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#king of jotunheim
wizardofrozz · 3 days ago
The Perfect Pair
Tumblr media
Warnings: none (if I missed something let me know!)
Pairing: Loki x OFC
A/N: I want to thank everyone who read this and I hope you enjoyed it! ❤ 
Chapter 20: Epilogue
5 years later
(Violet POV)
A chilly breeze whipped against my face as I looked out over the never-ending forests beyond the castle; the rising sun was sparkling off the snow-covered trees as far as the eye could see. I nuzzled into the fur collar of my cloak, sighing at the softness, shifting my gaze to the valley below the castle. I watched Jotunheim start to stir as the first rays of sunlight washed over the realm, happiness bubbling in my stomach; I sighed, turning to walk across the bridge connected to the throne room. Faint voices drifted towards me, causing me to stop at the doorway; I leaned against the doorframe watching the two guards that stood in front of the throne, talking softly.
           “Very well. Update me as often as possible,” Loki huffed.
           “Of course, Your Highness,” one guard replied. The guards turned, a surprised look on their faces when they saw me standing in the doorway; they quickly bowed, smiling softly.
           “Hello, my Queen,” the second guard greeted.
           “Hello, gentlemen,” I smiled, bowing my head. Then, as the guards left the room, I turned my gaze to Loki, sitting on the icy throne across the room. He sat with his legs spread open, leaning to his left, eyes screwed shut as he massaged the bridge of his nose. Loki's onyx hair was windblown, making it a wild mess of curls that was a stark contrast to his powder blue skin. I quietly moved closer, admiring the patterns that matched my own that decorated his face and hands. “You look so stressed, my King.” Loki jumped, his eyes flying open, searching for the voice; as his glowing crimson eyes landed on me, his body language shifted.
           “You scared me, darling,” Loki laughed, getting to his feet. “I'm impressed.”
           “I learned from the best,” I giggled, wrapping my arms around his waist. Loki's arms rested on my shoulders as he gazed down at me, a soft smile spreading across his face.
           “How are you feeling?” Loki probed, his eyes sweeping over my face.
           “Loki, stop worrying,” I huffed, lightly smacking his lower back.
           “You're insane if you think that's going to happen,” Loki snorted. I laughed and shook my head, leaning into him as much as I could; I relaxed into him, listening to the steady beating of his heart as she carded gentle fingers through my hair. “Thor's going to be so excited.”
           “When is he supposed to be here?” I asked, moving back so I could see Loki's face.
           “At some point today. He didn't give me an exact time frame,” Loki huffed, rolling his eyes.
           “Really? That's so unlike him,” I quipped. Loki's laugh echoed through the empty throne room, making my heart swell at the sound until I felt a sharp pain. “Ow!” I hissed, reaching for my stomach in an attempt to soothe the pain.
           “Are you okay, my love?” Loki inquired, his voice slightly higher in concern. I nodded, still rubbing circles below my ribs, letting out a slight pained laugh.
           “I think your laugh makes them happy,” I chuckled as the pain receded. “Your child loves to hear your voice.” I looked up at Loki, biting back a gasp when I was met with the soft expression on Loki's face. A look of awe and adoration was etched into his features as he gazed lovingly at my stomach.
           “Do you ever wonder how we managed to get here?” Loki whispered, his hand gently resting on my bulging stomach.
           “Every day. Sometimes I'm waiting to wake up from a dream,” I mumbled, my voice thick with emotion. Loki looked up, meeting my eyes, love crashing like waves in his scarlet orbs. His free hand cupped the side of my face as he bent down, his breath warm against my lips.
           “I love you,” he breathed, our lips brushing as he spoke. It felt like the ground under my feet started to quake while simultaneously everything stood still when our lips met; my soul thrumming happily, sending warmth spreading across my skin.
           “I love you too, trickster,” I mumbled against his lips.
           “Your Highnesses?” a voice caught our attention.
           “Yes?” Loki called, looking over my head.
           “An unidentified ship has landed nearby,” the guard answered.
           “Thank you,” Loki replied with a nod.
