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phoenixyfriend · 17 hours ago
I think it’s really interesting how a person’s gut reaction to a trope can change with age and understanding, and with the way fandom shifts around them.
Like, I’ve talked about gender bending before, and I have a lot of really intense feelings on that trope in particular, but a trope that’s been on my mind recently is mpreg, which is... related, in that it’s a gender-related trope that’s often very transphobic and fetishizing, if in different ways.
I came into fandom relatively young, or at least on the younger side of average. I was twelve when I started reading fic, and fifteen when I started exploring things in relation to my sexuality.
This is when I first ran into mpreg. Half the time it was a kink thing, and half the time it was just a plot point. I was initially squicked, but eased myself into neutrality because that was what I did with most tropes back then; I had a squicky reaction to plenty of things, some banal and some that I could have done to avoid, in hindsight. I was initially squicked by same sex couples and while I know now that this isn’t the same thing, 15yo me was... sheltered, and confused, and 
By the time I hit late high school/early college, I was invested in the queer community, and had read enough about how mpreg fetishized trans and intersex characters to have developed an aversion to it on the basis that, well, most of it was written with such a lens.
Now... it’s case by case. A lot of it still is a gross fetish thing that’s deep in the transphobia well, but a lot of these fics are written like... okay.
I have a vague relationship with my own gender, but I’m capable of pregnancy, if I ever were to want to go through it. I definitely never plan on getting pregnant, and find the idea of doing so deeply unsettling. I also never plan on having kids, and find that idea scary as well.
But I love other people’s kids. I love seeing parents, especially pregnant people, who want to be parents, who got pregnant with a plan, because they want nothing as much as they want to have and raise a child. I love seeing small, developing children who are loved and happy and growing up in a way that makes the world a wonder to explore and just... I love the idea of the people who raise kids being genuinely excited to have and love kids. I don’t want to be pregnant or have kids but I will devour fic about people becoming parents and just loving their children more than anything else. Whether it’s biological, or adoption, or “older sibling raises younger sibling” or whatever... it’s just really, really comforting to read about someone raising a child they adore.
And fics where that’s the main idea, where the mpreg isn’t an accident so much as just a science fiction or fantasy process whereby an ostensibly cis male character goes through pregnancy because they want to, or even a character that’s “AMAB dude, but not super concerned about the body, y’know?” and so sees the possession of a uterus they didn’t have before as just a neat thing that lets them have kids...
Like, isn’t that just the penultimate expression of what I’m talking about? Someone wanting kids or being so excited about kids that their body and expression is something they’re willing to change, if only temporarily, to accommodate the desire for a family? A person whose ties to gender as a matter of the body being loose enough that they’re okay with magical or scifi changes to their reproductive organs, that’s good. I like a character with an unorthodox approach to gender. A person who, in the context of that relationship to their own gender, is then not only willing but excited to have a child?
I just. I have a lot of feelings on the nature of gender in fanfiction as a form of exploration and discovery and positivity, and on the nature of child-rearing fics as a matter of catharsis and hope and fluff, and mpreg isn’t often done in a way that doesn’t hit some kind of Weird Squick Button, but on the rare chances that it’s done well... I can’t help but enjoy the idea, that someone is so happy and ready to be a parent that they’re okay with being pregnant despite never having been in a position to expect it as a possibility.
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impulse-incorporated · 2 days ago
Ben: I doubt you know much of anything…least especially when you don’t even know about being a woman.
Tumblr media
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impulse-incorporated · 4 days ago
@honorhearted / continued from (x)
She didn’t have to go far to find him; 13-year-old Molly smirked when she caught sight of her brother’s friend curled up at the base of a tree. He was hunkered down, reading. She didn’t say anything as she approached him, and it seemed that Ben didn’t seem to notice her until she was stood next to him.
Go away, Molly. You’re blocking my light.
She pouted at the unfriendly response, shrugging before flopping down in the grass beside him. Her mother had made her begin wearing a corset recently – though, Molly didn’t see the point; she was nearly as flat-chested as Selah – and she was still getting used to it. She shifted uncomfortably beside Ben, automatically fighting against the way the corset forced her to have better posture.
