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#kuwei yul bo
i-am-become-a-clown · 27 minutes ago
There was this one time before my sister actually read six of crows that I showed her fanart of the characters and asked who was who and I made a post about it aND NOW I CANT FIND IT
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w-existential-fear-e · 29 minutes ago
Colm really shows up and instantly adopts a ragtag gang of criminals, huh?
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3frogs-in-a-trench-coat · 10 hours ago
Kaz: at first I was like mmm ✨ calling the crows stuff like 'my love' and 'treasure of my heart' ✨ as a joke, but bro... I don't think it's a joke anymore..
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gamelpar · 13 hours ago
Jesper: Saints, I couldn't sleep at all last night
Inej: They say if you can't sleep it's because someone is thinking about you
Jesper: Well who may be thinking about me ALL night?
Wylan and Kuwei in the bushes: *panicking*
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cabin7-hufflepuff · 22 hours ago
what i hc soc characters’ heights to be. i would do all of the grishaverse, but i just started sab, so uh
kaz: 5’10 he’s 17 and clearly shorter than jesper and matthias
inej: 5’2 my short queen
jesper: 6’5 i will fight anyone who says he isn’t the tallest
nina: 5’11 she will not shut up about the fact that she’s taller than kaz
matthias: 6’2 he’s tall, but not jesper tall
wylan: 5’7 don’t go telling me this boy is tiny because he is average
kuwei: 5’8 why did i even put him on this list
and because i feel like it, their height differences
kanej: 8 inches
helnik: 3 inches
wesper: 10 inches
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lilisouless · 22 hours ago
Let´s set things straight
Tumblr media
any objections? Yeah, i know Kaz is terribly misplaced, he belongs WAY belong the graphic
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stromuprisahat · 23 hours ago
Kuwei reached out and touched Jesper’s hand, his face imploring. “Understand. Please. What we did, what my father did … We were trying to make things better, to make a way for Grisha to …” He made a gesture as if he was pressing something down.  “To suppress their powers?” suggested Matthias.  “Yes. Exactly. To hide more easily. If Grisha don’t use their powers, they grow ill. They age, tire easily, lose appetite. It’s one way the Shu identify Grisha trying to live in secret.”
Crooked Kingdom (Leigh Bardugo)
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Nina: why are you so pessimistic
Kuwei: because every time a day seems to be good, it turns out to be absolutely horrible
Kuwei: so, out of common sense and rationality
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hummushummingbird · a day ago
SoC characters as quotes I got from an AI quote generator part 2
Kaz: Don't force yourself to destroy evil
Nina: Someone has to sing and dance. It may as well be you. Or not
Inej: By the power of knives we can make policemen lose their appetite
Wylan: General anxiety is light connecting our souls
Matthias: Get angry at a friend
Jesper: Glorious is a man who is familiar with his gun, for he also straightens his hair
Kuwei: It's criminal to be criminal, but it is not criminal to be annoying
Jan van Eck: Poor people. Their goal is to destroy you
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dreammetheworld-x · 2 days ago
Idk why but I just got hit with a dose of adrenaline so I will now be writing that ‘Holy Ground’ Kuwylan fic that’s been sitting in my drafts for two months now, you’re welcome
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book2sims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
because I miss Kuwei..
Tumblr media
And I gave Wylan and Kuwei matching outfits because why not?
“We’re nothing alike,” Wylan said indignantly. “He’s not even that good at science! Half his notebooks are full of doodles. Mostly of you. And those aren’t good either.” “Really? Doodles of me?”
Wylan Van Eck, Jesper Fahey, Kuwei Yul-Bo 
characters by @lbardugo​, pose by @couquetts​
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captain-inej-rietveld · 2 days ago
Jesper: I mean small creatures are way more vicious. It’s because their anger has less space to be bottled up in.
Matthias: absolutely ridiculous! Give me one example of this.
Nina: spiders
Wylan: wasps
Kuwei: terriers
Kaz: Inej
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ketterdamhell · 2 days ago
Nina: Truth or dare?
Jesper: Dare.
Nina: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room.
Jesper: Hey Kuwei?
Kuwei, blushing: Yeah?
Jesper: Could you move? I’m trying to get to Wylan.
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kettles-in-ketterdam · 3 days ago
Kuwei: Could you pass me the salt?
Wylan: *moves the salt further away*
Wylan: Pass what?
Kuwei: Nevermind.
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tessasclockworkangel · 4 days ago
Kuwei convincing everyone that he is terrible at Kerch to avoid conversation 🤝 David throwing a book at anyone who came into the carraige to avoid conversation
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