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#lads it was a trip
graveyardrabbit · a day ago
driving through the California Central Valley is just like
The highway does not end
The almond orchards do not end
The yellowing grassland ends at the hills
There is nothing behind the hills but the sky
The heat steals the moisture from your breath and the dust steals the moisture through your skin
Pray For Rain
At some point, monotony becomes its own horror
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bubblecarr · 11 days ago
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rubberbandballqueen · a month ago
if i ever had a question for the mcelroys it would be “if there’s a disease with a major symptom being diarrhea, would a person with chronic constipation be looking for diarrhea or regular stool if they suspected they had caught it”
#it came to me on the shitter and i was like 'too bad yahoo answers is gonna die soon this feels like a mbmbam q'#but then halfway through writing this i was like 'wait a second. sawbones and *dr.* sidnee mcelroy'#in other news i have been coughing ever since i got back from my parents' trip so i've been monitoring my sense of smell#and taste and it's been pretty good but i checked the shampoo after washing my hands and lads i could not smell it#which is concerning bc this morning i could smell it and i could taste my sour patch kids#but it's somehow vanished over the course of the day so. worrying. no fever that i'm aware of#not even really sure whom i could have caught it from if it's the plague?#but i'm really glad i wrote a MASK ALL THE TIME even when we were HIKING OUTDOORS#bc the first minor hacks were coming on the last day on the road so it probably would have been incubating the entire trip if plague#idk my dad's been vaccinated for a while now and he says he's been kinda having a dry cough in the morning too#and it's not like a huge phlegmy phlegm cough either it's mostly a dry cough which is frustrating but it reminds me to hydrate#and my mom who has also recently received her second dose hasn't been coughing either so. we'll see#i had my dad cancel my eye doctor appt today but he made me come along to best buy for the phone repairs#he was like 'eh you're not coughing that much as long as you don't cough they won't know'#which like. hello???? bc i told him i didn't wanna go bc even if it's just a cold i don't wanna just go into public COUGHING that's so RUDE#the worm speaks
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deadtedkord · 4 months ago
lmao @ star trek enterprise having t’pol and trip doing ‘vulcan massage therapy’ and implying its somehow ~sexy~ or romantic when it literally comes across as two gay best friends having a depressed bitch sleepover where they paint each others nails and dish about archer. no i will not elaborate❤️
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An antique looking, small golden tortoise figure is placed in a glass case wrapped in a ribbon. A small note is placed on top of it that reads: "Happy birthday Silver! My, you are growing bigger over the days now! I remember when you used to be a wee lad... This is a souvenir I once bought from a trip to the East and tortoises are known to be one of the many symbols of longevity, so I shall gift you this tortoise as a prayer that you will live a long and fulfilled life. - L.V."
Tumblr media
Silver expelled a breath. It’s just like him to pick out something like this.
Silver didn’t have an eye for detail, but even he could tell the tortoise was intricate in its design. It had a hefty weight despite its small stature—solid gold, he presumed—and several markings, carving out skin folds, a shell pattern, and even waves lapping at its feet. Foreign characters decorated the tortoise’s shell—none of which Silver could read, but he was certain that his father could.
He plucked up Lilia’s card and slowly ran his eyes over it. At the first few lines, he couldn’t help but chuckle. His father had a tendency to ramble about his travels, spinning stories and telling tales to amuse young Silver late into the night. Even in writing, that trait of his carried through.
How innocent those those times were. Silver recalled them fondly—nestled in his comforter by candlelight while his father sat beside him, weaving fantastical tales. No storybooks required, only his skilled tongue and well-traveled mind.
Never once had Lilia left his side—at least not until Silver’s lids had grown heavy and, at last, drifted shut.
But that was a long time ago.
No longer was he that starry-eyed child.
Silver read the rest of his father’s note. Upon finishing, dread settled in his core. A harsh reminder set in: that his father would, inevitably, outlive him.
I shall gift you this tortoise as a prayer that you will live a long and fulfilled life.
So they could spend as long as possible together. Hand in hand, father and son. Not of the same flesh, but with a bond as strong as than blood ties.
Silver knew.
He knew of the ending awaiting them.
And still, he pushed those thoughts away.
“Birthdays are no time to waste on negativity. Let’s spend this precious time happy!” Lilia would tell him. “Don’t cry because it’s to be over, Silver. Smile because you lived it, and experienced life, with me.”
So he did.
Silver smiled.
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readjapanesemanga · 2 days ago
There are various other techniques
Tumblr media
Bicycle racing is my favorite sport!!
A story of beauty game manga complies with a young child who located his real love in bicycle racing. It's a great sporting activity story and also inspiration for anyone that enjoy sports. It's about Sakamichi Onoda, an otaku ends up being an unintended bikers and also discovered that he is extremely curious about the world of high school bike auto racing.
It's not only the advertising image yet rather just how the personalities are made. Besides Sakamichi, leading character and also virtually every supporting has a level of fit kind. It doesn't require a genius to exercise that he's a beginner. There's something that makes Sakamichi draw in focus with his brain. That possibility leads him to join the core group of the program starring people of all angles, the Souhoku High Bicycle Club.
beauty game manga constructs paths for our personalities. The conference isn't anything head beating but strikes at a little passion. After all, both looks absolutely nothing furthermore based on appearances as well as their styles. The lad with red hair, Naruko, has a zealous fire with a competitive nature in sporting activities. Sakamichi is the lad with otaku fire with an obsessional nature in anime. Get the picture? Nevertheless, the episode outlining their setting up emphasizes an opportunity for Sakamachi. In hindsight, Sakamichi produces a perception that a number of people may of not originally anticipated.
Contrasting to personalities for instance Shunsuke Imaizumi, this seems overkill. Shunsuke is presented as orderly thinker and also like the professor of biking, understanding the essence of the video game. Desire as well as his competitiveness does not have any kind of boundary. Attracting from competitions typically brings the best of a personality out. In this series, it does that characters that are easily with the way contend whether it would certainly be a dispute of satisfaction or beneficial competitions. At the overriding of the story, Sakamichi radiates with sparkle. For a show in this way, personality building is significant and the emphasis is determined to bring in rate of interest. The competitive setup highlights that focus with obstacles the personalities must beat both psychologically as well as physically. These challenges ranges from a simple steep slope to ruining motorbike injuries which might cause possible departure for the characters. This actually is enlarged to sustaining characters as well and also matches of the Souhku High Bicycle Club. The success below is the reality that the program includes representation on them with flashbacks that are intelligent as well as well timed scenarios. It absolutely makes its point throughout to disclose exactly what the character needs and want to achieve. Representation becomes a substantial function of the show and also I'm completely excited by its very own elements.
