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#just saw a post thay was like
arotoddchavez5 months ago
Honestly fuck you if you think Sam isn't Jack's dad but Dean somehow is. Seriously just fucking block me.
#like yes its just a tv show but really?#i just saw a post that was like what has sam ever done thars father like compared to dean and cas and like#i dont have the time to tell you all that or explain how wrong you are bc i doubt you would even listen#bc i mean like you're already excusing deans abusive behavior to ship him with cas and call him more of a father than sam to jack#and they said something about sam focusing more on trying to get jack tk control his powers than make him happy and like#oh im sorry should he have told jack he was gonna kill him instead?#i forgot dean is parenting goals sorry for being such an idiot#thats a joke if its not obvious.#and also like ever consider that like. sam had powers that hes still insecure about and thay he was made to feel like made him bad#and a monster and so like of course he wants to help jack control his powers first. a certain someone has taught him powers are bad.#dean's fault all around folks#but like also there's nothing wrong with sam trying to help jack with his powers. and when he realized it was bugging jack#he stopped and let him take a break#i am very anti him watching him on a camera. like that was gross but again hes been with dean for so long whose literally so controlling and#doesnt let sam be his own fucking person so what the fuck do you people expect#not saying that excuses it or that sam shouldnt still be criticized for it but like. you cant hate on sams parenting while glorifying deans#honestly people who consider dean to be jacks dad At All are automatically under scrutiny. not automatically out but im at least little#critical.#they used a gif of when jack was copying dean in the early episodes and like that's literally from the time when dean actively hates jack#and wants them dead.
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autisticbee11 months ago
I deffo do NOT dream of labour, I cant cook or make art and I can barely write anymore, I DO want to do nothing, fck your ableist bs
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halfwar-halfpeacea year ago
I remember the first day we went home after the 2006 war.
I remember the second my mom opened the door.
We had a very small home back then. Two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living room that had a veranda. The living room was the first thing you鈥檇 see when you opened the door.
It was the afternoon, about 3 pm I guess, when we arrived. I remember the way the sun shined through the broken glass door of the veranda.
I remember the million pieces of shattered glass all over the couches and the floor in the living room, and the way the sun shined on them, and I remember, very well, that I thought it was beautiful.
My mom got inside the living room, told me to not get in obviously, but I was stubborn.
We had a tricycle, which had plastic wheels and so I got on it and entered the living room, as more glass cracked. My mom yelled at me but I guess, at this point, she was too tired to really get me out of there.
I remember standing in the middle of all this. And I remember the stillness, the calmness, and the peace, of everything around me, as the sun kept shining all over the place.
I remember the kitchen, that had a thousand dishes to wash. My dad was probably too indifferent to wash them.
I remember my room. (In which I never really slept in before because I was too scared as a kid.)
We had a wooden table in that room. I remember very well the Qur鈥檃n that I found on the side of it.
All these 33 days, my dad never slept in the house of my grand parents (parents of my mom) with us. He鈥檚 an engineer, and they spent their time helping refugees finding schools to sleep in, getting food, and sometimes at night (a LOT of the bombings if not most of it used to happen at night), it was too risky for him to go home, and so he used to sleep in the car, outside Dahye. (The southern suburb of Beirut) and some other times, he used to sleep home alone, or with some of his friends. I think he was the only crazy person to do so.
And my dad isn鈥檛 the kind to read Quran and Duaas books. Don鈥檛 get me wrong, he prays 5 times a day and fasts, he has Duaa Kumail memorized by heart, knows more history than I ever will, he鈥檚 a very very honest man, always helped a lot of people, but this is his way of living. He just thinks that prayers and reading and duaas are nothing if you don鈥檛 practice what they鈥檙e teaching you, and i think he鈥檚 kinda trying to prove a point. I have to say I admire him a lot.
But see, the Qur鈥檃n on the table. He had been reading. I still feel the feeling I felt back then.
I remember getting into pyjamas. Some shorts and a t-shirt. I had a very small frame. Very dark short hair. Very brown skin, because I used to play in the sun all day in my village. (In fact the first day of the war, I was there and Baba had to come get us.)
I remember standing on a chair on the sink, and doing all the dishes. I also remember breaking the very last thing that was left to clean, a bowl. And I remember that I was very sad about it. But mama who had probably seen and felt more than she should have that past month, said it was okay.
I remember her praying, at night. I remember the sound of the bombs, the way the beds shook beneath us, the way my heart shook with them, and I remember her praying, praying, praying, praying, I鈥檇 sleep and wake up and sleep and wake up at night and she鈥檇 still be on her praying matt, praying and praying until dawn.
