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954vegantoday · a day ago
🍇🍈🥑🍒🍓🥒🌱👨🏾‍🌾 #healer #provenwinners #forgedinfire #kelp #burdockroot #bladderwrack #seamossgel #vitamind (at Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
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youngventure · a day ago
Tumblr media
May the (kelp) forest be with you.
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elektrosonix · 2 days ago
UM i just randomly thought of this one time i was talking in a discord server and i said “disGOSTING” like the vine yk bitch disgOSTING and someone literally corrected me like :/
i’m usually open to criticism and if i spelled something wrong i want to know but honey :/
honey :/
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neonbluedragon · 2 days ago
Not many details, but I like her
Tumblr media
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I'd like to make Goblin Shark Lambert an official prompt pls <3
goblin sharks look absolutely terrifying. it is also very fitting for lambert to snarl that much
Tumblr media
the mermay prompt list
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luna-spacedoodles · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A digital drawing of osmp Niki and Sneeg with messy lining and crayon-like coloring. Niki is only seen as a bust holding onto land and looking down and to the side at Sneeg who is standing on the land. She is saying to him, “awwww you’re so cuteee!!!” with small hearts around the speech bubble. /End ID]
here, have a messy osmp sketch from earlier this morning when practicing with different coloring styles that I actually really like
(reblogs>>>likes!!!! likes don’t do anything for my art!)
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waddlebouncefloof · 5 days ago
Papa Kelp AU
On a regular fishing trip Kelp finds a young harp seal pup trapped in a net. He releases it and calls for a seal rescue to come collect them.
A couple of weeks pass, only for him to find the same pup again, having been released by the rescue after some healing, believed to only be a regular seal. He sees them trying to offer him little trinkets from the shore and, confused, does a check. He realises that instead of a normal pup, this is a selkie! A very young, baby Selkie named Blank.
He, knowing he couldn’t risk the wrong ears hearing about them, decides to take the pup in as his own while seeing if he can find the parent, but none are ever found.
As the months pass the pup grows a little stronger and starts to follow him on his walks and fishing trips. He eventually introduces them to Horror, a shark mer that he had befriended some time ago. Horror offers to help the pup with learning to swim and hunt, Kelp agrees and it becomes a regular lesson, with the trio bonding and getting even closer.
Eventually Horror spreads the news of this little friend which draws the curiosity of the shiver, who come to investigate, also falling for the pups charms.
Notes: Blank is around 6 months old, the same age as they were when Geno would find them in the main fic
Dream also adores the pup and (consensually) takes the down to the trenches when Blank has grown a little
Dust also acts a little like a parent alongside Horror and Kelp
Cross is a part of the shiver by this point but is still adjusting to his new life. After a while he hears it mentioned that there is a Selkie pup being raised by a friend of the shiver on the surface and demands to tag along
It is a very emotional reunion.
Blanks mage abilities first manifest when they try to imitate Cross’s shark form.
Nightmare and Dream decide to take Blank to Ink for some shape shifting lessons, as is done in the original fic
The storm washes Blank into Reapers territory, where they are caught and later rescued from poachers by Reaper
Reaper and Geno spends some time bonding with Blank before eventually learning of their origins and returning them
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artemisfowlcodex · 5 days ago
Grub: Oh man, I fucked up.
Holly: You fucked every direction!
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andmaybegayer · 6 days ago
12, for the animal asks?
12: What’s your favorite example of niche specialization/evolution?
the sidewinding snakes! These are desert-dwelling snakes who developed a unique method of locomotion. Sidewinders move by making complex twists and spirals that move them across hot sand while keeping much of their body in the air, so that they don't overheat.
it's also extremely effective for crossing loose sand.
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finny-simmies · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Ukupanipo spent one of his days off searching for a way to make himself human, and he eventually came across a cave on the island just across the bay from his. He explored it all day, and eventually found some magical kelp to help him transform.
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bowithoutadaemon · 7 days ago
It’s my job to prepare all technical stuff for a Zoom party tomorrow.
Creating some backgrounds and writing a “how do I turn on and off a virtual background” guide were easy.
And then I got stuck on the ambience. We have an ocean theme, but not tropical. ... For ages I was trying to find like a sort of beach cafe ambience. But fucking hell that’s impossible. I mean if you are looking for something to fall asleep to yeah you find something. But for a party? Nah.
Then I searched for ocean lofi. And now I have too many options. xD I’ll probably go with one of the many many Monterey Bay Aquarium Krill Waves Radio videos.
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artemisfowlcodex · 7 days ago
(Chix is getting his ass absolutely handed to him in a fight. Holly and Trouble watch on without helping.)
Trouble: We should do something...
Holly, just standing there: Looking strong, Chix!
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qopi · 9 days ago
bro i sent that venti ask omg ur dream sounds excellent i had a dream tht i had a pet snail n i was petting its head n it was v happy :)
wtf hello !! tht sounds like such a cute , peaceful dream<3 tht reminds me of those sped up videos of snails eating plates of food.. give it a snack..
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deephasoceanmagic · 9 days ago
Cherry blossoms and Kirishima 👀
Tumblr media
how was it that time could feel like both an eternity, yet also a fleeting second? kirishima could’ve sworn his heart stopped when he slid the twig with bright pink blossoms behind your ear, complimenting the pastel top you had on.
“you look a little cold,” he noted. he knew you’d underestimate the cold, like you always did, so he wore a jacket he didn’t need, which was now on you shoulders, dusted with flower petals.
“this feels enchanting, don’t you think, eiji?” you shook the tree a little, and flowers fell around you both, as soft as snow. “it’s like we’re royals, or magic fairies.”
your face had a look of our awe, and for kirishima, it made time stop. you made time stop.
and yet, when the moment ended, he’d find himself wondering if it ever even happened. you made time stop, and yet you speeded it up as fell.
Tumblr media
send me a flower + character!
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