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#kind anon
sleepyearthbabe22 hours ago
馃槏 you have the sweetest face I've ever seen
Thank you anon 馃挄
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stucky-on-spidermana day ago
sending you hugs! I hope you feel better soon <3
Just have to take it day by day I guess, thanks anon!聽 <3
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prose-for-hire3 days ago
!!! You have tattoos? if you don't mind sharing, what are they?
I do !! I have a handful so I won鈥檛 go through them all, but I have a few designs that include hearts (I used to doodle them a lot when I was younger so it鈥檚 no surprise that some of the designs I鈥檝e wanted include hearts in some way lol) 馃挅馃枻馃挅馃枻
(I really want a buffy tatt but I wouldn鈥檛 know where to even start lol it takes me a while to commit to something)
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sleepyearthbabe4 days ago
You look like your smile lit up a room pre-covid
Thank you anon that鈥檚 kind 馃挄馃檲
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kitsune-kaos4 days ago
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satansterio5 days ago
u ok dear? -馃尯馃尮馃尫
no. not at all. I just dropped out of college and I have 0 friends, no one to talk and turns out my father (who fiscally and mentally abused me my whole life) tried to unalive himself so now everybody loves him while I'm completely alone and mentally ill.
also I wish my english was better
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celestiial-angel6 days ago
Hey there. I care about you. Please stay alive..
Thanks but hard to do..
I'm so close to just giving up. I can't take any more of this shit..
People keep reaching out to me, pretending to help me but end up sending me hate anonymously or just straight up in the chat telling me to kms
I mean... idk..whatever I guess
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lloomy6 days ago
馃馃ask game馃馃
unicorn!! thank you!!
馃- how do you perceive yourself?
heh... I would rather not perceive myself,,, I don't know,,, I mean,,, I am human (I mean jury's still out), I like llamas, I like drink bubble tea, I go on tumblr, I read, I avoid face to face interaction because stress,,, uhh,,, I would like to think that people do not notice me, I am not that interesting.
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stucky-on-spiderman7 days ago
Hello I am wishing you a very pleasant day and also giving you a virtual hug. 鉂
Thank you!! Take a hug from me too 鉂
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shyvixy9 days ago
As I once new artist myself lemme share you tips n tricks that really helped me out
1. use references, they helped me out a lot with learning anatomy and honestly really helped shape my style
2. It is impossible to use too many layers, with digital layers are a huge advantage so use that as much as you can
3. Feel free to take things from other artists style and use it yourself
That鈥檚 all I have for now! I really believe in you and good luck in your art journey!!
Thank you so much! I'm going to try to do better. It takes time I know, but stuff like this helps. I'll take all the advice I can get :)
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celestiial-angel10 days ago
Hi! I hope you have a great day <3 day sadly sucks.. my whole life actually does but whatever, I mean who cares 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
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celestiial-angel10 days ago
hi buddy. my best wishes. from what i get ur going through a lot..i rly wish i could help but i cant even help myself, so im sorry .u seem like a v magical person i love ur whole thing w the lighthouses. ik its cowardly to go all anon like this but i honestly cant bear the thought of letting someone else down, even tho that's what im doing. if just lettin u know someone else is there is helpful at all, im here, floating aimlessly too. my sincerest best wishes for u
Thank you for reaching out to me.
No worries for the anon thing...but I have to admit I got a bit scared when I saw the notification coming up. I get a lot of anonymous hate and most of the time I just try and delete it but that doesn't mean that it didn't hurt me...anyway...BIG THANK YOU to you for NOT being a cruel anon 馃馃グ
I wish you were right tho but seems like nobody even sees my posts (except for the ones who send me hate for them) I always feel like I'm just here on this planet and nobody even notices me so it feels good to know someone is acknowledging my existence lol
Have a nice day sweet anon 鈾
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prideandperdition12 days ago
The sun kissed your beautiful face, because I couldn't make it to you today.
The soft breeze of wind held your hand for me, because I couldn't reach out your way.
Asked the birds and the trees to watch over you, so they would sing and sway to help you not feeling blue.
As above so below, if you love yourself so I will love you.
Hope that youre doing fine, in God's presence, that is nature, I hope you realize that you're divine.
Oh my goodness anon this is so incredibly sweet, you really made me speechless. It's so beautiful. Thank you so much for me sending this 馃ズ鉂 Did you write these words yourself, or are they the lyrics to a very pretty song? I'll carry these words in my heart, and you will live there until the day I can put these arms around you 馃挅馃尶鈽锔忦煂吼煉 (what? yes anon, like a grizzly bear)
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nix-akimbo13 days ago
I love all the work you do. I love that you try and accommodate everyone and their favorites. I think you're a great content creator and I look forward to when you make a new post.
Tumblr media
Oh gosh, thank you. Truly. This made me smile and get all UwU. I appreciate everyone for their support and encouragement for these silly things. 馃挄
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asranova13 days ago
What are your answers to the questions you posted yesterday?
Hi Anon :D Thanks for the ask! My answers to my questions are: 1. Lucario! What a good lad! My favorite! 2. I鈥檓 a builder and a farmer! I can spend hours on a build or on a farm! 3. My favorite class to play (right now anyways cause im playing my first campaign and haven't played any other class) is rogue, but I do have a real big fondness for Druids! 4. My favorite time of day is evening golden hour! so between 4pm and 7pm depending on the time of year! 5. My current favorite song is either Sweet Hibiscus Tea by Penelope Scott or Ibuprofen by Bears in Trees! 6. My favorite kind of tea is chai tea! Thanks for the ask anon!
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I think I may have over watered myself today, in some lame attempt to make up for not drinking any water for like a week. But thank you for the reminder!
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prideandperdition14 days ago
Hey there handsome, you look so fabulous with your 80s hairstyle. You are going to nail whatever you do today even those statistics 馃尰馃帀 Enjoy your day, I hope you have a great start of thee week. Look out for the Easter bunny, that motherfucker has been hopping around so I have heard. 馃悋馃惏馃槀鈾ワ笍 Take care 馃尰馃惢
Hello there beautiful anon, with your (probably) pretty damn fabulous hairstyle yourself 馃槆馃尯 I nailed some of that statistics, but I confess it was hard to be productive today without daydreaming about the warm sunny weather 馃槄 I have a funny feeling you're having the same problem anon 馃 But hey, seeing the sun again gave this week a great start, and your message made it great too! It made me smile a lot, and yeah I hope your day and week are just as great 馃槉馃挄
Haven't seen that easter bunny yet, but I heard the creepy fucker has some delicious eggs! So.. maybe we should try to ambush him and steal those eggs when he's around? 馃憖馃槅馃惏
Take care kind anon, and enjoy your day 鉂ゐ煂衡榾锔
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asranova14 days ago
馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋馃挋 Thank you for the hearts kind anon聽 馃挋
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asranova14 days ago
Bulbasaur and Ralts anon again. Yeah redstone is easy for me because I studied engineering and discrete math, just how my brain works. Also checkout Fictional Aisle by Tall Boy Special! completely different vibe from Bay Guy, but still good
That sounds amazing dude, it really does! I dont have the brain for that kind of thing but it's all really interesting the more intricate it gets. I'll definitely check that out too thank you!
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asranova14 days ago
1. mimikyu :)
2. fighter
3. i wanna play dnd someday
4. night!
5. the reckoning by dom fera
6. ive never had tea lol
Mimikyu is lovely, we love a good stabby stab in this household, dnd is amazing 15/10 would reccomend, night time is best time, I'll have to check that sound out, it sounds cool! Tea is nice but not for everyone. I'm very picky with my tea.
Thank you kind anon
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