They鈥檇 usually stop by then.
I think there was nights where she鈥檇 thought Baba was dead. We didn鈥檛 have cell phones like we do today. My grand parents had a home phone ? And we couldn鈥檛 always reach him.
I used to imagine the ceiling crumble above us. And that it was okay if I died. As God, loved children. We had not 鈥渟inned鈥 yet.
I know it鈥檚 nothing compared to what other people have lived. But it鈥檚 1:26 am and I was thinking about this and so there you go, inside my memories, for a couple of minutes.
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aditiwrites7 hours ago
30 questions tag!聽
Rules: Answer 30 questions and tag 20-ish blogs you want to know better!聽 POST ON A NEW SEPARATE POST!
1. Name/Nickname: Aditi, Addie
2. Gender: Cis Woman
3. Star Sign: uMM, Taurus? I don鈥檛 really put much stock in this stuff tbh....
4. Height: 5鈥5 1/2鈥
5. Time: 9:05pm
6. Birthday: 20 May, 1997
7. Favorite Band: It changes every week tbh, I鈥檓 very indecisive when it comes to the media i consume.... This week I鈥檝e been listening to a lot of BTS聽 and聽 MonstaX... idk if that counts
8. Favorite Solo Artist: Lately, I鈥檝e been obsessed with Jackson Wang鈥檚 solo work.聽
9. Song Stuck Stuck In My Head: Bol4鈥瞫 Some is playing in my mind at any given time, it鈥檚 like my brain鈥檚 stock elevator music.聽
10. Last Movie: It鈥檚 still WITCHES 2020, because I haven鈥檛 watched any movies after I saw that last saturday...
11. Last Show: still on聽 It鈥檚 Okay not to be Okay :P
12. When I Created This Blog: originally in March2021, but had to delete and remake in May2021
13. What I Post: Mostly stuff related to my WIP but i also reblog stuff i like from time to time....
14. Last Thing I Googled:聽I started learning korean and thai just for shits and giggles, so, the last thing i googled was:聽鈥淲hat are聽Diphthongs?鈥
15. Other Blogs: none at the moment. But I do have twitter @AditiUpadhyay97 feel free to follow me there!
16. Do I get asks?: I just got my first one today on this blog! but I鈥橠 LOVE TO GET MORE!聽 ASK ME ANYTHING <3
18: Following: 94
17. Why I Chose My URL: I was like, i wanna make a writblr, and saw that this was the most common format lol
21. Lucky Number: Don鈥檛 have one tbh....聽
19. Followers: 32 lol ,,,, I just made this blog a few weeks ago sooooo
20. Average Hours Of Sleep: 7-8
22. Instruments: I tried learning when i was little but it didn鈥檛 work out much.......聽
23. What Am I Wearing: Cotton t-shirt and shorts聽
24. Dream Job: I鈥檓 kinda all over the place tbh, i wanna write and i wanna design graphics and i also wanna act ..... idk man
25. Favorite Food: Any sort of noodles/pasta thing with veggies and chicken tbh
27. Nationality: I鈥檓 Indian.聽
28. Favorite Song: Like i said聽I鈥檓 very indecisive when it comes to the media i consume, so, I鈥檓 not even gonna attempt to answer this question.....聽
29. Last Book I Read:聽Tom Jones, for my lit masters...
30. Top 3 Fictional Universes I Would Like To Live In: The Harry Potter universe, The Pokemon universe and the Percy Jackson Universe....聽
Tagged by: Stole it from the lovely聽@purgatorydotexe !
Tagging:聽 @prowaterdrinker , @wordsandacademia聽,聽@morganwriteblr , @phron-tistery聽, @musingsofaninsignificantwriter , @shelley-says-hi聽, @shaicarus , @loveworns聽, @veinscript , @writing-with-melon , @perditism ,聽 @lyrium , @writing-is-a-martial-art , @wizardfromthesea , @conwaybaker聽 and 聽anyone else who鈥檇 like to participate <3 聽 聽 聽 聽聽
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missguomeiyun3 days ago
barley O: rice X
Hello hello!
Did you know. .. while in North America, a 鈥渃heck mark鈥 means 鈥榶es鈥 or 鈥榗orrect鈥, in Asian countries, a circle represents that instead? Whereas聽鈥淴鈥 means聽鈥榥o鈥, so it鈥檚 the same. I always found it so weird bcos when something is circled here, it鈥檚 like. .. a problem haha
Anyway, y鈥檃ll know I鈥檓 not big on rice- I eat it out of habit. Although I鈥檓 grateful for every grain of rice I get to eat, I don鈥檛 particularly thoroughly enjoy it, you know what I mean? I鈥檓 a noodle person! In this post, I鈥檓 sharing 2 dishes that I made using barley as a substitute for rice.
