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#just left work 💗
rockoblanco · 8 days ago
yea sex is cool, but have u ever left work at the end of your shift?
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fizzydrink698 · 5 hours ago
I finally caught up with Instinct and aa
I’m— no words! It’s so good I honestly think I’ll cry once this series is completed (there’s one chapter left right? aH my tear ducts. You’re going to need a bucket for these tears 😭😭😭) I love it so much and I love waiting and reading the new chapters every week like this series is just mwah! BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! And it doesn’t help I’m having intense Chan withdrawals rn so reading just made me yearn for him 10x more 😭😭😭💕💕💕
like when he had his arm wrapped around y/n and the tiny circles. My gOsH MY FREAKING HEART WENT DDU DU DDU DU 😭😭😭💗💗💗 then when he cooked meals Im bdbd MY EYES WERE LIKE TEARING UP AND IT WAS LIKE A HAND WAS ON MY HEART SQUEEZING IT AND IM SO NDBD WAH WAAAAHHHH 😭😭😭💘💘💘💗💗💗 💓💓💓 but the best part was the confession bc it’s so cute and you even mentiondd his nervous giggles like HIS NERVOUS GIGGLE AMG IM HDCHD 🥺🥺🥺 ty for creating this masterpiece. Thank you for making Fridays a very look forward to day for me and ty for letting us take a peek into a chapter of Instinct!Chan and y/n’s lives 😭💕 I’ll def be looking forward to more of your work 🥺💕
you’re so nice, i don’t...i don’t even know what to say! thank you! i’m so glad you enjoyed it, and so amazed it moved you to write so much about it!
instinct!chan is so incredibly cute and fluffy, and that was very much intended. at the end of the day, we’re all about that wish fulfilment here and i just liked writing such a soft, besotted chan 🥺🥺
again, thank you so much!!!
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explosion-queen · 11 hours ago
ik your requests are closed but I just want to ask for a comfort story, it’s kind of urgent but totally okay if you don’t write it, I’ve been feeling kinda shitty lately. Even though I should be happy for where I am in life I just keep letting my own thought get to me, making me feel alone and scared since I’ve been dealing with self harm and eating disorders all by myself for a I would really appreciate it if you wrote like a Chuuya or Akutagawa with a s/o who struggles with depressive episodes and sh or something like that..totally okay if you can’t write it since your requests are closed but I’d really appreciate it if you did🙂
Hello, I just woke up but got to this right away! Hope this helps you feel better ❤❤❤💗💗💗💜💜💜!
Words: 780
Comfort for a depressive episode |Chuuya x Reader|
TW| Depression, talks of eating disorder/skipping meals, self harm is mentioned.
Light poorly escaped through the layers of clouds. It appears it may storm later this evening. Such a thing was so far off it didn’t matter, not to you. Not to the you who laid in bed still half asleep late into the afternoon. The you hadn’t had a real meal in days, who hadn’t done much more than scroll through your phone. That mental checklist of self-care no longer played through your mind.
Much like the clouds, dark thoughts surrounded your mind, hiding away the good thoughts. You wondered if anybody noticed the steady fall into this episode. Sometimes you were alright, well enough, mentally, to climb from bed and shower. Yet, the marks on your skin often came from those days. Those days were partly cloudy, thoughts still swam against your will, outweighed by the positive thoughts but still not enough to keep you from hurting yourself.
You thought you were alone. Nobody else was going to help you, but there was somebody who was slowly getting worried about you. His ginger locks appeared before you, his arms crossed over his chest as he stared at you. “How many days do you plan to spend in bed?” Chuuya raised a brow listening to your grumble. He watched you tug the blanket over your head.
“Just tired,” you mumbled the understatement hoping he’d leave you alone. There was always guilt when you thought about someone you cared for finding out about your mental status, your lack of self-preservation.
“Mhm, alright well, sleepyhead, it’s almost five at night so whether you like it or not, you’re getting up.” Chuuya tapped his foot walking over to the bedside. He looked at the stains of red that littered the exposed sheets. His heart skipped in his chest as he sat down. Whether this was lucky for you or not he was known for his strength. He easily tugged the blanket away from you. He scrunched his nose as he sighed. He knew what this was. He could probably thank Dazai for his minimal knowledge of depression. He wasn’t going to bring it up, you clearly hadn’t wanted him to know. “Let’s get you into a bath. I’ll be right back.” He leaned in to kiss your cheek before walking away.
You looked down, tempted to just lie back down but maybe, just maybe, letting Chuuya help would make you feel just a little better. Not being so alone could help, right?
When he came back he lifted you from the bed letting you cling to him as he set you onto the bathroom counter. He ignored the clear lines, old and new. His fingers worked delicately to undress you. Once more he lifted you before placing you into the bath. He’d made it special, scented, and filled with bubbles just for you. He washed your hair and left so you could try to finish the bath on your own as he cooked something.
When you walked out, still looking drained, he had dinner ready. “Chuuya, you don’t have to do this.”
“I do if I don’t you… I don't want to think about what might happen, so, I'm intervening. I care about you, it’s selfish but it hurts to see you like this. It’s not fair to the people who care about you. I know you can’t control depression but you should have reached out.” The weight loss from not eating, the knots he’d found in your hair. He shook his head as he slid you a plate.
You understood he wasn’t going to let you not eat tonight. “Just try a bite, even if you only eat one or two bites, that’s enough for tonight. We’ll work up to full meals.” Chuuya sat down after you. He watched you eat as he finished his own meal.
When he walked you to bed he sat you down before he spoke again. “Come here,” his expression laid soft, reminding you that he truly cared. You inched over to him before he placed one arm around your waist and the other pressed your head to his chest. “It’s alright to let it out.”
That was all it took for the pain to come crashing down. Rivers flowed down your cheeks as you gripped onto him. He rubbed your back, softly rocking back and forth. “It’s alright to still feel like this even when you think you should be happy with life.”
With every thought that turned into tears that became synchronized with the rain, he shushed you. He played with your hair, ran his fingers over your back. He kissed your cheek despite the tears. “You’re not alone, even when you think you are.”
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luminescencefics · 15 hours ago
First of all I saw your response to an anon that was speculating Scott was the one mentioned in the first part. I still think he’s it, realistically with 2 parts left I don’t see anyone else coming in the picture esp since he seems to fit her world with her career and she likes him, granted not as much as she loves Harry. I feel so bad for Harry which is totally different to what I felt in the beginning. I had sympathy in the beginning bc of him home life but bc of how he treated Nora… but anyways.. Niall and Piper’s wedding 🥺, the FaceTime call 🥺 and finally… THE LAST SCENE. I always feel bad for the secondary characters like Grace and Scott (unless they’re assholes) bc they unfortunately get shafted to the actual lovers. I feel for Harry, nora’s playing mind games even tho Ik she doesn’t mean it. I’m just confused on what’s stopping her from being with him? Ik she mentioned how now he can be in a relationship that she doesn’t “break” but he’s made it clear his feelings are still there and are as strong. No offense, and I mean this as a compliment but I can’t wait till this story is over so I can find out what happens and reread it. Your writing keeps getting better and better. GAH
Thank you for reading and sharing! I always love hearing what you have to say. I wish I could confirm or deny if it’s Scott or Will or Marcus or anyone, but I promise the answer is revealed soon enough! I love the part when you mentioned feeling bad for Harry after feeling the opposite for the majority of the story, isn’t it funny how that works sometimes? I definitely tried to portray that with this chap, our girl Nora definitely still has her flaws to work through. The biggest thing to take from Nora and Harry is that they’re still working through their insecurities and their reasonings for staying apart—big gestures are terrifying to Nora. She’s so focused on how other people feel (remember how she kept thinking back to Scott in their hotel room? How she feels like she owes it to him to go back? Owes it to Harry to let him have the chance to move on?) It’s frustrating and difficult but I promise the answers are there! I don’t take offense to your compliment at all, I know I’ve left so many unanswered questions throughout this series😂 I promise they’ll be answered soon! Thanks again for reading💗
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animebiddiess · a day ago
Tumblr media
(aged up 24 yr old pro hero bakugoxhero readersmut/fluff)
~complicated~💗 part 3
read parts one and two on my page 💕
part 1 ’frenemies’
part 2 ‘Rematch’
warning: Angst,Smut,language, MDNI,18+, sexual situations,choking,BDSM, degradation kink, raw sex, oral etc
Both men’s eyes go wide as you tear into them mercilessly.
“Alright kid I get it, I’ll be the gentleman and give the lady her space” Hawks says calmly shutting the laptop you’d been sharing.
“Dont go acting all high and mighty bird for brains I’ll blow your ass up right here and now.” Katsuki growls back.
Hawks laughs swiping a hand through his dirty blond mop, a cocky smirk pulls to his lips.
“I’d like to see you try kid” he sneers flicking his large wings outward defensively.
“If anyone is blowing shit up here it’s me. I am both your superiors , now unless you want to be on your backs seeing stars…Out. That is an order.” You bark pointing a electrified finger at the door.
Hawks throws his hands up in defeat grabbing his laptop carrier from the couch. He walks past you,pausing as your shoulders brush whispering just loud enough for Katsuki to hear.
“call me when you want to finish what we started earlier y/n…” he says, eyes cutting to a now furious bakugo. Keigo chuckles waving goodbye as he disappears out the door.
“Kat-“ you start before he cuts you off.
“Don’t…just don’t” his head hangs, his expression hidden behind his blond locks.
His tone is different…nothing like his usual angry demeanor. His shoulders slumped forward making him look so much smaller. Every ounce of confidence left his posture, you’d never seen Katsuki so…vulnerable.
Your chest became tight waiting for him to scream at you, tell you how stupid you were but it never came. ‘Could it be the quiet before the storm’ you think anxiously.
“Of course you’d like a nice guy like him…” he mutters absent minded.
“What?” You ask placing a hand on his shoulder, he spins around grabbing your wrist mid-air crashing you against him. His memories play in a movie like sequence, he’d held you this close for the first time 3 years ago.
Headquarters ordered him to bring you along a stealth mission to infiltrate a villain drug ring where they were distributing ‘synthetic quirks’ to desperate quirkless citizens. The look of utter terror in your eyes was uncompassed as you experienced your first taste of danger. The villains had chased you two into a corner, your only option was to hide. Running hand in hand Katsuki yanked you into a near by abandoned building forcing you into a tight crawl space knocked into the concrete. His giant hand pressed against your mouth as the footsteps grew closer to your hiding spot. You sat on your knees, jammed between his long legs ,face forward with wide terrified eyes. you’d passed all your training and written exams with flying colors but being on the field was a feeling that could not be simulated in a classroom setting. Negative Thoughts raced in your mind as you ran through all the worst possible scenarios. All you could think of was how you could die right there and all your work would be forgotten. Katsuki grabbed your shirt with his free hand yanking you forward till your forehead rested on his shoulder, never letting go of your quivering mouth.
“I won’t let them lay a finger on you.” He growled low in your ear.
You barley knew him then and frankly you hated his guts thus far, but those words soothed the violent shaking of your small frame. A promise was laced in those words, a promise you knew that you could trust. He was fully ready to lie his life down for your escape if need be, no questions asked. His ruby eyes glinted in the darkness of the tight quarters, confidence radiated from him as he spoke quietly.
“I am number 1 after all , you’re in good hands dumbass” he breathes ,slowly becoming more aware of the pressure you were applying between his legs. His eyes shoot away as he pretended to keep watch for intruders. The space was so small he could feel the rise and fall of your chest with each strained breath you took. All he could focus on was keeping you safe, nothing else mattered.
Your eyes search his face looking for any indicator of his present thoughts. He peers down at you stone faced and silent, a hand snakes around your waist holding you flush to his hot chest. His body was burning up at an inhuman degree, a temperature no regular person could withstand. A bright glow of red decorated his cream cheeks, his lips parted slightly.
He’d forced himself to stay away from you for years to prevent throwing your success off course. Here you stood years later the strongest hero on the force and yet you still felt light years away from him.
“ you deserve so much better than me. They were right all along I am weak, no matter how powerful my quirk is or how hard I train I will never attain the things I want most in life…I’m a failure y/n.” He chokes his words straining against the lump in his throat.
“That isn’t true…What are you talking about Katsuki “ you whisper resting your palm against his fervent cheek.
