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#kili draws
yyj7348 · 6 days ago
You can probably tell who my favs are
Characters w scarves and a little less self-control than usual are the best
And I feel like they would make good friends/scout partners???
Tumblr media
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yyj7348 · 2 months ago
A drawing practice of Ariadne's totem
With references of course, and no consideration whatsoever to light and shadows. I just made them up
Light is hard!!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yyj7348 · 2 months ago
Aaaand there's a scribble of dipper in my gallery so
Tumblr media
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ibijau · a year ago
Tumblr media
 @judayre said: L2 Kili/Ori?
You always make me go for a nostalgia trip when you request hobbit stuff, it’s nice! 
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bagginshieldoferebor · 10 days ago
So life is still keeping me away from being able to engage with this blog in any real way but a fic plot is in my head so I want to share it with you on the off chance someone wants to spare me the effort and write it for me cause it wont get out of my head but I do not have time right now.
Post BoTFA, Thoron wakes in the healing tents. Everyone is alive but badly injured - including Bilbo, who was severely wounded defending Thorin's unconscious body.
No one is sure if Bilbo is going to make it through the night.
When Thorin finds this out, he insists on being taken to Bilbo. There’s a small crowd; he’s in the same tent as many others. The whole company is there, and Fili and Kili are on adjacent beds. Everyone assumes Thorin wishes to deliver a blessing; traditional, for shield-brothers or other kin who are approaching death. 
They watch Thorin pause at Bilbo’s bedside. The room is quiet as they watch the king approach, but it goes deathly silent when instead of bowing his head before Bilbo, Thorin presses his hand against his own chest before pressing it to Bilbo’s and resting his brow against the hobbits, speaking not the blessing for kin or a shield brother, but the lament of the One taken before courting. 
Most had some theories something may have been going on, but none except Balin and Dwalin had any idea that Thorin had become sure of the discovery of his One, and even they only suspected. 
Thorin’s body is quaking with weakness any fever as he draws back, and the company can see what it costs him to allow Dwalin to help him back to his own cot. 
Of course I picture this with a happy ending where Bilbo wakes up and everyone is alive and happy but for those angsty people out there, this is an idea that can easily go in the direction of hurt with no comfort. 
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wolfishwriting · 10 days ago
Hi! I just recently discovered your account and was wondering if you have a "meet the writer" page. (Like what you do for fun, favorite anime/book, most difficult/favorite writing scenarios, horoscope sign, what made you got into writing, or the inspiration behind the letter M as an identity!) I am just naturally curious/nosy but if these are too personal, please ignore! I just really admire the way you write the characters in various scenarios. Regardless, I appreciate your work and please never stop writing~ Thank you M!
Thank you so much, bb! I just figured no one was interested in the author behind all the work so I never thought of having my own "Meet the Writer" page! I guess this will be it!
long post under the cut! // posted april 30th, 2021
So, the inspo behind the letter M is because my name is Madison :) I'm just too lazy to type my full-name out sometimes, haha! "M" is a lot quicker but you're free to call me by my real name!
Trust me, before I even started writing on Tumblr I was writing fanfiction purely for myself! And I still do so, works for myself and Peter Pevensie, myself x Kili (The Hobbit), myself x Kuroo, myself x Akashi Seijuro, myself x Gendry x Pod, myself x Billy x Stu, myself x Fred x George and so on!
Name: Madison, alias M
Nicknames: I grew up being called Wolf and Okami by my friends. Wolves are very important to me in ways I simply don't have the time to describe because it delves into a harder part of my childhood and has continued to ever be a part of me. You're welcome to call me either!
In my fandoms, I am a werewolf. Hence "Ask the Wolfess" and I always draw myself the way I perceive myself, my "ideal" form.
Age: 23, turning 24 in July // 1997
Pronouns: She/Her, been a female all my life
Relationship Status: Disastrously single, have been for 5 years
Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
16Personalities Type: INFJ
House: Ravenclaw, though I was Slytherin my entire youth
Pets: I have four cats, three of which are mine and a puppy.
Hobbies: Drawing (I've been drawing for roughly 20 years), Writing (I've been writing for over a decade), Photography
Current Books Reading: Takane & Hana, JuJutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer (manga), A Court of Mist & Fury (regular book, #2 in ACOTAR series)
Favorite Genre: Horror-- Believe it or not I started off as a horror writer, I still do write a fair bit of horror! I've always written for anime and horror movies the most :) and have been meaning to get back into it.
Hardest Scenario to Write: I couldn't think of a particular scenario rather than when you request too many characters, things have the tendency to get very repetitive and sometimes my head will start to hurt but I'm just trying to finish writing even if I'm not happy with it, I just want it done. Which is why the limit of characters is usually 4-6 characters, depending on the Ask.
I hate writing angst, anything to do with depression, fuckbois/toxic relationships-- I don't like ANY of it. Which is why I don't write for it! Maybe it's the wolf in me but I get really irritated when things like that aren't tagged in the TWs because unfortunately, a fair bit of my brain and mental health is dependent on a fictional character returning my love; so if there's sudden angst or suddenly they're cheating-- it actually makes me want to throw up because I feel sick. I read and write to get away from my own reality, so please always tag any possible triggers!
I do get frustrated when people don’t read the rules and instead of rehashing it over and over (I’ve already mentioned twice in past posts), I now just delete asks that don’t meet the criteria or if it’s something I’m not comfortable with writing or sometimes have no inspiration for. I have my rules pinned to my blog for that reason! :D 
Favorite Animals: Wolves, cats, lions, tigers, foxes to name some. Animals are great!
Favorite Creatures: Werewolves, Naga, Fae
Favorite Bands: Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, numerous K-Pop groups (most sadly now disbanded)
Favorite Colors: As an adult, you kinda are able to appreciate all the colors?? But I have to wear all black at my job (it's not a fun job, it's retail) so I find myself wearing more color than I used to but I'm still tied to my Goth roots, I just wear a lot of earth tones now and not exclusively all black anymore. So if I had to choose probably: black, grey, turquoise, yellow, pastels
Favorite Anime: I grew up on Yu-gi-oh! and Pokemon like most American children do but Naruto is what really kickstarted me off into anime, so I'd say that it has the #1 title in my heart. As for favorites, probably Attack on Titan (no I'm not caught up lol I'm too scared), Free, Kuroko's Basketball, Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire Knight, Elfen Lied
Favorite TV Shows: I don't watch TV but I do enjoy Stranger Things, DC's Titans, Game of Thrones
Favorite Movies: Harry Potter, Marvel's X-Men, Alice in Wonderland, Pride & Prejudice, LotR/The Hobbit, Marvel's Avengers, Scream (1996)
Favorite Anime Characters: Kuroo (I don't write for him, I know he's a fan favorite but sometimes it's hard for me to break away because I'm so deeply connected to him like most characters-- and in my darkest moments, they're all I have), Tsukishima, Bokuto, Megumi, Inumaki, Yuuji, Seto Kaiba (Yugioh), Rei Ryugazaki (Free!), Akashi Seijuro (KnB), Kiba Inuzuka, Muzan Kibutsuji, Zenitsu, Dabi, Shouto, Shinsou, Hanabusa Aido to name a few!