Tumblr media
This bag of barley has been sitting around FOREVERRRRRRR. Don鈥檛 even ask me when it鈥檚 from. I just know it was from a order. Possibly 2018/2019 o_O
*blurb about barley - skip if not interesting*
Barley is also a kind of rice grain but compared to the others, it has higher calcium & fibre, & lower in calories. Oh, & lower sugar content too! There are many sources out there that compare the nutritional value of diff kinds of grains. For myself, I think the texture of barley makes it 鈥榙ifferent鈥 haha I almost don鈥檛 associate it with rice grains but rather corn. Am I weird? It has that subtle crunch & chewiness to it, & the grains are quite large compared to the others as well *shrugs*
Furthermore, there are diff types of barley. Not so much the species, but the manufacturing process results in diff kinds of barley that鈥檚 available in the market. Pearled barley is one of them. Apparently this one is lower on the scale in terms of nutrients bcos it has been 鈥渙verly鈥 processed. So like the outer coats is removed, therefore, not only are they more uniform & shiny, it鈥檚 almost 鈥渟maller鈥 bcos of the lost coat. The good thing is, cooking time is reduced for the same reason. AND it has less flavour than the other kinds of barley, thereby making it more versatile in a way. If you want the uhh.. milder version pearled barley, go for pot barley - this one had less processing & slightly more flavour & nutrients.
Okayyyyy, the dishes I made~
Tumblr media
Thai curry soup: chicken breast, mixed veggies (celery, corn, cherry tomatoes), & dumplings. The soup was actually a Campbell鈥檚 Thai soup, which already had small amount of rice in it. But I added a lot of more ingredients to it & made it into a legit meal. The barley was a nice addition to the soup, in my opinion. Really liked the extra texture.
Tumblr media
Kimchi fried barley (with some salmon & an egg). This was so weird lol but you know what, it wasn鈥檛 bad! I definitely felt more full with barley :P this kimchi fried barley, though. .. you know how barley has that subtle 鈥榝lavour鈥? This retained some of that, whereas the Thai soup didn鈥檛 bcos the Thai flavour from the soup was much stronger.
I saw online that there鈥檚 barley salad. I may try that but don鈥檛 get your hopes up bcos I don鈥檛 think I would like that lol quinoa, I can understand. . but full on barley =S I don鈥檛 know if I can do it! Have you tried before???
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dojae-huh4 days ago
/diejforwho/status/1402175732596436995?s=19 Peak jaedo lol for all those wanting doyoung reacting to jaehyun? Johnny wasn't saying anything worth laughing about lol
I wanted to ask about shipper twitters. I'm not sure but I feel like a lot of jaedo shippers are quite on the down low? Especially Korean and Japanese/Thai accounts. Chinese fans also have their own acronyms/nicknames so it's harder to find these accounts. Or maybe I just haven't come across the "right" kinda accounts lol.
I-fans aren't, but Korean and Japanese are. The first are bold in comments (I saw swearing at Jaedo, lol) and active with posts (stories with pictures are popular), but they don't tag, so the only way to find them is through retwits. The second ones are often attentive, point out the smallest moments, but never say anything outright (which is in the cultural code, so is understandable). Thais tag aplenty and don't forget to screenshot Jaedo trending.
I-fans are usually so whiny, I unsubscribe from them quickly.
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stormblessed955 days ago
So I recently discovered Truth Untold by BTS, and I watched a few different versions. Version 1 was the one on tour that always shows up, it has perfect vocals and is completely mind blowing.
And then I saw THAT one. The one where Jikook change the ending. I can't find any content on this, but it seems so huge! Why is this such an understated moment??? They literally changed the ending. Also, why does Jimin have his back turned during the live performances? Have we seen any rehearsals that show all of this being rehearsed?
I'm aware that we do get a lot of fanservice - but legitimately, I would be a little disappointed if this was purely fan service. I'm also aware though that not everything that looks like fan service, or that is rehearsed, is completely separate from actual reality.
Anyway, I'm asking you because I am sure you have comments on this! If you've already gone over this I apologize!
Hello anon!
