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#kipo and the age of wonderbeasts
elf-dot-transparents · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Heyo, Fenris! Please could you make a PNG of my bastard son ;u;
sure thing! tada~ what i learned making these is that hugo has a very pointy head and very tiny feet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ free to use ]
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hugosstarblanket · 7 hours ago
Some newton wolf oc concepts
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Tumblr media
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scrapyard-princess · 10 hours ago
@borderline-feral : After watching all of Kipo, the character you fixate on is the freaking tadpoles?!
Me: But they cute 😍
Feral: ...they are cute...
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incorrect-frozen-quotes · 11 hours ago
Kristoff: If you run into anything, act like your from the forest.
Anna: From the forest. Got it.
Anna: [deep voice] I'm from the forest, where life is hard. You gotta be tough as nails, iron, and fire... wearing dead animals.
Kristoff: Good, you're catching on.
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un-empressed · 18 hours ago
Stix: And then she just ran off! After everything we've been through. We commited treason, defended the country, we braided each other's hair - OK, we haven't braided each other's hair, but it's gonna happen!
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punk-63 · 23 hours ago
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hugosstarblanket · a day ago
Tumblr media
My mutesona!!! sHe is Tib The Newton Wolf!
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starsfic · a day ago
Hoag encounters GBillions after PRAHM and learns that the mute he cured wasnt just a member of his pack but also his brother.
Hoag was still uncertain about humanity's... thing with mutes.
Especially now, with a wolf in a white coat staring him down. The blonde man awkwardly took a bite of his pancakes, managing to swallow around the lump in his throat.
"How's breakfast?" He resisted the urge to jump, turning to look away from the wolf mute to Kipo's smiling face. He wasn't sure how she was so smiley, even with all the tension in the room. Her smile faded, replaced by concern. "Hoag?"
He blinked, trying for a smile. "It's fine. I'm fine. Uh..." Movement caught his eye and he tried not to flinch when the wolf glanced over to another wolf. The lump formed again and he nodded towards him. "Who is that? The wolf mute, in the white coat?"
Kipo followed his glance and flinched. "That's, uh... Good Billions. I would avoid him if he was you."
"If you're human?"
"No, you specifically." Something shuttered in her eyes and she turned, towards the waving Wolf. She paused before he could demand an explanation. "You cured his brother."
Then she was gone, leaving the man in silence.
Hoag turned back to his pancakes.
This time, the lump in his throat wasn't from nerves.
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pebble-of-gold · a day ago
Fandoms I'm in with the best fanart (my opinion. Reblog with yours!!)
Adventure time
Gravity falls
Jujutsu kaisen
Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts
Lore olympus
She-Ra and the princesses of power
Soul eater
Steven universe
Umbrella academy
But you get fucking incredible art in hundreds of other fandoms
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hey-yall-cam · a day ago
“No anchor” from the Kipo soundtrack is SO underatted like please. It’s. So amazing and wild and ugh. I love it.
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punk-63 · a day ago
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throwaway-zoo · a day ago
I'll post in the tag too but if anyone wants to ask me about fluff/angst headcanons for characters/ships my ask box is open! (I'll also tag the fandoms which apply)
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