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sugar-sweetie · a minute ago
Tumblr media
Day 14 - What is your UGW? When do you expect to reach it?
my UGW is 90 lbs and id love to reach it around the same time i reach a year on Testosterone (i havent started yet tho so it does give me time) but i dont know if that will ever happen
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sittingoverheredreaming · a minute ago
Okay so Levi weighs about 20 pounds and looks like this:
Tumblr media
And also has zero regard for his bodily well being, leading to him bonking his head so hard on the underside of the recliner last night that he needed a trip to the emergency vet and two staples (it is awful but it is more surprising that he’s never gotten hurt before, I am begging him to acquire just a teaspoon of awareness and caution).
But my story here is not about the staples, but the sedation. The vet had hoped that he would just need a little pain killer and she’d be able to close up the cut, since it’s small and minor. She however, called to let us know Levi would need to be sedated.
Because he is, as she said and is right about, DRAMATIC, and every time they went to touch his head he would whine pitifully and try to climb into their laps. He had a goddamn head wound and still when put in a room full of people he thought he’d try to score some snuggles. AND HE PROBABLY GOT THEM, BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE PERSON I SPOKE TO HAD TO TELL ME HOW PRECIOUS HE IS. Even the vet, who I expected to be annoyed, cooed a bit over him as she told me.
I’d say he’s lucky he’s cute but I think that’s a given
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ser1m · a minute ago
i will no longer be using this blog for smut. any requested smut will now be posted on @doyvm ! old smut/suggestive work will not be deleted from this blog but will no longer appear on the masterlists, instead you can find them on the blog mentioned above :)
this will be a sfw blog from now on!
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softeberrie · 2 minutes ago
ASKING SIMBLR - which is superior, willow creek or oasis springs?
Oasis Springs!! 🌴 but I don't play in that world nearly enough 😔
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dxmbdoll · 2 minutes ago
I want to look as ruined as I feel.
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dollyreblogs · 2 minutes ago
I've also decided that instead, Killer Croc is going to be the father of Jezebel and DeAndre...which means they're croc-o-gators but also, Alley is all: "KILLER CROC IS MY UNCLE- HOLD UP, WAIT UP-"
And he's just fanboying while DeAndre just shrugs and is all, "I mean, he a good dad buh' he aint dat cool."
"You thought differently when he got you d'at dirt bike-"
"Shut it, Hollywood."
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5 Reasons Roman Is Infuriating (And Why I DO NOT have a crush on him)
(Logince with a bit of denying and pining)
My first fic, based on my Logince drawing (If someone ever wants to make anything based on my art, feel free to ask. Making content is hard and people fleshing out concepts is always fun.) Word count: 3641
Tw: Cursing, Food mention, Balloon popping, Remus being his authentic self
Character’s: Remus, Virgil, Janus, Logan, Roman (At the end), Patton (Mainly implied)
He had everything ready.
Three heads turn to look at him.
"Logan, I really don't understand why you're doing this. You know I'm literally the Lord of the Lies, right? I can tell when you're lying."
"Falsehood. I am here specifically to prove to you three, the ones that have doubted me the most, what I think of Roman, so that you'll stop teasing me about emotions that aren't even there." Logan says, standing in front of a long classroom table. Virgil, Janus and Remus sit there, each maintaining their own postures and looking at him with disbelieving expressions.
"Logan, we can see your heart boner from here. You really think you can convince us with a slideshow presentation?" Remus picks his teeth, seemingly bored of the idea.
"That's exactly what I'm doing- What? Why would my heart have a boner? It doesn't have the proper parts to do that-" Logan looks lost, clutching the presentation button in his hand.
"It's an expression, Pocket Protector. It means you've got feelings for him." Virgil sighs.
Logan squints at him. "Of course I have feelings for him." Logan looks behind him, to the SmartBoard behind him. The board turns on, displaying the presentation title. "And those feelings are feelings of irritation. My name is Logan Sanders, and welcome to my Ted Talk."
There is a collective sigh from the others.
Logan takes a pointer stick (the one with the little hand on one side) from a holder on the wall, and points at the words on the screen. "This is 5 reasons why Roman is infuriating. And unlike your cognitive distortions may suggest, I DO NOT have a crush on him." He gestures with the stick where the same thing is written. "So, let's begin."
1. He likes to insist that he's the most handsome side, despite us all looking like Thomas.
It's ridiculous. All of their traits are reminiscent of Thomas's.
There are some mild changes they go through when they aren't summoned, but they are just slight shifts. For example, Janus and Remus both have different long hairstyles, and they all have a bit of a hair color change. Their features do shift too, emulating ones Thomas has seen over his lifetime that he'd associate with their personalities.