Thank you giving me the excuse to go watch this performance again. Such a damn good song and ugh, chills. Anyway, here is a great fancam of this exact moment. It's from far away, but you can still see what happens on their big screens:
Let's talk about it! So in the actual version of the song, it normally has Jimin ending it off solo (jungkook sometimes adds in a few crazy good Adlibs) and the lyric is "And I Still Want You" for reference (also the quality of some of these fancams still amazes me damn):
For context this took place during the final performances of the LY tour in Seoul. We do not know WHY they decided to change this up. We don't know what they were thinking. No this was not part of the performance normally and no there was no footage of this in their truth untold rehearsals. This was a Jimin and Jungkook decision. I can theorize and say that they were quite free with the skinship during this tour, with Rosebowl being one of the biggest ones. That maybe this was their promise to each other, that no matter what happened, no matter what people said, they would always still want each other. But this is me sort of grasping at straws for a meaning behind it. I do not know why Jungkook harmonized with Jimin or why they changed the lyrics. We do not have to know, the only thing that matters is that it meant something to them.
Tumblr media
We also know that they turned specifically to sing to each other for that line. Jimin WAITED until thay exact moment to turn. They stared at each other for the line, and then continued to stare as the lights went dark and they kept staring. This was MEANINGFUL to them. What it meant exactly, we will probably never know and its not our business. But we can still appreciate the impact and emotional intensity of that moment and how beautiful it was for them without needing to fully understand the context or decision making behind it. Even if we really want to!
Tumblr media
This was a very loud moment for them. This was once again another statement. This was SOMETHING. I will also point out that this took place during the same series of concerts that had the Serendipity serenade happening. It was also one of the moments during these concerts that had tkkrs and conservatives emailing BH and telling them to # stop the gay.
This was not fanservice. I should probably do a post on fanservice because I'm so tired of that narrative being passed off on any interaction between any of the members. Its exhausting. (Not saying thats what you were doing, just in general) If you want to see good examples of fanservice, go look at some early day BTS. Things like the tension escalator on stage is a clear example of fanservice. The choreo for Blanket Kick is fun but also fanservice-y. Rookie King is full of fanservice. This was an impactful, beautiful moment.
Thanks for asking, anon! Hope this helped.
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badapricot7 days ago
Hi Pearl!! I am a fan of yours and I'd like to say omg your posts! Well articulate and very bold. Kudos to you yes! I'd like to share some thoughts about FS:
KaoUp be those actors who said i ain't doing fanservice no. I think its because they have seen what fanservice is like (i mean lovely writer, #SibAey #GeneIsADriver and the real thing) and that i believe they refuse to conform to that kind of BL norm. I mean if they did, i think (and this just my opinion), it would be the antithesis of everything they worked and acted into the series.
I also think Keita and Akaso were also actors who didn't do Fanservice, given how their series Cherry Magic is popular. Like, they smoothly just let the show air and we go on different projects. No ifs and buts. And also Petch and Nut from Oxygen series, i never saw them do Fanservice or, maybe their relationship is just pure business and job but who knows? Lol
You know what those actors who i consider is overtly invested? SamYu, those HIStory 4 actors. But if they're happy in that way then its their choice lol. But yeah for me it's too much FS.
People be mad for Up having a girlfriend (yes i saw comments saying "oh p have you broken up?" "Are you still together?" Tf these comments really.) Like, tf have y'all learned nothing from Lovely Writer? Nothing? Really?
That's it hehe what's your thoughts about it?
Hi! Thanks for being a fan and sorry for taking so long to get to this.
Cherry Magic didn't do fanservice because Japan doesn't have a live action BL industry or "BL actors" and because Japanese society is a lot more homophobic and conservative.
Neither of them would have been received well if they were pawing at each other on TV like Thai BL actors because they have to work as normal actors, which they are. The guy who plays Kurosawa is literally on a Netflix show (Alice in Borderland). It's not advantageous for Japanese actors who act in BL to pretend to date their co-stars or do fanservice with them so they don't. It's not a moral thing or them being "above it all" unlike Thai BL actors.
Taiwan does just as much fanservice as Thailand so I agree on that point. It's not a lifer deal but it's hella inappropriate and weird. I watched a variety show clip where Anson Chen from History4 had to pop balloons on his partner's lap using his bottom and I was like??? So when people act like Taiwan is "better" than Thailand in that aspect, I laugh.
Yes, I've also noticed people really want Up and his girlfriend to be broken up. I don't know if they are. They might be! But let's be real about why fans are salivating for it. Why do they want to know so bad? They're not going to date Up either way.
Those are my thoughts!