           “I think Thor has a sixth sense,” I grunted, shaking my head. Loki's head fell onto my shoulder, a laugh bursting from his lips; Loki's laughter was cut off with a soft surprised sound.
           “Well, hello, little one,” he cooed, rubbing my stomach.
           “You can talk to them later. We should get to the ship before Thor's travel buddies start a fight, again,” I stated. I stood on my toes, pressing a kiss to Loki's cheek before grabbing his hand and pulling him from the throne room. We quickly found the sizeable orange ship not far from the front of the castle; warriors surrounded the ship, ignoring the irritated shouts from the ramp.
           “Don't you know who we are!” a gruff voice shouted. I noticed one of the giant’s heads was bowed as he looked down at the small, furry creature at his feet.
           “Rocket! Enough,” Gamora shouted.
           “Stand down!” Loki yelled. The army surrounding the ship slowly dispersed, returning to their morning activities, leaving an opening for us to get closer.
           “Took ya long enough,” Rocket grunted, trudging back to the ship.
           “Violet!” Gamora shouted, hurrying towards me as Loki approached Rocket. Loki walked towards the ship with Rocket, his head bent as he spoke to the small creature. “Oh!” Gamora's eyes bulged as her eyes landed on my stomach.
           “Shhh!” I whispered harshly. “We want to surprise Thor.”
           “Congratulations!” she whispered, hugging me close. “When did this happen? We were here not long ago.”
           “I started showing shortly after you left,” I giggled, smiling brightly at her.
           “Brother!” Loki yelled from the ramp, glancing over his shoulder at me. Gamora and I moved closer as a full-grown Groot walked down the ramp, waving at me with a smile. Draxx and Mantis wandered off the ship, lost in conversation, but waved half-heartedly before wandering into the snow. I waved back to the three of them but rolled my eyes as I heard the familiar argument coming from the ship.
           “I'm still the Captain!” Peter shouted angrily. “I decide where we go.” Loki stood next to the ramp, shaking his head; he met my eyes as I stepped up next to him, making sure I saw his dramatic eye roll.
           “Of course, Captain,” Thor replied, sarcastically adding emphasis. Peter grumbled as he walked down the ramp, shivering at the sudden chill in the air.
           “Loki!” Thor bellowed. Thor hurried down the ramp, pushing past Peter, almost knocking him off the ramp, to yank his brother into a tight hug.
           “Hi Thor,” Loki laughed, hugging his brother back. 
           “Where's-“ Thor stopped short when his eyes landed on me. “You're...”
           “Come on, big guy, you can do it,” I joked.
           “Yes!” Thor boomed, hurrying towards me. Thor gently wrapped his arm around my torso, hugging me close as he laughed. “Congratulations,” he whispered against my shoulder.
           “Careful, don't crush my wife,” Loki laughed. Thor released me from the hug and quickly grabbed Loki again, crushing him into another hug. “Thor,” Loki croaked.
           “Oh, sorry,” Thor laughed, releasing his brother. “When did this happened?”
           “Let's get back to the castle, and we'll explain,” Loki laughed again, smacking Thor's shoulder. Peter, Gamora, Rocket, Draxx, Mantis, and Groot joined us, smiling and giving us best wishes as well. The walk back to the castle was filled with Thor and Loki laughing and catching up again, Peter and Rocket arguing about nothing while Draxx laughed at them, Groot periodically touching trees, and Mantis and Gamora silently walking alongside me. 
           “He missed you both,” Gamora suddenly said with a smile. I glanced over my shoulder, my heart swelling as I watched Loki laughing freely at something Thor was saying.
           “We missed him too. I think Loki likes having him around more than he lets on,” I hinted with a smile.
           “I have a feeling we'll be here a lot more,” Gamora chuckled, glancing at my stomach.