She sat there, waiting for him to say something, anything, but he kept ignoring her. She knew she could just go ahead and tell him why she was here, but doing so seemed too easy. In truth, she wanted to tease him; she always had so much fun doing so. She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment, and that’s when the idea came to her. She smirked wickedly and she placed a hand on Ben’s shoulder and pressed her lips to his forehead. He immediately flailed away from her. Ugh, gross! What was that for? Aren’t I being punished enough?
She burst into a fit of laughter. She loved how mad she could make him.
“I heard a rumor your tallywags finally dropped. I figured I’d come and congratulate you.”
He scowled, and she felt herself softening. She knew she was being cruel. Even in her harsh words, there was truth though. She knew how his father had responded, but Molly didn't care and she didn't think Ben should either. She felt proud that Ben had finally stuck up for himself; she felt vindicated after all those times she had helped save him from the fists of Jeremy Hastings. Oh how Molly hated that kid. She was glad she was still taller than him because it gave her the upper-hand whenever she had to fight him - though, she couldn't fight much anymore, not now that her mother was forcing her to focus on learning ladylike things. Truth be told, Molly was disappointed she hadn't been there to see Ben split the boy's lip. Timmy Rush told her that Jeremy had cried; Molly always liked when that happened.
But, it didn't matter how Molly felt or how she wanted Ben to feel. Judging from the Bible opened to the book of Proverbs still clasped in his hands, she knew Ben valued his father's opinion over hers.
“I’m joking.” She said quietly. “I heard about what happened. Is your eye alright?”
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ereri-lost-and-found · 4 days ago
Hello, i need help finding this fanfic. it was about Kid Eren And Kid Levi. Kid levi and some other classmates bullied eren. And eventually his body was found in the woods. As Levi grew up, he was forced to live with guilt. Then he all of a sudden woke up as his Kid self to get a chance to redo everything again. Basically like an Erased AU. I've been looking everywhere and cant find it.
Hi Anon,
Is this the one you’re looking for?
1993 by Mollypop
(Rated M, 35,041 words, multichapter, ongoing, major character death)
"I didn't really know him. No one did. We weren't friends or anything, I just sat next to him in class," It had been fifteen years since the brutal murder of ten year old, Eren Yeager. "He stopped coming to school a week after we got back from Winter break. We all thought he might have been sick or taking a late vacation. But, the second Saturday after we got back to school I was walking to the treehouse in the woods when..." Eleven year old, Levi Ackerman, had discovered the mutilated corpse two days after the crime had taken place.
Now, he had the chance to stop it all from happening.
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excavatinglizard · 7 days ago
I must be tired, considering that my brain just translated 'adoption' as 'downloading a child'
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vulgar-library · 9 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Supernatural Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester Additional Tags: Reverse Big Bang Challenge, Kid Fic, Age Regression/De-Aging, De-Aged Dean Winchester, De-Aged Sam Winchester, Kids Remembering Trauma, Emotional Hurt/Comfort Summary:
Dad said crying was for babies. Dean Winchester was not a baby.
(Castiel deals with the fallout when Dean and Sam are de-aged by a curse.)
For the Supernatural Reverse Big Bang Challenge.
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smallest-turtle · 9 days ago
Thinking about the collective "what the FUCK Have You DONE?!" The Exarch will get from EVERYONE in this au where he accidentally summons Deidre from during the 7th calamity, when she's 13. No echo, not even any conjury training, and ThirTeen.
Good job cutting off a new timeline bud because, like everyone else, you can't send her soul back. Unlike everyone else, her body can't be monitored.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 9 days ago
Hi!! Good stories about Levi and Eren being little kids? Thanks :)
Give these cute ones a read~
Snowflake by DreadfulMind
(Rated G, 1,631 words, oneshot, complete)
"Levi's mom called, she said he woke up sick and won't be coming to school today,"
"Kids get sick all the time," Jean said, "what's the problem?" Levi was a strong six year old, he'd be fine.
That one word made all the difference. Of course, Eren.