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kpopinocorrect11 days ago
get to know me 100 follower special
Hey, so since there are 100 of you I am gonna share a bit about me, so yeah here we go
I am currently in school still (SENIOR BABY)
18 years old
Name I am choosing to go by: Elle (nickname given to me by my aunt)
First kpop song I ever heard (besides Gangnam style): War of Hormone BTS
first kpop group I stanned: BTS
First ever kpop idol I had a crush on: Jungkook (are you even surprised? probably not)
current favorite groups? Bts, Stray kids, Monsta x, itzy, blackpink, mamamoo
favorite ships: Sope, Chanlix, Jookyun, Yugbam, Ryulia, Jensoo, Moonsun, Johnmark, Sulrene, Taegyu
Favorite 2021 comeback so far: Mafia In The Morning {itzy} Gambler {Monsta X} (ps Stream Gambler by Monsta X)
I am a cross country and track runner {distance, no sprints}聽
I also take gymnastics and Taekwondo
I am planning to study to be a sports medic聽
I can do Ryujin鈥檚 shoulder dance from Wannabe聽
my favorite food is ice cream
I hate vegetables of every kind but I love fruit {apples are my favorite}
I have trypophobia
I want to have a YouTube channel but don鈥檛 have time for it
I am a really good driver
I thought War Of Hormone was bts debut song for three months
I used to think that YG, JYP, BIGHIT, and SM were kpop groups that everyone hated {lmao I am so dumb}
I stan more JYP groups than any other companies
I really want to get into Momoland and I hate that they are so often hated on
I graduate high school in 16 days {yes our graduation is on a Wednesday, I have no clue why}
I really like one direction {Liam is my favorite}
Solo stans piss me off
Cameron聽 Philip k is my favorite youtube channel
NF is my favorite non-kpop artist
Pandas are my favorite animal
Somi is my favorite kpop soloist
I cried when I saw that Taemin had to leave to do his military service
I cry easily
I have the same zodiac sign as Taeyong and Lia聽
I want to have at least 3 kids
I tend to bias leaders more than anything聽
I can鈥檛 live without coffee
I love kdramas, (espacially bL ones, my personal favorite bl is You Make Me Dance, my favorite non-bl is Meow The Secret Boy
I also love this one Thai Drama called Love By Chance
I write fanfiction but only for ships not idolxreader, but I am too nervous to post it
Sope was the first kpop ship I had
I took Spanish for two years in school before stopping to take music theory classes instead
I one time ate a whole can of sardines for five usd
so that is just a bit about me, if you want to know more you can always feel free to ask, you guys are the best, once again thank you for 100 followers.聽
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yibobibo12 days ago
Getting to Know You聽
I was tagged by the Alexi!
Thank you bb聽(銆冿季鈻斤季銆) @susuwatari-kompeito. I just saw you twin jades header and i love it so much!
1. Why did you choose your url?]
Well i wanted to change my old url sarawatilism (for 2gether) to something related to yibo. and i was going back and fourth with my cousin and she suggested yibobibo. it was really hilarious and cute tbh so i went with it.
2. Any side-blogs? If you have them, name them and why you have them.
this is my sideblog (main one is @midnightsvoid) but i use this more frequently than the other.
3. How long have you been on tumblr?
I was on tumblr back in the early days (2012-2013) then i left it. came back in 2019-2020 i think (im sorry the last few years are a blur to me sjkhsk) when i found out there were fandoms for the thai series i was watching in those days.
4. Do you have a queue tag?
I do it鈥檚 come back to queusu with me (changed the Gusu lol) but sometimes i just queue stuff without the tag because it鈥檚 really annoying to tag the whole thing lmao
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
I wanted a separate place for all the asian dramas I鈥檇 gotten into.
6. Why did you choose you icon/pfp?
ooh I recently started making icons cause I nothing to do and this was one of them I really liked.
7. Why did you choose you header?
Oh I have two headers too! For the mobile one I recently made a yibo one (tho tbh I'm still not to fond of it sjfjfk might change it again).
My desktop one is one of my absolute favourite tgcf scenes from the donghua. when xie lian catches a-hua 馃ズ
8. What鈥檚 your post with the most notes?
I think it's this lan zhan smiling because of wei ying.
10. How many followers do you have?
More than I could ask for 馃ズ considering it's only been a little over a year. I'm really grateful for everyone of them 馃挍
11. How many people do you follow?
300 something the last time I checked. I followed a few recently but I still have to follow more cql and shl accounts.
