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wrongmha · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hawks: Just found out that people eat chicken, what the actual fuck, what the fuck you guys? Actually on second thought, that's kinda hot... Kamui Woods: Please give it a third thought.
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dynyamight · 8 days ago
in press interviews, midoriya continually tells the public how he finds it so cute when people say his boyfriend looks a lot like dynamight. but, no! he’s totally not dynamight. not at all. absolutely—
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Can you do 3 and 18 for Kamui Woods?
Yes! Sorry it’s taking me a while to get through these but thank you so much for sending this in!!!!
3. Scars or painful spots.
Well, we know he’s apparently had a traumatic past?? But I don’t think we’ve been told what it was? So I kinda have this headcanon that it links to fire. (again something I’d need to elaborate a bit on at some point)
So I can imagine that he’d have a few scars from his past, some on his face and his back and chest in particular.
These scars would be painful sometimes and generally would carry bad memories with them too.
18. Things they’ll never admit.
He won’t admit when he’s feeling down.
He’ll just sit in silence and hope that he feels better at some point.
Usually, mt lady or edgeshot will notice and come to comfort the sad anxious little tree.
He’s only a small little anxious tree man.
And they’re always there to comfort him.
Ahhh I love him and I really need to write about him more.
Thank you for sending this in!!
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ohpleaseiwillendyou · 9 days ago
Tick Tock Goes The Clock (technical re-write/just angst) Part 1
Part 2
I have chosen violence today. Well today and other days, but whatever.
So originally I was going to do a re-write of the original Tick Tock Goes The Clock but then motivation didn't hit me and I abandoned it. But it was too good so far for me not to post/add a bit more. This is barely edited because editing and stuff take too much time and energy.
Tagging: @kouriceasar who had the very original ask of this, @theshisthings, @chocolateeclair, and @kure-san
This is gonna be split into two parts, just so you know.
Warnings: Villains being villains, breaking in, attacks, small descriptions of fight, nothing too bad
It was a normal event at the tower, heroes talked with (~~rich, talkative, and annoying~~) civilians and news crews covered every aspect of their life. Kamui Woods and Mount Lady were talking about the rumors of their relationship, dodging every question and trying (and failing) to divert said rumors. Edgeshot laughed at them from under his breath at Kamui's look and Mount Lady's eagerness in this whole situation, not dislodging any of the rumors with the way she's holding on to Kamui's arm. Shinya wasn't going to mention that though, they can deal with it by themselves.
So Shinya walked around, trying not to bump into people as he walked around to try and find Tsuganu, he wasn't exactly feeling like dealing with people today, even less so than every other day. But this was a public event and he couldn't exactly leave without complications. So he sought out his husband as dread filled his stomach like water slowly filling a basin. He was glad nobody could see under his mask where he was sure wasn't the best of expressions for the public. People were getting a bit too close.
He finally found Tsuganu and stood next to him, secretly linking hands as the older man talked with reporters. Shinya could feel a headache coming and wished he could just be home cuddling with Tsuganu. His chest felt tight like he forgot to take off his binder and he wanted to curl in on himself. But he stood there and acted like nothing was wrong, dismissing Tsuganu's worried look.
He pretended to look interested in whatever latest rumor was circling in the news, but he’s not very sure he convinced anyone who knew even a bit of himself.
The dread got worse and worse as the day went on, he could see parts of Tsuganu’s own worry and anxiety start to come to the surface of Tsuganu’s face, carefully hidden to the public but Shinya knows him well enough to see it. He also noticed the other top heroes of the room gain the same anxious looks while the atmosphere grew into one big cloud of worry and dread.
The reason of their feelings beared its ugly head around 10 pm, a few hours after the event started. There was a major crash and then the heroes were soon in action. Whoever was stupid enough to attack a room full of heroes- the top heroes no doubt- was either uncaringly stupid or powerful enough for it not to matter. Shinya worried if it was another Kamino situation, which would not be the best of situations.
The intruders looked like standard robbers, wearing all black and the standard robber masks on their heads. Most had weapons on them, others looked to just use fists. He could see some with mutant quirks while others weren’t so obvious.
