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#kung fu panda
shelerisque · 2 hours ago
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"Your story may not have a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be."
- The Soothsayer, Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)
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candyrumm · 2 hours ago
Just keep quickly scrolling until the next post if you don’t wanna read n hear my rant. I just need an outlet for all my thoughts.
Anyways, in short
I just wanted to say that I LOVED EVERYTHING like it was all perfect ... but kinda wished they left Lenore for Hector it it ahhhhhhh but she chose her fate soooooooo buttttttttt whyyyyy i know whyyyy but ahhhhhhh 😭😭😭 They could have enjoyed their company more. And and they they made it all this way, they made it so far really? I need ta find and read a fanfic where that didn’t happen and i dunno.
Hector and Issac were my favorite characters - ever since season 3 cause by the time i had gotten around to watching the show season 3 was already out. And they made-up they were friends and again. Hector and Issac were on good terms. Hector even CUT off his finger - as I expected from season 3, well i guessed his hand but you get the idea. It was all going so well.
Did they really have to (get rid of lenore that is) ???? Yeah, and it seemed peaceful - maybe i just wanted to see more of her and hector before it happened. Like whatever they talked about before that scene that lead to a low supply of wine :( Also feeling conflicted of how Striga predicted how if Camila died then Lenore certainly have. SHE DIDN’T at that time but ehh did eventually...
But good on Hector for his scheming and seizing some control back.
ALSO may i just mention how Issac changed and realize what he really wanted. And the way he analyzed and forgave Hector 😖😖 its these impressive dialogues that makes me love a show all that more. That sorta felt like the whole theme the season/show had ya know? Like what do you want it like or would it make you happy. Remind me of Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda movies. Especially the second one, with the peacock. ITS SO DEEP YET SINCERE ahhhhhhh umm. We also got a moment like that from Striga and Morana :D
When I thought Belmont died, I was kinda sad. I got thinking maybe half way through the season that he and Sypha were a really cute couple sooooo. I had just bought their relationship and started getting invested in whatever their ship name is. But he didn’t die and the way he showed telling us he didn’t die caught me off guard.
Also very nice how Dracula and Lisa are back from the dead. Dracula is pretty. Hoped they visit Alucard eventually.
Felt like Carmila ending was good enough, i wanna say just, like it was just, i dunno it played out in a way that was easier for me to except. I kinda liked how her ending played out.
Yeah happy with everything just really wished we got to see a bit more of Lenore and Hector together, just a wee bit more would have made it easier for me to to say farewell.
Also did anyone see how Hector and Issac both wore blue !?!?
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yarart4ever · 8 hours ago
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ats-baronhex · 9 hours ago
In your modern AU how long after is it when shifu adopted tigress ?
Was she traumatized by her time in the orphanage?
Tumblr media
Shifu adopted her when she's around 4 years old and for the second question, 
she was...
But for now, let’s just say back at the orphanage, she was just a sweet little girl who wanted nothing more than a loving family to adopt her.
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kervinredfire · 12 hours ago
My Other Fanfics in the Future
Well, I made announcements about my 2 Loonatics fanfics-related stories coming soon. So here are my other fanfics that I am making. But before I am going to show you my other fanfics, I like to share what most of them are like. Kervinverse related. If you checked my Tumblr header it's pretty obvious.
As you may wonder what is the Kervinverse is all about? The Kervinverse is like the multiverse but with all different kinds of Kervin. Inspired by Spiderman Into the Spiderverse all the versions of Kervin contained different personalities, stories, almost the same appearance, fighting styles, and special abilities. One of the most signature outfits is the black and red formal suit.
I already made a folder in toyhouse. However, most of it are unfinished and still ongoing.