12. Have you ever made a shitpost?
Shit posts and crack posts are the same right? cause if so I really love making them djfjf
13. How often do you use tumblr each day?
I use the app so very frequently
14. Did you have a fight/argument with a blog once?
Nope I dont like conflicts. I got a racist anon once but I just deleted the message cause there's no point of it.
15. How do you feel about 鈥榶ou need to reblog this post鈥?
I just scroll past them, idrc.
16. Do you like tag games?
Yep! I love them! Especially piccrew ones. Though sometimes I'm a bit late to them.
17. Do you like ask games?
I used to do a lot of those before planning on doing it again when I get time someday.
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
Idk what that means tbh cause a few of them are famous within the fandom.
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
Ahah same not a crush crush but like I love and admire them all a lot.
20. Tagging: (some new ones too)
@mylastbraincql @fengqing @wuxien @highwarlockkareena @suibianjie @xiaodaozhang @huigusu only if you want no pressure 馃挍
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fanficfreek12 days ago
Idolatry | PJM | 29
Tumblr media
饾憜饾憿饾憵饾憵饾憥饾憻饾懄, 饾憡饾憥饾憻饾憶饾憱饾憶饾憯饾憼, 饾憥饾憶饾憫 饾惗鈩庰潙庰潙濔潙○潙掟潙 饾惪饾憱饾憼饾憽
Johnny鈥檚 YouTube channel was called 鈥楯ohnny鈥檚 Communication Center鈥 or 鈥楯CC.鈥 On it, he posted vlogs of various things, like hanging out with his members and shopping, visiting his family in Chicago while on tour, and now a 鈥楾riple Pig Date.鈥
That was fairly difficult in the current climate, but in just a few days he had managed to set up an area of his apartment to look like a tropical location. There was a banner overhead that read 鈥楩iji鈥 and we were told to wear beachwear.
We were introduced as the 鈥楶ig Goddesses鈥 and they applauded as we walked onto the camera and waved.
鈥淲ow, Fiji is lovely this time of year,鈥 I looked around.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not as hot as I imagined,鈥 Johnny agreed.
鈥淐ongratulations!鈥 TaeYong applauded us.
鈥淭hank you,鈥 we bowed as Yeoni spoke.
鈥淲e saw your post on Insta, thank you,鈥 Nami pressed her hands together and bowed.
鈥淚t was an amazing concert!鈥 Yuta spoke vividly.
鈥淪irens!鈥 Johnny threw his head back. 鈥淪o good!鈥
鈥淗ow is your throat not sore today?鈥 TaeYong asked us.
鈥淥h, it is,鈥 I smirked as we all laughed. 鈥淚鈥檝e been drinking hot tea all morning.鈥
鈥淪ame,鈥 Nami nodded.
鈥淎nd the 鈥95-Line Rap鈥 was awesome!鈥 they again applauded us.
鈥淲ho wrote that?鈥 Johnny asked us.
鈥淲e all did,鈥 Yeoni informed him.
鈥淭hat was from the 鈥楲una鈥 album and there were four versions. Each version contains the same five songs from Zodiac as a whole, and then five songs that each line year wrote. We wrote 鈥楢utumn,鈥 鈥楽ecrets,鈥 鈥95 Line Rap,鈥 鈥榃here are You?,鈥 and 鈥楧on鈥檛 Call Me, I鈥檒l Call You.鈥 We were supposed to tour this year and it was cancelled, so this is the first time anyone鈥檚 seen our line songs live,鈥 I explained.
鈥淐an you rap some of it?鈥 TaeYong asked with a smiled on his face.
We turned to one another and nodded.
Yeoni smacked her hand on the table and counted off. 鈥淔lip a stereotype, these Asian bitches got vibes, and still leave a grown man blushing like a bride, with a wink that will leave him immobilized鈥︹
Nami smiled as she went in. 鈥淲e鈥檙e living fancy, eating beef from Kobe, we鈥檙e dating cute boys, who look just like Sungjae, we鈥檙e in the VIP, getting our drinks for free, but if you want a taste of Goddess love it won鈥檛 be from me鈥︹
I grinned as I finished up. 鈥淚鈥檝e got ice on my wrist, got won in my grip, and there鈥檚 six dudes in line waiting just to get a glimpse, I鈥檝e got cash in the bank, fuel in the tank, juice in the drank, clothes that are swank, and I didn鈥檛 need a single man to get this swank鈥︹
鈥淲e鈥檝e got the commas鈥 but not the drama鈥 and if you鈥檙e looking for a maid, go call your momma鈥 We know you want this, but you can鈥檛 have it鈥 unless we offer you a taste, then you should grab it.鈥
鈥淵es!鈥 the men clapped their hands together.