"Oh no,"
The Reason Why I Smile by KuroKitty (HaleYes)
(Rated T, 25,258 words, multichapter, ongoing)
Levi had planned to spend his summer vacation before 5th grade reading and quietly doing chores outside at his uncle Kenny's house. That is, until the boy with the most beautiful teal eyes Levi has ever seen moved in across the street and wanted to be his friend.
Put the Stars in Your Eyes by pr0serpina
(Rated G, 2,548 words, oneshot, complete)
Little Levi's taken with a new boy with stars in his eyes, but Eren's greatest love is Levi's biggest fear.
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lupismaris · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
a doodle before i get back to fic writing (done v quickly so please excuse the mess)
Hornigold: Flint I need to text you about the seminar!
Flint, texting Thomas: Sorry Ben, haven’t got a phone. 
Thomas, on phone: Don’t forget to pick up Silver, <3.
i have a handful of different modern aus in my head and in a few of them, including the kidfic mess im working on now, Flint is a professor. I get a lot of joy from imagining him as the semi-feral socialist queer history professor who moonlights in the english department when bored and tutors students in political theory. Students love him, hornigold (the european history prof on tenure) keeps trying to get him fired but all it manages to do is make Flint more popular with his younger collegues. 
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dadzawa-adopt-dabi · 10 days ago
Discord Prompt pain lvl 7
The sun is still coming up and Dabi's never been more thankful for an empty base.
Dabi started finally calming down as he laid his head against Jin's chest and listened to his heartbeat. Jin shouted and stepped through with him as Dabi hid his face in Jin's sweater.
He was sitting on the couch and one of the blankets Shigaraki was always in was thrown over him. It was heavy and he found himself tightly wrapping it around his shoulders as it pressed him into the cushions. It smelled like the entire LoV and Dabi found his breaths finally slowing as his head cleared.
"Here, Toga grabbed these from your room. She's pacing in there with a couple knives." Shigaraki crouched in front of him with a clean pair of clothes. Dabi took another breath to steady himself as he took them. A moment later Toga was sprinting towards him with a familiar beat up tiny backpack ramming into her.
"It's low. Everything in here is old." Toga bit out as she struggled to rip the zipper open and Dabi reached out and ruffled her hair, still laying flat on the couch. Her eyes teared up and she picked at the edge of the cushion. "Is. Do you feel too yuck for cuddles?" she asked quietly, in the most tactful way she could think of. Dabi lifted one corner of the weighted blanket in response and she dove underneath, up against him and grabbing his face to look him in the eyes.
"It's fine, Toga. I'm okay, see?" He looked her in the eyes and she laid down with a nod. Holding tight to one of his wrists, fingers hovering over his pulse as she started drifting back to sleep.
Dabi's breathing so slowed down and he slumped into the blanket that was pressing him down onto the couch. It was heavy and he could understand why Shigaraki always had one around him. Shigaraki brushed his scent gland against Dabi's hair and he tucked his head down into the blanket and Toga.
Sako came and sat on the arm of the sofa. Combing his fingers into his hair after he gave Dabi a chance to pull away from it and keeping his movements slow.
"Thank you Dabi, for calling us," Sako spoke calmly once the rest of the league headed to bed and left them alone. Dabi glanced up at him to see him without his mask for once. A small smile on his face battling the concern. "Jin said you said some pretty concerning things, Dabi. You also smell of that Keigo Takami."
Toga snuffled in her sleep and gripped tight to Dabi as his chin trembled and he shrugged again.
"I did want it?" Dabi whispered, glancing around in the dark to avoid eye contact.
Jin walked back in to try taking Toga from him, she protested at first and sank her fangs into Jin's arm in a sleepy state of alarm but Jin didn't even seem to notice as he held her.
"He said he was broken," he lightly growled and stopped when Toga whimpered. "I'm putting her to bed. Showers open if you need it, Dabi."
Dabi grabbed the clothes Shigaraki had brought out and headed for the bathroom, he could still feel the cum and slick oozing out of him and crusting in his boxers. He was exhausted, crying and the breakdown in its entirety had taken a lot out of him. He didn't know what was wrong with him.