“How could I expect someone as beautiful as you to love someone like me Tch …” he mumbles to himself.
‘Did he say…Love’ your clouded brain thinks in a panic.
Before you can question him any further he steps away from you leaving a gaping hole in your chest. He pauses just as his hand hovers over the door knob, shaking his head angrily he storms out of the door leaving you completely alone and stunned.
It’s been two weeks since you and Katsuki last spoke. The only conversation you had was the sharing of information regarding the rescue mission…via email. There were many incidences where you’d pass each other in the hallways of headquarters but he simply pretended you didn’t exist. You wanted so badly to reach out and grab him, demand answers about your argument but you knew that was far fetched. Once Katsuki shuts down there is no getting through to him, he is as stubborn as he is hot headed. You couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the same way, if he yearned for you, the way you yearned for him. You shake the tedious thoughts from your head, ‘I am number one now I can’t be distracted by such trivial things’ you think picking up speed.
Your heels clack loudly on the tile floor as you carry your towering stack of paperwork to the printing room.
“Need a hand bestie?” a voice calls. It was impossible to see over the mountain of files you were holding. The weight in your arms is lifted as the mystery person takes the top half of the stack.
“Miruko it’s you!” You jump wishing you could throw your arms around the beautiful statuesque woman. She shoots you a toothy smile, her ears wiggle happily at your reaction.
“I’m back from my mission over seas, international communication is hell that’s why I’ve been so radio silent recently, ugh I’ve been dying to talk to you” she admits with a Twinkle in her eye.
“I missed you too Miri.” You kick the slightly adgar office door open. Miruko follows you inside the tight break room resting the papers by the printer. She leans back on her elbows against the counter top, you begin making copies, a preoccupied look straining your soft features.
“What’s the tea girl, what did I miss?” She pry’s playfully.
“Huh? Nothings been going on lately…” you lie flipping through a thick Manila folder,avoiding her suspicious stare.
“Nothings been going on?! Hello?! You’re the number one fucking hero now!” She exclaims dramatically. You can’t help but smile at your excited supportive bestfriend,she always knew just how to cheer you up. It’s true you were number one but these days all you could feel was exhaustion . Just as your lips part to respond , your phone vibrates violently in your pocket.
“Hold on a sec Miri “ you say holding up an apologetic finger.
You reach in your pocket pulling out your buzzing cellphone, your heart clenches with a pang of disappointment when you see the name displayed.
“Hey kid” a soothing voice says on the other line.
“Hi tweety bird” you chirp ,a small tired smile splayed on your lips.
“I received confirmation that we’ll be infiltrating the prison tomorrow night.” He explains in a serious tone.
“Two weeks preparation is hardly enough time for me to lead an effective rescue…” you say, irritation bubbling up in your voice.
“I agree but you’re number one for a reason , we all believe that you will get everyone out safely. Don’t sweat it kid I’ve got your back…you know that.” He reassures you.
“You’re right…Has anyone informed Bakugo …Katsuki of these details?” You ask, correcting the informality.
“I haven’t talked to the hot head since the night he showed up to our little party uninvited.” He answers plainly.
Memories of the awkward encounter flash in your mind earning a physical cringe. Your relationship with Hawks hasn’t changed at all since Katsuki decided to go AWOL, he is as friendly and sweet as he’s always been. The topic of that nights events weren’t brought up until now, he acted as if it had never happened at all. Hawks is a very laid back soul, he tends to go with the flow and when he found himself wanting to kiss you that night, he let it consume him. Although he hasn’t brung it up that doesn’t mean he still can’t feel the warmth of your lips every single time he closes his eyes. The image of your pleading illuminating eyes staring back at him plagued his mind undoubtedly . He wanted nothing more than to feel you in that way again , to brush his lips against yours one more time.
“Ah…I guess it’s up to me as the team leader to keep everyone on the same page…I will let him know.” You trail deep in thought.
“Alright baby bird I’ll email you later with the meeting coordinates” he says casually, you blush at the new pet name.
“L-Later.” You stutter in a forced cool tone.
As soon as you hang up Miruko burst into laughter holding her stomach.
“Tweety bird!?…Is that how you flirt!?” She cackles. Your face burns a hot red as you jokingly punch her arm, she gives you a fake pout.
“I was not flirting…plus aren’t you the one always getting shipped with Hawks?” You shoot back. To your surprise she begins laughing even harder, tears pooling in her brown eyes.
“If you ever get sick of hero work you should be a comedian y/n that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. I would never date Hawks he’s like a problematic little brother… speaking of shipping…Whats the deal with you and Bakugo these days?” Her head cocks to the side curiously. Your breath catches in your throat at the sound of his name, eye brows knitting together. The very sound of his name made your blood boil over, a sigh falls from your lips.
“Complicated.” You state blandly.
“Complicated?…no…you didn’t! Tell me you didn’t fuck him y/n!” She shouts jumping up and down.
“Lower your voice Miri what if someone hears you!!” You whisper with wide eyes.
“I knew you had a thing for that angry Pomeranian!” She says poking your chest.
You roll your eyes picking up the freshly copied files, hugging them to your chest for support. Miri steps in front of you holding the door open, She pinches your butt as you walk past.
“Miri!” You yelp cheeks burning a warm red.
“I see you ms.Player you better text me the details later!” she shoots you a wink, you scoff spinning on your heels and starting down the long hall.
You stare down at your cellphone on the coffee table , your hand looms over the device. Your head shakes as your finger tips brush the screen, one thing you and Katsuki shared was his stubbornness .
‘Why should I talk to him first I didn’t do anything wrong’ you think to yourself annoyed. The call was a requirement it was business not pleasure, regardless of your personal issues he was still your subordinate. You had to talk to him for the sake of the mission, this was a time to put your feelings aside. You wouldn’t let him see you sweat , if he wanted to play it cool so could you. In a spur of the moment you snatch your phone tapping violently through your contact list. Clicking on the name ‘Bastard’ you slam the phone to your ear.
“Ring…Ring…Ring…” you wait nervously, after what feels like a lifetime his voice rumbles through the speaker.
“W-what do you want” he hiccups.
“I’m calling to discuss the mission-“ you begin.
“Tch the mission all you care about is the mission…pay attention to me Katsukiii…” he slurs, your eyes widen in shock at the female voice echoing in the background.
“I-I see you’re busy right now…I will send the details via email…” you say in a robotic distant tone.
“Shut up dumbass it isn’t what you think…” his words jumble together messily.
“You don’t have to explain anything to me Katsuki…I don’t care.” You snap,a small tremble shakes your voice.
“You don’t…care?…Get the hell off me you extra!…now back to you, what the hell do you mean you don’t care?! You don’t care about me y/n?!” He rasps speaking slow and lazy.
Before you can answer he continues.
“I’m coming over… I’m on my fucking way” he grumbles.
“You’re drunk you can’t drive idiot!” You sass.
“Who said anything about driving?” A loud series of explosions boom on the other line.
“See you soon dumbass” he says hanging up.
“What I never said you could-click-…” your mouth gapes open at the sound of the dead line. Jumping from the couch in a panic,you bolt to your room in a flash of violet zooming around looking for the perfect thing to wear. Every girl has done this but admittedly you cheated alittle, with the help of your quirk you could shower,shave, and moisturize all in under 5 minutes. Picking out a Lacey black Bralette and pantie set you rush to the bath tub finishing your shower routine at the speed of light. After you’re done, You slide your arms into your black silk robe tying it loosely in a bow. You grab a giant hair claw from the sink twisting your body wave into a top knot and clipping it in place. Your hands tremble with anxiety as you splash perfume on and add a light natural coat of makeup. Nothing too much just lashes, brows and a little bit of lipgloss went a long way. It’s true that the sound of another woman’s voice with bakugo did set every nerve in your body ablaze but you’d never let him know that. You wanted him to see you standing before him all soft and sweet wrapped up in a little black bow. A present that he couldn’t have, you wanted to see him squirm at the sight of you knowing you wouldn’t let him touch.
You smear gloss all over your lips with an audible pop, the ding of a notification on your phone catches your attention.
It reads “message from Hawks’ you click on the icon with hesitation.
Hawks: Whatcha up to kid
Y/n: Nothing special just getting ready for bed lol
Hawks: Good you need to get some rest you’re always buzzing around headquarters helping everyone it’s adorable
Y/n: Adorable? Are you flirting with your commander?
Hawks: Maybe I am
Y/n: That goes against Hero guidelines you know
Hawks: I’ve never been the type to follow rules babybird
The smile on your face quickly falls as a loud familiar banging rocks your walls. Sighing you lock your phone walking to the living room, the banging continues even after you’d reached the living area. You swing the door open revealing a tipsy flustered Katsuki. His forearm leaned against the wall for support as he stares down at you with robin eyes.
“You gonna invite me in or what?” He snaps.
“Since when do you ask permission to barge into my house?” You say stepping out of the door way. He strides inside mumbling something under his breath, you smack the back of his head.
“Ow what gives dumbass!” He yells cupping his head.
“You were talking shit.” You state shrugging as you close the door.
His jaw drops as he takes a closer look at you, he’d seen you in many ways but standing here in Lacey black lingerie wasn’t one of them. His Adam’s apple bounces as he gulps down whatever insult he had lined up. All he could zero in on was the way your breast sat perfectly under the see through fabric. If your robes job was to hide something, it wasn’t working very well, he had a clear view of your entire body. He wasn’t sure if it was the liquor or the sight of you making his head spin but he didn’t care all he wanted to do was pin your wrist above your head and hear you make those cute little noises he loved so much.
“Getting drunk the night before a mission Katsuki? How irresponsible can you be-“ you lecture, your words trail off as he steps toward you painfully slow. He’s right in front of you now boring into you with glassy lust filled eyes. To your surprise he kneels down, staring up at you on his knees. He rest his head against the puff of your womanhood arms slinking around your waist. Reflexively your fingers run through his hair , a soft purr hums in his throat.
“Katsuki…” you whisper, A throbbing sensation pulses between your thighs.
“Let’s just stay like this for a while.” He mumbles nuzzling deeper into your soothing touch. He breathes in admiring your sweet scent, a scent he hasn’t smelled in weeks to his distain. A smell that he longed for, as embarrassing as it was for him to admit…he’d missed you. Bakugo wouldn’t tell you that of course but it was true, those two weeks were pure agony for him. The countless times he picked up his phone to call you just to slam it back down was incomprehensible. A number of Bakugo’s friends had their eye on you at one point, it always went the same way. They’d ask if you two were dating, he’d say no, they’d ask for your number and Katsuki would blow them into next week. Seeing you with Hawks made him feel genuinely threatened and he hated having to compete for a heart he thought was already his. How could he blame you for wanting a nice guy…Someone totally opposite of him. People always put him in a box labeling him as the angry Hot head but for once he’d met his match. You never coward away from his harsh words, you’d shoot them back ten times harder and he loved it. He loved how sure of yourself you are, how confident and sexy, You never took shit from him. He could be himself around you without the fear or judgment of you leaving him like everyone else has. You praised his hard work and not the power of his quirk, even now that you’re top Hero you’ve never made him feel less than number one.
Your legs feel like jello as his nose brushes over the crotch of your black panties. His eyes are closed, a peaceful look on his face as he runs the flat of his tongue over the lace. A Moan escapes his lips as he savors the sweetness seeping through, his breath is hot against your soaking slit. His hands cup your ass kneading the plush skin as he pulls you deeper into his eager mouth. Your hands fist his hair for support as he devours you through your panties.
“K-Katsuki what-Ah!” You yelp strengthening your grip. Suddenly he forces your legs apart curving his arms securely around your thighs. Your legs drape around his shoulders as he lifts you with no effort at all. Your back is trapped against the wall at a height you’ve never been before, His tongue pushes aside the barrier of your panties teasing circles around your swollen clit. Your mouth gapes open a silent scream caught in your throat, he pulls your thighs further apart allowing better access to your dripping entrance.
“So wet and we’re just getting started” he pants dipping his stiff warm muscle into your sopping core. His breathless moans vibrate against your soft walls making your toes curl. Your mind struggles to catch onto to a single thought as his tongue pumps in and out of you. Control becomes a distant memory as his tongue swirls skillfully against your quivering walls.
“I’m gonna cum fuck-Ah please “ you cry.