They were pretty high in numbers and had a decent surprise attack, coming from all different sides with grand numbers and probably planning just to outnumber the heroes. Shinya signaled for some of the other heroes to get the civilians, leaving the top five to deal with the villains just in case they did have something more powerful. Less casualties.
“This is proving to be troubling like putting thread in a needle.” Tsuganu said from beside him as he used his quirk to link the bag guy’s fabrics into groups for the others to better handle.
“Yeah.” He had never actually learned how to sew, so he just went with the pun. He looked up at the ceiling, something thrumming under his skin and urging him to go look up there. Was someone there? "I got a feeling, I'll be back." He told Jeanist, not even bothering to see if he heard it, trusting the other like he always had.
(He did not)
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midnightrooftops · 12 days ago
Mt. Lady + Kamui Woods = GREEN GIANT
Tumblr media
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kiriderp · 12 days ago
Kamui woods and mt lady relationship headcanons ♡
Warning there will be manga spoilers at the end
Mt. Lady is definitely the "dominant" person in the relationship
They like going on cafe and park dates
Kamui constantly gets teased by mt. Lady but he doesn't really mind at this point
If either of them has to come home late, the other one will wait in the living room for them
Kamui may've not had a tv when he was young so him and mt. Lady have naruto bing night dates
They probably sleeo together
Mt. Lady always comforts kamui when it thunders outside
A random conversation they had-
*they both like using hot wate for showers*
Mt. Lady: Soooo, who's getting the hot water today?
Kamui: Well, you did have it all last week soooo it's probably my turn.
Mt. Lady: Yeah... that was somewhat a rhetorical question...
Kamui: What do you mean somewhat?
Mt. Lady: Who ever said that only one person could be in the shower? 👀
Kamui: 😳I-
Im just gonna leave it at that lol
Kamui is definitely the cook between the two; mt. Lady would burn the kitchen down lmao
Mt. Lady always try's to fluster kamui bc she thinks it's cute when he sprouts little flowers from it
Mt. lady has always been insecure "imperfections" and did anything to either hide or get rid of them. But with Kamui there, lol good luck with doing that.
Slight manga spoiler territory
After the whole war ark jazz kamui felt bad he couldn't do that much with helping mt. Lady out soo she give him extra cuddles to help
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Tumblr media
It is complete!! The pizza piece is finally finished!! Just your usual get together with various pro heroes!
This was initially meant to be for the Pro prompt/free space (cuz I was stupid enough to think I could hold my focus long enough to finish it in time) for BNHA Spring Break, but college is stressful and I get easily distracted and demotivated so here it is a month late aha 😅
I tried to put as many tiny details in here as I could, I wonder if you can spot them all! (The photo frames were my favourite to draw!!)
@megglepie I wanted to say thank you again to you and everyone who ran the prompt week, because despite it being over a month later, I still cannot get over how fun it was to take part in and see so many amazing posts that I may not have had the opportunity to see without. :)
Love you all! ❤️
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kiriderp · 13 days ago
Mt Lady uses Kamui as an armrest all the time. (I know that in canon she’s shorter than him but w/e)
Oh meh goosh yes!! I could totally see this! I could also see her making him carry her around sometimes lol.
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bnha-fashion · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Outfit for Shinji Nishiya “Kamui Woods”
Etro Spring/Summer 2018
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ohpleaseiwillendyou · 16 days ago
Hello, I was wondering if u could do some Lurkers shenanigans? (Lol I hope I didn't already ask you this.)
Oh don’t worry I don’t think you’ve asked this before. I don't have many of them, which definitely sucks
-Edgeshot is definitely shocked that Mount Lady and Kamui are not dating, and its been like 5 minutes
-Kamui grows plants out of his body when embarrassed so don't you dare expect for the other two not to use that
-Mount Lady definitely throws grapes at the other two when they ignore her (totally not Assassination Classroom inspired with Irina)
-Edgeshot constantly pushes Kamui and Mount Lady together when they're being a too insufferable not-couple
-Its always teasing Kamui time
-Pranks are always happening between Mount Lady and Edgeshot, but Mount Lady's a novice prankster so its really small things that she's just giggling about even though its wide open and obvious
-Edgeshot takes pity on her and lets himself fall for it
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kiriderp · 16 days ago
If kamui woods was a girl, would he have coconuts for boobies?
