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#knip rambles
pink-horns · 3 hours ago
Rose Lavillant, or should I say Lavillant Rose, (get it? Lavillant Rose ~ La Vie en Rose. hehe) really takes looking through pink glasses to another level and I love her for it.
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pink-horns · a day ago
Tw : Suicide, Death
If I'm being perfectly honest, I had started to hate Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste because he was creeping me out with his forceful flirting and being in love with Ladybug while he's dating Kagami.
But after watching Guiltrip, I can positively say that this boy needs some major help. The continuous suicide attempts are becoming less about impressing Ladybug and more about him just wanting to die (not just give up). Like his love life shenanigans don't look like shenanigans anymore. They look like a cry for help.
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pink-horns · 2 days ago
Something about me not even noticing Chloé and Lila until I saw someone point them out is very unsettling to me.
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Like none of us expect Chloé to run into the fray for Rose, but it was still weird. And what about Lila? This bitch has never missed a single opportunity to make everything about herself, how did she not jump in with "oh deary I have the same disease as you Rose, except I'm in a much more critical condition". Did something happen? Or is something going to happen? Of course it is totally possible that the writers wanted to just focus on the Julerose relationship & the class and I am reading too much into it, but I can't help it. Maybe I'm just overthinking. But it was really out of character.
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pink-horns · 3 days ago
My main girl Rose can cure anything with sheer willpower and positivity
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: A series of pictures showing Rose fending off the guilt bubbles through her positivity, while there is a blast of pink light followed by a pink glow around her.]
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pink-horns · 3 days ago
kind of ironic isn't it. Juleka, who mumbled for 3 whole seasons and 2 movies, gets the dialogue heavy episode in season 4
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pink-horns · 4 days ago
I'm so freakin happy she got that charm,, homegirl was tired of putting on the clown costume time and again
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Tumblr media
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pink-horns · 5 days ago
love is stored in the fictional people you felt for or adopted as children and also the ones you hate with your whole being but will defend if anyone so much so as raises a finger at them
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pink-horns · 6 days ago
hmm...i wonder if there is a connection between chat noir coaxing mr. ramier to get akumatised and him becoming mr. pigeon very soon after
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pink-horns · 7 days ago
There's a couple of under 13 year olds following me and I just wanted to let y'all know that although almost everything in this blog is perfectly fine for kids (since miracuIous is a children's show), I will use swear words every now and then, so if that is a problem please filter the f-word because it is one of my favorite words and also maybe the b-word. K thanks bye lol.
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pink-horns · 8 days ago
Chloé tried to crash a fucking train and is super racist 😐
Crashing the train was a result of pure adrenaline and teenage stupidity. The Avengers have done worse for far less.
For the second part, Anon you are absolutely right. Chloé has shown racist behavior, noticeably in "Kung Food". I believe the hostility towards culture-that-is-not-yours was drilled into her by Audrey Bourgeois. That is one thing I cannot and will not defend. Chloé has time to change though. She is still a 15 (ish) year old. I remember stark differences between my 15 and 17 year old self.
The reason I did not focus on these points in the post you presumably read and sent this ask about, is I was focusing on the good parts of the way she was written. (I did say I was only going to talk about the good parts here.)
But yes, if she does not learn and grow, I will absolutely stop defending Chloé Bourgeois. Or believing she deserves better. There is no justification for racism nor do racist people deserve kindness or understanding.
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pink-horns · 9 days ago
Chloé Bourgeois’ Human-ness
Part 1 of my series Miraculous En Rose
[Sidenote: This text does not take into account any feelings or prejudices the creator of the show may or may not have for the character and only focuses on things that have actually happened in the show.]
Right off the bat, we know who she is. The mean, rich daddy's girl, she gets what she wants. Her pop's the mayor, you don't cross Chloé Bourgeois and not get punished for it. We see her making everyone's life miserable, it's not really a shock that everyone hates her. She seems fine with it, actually likes it too. The more the distance, the better.
But wait, there is actually someone out there who's worthy of her affections. Ladybug of course. A strange choice for Miss Bourgeois. The symbol of goodness and heroism is really in contrast with her reign of terror over her fellow classmates. Maybe she just likes the celebrity of being a superhero. No, she does actually like the hero. Not only likes her, but looks like she wants to be the hero too.
First thing our Queen Bee does, is help Parisians. (No, I won't talk about how she helped them.) The very same girl who doesn't lift a finger to save her life (literally in Zombizou). She is desperate to help, more so, she is desperate to be like Ladybug, the kind, heroic, loved Ladybug. So, the question arises, why the contrast? The "Be kind and help others" motto doesn't really fit in with her aesthetic, does it?
Chloé Bourgeois represents the common person. The person who is not very nice. She is the accumulation of our worst parts. Jealousy, insecurity, hatred. Fear, of failure and of disappointment. She encapsulates them all. The general consensus is that she is, for lack of a better term, a bitch. But more importantly, she's trying. Trying to change, to be better.