His tongue slips out tracing around your slick bud, he sucks it into his mouth carefully. It’s too much, it’s too fucking hot for you to take, your body trembles in his hands as your orgasm rocks you to ecstasy. The world becomes a blur, somehow he maneuvered your spent body into his arms bridal style. You bounce with each step he takes toward your bed room, very gently he lays you down on your fluffy pink blanket. Your dazed eyes follow his every movement as he strips down right in front of you. He maintains eye contact as his strong fingers slowly unbuckle his black leather belt. You’re blushing red hot but you can’t look away, his tongue slides over his plump lower lip. His abs flex under his smooth skin as he lifts the Nirvana T-shirt you bought him for secret Santa last year over his head. Your chest heaves heavily as he climbs up the length of your body staring into your fluttering eyes. His forehead presses to yours lovingly, you stare up at his closed eyes. He curses himself for not apologizing sooner, nothing else topped the feeling of having you close. His fingers hook into the waist band of your panties, in a flash of heat he incinerates them turning the fabric to a sprinkle of ash.
“Those were brand new!” You squeal shooting a small current through his chest with your finger tip.
“Ow! That fucking hurts!” He shouts reaching over in search of his belt, grabbing both your wrist in his hand he pins them to the mattress.
“If you wanna act like a brat I guess I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson” he says in a thick sultry tone. A soft whimper leaves you as he fastens the leather around your hands creating makeshift handcuffs. The pressure applied by the material felt painfully good, Katsuki’s eyes shine with a animalistic glint. It was no secrete that Bakugo is a Dominant person he enjoyed watching you squirm helplessly beneath him. He trails hot kisses from your collar bone down to your soft breast, using his teeth he pulls the lace away exposing your hard peak. His warm breath fans over the nub making your back arch deeper into his touch. He teases you circling around the hard bud, your hips wiggle in anticipation.
“Please…please touch me” you whimper.
“You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you…answer me slut.” He growls nipping at your plush mound.
“Y-yes I’ve been bad Ah-“ you choke tears forming at the corners of your eyes, you’d never wanted anything so much in your life. He smirks running the tip of his tongue over your nipple finally, you gasp releasing the breath you’d been holding. He suckles you achingly slow, his fingers inch between your thighs sliding over your slippery folds. He’s knuckle deep in your heat pumping in and out at a steady pace , the sensation of his mouth on your breast and fingers petting your insides causes your muscles to clamp around him. Just as you begin to see stars he pulls away leaving you with an unsatisfied pressure in your groin.
“N-no please don’t stop” you whine, voice shaking.
“Only good girls get rewarded” he says in an assertive manner. Your walls tighten around nothing making you feel nothing less than empty, you wanted-fuck that- needed him inside of you. Katsuki decides to have mercy on you, pulling down his grey sweatpants allowing his pulsing cock to spring free. He grips himself admiring the lewd expression you were giving him, The large vein running up the length of his manhood throbs as he grows harder. Your thighs scream as he pushes your knees to your chest, stretching you in a completely new way. You want to touch him, to pull him on top of you and ram his cock in yourself but your hands were trapped helplessly in his leather bonds.
“Beg slut…Beg me to fuck you…beg me to stretch out that pretty little pussy of yours” he growls smearing his dripping pre down the length of your glistening slit.
“Please-please-fuck me Katsu fuck me uhn-“ you whine pathetically.
He smiles mischievously, dipping his cock-head into your warm cavern, he hisses holding back the urge to cum right then and there. The stretch feels relieving, your walls tighten around him pulling him in deeper. His head hangs making his blonde spikes fall into his crimson eyes, the sensation of being swallowed by your soft walls makes him feral. Letting out an animal like growl he jolts his hips forward closing the gap between your bodies. Your eyes roll back as you cry out in pleasure and pain, he pulls out only to slam back inside aggressively. He holds your quivering legs against his chest as he continues his brutal assault on your slick walls. Your nails claw at your bonds as he thrust into you hard and long, a single tear trails down your cheek falling to the pillow. Katsuki see’s this and it drives him mad, he forces your legs apart placing both hands on each side of your head. He captures your lips in a hungry kiss tasting how sweet you are inside. His strokes are deep and passionate rocking your body to euphoria , his long fingers wrap around your throat squeezing lightly as he explores your mouth. Your screams are swallowed by his greedy lips, he thrust into you faster hitting your gspot every time he bottoms out.
“Who’s fucking pussy is this…answer me princess don’t tell me you’re to cock drunk to speak.” He growls thick in his throat.
“I-it’s yours Ah fuck-fuck-fuck-“ you cry as he picks up speed once again.
You begin to see stars as your head goes light, you clench around him locking him hilt deep inside you. Your body convulses as your orgasm washes over you in violent waves. Your arousal sprays soaking him and the sheets beneath you, after a few more sloppy rough strokes ,his jaw clenches as he paints your walls with his hot seed. His movement’s are lazy as he frees your sore wrist from the restraints, his spent member weighs heavy inside you.
“I have something to fucking say” he pants.
“W-what is it?” You whimper not yet recovered from your mind bending climax.
“Im fucking in love with you y/n” he says looking deep into your hazy eyes.
‘Well this isn’t good’ you think frantic
“I-we have a mission tomorrow let’s get some sleep Goodnight !” You panic pushing him to the other side of the bed and curling up in the sheets. The room is dead silent as you pretend to fall asleep wondering what is racing through Katsuki’s head.
Part 4 coming soon🍭
Comment if you’d like to be added to my tag list 💗
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(1) Hi, love!💗 Oh I'm so happy to hear that your first day went well! It must be a bit overwhelming, with all the new info to remember, but I'm sure that with a bit of practise you'll feel more at ease there. The fact that your coworkers seem nice is also an amazing thing!🥰 Hope that today was as good as yesterday (or more!)!🌺🌷✨ I've been having a good day as well - kids were a bit rowdy, but they really can't be blamed bc it was super hot in the classrooms, so we all did our best😅
About fics! Oh my, the Tangled AU sounds amazing! It definitely feels like it took only some basic inspo in the original story (like, some key elements!💕) and then the author developed its own plot, which is really lovely! I'm gonna have to read it sometime, it sounds really good, from what you were explaining! It's pretty interesting how, in this case, Harry being 'trapped' seems to be more metaphorical than in the original story (he's not actually trapped in a tower, but in... not being (2) accepted/himself, right?). Super interesting!About As You Are - I'm liking it a lot so far!! I'm still halfway through, but the development is being lovely so far and I'm having a great time with the plot and their dynamic🌺💕 The pacing is also pretty good! I was a bit nervous that everything was gonna feel too slow, but not at all🥰 About the ABO - oooh that's exciting!❤️ Let me know what you think when you start it! And of course, if I can help with any explanation, I'm here 😊 (3) And omgggg, same!!!🌺 Thank you so much for the lovely covers and lovely conversations✨ - I always smile when I get your answers, you definitely make my day!🥰💕 I'm glad that you also enjoy our convos and they help in terms of anxiety! So thank you for being so lovely and nice!🥰💕🌈✨ I'm sending you all the good vibes for the day, and hope that you're doing well! Big hug, love!🥰❤️🌷💗(4)
Hi loveeee!! 💌 Finally I can answer this messages! My god I felt like this week was never ending!!😭 I had (and still have) so much to do for this internship! I have to memorise so many things!! I’m overwhelmed by anxiety and I come back home exhausted😰 but I’m sure is because it is the first week and there were many new things. For now I’m happy that all the people I have to work with are very very kind and lovely, but still, I feel like I need to reach the point when I know enough things to do this job without worry too much 😭
How are you? How is it at school? It’s almost over, right? I can understand the kids, I remember school in summer I felt like I was melting on my desk!!
About fics: yeeess the Tangled au is a bit more metaphorical then the actual movie but even in the story Harry never left the castle and the people in the villages believed that he died or that he was…weird, because since he was like 4 years old nobody ever saw him again, and this was because his father told him that if he wanted to dress in that way or wear nail polish and, just being himself, really, he could just be like that in the castle where no one else could have seen him, so he accepted to never go out. Since he met Louis. And then: the story start 😂
About As You Are: have you finished it? I’m happy you like it (so far, anyway) and it seems really an interesting plot!! One day I’ll read it for sure, it’s in my endless to read list😂
So…about the abo. Ha. I’m trying to remember everything I wanted to ask you. Maybe I should have written it down😂 mmmh the first thing is this: in my ignorance of the argument I thought (and I don’t know if this is something of this story or if it’s something general, I know every writer takes something from the universe and often they modify the concept to their liking, as it fits best in the story they want to write), so I thought that in the abo universe when, for example, someone is a omega, he would just be a normal person but with personality’s trait like a omega (I don’t know if all of this makes sense). In the story there was something about the “inner omega” and the “inner alpha” like they were separated from the person, for example, Harry was thinking about Louis being with another omega and his inner omega had “activated” and produced feelings of fear and possessiveness in Harry, but Harry himself knew that that thought wasn’t from him but from his inner omega. Or Harry thought something like “this could calm down my inner omega”…Is it always like this? Like being a omega or a alpha it’s like having something inside that takes control on you in different situations?🤔 I’m sorry I hope I explained myself I feel like this was a bit confusing😔
Another question I have is: I think I understand the “scent” thing, scientifically talking, but it was new information the “being scented” fact. Like why and when someone scent another person? I think I understand that is always the alpha that scent the omega (or so was in this fic) and there was a scene when Harry (omega) was being scented by someone he disliked and he felt bad and almost (dropped was the word if I don’t remember it wrong). Why is this? I understand every person has a different scent but how is this important, and on what level? I searched on google the “drop” thing because I wasn’t understanding in the moment, and I found out is a defensive mechanism of the body when the person is going through something bad(?), but it just surprised me that this “being scented” thing is so important? Like when Harry was nervous Louis would scent him. Ahhhh, I’m still feeling a bit weird about all of this 😂 i’m sorry, I hope what I tried to say make at least a bit of sense and if you don’t know or don’t understand what I’m saying please….don’t worry!!! I’ll try to search something like a Wikipedia of the omega universe on google! 😂💖
And since I’m answering this now and I saw your tags under the covers of Nocturne In Silver And Blue: I can’t put into words how much I loved that fic. It was one of the best stories I have ever read! Everything happened at the right time in the right way. It was really a wonderful journey to make and I would reaaally reaaally like to re read it one day. It was also one of the few fic where I found Harry’s exploration of sexuality really well written and really well explained. You first know both Harry and Louis as kids so they are just innocent friends, but the growing up is full of surprises for both of them and full of discoveries. And the journey towards the acceptance and the comprehension of Harry’s sexuality is very real and very cute and a bit rough at times. Just: real, even in a world where Louis is an actual fallen star 😂 💫
That said, I started to read a wonderful fic named Love After The End Of The World but I don’t have much time to read, so I hope in the weekend I will be able to continue it!
How about you? Are you still reading As You Are or have you started something else?
Sorry for this delay in the answer, I know you don’t mind but I’m gonna say sorry anyway, because I am😅
Hope you’ll have a lovely and relaxing weekend! Sending you a looooooot of looooveeeee and a biiiig big hug!!!🌈🌺🌻💖💌✨♥️
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dourpeep · a day ago
I LOVE THE KAZUXIAOREADER SERIES SO MUCH ITS MY FAVORITE NOW <33 THE SERIES IS SO CUTE IM MELTING HDAMSUSK I HOPE YOU DO MORE THINGS LIKE THIS 💗💗 oh yeah btw i have a question you, are you planning on making some nsfw for this series or its just full of fluffs
Give in to the KazuXiaoReader!
But yes! There will be future NSFW works for this series! I actually have a request in my inbox waiting mmhm!
Little tidbit of me musing/what's gonna go on with this beneath the cut!
For anyone wondering it'll deal with some soft Dom!Kazu and inexperienced—but not clueless—Xiao and Reader.
Kazuha, in the request, will be the only one who has some experience and here's why! First off, Anon requested for reader's first time with them :D
But this entails that this would be the trio's first time having sex which, in the context of this au, means that Xiao would also be a virgin.
So Xiao's circumstance in this au is that he didn't have a great childhood. We won't dive much into it, as I'm keeping it vague, but basically at a young age, he left home and ended up getting taken in by grandma (the lovely older lady at the trio's current apartment complex) and she gave him a roof over his head and a bed to sleep on. This also happens around middle school, I'd say.