Don't ask me why this crossed my mind...
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mha fans i have a question!
if kamui woods’ hair is leaves do they turn orange in the fall and then he’s bald during winter
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tunafishprincess · 19 days ago
Oooooo mountain lady X kamui woods??
This is BNHA’a ultimate size difference ship.
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mountladysdaughter · 19 days ago
Driad (Day 28)
Tumblr media
This is a dnd au where Kanji Woods is a driad, also the first day of my April writing challenge. If you want aesthetic made, just shoot me a ask or DM.
Tumblr media
Shinji & Y/N
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quirks: Arbor & Necromancy
Arboren Druid
Human Necromancer
Tumblr media
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kiriderp · a month ago
Bnha headcanons based off of myself pt.1?
A mix between fuff and angst. The black ones are tw.
Kamui LOVES rainy day!
Kirishima has random suicidal thoughts even though he isn't suicidal. (Does that make sense? Also, should I talk about that to someone?)
Ryukyu likes it when people (especially kids) play with her hands.
Kaminari about put a milk jug in the dishwasher.
Mina's favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry
Edgeshot is horrified of spiders.
Tamaki has a fatgum plushy and jacket
Kaminari's favorite song is Eletric Love
Kamui has a mt. Lady plushy to keep him company while she works late.
Edgeshot gets overwhelmed with loud noises or rooms pretty easily.
Ryukyu loves to draw
Fatgum love cuddles
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kiriderp · a month ago
Edgeshot: Nipple- I mean Nipo Thousand Sheet Peirce!
Villain: Did u just say nip- (proceeds to get clapped)
Mt. Lady: LMFAOO
Kamui woods: Been watching por- (proceeds to get slapped.) Hey!
Edgeshot: ... They sound similar ok...
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quirkwizard · a month ago
How about Arbor and Transforming Arms
New Quirk Name: Carpenter
This Transformation type Quirk allows the user to alter their arms into wood. While the new composition makes them hit harder and be more durable than normal, the real power comes in the user's ability to shift wood into new forms. This can vary in complexity, such as the user making a stake in one hand or a detail figure in the other. The user can produce more wood from their arms, able to regenerate damage done to them and make even larger constructs if they chose, though this process is slow with any kind of wood produced beyond the user’s normal arms. This makes the user quite versatile, able to shift and craft their wooden appendages to suit whatever the situation needs. They can extend their arms to grab something, sprout out stakes to attack people, make a moderate boat out of their arms, craft wooden tools for allies, or just take up wood work with your own two hands. Besides being limited to the user's arms, leaving the rest of their body open, they do have an acute weakness to fire. Being made out of wood does limit how much damage the user can take.
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kotonishimura · a month ago
Anime Characters As Vine Compilations Pt. 1: Mha Edition
Aoyama: Staaaaph! I coulda dropped my croissant!
Bakugo: Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe.
Kirishima: THEY are my crocs!
Mt. Lady: ...And they were roomates.
Kamui Woods, from a distance: Mah God, they were roommates!
Uraraka: There is only one thing worse than a rapist.
Uraraka, removes a piece of paper: Boom.
Kaminari: A child.
Uraraka: NO-
Iida: Welcome to Bible Study. We're all children of Jesus... Kumbaya my looord.
Midoriya: TODOROKI! Is that a weed?
Todoroki: No, this is a crayon-
Midoriya: I'm calling the police!
Midoriya, puts 911 into the microwave:
"911, what's your emergency?"
Todoroki, looking outside to see Midoriya with the police: Is that the police?!
Midoriya: Wha-
Todoroki: I'm calling the weed!
Todoroki, puts 420 into the microwave:
"420, whatcha' smokin'?"
Jiro to Momo: Girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal!