Just that normal omega's didn't run from the best sex they'd ever had, the best... experiance Dabi had in general.
"What? Dabi did Keigo?" Sako cut himself off as Dabi shook his head and looked down at the floor. Shoulders up around his ears and bright red.
"Look, I'm sorry-" Dabi was cut off by Sako coming up to him and grabbing his chin, forcing eye contact for just a moment before he let go of him.
"Okay. Well, whatever happened you can tell me later. Just so we are clear on exactly what pieces of Takami I will be breaking." He gave Dabi a tiny smirk, accepting a cup of coffee as Kuroguri handed it to him with a whisper of waiting for him.
"Mr. You, you can go back to bed." Dabi whispered in an inaudible mumble. looking down the hall towards the shower. He just didn't want to ever talk about this again. It was embarrassing, both the fussing over him and the break down. He'd... there had been some really shitty times and this night didn't even clear the top 5. There wasn't a reason to be so upset but the shame wouldn't leave him alone.
Sako waited up anyways and was there when he came out in clean clothes. Stumbling back towards the couch and lifting the blanket up.
"Why the fuck is this so heavy?" he mumbled to himself as he closed his eyes. Leaning against the couch as Sako came and sat down on the other end.
"Okay. So you wanted to have sex with Takami, and you did. Did he not stop when you asked? Did he make you uncomfortable at all?" Sako asked and lifted one of his arms in invitation for Dabi to borrow against him.
Dabi shrugged uncomfortably and looked over at Sako, he bit the inside of his cheek to stop a whimper and debated if he would just end up anxious and uncomfortable if he took up the invitation. Sako waited patiently until Dabi gave in and let himself fall sideways to be held.
"No. He didn't. I have no idea why I'm just having a meltdown, maybe I really am just, broken Mr." he mumbled quietly. Sako patted his shoulder.
"You're not. Somethings going on Dabi, whatever it is we can work on it," Sako hummed. “You hesitated when I asked if he made you uncomfortable."
"He didn't." Dabi insisted and when Sako didn't press he continued, feeling like he had to explain why he hesitated. "We- Fuck I don't know okay? I don't know what made me decide I was down for getting fucked by an Alpha Hero tonight. But I did. Okay? I wanted it, wanted him. Then we were just making out in some alley and I needed air, so I pushed him back."
Sako took a deep breath in at that and held it. "Okay, that's good, if you wanted a roll in the hay with Hawks you're allowed to have that. Why did you need air? Did he let you push him away?"
Dabi snorted at Sako's polite way of referencing him being horny. It was laugh or cry, and he was out of tears and too tired to actually laugh.
"He did. Easily, barely had to push and he was turning me on so badly. it's not like I wasn't still enjoying it? We just, he offered his apartment. I've never-" Dabi cut himself off with a noise that was half a sob and half a laugh. He didn't know anymore.
"Oh Dabi. You're not broken, I promise. Tell me more, this old man wants all that coffee you kids keep dropping." Sako nudged Dabi and he let out a little laugh.
"Okay, okay. So we go back to his place to fuck, I’m uh... not feeling well. Nerves or some shit. My stomach keeps flipping and I just, I want him but I’m also not really sure how this is gonna go now. He," Dabi laughed and turned himself into Sako. "Okay. He decided he wanted to wine and dine me after I got my feet under me, alright? Then he took me back to his actual legit fucking bedroom there was a couch right there!, and fucked me so well I actually came twice, and purred afterwards as I actually fell asleep in his arms?" Dabi was laughing again. So absurd it was funny. What the fuck had tonight even been? He couldn't even dream this shit up, too far to go for any one night stand.
"It sounds like you had a wonderful night and a gentleman showed you a good time, Dabi. I'm happy for you, so what changed then? What happened?" He lightly pressed and combed Dabi's hair.
"I woke up." Dabi muttered quietly staring ahead at nothing. "I just, I woke up and I... I don't know, Mr. I just had to leave and then I felt... I felt gross? And sick. I've, it doesn't make sense. I was fine, and then I woke up and I wasn't and I couldn't get home. Couldn't get myself together enough to call Kuroguri and then just, had a meltdown."
