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#keepers of the lost cities
awesomefangirlpusheen · an hour ago
Biana: Sophie can you tell me what ofc means?
Sophie: Of course lol
Biana: Great! What does it mean?
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sewersewersewercouch · 2 hours ago
I feel like the kotlc fandom has gotten so caught up in being (understandably) weirded out that people ship Wylie and Linh together romantically that we’ve forgotten they canonically are really good friends. I think we deserve more content of them being chaotic besties please
(Also they’re gay and aro solidarity but that’s beside the point)
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theunmappedstar · 2 hours ago
bestie... do it 👀
bored? send me an ask!
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wisegirl-fosboss · 5 hours ago
Sophie: I overheard Keefe saying that he liked this girl. He said her name was Sophie Foster too, and when he described her, she seemed like my twin!
Sophie: I cant wait to meet her!!
Biana: . . .
Biana: I’m pretty sure he was talking about you
Sophie: We’re friends though
Biana: *sighs*
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introverted-bo0kworm · 7 hours ago
Grady: It would appear Sophie’s at the age where young girls only have one thing on their minds.
Sandor: Girls? Boys?
Grady, gesturing: Revolution.
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eating-mooncakes · 17 hours ago
i look a lot for emotion + setting,, mid specific? like rays of sunlight, breeze against grass, those things already include emotion in them yknow? doesn't have to blatantly state the mood bc the environment already lays that down :0
and sometimes actions! braiding hair, sharing a book, baking together, etc
Interesting. Anyone want to agree/disagree/add anything? (About what art prompts you like.)
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eating-mooncakes · 18 hours ago
hey so for sophitz week how would we submit content? Would we just post and tag you?
Yeah, this is in large part to encourage & spread creativity in the community, so definitely post it! And then if you want to be included in the gallery on @sophitz-week, tag that blog and I should see it!
If you're talking more about the "prize" I'm offering for participating every day (sneak peek of the coffee shop AU), there's no official way to claim it; I'll probably just have people let me know if they won it, and then I'll send it along.
I'm not really worrying about "entries" or anything super official like that because this is just meant to be a celebration of creativity, our community, and a great ship! It's gonna be pretty casual, I think.
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silveny-dreams · 18 hours ago
"used to be funny" bro you're still the funniest (and all around best) person on this hellsite
HHHHHHHH I DUNNO ANON HAVE YOU MET MY FRIENDS @theunmappedstar @sophies-earbuds @sophiexmallowmelt @three-gulons-in-a-trenchcoat @when-all-hope-feels-lost @eating-mooncakes @bookwyrminspiration @ultralazycreatorfan @make-kotlc-gayer THEY KINDA CORNER THE MARKET ON FUNNY IN THIS FANDOM
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eating-mooncakes · 18 hours ago
hi! artists—I’m trying to write up some art ideas for the sophitz week prompts, and I’m having a hard time. What do you look for in a prompt? Do you look for posing, emotion, situations, settings? Do you want it to be short or long, specific or broad? I know very little about art, but I’d like to offer you what I can in the way of inspiration, just like I do the writers
Or do you even want separate prompts, or would you draw your inspiration from the writing prompts just fine?
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eating-mooncakes · 21 hours ago
Alright guys, we’re doing a Sophitz ship week—starting the 22nd (see schedule below). For anyone who doesn’t know, some of these were run back in late 2020 to early 2021, courtesy @cadence-talle and others, but a Sophitz week never actually happened. So at long last, I’m here to write that wrong (pun intended).
I’ll be posting prompts regularly throughout the week. The prompts will include broad and specific ideas, and you can pick whichever sparks your creativity best. All forms of content are welcome (from moodboards to art to fanfiction, and whatever else you come up with), and interpretations can be romantic or platonic!
While I will be running the event from this blog, @sophitz-week will be a gallery of creations based on the week, so make sure to check that out!
The tags to use are #sophitz week and #kotlc ship weeks 2020. (Sorry if the year is confusing, but I’m trying to keep consistent with the other weeks!)
This schedule lets you know what I’ll be doing, but it doesn’t have to dictate what you’ll be doing. You’re welcome to post late or early and do as few or as many prompts as you want. Whatever makes it the most fun for you!
June 20: I’ll release the first four prompts, ahead of the week beginning. This is so that if you want to work ahead or if you want to let ideas stew, you can!
June 22: Prompt #1
June 23: Prompt #2
June 24: Prompt #3
June 25: Prompt #4
June 26-27: Break! You can catch up on prompts if you’d like, or just enjoy your weekend. You can even start prepping the other prompts if you want, which will be released at the start of the break.
