to eat. I was so hungry. "
Lan Zhan then pulled wei ying's leg making wei ying yelp .
"lan Zhan what are you doing. "
Lan Zhan didn't answer him instead proceeded to tear the pants that wei ying was wearing. He then started to wash the wounds with water. After the wounds were cleaned he started to put medicines on them. He heard wei ying whimper due to pain. He made sure to put them as gently as possible. After the leg wounds were properly bandaged he looked up to see whether wei ying had finished eating or not.
Wei ying on the other hand was busy getting coddled. He loved how lan Zhan indulged him with love and care. He had a contented and satisfied smile on his face.
He felt someone clean his cheeks with a handkerchief. Don't pick on his bad table manners at the moment after all he had been starving for a week.
Finished? " lan Zhan asked and he bobbled his head.
Lan Zhan took his hands and started to clean them too. Wei ying could do nothing but stare at his lover. Lan Zhan may have become small just like him but his aura had not changed even a little bit. His focused face was still very adorable and lovely. Plus those chubby cheeks really made him want to pinch and kiss them. He was pretty sure they would be soft and squishy.
Lost in his thought he didn't even notice that his hands had already been bandaged. He was brought back from his day dream when he felt lan Zhan calling his name.
"wei ying?"
"huh... What did you just say"
"ha... Lan Zhan can you repeat again I think my ears are buzzing. "
After a few moments later wei ying who was now red from head to toe shouted
" shameless Lan Zhan. How could you be so bold and forward, telling me to undress when the sun has not even gone down. I know you have been holding on for many years but to tell me to undress when there are still people passing by us is outrageous..............And u have the audacity to call me shameless."
Lan Zhan's ears were now tinted with a deep red. He never would have thought that wei ying will misunderstand his words. After all they are still kids right now. But he really did underestimate his lover's imagination. He kept quiet and did not correct his lover instead he gave the new set of clothes to wei ying.
Seeing the clothes wei ying was first confused then seconds later he was filled with embarrassment. He was mortified knowing that he had just made a joke out of himself. He hurriedly took the clothes without meeting lan Zhan's eyes.
Aiyo.... U should have said something lan Zhan. I made a mockery out of myself. How embarrassing.... How will I ever have the face to look at u now. "
Wei ying hid his face with his hands not daring to look at Lan Zhan. He was ashamed and embarrassed to the point that he would not have the guts to look at lan Zhan forever.
The tone in which he said his grievances showed that wei ying was sulking. Presented with such a childish and cute reaction of his lover lan Zhan couldn't help but smile a little.
"wei ying doesn't have to worry about such trivial accidents. I should have made myself clear from the start. And even if you ever did something wrong or shameful I will never judge you. For I have loved you with all of your flaws and imperfections. "
Listening to such sweet words how could wei ying not bear to look at his lover. His peeked from between his fingers to look at lan Zhan's reaction. A small smile had adorned lan Zhan's face. Even though wei ying knew that the smile was because of his actions he could help but feel giddy with happiness. He had a small pout on his face probably trying to act like he was mad at lan Zhan.
"Hmph... Your lying to my face. I'm not blind I can see the smile you have on your face."
" It's because wei ying is very adorable and I couldn't help but smile."
Wei ying felt his ground shaking. He stared at lan Zhan not able to comprehend how those words left his lover's mouth. He had never thought, even in his wildest dreams that lan Zhan could sweet talk like that.
"Ooh heart. Lan Zhan how can you say something like that with such a straight cute face. You should have warned me. " Wei ying proceeded to say this with his hands pressed near his heart and a dramatic fall.
Lan Zhan just smiled at his lover's antics and held him properly in his embrace. Wei ying put his head in lan Zhan's shoulder and said a silent I love you...
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