Favorite Non-Anime Characters: Billy Loomis and Stu Macher (Scream, 1996), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), Peter Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia), Wanda Maximoff, The Collector (Guardians of the Galaxy), Loki (Marvel), Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler (Marvel's X-Men), Kili (The Hobbit), Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Weasley Twins (Harry Potter), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Gar/Beast Boy (DC's Titans), Rachel/Raven (DC's Titans), Embry Call (Twilight), Jasper Hale (Twilight), Podrick Payne (GoT), Gendry Waters (GoT), Eyeless Jack (Creepypasta), Laughing Jack (Creepypasta)
If you have any other questions, please let me know! This was all I could think of for now! :D Thank you again, thank you so much for your kind words! It's more appreciated than I'm ever able to express!
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gamgeesgarden · 14 days ago
Hello! I'd love to request a hobbit/lotr match-up if it's still available? If not feel free to ignore the rest <3
🌱 I'm a bisexual trans ftm with curly brown hair and brown eyes. As for height: I am definitly on the short side.
🌱 I like to write songs, and draw/paint people! I haven't been able to pinpoint a genre to my music, but I've noticed it tends to be a bit celtic-folk-y. I'd give anything to be able to draw animals and plants, but, alas, frustration gets me every time.
🌱 I love to learn- and I am 100% serious about this. My main is languages, but I love learning about various history topics, flora/fauna, and different cultures!
🌱 I also love cooking, and Gardening! I take a large pride in that, especially if the ingredients came from the wild and/or my garden, and nothing feels better than knowing people enjoy my food. I usually do baked goods and desserts, but can't wait to try my hand at larger meals!
🌱 I am overly aware of the importance of a first impression, so I tend to be overly polite and quiet at first. As I get used to a person, I'll talk more, until it slowly evolves into being able to comfortably play with them.
🌱 With close friends I let myself go completely, as one commonly does. Rough-housing, being loud, good-natured brawls, you name it! I also take prank wars very seriously: I may not have started it, but I'll make sure I finish it.
🌱 I love animals. This is a known fact. It takes a lot of willpower to leave wild animals alone, because my first thought is to basically befriend every one I see.
🌱 I'm also very, very impulsive. Sometimes that's good, but usually it's bad. My first thought is always The Bad Idea™, but I'm usually aware its a bad idea, so I don't act on it. Key Word: Usually.
🌱 I have anxiety, and suspect ADHD, so I get overwhelmed very easily. I love thunder storms, but if one is right over my home, my anxiety spikes; it doesn't help that I'm afraid of lightning. I tend to stim a lot, whether it be "drumming" with my fingers, snapping, or flapph hands, you can easily tell my mood by which "fidget" I'm partaking in.
(May I also request for you to have a great day? Because that would be lovely c:)
Okay, I’ll have a good day but only because you told me to.
Tumblr media
You and Bilbo can often be found working in silence together, him on his book and you on your drawing. If you aren’t doing that you are found cooking or gardening together, and you both are too polite for your own good. You both end up going on a few more adventures, mainly to visit the dwarves in Erebor (Bilbo regrets ever introducing you to Kili) and the pair of you are as impulsive as the other (Mr. I’m-going-to-leave-home-on-a-split-second-decision-based-on-pretty-singing). He loves your music and you are an absolute hit at Shire parties. You both have long conversations about plants, animals, and anything to do with learning. He teaches you every language he knows and the pair of you even go on a trip to Rivendell so he can introduce you to Elrond and show you the library. 
Tumblr media
You and Merry would be wonderful together! You would also terrorize everyone in the Shire with your bad ideas (a la fireworks situation) and pranks. He isn’t as big of a gardener but he would really admire your green thumb and would excitedly surprise you with new tools, seeds, or books so you could learn about new subjects. He loves listening to you play music and when you sit down to draw and paint he usually joins you (though he is half as serious and his art is a mess). He encourages you when you get frustrated and gives you the incentive to sit down and try again. He believes in you more than anyone.
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themerriweathermage · 14 days ago
A Hunter’s Circlet Pt. 14
Elrond’s touch has brought you back to the land of the living, and you remember with startling clarity what exactly happened atop Ravenhill. You realize that Elrond intends to shield you from the consequences of your actions, going as far as lying to protect you, for he will not lose you.
Series Tag: @theyeetedsoul​ @rhepworth​ @ask-the-elf-stuff​
Forever Tag: @bonjour-rainycity​ @theelvenhaven​
A/N: All I ask is that you consider that certain characters have the potential to make excellent villains. And that being said, I do adore Thranduil and I, in no way, headcanon that he is a villain. (But he is in this story). Also Tumblr is being an absolute bear about GIF placement on mobile and I don’t know why.
Warnings: Major character death
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Elvish Translations:
Nost Carannaur - House of Red Fire 
Gurth enin aran - Death to the king 
Meleth/meleth-nin - Love/my love 
Hervess-nin - My wife 
Nost Nestor - House of Healing
Elrond. Your husband. Not whatever wretched hallucination you’d been standing on the outside of. You had been lulled by the fantasy, and it had felt so real, only to be so fake. Reality hit harder than the arrow you remembered taking on the battlefield, your hand pressed to the wound, feeling the bandages beneath your hand.
“And so ends the line of Nost Carannaur.” Thranduil remarked. You remembered it now.
“I’ve freed all my people, down to the last parent and child. I am done hiding behind lies and secrets. What line, Thranduil? Your father ended that line a long time ago.” Your voice quivered. You had been wounded on the battlefield, taking a blow to protect the dwarf your daughter loved. It had not been an easy fight, but the orc was dead and now you stood, sword raised against the Elvenking.
“You will have to forgive me, but I have a kingdom to protect.” Thranduil remarked simply, his hand drawn back on the bowstring. His fingers trembled, but you refused to move from your position in front of Tauriel and the dwarf Kili.
“It’s not a kingdom anymore that you’re protecting. It’s your goddamn pride and I don’t give a rat’s ass about it. I have a daughter to protect!” You had lunged then, feeling fire consume every part of you, but the arrow through your shoulder, buried to its feathers with the mere force of it, stopped the complete transformation. You shook your head at Tauriel’s horrified shriek. You swayed, unsteady on your feet, and you remembered drawing on your rage, but the memories that followed were unfamiliar to you.
“Whatever did I see in you? Cowardly, weak, using the tools of the enemy to murder an advisor, a master of one of your Silvan houses. You won’t be able to run from fate forever, Thranduil.” You whispered.
“I’m not the one dying.” Thranduil remarked. It was true. House Caran’s blood was all over the battlefield; you’d watched your own brother succumb to his wounds made by the beasts. Still you mustered a smile, a smirk in the face of your death, knowing the poison would spread quickly. You would die in agony, but you would die protecting your child, as you should have done centuries ago.
You curled your fingers tightly around your blade’s hilt. “I should have cut you down the moment you decided to take my daughter away from me. I should have...”
“You should have. But you didn’t.” Thranduil murmured.
“So this is the fate you have given me? Death by the hands of the enemy? Why not just execute me? You’re Oropher’s son after all, and he stooped to far worse.”
“I have a kingdom to protect, and war with Imladris needs to be the last of my concerns.”
“And your witnesses?”
“Oh, there will be no witnesses.” Thranduil replied. It was all the fire he ever sparked in you swelling in your chest, rage demanding an outlet, dragon fire ready to be spewed forth and despite the Morgul arrow in your shoulder, you erupted into fire and flames, staring him down.