Due to this, he's had a lot of resistance when it comes to relationships whether friends or lovers, opting to just not have any save for a few friends who he somehow ended up with. There's a lot of underlying trust issues that he has—which is why the whole premise of Reader being his best friend in childhood and the idea of sharing a lot of similarities with Kazuha is important!
We'll go more into that another time though.
Essentially, he didn't have the energy, time, or really desire to pursue a relationship (causal or not) with someone—that is, actively. Cue his current two best friends-turned-significant-others (plus the whole slow realization and pining and also another realization with the idea that all three of them are in love with the other two).
So dear Xiao is in a relationship for the very first time with two incredible people (Kazuha and you!), learning and growing and also just realizing that he's deserving of this close intimacy. Of course, since this is his first relationship, it's natural that he won't have experience apart from solo stuff or what he's learned/read/watched/whatnot.
So needlessly long explanation short, uh....yes.
Another thing! Everyone is a switch in this relationship.
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dhoya · a day ago
VIV! MY YAAR I AM LOVING UR BLACK N WHITE JENO THEME!!! also dropping by to say that your unique story plots + my brain rotting from watching the second episode of Loki have both made me think of this futuristic unspoken love with mark.
ok to basically summarize it all kinda quickly:
reader is born into a family of timekeepers (need to dwell on bg info for this) and at the age of 13 is supposed to be prepared and sent off into working for the time authority and making sure time is flowing correctly and what is written in fate. reader becomes bffs with neighbour mark and their parents get along so they do a lot of stuff together yadda yadda. once reader is 13 they realize they wanna spend more time with mark n friends n live the high school experience 😎🤙🏼 basically they love mark but never brought it up in case it ruins their friendship and already knowing they have to leave him one day, they don’t act upon it, only wanting happy memories to remain between them. cause after they go on to fulfill their life’s purpose no one in this timeline will remember them, no one will ever remember them besides timekeepers and other authority.
so they do that and they find themselves staying longer and longer after high school, get a special wait until ready for timekeeping slip and set up mark with another girl who is then set to be married. they find out that the day after his marriage the reader will be forcefully taken to the time realm where they must defend themselves as to why they chose to stay in this timeline for so long. at the wedding mark is having second thoughts bc he’s been in love with the reader 🙄 and he asks reader but the response is “it was never meant to be, we’re only best friends”. and then they leave before watching ceremony and next day are taken away where they appeal & win but are left to be haunted by the memories with mark and never acting upon their love + wishing they were a normal human🙏🏼
anyways that was long af i’m sorry for dumping it on you LOL but i hope you have a good day😙💗
T MY YAAR!! idk i always have a big, goofy grin whenever i see you on the dash or pop in on the blog! nice to see you here again!
HHH don't worry about it! i'm so honored to share my plot brainrot with you! in fact, it brings me so much joy that we can both rave about our writing process: how we come up with plots, what inspires us, which member we want to write about and why, and whatnot! it truly feels like a community of like-minded writers who just want to talk about each other's stories, and i've always longed for such a thing! so that being said, you're definitely more than welcome to stop by and dump all your ideas here HHHH
oooh i haven't watched loki since i'm not too big on the marvel universe/superhero genre, but reading through the entire premise of your idea really intrigues me! i've always loved authors who tackle the concept of time and bending the way it shifts, in some way.
time authority!! now that's a concept i'd bury and marinate into my head!! coupled with a classic childhood friends to lovers trope? oh man, t, consider me sold with this one. the fleeting aspect of reader's existence in mark's timeline too uGH i'm drooling over is! the drama, the angst, the feels!
overall, i think this one would be a super long fic to write, but i know you can do it!! it's too fascinating of a concept to let go, and i'd love to have more stories like this dominate nct writerblr!! magical realism and urban fantasy definitely needs more attention, and i'm glad i was able to inspire some parts of this beautiful synopsis!
that being said, i shall equally dump a cohesive summary of my upcoming fic, "stuck on a puzzle," which is based on a lovely film called "submarine," directed by richard aoyade! unlike most of my rather out-of-the-box plots, this one's mild and more grounded in reality, but i can promise that the prose is somewhat quirky and whimsical considering the perspective of a curious, philosophical, and over-thinking sixteen-year-old boy.
in this fic, jisung turns sixteen and finds that at the age, a lot of things around him change. his parents' marriage is falling apart, he begins to dabble into romance with a girl he's been obsessing over, and all the like.
there's obviously more to this, such as the symbolism with water and fire. jisung is a boy that was always surrounded by water due to his father's job as a marine biologist, and he often thinks of himself drowning -- what it feels like, what would happen after he drowns, all the existential conversations that come with teenage angst. the female protagonist and his love interest is a pyromaniac who often brings a matchbox and a lighter wherever she goes, and in my writing process so far i really enjoy weaving in these elements into this story!
it's essentially just a fic that describes the rollercoaster of life that often comes with boyhood HHH
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jadeee · 2 days ago
good lord that was a lot of requests 🤧 thanks though!
idk if i have returning anons but if so, you can give yourselves a nickname or an emoji :)
i wanna make a status update real quick before crap hits the fan
1. i plan on doing another livestream on 6/24 for my one year tumblr anniversary 😭 i'll prob go live @ 3pm est again. if that doesn't work for you though, lmk and i'll consider changing it. i'll pin the link to my blog too, no worries!
2. i'm in the last week of one class and i'm gonna start another class like 2 days after 💀 r.i.p. soo i'll prob be less active bc i'm also gonna apply for a part time job. this'll all happen around the beginning of july.
3. chapter 9 of vendetta prob won't be posted until the end of july. until then, i'll prob post moodboards or drabbles about past and upcoming chapters {i think there's only 2 left btw}. chapter 10 prob won't be out until the end of august.
i won't be gone, i'll be here but just roaming around lol. my inbox is always open for memes or random thoughts you may have. my dm is open too if you wanna chat. idk if i'll keep taking requests or not, i haven't decided yet. anyway, see you around 💗
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jslittlebirdie · 2 days ago
Hello love ♡
How are you?
I'm thinking of and believing in you, hopefully you're not feeling bad or stressed? I really miss you and seeing you on my dash/in my inbox ♡
I'm sending you lots of love, support and a big fat, warm, loving hug that will last as long as you feel comfortable! Please take care of yourself and know that J and I are wishing you the absolute best ♡
Have a wonderful evening! ♡
Hiii Luna💜💖
I apologize for my late response and for not being very actice😔 I'm not ignoring you, darling. I really miss you and talking to you. I'm just pretty busy and stressed right now. And I hate it...
I'm still struggling with my health from time to time and I'm in a bad mindset. You know, I'm very worried about uni and my upcoming exams, I'm downright panicking just thinking about it. I only have a little over a month left to prepare and I'm struggling a lot with my motivation. I'm not doing enough and sometimes I distract myself. It takes me way too long to work through each session of my lectures because I don't understand it and I have to look up a lot of stuff. I just feel like I'm too stupid, like I'm not going to make it... I really need to pull myself together and kick me in the butt🙃 But I'm kind of overwhelmed by everything right now. Also, I miss my J very much. I'm feeling pretty clingy and needy lately, but I think I'm only annoying him with the way I am, and that I don't deserve to be loved by him. So thank you so very much for mentioning him🥺💜😭
(Gosh, I'm so sorry for being so whiny and for bothering you with my personal stuff... If I'm getting on your nerves, please tell me, okay?)
But more importantly, how are you doing, Luna? I saw your last message and read that you are also struggling with the summer heat, allergies, etc. I am terribly sorry to hear that. Please take good care of yourself, my love. Let your F/Os spoil you, hm?❤️ Do you own a fan, air conditioner or anything else that could help cool you down? I am very worried about you... If there is anything I can do for you or if you want to talk about anything, don't hesitate to write to me. I am always here for you!💓💓
Also, I want to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to you for checking in on me and sending me these lovely messages🥺💖 And for always supporting me with my self-shipping💜 You are such a loving and kindhearted person. I feel endlessly lucky and honored to know you and call you my friend. Thank you so much for being you💗💗 I'm sending a big and tight hug right back at you (if you're comfortable with that) and lots of positive vibes. I love and appreciate you so so much, darling!! You mean the world to me🤗🥰
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little-fairy-forest · 2 days ago
So I have another Tenya request.
How would he take care of a female!reader who gets really insecure while they are in their period and they lock themselves in their room.
PS: I love you and your work. 😘
☘heyho! Thank you for the request, I'm happy you enjoy my works ( and supporting smaller blogs ^-^)
Iida when reader is on their period
Iida x fem!reader, fluff, romance
Tumblr media
Iida listened in health class, he knew what a period was, but only from what the book said it was
Oh it says its normal to only bleed a teaspoon of blood a day? So be it!
Oh it's not normal to vomit on your period? Oh ok!
Never questioned why a girl brought her bag into that bathroom- he was raised to know better then to ask
He wonders why you've been in your room all day? Did something happen?
He sends you a text, just incase he would intrude on personal time ( we all need time to ourselfs )
Tenya 💙 : you didn't come down for lunch, are you unwell?
He thought that you were sick during the night since he didn't see you at breakfast either,
He got no response from you after sending the text. Strange
He made is way up to your dorm room, knocked gently incase you were asleep
But it was a surprised to see you on your bed in what looks like a lot of pain, his first reaction was to get you to recovery girl but you explained why you were in pain
"Tenya, I'm just on my will go away when the pain meds kick in okay?"
"Why didn't you inform me sooner! I can help- maybe- deffintly! As class rep and as your boyfriend I must help you when you aren't at 100%-"
This boy did get a bit flustered, but he has no time to waste! His dearest girlfriend is in pain!
"What can I get you? You need to rest! Your not moving from this bed okay?- actually in 30 mins I'd like you to at least try and walk a small bit to get circulation in your legs-" "tenya please, I'll text you the list"
Tenya left your room and let you rest as he went to go buy some things, he also asked Mina on the way out if he needs to buy anything that you might be to embarrassed to ask for
Y/n 💗 : hey ten ten, can you pick up pads/tampons, (favourite food), and maybe if theres the lastest issue of (favourite magazine) thank you :•)
Iida got to work to ensure he got everything on the list and what Mina asked him to get for you
When he got back to your room you were asleep, he placed the supplies on your desk, turned on the humidifier he got you and went to go heat up the heating pad
You were gently woken up by your boyfriend placing a small cup of water beside you "hey, your awake, would you like anything to eat? You must eat before having more medicine sweetheart" Tenya says in a soft voice as he fixes your hair and helps you sit up
How did you catch such a caring boyfriend??
"Why didn't you let me know sooner y/n? I would of gone easier on you in training..." Tenya brings over some food be bought and let's you decide what you want to snack on
"I was embarrassed...normally guys don't want to hear about these things" you say sheepishly as you munch on your snacks
"What? Who said such things! I can insure you I won't embarrass you at all love!" Tenya sits on the edge of your bed fixing your blanket
"Mineta said its gross when girls talk about periods and what not around boys, especially their I didn't want you to avoid me so I decided to deal with it myself"
Tenya couldn't believe how selfless you were, 'always thinking of others but never themselves' tenya thought to himself
Tenya got changed into comfy clothing and snuggled beside you in your bed, it was a tight fit in your single bed so Tenya placed you in between his legs as he kept the heating pad balanced on your lower abdomen as you found something to watch on your laptop
Tenya would place small kisses on your head and neck to make sure he could still hear the little giggles you would let out in return
Who said the class rep always followed the rules?
Not this one since he stayed the night and stayed up past curfew to help you shower and change your bed sheets after a small leak :')
This boy is husband material- he needs a promotion from boyfriend asap
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading!
-> masterlist
Requests are open only for small requests!
I'm working on a bigger fic that takes some research!
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glazelilyy · 2 days ago
luce !! congrats on 500 <3 this is yan on their main account btw HSJWJEKSJ anyways kitchen with childe for the event ? keep up the good work btw 💗
the picture:
Tumblr media
𝟓𝟎𝟎 𝐅𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐓 - 𝐚 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐨 𝐨𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢
take part - here!