           “I really hope so,” I sighed happily. Finally, we arrived at the castle, sending maids off to prepare breakfast, and gathered at the large table in the dining hall. Conversations filled the room as Thor, and the Guardians told us stories about their travels since the last time we saw them; Peter and Thor argued like usual, of course. I rested my hand on the table between Loki and me as Gamora told me about a planet they visited recently when a hand rested on top of mine. I glanced over at Loki, meeting his eyes; my heart swelled again at the bright, happy smile on his face. He gently squeezed my hand before turning back to Thor, nodding along to the story; I turned back to Gamora, smiling.
Maybe good does win in the end.
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worstloki · 6 days ago
I wonder if the show is gonna try making an excuse for the predictable Loki in Ragnarok by saying he's the one that went along with the TVA so he's the one that goes along with people's expectations of him
if they're going meta i want the TVA to especially complain about the amount of Lokis they have to erase regularly because there were SO many points at which he explicitly could've tipped over into the opposing side of bad/good
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darthgenious16 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
“I’ll do what I want to do!” - Loki's entire life philosophy
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Normally, If Loki had died before Thanos threw him to the ground, the recording would have ended there. But the recording ends after Thor hugs him. A lot of people say it's because Loki hasn't actually died while Thor's hugging him. And according to this idea, the last thing Loki feels is Thor hugging him. It broke my heart.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Omg I think I've noticed something. Grandmaster wasn't on the tape of Loki's memoirs. I mean, contrary to what most of us think, there's nothing very special between the two of them. Because Mobius said "it was a recording of us collecting your special moments." I feel so sad to have noticed that.
Tumblr media
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thevibraniumveterans · 11 days ago
Wait, lemme get this straight...
In THOR, Loki staged a ruse and killed his birth father so that he could prove himself worthy in Odin’s eyes...
which failed...
so in THE AVENGERS, Loki tried to take over Earth so that he could rule without the need for his father’s approval...
the plan of which failed...
so he got taken back to Asgard and thrown in jail and subsequently got his own mother killed by Algrim/Kurse so that Loki could avenge his mother’s death and kill Kurse...
the plan of which failed as well since Loki died...
or so we thought because it was another ruse since Loki took Odin’s place and ruled Asgard, not before telling Thor, “One son who wanted the throne too much, and other who will not take it”, to which Thor says, “Loki died with honour. I shall try to live the same. Is that not legacy enough?”
but anyway, we learn in THOR: RAGNAROK that Loki’s plan to rule Asgard, which he did for a while, did not go well, so he wanted to stay in Sakaar long enough to dethrone the Grandmaster and rule Sakaar...
the plan of which failed...
so Loki reveals that he put Odin on Earth, where he died
which did not go well for Thor and Loki...
sooo anyway INFINITY WAR begins and Thanos kills Loki, who by then come to terms with being “the prince of Asgard, Odinson, rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief”...
which turned out to more or less be the only thing, besides trickery, that Loki was ever successful at.
Loki has tried every damn thing he could to prove himself worthy to someone who not just didn’t see him that way but also lied to him about his origins.
Loki was cast aside, belittled, humiliated, bruised emotionally and physically, and it was only in his final minutes that he finally succeeded at not just identifying himself as an Odinson but also embracing the fact that though he may be a prince of Asgard, he would always be the rightful King of Jotunheim, and the God of Mischief.
Dude speedran four films worth of defeats and deaths of not just himself but those closest to him, and if that doesn’t change your outlook on life... I don’t know what will.
Damn, episode 1 hit us hard. I can’t wait for next week.
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Everyone was upset that this wasn't going to be Loki in Ragnarok. Guys, this Loki is a thousand times better than him. He knows he's loved. He wants to make things right. He saw the consequences of his actions and learned a lesson.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thevibraniumveterans · 12 days ago
a little low-key unpopular opinion...