“So this is how you will take death. With your head held high, like the proud king you are.”
“If you commit regicide...” Thranduil threatened.
“What? You’ll be dead. Your son has forfeit. Your line will die. And all the sins your line has committed will die with you. Your people will elect a new king... or maybe even a queen. And Eryn Galen will be better for it.” You growled. “So let me say a threat that I’ve heard nobles and commoners alike say and be executed for: Gurth enin aran!” You lunged forward, bringing your blade down. For someone who was dying, you moved fairly fast and not particularly expecting you to carry through, Thranduil barely had the time to dodge it. Your hand closed around his own blade, yanking it from the sheath and burying your foot against his stomach, knocking him back against the ruins, the breath taken from him. The two swords closed in on either side of his neck.
“You don’t have the courage...”
“I spent years in silence, Thranduil. Your father silenced everyone around me, tortured me, tormented me, took every friend away from me, and you ripped my daughter away from me before I could ever even hold her. Then you had the nerve to lock me in a cage to suffer while my child had been stolen from me and the ellon I thought I loved married another elleth... You’re mistaken about me. I would die to protect her, and you aren’t getting anywhere near her.” You spat, ending it then and there. There was no coming back from this one. Death was instantaneous. Tauriel actually screamed when the head landed, and you mustered just enough strength to push the body over the edge of the ruins. “You fucking bastard.” You muttered. Darkness ebbed its way into your vision as your flames died out, your energy sapped.
“Meleth-nin.” The voice repeated, drawing you back, away from your dizzying thoughts of the battle that had commenced.
“I’m so sorry.” You finally whispered. “I had to. I had no choice.” Your voice caught in your throat.
“Hervess-nin.” You finally opened your eyes to the sight of your worried mate. He wasn’t hovering, but your hand was clasped between one of his and the other was still on your cheek, taking away your tears. “I have you.” Elrond soothed quietly. You took notice of the healers around you, though they were leaving, most likely a quiet command from their lord. It hurt to breathe still, real pain racing through your body.
“It hurts.” You murmured. He nodded, offering you small sips of tea. It was bitter but you recognized it as being infused with herbs to take the edge off your pain. “Are we in Imladris?”
“Tauriel? Legolas? The dwarf Kili?”
“Safe.” He replied quietly. “All with the same story to tell. The right hand of Azog the Defiler killed Thranduil because he was careless, and you nearly died defending Tauriel, but killed Bolg regardless.” You nearly choked on the tea, aching coughs tearing through you.
“You believe them?” You asked.
“No, but I’ve made their story more plausible, so that the other realms might believe it. Unfortunately, I’ve had to reveal that Tauriel was his daughter, and that he died defending her despite you trying to protect them both. With that Morgul arrow in your shoulder, you wouldn’t have been able to do much but watch in abject horror, but managed to summon your strength when faced with death.” Elrond replied.
“It’s a better story than he deserves.” You whispered, leaning back into the pillows.
“Negotiations for the throne are underway. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that both Tauriel and Kingsguard Feren are under consideration by the people of Eryn Galen. Most of the Sindar nobles are in shock, although one House, Nost Nestor, has nominated a member of their House as well, an elleth elder named Orchalleth? No foul play is suspected.” He took a moment to cup your face in his hands, pressing his forehead to your own.
“You know that’s not the truth.” You whispered. “And you are here regardless?”
“I made my vows with you. I am not ashamed of you.” Elrond murmured. “You said it yourself; you did what you had to do.”
“He was going to kill them.” Your voice broke. “What choice was I given?”
“You weren’t. Had I been in your place, I would have done the same thing. No one touches my children.” There was an edge to his voice; you wondered if someone ever had threatened his children. “Yes, I have gotten away with completely crass and untoward behavior towards the people who once have. They won’t make that mistake again, for certain.” You mustered the strength to take his mouth, surprising him with a fierce kiss, knotting your fingers in his hair.
“Thank you.” You murmured. “For taking a chance on me.” His laugh was rich, warm.
“Thank you. For accepting me as a partner. For doing what you knew was right, despite the consequences. I will do my best to shield you from them. I promise.” Elrond breathed. You took his mouth again, desperate for his love, desperate for his touch. You were surprised that heat could still race through you.
“I want you.” You whispered.
“You are severely injured.” He replied.
“Then will you at least hold me?” You asked. “I need you, meleth-nin, in any capacity I can get you right now.” Elrond stood from his chair, sweeping you into his arms and holding you close to his chest as he made himself comfortable on the bed, amongst pillows and blankets. You sank into the comfort of his arms, resting your head against his chest. “I had a dream.”
“I know. I saw it.” He whispered.
“It wasn’t real.”
“No. You were almost too far gone to save. If Legolas hadn’t carried you down, you would have never made it. We didn’t even know you went up to Ravenhill.”
“Tauriel was the last person who still had the shackles on. I couldn’t let her die, enslaved to a king that...” You took in a deep breath. “That treated her like shit.”
“Would you consider taking your House back to Eryn Galen if any of those three were put on the throne?”
“Possibly. I know Lady Orchalleth. She’s the one who guides the members of her house into their career paths. She’s like you, a warrior and a healer. Fair, but stern. And House Nestor is one of the oldest Sindar Houses in Eryn Galen. Mmm...” You tugged a few strands of his hair loose, wrapping your fingers in them.
“Meleth.” Elrond warned quietly. “You must not push yourself.”
“I’m not ashamed of wanting for you.” You replied. “I am surprised I have any heat left in my body after that stunt I pulled.” You could have sworn you saw a smile play at his lips, but he shook his head at you.
“Get some rest.” He whispered. “I’ll be here.” Well, it wasn’t exactly what you wanted but you would settle for being in his arms at the moment. Eventually between the tea that you had and pure exhaustion, sleep overtook you again. At least in his arms, you didn’t have any nightmares. You doubted that he ever moved at all; even during your sporadic waking in the night, his arms were around you, giving you medicine and whispering spells to ward away fever and infection.
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bukatra · 20 days ago
Has anyone ever noticed that in every ship there is one character that most fan artists can get nearly perfectly. YOu look at that character and go "Wow. Loos jsut like him. They even got the nose/jaw/eyes just right." And then the other member of the shp is alwayys like "I mean, his hairs the right color. SHes wearing the right close. I can recognize that they are trying to draw that character" but other than that its usually off? Like, Anakin for example is usually fucking great! Obi-Wan however is.... hes got red hair and a beard and thats about it. Fili and kili: Kili is amazing. Most people get him jsut right. and then theres the blond man hes with that looks like FIli only because hes next to Kili. Same with Steve and Bucky and Tony. Bucky: Grade A work on him. Id recognize him anywhere. Tony: Beard and call it a day. Steve: Blonde and muscley. I dont know if its that some people are easier to draw, or have better references that are easily accessible, or what, but as a non artist who loves fan art, it seems to be a general rule of thumb. One character is easier to get accurate than the other over the course of the fandom.
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Tumblr media
Word count: 1318
Warnings: Angry Fili, Injuries, Xenophobia, Fluff, Angst
Pairing: Fili X Reader
Prompt: “Why would you do that? I thought you hated me.” “Oh darling, I do anything but hate you.”