Sako shook his head, continuing to pet Dabi's head as he thought in silence.
"I get fucked like that" Dabi stuck one hand out of the blanket to gesture loosely with an embarrassed bright red face. "And then, I freak out? Have a meltdown over what exactly?"
"Well, I'll tell you one thing Dabi, it does not mean that you are a broken omega." He stood up and groaned as his bones creaked. Dabi closed his eyes on the couch. Ready to go to bed already and wake up from this, this whatever it was. A dream or a nightmare, he didn't know. Didn't know how to figure it out.
part 1 [x]
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pierreswrists · 10 days ago
Stacey! I have no idea if anyone else has asked for it yet but kidfic (I am intrigued!) 💖
Maisie!!! Kidfic I am so excited for. Kidfic made me love writing again.
Kidfic is the product of me asking what would happen if Daniel retired, fell in love with a career woman in Italy, and raised a wonderful daughter called Anita while her mama followed her dreams as a Ferrari mechanic.
Kidfic is also me asking well what if Victoria Verstappen’s child loved karting and what if uncle Max took him around the world to championships and what if, while doing that, they meet Daniel and Anita.
And what if they relearn each other and the children show us all how to love and be loved and experience joy anew, and teach the men how to grow and to mature. Teach Daniel to stop being such a control freak, that he doesn’t have to be a leader al the time and that actually it’s a bit annoying. Teach max to chill out, to smell the roses a little. To stop being so judgy.
And what if Max and Daniel fall in love. And raise their little family in Italy.
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cursedmorses · 10 days ago
back to crack: a home alone-esque preparations scene for a family holiday somewhere on the mediterranean coast of france
morse gets roped along (as a babysitter) and kind of starts crying at the disarray but cos they're all such adorable little kids he can't be mad at any of them even when they try to like almost kinda kill him a couple of times
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cursedmorses · 10 days ago
not to be too real about the fluffiest crackiest au ive got but if kidfic au talentis are half as messed up as they are in canon (and i think they are right about halfway there at least),
then poor berto, felicità and livia are honestly so fucked up in the head - not just from moving from place to place all the time when they were very small but also from some pretty severe dissonance between how those first home memories were and how they're living now and their parents acting half like it isn't even real
(sofia is just a mayhem anyway but probably less aware of the weirdness, and the three youngest are more or less spared from the worst just by way of having born later. but f in the chat for the eldest three.)
anyway ludo's just gonna tell em he had it so much worse at their age and turned out perfectly fine, now please stop complaining and go play in the garden with your expensive sports equipment like real posh kids do
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halflingkima · 11 days ago
started reading a kidfic purely for the kidfic and got a bonus demisexual main bless
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weilanfics · 11 days ago
paint smears on sunny days by  SnowshadowAO3
To say that he runs to his car would be incorrect, as he is a Lan, and running is both undignified and unnecessary unless in immediate danger. Nor does he slam his key into the ignition, or aggressively swerve around the cars on the freeway, or have a mild panic attack at the fact he is picking A-Yuan up late from school for the first time ever.He comes close, though.
By the time he arrives, it’s 4:35PM, and he has imagined about fifty different worse-case scenarios. The door is partly open when he gets to it, a messy label of 104B—Art Room scrawled with chalk on a placard next to the faded wood. As he opens it fully, he expects to see a wailing, terrified child, or perhaps a scene of utter misery and betrayal.What he finds is his son, hands covered in paint, being sung to by a beautiful, dark-haired stranger.
“Ducks live in the pond, yellow ducks, happy ducks!”Lan Wangji stops in his tracks. (Or: Falling in love with your son’s art teacher, in five parts)
Wordcount: 53801
Notes: God, this has to be one of my favorites ever. I love how Wei Wuxian worked his way into Lan Wangji’s heart through smiles and paint, and the characterization of A-Yuan is just...perfect. He is so cute and serious... truly his father’s son! I really love Lan Wangji as a father, and this is the kid fic I would recommend everyone! 
Do remember to give the author kudos, comments, and share this fic with your friends!