There's musuko ga kawaikute shikataganai mazoku no hahaoya manga furthermore a market for sports collection that doesn't ought to be distinct to set itself apart. The grab for this particular beauty game manga is the truth that cycling can be transformed by it right into a kind of art work. Their capabilities are brought by personalities creatively during contests with their outstanding designs of capacities. Included in these are several trademark actions Makishima's spider boost, like Naruko's rocket sprint, Midousuji's leaning fashion, Tadokoro's bullet train that is human, amongst others. Possible is one word that attracts people's focus although he mightn't be a natural born player. As a journeyman, Sakamichi positions himself as a partner of Souhoku High Bicycle Club with each other with a few of the primary personalities. His opportunity is drawn out by his interaction with characters particularly throughout training camp. Sakamachi is creating character with his spirit, when he trips up that incline. We would certainly like to recognize his growth as he handles obstacles which are apparently hopeless. He must determine options to problems that are difficult where they're actual, not like those in the anime world he pertained to embrace.
It's additionally mentioned that competition on a regular basis draws the very best of someone out. After all, opposition has benefits, evaluations, as well as aims to make us reach as well as recognize. Despite playing with parts of supporting characters, a number of them actually takes a look at the Souhoku High Bicycle Club. Several of them have actually dynamics concentrated on their personalities with intelligent use of flashbacks. It connects with the narrative to bring advancement forth. It's not just their gimmicks yet their nature which will certainly draw passions for target market out. This rate of interest results in competitions and relationships to draw out the greatest of the best.
In addition, there are various other techniques to check out this beauty game manga manga. From one more angle is the humor that periodically will feel impractical. Focus will be drawn by personalities including Izumida with Akira Midousuji's nightmarish face or his trademark phrase "ABS, ABS, ABS". At exactly the same time, a number of the efforts these bikers does can appear unreal and also superhuman. There's a border that shadows in between reality as well as fiction as the competitions heated each episode and obtains tougher. As well as don't neglect completion adhering to the credit rating song. There's a little gimmicky afterwards offer chuckles for almost everybody. I very recommend this to any individual who's follower of sports and likes reading manga. For more related information, please visit
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ofjesters · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
◇── kit young . CIS-MALE . HE / HIM . wasn’t that FABIEN WEYN walking the palace grounds ? it’s nice to see the server out and about on such a fine day as this. i’ve heard from the court spies that they notoriously INELEGANT , whilst also managing to be HIGH-SPIRITED . the TWENTY-SIX year old is eager to find out who exactly is behind the killings from what’s being said at court. i heard that they themselves ARE vrajiit ( SELF-REPLICATION ). it’s funny, whenever i think of them, i think of the court jester handed a sword , scuffed shoes on tavern tables , smiling ‘til your cheeks hurt . great to see THE JESTER around, isn’t it ?
hi !! it’s kat ( aka basradu ) bringing a much cheekier lad onto the dash . i will be on discord shortly to get back to plotting w you all ( boo work ) but  —  in the meantime — here’s fabien !!
+゚ STATS :
FULL NAME : fabien weyn .
GENDER : cis-male .
AGE : twenty-six .
PLACE OF BIRTH : danruba, walochnia .
SEXUALITY : homosexual . 
PERSONALITY (+) : witty , unfazed , energetic , loyal , humble , quick-thinking, open-minded , earnest , romantic 
PERSONALITY ( - ) : clumsy , loud  , boisterous , informal , unpunctual , reckless , delicate
fabien was born a butchers' son , heir to a legacy of lard and loins . it was as clear from his expression as it was his handling of a knife that he was not going to be naturally gifted in the art of chopping meat .
still , there wasn't much else to do in his small village — bar flirt with the bakers' son — so he persisted .
when his powers surfaced at fifteen , his dear ma and pa could finally breathe again . three fabiens were not better than one ( however much he insisted ) , especially where sharp things and animals were involved .  
fabien's gift is self-replication . he can create up to five duplicates of himself , all able to speak , think , act and feel . the only difference between fabien & his clones is who's left standing when their energy runs out .
the more duplicates, the less amount of time they can stick around . it's why he's never bothered trying to summon more than five , and why an ' army of fabiens ' — as his ma calls them — is out of the question .
fabien made a name for himself in the king's army for all the wrong reasons . he was clumsy , loud , disruptive . too busy flirting with the other soldiers and tripping over his sabatons to develop real skill in battle .
still , five men against one can still do some damage ( and he was a hell of a decoy ) .
when his five years were up , he was kicked out before he could volunteer , sent into the king's kitchens due to his ' previous experience as a butcher’s son . '
the head chef quickly took a dislike to him , but his wit and resilience couldn't be denied sleeping quarters . so long as he kept away from sharp objects and the prize turkeys , he was free to stick around as server - and occasional manservant - to the court .
so far , he has broken 23 plates , 14 goblets and 2 fingers — not that anyone's counting .
tumble in the stables - a casual fling that keeps happening out of nowhere , in various places across the castle : mid-shift in the middle of a feast , behind curtains in empty corridors . either a fwb situation , rivals that make out to relieve the tension , or a budding romance with neither ready ( or aware ) it's happening . 
fire-stopper - you're the calm to his clumsy storm . the pal , common or noble , that tilts his chair forward , pushes his glass away from the edge of the table , and suggests logical solutions to his illogical problems . 
unrequited crush - you've no idea that fabien's staring heart-eyed at you from across the courtyard . that his everyday fumbling is multiplied tenfold when he sees you approach . the rest of the world , however , are well aware , what with him serenading the other kitchen staff with soulful declarations of love over dinner .
merry band of besties - tavern pals, mischief makers and gossipers !! 
fighting coach - fabien can't fight , but he'd like to get better . with danger looming on the horizon , it’s sort of necessary . fabien regularly joins the guards at their tavern table , keeping all entertained with wild and salacious stories , but one day he sits down with a sincere request for you : teach him how to fight , and how to win .
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mlmvoreconfessionals · 2 days ago
Any prompts for cowboy preds? 👀Maaybee with digestion and disposal as well, but that's not a necessity. Thank you!
You’re in luck since digestion + weight gain + disposal is my preferred method of writing about vore. So I’m always happy to do requests including those!
When moving between towns on horseback, most cowboys make sure they have a partner or two on hand for the journey. It’s easier to get a guy that is clearly interested in him, since they’re more likely to say yes when it comes to leaving town to join him. What these guys don’t know is that they’re essentially a walking snack. Once mealtime rolls around and that pudgy middle starts grumbling, the cowboy doesn’t even hesitate to grab the guy he whisked away and devour him with ease. His horse can handle the weight of one or two at a time, and he surely can, too. His stomach will spend the rest of the trip ruthlessly digesting the poor lad, usually leaving him as a pile on top of a campfire from a nightly stop or in an outhouse in whatever town he was heading for. Then the cycle will start again.