People think that those stories a self-insert but it is actually not. Me and my other Kervins are the same but they are different the appearance, abilities, and personalities. An example is Denk Ops’s Chris Danger from the WWE games. And note that this is another long announcement for the other fanfics
So anyway, here are my Kervinverse stories that I would really like to share about Wattpad in the future. So are book covers later
KERVINVERSE STORIES (Including crossovers):
Grand Theft Auto Origins: Kervin Made Liberty – Set in the GTA HD Universe. Before Kervin (GTA Online) came to the place called San Andreas, he was just a very young boy who was born in the place called Liberty with his parents. His father Claude who became rich and retired to a life crime and his wife Misty who used to be a prostitute. It was normal and happy life for him and his parents. But when years passed when he is getting older, he slowly starts to realize what kind of broken world he is living in.
Now for those who played the HD Universe of the GTA Games you know every protagonist in the HD universe like Niko, Johnny, Luis, Michael Franklin, and Trevor. As much as they have different stories and perspectives but this story about GTA OC that he was living with full of offensiveness, disrespectfulness, brutal honesty, and others. An example in GTA IV a radio commercial of Babies Overnight that said that someone was not satisfied with the baby it can be disposed of. Although it would be interesting to have that backstory for my next OC for GTA. So, this story may contain a lot of murder and crimes on what led to him going to San Andreas. So, watch out. And for those who have not played GTA Online why his parents are both Claude and Misty is because it was part of the premium edition for free in Epic Games.
Def Jam X Kung Fu Panda: Book 1 Fight for A New Fight (maybe a working title) - After the events of Def Jam Vendetta, Fight For New York, and The Kung Fu Panda Trilogy including Legends of Awesomeness. Set during Paws of Destiny Season 2 in the Kung Fu Panda universe while in Def Jam 2 years later in the year 2005 after Crow's death (Fight for NY still takes place in 2003) Kervin (Def Jam Fight For NY) the new leader D-Mob's crew but also officially known as the Def Jam Crew after Blaze appointed him to take his place. Kervin has to manage every venue, club, and arenas in New York including places that Crow took over. But in Chinese New Year there was something strange that Kervin and his crew got transported to a different universe. Including former members, fighters, and circuit fighters.
Now, this fanfiction sounded really odd. As you may know why I am making crossover fanfic of Kung Fu Panda X Def Jam? Easy. The first one is because this is what would have been my PS2 games if I ever have a PS2. I was thinking of Mortal Kombat or Yakuza for Def Jam but Kung Fu Panda is the only thing I know when I was 7 years old. The second is because back in the days Hip Hop mixed with Kung Fu was very popular. Although Def jam may be a wrestling game martial arts stole my heart in Def Jam Fight For NY. I heard about things like the Wu-Tang Clan for example but the biggest problem for me is that I am not a true fan of Def Jam because I don’t know about hip hop artists. Just only the games so I will be focusing on their video game counterparts in their fictitious manner meaning pretending real-life characters with their real name are fictional characters. So, if there and fun facts in those real-life counterparts I may add them to it like easter eggs. The third is that there are Kung Fu Panda characters that did not get enough love and mostly art. So many recognizable characters like Po, Tigress, Tai Lung, and many more have become the most recognizable characters in the movies. But what about the tv shows like Legends of Awesomeness and Paws of Destiny? One of my favorite characters of Legends of Awesomeness is Peng, in short, he is the nephew of Tai Lung and he is such an interesting character that he deserves a lot more love. While for Paws of Destiny is Xiao because she is such a cute character, so is her personality and the best character to have hugs with. So, what I am trying to say is that I need to start off with the character that is unrecognizable then bring it recognizably. I may also add characters from shorts like student Mei Ling in the future book and it would be funny and to see rogue Mei Ling. 2 Mei Lings in one. Even Su and Master Snow Leopard because are both female leopards with the same appearance and outfit. I may also include some characters from the flash game Tales of Po and may possibly rewrite them in different stories because I love the character designs thanks to Blue Maxima’s FlashPoint. And the fourth and final part is that to make the Def jam games more recognizable. Def Jam in music is not absolutely enough but video games are. The Def Jam games did not bring a sequel after Fight For NY so I might as well make a sequel with interesting and experimental crossover fanfic just like The Loonatics Road.