@guardianofrivendell I know how much you love Fili, so here ya go :)
Oh, how you hated Fili right now. Well, that wasn’t true. You always hated him. It was just in this particular moment that you hated him with a certain passion.
You had just been sitting there, peacefully eating your lunch with Kili when Fili walked past and decided that he was going to make a fuss about his brother being best friends with the one person he hated the most in the world: You.
“Why are you even friends with her!? She’s an elf! One of the same that abandoned Uncle when Smaug came!”
“She had just come of age at the time, and she’s proved her loyalty a thousand times over when she helped us reclaim our home!”
As they continued to argue over your worth, you eventually came to the conclusion that you don’t need anyone’s acceptance, let alone Fili’s, to make you feel good about yourself. So you weren’t going to sit there any longer and take his insults.
Your chair screeched back as you shot out of your seat, and you could feel the eyes of every dwarf in the room piercing your back as you stormed off, furious that Fili had the nerve to doubt your loyalty to the dwarves. You had left Mirkwood and everything you’d ever know behind, and helped them escape from Thranduil’s dungeons. You weren’t even going to start on the number of times that you’d saved his dumbass. As you left the hall, you realized you didn’t really have anywhere that you could go to escape the insolence of the dwarves. You hurried down the halls to your quarters and grabbed your bow and daggers to go hunting.
You were out in the woods, which were silent except for the birds chirping and the animals scurrying through the bushes. Your footsteps were absolutely soundless, due to your elvish blood, and you realized that it had been ages since you’d heard that kind of quiet in the woods. You usually went hunting with Kili, who was relatively quiet for a dwarf, but he could never match your velvet step. You were walking slowly when all of a sudden you heard a large snap behind you. You whipped around, drawing your bow, ready to fire anything that tried to hurt you.
“Don’t worry! It’s only me.” Kili stepped out from behind a tree “I came to check on you. Fili crossed a line in there and I’m sorry about that. I’ll talk to him,”
“How did you know I would be here?”
“Where else would you be? After you and Fili argue you always go out hunting and you always come to this spot,”
“I just really want to be alone right now”
“I know,”
You smiled at your friend, thinking about how well he knew you, even though it hadn’t been very long since you would have shot him with no hesitation.
“I’ll be back soon. I just need some time to cool off,”
He grinned back at you, “Okay.”
You had been out hunting for a couple hours, and it was now getting dark. You had caught a lot, mainly squirrels and rabbits, so you figured you would drop them off at the kitchens and then go see Kili like you normally did after you hunted alone. As you turned to go back to the mountain, you noticed a dwarf standing by a bush. Not wanting to disturb him, you turned to go around, only to find another dwarf standing there. You started to look around and realized that you were surrounded by six dwarves and that they were slowly moving closer towards you.
“Is there something you guys need?” you asked nervously
None of them said a word, and before you could say anything else, they all ran at you, two of them pinning your arms behind your back, while the other four kicked and punched and spat at you.
“Fili was right. Elves are unloyal and filthy. You don’t belong here, and you never should have come,” said one of them, while punching you in the face so hard that it felt like someone had poured acid on it. The others punched you in the stomach so that you were double over, and kicked your legs until they gave out. They dropped you on the ground, spitting on you, telling you that you weren’t welcome and that you should leave. After they had beaten you so hard that you could barely breathe, they left you there, alone and in the wild, bleeding and bruised. You lay there, crumpled and alone, all night, hardly breathing, hoping that the dwarves wouldn’t return to beat you more. Eventually, you managed to fall asleep, covering yourself with your cloak, not wanting to and unable to return to the mountain.
When you woke up in the morning, the sun was just starting to rise, and your body ached, forcing you to remember the assault of last night. You lay there all day, not being able to move, and nobody came to find you.
“Why would they though. Those dwarves were right. I don’t belong here and I should have left a long time ago,” you thought to yourself as you tried to sit up. You quickly gave up trying because of the excruciating pain in your stomach. So, you just lay there all day, alone and stuck with your thoughts.
It was beginning to get dark again when you started to cry. You didn’t want to. You hated crying. It made you feel weak and helpless. But you could hardly move, and even if you could, you had nowhere to go, so before you knew it, you were half sitting, half lying down in the middle of the woods, with tears streaming down your face. You knew that the elves hadn’t helped the dwarves, and you wanted to change that, but you couldn’t. You just lay there crying and feeling very… alone.
“(y/n)! (y/n) are you out here?!”
“Fili?” you whispered under your breath, and then shouting in response, “Fili! I’m over here,”
“(y/n)! Thank Mahal I found you. We were all looking for you because you didn’t come and see Kili yesterday-hold on, are you crying?”
“I’m not crying, I just have some-okay, fine I am crying, but if you tell anyone, I’ll make you regret it,”
“What happened? Why didn’t you come back?” he said, suddenly worried about you. You were constantly snapping at one another, but he had never seen you cry before. As you turned your head to look at him, he gently took your face in his hands, “(y/n)... Who gave you this black eye, and those other bruises,” he said, now noticing that your face was covered with them, as well at cuts.
“It’s nothing, I’m fine,”
“(y/n), it’s not nothing. Someone hurt you, and I’m now assuming that it’s really bad. So bad that you couldn’t get back to the mountain.”
“Fine. I got surrounded by six or seven dwarves, and they attacked me, telling me that I should leave and that elves are filthy traitors.” Your eyes filled with tears, recalling the events of the attack.
Fili sat there, jaw tightened, fists clenched, “Who were they? What did they look like?”
“Fili, it’s fine. Besides I can’t remember. It’s all kind of hazy.”
“That’s fine. I’ll go find them. I need to teach them a lesson.”
“Why would you do that? I thought you hated me.”
“Oh darling, I do anything but hate you.”
“But you have a good reason to. I know the elves didn’t help you, and I hate that, but I-I can’t stop it… I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay, it’s okay. Just breathe. You don’t have to be sorry for anything. I’ve got you.” With that, he scooped you up and held you in his arms.
And you lay there in his arms, watching the stars.
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tinyfaust · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TW for nudity (?) - no genitalia, just body stuff
Art has been hard for a long time. The love of my life crossed the rainbow bridge back in December and since then life has been dull and I haven’t been able to enjoy anything in several months, but having watched the Hobbit for the first time last weekend (and crying over the line of Durin), I’ve felt ready to venture back into the world of art. I used to read The Hobbit to my cat and it’s such a precious memory to me, and when I’m down and stressed with life, my fave thing to do was draw masculine bodies in straps or lingerie. Why? Idk. I like the juxtaposition? Gender envy? Who knows. But my baby would always be by my side to watch.
So here I present Thorin Oakenshield from during my last big meltdown. This piece will hold a wonderful place in my soul and I’m excited to make companion pieces with Fili and Kili. I’m definitely gonna frame them.
Hope y’all love it too 💕
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yn-incorrect · 24 days ago
Hi, I wanted to ask for a matchup, if you haven't got a lot of them already!😅
The fandom is TH and LOTR
I'm 5'3/5'4 (163 cm) with curvy body shape. I have slightly hypermobile joints, so I have to be careful on where and how do I walk, to prevent ankle injuries. I have thick brown wavy hair, down to my lower back, which has golden-ginger shine on sun, I have deep green eyes and tan easily, I almost never get sunburn.
