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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
hellokidstoys26 minutes ago
A toy has no gender and no idea of whether a girl or boy is playing with it. . #KidsToys #toys #toy #toyphotography #actionfigures #toycollector #toystagram #kids #toycommunity #toycollection #toysofinstagram #hasbro #mainan #lego #marvel #collection #disney #toystory #actionfigurephotography #collectibles #starwars #dolls #vintagetoys #handmade #anime #toyslagram #instatoys
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albedoswaifu51 minutes ago
Albedo General Domestic Headcanons
-your home is a comfortable family home owned by Alice. It's rather cluttered but is relatively clean due to Albedo making sure Klee can't set anything too important on fire by accident. Although, everything is somewhere one of you three remembers so nothing ever truly gets lost in the clutter.
-the house smells like bakery items (fresh bread, sweets)
-he greets you coming home by snaking an arm around your waist and kissing you softly before saying hi to Klee and then going about his business.
-he's a decent cook but he tends to burn things by getting distracted. It's very easy to convince him to get food in town instead.
-night time usually goes: you both tuck klee into bed, and then get ready for bed yourself. Albedo often stays up late and stays out at the lab longer than he originally intended. You often won't be awake while he's in bed with you.
-he likes to hold your hand to sleep or clutch onto your clothing lightly.
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artistezonetvan hour ago
The young King has zero idea that this is just the beginning 馃槀馃槀 Follow @artistezoneng for more 馃幎 . . . #afrobeats #music #madeinlagos #afrobeats #music #musiclover #naijamusic #musician #musicvideo #musicislife #musicproducer #mayoroflagos #musically #school #graduation #kids #children #musicblog #musicjunkie #Africangiant #musicjournalism #Artistezone
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xsinfulsimsx2 hours ago
Navigating The Tags!
Hair: all hair geared towards teen-elder
Clothes: all wearable items
Makeup: skin overlays, tattoos, makeup, anything that changes the skin, body, or face
Kids: all CAS items geared towards babies-kids
Builds: downloadable builds by other players
Home: all BB items
Mods: all mods
Projects: tasks the community is involved in, creating certain bb objects for example
Save file: sims, saves, etc.
Inspo: pictures, art, prompts, everything to get you inspired
Help: tips, tutorials, etc.
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grim-faux2 hours ago
language barriers create some interesting and heart wrenching moments.
He knew he came from the television, and he wandered the halls. That all felt real. Solid. Something was off, but he couldn鈥檛 place what.
聽He shouldn鈥檛 be here.
聽Mono sat up. Was it wrong that he felt all right? No. Something was wrong, because something was wrong. But it didn鈥檛鈥 what was wrong? Why didn鈥檛 he want to be here? Danger? What was danger?
聽The friend of big kid set a hand on his elbow, and Mono flinched away. He didn鈥檛 have their speek, he couldn鈥檛 tell them. He gestured to the countertop, and the foods they were getting. He let his hat tip back and show his distress, he was clearly panicked. The three watched him now, intermixed with bafflement and fear.
聽We have to leave. Can鈥檛 stay. He gestured the doorway, beckoned them to follow. He probably looked like he wanted to trick them. The faces speculating on him began to shift, becoming dark and distrusting.
聽He couldn鈥檛 make them understand, not right here. They needed time. It took time to trade speek, to make connection. But they had to leave. This was not safe. He gestured, beckoned, begged them.
聽鈥淧lease. Come.鈥 His voice broke. 鈥淐ome.鈥
聽They retreated a step. The taller boy and his friend chittered back and forth, sometimes glancing at him.
聽Quite possibly worst of all, the child from beneath the chair came over. And Mono recognized him. It took a moment, the child was hidden behind his rubber duck as always. He noticed the child before he recognized his toy.
聽Mono blinked. Oh! Oh鈥 that speek. He gulped and looked away.
聽鈥淏ad? Grr?鈥 His speek was feathery and light.
聽鈥淏ad,鈥 Mono affirmed, and bit his lip. He beckoned the boy. 鈥淪afe.鈥
聽The boy held up his toy. 鈥淪afe.鈥
聽Mono shook his head. And patted his coat. 鈥淪afe. Come.鈥 He held out his hand. 鈥淕ood.鈥 He tried one of Six鈥檚 somber trills. Sometimes she imitated the music box sing.
聽The shorter friend tackled him, and they dropped to the floor. The duck child whisked back, while the taller kid and the girl dashed forward to鈥 observe. The fourth kid, who had remained atop the countertop and out of view for all of this time, decided now was the moment to come down and get involved.
聽It was a brawl in all intent and purpose though lacked noises of strain, aside from rasping and hissing 鈥 hissing from the taller kids friend. Neither child was in much condition to go at it; Mono focused with keeping a barrage of fists from colliding with his face, and when the other child couldn鈥檛 connected a blow, he snared Mono by his shoulders and thrust his back against the floor.