The Red Fox (Kingdom Force Spinoff and maybe a working title) - The Kingdom Force has 5 members defending the 5 Kingdoms. Luka the wolf who leads in red, Jabari who runs in yellow, TJ who drills in green, Delilah who swings in orange, and Norvyn who strengthens in blue. Each of the 5 drives Kingdom Riders and turns them into Alpha Mech to fight against evil in the 5 Kingdoms. But even if they save the day multiple times the 5 Kingdoms are still filled with more crime and every antagonist came back doing other crimes and evil deeds because they were not arrested or eliminated. That's is when a red fox came along...
I have seen popular fandoms in cartoons that were supposed to aim at younger kids like Lion Guard, MLP, Paw Patrol, and even Bluey. But Kingdom Force is the cartoon that did get enough love. It's like Power Rangers and Voltron but with anthropomorphic animals like Zootopia. However, the stories and episodes in the show is very confusing and give me almost a lot of questions. But I do like the character designs in the show. My favorite hero is Luka who is a leader with and cute cuddly character personality and my favorite villain Envie Fernadez which she has a pretty hot design, name and voice and so is her personality. Reminds me of Sly Cooper but I have not played the game yet. But for the red fox also OC Kervin (Kindom Force) It’s still at work.
APB Reloaded X Zootopia: Anyone Can Be All You Can’t Be: - In Zootopia “Anyone Can Be Anything” But in San Paro “Be All You Can’t Be” Zootopia is a place where vicious predators and meek prey live in harmony. This means that people in Zootopia live together without the prey getting eaten by predators and predators not getting feared by the prey. They almost eat like us, they sleep like us, they speak like us, they walk like us, they run like us, they bathe like us (well almost), and most importantly they use technology like us. While San Paro maybe has a good look to sightsee but this city has a lot of crime. Robberies, bombings, thefts, drug dealing, murders and causalities, vandalism, and much more that we can think of. But that does not mean there is no justice in this world. When the Criminals like the Blood Roses and the G-Kings try to take over San Paro? The Enforcers Prentiss Tigers and Praetorians from come and save the day. What would happen when a human Enforcer meets a police fox and a police bunny? And how did it happen? Only one way to find out.
Now this one is also a Kervinverse crossover story. It focuses on Kervin (APB Reloaded) meeting Judy and Nick. I am trying to find a way on how will they meet each other. But the only thing ideas I know is that it can be a delivery gone wrong, an invention gone haywire or maybe a criminal stole something magical that is transported to a different universe. But I have a lot of strange things in the game like the Christmas events and Halloween events. I like to see any volunteers who play APB Reloaded. And for those Zootopia fans who have not played APB Reloaded you check it here.
Well, that is it for the Kervinverse stories. Now it’s time for the other stories that I also planned in the future.
Alza Flare (Road Rovers Fan Spinoff)- Alza is a black cat born in the place in New York City, USA. He was born inside a pet shop without cat parents since he was born. His parents' status is unknown. Although he did make friends with other cats and non-cats in the shop. But it was a short while until a human customer named Drayson Flare and adopted him as Alza Flare. Alza has been Drayson's pet for 3 years and they instantly became best friends but when during the time when they are about to go home from the park. A terrible accident happened.
A long time ago I watched Road Rovers on my phone just to try something nostalgic and the show is pretty good though although there are some parts that don’t use their powers all the time. One part that caught my eye is how brutal car accident in the episode “Dawn of The Groomer” which gave me an idea of my new anti-villain OC character named Alza Flare. Sadly, he does have an image of him yet. But I will tell you that I will give you an interesting revenge story for him.
The Best Surfer In The World (Surf’s Up Spinoff. Maybe a working a title and synopsis change) - After the events of Surf's Up and Surf's Up 2: Wavemania. There was once a wolf who lives in the place of Chicago Illinois. He quit his own career due to being a rejected member of Hang 5 for being too unstable and after beating J.C. in a tournament years ago and after his early retirement, he spends his normal life as an ice cream man in his own ice-cream motorcycle with one of his own freshest ingredients and swears to himself that he would never in the waters again. Until he met a young Toyger.