鈥淪o awesome,鈥 TaeYong bowed as the others followed.
鈥淭rue Goddesses,鈥 Johnny agreed. 鈥淥kay, so鈥 we drew straws to choose your dates for the day, m鈥檒adies. Would you like to know your escort for this amazingly awesome day in Fiji?鈥
We all nodded enthusiastically.
TaeYong raised his straw and read the name on it. 鈥淵eoni.鈥
Yuta raised his straw and read the name on it. 鈥淣ami.鈥
Johnny raised his straw and grinned brightly. 鈥淛angMi!鈥 he squealed.
We paired off and turned to the camera.
鈥淪o now what?鈥 TaeYong looked around.
鈥淲e go to the beach,鈥 Johnny smirked.
Each of our escorts grabbed our hands and we were pulled up to the roof of the building where a baby pool and lawn chairs waited, along with a cooler full of soda bottles relabeled as 鈥楳ai Thais.鈥
鈥淭his is brilliant, John. I am so impressed,鈥 I laughed.
鈥淨uarantine dates will be a thing, mark my words.鈥
We took turns rubbing sunscreen onto one another before splashing around in the pool while we played Korean word games. It was nothing too terribly scandalous, but there would be backlash for letting them men touch our bare skin. It was just that way sometimes.
Afterward, the men offered us facials while soaking our feet in footbaths and then painting our toes.
鈥淵ou danced really hard yesterday, you deserve this,鈥 Yuta murmured to Nami.
鈥淚 am very grateful,鈥 she moaned as he pushed his thumb into the center of her foot.
鈥淪o, I heard that you ladies are on a hiatus for a while,鈥 Johnny gently placed a mask on my face while speaking.
鈥淲e are,鈥 I answered. "Yeoni and the Fire subgroup are still working, but the rest of us are on holiday."
鈥淲hat are your plans?鈥
鈥淲ell鈥 I鈥檝e come to the conclusion that the man of my dreams and father of my future eight children probably won鈥檛 make it to Korea to find me, so I鈥檓 heading to England to stalk him鈥︹
Everyone burst into laughter.
鈥淪ince the airports are closed, I should probably get to walking as soon as this taping鈥檚 over.鈥
鈥淭ell Harry I said 鈥楬i,鈥欌 he grinned. 鈥淎nd we are in Fiji, remember? It should be a shorter walk.鈥
鈥淣ot by much,鈥 I giggled.
鈥淎nd you?鈥 Yuta asked Nami.
鈥淚 was tested for the virus and am waiting to be cleared so I can visit my grandparents.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 so sweet,鈥 TaeYong spoke while massaging Yeoni鈥檚 face.
鈥淵ou are really good at this,鈥 Yeoni informed him.
鈥淭hank you.鈥
鈥淲hat about you, Yeoni? What are you doing after your debut stages?鈥 Johnny asked her.
鈥淲riting sick beats and visiting my family.鈥
鈥淎re there any projects going on?鈥 Johnny asked again.
鈥淚f there were, we couldn鈥檛 tell you,鈥 I lowered my eyes at him.
鈥淭rue, true,鈥 he nodded.
鈥淚s it true that the three of you have matching tattoos?鈥 TaeYong asked Yeoni.
鈥淵es,鈥 we all held up our right hands to reveal tiny moon crescents in light green, blue, and pink.
鈥淵ou should get one for each subunit,鈥 Yuta grinned.
鈥淢y parents would kill me,鈥 Yeoni laughed.
鈥淗ow many subunits does Zodiac have? Are there as many as NCT?鈥 TaeYong smirked.
鈥淟ight and Dark,鈥 I counted, 鈥淭he Elements, The Seasons, and the Lunar Zodiac.鈥
鈥淲e have 127, U, Dream, and WayV, and then last year we did a whole group collaboration,鈥 TaeYong informed. Us.
鈥淚 like it because there鈥檚 never a set group. In Air, I get to perform with Bora and Duri. In Autumn, I get to perform with Nami and Gali. In Pig I get to perform with these wonderful people,鈥 I held up my hands and grinned.
鈥淲ho all is in Dark?鈥 Yuta asked.
鈥淢e, Gali, Cheongha, Mari, Bora, and Bomi.鈥
鈥淎h, daebak,鈥 Yuta nodded.
We wrapped up our date by going 鈥榦ut鈥 for food, aka sushi delivery, as we sat at an elaborate table with flower necklaces next to our dates.