However, in person and in the mindscape, Roman really thinks 'he's the sh*t' (Virgil taught him that expression). He flaunts his beauty over everyone else's, strutting like the prettiest peacock in the flock. Sure, he's good looking, but the same level of good looking as all the other sides.
"You're all so handsome. But not as handsome as me." Logan recalls him saying in an episode.
He tries to use it to one-up the other's, even though they all know they look the same. He also enjoys flaunting his ego, attempting to emulate a lifestyle of the rich and famous when he feels like it.
It's rather ridiculous.
"You think he's good-looking?" Remus coos.
Logan glares, and changes the slide of the presentation.
2. He fights everyone all the time. (Except for Patton)
It seems that Roman has made the most rivals out of everyone.
He's rivals with his brother, he's got a rivalry with Janus but with more betrayal behind it, he's got his past rivalry with Virgil, even though now they're the closest friends, and despite making up several times, Logan is also his rival. Patton seems to be fine, despite their post-wedding event. Logan believes Roman is too worried of defending what he believes in against the literal embodiment of Thomas's morality.
"So, you two have tried making up, but have you considered... Making out???" Remus pitches, his smile all teeth.
Logan sputters a bit. "Puh- Wha- I don't think that would work."
Logan has in fact not thought of making out with Roman, thank you very much. Not even when they're so close, passionately arguing about who-knows-what in the spur of the moment, where it would be so easy to move just a little bit closer and connect his lips to the soft pink ones of the prince.
He has not thought about making out with Roman, because he does not have a crush on him. Period. End of story.
The two of them argue a lot. Whether it's how Thomas should spend his day, to the Chicken or the Egg dilemma (Logan knows he's right, by the way, Roman just won't see that the egg came first), to the ideal temperature for a heating pillow, to the best Crofter's flavor. They can range from productive, to stupid, and by the end of it they may just be fighting about nothing at all.
They jab at each other, come up with clever arguments, and although they're technically fighting, it sometimes feels more like a duel.
"Or a mating ritual." Virgil says under his breath.
"These points don't sound very negative." Janus adds, twirling some of his hair with his finger.
"It is negative. We fight a lot. He fights people a lot. Every issue seems to be a battle to him that he can outmatch, despite being better suited as a civil discussion." Logan stands taller, trying to defend his point.
"Well, that makes sense. I understand this point now. Go on." Janus waves his gloved hand in a dismissive gesture.
"Alright." Logan clicks his presenter button, and the slide changes.
3. He's loud. Super loud. All the time.
From singing to dancing to bantering, there never does seem to be a dull moment when Roman is around. Some may call it nice, but Logan would say that's a very polite description. It certainly isn't nice when Logan's trying to get work done, or watch a movie, or enjoy a peaceful breakfast, or most of the time really.
Logan has stopped working outside when he's trying to be productive because Roman will, without fail, come in singing, and then start a little fight with Logan that distracts him from his work and renders him unproductive for a long time because all he can think about is Roman.
"Hm... Wonder why that is." Janus interrupts, rolling his eyes.
"Well, you don't need to wonder. I said it was because of our fighting." Logan nervously adjusts his already immaculately placed glasses, resuming his point to his slide presentation.
It's odd, because sometimes even without leaving his room, he can still hear the sounds of Roman's voice in his head. He theorizes the absence of all that noise is making him subconsciously fill it in ( even though his mind also provides him with clear images of Roman's smile).
He can't escape the noise on movie nights. Roman will sing along to any song, scream at the most poorly-timed jumpscares, and no matter what, criticize the movie. Logan does participate in that last step from time to time.
During dinners, it depends. Sometimes, Roman will come in and do his thing, sometimes he'll make a dramatic entrance, grab a plate and then go off to work on something, and sometimes he won't show up at all, off on a quest in the imagination. Those particular meals are peaceful. Sometimes they feel empty, but so far, no one else has complained. Especially considering with Remus' and Janus' seats added to the table, dinner can be a wild event.
Sometimes, when Logan gets lonely, he'll bring his work outside. Every time, he can guarantee that Roman will be there eventually. He provides a healthy distraction, and he always feels much lighter after a bantering session.
But most of the time, he just can't stand it. How can one be so flamboyant for so many hours of the day? Logan had theorized it had something to do with overcompensation, his need for validation and attention, but then thought it was strange theorizing about his friends and went back to work.
Overall, not the worst trait, but it being applied to every scenario adds to the fact that he is infuriating.