I'm Virgo sun, Leo moon, Cancer rising, INFJ, straight. When I get comfortable enough, I become extroverted and (kind of?) silly. I love to play with my friends' hair, and sometimes let them to play with mine (they usually braid it). I hate being called childish, because I'm kind of 'mom' of our friend group.
I like to listen to music, browse pinterest and weheartit, write, draw, talk to my friends, stargaze, thrift, bake, learn languages, etc. I get stressed out and anxious easily. I get really nervous when I have to talk to boys in person, so I have only girl friends, because I feel like they understand a lot of things without explaining. I like to daydream, too.
I usually hide my crush, because I don't want to get hurt, but I ask for my friend's opinion, because I want to know from someone else's point of view.
Hope that wasn't too overwhelming😅
Thank you in advance!💛
Thanks for the ask! My request box blew up with asks, so I’m sorry if it took longer than expected!
(Also, Hi, I love your blog. You’re amazing. Don’t stop what you’re doing❤️)
For the hobbit, I ship you with Fili!
Tumblr media
• I was gonna go for Kili first, but when I saw “mom of the group” I immediately knew who to pick.
• Obviously, he can be very extroverted and playful too, but he knows where to draw the line. He takes responsibility for his and his brother’s actions and is usually the first to stop whatever they’re doing, which is comparable to your behavior!
• Listen, he loves to braid! He’ll never forgive his brother for not letting him braid his hair so unfortunately (if that’s what you cal unfortunate ;) ), he’ll run to you and spend hours braiding yours. He simply can’t get enough of it and just loves the feeling of the material rushing through his fingers.
• This counts the other way around too. His hair is surprisingly soft and he won’t mind you toying with it. Not. At. All. It makes him feel so relaxed that he’ll often just fall asleep or doze off a little in your hold.
• Whenever things get too overwhelming for you, Fili notices right away. He’ll try to distract you from whatever is going on or just rush you out of the room. He’ll let you talk to him, trying to find the source of the problem and how exactly he can help you. He’s so patient, it’s to die for really.
• This boy.....He’s not great at hiding his feelings. You won’t even have to hide your crush because it is VERY evident he likes you back. He’ll give your presents all the time and just give random compliments to you, so honestly, you won’t have to worry about that part!
• I have this headcanon that Fili cannot bake. He’ll most likely explode the kitchen, so please, keep him away. He loves food though, so whatever you make, it’s wildly appreciated.
For the Lord of the Rings, I ship you with Merry!
Tumblr media
• He’s very comparable to Fili! He loves to joke and play pranks, but he knows when to stop or stop others.
• When anything goes wrong with your ankle, he’s there instantly. He won’t know what to do though. He’ll just panic and try to calm you, while he’s obviously more shaken than you are.
• Listen.....he cannot draw. He can’t even make a proper stick figure. Seeing you draw is an absolute daydream. You’ll give him some sketches since he seems to love them so much. Beware, he is like a little goblin. You’ll give him something, even if it’s a stupid pinecone, and he’ll treasure it forever. He’ll proudly display it for everyone to see and won’t ever stop talking about it. The same goes for your writing!
• Hobbit holes are great for a lot of things, but the main one might be stargazing. You just open the door and look towards a plain field of other hobbit holes, the nightsky clear above the grass. You’ll just lay down and stare at the sky, talking to each other about anything really.
• Whenever anxiety gets too much, he’ll get you away from any contact and keeps his full attention focused on you. He’ll talk to you, hold your hand (if you’re comfortable with it), give you little words of affirmation etc. He’s adorable.
• Really wants to learn other languages, but someone please help him because his pronunciation is terrible. He’ll need to repeat words for five days straight until it sounds somewhat the same.
• As a hobbit, of course he knows how to bake. He will gladly help you with whatever you wanna make. Even if you only ask him to stir the dough or cut the cake/cookies. He’s just happy to be involved.
I hope you liked it! Please stay safe during these times❤️
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gamgeesgarden · 24 days ago
Hi! Can I please request a headcanon for the Hobbit? How would the dwarves react if they were forced to use a different weapon than their trademark one for a day? Tysm, love your writing?
Absolutely! Thank you so much!
He wouldn’t be happy about it, but he would make do. He uses greatswords typically so he’d do well with shortswords, spears and polearms, and axes. He might have a little more trouble with ranged weapons though such as a bow.
He can fight with a sword just fine but he can fumble a little. It would be difficult for him to go from a ranged weapon to a close combat one and he’d probably reach to draw another arrow multiple times by accident when a battle starts. He would still be fine though.
Fili is somewhat of a jack of all trades. His knives of course are his go-to weapons, but he isn’t bad with swords, axes, or even the bow (Kili would have dragged him to practice archery with him a lot when he was learning). He would probably be a little less comfortable the larger the weapon is.
He’s been around the block once or twice. That being said he generally isn’t a meathead warrior like his brother so he might have a hard time with it. He wouldn’t panic though, he’d just sigh and take it all in stride.
This guy won’t have a single problem. He is good at handling any weapon even though he prefers not to use a bow. He likes being up in his opponent’s face, but that doesn’t mean he is bad at using a bow at all. He’d be a little disgruntled about it but ultimately it wouldn’t change much.
He would be a little crabby about it. Think your grandpa when something mildly inconvenient happens and he mumbles about it for the next week. He doesn’t really mean it down to his core, but the healer in him is always fussing about something. He’d probably be more worried about everyone else and if they would be prone to more injuries while they don’t have their regular weapons.
Like Dwalin, Gloin can handle just about any weapon though just slightly less well. As long as he gets to bash someone’s skull in he’s fine with whatever. He can be creative.
He’d be alright too. He isn’t a stranger to battle so he is fairly competent with most weapons. Bows might be hard for him, I imagine with the axe embedded in his skull it may mess with some of his motor skills or even vision at times. But if he can swing around a blade he can still hang with the big boys.
He rolls with it. He is very creative and even if he has never used the weapon before he either learns very quickly or invents a fun new way to use it. He has managed to kill an Orc by using a polearm in a....unique.....way. 
He would have some trouble. His talents primarily lie in the kitchen, so fighting isn’t his strongest suit. That being said he can still do it, but put a bow in his hand and he’ll have no idea how to use it. If it is a blade like a sword or a knife or even an axe in a pinch he’ll manage.
This poor baby boy uses a slingshot. Dori doesn’t let him practice with real weapons often because he thinks he’ll hurt himself (that only happened four times). He would be very freaked out but he is the little engine that could and he’ll just keep on truckin along.
He is quick and sneaky enough that it probably won’t matter too much. The true power in his combat lies in how quickly he both thinks and moves. He’s like a ghost and most of the time the enemy doesn’t even know what hit them, or can barely track his movement. At the end of the day, Nori can get pretty creative.
He would grumble about it but ultimately the biggest concern for him would be the possibility that it would hinder his combat abilities, causing him to be less able to protect his brothers. For some reason, I constantly picture Dori as Mrs. Doubtfire yelling “Help is on the way, dear!” rushing into battle.
Like his father, he would take it in stride and out of pure rage work very well with it. Legolas would 100% rib him about using a different weapon so no matter what it was he would be determined to win their kill count contest with it out of pure spite.
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yn-incorrect · 26 days ago
Could I please get an Lotr and The Hobbit Matchup?