We have met Audrey Bourgeois. Her introduction alone tells us heaps about Chloé's upbringing. This little child has grown up knowing one thing. She won't be appreciated for who she is. She's gonna have to appreciate herself. And when no one's kind to you, why would you be kind to them? She doesn't know why the class hates her. Her hatred for Marinette speaks less on Mari and more on her innate want to be loved and cared for. Marinette has what she needs, but it's not something she can take.
We often talk about the kinds of abuse in the show, we talk about the abuse Chloé puts people through. We fail to consider the abuse she has gone through. (Not that being abused excuses you abusing others.) Her's is the most common and subtle of them though. Being overlooked by her idol, her mother.
She looks up to this person, this bright, powerful woman who's supposed to be there for her. She is confident and talented, she's everything she's supposed to be. So, yes, that is what Chloé wants to be. She spends her entire life trying to be like Audrey Bourgeois, who we know is a terrible person. Then comes Ladybug, who's also this powerful, bright and confident lady. But she's also kind. Well, Chloé can be kind. She can definitely try. She's trying so hard, but Ladybug seems to not notice. It's hard to unlearn everthing you know, but she knows she can do it. But how long does she keep trying? How long does she go on trying to impress this role model who seems to just not care? How long before she realizes that it's the same story all over again?
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There comes a time in every person's life where they're tempted to give up. Chloé Bourgeois encountered that in Miracle Queen. She stood strong for so long, but a 14 year old child has only so much power against an adult's manipulation. Hawkmoth broke her. She gave up. Like many of us do.
She went back to Audrey. Because even though Ladybug and Audrey both failed to see her efforts, Audrey is someone she's known longer. Audrey is familiar. Familiar disappointment is better than new heartbreak. What she does after is up to her. Her story is far from over. She knew she had done something wrong. She is not oblivious to her mistakes.
Tumblr media
But all in all, one thing seems to stick out. Chloé Bourgeois is human. Painstakingly so. And she is suffering. She's going through the ordeal of change and betterment. (And maybe, you start to see some part of yourself in her.)
Human beings crave to be understood. We look for reflections of ourselves in the media we consume. We look for human-ness. And being human brings complexity with itself. One is not without the other. Chloé is complex. Maybe a lot more than her fellow characters. She makes mistakes, she is cruel, she is misunderstood, she is human. She is not a mere character anymore, she is alive. She is one of the gems of Miraculous. She fascinates me. There is hope in her and there is hope for her.
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pink-horns · 10 days ago
I've seen many people on instagram saying they won't watch the out of order episodes gloob is releasing next week.
So quick poll, reply with if you're gonna watch the episodes as they come or if you're gonna wait for the season to come out and watch it in chronological order?
edit: I'm asking this bc they said it may affect (or spoil) the plot
edit 2: sources say Guiltrip might not be that detrimental to plot
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pink-horns · 11 days ago
Fuck. Ok so. When I started watching miraculous I was positively ecstatic over finding a show which was quite easy to follow, had relatively good representation, sweet and sour characters. Then I got invested. And then, I got critical. Maybe a little too much for my own health. Along the way, I perhaps lost that happy spark. But after watching someone go on for 20 minutes about how good and nice Miraculous is, I have realised it's fundamental genius.
I'm going to start "Miraculous En Rose" , a series of posts where I'm going to talk about all the things about the show that really butter up my croissants. Some of them will be serious, some more lighthearted. I'm really excited!
[Ps. I don't have any schedule or anything for this and I would much prefer if the posts were organic and came to me naturally. So there is no telling when the next part of it will come. Also it is highly possible that I'll only be able to make a couple parts of this. K thanks bye.]
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pink-horns · 13 days ago
All these people out here who are upset that plagg x tikki (romantically) is not canon now, really solidify my thoery that there's this common belief that friendships are inherently inferior to romantic relationships. People really need to understand that relationships don't have to be romantic to hold special meaning. Not everything revolves around romantic love.
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pink-horns · 14 days ago
Someone call child protective services bc Lila's mom is clearly not doing her job
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pink-horns · 15 days ago
if were lucky with that 5 years - three more seasons were confirmed (plus 2 movies)
Tumblr media
That announcement is exactly what's causing me to lose my mind. Why they felt the need to kill their darlings so soon, I do not understand. We can only wait and watch.
Image Description below the cut
[ID: A picture of the Miraculous upcoming release schedule. It reads-
2020 - Season 3, New York special
2021 - Season 4, Shanghai special
2022 - Season 5, London and Africa special
2023 - Season 6, Brazil special
2024 - Season 7
New Characters - Lady Dragon, Miss Rose, Lady Lion, Lady Butterfly
Movies - Ladybug and Chat Noir (Holidays 2021), Movie #2 in production
(All release dates are subject to change.)
End ID]
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