Tumblr media
pairing - childe x gender neutral reader (modern au!)
genre - fluff, crack
word count - 1593
a/n - hi yan! tysm !! ooo this looks like one of those pretty kitchen displays you see in ikea or home depot, i really like the scheme of it :D i miiiight have gone a bit overboard with this one, but i have a soft spot for childe :)
content under the cut!
Tumblr media
living with childe came with its...abnormalities, to say the least.
when he proposed the idea of living together, you hadn't thought twice about it, after all you loved him more than life itself and surely living with him would have its upsides.
but you still found yourself questioning exactly how childe was able to afford such a luxurious, lavish apartment in the heart of the city no less. whenever you brought up the topic, he'd give you different answers each time:
"inheritance from my father."
"i robbed an entire bank in broad daylight."
"i sold all of my pokémon cards, my vintage pokémon cards."
"i sell feet pics for a living."
the last two you knew to be untrue. one, because childe ferociously guarded his pokémon collection with his life, and the second one wasn't something you wanted to think about (if you were to guess, perhaps robbing a bank in broad daylight seems like something he'd do).
living with childe can only be described as tumultuous. rarely is he ever in one place, and if you catch and bottle him in a jar for just one moment, it's most likely the only time you'll be able to see and touch him before he's out the door off to god knows where for the day.
and when he did return in the wee hours of the morning, you'd be up and waiting on the couch with a first-aid kit in hand, knowing fully well that he'd come home with mysterious bruises that he chalked up to simple "clumsiness". you tried not to question the nature of his job nor his wounds, but it was hard not to do so when he'd shuffle through the doorway at ungodly times covered head to toe in injuries.
whenever childe was home, he'd never let a second go to waste in being the littlest of shits. from eating your cereal to deleting your recordings of "dance moms" to fit in his recordings of wwe fights, he's absolutely terrible to live with. you'll never forget the day you woke up to him in the doorway of your shared bedroom, beckoning you to the kitchen for breakfast in your robe and your bunny slippers. long story short, he ended up bunny slipper-less and bought four pairs on amazon in four different colors just to spite you. as for the so called "breakfast" that he made you? his burnt-to-a-crisp pancakes had you calling your local ihop to see if they made deliveries.
however, there's a sweet domestic side to living with childe that you never thought existed, and it showed most within the realm of your elegant kitchen.
at the moment though, your kitchen was less elegant and more messy.
"i thought you said three eggs!"
"...i swear i said TWO." you ran a hand down your face as you pressed your arms further into the counter, squinting to get a better read on the ingredients displayed on your phone.
childe stood by your side, wearing a frilly, baby pink apron (your apron might you add) with a bowl in one hand and what was left of the eggs he cracked—or should you say crushed—in his other hand.
"whaaat i heard three!" he whined, staring at the sad excuse in the bowl. you peered in, curious to see if you could salvage his mistake and grimaced.
"childe we can't have the eggshells in the batter, didn't you tap them against the bowl like i showed you?" childe batted his eyelashes innocently and looked at the fragmented eggshells in his hand that dripped with yolk onto the ground.
"tap?? i kinda just," he paused to mimic what he had done to break the eggs. you could only describe his movements as squeezing the life out of the eggs with his bare hands.
"how are we even supposed to bake brownies if we can't get the first step right?" you sighed and took the bowl from his hands, emptying the contents into the sink.
"okay, let's start again. and this time please don't crush the eggs with your weird bear hands." you quipped, bringing out two fresh eggs from a nearby carton. you looked over your shoulder to see if he was paying attention, but instead his back was turned to you, more intrigued by the plants on the wall behind him.
"hey we should get more succulents!" he turned around to face you with a giddy smile after a minute, as if encouraging you to agree with him.
"what, so they can die like last time because you didn't water them properly? nuh uh- hey! don't touch my plants!" you gently slapped his hand away from your precious potted plants. childe merely responded with a click of his tongue as he rubbed the spot you'd slapped, "killjoy," he mumbled.
you pinched him by the ear and dragged him back over to the sink as he muttered a string of "owowow"s.
"i'd be more careful this time..." you weren't going to lie, you found his pout and attempt to convince you quite adorable. on the contrary however, "you'd be more convincing if you actually lived up to saying you'll do things properly next time." you playfully rolled your eyes and released his ear from your hands. childe stood straight up but crossed his arms in a childish manner, puffing his cheeks out as he bore his eyes into the bowl in front of him.
"now, stand still so i can show you how to crack an egg, you moron." you giggled, maneuvering yourself to stand behind him. your hands crept up the sides of his arms until they hovered over his hands. your head popped out from behind his shoulder to observe his movements.
child fumbled with the egg in his hand and nearly dropped it once you placed your palms on his knuckles to guide him. " this?" he asked as you guided his hand to gently tap the egg against the porcelain bowl.
"yep, just be slow and gentle. try it now!" you slipped back away from his body and watched from the side as he tentatively picked up an egg and tapped it gently against the bowl just like you helped him do.
"good! you did well childe, even if it's just cracking an egg." you snickered and gathered up the eggshells to throw away.
"hey i make a pretty good egg-cracker! can i crack more??" childe eagerly asked, looking towards the nearly empty egg tray on the counter.
"sadly we don't need anymore, but you can help me with the dry ingredients now. grab the bag of flour please?" you rolled up your sleeves to the elbow and slid a large, empty bowl and a bag of sugar closer to yourself.
childe shambled off to another corner of the kitchen, reaching far back into the cupboard to produce a large bag of flour. he placed it onto the counter with a grunt with his face hovering over the opened bag.
it seemed he hadn't realized when he set the bag of flour down, the dust inside had sprung back up and doused his face lightly in fine, white powder. you who had your back turned to him now spun around to gather the flour from his arms, only to be met with his face and tufts of his persimmon colored hair covered in flour.
"childe do you have the flo- PFBFBTT-" you tried to keep your laughter at bay, which proved all too futile and had you clutching your sides in complete and utter amusement.
"hey what's so funny??" each time you tried to raise your head to explain, you'd catch a glimpse of his flour covered face and burst into yet another fit of giggles. frustrated, childe stomped around to a nearby mirror. you had to hold yourself up on the counter and try and regain your breathing, only for all your efforts to completely pour down the drain when childe remerged from around the corner looking like the abominable snowman.
"oooh you're gonna pay for laughing at me," he grinned wickedly, approaching your laughing figure speedily. he dipped his hand into the flour bag and flicked it right dead center into your face, causing you to stumble backwards and sputter in an attempt to get rid of the flour in your mouth.
"childe!" you scolded between laughs as you wiped your eyes. a malicious smile crossed your features. this time, it was your turn to reach into the flour bag and scoop out a handful of white dust, flinging it his way. instead of just merely his face, now his upper chest and stomach were covered in flour.
"alright that's it!" childe grabbed a fistful of flour and flung it your way, hitting you square in the chest. you squealed and tried to avoid his oncoming assaults but you were no match for the babe ruth of flour pitching.
"you're gonna pay for that!" you wiped the flour from your face and dug both your hands into the bag. instead of flinging your fistfuls of flour at him, you reached around and shoved the flour down the back of his shirt. childe squirmed relentlessly and with the introduction of his devilish grin, you knew you were in trouble.
by the end of your flour fight, your kitchen looked like a winter wonderland. and as you and childe make flour angels on the wooden floors, you realized you wouldn't have had it any other way.
(even if it meant that you'd have to clean for hours after)
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i might be projecting a little here, but…
peter having a favourite of everything kitchen-related. a favourite cup, bowl, straw, plate- even a favourite spoon. they all match, and he uses them for every meal possible… until his favourite cup breaks one day, and now they don’t all match anymore, and the cup breaking gave him a cut on his hand and spilled his juice everywhere!
aWww pls keep projecting bc that is adorable😭😭💗💗 i hope you like what i did with it!!
Daddies Stephen and Tony, +18 Little Peter, Littles are Known, frustration, tears, whump, comfort
Tumblr media
Peter got a bear themed dinner set from his Uncle Steve last Christmas, and the boy has just about refused to eat from anything else since then. But, Daddies would rather not wash it multiple times a day. So, the bear set has become something they only use for Peter’s evening snack and nothing else. The boy agrees to that, and so he very much looks forward to his evening snacks every night.
One evening, Daddies were quite caught up with watching a football match that had been delayed due to numerous arguments with the referees. And a certain little boy is getting impatient for his evening snack.
“Daddies! My snack!” Peter calls out.
“Soon, bud. Just wait a few minutes. The match is almost over.” Tony says, but his eyes are fixed on the TV.
“Now!” Peter demands.
“Peter, we’ll have none of that. Be a good boy and just wait a few minutes, and we’ll get your snack.” Tony adds, his voice a bit more stern now.
Peter looks to Stephen, hoping the man will help him pled his case. But, Stephen just shakes his head softly. The boy huffs, and crosses his arms as he head into the kitchen.
His special bear set is in the cupboard to the left, all washed and ready for use from last night. His set includes a sectioned plate (two small ears, and a large face in the middle), a cup, a mug, a bowl, a spoon, a fork and a knife. Everything a little boy could possibly need for a yummy snack.
Last night Daddies had made him a P&J sandwich with some grapes on the side. That night he chose green tea in his mug as his drink. Peter decides that he wants the same snack today, and since Daddies seem to occupied with their stupid match, he gets to work himself.
But, before Peter can find the grapes and jam and everything else, he needs his set. The boy has a little stool he can use to get up on the counter and to reach the cupboards. However, he is not allowed in the kitchen without supervision.
With a little grunt, Peter gets up on the counter on his knees and opens the cupboard. Peter grins when he lays eyes on his bear set. The items are somewhat stacked, and so Peter grabs the plate gently and lifts slowly. But, his elbow hits the cupboard door, and the cup goes flying to the floor. It shatters, and the silence after the sound of breaking glass is heavy.
Peter’s first instinct is to hide. Hide himself or the evidence. Or both. However, when Daddies walk in and see the scene, that option goes flying out the door. His second instinct kicks in, which is his love for his bear set. And the cup with the bear on it just broke beyond repair.
“Dad-dyyyy!” Peter cries, balling up his fists to hide his eyes as he burst into tears.
“Oh, honey…” Stephen coos, stepping around the mess carefully to pluck Peter from the counter and into his arms. Meanwhile Tony starts to carefully collect the largest pieces of broken glass.
“Dad-dyyy!” Peter sobs again.
“Oh, sweetheart… It’s okay. I got you.”
”M’-m’a cup!”
A few minutes later, the mess on the floor has been cleaned up by Tony. But, Peter has not stopped crying yet. His tears are still angry and sad, which is the worst kind. Tony goes to join Stephen and Peter on the sofa. The boy is laying on Stephen’s shoulder, limp but pouting fiercly as he continues to cry.
“M’-m’a cup…”
“I know, honey bee. We’ll ask where Steve got the set for you, and we’ll get a new one. Okay?”
Peter perks up a bit and that, and nods his head. He still needs a few more minutes to settle. Stephen helps him blow his nose, and all three of them take some deep breaths together. Peter feels better after that.
“Now, let’s go make your evening snack, buddy. I’m sorry we didn’t make it for you earlier.” Tony apologises, kissing Peter’s temple.
To avoid further catastrophes, Tony holds Peter in his arms while Stephen makes the boy’s snack. He even gets two pieces of chocolate. Totally not because Daddies felt bad.
A few days later, the family of three headed to the store where Steve had gotten the bear set for Peter. The boy got to pick out a new set, and he chose a fox themed one. But, he refused to throw away the rest of his bear set.
“Can I just have juice in my bear mug?”
“Of course, baby.”
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spidernerdsblog · 2 days ago
First of CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 and second📄 domestic Sunday morning fluff with Peter and fem!Stark reader babysitting Morgan when everyone else is out and they’re all getting ready to go on a walk to the park and the reader and Morgan are waiting for Parker so the reader is jokingly, in a British accent, like “are you ready mr.Parker” and Peter comes out like “of course mrs.Parker” and it’s a whole moment and Morgan’s like 😗😍 (sorry if this is too specific, feel free to change anything I love when readers have complete freedom)
Thank you so much💗💗 Hope you like this.
Pairing : Peter Parker x Stark! Reader
Warnings : none
Tumblr media
Being an avenger, a peaceful day where any miscreant isn’t committing any crime or a supervillain isn’t trying to destroy your city is very rare for you and Peter. So when you finally get a day off from your superhero duties you try to spend as much time as possible with your sweet geeky boyfriend but today you had a special company. You were on babysitting duty for your little sister while your parents were away on a two day business trip to DC you may also call it a romantic getaway.
