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tiansgalaxy · 11 minutes ago
earthmix: speaking thai on their stories
me who can only speak english: so true besties <3
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just--a-nb--writer · 12 minutes ago
aftg would've been better if it didn't have so much unnecessary violence.
the books themselves are about dark topics and trauma and morally gray characters, but you can write as much as you want about that without everything coming with physical violence.
neil life on the run for example. it is believable that his father's men came after them repeatedly times and tried to hurt them both. it is also believable that his mother wasn't the best one out there.
but, in practical terms, mary physically hurting him adds more risks of someone noticing them more than they would if neil didn't have recent scars?? and a hurt person will be slower to run when necessary or even move around.
so, mary could have literally done the same thing without physically hurting her son. she could have convinced him that he didn't have to speak to anyone about anything talking, without even raising one finger.
neil was five years old. he was a kid. she was his mother. of course he wouldn't question it very much if she was convincing enough.
and the story itself would have been more interesting if neil was having an internal debate about trusting his mother about not telling anyone anything or actual talking with someone (which we already see, but it heavily implies physical abuse).
another example: andrew choking kevin. that's him breaking a promise he made. the man who swore to protect him all costs and who's known for caring about words and loyalty and promises, broke a promise with his friend for a guy he took under his care less than a year before.
now that could easily be seen as andrew losing control and showing his priorities, but it was genuinely unnecessary. kevin was in the same position as neil from the point of view of relationship with andrew (neither of them where romantically/sexually involved with him or blood related), so why is neil more important than kevin when breaking promises?? because andrew was attracted to him?? that should mean nothing when it comes to doing his job or keeping his promises.
andrew choking kevin was genuinely unnecessary and it leaves kevin in a horrible position, which he must have realized sooner or later. it sucks. andrew having limits would have been more interesting than andrew loosing control with kevin (who is not the same as any other fox for the case).
my last example: whatever happened to matt at eden's when andrew took him for the first time.
it is implied that he wasn't only drugged, but something else too that he's working with bee. the foxes knew about it. wymack and abby knew about it.
matt's privacy being shared is also violent and, once again, unnecessary.
andrew taking them to eden's could have still being like "that's not a good idea because he drugs you / because you have to spend the night in another town / because (whatever reason)" without being "that's not a good idea because last year something serious happened to matt".
drugging someone is serious and I do not mean to water down that, but andrew could have drugged matt and leave it there (as he did with neil, but it was nicky who took advanced of him).
in conclusion, nora added unnecessary violence everywhere for the sake of it instead of actually giving it a purpose and it waters down the actual violence the books where about it the first place.
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caffeinatedcorvid · an hour ago
Me @ Iolaus: do I have gender envy or is he just short
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flammable-grimm-pitch · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The Captive Prince version of “Daddy, please pass the salt,” and having both your boyfriend and father reach for it at the same time.
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anzekopistar · an hour ago
Your Drake Rymsha stories had me crying! 😂 I loved them. Annie, the life you're living is incredible.
The amount of embarrassing interactions with Kings/players in the org while having barely ever spoken to any of them, truly amazing. 
I once saw JAD, Turcotte, and Sean Durzi leaving dev camp, ran up to them to get JAD’s signature on my jersey (I had gotten Turcotte’s earlier) and was so high on cloud 9 that I completely missed/ignored Turcotte asking me if I also wanted Sean to sign my jersey too and I still feel so guilty two years later
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501337 · 2 hours ago
love to embrace some more cryptic aesthetics online but i don't want people to assume i listen to podcasts or something
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neilmfjosten · 3 hours ago
imagine if instead of Nathan attempting to sell Neil to the Moriyama’s he just sold him to One Direction
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miguelangelcblog · 3 hours ago
Enésimo fracaso de los Kings: 15 años de travesía en el desierto
Enésimo fracaso de los Kings: 15 años de travesía en el desierto
Una crisis pantagruélica. En ella están inmersos los Kings, que buscan desesperadamente una identidad perdida que ya nadie recuerda, y encadenan un fracaso tras otro desde que, en 2006, disputaran los playoffs por última vez en su historia. El equipo de Sacramento, una ciudad que entiende el baloncesto, no ha vuelto a la fase final desde entonces, y vive la sequía más grande en activo, una en la…
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scorpion-flower · 3 hours ago
Sometimes when I talk to my boyfriend, I think that I am going to snap and tell him to shut up. I feel bad for that tho, because generally speaking, he is mostly understanding and supportive of me but then there are times where he really doesn't help or he will talk to me like I have difficulties in understanding him or he will try to start an argument out of nothing. Like for example when I tell him that I am overwhelmed by something and that I need a couple of hours alone and he will make everything about him and accuse me of being mean and ungrateful towards him.
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karmantics · 4 hours ago
oh my god. hello. guys singing ex-wives from six,, im so gay.
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The way We The Kings said “check yes Juliet kill the limbo, I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window” and Taylor Swift said “all I want is you to stand outside my window throwing pebbles screaming ‘I’m in love with you’” inch resting
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