Card games in the local saloon always end the same way, no matter what. A group of men will sit down and play. Each time a man loses, he’s devoured by the winner of the round, and they’ll go until only one man is left. Once the final winner is declared, he’ll tip his hat over his eyes, get a final round, and waddle away to process his earnings for the next day or so. If there’s an empty water trough around town, it’s more than likely the cheeky winner will plant his ass right over it to dump off all the losers before heading back to the saloon for another round.
There’s meant to be a code of honor when it comes to a quickdraw duel. 10 paces each, turn and fire. Sometimes a rumbling stomach outweighs that honor though. Most won’t even make it ten paces before being grabbed from behind and devoured whole. A hat will get belched up and the winner of the ‘duel’ will get to go have a drink to celebrate his victory. A good beer always washes down a good meal, after all. Then he can show off his gut around as the man inside of it gets softer and the bulge gets smaller. By the end of the day, the ‘duel’ ends with a pile of dung added to the collection of losers in an outhouse and a few pounds on the waistline. Nothing beats fast fingers like fast jaws.
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thompsborn · 3 days ago
ok i’m late but i got tagged by @theirtheretheyre and @gwendolynejones-stacy for the wip folders ask game !!
thank u for tagging me and i’m sorry for being the slowest person ever but life is literally so hectic rn i’m surprised i have the spare time to breathe but i love ask games like this!! i’m also still debating which ones of yalls wips i wanna send asks about so i’ll probably wait until after work to send them bc i’m uncertain but !!
rules: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Let people send you an ask with the title that most intrigues them and then post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it! and then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
here is my (somewhat edited because some of these are the same wips i’ve had the past year and have made little to no progress on) list:
fuckin ghosts lads
harley loves his mom
hotel for dogs au
post tasm2 spideyflash slowburn because i fucking hate myself
road trip alan watts bullshit
the roller derby fic
thompsborn ya yeet
untitled mcu rewrite
young avengers save the world au
iron man trilogy but canon ironhusbands because im not a god damn coward
i’m not tagging anyone bc i’m late so anyone i feel comfortable tagging probably has already been tagged but if anyone wants to do this then @ you!! do it!! tag me saying i tagged you so i can send asks abt ur wip folder docs!! pls!!!
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mimikyugirl · 3 days ago
Ticket to Ride
-one shot-
.Paul and John go together on a train trip to Paris. .Mclennon.
Tumblr media
Paul and John couldn't stop talking about the trip for weeks. Whenever any matter was redirected to this, all the cushions in the house were thrown at them by George and Ringo, who were already tired of hearing all the details of what they would do in Paris.
They were at home after a long day of taking pictures in the studio. It was an exceptionally hot night and they were sitting in their apartment with the windows letting in a gentle breeze, lulled by the smoke of Ringo's cigarette.
"Do you think that hotel is really good ?", Paul asked thoughtfully, "I don't want to have to share a bed with you again".
He wore a black short-sleeved shirt and was sitting on the couch with the rest of the lads, his arms resting behind his head. John was lying on his lap, his feet were resting on the sofa and he was wearing a black long-sleeved blouse with red pajama pants, despite the heat.
"HERE WE GO AGAIN, GEO, ARE U READY ?", Ringo said impatiently. "What are you talking about, Paulie? Sharing a bed with me would be the highlight of your trip", John replied, putting his hand to his chest with an offended gesture. Ringo was sitting on the floor between them, wearing only black pajama pants and matching socks.
He received John's speech with a forced laugh.
"It's not anyone's highlight, John", he said looking at Paul with amusement, "You always pull all the covers off from me".
"That's right", George added as he joined Ringo, blowing the thick smoke from the cigarette, "Remember Litherland ? You literally kicked me out of bed in the middle of the night".
George, like Ringo, wore only his black pants.
"Shut up Geo", John said, hiding his face in Paul's lap so no one would see him laughing.
"The real problem is dat you weren't Paul, y'know?", Ringo said between the laughs he shared with George, " 'Cause lil'Paulie here is treated like a princess".
Paul already had one hand on his face and was trying to avoid the cushions that George threw at him.
"Oh fo' Christ sakes Ringo, not this again", Paul said.
John was now tickling Paul's belly while laughing loudly saying "Princess!! Mah' little princess".
"That's why we weren't invited to the trip George", Ringo said taking a drag on his cigarette.
"Perfectly, Rings, so as not to disturb the two gentlemen's honeymoon", George said, swirling a cushion in his hands. "That's not right", Paul said, pulling John's hands away from his belly, "You weren't invited because you're the real adults here! Someone needs to stay to answer the calls and make sure George doesn't burn the fuckin' house down".
"...And Ringo snores", John said, reaching for Ringo's cigarette and picking it up, "I don't want to go to Paris to hear you snore, Grandpa".
"But yeah, I think it's a nice room", he added, blowing the cigarette smoke into Paul's face and pulling out an annoyed grimace from the boy, "If not, we can fix it, right?".
"Sure, sure. But have you packed your suitcase yet? 'Cause the last ti ...", Paul had started to say more but was interrupted by one of the cushions thrown by Ringo. "DON'T START AGAIN", Ringo said, throwing himself at John and holding a pillow over his face, "I WILL KILL YOUR TRAVEL FRIEND IF YOU GO INTO THIS TOPIC AGAIN".
Even with the pillow over his face, Paul could her John's laughter and a low cry of "The man has lost it, Paulie! Do something!", While Ringo sat on top of John with the cigarette hanging from his mouth again.
Paul pushed Ringo back to the ground and that's how they spent the night before the trip.
They stayed up late, partly because of the anxiety and partly because John still hadn't packed his suitcase and needed Paul's help to finish it.
They said goodbye to their friends with a tight hug, since they would have to get up very early to arrive at the train station in time.
"Paul, if you accidentally "lose" John over there, it won't be the worst thing in the world", Ringo said with a wink to George, as he hugged Paul.
John, who was literally on their side, slapped the boy on the back of the head.
"I don't think he agrees much, Grandpa", George said, laughing.
The next morning when they left the house carrying their suitcases, the weather was pleasant, the sky was clear and it didn't look like they would need to worry about any random rain along the way.
Paul and John were wearing long black coats and each carried a black leather bag on the side of the body. Under the coat, they had two elegant suits and John wore a matching beret.
They jumped in a taxi at the end of the street, still with plenty of time to catch the train.
The whole idea of ​​the trip came from a birthday present of John. A distant relative had sent him a fair amount of money and since he and Paul always talked about how good it would be to have some time to rest their heads, they arranged a trip to Paris together. All funded by John's gift.
They thought that Paris was the perfect place to feel the freedom they wanted and they spent two weeks unable to talk about anything other than what they would do there.
The taxi ride passed in the blink of an eye and they jumped out of it in front of the station, excited to finally be going to the place they had waited so long for.
