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kinkiebabbie · 7 minutes ago
He spits in my mouth if I’m a good girl
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marriedwithkinks · 29 minutes ago
Taking in a beautiful while giving a kinky view in return...
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transalkene · an hour ago
The amount of kinks/turn-ons I have is embarrassing. They’re like unwanted intrusive thoughts but they’re just kinks.
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fucktoyfelix · an hour ago
didnt manage 2 finosh in undr 4 mins this morning 😫😩
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starg0th666 · an hour ago
ask me anything. im bored
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im bored and dont know what to do. yall should ask me questions. if anyone writes me a nsfw script, they will get a free trial to my onlyfans
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callmeslut · 2 hours ago
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Sometimes I wonder why I get so much attention when I’m outside grocery shopping. Then I remember I run around like this
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dxmagedgoodz · 4 hours ago
You'd be so cute to grab off the street and force to the ground for a rough throat fuck in the middle of the day. You'd get me so hard watching your eyes panic and cry as you hear yourself gagging and choking loudly in public, wondering if people will look and see you being used like a sex toy. Perfect ❤️
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Nothing better than the look of fear and panic in a young slut’s eyes.
Actually, maybe the look of shame and regret is better...
I really can’t decide!
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fillmewithcum · 4 hours ago
if my mouth is empty then you should fill it. day, night - it doesnt matter. use me for your pleasure. i live to make you cum♡
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areyoumygoodgirl · 5 hours ago
Tell me your wildest fantasy, I want to know.
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buckybarnesisdaddy · 6 hours ago
All belongs to you daddy <3
(in response to that post)
- vers-bi-guy
What’a lucky Daddy—all mine. If ya curious, babyboy, ‘n like panties, these were the pair I saw that got me thinkin’ 😏
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