You loved Morgan more than anything. Ever since you came back from the blip you tried to be there for her making up for the five years you missed of her growing up. She was the sweetest child you have ever met who loved to play with her dollhouses and do imaginary tea parties with you and Peter and her stuffed bunnies but the thing that interests her more is to watch and observe you or your dad working in the lab. Many times you have caught her sneaking into the lab and examining the gadgets with curious eyes.
She was also the biggest shipper of you and Peter. She hated it the time when you and Peter weren’t together and dated different people because for her you two were the it couple. She used to look at you both with such admiration in her eyes that she went to the extent of saying that she wanted a boyfriend just like Peter when she grew up.
You were in the lab with Peter helping him with his new webfluid formula while Morgan was sitting on a chair beside you swinging her legs lazily when you heard her sigh out loud.
“What happened maguna?” you ask her softly.
“I’m bored, when are you going to finish this?” she pouts at you.
“But you only said you didn’t want to play instead you wanted to come in the lab” you remind her.
“Yes but I also wanted to help” she retorts knitting her brows into a frown.
“Don’t you think you are too small for this?” you narrowed your gaze at her playfully.
“You and dad never let me do anything!” she huffs getting off her seat frowning at you annoyed.
“Don’t give me that look little miss you know that isn’t gonna work on me”
“Now you sound just like mom” she complains.
“Well she left you under my supervision” you try to reason her out when Peter interrupts both of you.
“Ok, ok, ok how about we go for a walk in the park?” Peter proposes the idea to Morgan.
“Can I have an ice cream?” she looks at him with doe eyes before you could say no, that it was bad for her teeth Peter cut you off.
“Sure kiddo” he crouches down with a broad smile and ruffles her hair.
“Petey you’re the best!” she squeals, hugging him tightly.
“You really need to stop giving into her every demand” you snicker.
“How can you say no to this face?” he reasons chuckling.
“Ok now c’mon let’s go and get dressed then we can go to the park” you held Morgan’s hand and went back to your room while Peter cleared the working area in the lab and arranged everything in its place before you all went out. After sometime you walked out of your room with Morgan hand in hand and headed towards the lab.
“Are you ready Mr. Parker?” you called out sarcastically.
“Of course Mrs. Parker” he replies, taking you by surprise with the name he just called you.
“What did you say?” you mumble as he swipes his ID card through the security panel to lock the door.
“Huh, what?” he asks you again as he couldn’t catch on to your mumbling clearly.
“Uh nothing” you shrugged it off thinking maybe he just casually said that he wasn’t being serious.
“Why did you call Y/N Mrs. Parker? She didn’t marry you” Morgan points out innocently with a confused expression.
“Morgan!” you gasped and Peter realized his slip up as his face turned red flustered.
“Oh I'm so sorry I didn't want to make you uncomfortable” he immediately apologizes nervously.
“You didn't, don’t worry,” you reassure him with a smile “but did you mean it?” you reassert.
“Mean what?” he gulps nervously.
“You know you and and” you fidgeted.
“Umm yea-yeah” he scratches the back of his neck “I love you and I do want to marry you and spend my life with you Y/N” he remarks.
“You want to marry me?” you repeat his words in disbelief. In your whole relationship neither you nor Peter never actually confessed to each other about your feelings; it was a smooth transition for you two. Only the label of your relationship changed from friends to lovers but everything remained the same. So the topic of your future together never was a part of your daily conversation and now after knowing that he actually wants to spend the rest of his life with you makes your heart bloom with warmth and joy.
“I mean not now but someday in the future. But only if you want to of course” he stutters thinking he might have messed up.
“Aww Peter, I would love to marry you” you cup his face with your hands and press your lips gently against his as he kisses you back.
“I love you” you smile into the kiss pressing your foreheads together.
“I love you too” he mumbles against your lips.
“Are you and Petey getting married?” Morgan’s curious voice breaks you both out of your little moment.
“Not now sweetie but surely in the future” you inform her with a smile as Peter blushes standing by your side.
“Can I be the flower girl on you wedding Y/N? And, and can I choose your wedding dress and cake?” she asks you innocently her eyes gleaming with excitement making you smile even more.
“Flower girl? Honey you’re going to be my bridesmaid and yes you can choose my dress and cake but for now let’s just go to the park and have some ice cream yeah?”
“Yess!” she exclaims and rushes to the elevator as you and Peter follow her. At the park you were strolling side by side behind Morgan keeping an eye on her.
“So Mrs. Parker huh?” you ponder while eating your ice cream.
“You can totally keep your name no pressure at all” Peter clarifies quickly.
“Nah I like Mrs. Parker better” you smile linking your hands together.
Tumblr media
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ssahotchswife · 3 days ago
Okay sooo maybe as a blurb and this is heavily inspired by me and my boyfriend buttttt
Imagine Hotch getting super pissed at you and he doesn’t tell you he loves you (cause my boyfriend and I hang up by saying goodbye, I love you and he was pissed at me and didn’t say it, he only said goodbye) and you explain later how upset it made you feel and he cuddles you and says no matter how upset he is, he will not do that again and also that he will also love you
this was fun to write hehe, i hope it’s what you were looking for! aaron’s such a softie but he’s also so stubborn so i could totally see him doing this and then feeling horrible about it. FULLY SFW a lil fluffy/angsty blurb for ya! 💗
You’d been dating for a year and a half when Aaron asked you to move in with him and Jack, and you’d jumped at the chance. You loved Aaron – more than you’d ever loved anyone in your life – and you loved his son so much, so it was nothing but an easy “yes!” when they asked you over dinner one night to move in.
As a general rule in your relationship, you and Aaron had agreed not to take the office home with you. Whether that meant not doing paperwork in bed until three in morning, or discussing cases at the dinner table, or even fighting about what happened at work, you agreed it was something you would leave in four walls of Quantico and you would just be (y/n) and Aaron when you were home. At least that was the idea.
Aaron worried more than man you had ever met, likely stemming from his trauma with losing Haley in the way he had, but his worrying over you – especially on cases – led to many a tiff between you when you did something on a case that he considered reckless. And sure, you were a little reckless, but you always knew that Aaron would be there to save you if you ever got into a bind you couldn’t get yourself out of. Like earlier, when you ended up with the unsub’s hand around your throat and knife pressed against your neck because you burst into the scene before you had been given the go-ahead to enter the building. Aaron and Derek had been able to talk the guy down and get you out of there safely, but you knew from the look on Aaron’s face that he was pissed at you.
It was a local case, D.C. metro area, so you all were able to finish up your paperwork at the office. When you’d finished yours there was still time to get home and make sure was bathed and given at least two stories before bed. You gave your friends that remained – Derek, and Spence – a tired smile and packed your stuff up before heading up to Aaron’s office and let him know you were heading home.
“Your incident report,” You said, placing the file on his desk. “I’ll pick Jack up from Jessica’s on my way home.”
“Okay,” Aaron’s eyes never left the paper he was writing on.
“When do you think you’ll head home?”
“I don’t know.”
His jaw was clenched tight, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You had seen – and experienced – Aaron angry a lot of times, but rarely was he genuinely mad at you.
“Aaron,” You said. “Look at me.”
It took several moments before he finally ripped his eyes away the file and muttered, “What.”
“Honey, I know you’re –”
“No,” He said. “No, we’re not doing this. We are not acting like you didn’t just put yourself in an insane amount of danger for no reason –”
“We both know it wasn’t ‘no reason’, Aaron,” You said, crossing your arms. “I was not about to leave that woman in there with him for another minute –”
“We profiled that he would not have hurt her,” Aaron snapped. “And you were given a direct order to stay put, Agent.”
Aaron simply raised an eyebrow at you.  
“You’re mad at me.” Not a question.
“Yep,” He said, looking back down at his paper.
“Okay,” You said. “I guess I deserve it, disobeying a direct order and all. Are you staying late at the office so you can stay mad at me a little while longer because of our deal?”
“Alright,” You sighed. “Well, come home before your son goes to bed, at least. I’ll have a glass of wine waiting for you when you do.” He only nodded.
Moving around his desk, you leaned over and pressed a kiss to the top of his head before saying goodbye and leaving to pick Jack up.
The little boy had a lot to say about his day at school and his evening with Jess, so you were able to take your mind off your argument with Aaron for a little while. You got him home and into the bath while you chatted away with him, trying to avoid the spray of the tsunami he splashed at his toy boats. No calls or texts from Aaron, and he still hadn’t come home yet. Out of the bath and into jammies and bed, Jack requested two of his favorite books for you to read, and after you finished reading them, you kissed the top of his head and tucked him in, assuring him that his dad would come into kiss him when he got home.
As soon as you shut Jack’s door, you dialed Aaron’s number. It rang several times before he picked up.
“You’re at the office still,” You remarked.
“I’m not done being mad.”
“Jack was asking about you.”
“I’ll talk to him when I get home,” He said. “We both know he won’t be asleep in there for a while anyway.”
“And what about me?”
“What about you?”
“Fine,” You said. “I’m going to shower and go to bed; I’d like to see you before I’m asleep.”
“Okay,” You replied. “I’ll see you when you get home, I love you, Aaron.”
“Talk to you later,” He said, hanging the phone up.
Your heart literally caught in your throat at the sound of him hanging up. Ever since the first time you exchanged the phrase “I love you” there had never been a phone call between you that hadn’t ended with that phrase, until now. You were hurt – more than hurt – and he had to know what that would have meant to you.
After a shower where you let yourself cry, you pulled on pajamas, and slipped into bed. You contemplated staying up reading until Aaron got home, but you were exhausted and emotional, and you just wanted to close your eyes.
Not a few minutes later, you hear the door open and shut and get locked. Aaron moved around in the kitchen for a little bit before going into Jack’s room and talking quietly with his son. Then the door to your bedroom opened and shut, the lights remained off as you laid on your side facing the wall. His side of the mattress dipped as he leaned over to check if you were awake.  
“Hey,” He said quietly.
“Hi,” You said. “I take it you’re done being mad.”
“Mhm,” He said, kissing the side of your head.
“I’m sorry,” He murmured. “(Y/n), look at me please.”
With a sigh, you sat up and turned to face him. Aaron’s eyes were big, like they usually were when he was feeling guilty. Your heart pulsed painfully as you looked at your boyfriend.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” He said, placing a hand on your cheek. “I was mad and stupid and – we don’t do that; we don’t hang up without saying ‘I love you’.” You nodded.
“It hurt,” You admitted.
“I know,” He said softly. “I regretted it as soon as I hung up.”
Aaron smiled ruefully at your honesty.
“I’m sorry, (y/n),” He whispered, leaning in to kiss you. “I love you more than anything, and I am so sorry. I won’t do it again.”
“Thank you,” You said quietly. “I love you too, Aaron, and I’m sorry for being reckless today.”
“I’m just glad you’re okay,” He stroked your hair.
“Are you still mad at me?”
“No, baby,” He said. “And I was more scared than mad before anyway.”
“Good,” You smiled. “Then get that suit off and come cuddle me.”
He was in jammies as soon as humanly possible, crawling back into the bed to hold you tightly against him. Wrapped up in the warmth of his arms, you felt physically surrounded in the love he was giving you by pressing a million kisses to your cheeks.
“I love you,” He whispered between every kiss, trying to make up for the one he missed on the phone. “I love you so much, no matter how upset I am, I will always love you, (y/n).”
“I love you, Aaron,” You said, kissing him back. “Always.”