"Hold on, can we circle back to the part where you said you thought of him smiling-" Virgil begins, only to be interrupted by Logan pointing his pointer at him.
"No, we will not. Next point."
4. He makes up stupid nicknames.
And he makes a lot of them. Even during serious talks, you'd think he had forgotten your name and was too scared to ask, so he supplies an abundance of back-ups to make you feel special. And they are quite varied, though all slightly jabbing. There are play-on-words, references thrown about... It would have impressed Logan, had all of his designated nicknames not revolved around him being a nerd.
"Hey Microsoft Turd."
"I need your help, Egghead."
"Listen here, Erlenmeyer Trash-"
"Calculator Watch."
"Oh Book Geeeerm~"
"Sure thing Specs."
Logan actually didn't mind specs, but his point still stands. All insulting, clever, but still stupid nicknames. Sometimes, he wonders if Roman keeps a book of them around. Somewhere in his room, filled with all the names he'll unleash onto his unsuspecting companions. Logan may have tried to come up with a list of his own in retaliation, but he couldn't think of anything Roman would think was clever. He spent almost a full night on it, hair a mess, glasses askew, head resting on his desk as he tried to come up with something at least remotely good enough. It interrupted his perfect circadian rhythm. Never again.
Except for the next night, where he tried the exact same stunt again, but that doesn't matter.
What does, is that all of those factors cause aggravation. He always feels weird when Roman gives him a nickname, varying from annoyance to a strange tingling.
"Are you saying he should stop?" Virgil interrupts, frustrated. "This point is going nowhere."
"I-" He's not sure. Although some of the insults are quite jabbing, Logan does want to support Roman's creative process. Not to mention, the nickname ‘specs’ oddly does hold a place in his heart.
"OoOoOoohhh, I have an idea!" Remus cackles. Although Logan is hesitant, he gestures to continue. "Okay, so pinky swear I won't try anything on you, but just close your eyes, and imagine how this nickname would make you feel if Roman said it."
Logan apprehensively closes his eyes, and Remus does nothing but lean slightly forward in his seat, and puts on his best Roman impression. Which is pretty good, considering they're twin brothers.
"How are you today, my love?"
Immediately, Logan flushes bright red from head to toe, covering his face in his hands and squirms. Remus's cackling intensifies by a tenfold, and the other two are poorly failing to contain their laughter.
"That's- That's- That's... N-not a nickname. Th-That's a p-pet name."
"Awww, but you're blushiiiing!" Remus squeals in amusement.
"Falsehood. N-no." Logan says, not enough bite in it to hold value. "We are going to move on now. That just... caught me off guard." He says, adjusting his tie several times, trying to compose himself. "The point is, his nicknames are stupid, and I don't like them- No, don't look at me like that Remus even that one- so it adds to his infuriating nature." Logan grabs the presentation button and clicks it aggressively to the next slide.
"And now, for my concluding point."
5. He is incredibly and willingly dumb.
Sometimes Logan thinks he wouldn't be surprised by the illogical things Roman would say. And then he gets proven incredibly wrong.
"Much like your... 'illogical feelings', mayhaps?" Janus drawls.
Shush, Logan is talking.
Granted, both Creativity twins have proven to be rather illogical, as they are embodiments of creativity, a force that knows only slight bounds to logic. Only with a defying mind can people push boundaries in the advancement of society. That doesn't mean however that those defying minds need to be intelligent.
"I believe Virgil specifically had called Roman a.." He takes out his special cards, flipping through them. " 'A Himbo'. Judging from his past and present behaviors and from the definition itself, it is safe to assume that yes, he is in fact a Himbo."
One instance he can remember is during a picnic in the imagination. It was Patton's birthday, and Roman wanted to do something special, so he set up a picnic for them all to attend. Logan doesn't enjoy visiting the imagination as much, as when he's there, things become more realistic and that makes him feel like a burden. Regardless, it was for Patton's birthday, and so he decided it would be polite to come along.
Everyone was guided by a trail of flowers to an opening in the forest, where a giant picnic blanket was laid out, pillows thrown around, and a large picnic basket stood in the center. There were many balloons of pastel pink and blue tied around, and the birds were chirping in a joint melody. It sounds almost like Happy Birthday.
Logan, as he approaches, hopes that his influence won't cause ants to emerge, because although that would be realistic, it would also be quite the nuisance.
He and the other's are just dressed in their usual attire, but as Roman emerges from the trees, he is wearing a shiny red party hat to go along with his prince outfit.