Note - speek refers to a broad spectrum of communication children utilize to relate with one another. There is no grounded language, children pick vocal cues to relate on common trends. Some use natural sounds, such as door creaks, wind whistling, or animal noises. Other children rely firmly on nonverbal cues, such as facial expression, body gestures, and hand or foot movement. Speek share - or picture and art - is the easiest method for children to communicate in a given setting, as they can detail what they have seen, warn others of certain dangers or suspicions, and hastily connect briefly in a safe setting.聽
Also, this is a rough draft still. It needs EDITING
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ihtreektech3 hours ago
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thathoodedgamer5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yessss I was able to finish two pieces today! Now I can go to sleep with no worries
(I really love drawing genderbent Sam because she reminds me of my childhood dog named lady. She was a sweet doggo)
Au鈥檚 used
Genderbent au
Alternate au
Sick au
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hellokidstoys5 hours ago
To her, the name of father was another name for love. #KidsToys #baby #love #babyboy #cute #kids #newborn #babyshower #bebe #babies #instagood #babyphotography #happy #babylove #babiesofinstagram #babygirl #beautiful #momlife #babyshop #children #toddler #adorable #cutebaby #photooftheday #instababy #newbornphotography (at United States)
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the-witches-den6 hours ago
Oml oml oml so I was watching the Simpsons and it was an episode about Lisa and Bart playing hockey, and it got me thinking like I'm really not into sports but I am excited to be a dad some day and to go do fun things as a family. My mind instantly went to stuff like dog shows and horse shows, maybe some lumberjack competitions and fairs, petting zoos; assuming all that stuff still exists in the future.
I would love to have a farm of my own some day, so I'm sure any children I had would have a very adventurous and memorable life. Gaah I just hope I don't end up waiting ages and ages for that all to happen.
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Numbuh 5:No. No way!
Numbuh 4:It鈥檚 not that bad of an idea!
Numbuh 5:
Numbuh 4:...I鈥檒l put the blowtorch back.
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ahhvernin6 hours ago
Have you ever stopped to think that cats and hens seem to win the Best Foster Mom Award?
Compared to other animals, these two species seem to just always accept almost any other species baby into their litter or brood and just go "Who is this baby? Well, I guess you're my baby now."
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hummerzillaz-blog7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hummer Rental #1300521382 #limo #limousine #hummer #party #partybus #kids #birthday #sydney #wollongong #illawarra #luxury #luxurycars #luxurywedding #hens #corporateevents #corporate #hummerzillaz #hummerzillazsydney #hummerrental @hummerzillaz (at Sydney, Australia)
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albedoswaifu7 hours ago
can you do headcanons where the reader is a homunculus like albedo and they are just. wildly curious about everything and ask a lot of questions. and then after they get in a relationship they mention they want to have kids and get pregnant someday to them. (you can get as spicy with this last part as you like) with zhongli, kaeya, and albedo?
second ask:聽oh yeah as the homunculus anon can you take albedo out of the request? i changed my mind but you can keep kaeya and zhongli haha
I hope it's okay I kept albedo in! I think he'd be interesting in this situation! Under a cut since there's some smut!
-hes a lil baby hungry already to begin with so I think he's going to react really well to this.
-asks in the moment if they'd like to try for one right now or if they want to wait to have that kind of sex until they've thought it over some more
-his partner is honestly in for as much sex as they want whenever they want during the time they're trying for a baby, zhongli is really determined and might be a little overboard with attending to their every whim with this.
-i think he's caught off guard by this statement. He has a lot to think about and talk about before giving an answer to this聽
-he gets really flustered at the idea of having sex with the purpose to get someone pregnant rather than for just pleasure.
-he gets flustered at this and goes into a tangent about all they need to consider first and plan for in general.
-i think he's the type to do research on the best ways to get pregnant with variations of sex positions/specific days during menstrual cycles/etc. I think he wants to have an almost guarantee on their first try but he's also really into just going at it as much as possible for the horny side of things
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ojv20128 hours ago
Tumblr media
This dude I am tiyadddd #kids
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ellaphair9 hours ago
Tumblr media
@EllaPhairEntertainment is hosting a virtual bingo game night!!! THE PHAIR GAMES | SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS & TEENS. ***Please register by Saturday May 22, 2021 by 9:00am (EST), 8:00am (CST), 7:00am (MST), & 6:00am (PST).*** Can you play PHAIR? Date: Saturday May 22, 2021 Time: 10-11:30am (EST) 9-10:30am (CST) 8-9:30am (MST) 7-8:30am (PST) Tickets: $2 Hosts: Dominique Pierce @360artsandproduction Rosa Rainey @msrozaluv Shaniqua Mason @n_i_q_n_i_q Age Requirement: Ages 1-17 Refund Policy: No refunds. #Link: #Support #Local #Talent #SpecialNeeds #Kids #Teens #Entertainment #Virtual #VirtualBingo #GameNight #BINGO #Workshop #Community #Worldwide #Zoom #Network #Vibes #Activities #Games #Players #VirtualEvent #Events #Entrepreneur #Gaming #Gamers #Interactive #Fun #ThingstoDo (at Atlanta, Georgia)
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ellaphair9 hours ago
Tumblr media
@EllaPhairEntertainment is hosting a virtual bingo game night!!! THE PHAIR GAMES | KIDS ***Please register by Saturday May 22, 2021 by 9:00am (EST), 8:00am (CST), 7:00am (MST), & 6:00am (PST).*** Can you play PHAIR? Date: Saturday May 22, 2021 Time: 12-1:30pm (EST) 11am-12:30pm (CST) 10-11:30am (MST) 9-10:30am (PST) Tickets: $2 Hosts: Dominique Pierce @360artsandproduction Rosa Rainey @msrozaluv Shaniqua Mason @n_i_q_n_i_q Age Requirement: Ages 1-12 Refund Policy: No refunds. #Link: #Support #Local #Talent #Children #Kids #Families #Entertainment #Virtual #VirtualBingo #GameNight #BINGO #Workshop #Community #Worldwide #Zoom #Network #Vibes #Activities #Games #Players #VirtualEvent #Events #Entrepreneur #Gaming #Gamers #Interactive #Fun #ThingstoDo (at Worldwide)
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