Paul asked for instructions from a guard nearby and quickly headed for one of the boarding gates with John.
He was intoxicated by John's energy, he had never seen John so excited about something. He laughed and made jokes all the time, did little jumps of joy and talked all the time about the cool things he had planned for both of them.
As soon as the train arrived at the platform, John was confused by the boarding location and Paul gently showed him the way, guiding him by the waist. They went to show their tickets together and Paul's hands only left John's waist when he climbed the train stairs. John only realized that the touch had happened when it was done, such was his familiarity with Paul's presence.
The train's corridors were small, making them walk crumpled together. John couldn't help but notice how the warm air in them made Paul's hair smell even more intense. He loved the boy's sweet scent and could sometimes know that Paul was approaching just by smelling his perfume.
One of the cabins just in front of them opened quickly and two girls came out, dragging a heavy suitcase. Purely out of reflex, John took one hand and wrapped it around Paul's stomach to pull him back against him.
Paul didn't mind his friend being so close. He felt John's chest rise while breathing and the warm air on his neck. John's presence really made him feel safe all the time.
They stayed there, the two bodies pressed together while the women dragged the suitcase out of the way. John's hand remained pressed against Paul's stomach until the path was clear.
"Should we go in here?", Paul said, turning to look at John.
He was unable to control his eyes, which fell directly on John's lips. They looked soft, slightly curved in an approving smile when John nodded.
As soon as they entered the train cabin, John closed the door and they started to remove their coats.
"'S pretty nice, huh?", John said looking at the chaos of the boarding platform through the window, "We will have a lovely view".
His attention was redirected to Paul, who was standing taking off his blazer and starting to loosen his tie.
"Are ye' going to start to undress now? ", John said, throwing himself in the seat of the train and fixing his gaze on Paul, "I haven't even bought you dinner, love".
John was sitting with his legs spread and his hands resting on his thighs. Paul noticed that John's eyes were fixed on his chest, which was now exposed with his shirt half open.
"Lovely view, indeed", they both tought.
"Shut up, Johnny", Paul said laughing, "I just don't want this bloody tie squeezing me the whole trip".
"Sounds like a good idea", John said as he stood up and started to remove his own tie. He also took off his shoes and beret, revealing his thick brown hair underneath.
As soon as they were comfortable in the cabin, they watched the movement of people around the station, made small talk about the band and faces at the people passing by the window.
The train didn't take long to wake up. The sound of the machinery was intensifying at the same rate as the train rocked his passengers in its constant vibration.
The two took their places, each in one of the opposite seats of the cabin, watching as the landscape slowly began to change through the window. The soft vibration of the train quickly reminded John that they had gone to sleep very late and woke up very early.
"Does this also make you feel like you're in a crib?", Paul asked with his eyes slowly closing, "God, I feel like I haven't slept in twenty years".
John smiled at his friend and stood up to get a pillow for Paul.
"I don't think we were lucky, Paulie", he said, looking at his sleepy friend, "There is no pillow here. You didn't bring any, either, did you?"
"Yes, I did", Paul said and pointed at John, "You?".
John laughed at Paul's request but promptly positioned himself beside him. He sat with his back against the window, leaving one of his legs stretched out on the seat and the other on the floor. Paul lay between John's legs, with his back against John's chest and his head on his shoulder. John's hands wrapped Paul against him, holding the spot just above his waist.
"Are you comfortable like this, love?", John asked softly, his mouth close to Paul's ear. The smell of his hair now tickled John's nose.
Paul was already in a state of semi-consciousness, and responded only with a murmur of comfort. His face, which once held a smile, was already melting into an expression of peace.
It was not long before he let himself be enveloped by the comfort of the train and Paul's weight against him and slipped into a dream. He dreamed that he held Paul and touched him lovingly, until something pulled him out.
A group of girls laughed down the corridor and the loud sound woke them both from the state of calm they were in. The train was still on its way but the landscape had already changed from the gray of the city to the green of the isolated trees. They didn't know how much time had passed, but they were still lying together in the same position. Paul's hands were now wrapped around John's, stroking his fingers shyly. John opened his eyes slowly, enjoying the comfort he felt.
"Paul?", He said, his voice raspy from the sleep.
"I'm awake, love", Paul said with a little clearing of his throat.
John gently slid a kiss on the side of Paul's face, letting his nose burrow into his hair again.
"I dreamed of you", he whispered, "I dreamed that I was touching you. It was quite intense, as if you were having the same dream, y'know? Were you there?".
"I didn't have the same dream, Johnny", Paul said opening his eyes and turning to look at John, "But now, this right here feels a lot like a dream don't you think ?".
John's face was just inches from him. Paul could see the sparkle in John's eyes and his inviting lips.
John looked at Paul's lashes and the way his eyes curved slightly. They were fixed in his mouth and John was sure that Paul was slowly bending over to close the short distance that separated them.
The sound of someone knocking on the door brought them out of their private dream, and Paul stood up quickly. When he opened the door, the cabin was filled with the aroma of hot blueberry muffins and freshly baked bread.
The snack cart occupied the entire corridor and was being pushed by a kind and sweet-talking woman.
"Does anyone want a snack?", the lady asked, "We have cookies too, dear". John got up from his chair, fixing his hair and stretching lazily. "You can stay here, love. I'll get you something," he said to Paul with a wink, moving the boy gently so he could walk through the door.
When John left the cabin, Paul leaned close to the window, letting his eyes wander over the landscape. He was grateful to be there with a person he loved so much and who took such good care of him.
John did not hesitate to plan the trip and promised that Paul would not have to worry about anything.
"You can have all the ice cream you want over there", he had said to Paul during a rehearsal, trying to convince him about the trip, as if it were necessary.
"Even banana milkshake?", Paul asked hopefully.
"If you find banana milkshake in Paris, I'll buy the whole place for you", John replied smiling.
A few minutes passed before Paul was removed from his daydreams by the sound of a knock on the door. He got up quickly and went over there, opening the door and taking a hot cup of coffee from John. He was balancing two cups and small packages of sugar in his hands.
"I spent a long time looking for this sugar. For some reason the cart didn't have it and I had to go to the kitchen", John said, tearing up one of the packages.
John took his place beside Paul in the seat, delicately leaving one of his hands on the boy's leg. He let his eyes linger on Paul's face as he took the first sip of the tea.
Paul took a sip of his coffee and saw that John had taken care to put the exact amount of cream he liked.
"Thanks, love", Paul said returning John's gaze, "It's perfect".
John didn't know if Paul was referring only to the cup of coffee.
Paul didn't know either.
The aura of the train was like running away to a safe place with someone you love, a tight comforting hug, falling in love with your best friend or maybe being so happy that your face hurts from smiling so much.
They stayed together sipping their hot cups, hands alternating between opening the small packages of sugar and the delicate caresses.