Roman immediately goes to serenading Patton and placing a party hat on top of his head, light blue with a little pompom on the top. He ushers him to sit on one of the largest pillows, and then goes around giving everyone else party hats. Logan stills when Roman gets to him last, a dark blue party hat with little stars in his hand.
"Do I have to wear that?" He asks. Although, sure, it does look nice, he doesn't want to seem ridiculous.
"Come on, you're in good company. Please? For Patton?" Roman bats his eyelashes at Logan, who sighs and lets him put the party hat onto his head.
Roman runs off to the birthday boy, and they all sit down. The time passes peacefully, songs being sung and Roman releasing a horde of puppies to the joy of the guests. By the time the food is out, everything seems to be going well, until they're all eating, and Roman pulls out an orange. As he's about to peel it, Logan speaks up.
"Roman, I would advise against that." Which may sound ridiculous to most people, but Logan is an expert on many logical things. ( Orange peels have a flammable liquid in them called limonene, and as both it and a balloon, made of latex, are non-polar, the liquid can dissolve the balloon, thus causing it to explode.)
"Against what?" Roman asks, but he does stop his attempt.
Logan adjusts his glasses, ready to explain. "Eating an orange near a balloon. As I cause the imagination to become more logical, doing so will most likely cause-"
"Oh puh-lease! I'm sure whatever wacky science things you're going to say don't actually work here! I mean, there is plenty of influence to go arou-" Roman, the spiteful side he is, gets even closer to the balloon, starting to peel it. Lo-and-behold, he can't finish his denying before the balloon right beside him explodes with a loud POP. The sound sends him jumping back in fear, screeching to the nine hells, and then falling backwards onto another balloon, scaring him again. Several sides laughed out loud at his pain, while Patton watched him, worried. Logan smiled internally at the karma, before getting up and making sure he was okay.
Roman did spend the rest of the party in a sulky mood, but the party was still a huge success. They had some good food, and while Logan made Patton a flower crown, he fed him forfulls of cake. It was a nice bonding moment. When everyone separated to return to the mindscape, Roman waved them all off from the imagination door. Logan turns back to look at him, but Roman makes no move to follow them all out.
"You're not coming back yet?" Logan asks, adjusting his glasses.
Roman sighs. "No, not yet. I'm afraid this dashing prince has a little bit of cleaning to do. And perhaps an adventure. You never know." He leans on the doorframe, smiling.
"Well, that is correct. I in fact do not know what you'll be doing." Logan nods to himself. "Do you need any help cleaning? I doubt I'll be much help with the adventure, but I do have hands." He gestures to his hands.
Roman looks quite surprised. "Oh, thanks for the offer, specs. I think I've got it all covered though."
Logan offers a hesitant smile. "Alright then. Let me know if that changes."
Roman quickly smiles back, a faint pink dusting his cheeks, and turns back into the imagination and shutting the door. Logan stands there for a moment, but not sure why. It's clear that Roman was not feeling all that great from the balloon moment. Even Logan, terrible at deciphering emotions, can tell that much. Perhaps he needs to let off some steam.
He just can't understand Roman most of the time. They do have so many similarities, being too proud for their own good, but it's almost like they're in two separate worlds. Logan, the learner he is, wishes he could explore Roman's own. Understand it. Understand him, and his way of thinking. Even though Roman is mostly dumb, he does make good points, and Logan tries to prioritize his input, as it's usually what Thomas is hoping and dreaming for as well.
The last slide shines back at them all. A concluding statement that makes the three watching sides snicker a little bit.
"And I believe he just doesn't understand how much we all think he's great. I swear, he's just so dense! It's so aggravating! How can he not tell that he's worth everything? Why doesn't he understand that we all care for him? That I care for him? He's wonderful, for god's sake! And that I don't mean to hurt him with my critiques. I want him to thrive! I-"
Everything stops. Logan takes a moment of silence. The three sides look at him, each with different degrees of anticipation. One looks pretty much ready to pounce out of his seat.
And all at once, everything gets strung back into motion. Confetti literally falls from the ceiling as Remus jumps for joy, circling a very mortified looking Logan. Janus, the tired soul, rolls his eyes and lets out a slow, long clap. Virgil just rests his head in his arms.
"I can't believe this. You sit us all down for a presentation you probably double-checked and proofread, like a nerd, and only NOW you realize you were wrong all along? Why didn't you say anything, snake-face?" Virgil complains, sitting up just to glare at him.
"Wo-ow, it isn't as if I was saying that this whole time? No, it couldn't be." Janus deadpans, sarcasm spilling from his mouth like an old, worn, broken dam.