☘️ 18yo Woman // Bisexual // Autistic and Disabled
☘️ I really love Mythology (Worldwide), Gardening, Home Remedies and Superstitions, Biology, Witchcraft and the Arts. I hope to begin crafting things like Jewelry, Weapons and Kilts, possibly even making a business out of them. I am also an avid writer and like to draw.
☘️ I’m interested in Witchcraft, such as working with Deities and Spirits, and performing magic that helps me and others. The first spell I ever performed was a healing spell for a sick friend, and not thirty minutes after I finished it, I got a text saying he felt a lot better, so I guess it must’ve worked!
☘️ Because of my Autism, I can be rather shy or quiet and quite blunt. I like explaining and teaching people things. I’m very polite but I have been known to go off when pushed enough. I’m also a bit of a trickster, unpredictable and wise in an unconventional way. I have the personality of “I never start shit, but I always finish it”. When you get to know me, I actually have a really good sense of humor and a spunky personality, but it can get buried under the nervousness a lot. I also have a strong sense of duty to others, I’m very protective over fellow misfits and am always kind and polite to those I deem worthy of it. I’m very conflict averse, but when I’m deeply upset enough, I go for the throat.
☘️ I am very short, with a fluffy mane of brown hair, blue eyes, crooked glasses, and pale skin with lots of scabs and moles all over it. I love to wear skirts, especially my red hand-me-down kilt, but that doesn’t limit my tomboy attitude at all
☘️ I have the bizarre ability to attract and befriend random animals. So far, I’ve befriended a stray cat named Diablo, a dog named Hans, a backyard snake, my pet rat Canoli, and a young horse named Fileo. People tell me that animals like me because I have “good vibes” and am very close with nature
☘️ I LOVE going outside and getting messy. Playing in the mud, getting soaked in the rain, I’m the type to go outside and come back home covered in dirt and twigs. It’s just really fun to me.
☘️ I have a habit of giggling to myself just by remembering something funny that happened, even if it was a couple years ago. I also laugh when I do something stupid, because I find my flaws and shortcomings funny for the most part. I love to laugh with people, but never at them. I never take myself too seriously, and I have a pet peeve for others who take themselves and silly things too seriously as well
☘️ My closest friends say I give off “Dwobbit” vibes. That’s a ½ Dwarf and ½ Hobbit btw. I’m around 4’ 10” tall, I don’t shave, I love crafting and art, I live in the Mountains, I’m tomboyish but I also love gardening and can be a bit of a homebody, I love going barefoot, etc.
☘️ I’m basically like a tiny, less-impressive Aragorn. I love travelling on foot, getting messy outside, I was kind of a Horse Girl as a kid ngl, I’ve always wanted to be a knight or king of some sort, chances are that I haven’t bathed in awhile, and I too would pine for a hot elf girl for literal years on end.
Sorry this description is so long, I hope you don’t mind! Thanks so much dear! 🤗🎉💕
Don’t worry about the long description! Thank you for your ask!
For the hobbit, I ship you with Fili!
Tumblr media
• Personally, I believe that Fili would go absolutely crazy for witchcraft. His reaction at Tauriel when she healed Kili said enough for me.
• He would have no trouble helping you with your jewelry or weapons. It’s basically his expertise and he loves teaching you all about it!
• Your autism doesn’t bother him at all. He knows how to help, but he also knows exactly when to let you be. Comments that sometimes slip out seems normal to him, as he grew up with a brother who might’ve had the same issue....
• Often takes walks with you. You’ll go anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes, when he feels bold, he’ll launch at you, pushing you into the mud or into the water. Not that you mind. You drag him with you before he can take a step back!
• Your laugh might yet be one of his favorite things. There’ll be times when the two of you are sitting quietly and you suddenly let out a giggle. He cannot help but smile at you and join your laughter, even if he has no idea what’s so funny.
• And last, but very not least, he is an amazing caretaker. He will join you in fun activities, but he will know when and where to draw a line. He’ll remind you to take baths, and if you decline, he’ll probably propose to join you.
For Lord of the Rings, I ship you with Aragorn!
Tumblr media
• This sweetheart barely knows any life outside the wilds. Traveling with you would be amazing for him! He’ll show you the prettiest places in Middle-Earth and introduce you to the greatest animals to walk around. (To which you interact with in a great way, much to his surprise.)
• He himself knows a thing or two about home remedies and biology, but your witchcraft takes him by surprise. Sure, he has seen it before, but now he personally knows someone who is great at it!
• It is absolutely no surprise that traveling with a ranger can get messy at times, but you don’t mind at all. Sometimes, he’ll just brood off into the distance and you’ll throw something at him like a pinecone or a piece of mud. He sees this as an immediate challenge and will not stop chasing you until you surrender.
• Aragorn loves how blunt you are. Sometimes, you can’t help it, but he won’t mind the comments at all. He appreciates them. There are multiple times where you’re very shy, but he’ll stand up for you, urging the person to talk to him and not to you.
• He teases you a lot about your laughing. There will be times where you suddenly laugh, and he’ll imitate you, which makes you laugh even harder.
• The two of you together are a great combo! He is there to help when you need it, while you do the exact same for him, because even our favorite ranger sometimes needs help, though he will not confess it.
My second choice was Éowyn, but Aragorn seemed a better fit to me.
Tumblr media
• Often play fights with you. It’s great for your entertainment and great for her sparring experience.
• Seems like a sweetheart, but if anyone dares mock you, you can count on her to rain hellfire upon that person. You will definitely need to calm her down.
• Might he the most blown-away person by your witchcraft. She will buy you all sorts of gifts to help you. Sometimes she’ll bring something that you don’t really need, but you appreciate it nonetheless and proudly display it.
• LOVES HEARING ABOUT MYTHOLOGY. Before you go to bed, the nights are spend by you telling Éowyn stories. It could be about anything, but she is all ears. She even has a little notebook where she writes the things down you say. It’s truly adorable.
I hope it was to your liking! Have a great day and stay safe please❤️
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temporoyales · 26 days ago
Oh my God - your Uncle Thorin babysitting wee Fili and BB Kili is just the SWEETEST THING EVERRRRR!!! I just LOVE Fili and Kili, and how they grew up with a loving Uncle Thorin, and him playing such a big part in their lives! I love your way with their hair, and the details of their clothes, and how BIG Uncle's hands are compared to the little Dwarflings! Thank you so much for creating this and sharing it with us! My day just got SO much happier!
anon 😭 😭 😭  you are so sweet, thank you so much for your words!!!!   😭 😭 i’m so glad you noticed and enjoyed all that because ehehe those were my favorite parts of drawing that request....
if i have more time I’d definitely wanna draw more uncle thorin with a younger kili and fili together...!!! thinking about younger, kinder days makes my heart die a bit each time
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rutobuka2 · 27 days ago
Oh. My. God. I am DYING here - do you hear me? DYING!!! Thorin, Fili, and Kili in kilts! IN KILTS!!! I love how each of them is wearing theirs different from the others ( and don't EVEN get me started on how Kili's is just barely covering *ahem* 'something ) I really like this 18th century au you've got going on here! I love the room they're sitting in, and the candelabra, and THEIR SOCKS!!! Thank you so much for creating this, and sharing it with us! I hope you continue to be inspired!
oh, that’s so sweet, thank you!!!! you noticed so many details!!!