For the rest of the trip, until Paris became part of the landscape, their hands were intertwined on the seat while they shared whispers about how they would spend the rest of the first day.
Paul thought it might not be the worst thing in the world to share a bed with John again. In fact, he even thought it was a positive scenario. He was not concerned with the case of John stealing his covers.
Paul knew that John would keep him warm all night if necessary.
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meis-things · 3 days ago
A Certain Night in Winter(Part 1)
Pairing: Dazai x gn! reader
Genre: fluff
Warnings: slight mention of suicide because of Dazai ofc
Tumblr media
"y/n, I wanna take you somewhere" Dazai said looking in your eyes. You two were lying on the couch, with your head resting on his chest and his hand hoding your shoulder. "Right now? Where though?" You said confused by his sudden declaration while watching him as held your face in his hands. "That's a surprise, you'll know when we get there", the lad planted a soft kiss on your cheeks and said, "now get dressed in something warmer" you simply nod trying to guess where he could be taking you at this time.
You hurriedly slipped into warmer clothes and rushed to the front door where you were greated by your chuckling boyfriend who took your hand and guided your way to the car. The whole ride dazai had a genuine smile, that illuminated by the silver moonlight was just breathtaking. You were now staring at him, but he knew it all, snorting a little he looked at you and asked,"staring much" you decided to tease him a little, "well, can't help it you look so gorgeous", you said with a smirk. Dazai was not expecting that and blushed a little at your comment, "really belladonna? Have you seen yourself? And yet you call ME gorgeous" dazai said shrugging off the embarrassment that clearly showed on his cheeks as a rose blush.
After you reached a certain familiar place Dazai hit the brakes "here we are". Dazai took your hand and showed you to a spot to get seated, after you two got comfortable he spoke up, "the starts are beautiful, I just wanted to share this place, this moment of stargazing with you". You gave him a soft kiss on the cheeks and thanked him.You were certain you've been here before, then it all came rushing, this was the spot where you first met your lover.
It was two years ago when you being as clumsy as you are dropped a whole bunch of snacks from your grocery trip, Dazai saw you dropping them, picked them up and returned to you, but you seem to drop other packets as well. Dazai realised that your bag had a hole in it and offered to help you with taking all your belongings home. What a fine gentleman, or so you thought, right after dropping your stuff home he turned to you and asked if you would like to be in a double suicide with him, to which your reaction was just confused, perhaps that cute confused look was what your man fell for, because you certainly took a long time being comfortable around him especially after he asked you for double suicide, but once you did, you realised he really is a good person.
Fast forward to now, you two are a happy couple dating for a year and half, your self that day would have never even thought of dating Dazai, but here you were ready to give your everything to this man.
You were still deep in thought when dazai took your hand and lovingly called out your name, "y/n" you came back to reality, "uh—um yeah" you noticed he was holding your hand and keeping them in front of him to which you blushed. "Y/N, do you remember, when we first met I asked if you would join me for a double suicide?" How could you ever forget that, he continued "but now I'm honestly terrified of the thought of losing you, you are just too precious for me, you are my reason for living" certainly his attempts of suicide went down a lot when you two started dating, now he almost never mentions of suicide. Dazai took a ring out of his coat, "y/n you became the light that guided me to the true and right path, the warmth on the coldest days, the happiness that overcame all my nightmares. Y/N will you marry me".
You were stunned, it took you a moment to process what was going on, staring at the ring, which was quite normal no fancy diamonds or pearls but somehow the second most beautiful thing you've ever seen, first being your Dazai obviously. After being certain he has asked you to marry him you jump and hug him, " Yes yes yes a thousand time Yes, oh my god—is it true" now you were jumping up and down while holding your fiance's hands who was just smiling and as soon as you calmed down held your face in his hands and gave you a small peck on your lips before speaking, "I love you y/n, thank you" blushing a bright shade of red you said, "I love you too Dazai"
Ah this was so hard to write (still it's shit) I almost gave up on this
Anyways, this a a part one of the series 'A Certain Night in Winter' look forward to the next part (which is probably going to be shit again)
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cutesiewooren · 3 days ago
There had been many a time that Blink had considered asking Mush the big question but every time he’d opened his mouth to ask, Mush had simply smiled or had his attention elsewhere, Blink’s cheeks reddening as he’d just admired the boy from where he’d been, Mush absolutely noticing the way he’d practically melted into the door frame on more than one ocassion. 
There had been the night they’d ordered takeout and both he and Mush were mucking about with chopsticks, pretending to be a Walrus or a sabretooth tiger, Blink’s world slowing as Mush smiled in that way he did, chopsticks falling out of his mouth, “Mush?” and he’d swallowed, Mush looking to him with such an endearing look, “yeah?” but Blink couldn’t speak, simply leaning forward and pecking the lad’s lips, making Mush giggle. 
Then there’d been their weekly trip into town for shopping, Mush had practically flew across the car park with a trolley, Blink’s breath taken away at the sheer delight on his face, “hey Mush?!” he’d practically yelled, the lad stopping by the side of the shop, smiling, “yeah?” “I love you” and of course Mush’d made a face but was happy nonetheless, “I love you too” 
Hell, even just waking up beside Mush had Blink want to get down on one knee, having rolled over due to the direct sunlight irritating his eyes, Blink had been nose to nose with Mush who’d been barely awake, mumbling a small, “morning” and so Blink repeated the word, so very heart eyed at the boy who’d lay before him, a hand raised to tenderly thumb his cheek, “hey Mush?” “Mmm?” but again, he couldn’t bring himself to utter the words, simply leaning forward and pressing his lips to Mush’s forehead, Mush’s eyes closing at the sensation, content. 
When the lads had all come over for a barbecue, Mush had been ecstatic, his voice sounding from the garden where he’d been happily singing along to the radio, filling the bird feeders before he’d turned his attention to the table that was set, putting out chairs and at the sight of their friends, Mush had practically glowed with excitement, Blink yet again speechless at how happy he had been, “Mush?”, the boy turning to face him from halfway down the garden, “yeah?” “Don’t ever change” 
When Mush’s parents had come to stay, bringing with them the troublesome two otherwise known as Pippa and Poppy, Blink had near combusted with adoration, Mush on the ground with the two lhaso apso pups. “You really love him” Mrs Meyers pointing out from where she’d been stood behind Blink, Blink nodding, “more than anything”, making the woman smile, a hand on Blink’s shoulder, “he loves you too” she’d spoken before cupping his chin, Blink offering her a smile. And it had taken everything within him for Blink to not pop the question there and then, “Mush?” he’d called out, the boy looking up from where he’d been getting puppy cuddles, “yeah?” but Blink only smiled, biting his bottom lip some, “I love you” 
Now when he HAD popped the question? Barney had been away for the weekend, the two finally deciding to paint the barn, Blink in his dungarees and Mush in pyjama shorts and a cropped hoodie, paint quite literally everywhere, between the ducks and Mrs Nora, cans had been knocked over a few dozen times, so naturally both boys were covered, Blink with a smudged pawprint of turqoise on his cheek, which afterwards, Mush had gently taken his chin, wet cloth to wash it off and just the way he’d smiled, Blink hadn’t even time to think, finally blurting out, “marry me?”, taking Mush by surprise but he’d grinned, nodding enthusiastically. 
