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#kingdom legendary war
blognamerandom · 4 hours ago
Does anyone know the round 2 of kingdom will work for the covers?
Do they exchange songs between the 6 groups so group A covers group B who will cover C etc
or do they exgange songs between 2 groups? A covers B and B covers A?
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jaehyuntrack · 5 hours ago
kingdom ep 3 thoughts under the cut, it's gonna be long and i doubt anyone is gonna read it but here goes nothing
okay i'm gonna start with my least favorite aspects to just get those out of the way and then i'm gonna list what i liked about each performance
1. stray kids
so what exactly was supposed to be the story here? i'm sorry skz but if you had a plot to your performance i missed it completely and maybe i'm just stupid or just not into the right pop culture (for this exact same reason (that and other reasons) i didn't enjoy tbz's performance last week, because i don't give a fuck about game of thrones and never watched an episode so like half of it flew right over my head)
pls stop putting these boys in that ridiculous make up. especially felix. i'm sorry but not everyone can pull off dark eyeshadow all around the eye
on to the good things now
i liked how they mixed together two songs, even if i don't particularly like side effects i think it was arranged well
skz and ikon were the only groups to use two songs but they did it differently, ikon put them one after another to tell a story, skz kept intertwining them to... i don't exactly know? but again, i liked the arrangement as a whole
the marionette scene was the best
loved the mirrored dance chan did with his back up dancer, would've loved it even more if he had a headset and could use his other hand too in order for the dance to be completely symmetrical
2. sf9
after the first watch i thought it was nothing memorable or too special but after the second time around i actually think it's a pretty good performance
my only complaint is that i don't like this song's chorus AT ALL but they still managed to make it work
i've never seen male idols lift the female dancers, let alone spin them on their shoulders that was SUCH a good moment and i wish it lasted longer. it had impact
loved how they played with the color red in their stage, especially that watercolor-like fade in in the beginning
i think they used a lot of violins(?) for the second chorus and that gave the whole performance such a majestic feel, i loved it
also the ending was cool and sexy and badass af
their use of mirrors was interesting, i liked how they incorporated them
3. ateez
my favorite performance of the episode even if it had its flaws
wonderland is probably my second favorite ateez title track so i loved to hear them perform it again
hongjoong, san, seonghwa and wooyoung hard carried this one (as they always do tbh)
loved loved LOVED their ^ live vocals
especially san's, you could really hear him during his first part
but after he spinned that wheel (how tf do you call the ship wheel) and looked straight into the camera with those i am sorry but it was so funny. i could not take it seriously at all. and yes i know he is intense in his performances and that's why i love him and he's my bias but you gotta admit that was a funny moment
hongjoong and his ad libs and facial expressions will forever be my weakness, that man was born to be on stage
when they pulled out a mf kraken tentacle i just about died. was that shit real.
basically their stage presence was off the charts like always and on the chaotic side, LIKE ALWAYS, it's so so so enjoyable every time and i just love to watch ateez perform. even if yeosang only appears for three seconds lip syncs even the little lines he has and gives us the deadest look known to man (also see: shuhua from (g)i-dle)
okay now my actual little criticisms
the contortionism part was okay on its own but it threw the vibe off, it had nothing to do with the whole pirate aesthetic especially since they made it neon. i don't see why it was necessary, they could have done a different dance break or have another transition
the jongho high note... we shall not speak about that because we have no vocal training backing us but even a peasant must know that when your voice breaks like that at the end it must not be good
okay this was it if you read up to this point i love you
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prosaiska · 8 hours ago
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prodbyteez · 8 hours ago
kingdom: legendary war performance analysis (atz)
feel free to check out my first one here! [also lmk if you enjoy these so i can do others, bc these are so fun]
the way they're really going crazy with their pirate theme MMMM YESSS
HONGJOONG (i know he's an egg right now) i love his stage presence. it's one that absolutely commands the stage and your attention. he's not even doing too much, it's simply the power and intention behind his performance. i really love that about him and about ateez in general. they use their music and stage to tell us something, not just to do a routine they've memorized. (neither am i saying that other groups are just doing a routine ._. it's just an observation)
i love that they changed the wonderland choreo a bit
this definitely gives more of a "charge into battle" feeling
HWA START - there was a little part at the end where it felt a little difficult for him bc of the corset
i love how they're not even relying heavily on fancy or flashy choreography - they've really made this performance about the story
i think the unity in adding the actual chorus choreo in the beginning with all those orchestral sounds in the background actually gives this a sense of royalty or regality
woo looked like he tripped on one of the dancer's legs a bit, but i love the franticness of his part
i really like how they're even putting their performances in smaller groups of members to really focus on each part of the story
ugh the jongho/san/yunho trio dance was so fantastic - their musicality was great and the dynamic from fancy footwork to slow body roll is so so so nice
jongho whipping a 6'2 man around the floor with ease: LOV E YOU
very impressed with yunho catching a sword mid air
i love how hwa commands the stage by just standing there with the rifle
he did look a little nervous spinning it (probably so it wouldn't fall) YOU DID AMAZING SWEETIE
jongho's high note, my friend, he probably practiced so so so hard for that and i'm so amazed by his dedication to improving (i did hear his voice kind of get scratchy at the end but i am merely a dancer, pls don't come after me, i just hope he's okay)
i love the super hype, funky wonderland remix, i think the choreo suited that part wonderfully - it wasn't so much about the war anymore but moreso, "here we are, look at us"
YUNHO'S PART OKAY LEMME TELL YOU - his intensity and use of the music is insane. he does this little head part thing and look how low he goes??? he has to put in use his thighs, abdominals, and a lot more to create such an effect with his movement
i love the ending choreography. i'm picking up on a lot of movement that creates the idea that they're running forward or dashing towards something, and i think it's amaze-balls
final thoughts: with complete unbias, ateez has a stage presence like no other. for them it's never about what choreography looks most impressive or such. it's always been the story, the performance, how can i make a 4 minute performance look like a movie with a clear plot, and that's exactly what they delivered. the relied on their power and intensity, because in full honesty - a clean cut performance with amazing synch and such is nothing without performance value. i would have a completely different opinion on this if they had amazing choreo but lacked the facials and story to go with it. that would just be a dance; this is a performance.