June 28: Prompt #5
June 29: Prompt #6
June 30: Prompt #7—the last one!
July 1: Celebration & reading day! I’ll put out a list of everyone who participated in the week. I encourage everyone, whether or not they participated, to spend this day reblogging and otherwise appreciating them and their creations!
Oh, and one more thing—anyone who participates in every prompt by (not on) July 3 will receive an exclusive sneak peek of my long-term WIP: “A Barista’s Guide to Getting a Boyfriend (The Wrong Way).” It’s a coffee shop AU that includes fake dating and a whole lot of pining.
Thank you for reading, and I really hope you enjoy, whether you participate or just observe!
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fizzleberries · 21 hours ago
This is for your new ask game, congrats on 100, babe!!!
The prompt is:
1. I'll give you a fanfic prompt and you right me something!!!
(Ahem, here it goes!)-
"You know I've always loved you, I always have, I always will."
SO excited to see what you do with the prompt!!!
Love, Anon ♥
yes, i am just posting this now (;
you have no idea how happy this makes me! thank you so much for the ask. i am super excited to write a short fic-excerpt for u, because that prompt has so much potential <3
"You know I've always loved you, I always have, I always will."
His voice cracks as he says it, he looks deep into Sophie's eyes, as if demanding for something. Something Sophie didn't have.
Sophie wanted to interrupt, to say something, to soothe him, but how do you mend a heart that isn't yet broken?
"Fitz..." she began to say, but he cut her off, still determined to say something.
"I know it's hard to hear, Sophie, and I know you don't take compliments well,"
Sophie bristled inwardly at this remark.
"But you are... you are the one, Sophie. My Hopeful. My forever match."
Fitz closed his eyes, visibly cringing, but he wasn't nervous. He expected something, he expected a certain reaction, and that reaction was joy. Acceptance.
-He was definitely not expecting what Sophie was about to dish his way.
Sophie stayed silent for a moment, fidgeting with the hem of her tunic as she thought of how to word what she was going to say next.
Fitz opened his eyes, almost confused at why she wasn't yet running into his arms.
"-Soph...?" he said quietly, watching her stare at her feet. "Are you okay?"
Sophie finally looked up, finally getting why Dex spent so many years hating this guy. Only Wonderboy would assume the reason she wasn't talking was joyful shock.
"Yeah, I'm fi-" she began to say, but as she saw his face light up with a grin that could only be described as pathetic, she decided to spare him more emotion.
"-Actually, Fitz, I think we need to talk."
He visibly was crushed. His shoulders curled inwards, his legs sunk towards the ground. He finally understood what was happening.
Fitz took a shaky breath and led her up the fields of Havenfield, towards the Panakes tree. Sophie sat down, gratefully breathing in the calming scent.
"What is it?"
he said it with a tone of dread that seemed to break Sophie's heart... in a way that could only be described as... friendly? Yeah, she was officially over Fitzroy Vacker. She pitied him more than anything else.
"I'm afraid... I'm afraid I cannot accept."
Despite the confidence in her heart, she found herself staring at the ground as she said it.
"You can't accept... you can't accept what?" He was oblivious, perhaps consciously so, but she noticed him rip dried up petals anxiously in his palm.
She took a breath.
"I can't accept being your Hopeful."
Sophie immediately heard a sigh of suppressed rage. She was waiting for the terrible questions, the ones most awkward. She wasn't expecting...
"It's Keefe, isn't it?"
The question wasn't what she was expecting him to ask, but it was one she finally realized the answer to.
"Y-Yeah. Yeah. Keefe Secen is my Hopeful."
eh. hope this satisfies!
- hallie (mock)
send me an ask
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Guysssss I looked up Pride and oh. My llamas. Help. HELPPPPP
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shadymcsilverbangs · 22 hours ago
actually, elves don’t brush their teeth they just eat soap flavored candy
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creativemastermind · a day ago
One post amongst the thousands caught Keefe’s eye. It was posted by Welch’s twitter account, and two bright purple grapes danced against a backdrop of candy trees and spun sugar mountains. In a thin black banner across the top, the caption read We are looking for two actors available at immediate notice to play the Dancing Grapes in our newest rendition of our classic Welch’s Dream commercial. Stylized flowers wrapped around the bold lettering, and additional information was typed in small print at the bottom of the image.
A teaser of my wip because I'm bored
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Sophie: Don't worry, I know exactly what I'm doing. Everything is going to be fine!
Marella, panicking: How can you still say that?
Sophie: Because sometimes, when things get tough, denial is all we have
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Marella: I’m over this dumbass school with all these fake ass people.
Biana, passing by: Hey!
Marella: Hey!
Marella: Fucking bitch.
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