I love drawing dwarves in kilts... maybe I should draw that more often! What do you guys think? 🤔
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crol-luka-2000 · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Have you ever wondered how Stitch and some Experiments look if they where the 13 Dwarves from The Hobbit? No, well I did so I had to draw it. Gonna tell you who who is:
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geek-girl7 · 28 days ago
Restless Love
Pairing: Thorin x reader
Word Count: 1.2k, one shot
Summary: You can't help but admire the leader of the Company. What could possibly go wrong when two mischievous dwarves take notice?
A/N: My first time writing for the Hobbit. I love my stubborn dwarf-king so this was really fun. Also, this fic is set pre-BOTFA but Thorin 100% lives so no worries there. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You were soaked and tired when the Company finally decided to stop for the night. It had rained all day so even sleeping would be uncomfortable tonight. A huff left you as you set up your bedroll for a night of restless sleep. Since leaving your home in Bag End, you had struggled to get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes it was from the cold. Sometimes it was from being uncomfortable after days of walking. On the rare occasion it was because a certain someone was on your mind.
That someone was the King Under the Mountain himself, Thorin Oakenshield. From the very first moment you met Thorin alongside your cousin Bilbo at Bag End, you had been smitten. He was everything you had always wanted in a man: strong yet gentle, courageous, and incredibly loyal.
While Thorin had been hard on Bilbo since the journey began, he was significantly nicer to you. Including bringing you their meals, which he was doing at the moment. “Y/n, I noticed you were having some difficulty with your bed roll,” Thorin said as he handed you food, “there’s a dry spot next to my bedroll if you would be more comfortable there.”
Your face heated. “Oh, that would be wonderful. Thank you Thorin.”
“My pleasure y/n,” Thorin bowed his head and made his way across the fire to his bedroll.
Once you finished dinner, you made your way over to Thorin’s bedroll. The dry spot was smaller than expected so you had to place the bedroll close to Thorin’s. “Is this ok?” You asked.
“Perfectly fine, get some rest y/n,” Thorin responded.
With Thorin so close it was difficult to fall asleep. His nearness put you on edge but in the best sort of way. An hour passed and you were still wide awake. A voice softly spoke from behind you. “What keeps you awake y/n,” Thorn said.
You turned, the space between you and Thorin shrank considerably. “Just cold.” A partial lie. It was cold out tonight, but you blatantly admitted what was really keeping you up, your feelings for Thorin.
Thoring reached out a hand. “May I?” He asked as he placed his hand around your waist. Not trusting your voice you simply nodded in response to Thorin’s question. Thorin’s arm fully encircled your waist slowly pulling you into his warm embrace. He enveloped you in his giant fur coat.
Instantly, you felt incredibly warm, partially from the warmth emanating from Thorin and also from being so close to the person you had feelings for.
“Better?” Thorin asked.
You nodded. Your face rubbing against the material on his chest with the motion. You couldn’t help but snuggle deeper into Thorin’s chest. Thorin’s arms tightened around you drawing you fully into the warmth of his coat. Quickly you fell asleep.
You blinked your eyes open the next morning as the sun rose over the horizon. Thorin was still asleep, breathing softly. You took advantage of the moment and admired Thorin as the sunlight hit his face. You admired the softness of his lips and the few silver hairs in his beard and hair. You ached to reach a hand out and feel the softness of his tresses.
As you continued to admire Thorin, his eyes blinked open. You quickly looked away, avoiding his gaze. “Did you sleep well?” Thorin asked, his voice was husky as he woke up.
“Yes, thank you. I was finally warm for once,” You said smiling up at Thorin.
“Well my coat is always available, should you need it,” Thorin said, a soft smile came across his lips.
We untwined ourselves and got ready for another day of trekking towards the Lonely Mountain. As I got ready for the morning, you noticed Fili and Kili shooting glances in your direction as they whispered together.
“What are you two gossiping about?” You asked as you approached the brothers.
“Nothing,” they said in unison. You shot them an unimpressed look, not believing them for a second. Before you could question them more, Thorin announced it was time to head out.
Over the next couple weeks, you and Thorin continued to share a sleeping space and more often than not, a coat. Fili and Kili continued their whispers and glances. Finally, after three weeks, you had enough.
Stomping over to the brothers you demanded answers. “Ok you two what is it. For three weeks you’ve been whispering about me and don’t try to deny it.”
The brothers were shocked not expecting such an outburst from you. “It’s just you and Uncle Thorin seem to have gotten very close over the past few weeks,” Kili said. Fili nodded vigorously in agreement.
“I get cold at night, that’s all,” you said.
“Looks like more than that,” Fili mumbled. Fed up with the brothers questioning your relationship with Thorin, you stormed into the woods on the edge of camp to calm down and look for firewood.
You couldn’t hear anything over the raging of your thoughts, replaying every moment with Thorin in your head. As a result, when someone cleared their throat behind you, you dropped all the firewood and let out a yell in surprise.
“Apologies y/n. I didn’t mean to startle you,” Thorin said as he slowly approached you.
“No, it wasn’t your fault I was lost in thought.”
“Would you like to talk about it? I know my nephews can be quite a handful at the best of times,” Thorin offered.
“They were just messing with me. Saying there was something between us.”
Thorin stepped closer to you. He was close enough you could see the gold that ringed his eyes. It shined brightly with the setting sun. “There is something, at least on my end,” Thorin said, his face reddening. “When we first met, I had a feeling you were my one, but after all this time, I am sure. You are everything and more I could have asked for in a partner. I must admit I have fallen in love with your bravery, wit and beauty over the course of our journey. I can only hope you feel the same, but I understand if I am not what you expected or wanted.”
You were stunned, speechless. The man you loved had just admitted he loved you back so you needed a second to let that sink in. But Thorin took your silence as rejection. “I see. Well I will leave you be,” Thoring said. His face was distraught as he turned to head back to camp.
“No!” You yelled. Thorin stopped and whipped around, hope shinning in his eyes. “I’m sorry you just surprised me. I love you too. To be honest I’m kind of surprised you didn’t already know, I’m not very subtle. I love you Thoring Oakenshield, my stubborn dwarf-king.”
Thorin smiled widely, tears in his eyes as he approached you. He laid his forehead gently against yours as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You basked in his warmth and brought your hands around Thorin’s neck, twining your hands in his hair. It was as soft as you imagined.
Thorin lifted his forehead from yours and leaned down his lips inches from yours. “May I?” He asked, ever the gentleman.
“Yes.” You responded softly.
Thorin’s lips tentatively brushed yours in a soft kiss. Slowly the kiss deepened and you felt in your soul that this was right. After a moment, Thorin’s lips left yours as he nuzzled into your cheek.
“I don’t know whether to yell at Fili and Kili or thank them,” he mumbled into your skin. You laughed.
“Thank them, definitely.”
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claraofthepen · 29 days ago
I have her sort of like Tom bombadil in a way that she LOOKS human but no one really knows WHAT she is, human but not quite but certainly not an elf or a hobbit or a dwarf. She’s just...there, a cryptic trickster.