( @piratewitch @jaelynn-is-slightly-confused )
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honeytothebee · 4 days ago
I think the point is that Harry did not do more official work than William, he was just “let off the hook” for it because a) he’s not the heir so less was expected of him and b) him being a war hero and seen as floundering after leaving the military. I’m gonna once again mention the Pod Save the Queen double episode around the Pakistan trip and SA documentary where Richard Palmer admits that yes, Harry did not work more than William but the press let him get away with it because of the above reasons. They basically wanted to be nice to him, because hearing Richard saying things like “sometimes Harry’s CO didn’t know where he was, he didn’t show up for work” during the last year(s?) of his military service shows that the press knows more than they let on. But I remember these things being reported on at the time, that Harry left the military because he didn’t want to sit the exam for Major and/or he didn’t get along with his new CO, it just became forgotten under the “War Hero Harry”-PR push that the palace put out.
And Harry had a lot of nice PR done to him during William and Kate’s “down” years because of his eh, embarrassing behavior. So, the press and the people rolled with Harry being in the front and while imo that was a mistake from KP, it was also a choice they made in order to protect the privacy/family life of William and Kate. In hindsight, they could’ve found a better balance. And Harry shouldn’t ever have been allowed to break free of CH together with William, but I understand why it was done at the time.
I enjoyed those episodes of Pod Save.
There was ENTIRELY too much press attention on Harry for many years, but it wasn’t all palace media strategy. How much content can you get out of a couple who likes to spend their quiet evenings ordering curry and watching box sets? Not a lot, except when they go out to the pub or have a baby or something. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But hey, there’s the brother over here who gets wild! He’s a war hero! He plays strip billiards in Vegas! Such a lad!
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seatraiin · 4 days ago
Gemini for the Constellation asks!
Gemini - What inspired you to write this project?
I was struck by In Evergreen Dusk pretty much out of the blue (on Mother’s Day of last year, exactly!! my lad is just over 1 year old!!), but looking at the fully formed idea now I definitely see that it’s just a collision of a lot of my favorite concepts, as well as something I was super obsessed with at the time-- as the worst part of COVID in my state was bouncing around last year, I couldn’t stop thinking about how quickly I was growing up and how soon childhood would be fully over. 
Zephyr I actually stole from a dark-academia-esque story I was writing with a couple of online friends that eventually sputtered out. To be honest, I prefer In Evergreen Dusk by quite a lot anyway and also writing with other people just makes me mean. Sorry Ember and Sarah, if you’re somehow reading this!
Sebastian was taken from a specific friend/relationship of mine that was weird a while ago but more normal now. I distorted that to the breaking point and transplanted it onto my poor dear Zephyr <33
Grace and Jade are just two girls I wish I could kiss but am also highly afraid of.
But genuinely speaking, IEG draws in fully to my obsession with transitional states: childhood and adulthood, living and dead, and country to country with the train. A general sense of melancholy is another theme in my work that is definitely deeply present in In Evergreen Dusk. 
Also, I was just fully projecting my wish to go on a train trip across Europe <33 It will never happen to me probs but I hope my lads enjoy it 
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apricuscity · 5 days ago
Revolution Day Hecaball Exhibition!
Tumblr media
Greetings Apricus! Augustine Cornelius Eckerman here, and for the first time I have a co-commentator. Say hello to Mayor Lowell!”
Tumblr media
“Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to be here. I hope you’ve been enjoying Revolution Week thus far. Tonight we’ve got a special treat for all you Hecaball fans! It’s a special exhibition match involving one player from each team in the league!”
Tumblr media
“Please give a warm welcome to Van Marigold, M. Night, BonBon “Bonnie” Bluebell, Talutah "Tally" Silverman, and Jamie Baskerville! Team Cerberus!”
“Now please welcome Lapis Hamelin, Jae Aryl, Auburn, Safyra Draco, and Sunny "Ling-Ling Bang" Wukong! Team Minotaur!”
Tumblr media
“Now, this is not a full length game. We’ll only be playing for half the time. If overtime is required it will be played under the one on one rules. That being said, let’s kick this thing off shall we!” 
“Cerberus will start with the ball..AND WE’RE OFF! Some nice footwork from Marigold. Bonnie making her way to the outside and she’s pursued by Wukong. Marigold with a pass to Silverman who OH runs straight into Auburn. Auburn with the ball, making her way back to the Cerberus goal. Auburn takes a shot but Night is there to block. Night passes to Baskerville who head up the left side, leaping to one of the platforms.”
“Baskerville is met by Draco and..suddenly passes the ball back to Night before jumping out of the way leaving Draco slightly confused. Night not expecting the pass is caught off guard, Aryl with the steal, shoots and scores! Minotaur up by one!”
Tumblr media
“I know I’m new to this but it doesn’t seem like Night’s head is in the game. Marigold admonishing him, trying to get him to snap out of it. Auburn has control of the ball, bouncing off one of the platforms but she’s intercepted in mid-air by Bonnie! Bonnie kicks the ball through the legs of Wukong, passing it to Marigold. Marigold at the Minotaur goal and takes a shot but it’s easily deflected by Hamelin. Hamelin with a pass back to Draco, Draco head up to a platform but it’s spun around by Night! Draco loses control of the ball and Baskerville is there to take advantage.”
“Baskerville making his way down the middle, a nice dodge as he avoid Auburn..though it looked more like a leap made out of fright..Baskerville passes to Silverman who takes a shot, only for it to be kicked away in mid-air by Aryl!”
Tumblr media
“Aryl playing aggressor now, practically slamming into Bonnie as he dodges Silverman. Night springs off a platform to position himself in front of the goal. Aryl takes a shot but Marigold leaps out of nowhere to deflect it. Night and Marigold with am exchange of nasty looks there. Enough to cause a slight distraction as Auburn bounces off of Hamelin’s shield. Hamelin using his power to launch Auburn forward, she intercepts the ball and kicks it right into the Cerberus goal! Minotaur up 2-0!”
“Oh dear, it looks like Marigold and Night are in a shoving match now! It’s starting to breakdown as both blame the other for that goal! Bonnie trying to separate the two, pushing Marigold away.”