Read it here
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cursedmorses · 11 days ago
Seven Deadly Kids👀?
Hehehe thank you! So this is the kidfic I’ve already managed to post a couple of chapters of, the end goal here is ‘that’s mum and dad and that’s their boyfriend morse. dad runs a money laundering front and morse is a cop but they both like mum so it’s okay’ as far as summaries go.
I know you like a bit of a messy relationship situation, so here’s where I am with the third chapter - from the point of view of our idiot detective who can’t keep it in his pants:
He was about to spend the rest of the entire afternoon bouncing between the two of them like a pair of tennis rackets, wasn't he? Violetta hadn’t even disagreed with him staying, had said they should all go. She’d acted like nothing was amiss, smiling under Ludo’s arm with nothing in her eyes.
It wasn’t until Ludo opened the door to the drawing room with a wide smile, beckoning him in, that reality hit again.
He couldn’t just accept the invitation to sit down and catch up with Violetta’s husband. The father of her children. He couldn’t do that or he’d surely blurt out the truth.
‘Actually,’ he said and returned Ludo’s smile, ‘I should probably… see if the car’s needed in town. It’s station property. Have you got a telephone? I think I saw one downstairs.’ ‘Oh dear, the local constabulary is so underfunded? All for one car?’ Ludo asked, looking rather politely worried. Morse bit his tongue. ‘Well, they’re meant to be for working and not fun in the afternoon.’ Ludo’s reply came with an amused glance, ‘I didn’t think you were this dutiful, Sergeant. Why, we can give you a lift, of course, to the fun and back. We wouldn’t want your superiors complaining about any spent petrol.’ He opened the door wider with a flourish. ‘Besides, I’ve got a telephone here, I take work calls here sometimes.’
And there went his excuse.
Thank you!
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weilanfics · 13 days ago
The Simplest Way Forward by harriet_vane
Summary: It’s a really unfortunate thing, developing a crush on your husband. Wei Ying had assumed this would be easy. Lan Zhan had been so icy and unpleasant to him, it had never occurred to him that he might end up spending the next however many years with this dumb, burning feeling in his chest whenever he looks at him.
“Okay,” says Wei Ying. “But tell me if I…if the pretending gets to be too hard, okay?”
“It will not,” says Lan Zhan, quietly certain. 
Word Count: 70970
Notes: This fic pulls at my heart strings! Wei Wuxian has to adopt A-Yuan, who is unerringly wonderful in this adaptation, and Lan Wangji slides in and sweeps them both off of their feet. I read a lot of kid fics, and this one might be in my top ten, just because of father Lan Wangji! I also love the confession, the pining... and of course, Jiang Chen and Yanli are wonderful, too. When family is in kid fics, it makes them all the more special. 
Do remember to give the author kudos, comments, and share this fic with your friends!
Read it here
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bts-ao3-recs · 15 days ago
The Great Orphanage Escape - Gobi17
PARRING: non / platonic OT7
SUMMARY: "Jin has spent his whole life at the orphanage; dodging blows, in fear of the leery manager, being worked to the bone while caring for his little family of seven.
How will he raise three teenagers, two eight-year olds, and a baby out in the real world while constantly watching his back?
He's about to find out. The Great Orphanage Escape begins tonight."
MY RATING: ★★★★★
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pierreswrists · 15 days ago
okay I'm going to ask for run f1 pretty pretty please and if no one asks for kidfic I'll come back later and ask for that 🧡❤️
I actually have a lot to say about this one I’m very excited for her. However I must confess the title is a little bit of a misnomer......
It is about F1. It’s just... not about F1. It’s about BTS as F1 drivers.
Basically it’s a Pierre-Esteban type thing in which two people who were friends have now fallen out and are now places in the same team with each other.
I’m proud of it because... I’ve created a new team - Hyundai Racing, and their livery is purple. Because I can.
And because I’m using inserted pieces of commentary to explain the backstory of Hyundai, and the whole way F1 works to people who don’t know. It’s challenging and it’s so fun!!
Also because I’m furthering the I hate Crofty agenda.
Also for this:
Tumblr media
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