... on the fluidity of Loki’s gender/sex?
can i talk about this?
idk, really, but hey, i think while it’s great that Marvel studios has confirmed its acknowledgement of the fact that loki’s sex is fluid?
that i know Loki’s a shapeshifter, that Loki can be whatever and whoever Loki chooses to be, but in the real human world i don’t think gender and sex is something people choose to be. if you know who or what you are, irrespective of what you’re born with, then you’re that for life. even if you’re born a boy but you know you’re a girl, you’re a girl, full stop.
but loki? loki can do whatever loki wants. loki wants to be a girl? awesome, she’s loki now. she can do whatever she wants. loki wants to change back into a guy, cool! he can do whatever he damn well wishes.
i don’t necessarily think loki identifies as gender fluid, but HEAR ME OUT:
Loki identifies, first and foremost, as - like we all heard him say in Infinity War - not just a prince of Asgard, Odinson, and the rightful King of Jotunheim, but also the God of Mischief. 
i think that to Loki, as he is a god after all, human concepts would be beneath him. Taking the Norse myths, comics, and the MCU into consideration, Loki can be male, female, a snake, a horse, whatever and whoever Loki wants to be. Loki can, in our more modern terms, be straight, anything but straight, male, female, anything but both, anything and everything...
so maybe it’s not a specific gender that Loki identifies with, despite the fact that we see Loki looking like a human male most of the time.
the image that we’re all losing our minds over notes that - as it’s mythologically and comic-canon accurate - loki’s sex (not gender) is fluid, which means that, and i keep saying this, if loki wants to be female, she’s female now, and if she wants to be a male, he’s male now, 
loki can be both, either, neither, whatever, whoever, whenever, wherever.
LOKI IS LOKI. LOKI CAN CHANGE SEX AT WILL BECAUSE HE’S A SHAPESHIFTER. Our human concepts cannot really apply to a god, really, even if he does look like a human to us. the possibility exists for us humans to have sex-reassignment surgery and a bunch of other options so that we can look like who or what we identify as and feel more comfortable in our own body.
In the myths, not just does Loki transform into a mare and have sex with a stallion to give birth to Sleipnir the eight-legged horse, Loki also gave birth to Hel (which in the MCU is Loki’s sister Hela), Jörmungand the world serpent, and Fenrir the wolf.
Even in the MCU Thor states that Loki can turn into a snake.
So really, the only thing that Loki identifies as, primarily, is being the God of Mischief. Loki’s not male, not female, and/or both, a freaking HORSE, a snake, who can apparently give birth to a horse, a snake, and a wolf. 
out of the crazy things Loki can do (and has most likely done in the myths), Loki’s sex and gender is not the most important thing out there.
yes, i know that to many, representation is important, as it should be, of course. but Loki is Loki! 
Some say, Loki is male! YES.
Loki is female? YES.
Loki is sex-fluid? YES.
Loki is a snake, a horse? YES.
Loki birthed a horse, a snake, and a wolf? YES.
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the-do-that-girl · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Loki - I’m here.
Finally I’ve made a new portrait of my favourite MCU character, God of Mischief- Loki. From the closing scene of Thor Ragnarok just before things go downhill fast.   In celebration of his return in his own show tomorrow.
Quite strange to draw him again after all this time, I’ve spent the last 2 years sketching characters from Lucifer.
Caran D’Ache pencils on Mixed media paper by Me
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luciferian-drama · 17 days ago
@justice-driven​ from X.
“Oh, hold now-- let’s not be hasty...”
Tumblr media
A hand was up defensively as she came to a warrior’s tilt-- never really a good sign for a God of Mischief, but those were the breaks. Still it was fairly indicative of him to have one hand raised in a gesture to calm, the other slid under his coat to grope for the hilt of his own weapon.
“I am not the only beast of old your very presence conjures into the land-- surely you wouldn’t try to rectify me without hearing first the risks-?” A pause, and his lips rolled back in a deep smile. “Usually I get a talking to before I get lassoed.”
“Point being, you may want to tread lightly, Princess.” 
No idea what an Amazonian was doing here in the outskirts of the frozen wastes of Jotunheim, but as aforementioned-- them’s the breaks. Best keep her occupied before she could accidentally wake up any of the outcast giants. 
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n0obmaster69 · 23 days ago
Why we never saw Loki in jotun form since 2011?
Tumblr media
Why is Loki happily joking about being adopted?
Tumblr media
Why Loki attacked Thanos with a knife?
Tumblr media
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