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kiriderp · a month ago
Kaminari talkingto Edgeshot: Hey Dad-
Edgeshot: Ok
(Continues to carry kaminari bridal style)
Kaminari: Sooooo, where you taking me?
Edgeshot: To go get adoption papers. You shall be meh son.
Kaminari: Ok, that's nice.
Mt. Lady: ... What did I just witness?
Kamui woods: I have no idea.
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randoimago · a month ago
Safety :: Kamui Woods
Pairing: Kamui Woods x Reader
Rating: Fluff
Warning: Mentions Blood
Words: 735
Another random sentence starter with randomizer for who I would write for. I hope you guys enjoy this!!
“  stop acting so nonchalant about getting hurt  ”
It was an easy job. Typical thief that stole someone’s purse that you chased after to get it back. Sure you aren’t a pro hero, but still, you couldn’t just let someone steal from another. So you chased after them.
“Hey!” You yelled at them to let them know that they aren’t going to get away so easily. They probably don’t have a quirk that would help them too much in this considering they just ran up and stole the purse without any signs of a quirk.
Eventually it led you down an alley with a dead end. You walked up, hands up because you didn’t want to fight if you didn’t have to. You know how to fight, your boyfriend made sure you took self defense lessons, but you weren’t going to initiate anything. 
“Just give back the bag. You don’t know what’s in it, you don’t even know if it has anything valuable inside.” You tried to reason and the thief ended up cussing and throwing the bag to the side before pulling out a knife. Right, that wasn’t expected.
You did your best at defending yourself, but didn’t move away in time as you got a cut along your arm. It wasn’t deep, you were fast enough to avoid that, but it still stung like a bitch.
Thankfully, an actual pro hero arrived at the scene. Kamui Woods, your boyfriend. He quickly took care of the thief and walked with you to return the bag. He kept his professional tone and appearance all the way until he returned you to your apartment since you stated you weren’t hurt enough for any hospitals.
When you arrived, he went to getting the first aid kit and making you sit down and not do a thing as he took care of you.
“You should’ve let a pro-hero deal with this, then you wouldn’t have gotten hurt,” he lightly scolded.
“The guy would’ve gotten away in that time. You might be good but you’re not that good, Shinji.” 
“He wouldn’t have gotten away, [Y/N]. And you wouldn’t have gotten cut.”
“This? I hardly feel a thing. Just stings.” You shrugged, wincing a bit as the movement did hurt a bit on your cut. 
There was a sigh as your boyfriend looked to you and shook his head. He lightly dabbed a cotton ball on your cut, clearing up some of the blood as you winced some more at the healing solution that was applied.
“Stop acting so nonchalant about getting hurt.” He scolded again and you pouted at him. You were ready to complain some more but stopped when you saw the worry in his eyes. He tries to keep a calm exterior but you know that he is a very emotional person.
“I’m sorry, Shinji. I’ll be more careful next time.” He looked up at you at that. You gave a sigh. “I can’t promise I won’t do something like that again. But I’ll think more about it next time and see if I can get a pro-hero instead.” He seemed more pleased with that response.
“Good. I am proud that you helped someone but I can’t help but worry about the what if’s, [Y/N]. I love you and don’t want something worse happening,” he said and you softened at that as you couldn’t help but smile.
“I love you too. And I know that you’ll be there to save me.” He softened a bit at that statement before pulling away, deeming that he did his best with bandaging and cleaning up the cut. “You know, Shinji, that cut caused my clothes to get ruined. Maybe you could take the rest of the day off to go with me to buy new ones?” He seemed to contemplate your question a bit before sighing.
“As much as I want to, a pro-hero doesn’t ever seem to get days off.”
“Okay, then hopefully no one else tries to steal anything while I’m shopping. My body does seem to act on it’s own at times...” He just gave you a look and sighed.
“I suppose I can call Mt. Lady and ask if she could patrol the route I was doing instead.” You both knew that she would complain but if Shinji stated it’s a date then she’ll gladly take watch.
“Great. I love you.” He gave you a soft smile.
“And I love you too.”
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