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blossominglark · 3 days ago
Hi again! I am here to make a matchup request. I would like to be paired with a student from any class (whatever you think fits best) My name is Katherine, Kat for short. My pronouns are she/her and I’m a straight (questioning aesexual) As for appearance I have long red hair, pale skin, and my eyes are kinda mismatched. It’s slight but my right eye is a bluish grey and my left eye is a yellowish green. I wear glasses and am on the slender side. My style is like acadamia-ish (sweaters, collared shirts, trench coats, etc). I am and INFP, and a March Aries. My Hogwarts house is Gryffindor (but I’ve been told I act more like a Ravenclaw) I love to read, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I feel like I go on so many adventures and make so many friends when I read. It feels like I enter a whole new world. I also love to sing. I write songs of my own, and I also spend a many of hours just sitting listening to music and contemplating life and past decisions. As for interests, I find science, especially physics, very intriguing. Just the idea of how everything is made up and how certain things (invisibility, teleportation, time travel, pyrokenisis) would work if it was real is SO neat to me. I try my very best to be as kind as possible to everyone. It’s one of my biggest if not top priorities. Putting other peopleu first, helping whenever they need, or whenever they aren’t feeling the best. I’m an introvert, but I occasionally try and talk to someone if they look particularly lonely or bored. (Though this typically ends in me being an awkward mess) my friends say I’m comedically awkward. Likes and dislikes...Anything sci-fi or post apocalyptic (like zombie movies or marvel and Star Wars) are awesome in my opinion. Random, but I love playing Minecraft, it’s my favorite game of all time. Getting to build and engineer it so fun! I love love love rainy days, just staying inside and being all cozy is so peaceful. Or going out and dancing in the rain. I also like the nighttime (I’m a night owl, and tend to like the nighttime better). I also really like coffee. And lastly, random but letters, handwritten letters make me so very happy. Dislikes, I don’t like people who pretend to know everything. I also don’t like yelling bc of some past experiences. Lastly, I dislike country music. Lastly, as for what I look for in a significant other. I want someone who has good morals, and preferably someone who won’t make me go out a lot. Really, just someone who won’t mind spending time with me, doing things I enjoy or letting me do things they enjoy. Also bonus if they like hugs or cuddles and won’t make it sexual or anything. Sorry if that was too long. Thank you so much in advance, hope you have a good day/night.
Hola/ Hello Kat! And thank you for requesting! No need to apologize for the length because thanks to your description of yourself, I’m able to formulate a more accurate Match Up for you! I hope you like your results and I apologize for the long wait 💗
Results Down Below!! I hope you like it!!
To begin with, your quirk is:
Physics Manipulation
Tumblr media
Quirk Explanation:
The user can create, shape, and manipulate the Laws of Physics, everything dealing with matter and its motion and behavior through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force, including momentum, friction, vectors, inertia, etc. They could, for example, change the direction a ball moves and how fast it travels.
My Reasoning for your Quirk:
Alright so in my understanding, is that you can change the amount of mass, energy, speed, alternate space and time, and even change the molecular mass of an inanimate object.
For instance you are on a mission with your Teammate being Yaoyorozu. She will for instance create a beach ball and hands it to you. You then proceed to change the mass, energy, and velocity of the object for it to carry a heavy impact from a light beach ball to mimic a bowling ball but still maintain its original weight. I can imagine you also have a telekinesis sub quirk to be able to control the object however you wish, and catch someone off guard. Imagine you managed to shrink the beach ball to a golf ball, and when you made it levitate quickly down the hallway towards the enemy, you make it grow back to its original size and hit the enemy with the ball’s mass equivalent to a bowling ball. ( I’m sorry if this is confusing but I was struggling a bit in explaining the scenerio.)
Also you make moving much more easier. You can simply touch a couch, refrigerator, bookcase, along with other heavy objects and pick it up with one hand by manipulating its mass into the weight of a feather.
This quirk is so diverse and strong in many aspects, that I believe there will be someone also interested, but not in your quirk, but you as a genuine kind person.
Now, your Match Up is:
Tumblr media
My Reasoning for your Match Up:
Let me say this, you have a King.
He drinks his respect women’s juice on a daily basis and it’s canon how much of a gentleman he is!
You won the lottery with this man, and he is very underrated, and deserves so much love, and you are here to deliver that!
I believe how you first met, was when you were teamed up for a rescue mission with Shoji and Yaoyorozu as your teammates. Shoji managed to save civilians from a collapsing building, but he didn’t see a loose board from the ceiling about to fall. You saw it and immediately jumped up to touch the board, making it float, and saved him along with the civilians. One of Shoji’s duplicate arms shaped as an eye saw you saving him.
You all managed to get out of the collapsing building with everyone safe and sound.
Shoji was mesmerized by two things:
A) You saved him without sparring a second thought. That captivated him because no one has defended him before.
B) You showed him kindness through your action of saving his life, that is the moment he knew he fell for you.
After the mission he would check up on you in how you are doing, as you reassure him you are fine.
He wants to show his gratitude that you saved him, and offers to invite you to lunch the next day, in which you accepted happily.
You two would hang out more often after the unofficial lunch date you both had, he would invite you to more places, mostly to music stores and concerts because he saw your potion for music.
He has even heard you sing a low tune as you walked towards your office at the agency, in which he complimented in your singing skills, that made you very flustered.
He was the one responsible for motivating you on pursuing a music career, because he saw that you have the potential to be a great singer and songwriter.
In which you excel, you became a Pro-Hero and a Musical Artist, saving people both physically and emotionally.
He was over the moon in seeing you happy, that he felt he became a burden in your life.
You saw him walk away from the Back of the stage he was looking at you, in which you turned to see him walk away.
You excused yourself while running off stage towards where his tall figure was heading.
You asked him what happened and he explains his reasoning.
You looked at him in bewilderment, and from that point you poured out your heart to him, to the point you confessed your love for him.
He was shocked in hearing that his crush, likes him back for who he is as a person.
A tear escaped from him, feeling overwhelmed, as you went in to hug him, showing your gratitude and love for him.
He wanted to kiss you, with his own lips not with his duplicate arm, but he was afraid of scaring you.
However, you asked him for his consent if you may kiss him, because you genuinely love him.
He nodded his head as he lowered his mask to you, one of the rarest occasions he has allowed himself to show his full face to someone.
You get flustered but build up the confidence to kiss him, with him smile throughout the kiss. Congratulations!! You two are a couple!! 🥺🤧💞💞💞💞
You two are THE couple goals, and that’s on period!!
He would treat you like a Goddess, a Queen, his divine one and only!
He respects boundaries, he would proudly show you off as his partner, overall, he is very much in love with you.
Your dates would consist of staying indoors and watch movies while snacking on fast food you both ordered.
I believe you two would play on your separate PCs and play Minecraft while drinking coffee and snacking.
Just imagine staying indoors during a rainy day, both of you wrapped up in a cozy blanket while watching your favorite movie in your shared bedroom, as he wraps his arms around you, holding you so lovingly yet gentle while placing soft kisses on that pretty face of yours!
Cuddles with this man is Infinity out of 10.
He knows everything about you, and when he sees you acting not like yourself, you better believe he will be worried and he would do the following:
Approach you and ask politely what happened, and he would listen to you, learning the motive of why you are not being the you he sees often.
He would wrap you in his arms and give you the most comforting hug you have ever received, along with him listening to you. He would ask if you would like his advice or stay quite, because he only wants to make you feel better since you always succeed in making him feel better.
Overall, this man is truly your soulmate in my opinion, and you are his light of hope in the darkness he grew up in, you are his hero.
Also, Tsunotori Pony is your mortal enemy because she disrespected your mans, and you aren’t afraid to throw hands. ( I’ll join you Sis we are going to square up at her!).
Best Friends: Jirou Kyoka, Iida Tenya, Yaoyorozu Momo
Muchas Gracias/ Thank you so much for requesting and I apologize for the long wait!
Take care and stay hydrated💗
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ryukspisswhore · 3 days ago
thinking of armin fucking his s/o in the library
wc: 538
tw: public sex, cockwarming, breeding, overstimulation
Tumblr media
You’re gripping the edge of the table in the Scouts Library, Armin’s cock buried inside of you. Thankfully, if anyone were to pass by they’d just assume your sitting on his lap.
The hole he’d made in your pants to shove his cock inside of you was just barely big enough. It was hidden well and with Armin leaning up, kissing your neck, you didn’t really think anyone would even try and come over to talk to you.
But you were wrong.
Jean and Connie appeared out of nowhere now asking the blonde dozens of questions all while his long cock twitched and throbbed inside of you. Every small movement made you want to mewl and when Armin lifted you just enough to readjust himself underneath you, you were coming undone, cumming as you clenched around Armin.
Jean and Connie figured it was best to leave you alone after you hung your head saying you weren’t feeling well. Armin however, took the opportunity to ravage you.
Lifting you up and down on his cock he begged for you to bounce on him until he was pumping you full of his cum.
It went on for hours. Armin might’ve been sensitive after a while but he loved the feeling. He loved the way you felt wrapped around his cock, the way your walls hugged and rubbed at his dick. And you were an overstimulated mess.
Crying and babbling when he called you ‘pretty’ or ‘angel’ his fingers finally deciding to help work at your sex to pull another orgasm from you all while trying to stay quiet.
You’d cleared the library out at this point, most people annoyed with the noise coming from the two of you.
Armin’s cock twitched inside of you as his cum filled you up. You were finally done for when Captain Levi appeared.
Mewling quietly when Armin nudged you to lift your head up and act natural, Levi had already heard and seen a little too much.
“Get back to your quarters, Arlert, (l/n)." Levi turned around and left quickly not wanting to see what happened next.
As Armin carefully lifted you off of his aching cock, cum began to leak from your abused hole. Shoving his fingers inside in an attempt to stop a mess before it happened, you only whined more.
"’s too much!" You cried quietly, your body shaking as his fingers moved around inside you, forcing his cum to stay inside you.
"Just a little longer, I promise! I don’t want you to make a big mess everywhere." Armin’s soothing voice is nice to hear. He’s kind and considerate until he’s fucking you into orgasm after orgasm.
Armin finally pulls his fingers from you and helps you up, praying you can keep yourself from leaking his spend all the way back to your quarters. It’s a risk he ends up taking, although watching his cum slowly leak down your thighs is a sight that turns him on.
You’re so full of him that you’re overflowing. It goes to his head. He’s fisting his cock in his bed later to the thought of you still spilling him out of your fucked out little hole.
He’s moaning your name into a pair of your underwear, praying the others don’t wake or hear him in the act.
mmm armin brainrot 😻😻😻 he’s so fine 🥺💗
𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖊
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okinawacore · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sypnosis : you were his, but was he ever yours?
genre : angst
tw : overthinking, mental breakdown.
author's note : idk, felt writing something. i hope this made sense lmao i wasn't even aware of what i was writing hehe lol
Tumblr media
you and jaemin had that on and off relationship kind of thing, and that really got you all thinking that maybe, just maybe, you and him aren't just meant to be. you had been staying up all night, countless thoughts running through your head. he deserves better, and he's better off without you. the thought of you two calling it quits haunted you, but you know it was all for the best. you both tried to make this relationship work, but your efforts was not enough to even make either of you stay after an argument.
every time he says goodnight, was it a goodbye in disguise? a thought had crossed your mind once more, adding up to the pain that was clencing deep down your fragile heart. everytime he gives you kisses, does he wish you were someone else? the pain was all too much to handle, you just had to give in and break down in tears. as much as you don't want to overthink, you just couldn't help it. not when you're in doubt and kept on questioning his love for you.
you were too immersed on breaking down, that you hadn't even notice that jaemin had left a few missed calls and unread messages.
four missed calls from : nana 💗
nana 💗: baby, you haven't been answering my calls. is something wrong? are you overthinking again? please tell me you're okay. should i go there? answer my calls, please.
you kept trying to find where your head is, that you lost yourself in the process. he's been waiting for you to take that call, he wanted to hear if you're doing fine. jaemin loved you the most, but you were too blinded by doubt to even see that. you were his, but fucksake, he had always been yours.
Tumblr media
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knightsofkenn · 4 days ago
Attention | Charlie Barber x Reader
Request fill for @0perfectly-flawed0 💗 (dd/lg, bondage, rough smut 1.76K words)
Tumblr media
Summary: You call Charlie a “fucking dick” leading to him fucking you, on his dick
Tags: ANGST, Bratty Reader, Daddy Kink, Dd/Lg Relationship ,FILTHY SMUT, Mentions of Nicole, Bondage, Reader is Fucked Dumb, Creampie, Humiliation, Hair Pulling, Degradation, MEAN DADDY DOM CHARLIE, Aftercare <3
A/N: Hi everyone! I just realized this is my first time writing a FULL OneShot for Daddy Charlie, but ITS SO YUMMY. I’m so thankful for all the requests pushing me to write for other AD characters, so thank you! I hope you enjoy<3
You fidgeted in your seat once more, causing Charlie to reprimand you.