“Hamelin has control of the ball, Hamelin, Aryl, and Auburn making their way down the field passing back and forth. Aryl takes a shot but it’s deflected by Marigold. Marigold leaps over Auburn and passes to Baskerville. Baskerville has a chance to shoot but Draco is there to try and steal! Baskerville ducks and actually evades Draco as Draco trips up! Baskerville takes a shot and scores! Cerberus is on the board! 2-1! Baskerville looks like he just won the league cup..”
Tumblr media
“Strange lad...anyway Cerberus with control as they head down the field, intercepted mid-field by Marigold and Bonnie. Marigold with the steal and the pass. Bonnie ducks Wukong and bounces off a platform, passing to Silverman! Silverman kicks the ball off a platform, bouncing it over to Night. Night shaking his head trying to clear the cobwebs out. Takes a shot but it misses the goal completely. Minotaur has control!”
“Aryl passes to Wukong but Marigold launches himself off Bonnie’s shield and gets the steal! Marigold tosses the ball up for Silverman to land a flipping kick! Silverman scores! We’re tied up at 2-2!”
Tumblr media
“Time’s ticking down but it’s Minotaur’s ball! Hamelin has control and dodges past Bonnie, and Night. Hamelin passes to Draco, who kicks to Wukong, Marigold trying to trip her up but Wukong maintains control and kicks to Auburn. Auburn ignoring the obvious pass opportunity and opts to attempt to score! Auburn kicks but it’s blocked by Baskerville! Baskerville with a smug look on his face..until Auburn charges him and he throws his hands up, moving out of the way and passing to Night.”
“Night seems to be distracted by..something and doesn’t see the pass coming. The ball flies right by him and is intercepted by Aryl! Aryl charging forward and slamming into Marigold, the ball is loose! Bonnie goes for it but she gets a platform spun into her by Auburn for her trouble! Wukong bounces off of Hamelin’s shield and gets a kick! IT’S GOOD! TIME’S UP! That’s the game!”
“Team Minotaur wins 3-2!”
Tumblr media
“That was one of the most..interesting games of Hecaball I’ve ever seen. Thank you for tuning in to this special exhibition match! We hope you enjoy the rest of Revolution Week! Have a good night folks!”
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0fbalance · 5 days ago
Starter;; @hopexncarnate​
Tumblr media
“Good to see you again, lad. And this time without having to trip over you.” he’s in good spirits as he always was, bright and warm smile and looking far to at ease to be the bounty hunter that he was. “Eaten yet?” there local establishments weren’t exactly varied in their options but food was food and it was even better with company.
“Always hard to tell with you. Looks like a stiff breeze might carry you away.”
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bashircore · 5 days ago
my worst opinion is that. mac n cheese is disgusting
i respect that , sometimes it’s like wow fuck this this is way too much cheese. but it also reminds me of my times as a wee lad eating white spot macaroni on a trip to the coast
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random-imagines-blog · 6 days ago
Small Silhouette {James Moody Oneshot}
Requested by: @bahharrington28 Wordcount: 2713 Summary: This is a special oneshot request as it is not for a celebrity or a fictional character but a historical figure, James Moody, who passed away when the Titanic sank in 1912.
It was hard to be married to someone who worked away far from home for months and months at a time. And with such a dangerous job as a Second Mate. Your young husband, both of you barely out of your teens yet, had his sights set on working on Ships for the rest of his life, and you supported him, though it worried you immensely. You already had friends who were widows. You didn’t want to join in their number, wearing black until your own dying day. Always looking out at the ocean, wondering when your husband was going to return home to you, if ever. He always did make it home though. Even after the horrible time that he had on a trip to New York. You were terrified that something like that was going to happen again. But he promised each and every time he went out. “I’m coming back home to you. Nothing is gonna stop me.”
You met him at the docks on the day when his ship, the Oceanic, arrived back in the Motherland from a trip to New York. He was still doing his duty as a Sixth Officer, helping people off the majestic boat, carrying luggage, and all of his other small jobs. But you could tell that he had seen you from the smile on his face, and the pep in his step. He worked fast and hard until one of the other crew members just said, ‘ahh, go get ‘em already!’
He ran. Your James nearly tripped over one of the boards that were hoisted up for people to get on and off of the ship, and then nearly crashed into a group of men, making you giggle. But he ran still until he approached you, then picked you up and gave you a spin in those strong arms of his. There were wolf whistles from the crowd, and you could have sworn there was a burst of smoke from a camera taking your picture. You didn’t care, you were just happy to have your husband back on land.
“Oh James,” You said, hugging him so tightly, all you could see was the white of his uniform. “I missed you so much, my darling. I was counting down the days until I would see you again. Every moment felt like years.”
“I know how you feel,” James said in return. “I had to watch all of these married couples being happy, dancing, eating dinner together, and all I could think about was returning home to you. But oh, my love, New York was incredible, I wish you could have seen it with me.”
“One day, I just might,” You said, finally leaning back so that you could look into his face. He had such a solemn looking face when he wasn’t smiling. So serious. But when he did smile, oh how his entire demeanor just lit up like a lightbulb. Like it was now. You held onto his cheeks, looking into those eyes that always seemed to look right through you in the most wonderful of ways. “Did you see that statue they talk about over there - Lady Liberty?”
“I did!” He said, excited to talk about it. “You wouldn’t believe just how big it is! You can see it from almost clear across the Ocean! I held a little lad up on my shoulders so he could get a better view and you wouldn’t believe how excited he was. Nearly squirmed his way off of me!” You laughed along with him at that one as you took his arm, and along with his one luggage bag, began to walk back to the car that would be taking the both of you home. Oh, how happy you were to have him safe in these walls.
James Moody was on a break. He told you that no pretty colors of the ocean or the sky could ever compete with the beautiful look in your eye. Always a romantic, this one. But he wasn’t slacking off - that’s not the sort of man that James was. He always had to be busy with something or else he got the jitters, but he had plenty to do.
He fixed the porch around the house, replacing some old and rotten boards with freshly cut ones, sanding em down so that no one would get a splinter. He built you a porch swing that you would sit on while watching him mow the grass in the front yard, waiting with a cold glass of lemonade. He repainted all of the shutters in a lovely green shade, like the trees he said he missed while he was away. And the best part was that every morning, he’d put the work in to bring you breakfast in bed.
Having him home was pure bliss. He was the best husband that you could have ever asked for. Attentive, loving, affectionate, funny, he got along great with your parents, you got along great with his. A happy family - and as you discovered one morning after going to the doctor, that family was expanding.
“We’re gonna have a baby!” James said, picking you up off of the ground and giving you another smooch. It was one of his favorite things to do - pick you up like that. And you always loved it. The way that he made you feel safe in his arms was one of the many reasons why you loved him so dang much.