Surf’s Up is my first favorite mockumentaries since I was young. It’s like you are watching animals andromorphic animals absolutely existed in the world we live in. It had an interesting story and writing so are the interesting characters. But when I watched Surf’s Up Wavemania. Well, I honestly love the WWE Superstars and Diva came into the movie but the story did not actually surprise me a lot. Even if the movie has a lot of beautiful locations it still did not surprise me enough because it is more like an adventure than a tournament. That is why I am planning to start my fanfiction in a new different approach with a real story and a real rivalry. Starting with wolf inspired and based on CM Punk during the part when he won the WWE belt against Cena in Money in the Bank when I watched it since intermediate school with a little rename change so it won’t be obvious. And of course, my Toyger OC because he would be trained by his own surfing master. Also, I added a Slam City easter egg
Fire Pro Wrestling World Origins: Story of 2 Angels – There is no synopsis of them yet. But I will tell you they are brother and sister with the last name “Angel” The brother who is a pop artist while the sister who joined a motorcycle club. What they both have in common is they both can fight. Their stories about my 2 new Fire Pro OCs will be coming soon. But they are not part of the fighting roads.
Well, that is all for all the future stories with some summaries that I really want to share coming soon. Thanks for following including Wattpad
For those who are new here follow me on both Tumblr and Wattpad with the orange word link
Feel free to donate to me in PayPal
Also making fanfic is really long to make just like making an announcement. So again. I only post all chapters in 1 book.
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azazel-kicked-ham · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
So ready for class today
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eusoqueriatercerteza · 17 hours ago
Kung Fu Panda 3
– Se você só fizer o que sabe nunca será mais do que é.
– Mas eu gosto de ser quem eu sou.
– Você nem sabe quem é.
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Edgar: How did I do?
Usher: There is now a Level Zero.
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randallboggslovebot · 18 hours ago
fucked up how no one here has posted content about fung from kung fu panda legends of awesomeness
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screechingnightchild · 19 hours ago
every friend group should have
a bimbo
Tumblr media
a mean bisexual
Tumblr media
an even meaner lesbian
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there’s no token straight on thin fucking ice
an astrology bitch who’s got everyone’s chart memorised
Tumblr media
a short king
Tumblr media
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generalgrievous2020 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
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sugarlol-13 · 22 hours ago
Toby traveling with Maria:
Toby: so why did ya run away in the first place?
Maria: *annoyed sigh* I just found out that my mom, Dressy Wang, wasn't really my mom.
Toby: You mean the hippie married to Erica who had no interest in tech. Who, unlike you, was very collected. And whenever she did something that was bizarre to you, you would yell (and I quote) "How is this dream-catcher making simpleton related to me?!".
Maria: yeh.
Toby:.........Must have been quite a shock.
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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
Duke, meeting the other batkids for the first time: Whoa! You’re all so much bigger than your action figures! Except for you, Robin. You’re about the same.
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ats-baronhex · a day ago
um... hi! love your modern AU! and modern!child!Ti is the most precious thing I skskjfjne
okay, so, in the AU, child!Ti goes to school? and when she doesn't get along with most of the kids she meets a panda her age (wink wink ;3) and they become best friends? and now Crane has to deal with 2 chaotic children pff pls? my heart would melt!
Tumblr media
Thank you! I've already had something in mind for a certain panda (hehe), but you could come up with your own interpretation of the au (nice idea btw). It is after all, an au for everyone :)
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delovaya · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just cute little oogway
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ats-baronhex · a day ago
Is the modern Au gonna be a whole thing cause I’m all ready so excited too see more of it in the future
Btw love your art don’t give up even when things are tough we’re always here for you
Tumblr media
I don't have a main story for this AU tho. Because it's a bunch of stuffs and ideas my friends and I talk about and we talk a lot about how they will interact with each other and what shenanigans young Tigress and Crane will endure.
Thank you for the ask and the encouragement mate. Expect more soon! 😁
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generalgrievous2020 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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malewifekisame · a day ago
my dad's on the phone w my grandma in mexico and apparently my family there got a malamute and they can't handle him gvfghjhgfd
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