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dailykoreanpop · 9 hours ago
[3회] ♬ Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland” - 에이티즈(ATEEZ)ㅣ1차 경연 | Mnet 210415 방송 Credit: 킹덤 : 레전더리 워  
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pechelune · 9 hours ago
one thing to consider though, is that if one group is obviously way ahead of the others in terms of how grand the stage is, the others will want to match up to that level too, which is why the stages keep levelling up and getting bigger. if it was just one group having a big stage the rest would pale in comparison.... it’s a competition after all, not just different performances put together. for expert evaluation they’d also compare the groups against each other so it’s understandable why the stages are always large scale. it doesn’t make sense to suddenly make it a smaller scale, esp for tbz who have already shown so many things in rtk. they strive to outdo themselves.
oh no i understand! and of course, to the groups themselves, they always want to better themselves and see how far they can go. i just think there’s other ways to challenge yourself and showcase the skills that you have. plus, usually people inherently will like bigger performances better bc they stick in your brain and are exciting to watch. i guess since personally i don’t really care about the competition part and i’m just in it to see these groups do new and interesting stages, that i’m wanting for things that just won’t happen. but that’s on me just talking out loud about what i’d want to see them do.
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dailykoreanpop · 9 hours ago
Watch: “Kingdom” Reveals Initial Rankings For Round 1 + Wows With Fiery Performances
Tumblr media
Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War” has wrapped up its first official round of competition!
On April 15, the new idol competition show—which is the male version of the hit 2019 program “Queendom”—aired the second half of its thrilling first round. As announced last week, the theme for the battle was “To The World,” and the competing groups were tasked with remixing one of their songs to put on a performance that they wanted to “show to the world.”
After THE BOYZ, iKON, and BTOB kicked off the competition in last week’s episode, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and SF9 took the stage for their own electrifying performances this week.
Check out their performances below!
Stray Kids – “Side Effects” + “God’s Menu”
ATEEZ – “Wonderland”
SF9 – “Now or Never”
As previously announced, the “Kingdom” contestants will be awarded points over the course of the competition based on the following criteria: votes by the six competing groups (25 percent), evaluations by a panel of 30 experts (25 percent), domestic and global fan votes (40 percent), and video view count (10 percent).
Although the fan votes and video view counts for the round—which add up to a total of 50 percent of the contestants’ scores—have not yet been tallied, the six competing groups cast their votes immediately after the performances, while the panel of 30 expert judges made their evaluations at the same time.
As a result, with 50 percent of the groups’ scores still up in the air, “Kingdom” revealed the initial results based solely on the votes by the six competing groups and the evaluations by the panel of experts, which each account for 25 percent of their final scores (adding up a total of 50 percent).
Tumblr media
ATEEZ came in first place in both categories, while Stray Kids claimed second place alone in the expert judges’ evaluations and tied for second place with BTOB in the contestants’ votes. Meanwhile, THE BOYZ took third place in the expert judges’ evaluations and fourth place in the contestants’ votes.
SF9 claimed fourth place in the expert judges’ evaluations, but placed sixth in the overall initial rankings after not receiving any votes from the other contestants. BTOB and iKON tied for fifth place in the expert judges’ evaluations, but BTOB came in fourth place overall due to their high ranking in the contestants’ votes, while iKON took fifth place in the contestants’ votes.
The overall initial rankings for Round 1 (subject to change after fan votes and video view counts have been tallied) are as follows:
Stray Kids
Tumblr media
Which of the performances from Round 1 was your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! (You can check out THE BOYZ, iKON, and BTOB’s performances from Round 1 here.)
Watch the full episode of “Kingdom” with English subtitles here: WATCH NOW
Credit: Soompi 
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kisstherainhello · 9 hours ago
Rant here about Kingdom incoming!
I just finished watching episode 3 and how the fuck did Ikon and SF9 placed on the bottom?! Their performances can easily place on the top! Are performances evaluated by props now? Aren't they taking the story telling, the dance, and the surprising arrangement of the songs to account?! Dude who would have thought Love Scenario can turn to musical and Now or Never to classical? They made unexpected versions of their songs so damn well! My heart hurts for SF9 more cause honestly they have the most impactful performance out all of them. They don't deserve to place last. I freaking hate you Mnet. You damn snake!!
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marksangelic · 10 hours ago
*sigh* kingdom .... this is tiring
why caNT I VOTE ??&£..:&:&
Tumblr media
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hhanjisung · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sunshine Felix x Kingdom Ep. 3
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husberttee · 10 hours ago
im only halfway through the ateez stage and what the fuck. what. the. fuck.
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