“Princess, I already told you to sit still and finish your classwork” He reminded you, making certain to stare you directly in the eye. His intimidating nature never came from yelling or cursing at you. It came from his naturally authoritative mannerisms, probably from years of directing.
“But daddyyy” You whined, nearly pushing all of the papers off the desk he and you were using. He had promised you endless cuddles and attention on the condition that you let him finish blocking a couple of scenes for his upcoming show. Of course, you immediately agreed; the promise of attention and affection could get you to do almost anything.
“But nothing” He quipped back, standing up to pick up all the papers you had dropped. As he placed them back on the desk, the look in his eyes told you all that you needed to know. Taking a hold of your chin, he stood before you and gave you a final warning. “Princess, I’m not going to tolerate bratty behavior. Why can’t you just be a good girl, and then I’ll give you everything you want”
He was hoping that you would just let him work, as he had a deadline approaching. And he was already halfway through the scene, so all he needed was for you to sit in your seat, and stay quiet without fussing. But a part of him knew that you were only acting out because you wanted him to talk to you, to give you his full attention. But the reality of the situation was that you came first all the time, and just this once, he needed to prioritize his work.
He released your chin and gave you a small kiss on the top of your head. He wasn’t trying to be too hard on you, and he didn’t want to have you crying and feeling unloved, so he made a mental note to take extra care of you when he was done.
You waited two hours. Two fucking hours for him to finish, and you couldn’t deny the resentment building within you. You always liked being touched by him, especially when you were little, so that made it even more difficult to sit across from him without any physical contact. The least he could’ve done was pull you onto his lap, or take breaks to kiss you, but none of that happened. So you got up and left his office once he finally told you he was done working.
Sure it was dramatic, and you may have cursed at him and called him a “fucking dick”, but you weren’t Nicole. You couldn’t go hours without hearing his voice, or minutes without touching his skin. And what really pissed you off was that he knew all that about you. He knew you would feel neglected, yet he still put his work over you.
He threw his pen to the ground, frustrated with himself. The dynamic between the two of you relied on consistent communication, but it was just this once that he needed to focus. To focus on something that wasn’t you. You can call it selfish, but he couldn’t recognize that what he did was wrong. He had told you he would take care of you when he was done, and you could’ve easily left before he finished. That probably would’ve had more of an impact.
He debated if you should be punished for cursing at him, but you were upset. He figured your anger had finally reached the surface and knew that he needed to talk to you about it, but he didn’t want it to be a screaming match. He didn’t want to argue with you the way he had argued during his marriage and even his divorce. So he waited, he waited until he had packed up all of his work, and set it into his bag for the next day.
You had calmed down and were freshly showered and relaxed when he came into your bedroom. You could tell he was hesitant, glancing at you before deciding to change into his pajamas. You knew one of you had to cave in, and you knew he was too stubborn to fold first.
“I’m sorry for what I said…” You watched his shoulders tense as he continued to change, giving you the silent treatment. “Oh c’mon Charlie. I’m sorry for calling you a dick, I shouldn’t have said it” He continued to ignore you, leaving you feeling like a fool for talking to the air. Fine. If he wanted to act like that, you would brat even more.
Charlie finished changing and made his way to your bed when you mouthed off once more. “I really shouldn’t have called you a dick. I think pussy, is much more fitting for a man like you”
He stared at you, slack-jawed and appalled by what you had said. And to think that he was about to forgive you. He wouldn’t fight with you, he would settle on a definitive action. Pulling the covers off of you, Charlie grabbed ahold of your neck.
“You fucking brat” He gritted out, watching the way your eyes widened. You were scared, surprised by his change in behavior, but you should’ve seen it coming. You had pushed him, and your words were the last shove. “All fours, now.”
He wouldn’t force you into your punishment, though he could drag you and position you himself. But that took away the fun, and he knew you would submit all on your own. A satisfied smirk fell across his features as you presented yourself for him. Your back was arched, and your ass was up, perfect for what he had in mind.
You shivered at the feeling of ropes being fastened across your skin. He tied an X around the top of your chest, easily immobilizing your arms in the process. The tie cut off circulation just above and below your chest, causing your tits to push out further. You and Charlie had used bondage before, but he hadn’t tied you up this much in the past. By the time he was finished, both of your ankles were tied down as well, leaving you unable to move.
“You’re gonna take this punishment, and I don’t want to hear a word unless it’s from you moaning from my cock” Your body built with anticipation, though you knew he would give it to you good. “Do you understand?” He asked, lifting your head from his hold on your scalp.
He dared you to defy him once again, to put up another fight that you would lose. But you seemed to understand the seriousness of his words. “Y-Yes Daddy” You nearly moaned, eager for him to start.
Charlie released his grip, watching your head fall back down to the pillow beneath you. He was going to give you all the attention you wanted, even after you had had too much. Lowering his pants, Charlie ran his length along your cunt. The strings of your wetness and his precum mixed, forming the perfect lube for him to plunge into you.
“Daddy” You whimpered, grasping onto the air as you tried to find your balance in this position. You were completely at his merch, and couldn’t even lay comfortably, or at least not without his help. Charlie slowly pulled out, watching your sticky juices shine on his cock. He was going to tease you, nice and slow before giving you what you needed.
You whined each time he slammed into you, only to pull himself out and start again. He was going so slow that you couldn’t find a rhythm to enjoy it. And god it was agonizing. His cock would brush right against your spot and then disappear from your body. “Daddy, p-please fuck me”
You were leaking beneath him, obviously growing impatient from his teasing. you could’ve been getting fucked into tomorrow, but you had decided to curse at him and would have to endure your punishment. “Now Princess, you know better than to use that language. Or did your dumb little brain forget?”
He pushed into you again, this time pumping twice before pulling out again. “I asked you a question” You whimpered knowing exactly what he wanted to hear you say. “Yes Daddy, my dumb brain forgot”
God, you were so obedient like this, though it was a shame he had to tease you and fuck you to get you to this point. “Well let me remind you then” He added, kneeling on one of his legs for more leverage. It was then that he fucked you liked you expected; one hand lay in your hair and the other on your hip. You could feel his balls slapping upwards towards your clit, giving you stimulation.
“D-Daddy… it-its so good.. please” You moaned between his thrusts, trying to formulate words though it was getting more and more difficult. He was able to slide in and out of your cunt at a good pace now; he liked the way your body slumped beneath him as you grew more and more fucked out. “There you go dumb little Princess, let Daddy teach you how to behave. How to be a good little girl”
You were sure you were drooling at this point, your eyes closed as soft moans left your lips. He was fucking you so good, and you could hear his breathing start to change as he fully mounted you. “There … fuck fuck… give me that little cunt”
He was an animal, pounding into you like it was the last time he would fuck you. His flesh slapped against yours, filling the air as he focused on chasing his release.
You wouldn’t get to cum, you knew that much, so you whined and moaned as his body jerked behind you. His cock was pulsing his warm seed into you, still throbbing when he was finished.
He stayed inside you, trying his best to recover before the aftercare began. He knew your little side would be completely surfaced now, and he needed to be in the right state of mind to help and take care of you. He placed a few kisses down your sticky skin, gently pulling out.
He spent the next hour untying the ropes against your skin, bathing you, and cuddling your sleepy form against his bare chest. He would give you all the attention in the world, to make sure the two of you never fought like that again.
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thethreemages · 4 days ago
RosaPrym and Tulas for the meme?
Ack, sorry for the lateness I saved most of these answers in my drafts but kept forgetting to post 'em after awhile, my bad >>;
Is the most affectionate: Ooh Prym, most definitely~ while Rosie would eventually soften up a bit more after getting comfy in a relationship, she'd still be on the lowkey huffy/uptight side when it comes to showing affection (not that Prym minds, respecting her girls' boundaries and such uwu)
Their most common argument: Early on in their school days they always liked to try to outdo one another in alot of subjects (magic, academics, theater production, etc.), which once they get together would be alot more on the lowkey side given how much they've grown up since then. Regardless they'll still make up pretty fine after awhile though~ 💜
Nicknames for each other: "Rosie", "Rosebud", "Rosie Posie", "Ro", "Princess", "Darling", "Dearest", "Sweet Pea",... yeah there's a whole arsenal of 'em between these gals, lemme tell ya lol
Who initiates kisses: Prym, though if Rosie's feeling especially "bold" enough she'll probably sneak in a quick one before a big mission or something ;p
Who kisses the hardest: Rosabel can't even begin to count the amount of times Prym's lipstick stuck to her mouth right before a big work day xD
Who said I love you first: Surprisingly enough, Rosabel! After years of angsting, lingering on her feelings and just generally missing Prym after she's left for her traveling Mage duties... it wouldn't take much for her to finally blurt out her emotions by the time they'd inevitably reunite
Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times: Sneaky lil lady she is, Prym wouldn't miss the opportunity to liven up the mood via-telling all sorts of dirty jokes between the both of them (especially since Rosie herself has such an adorkable lil laugh on top of that)
Who’s the better cook: Rosabel was never really allowed around the kitchen thanks to her parents (whom always deemed it "too unfitting of a lady" for her to not let other servants cook for her), so Prym would most likely take over cooking duties at first. Rosabel always did want to try it though, especially since she still had memories of her dear Nana cooking the most delectable homecooked meals in her childhood~
Who wakes up to calm the baby: Both girls would take turns, given their natural soft spots for kids (especially Rosie :3)
Their favorite non-sexual activity: Performing in theater, bonding over some old literature, having lil picnic tea parties near the gardens outside, and so on~
1 sad headcanon about this couple: Rosabel often had to fight internally about her own feelings of jealousy and guilt seeing Prym with other love interests (Dantae Litayla in their first year, then Jada Ito in their third year). While not outwardly spiteful towards these pairs, with it combined to what she was dealing with at home... it just made Rosabel close herself off from Prym for awhile to not hurt her feelings (much to Prym's own confusion/worry that she might've done something wrong... as even through all their rivalry, she still considered Rosie a dear friend at-heart :c)
1 sugary-sweet headcanon about this couple: One of Prym's first presents to Rosabel as her girlfriend would be a fancy rose gold bracelet with charms of a rose and moon-shape (to represent them both as a couple :3)
Is the most affectionate: Tula's the most fluffy lil bean with practically anybody, including her big huff butt of a boyfriend~ ;p
Their most common argument: Hmmm... they probably wouldn't argue that much on their own tbh (at least not over anything too serious). Moreso its just over matters of Tula wishing Elas would loosen up a bit from having to be so worked-up and responsible over everyone (future king or not)
Nicknames for each other: "Dear", "Darling", "Honey", "Sweetie", "Ellie Bear"
Who initiates kisses: Tula~ 🧡
Who kisses the hardest: Hmmmm, it'd depend but if Elas is feeling confident enough, he's got a good "fiery" side of his own~ ;p
Who said I love you first: Elas, most likely in a heat-of-the-moment thing if he ever sensed Tula in grave danger (despite her insisting she could handle it), so things might just blurt out from there, to both of their own surprise
Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times: Prooobably Tula, but moreso in an "accidental" way that she herself doesn't realize (to his utter frustration lol)
Who’s the better cook: Neither of them have exactly the "best" cooking experience on their own (Tula being a clumsy sweetie and Elas's fire magic reacts a bit too strongly to handle kitchen flames). They could probably make a decent-enough meal if they both worked together though! ^^
Who wakes up to calm the baby: Elas would totally be one to be extra-protective of their baby early-on (having the royal medical team on speed-dial if anything were to come amiss), with Tula being right there to try and reassure him while comforting their lil one that its all okay
Their favorite non-sexual activity: Reading and Writing~ its been one of Elas' past times to vent out some of his stresses through this and Tula's always been a creative one since school, so together they'd probably have alot of fun making up their own lil novel to enjoy themselves uwu
1 sad headcanon about this couple: Knowing his father's unlucky history in love, Elas can't help but wonder sometimes if a similar fate would befall him the more he gets closer to Tula (hence some of his "tenseness" in getting too attached in relationships)
1 sugary-sweet headcanon about this couple: Tula always thought Elas had a cute lil laugh (even if he'd usually be too embarrassed/stiff to show it often), hence why she'd always try to encourage some good humor and wholesomeness whenever they go on a date~😊
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