Some more random things about her are: Thorin gives her a delicate Gold choker in the shape of little suns (bc of her name and she is their sunshine) as a gift when they reach Erebor, blue butterflies follow her around almost 24/7 and she talks to them, she cannot sit properly to save her life, her voice claim is Luna Lovegood, one part of her magic is empathy/psychometry through physical contact and she uses it to put any restless members of the company or fellowship to sleep (and sometimes wears dainty gloves as a result to avoid any “unnecessary prying”) , since she’s a trickster she likes to invite people to play card games with her (and gamble) and it leads to Nori’s infuriation because “SHE ALWAYS WINS, ITS NOT FAIR”. Her wardrobe is so pretty I’m jealous of it.
She’s strange and won’t tell anyone what the pocket watch is FOR or why she keeps checking it, she gives them strange but helpful gifts and knows things she shouldn’t, disappears every once in awhile and babbles about things they do not understand.
She mainly focuses on illusions and I have stolen a good 80% of her magic from the MCU But we move, she’s the personification of the songs “runaway”/ “edge of seventeen” and literally any song hozier has composed. She’s technically Gandalf’s apprentice but he honestly just lets her do what she wants and “as long as I see her within a few weeks, it’s alright”.
Thorin is NOT happy to be taking one so young and sweet-looking on the adventure at first (at least before her temper comes out and it’s proven she can most certainly handle herself) but Fíli and kili are thrilled to have a chaotic addition to their antics, she falls asleep on their shoulders 🥺🥺
When she joins the fellowship all those years later, Aragorn takes over from thorin as “protective dad” whilst merry and pippin become the chaos brothers and Her and Legolas form an iconic friendship as the fucking weirdo’s who get excited over trees.
In conclusion: a Dollar store Alice in wonderland who is very glittery, very Odd and I would die for her even though she’s a little shit who will 100% trick you.
Bonus points for being a distinguished wlw who falls for every pretty cottagecore girl who looks at her for more than 3 seconds
Sorry i didn’t answer this sooner! I’m so happy you liked the drawing! Aurora sounded too cute not to draw, so...
But oml AURORA! Butterflies follow her everywhere?! amazing. I love that she can feel empathy and emotions, and winning against Nori 24/7 is awesome (especially if Nori cheats to try and win but still looses). The pocket watch is super interesting, i want to learn it’s secrets. And that’s the most in-character thing i’ve read for Gandalf “Yes, this is my apprentice, sometimes i don’t see her for weeks or months on end, but it’s perfectly fine”. Question, how does she age? Or does she at all? Or is her aging a mystery that only Eru knows? Cause i’m curious how much she’ll have matured from the Hobbit to LOTR.
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eudaiimonia · a month ago
Self ship Discord
Hello~! I own a Self ship server that is made mostly for people who have a hard time sharing f/os or anything along thoes lines! 
Tumblr media
We are a very friendly group of people! Everyone is very supportive and we do alot together! We play games and draw together! We do some cute events ever now again! 
Just hit me with a DM if you’d like to join us~!
Under the cut is a list of every active member’s F/o List! 
Do not Share F/os; These are the F/os of the members already in the server and they are NOT willing to share.
Danny(Angels of death) Jazz(Oc) Alan(pirates in love) Axel/lea(kingdom hearts) Zexion/ienzo(kingdom hearts) Dabi(my hero academia) Sally Fisher (Sally Face) Gundham tanaka(danganronpa)
Rock Lee (naruto) Kiyotaka Ishimaru (danganronpa)
Ikoma (Kabaneri) Harry Potter (Harry Potter) Leo Valdez (PJ) Sora (KH) Arthur Pendragon (NNT) Link (Twilight Princess)
Ventus (Kingdom Hearts) Mirio Togata ( BNHA) Hinata Shoyo ( Haikyuu) Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs) Inosuke Hashibira ( Demon Slayer )
Kars (JJBA) Alphonse Elric (FMAB) DIO (JJBA) Josuke (JJBA) Okuyasu (JJBA) Lord Nicholas (A Plague Tale) Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa) Monokuma (Danganronpa) Mettaton (Undertale) Shuichi  Saihara (Danganronpa V3)
Sombra (Overwatch) Anders (Dragon Age)
Hawks (BNHA) Karkat Vantas (Homestuck) Doppo kannonzaka (Hypmic) Ranpo Edogawa (Bungou Stray dogs) Doctor Stephen Strange (Marvel) Overhaul (BNHA)
Beelzebub (Obey Me!) Reinhardt/Lucio (Overwatch)
Okay with Sharing! These are the f/os in the server that people are OKAY with sharing with other people!! Just make sure you’re okay with sharing too!!
Toshinori yagi/all might(my hero academia) Tamaki amajiki(my here academia) Leon(pokemon sword and shield) Jeff the killer(creepypasta) Balan(Balan Wonderworld) Lance (Balana Wonderworld) Damien LaVey(monster prom) Scott howl(monster prom) Kazuichi souda(danganronpa) Kaito momota(danganronpa) Kiibo(danganronpa) Rantaro amami(danganronpa) Swapfell Red Papyrus(undertale) Underfell Sans(undertale) tentatively some form of Gaster(undertale)
Kristoph Gavin (ace attorney) Winter Schnee (rwby) Satsuki Kiryuin (kill la kill) Ghiaccio (jjba) Rick (HM/SoS)
Tsukishima Kei (haikyuu) Luke Skywalker (Starwars) Todoroki Shouto (BNHA) Masky/Tim Wright (Creepypasta) Peter B. Parker (PS4 Spiderman) Connor (RK-800) (Detroit BH) Kili (Hobbit) Legolas (LOR) Caesar Zeppeli (Jojo's bizarre adventure: Battle Tendency) Archer Emiya (Fate series/ Type-moon Nasu-Verse) Samuel Drake (Uncharted series) Alfonse (FE:H) Asra Alnazar ( the Arcana)
Judal ( Magi ) 707  (Mystic Messenger) Len Kagamine ( Vocaloid) Fatgum ( BNHA ) Arthur Boyle ( Fire Force) Asra Alnazar ( Arcana)
Senku (Dr. Stone) Korosensei (Assassination Classroom) Star Platinum (JJBA) Jotaro (JJBA) Josuke (JJBA) Abbacchio (JJBA) Doppio (JJBA) Kakyoin (JJBA) Okuyasu (JJBA) Zuko (ATLA) Generica (Crush Crush) Washimi (Aggretsuko) Kazuichi Soda (Danganronpa) Mikan Tsumiki (Danganronpa) James (Pokemon)
Leon Kuwata (DR1) Sonia Nevermind (SDR2) Kokichi Ouma (DRv3) Claude Von Riegan (FE:3H) Gaius (FE:A) Leo (FE:F) Dave Strider (Homestuck) Allen walker (DGM) Piers (Pokemon SwSh) Larry Johnson (Sally Face) Joker/Akira (Persona 5) Jet (ATLA) Zuko (ATLA) Sugawara Koushi (Haikyuu) Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu) Ticci Toby (Creepypasta) Danta (DMC)
Gowther (Seven Deadly Sins) Jace Beleren (Magic the Gathering) Thanatos (Hades) Slaine Troyard (Aldnoah.Zero) Bianca (Spyro: Year of the Dragon) Hector (Castlevania)
Grimm & Emilita (Hollow Knight)
Zim (Invader Zim) Henry (Fire Emblem Awakening) Kurloz Makara (Homestuck)
Kaigaku Inadama (Demon Slayer)
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