Logan doesn't move from his stand-still spot beside the projector, but Remus manages to bounce in circles around him, cooing. "Lo-lo's got a cruuuush! A crushy crush! A crushed crust of a crush! A crevice cracking ‘cause of the crushed crust-" He was going to continue, throwing expired banana peels around to substitute rose petals, until the sound of the door opening catches everyone's attention.
"Hey losers, Patton wanted to know if you-" Lo and behold, Roman walks in, regal as ever, smiling until he takes in the sight before him. The boring classroom look, contrasted by the amount of confetti that stopped falling as soon as he walked in. Janus and Virgil, wide-eyed and looking at him, completely still. Remus, caught mid dance, frozen in place with a smile. Logan, looking at him in the way one may look milliseconds after being caught stealing government secrets. Roman's eyes flicker to each of them, before settling on the projector.
"Roman. I-I can explain-" Logan starts, but Roman is already reading the words on the screen.
"... 'In short, he saddles me with unnecessary... feelings'? 'Unease, and uncertainty'? Who... Oh my god! Logan!" Roman looks at him, smiling in disbelief and amazement. "I know what this meanssss!" Filled with giddy delight, he sidesteps the table.
Logan gulps as Roman approaches, turning beet red as Roman takes his hands in his two own. "Y-Yes?" He practically squeaks as Roman looks him right in the eyes.
"Yes! Ohhh, this is so exciting!" The three bystanders watch, once again in anticipation, as Roman swings their interlocked hands.
"Yes?" Logan offers a small, tentative smile.
"You have a crush on someoooone! Oh Logan, you should've told me!" Roman smiles, completely oblivious to the internal facepalm of several present members.
"I-I'm sorry..." Logan looks down, slightly disappointed but still too flustered to say anything.
"God save the dense." Janus mutters, inspecting his gloves fingers.
"Don't be sorry! Come, we must make plans! I shall be your matchmaker! This is going to be perfeeeect!" Roman, sings, dancing out of the room and dragging Logan along by their still intertwined hands. The other sides watch them go.
After a moment of processing, Virgil sighs. "Well, I thought that was going to be resolved. Turns out they're both as dense as... dense people." He can't seem to think of any other similes.
"Welp, I'm just happy that they're one step closer to getting. it. on. romantically." Remus punctuates every word with some rather immature hand gestures. “And that they stop dancing around each other.”
"Who do you think Roman thinks Logan has a crush on?" Virgil asks, cogs turning in his brain.
Janus lounges backwards. "Well, let's see... Soooo many options. Either he thinks it's someone outside of Thomas's head, or the simple answer..."
Remus and Virgil both look at him, both with looks of realization.
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localramblinghouseplant · 2 minutes ago
I'm gonna try and open up some art commissions soon, honestly. I just need more examples of finished work. I'll even do some NSFW stuff if need be, up to a point.
My job is... failing me, honestly. It was stable and now I've been out of work for 4 weeks with no real payoff. I just need to make money, I'm gonna be in college soon. I'll post some stuff soon enough to see if anyone is interested.
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totalchaos · 2 minutes ago
Anyone else ever just start taking shit apart for no reason
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pointofviiew · 3 minutes ago
✍(Anymore? ;3)
// i'll just leave a queen here picked her up once before uwu; so she may come back...?? idk- thank you for sending uwu;
Tumblr media
"I was granted a new not like how it was before." She hid her face, silently crying, her heart hurt. "Where is my child..what has happened to my Dartz.."
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soulgathered · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
alisai.e & alphin.aud are held in detention i guess --- i saved enough to get the twin’s figures & they arrived but the package guy was lazy & didn’t ring the bell so he just left a paper that i can get ‘em tomorrow at the postal office & i am just “ >: free my kids pls”
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dadworth · 3 minutes ago
the "this site has reading comprehension issues" jokes should include weird ops too who act like youre insane for actually reading a post
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sollari · 3 minutes ago
body image is _on the floor_ jlo would be so proud of me now
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isaacs-scarfs · 3 minutes ago
What if the reason Bobby is the way he is with Greenberg is because he knows Greenberg is supernatural and he's just trying to protect him from getting involved like Scott.
I have so many ideas!!!
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sierrascribbles · 3 minutes ago
me 🤝 tenma sumeragi 🤝 hinata shoyo 🤝 riou hypmic
being born on june 21st and having orange hair
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lemonberry-conda · 3 minutes ago
“Hey Quackity from Las Nevadas, I’ll be back, I have to gloop over to my weekly appearance on the hit podcast Chuckle Sandwich!” 
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