“You’re gonna be the best daddy in the world, darling,” You said, throwing his arms around his shoulders when you were safely back on the ground. The doctor looked particularly pleased for you, chuckling, then asked you to settle down for a couple of moments while he gave you some advice on what you should be doing to keep the baby healthy. You took all of these things seriously. This was your first pregnancy, and you wanted to do it right.
And so did James. He applied for a longer leave from work so that he could stay at home and take care of you. You hoped it would be approved - this was going to be hard enough without having him gone. You shared the news with your family, and everyone was more than happy for the two of you, and determined to help. Your mother in law even swore that she had a crib in her attic that her husband could fix up and give to you.
The next couple of months went by in a frenzy. James was working hard to fix up the nursery, and you were practicing swaddling and breathing exercises. He massaged your back when your stomach felt heavy, he went out to the market and got you whatever strange cravings that you were having. You rested in bed a lot of the time, as per the Doctor’s orders.
But then came the dreaded letter from his work come March. White Star Line was calling him back to go aboard the Titanic on her Maiden Voyage, all the way back to New York. To say that you were all disappointed was an understatement. He was hoping for his leave to be extended by a couple of months, and then to work on the easy going Oceanic during the Summer so he could gain enough income to make sure the baby was taken care of for its first couple of months. Just one less thing to worry about. Working during the Spring and Winter, crossing the North Atlantic was rough stuff. He just endured a harsh winter. He wasn’t ready for another.
“I wish you could just say no,” You said, up on your feet one of the rare times, washing the dishes. “Didn’t you tell your boss that we were expecting?”
“They don’t usually grant leave for daddies,” James mumbled, scowling at the letter in his hands. “But the money would be good, it’s still the rough season. Might make even more than thirty a month, and we could use it. You know we could. The plumbing is getting rusty, and you need a new rocking chair and...”
“I get it,” You sighed. The budding family really was going to need the money. But it also needed him. Looking at him though, you know he felt bad enough without being reminded of that fact. You stopped the water flow, dried your hands, and went and sat beside him at the table. “I’m proud of you, love. You’re stepping up and doing what the family needs you to do, even if you don’t like it. You’re already being a darn good daddy.”
“I hope so,” James said, folding up the letter and put it down on the table. “I surely do.”
March 26 came, the day that he was leaving you to head to the White Star offices in Liverpool. You helped to bring his bag down to the car that was going to be taking him there, despite the fact that he was fighting you every step of the way. “You shouldn’t be carrying that thing, love. You know what the doctor said-”
“My husband is going abroad for who knows how long,” You snapped, your pregnancy hormones getting the better of you. “So if I want to carry his bag for him, I’m going to carry his bag for him! Lord knows he won’t be getting pampered with White Star.”
He put his hand in front of his mouth, a tell-tale sign that he was hiding a laugh, and finally just let you do as you pleased. You set it down in front of his father, who went ahead and put it in the trunk of the car. “Now you listen to me, James Paul Moody,” You brought out the full name. “You’re gonna write me at least twice a week, do you understand? I’m gonna be reading these letters to our baby in my tummy, so they better be good.”
“I’ll be writing to you every chance that I get, love,” He said, embracing you for the last time. You though it would be the last time for a couple of months, perhaps. But it still hurt to let him go. “Now you remember what the doctor said. No stressing yourself out. Stay on bedrest whenever you are able.”
“I know,” You said, blinking away a couple of tears as you reluctantly let him go. He met you in a kiss, one that reminded you of the one he had given you on your wedding day. You waited by the front porch of the house until he was gone, your last glimpse of James being him sticking his head out the window and giving a huge wave, hat in hand. You waved goodbye to him, and finally went inside to rest when the car was out of sight. Avoiding stress was hard when the person that you loved was going to be so far away from you.
You nearly lost the baby on the day that you found out about your husband’s death. You had read the news in the newspaper, like everyone else. Both your parents and James’s had come to the house as soon as they had heard it, and you waited, and waited, and waited for some confirmation on whether he was gone or he had made it. The articles did say that a great many officers had made it alive to the mainland, which gave you just the slightest bit of hope. He would be reaching you soon, he would call, he would send a letter. Anything to let you know that he was going to be on his way home. You had a speech in mind of what you were going to say to him when he walked through that front door. You were going to tell him that he had to get another job or else you would go out of your mind with worry every time that he went out.
You got the letter from White Star Line, as well as wages for time worked the next day. James Paul Moody had gone down with the ship. He was the only Junior Officer to die when the ship sank on her Maiden Voyage. According to the survivors, he had died as a hero, and that sounded just like the James that you knew and loved. He wouldn’t have taken anyone else’s seat on a life-raft. He would have made sure that every man, woman and child was safe before he would let himself take up space.
You screamed when you found out. You were held by both your mother and your mother-in-law, the three of you sobbing together as the men tried to stay strong. You wished for a moment that your husband had been more selfish. That he thought of himself before others. That he would have fought for a place on those life-boats because he had you and a child to come home to. But he wasn’t. You knew he was a good man and you married him because he was a good man.
You noticed the blood between your legs while you were down at the floor. The pain that you were feeling wasn’t just your heart breaking, but it was real, physical pain. Once your mother noticed, she hurried you into bed while your mother in law called for the Doctor to come and get you and the baby checked out. It was stress that had caused the problem, and it hadn’t been that much bleeding. Bed rest was your prescription once more.
A letter came, and your mother brought it to you with shaky hands. “It’s from James,” She said, sitting on the end of the bed, holding out the envelope to you. Those three words sucked all the breath out from your lungs, and you were hesitant to take it. The last words which James had written to you. When had he even been able to send it off, you wondered. Would any of this give any indication that he knew what was going to happen to him?
You opened the letter, and pulled out the paper, taking in the sight of his familiar hand writing. The way that he curled the tails of the y. The hurried dots on top of the i.
My love,
I hope this letter finds you in bed where you belong. I haven’t been able to spend very much time in my own, which is making me miss ours very much. It is small and cramped, and yet I still feel the empty space where you usually are. I share my room with another one of the officers, and he talks about his girl back home a lot. I suppose I talk about you a lot too. You’re never far from my mind.
The ship is beautiful though, I wish you could see it. It’s gigantic. Easily the biggest ship I think I’ll ever work on. The amount of money that went into this thing would keep our great-grandchildren rich! If only, right? There’s dancing every night, and though I never partake, I imagine you and I gliding out onto that dance floor, dressed like the first class passengers. You would look enchanting beneath the expensive chandeliers. One day, I want to bring you and our little one on a voyage like this. Maybe our child will follow in my footsteps. There’s no end to the possibilities this age brings!
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I cannot write it enough. I love you, I love you, I love you. I cannot write that enough either.
I’ll write more when there’s more exciting things to talk about! I’m sure you don’t want to read me go on and on about how the ship looks. Looking forward to your letter - I’ll be adding it to your picture under my pillow when it arrives.
All my love,
James Paul Moody.
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