鈥淛ohnny, please tell us some stories about JangMi in school,鈥 Yeoni grinned down the table as everyone turned toward us.
鈥淟ike what?鈥 he grinned brightly.
鈥淭he first time you met.鈥
鈥淗mmm鈥︹ he glanced down at me. 鈥淥kay, so my Korean was鈥 crap, so I was in a special ed class鈥︹ his shoulders shook as he looked away.
鈥淎s was I,鈥 I admitted. 鈥淭here were only like鈥 three of us in that class, I think.鈥
鈥淓ven with the extra class, we needed a tutor, and that was of course the Class President鈥︹
鈥淛imin,鈥 we spoke together.
鈥淗e was so good at everything, and he was head of the Maths Club too, I think.鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 I agreed.
鈥淎nyway, the day we met I was so mesmerized by her accent. I kept asking her questions just to hear her speak.鈥
鈥淚f by questions you mean 鈥榮ay aluminum,鈥 鈥榮ay Worcestershire,鈥 鈥榮ay wingardium leviosa,鈥 then yeah鈥 you had questions,鈥 I spoke as everyone burst into laughter.
鈥淎nd that鈥檚 how I pestered her so much she came up with my favorite phrase,鈥 he grinned happily.
鈥淔ucksake, John!鈥 they all yelled while laughing.
鈥淚 get it now,鈥 Yuta鈥檚 shoulders shook.
The show was wrapped and we prepared to leave as Yuta pulled me aside.
"It was really good working with you today. I had fun," he gave me that intense gaze that used to make my insides bubble. Today, I just wasn't in the mood.
"You too. I'm glad we can be friends again."
"About that..." he scratched his nose. "Can I maybe start calling you again?"
"I don't have my phone," I cringed. "Mari has it, remember?"
"Ah," he chuckled.
I stared at him for a moment. "My group is in turmoil. That's why we're taking a break. I don't think it would be a good idea right now. I'm sorry..." I felt like crying all over again. I had never turned down chance to receive attention from anyone before.
"I get it," he watched me. "You still have the look in your eye that you did when you showed up the other night. I'm worried about you."
"I will eventually be fine. It will take time. I just... need to figure out a few things for myself."
"Well... when you do rejoin the world, I'm here."
"Thank you," I hugged him and kissed his cheek.
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billkinsdancing16 days ago
鈾o笍 i know exactly how we met but does your goldfish brain also remember it hdhsjks ??
love youuu 馃挍馃挍
Mutuals send me 鈥溾櫑鈥 and I鈥檒l do this!
You鈥檙e my: safe zone <333 see what i did there 馃槝 no but really you're one of the few people that radiate this warm/approachable energy it's always so easy talking to you i always feel comfortable hitting your dms hehe
Why I follow you: i think i was looking for new blogs to follow since i just came back to tumblr and i saw your url on my dash a lot
Your blog is: my morning paper <333 i check your blog every day to make sure i dont miss a single update 馃ケ but you have been posting less as a fan i demand more content
Your URL is: toptire anything that is phutian related is up there honestly they invented love 馃ケ
Your icon is: i have been wondering hehe idk who she is but shes soooo pretty!!! also the icon before this too!!!
A random fact I know about you: that one essay and that one terrible doctor u had FDJFDJF ummm but in all seriousness that you're learning thai maybe
General opinion: ur one of my first friends in the lakorn fandom hehe and i will always treasure that!!! definitely would have quit tumblr again if it wasnt for you
A random thought I have: now that ur countdown is complete what will be your blog title from now on 馃 also make another fan mv someday!!!! although i havent moved on from the first one hehe
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Do British people just not recognise her when's she just casually out and about? Is it as simple as a hat and sunglasses for her to go undetected?
it鈥檚 pretty easy to hide in plain sight i think! especially when she鈥檚 like....not doing particularly notable things. she does get spotted time to time - someone just posted on reddit about seeing her and joe getting coffee, someone saw them getting thai food once, etc.
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princelogical24 days ago
hey, i just saw your post about white gays makimg every anti-racism even about them, and i just wanted to let u know thay u are absolutely NOT overstepping! as a queer poc myself, let me tell u that we need people like u to keep those kinds of people in line. keep it up! 鉂わ笍
I do want to clarify that the credit of the post goes to OP, who was not me; I just added those tags. I feel odd being thanked for it because I feel like it鈥檚 something white people need to be doing and it鈥檚 the bare minimum, at that. But I do appreciate you taking the time to message me and letting me know whether or not the tags stepped out of my lane. So thank you!
I hope you鈥檙e having a wonderful day. <3聽
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