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#just landed right in front of me and then took off again
adobe-outdesign · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[8/7/20] Banded Net-winged Beetle, Calopteron reticulatum.
A very pretty friend shows off their lovely wings.
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wannabemobwife · 2 hours ago
Guns, Glamour and Goodfellas - Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Leave a Light On
Dad!Mob!Tom x Mom!Mob!Reader
-Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader, Rosie Holland x Henry Osterfield, Family!Rosie Holland x Family!Harry Holland (idk really how to do pairings because most characters have interactions with everyone)
-Warnings: Hospital scenes, sadness, blood, typos
-Words: 4.1K
Y/M/N = your middle name
Y/L/N = your last name
Y/B/T = your blood type (if you don’t know you can pick a random one, there is O-/+, AB-/+, A+/-, and B-/+)
Tumblr media
A/n: I have a too much fun writing the hospital scenes sorry. And before you at me for a second coma, it isn’t one. Some people just take longer to come out of general anesthesia.
Chapter 11: Leave a Light On
Words: 4K
“Oh my god, she still has a pulse” said one of EMTs in the copter.
“Tell the hospital to have as much Y/B/T on hand when we get there.”
“We got you, Mrs. Holland.”
Everything was a blur. You were taunted by your consciousness ebbing like the tide. One minute you were awake, the other not so much. Noises and smells seemed louder and stronger as your sight was stripped from you. A constant buzzing gave the hint of a helicopter, you were rescued. You wanted to give up at that moment. All your energy had dissipated over the hours of waiting. Giving up would make all the pain go away.
But at what cost? You wanted to see Parker’s and Rosie’s smiling face once more. You wanted to see Tom again. Tell him you loved him because you aren’t so sure he truly believed you the last time. You wanted all these things but it seemed you were meant for a different path.
One without pain, struggle and hurt. One that has only known of peace, bliss, and tranquility. One you ready to say goodbye to and the other hello.
Something beyond yourself was keeping in the position you were in. Struggling to bring oxygen to your lungs, bleeding out liter after liter from your side you were ready and needed to give up. Someone else wasn’t ready.
“Mrs. Holland can you hear me?” A doctor said, shining a light in your eyes to see if you were responsive.
“Mrs. Holland, we are going to take good care of you.”
“Oh, wow... she’s soaked entirely through her bandage. I need all the bags from the blood bank of Y/B/T you can find. She could die of exsanguination any moment.
“Tom,” you whispered.
“What was that? Did you hear that?” Asked the hospital staff, working above you. You reached up weakly, to pull your oxygen mask off for a second.
“Tell Tom I love him, please,” was all you could choke out before a terrifying but familiar sound filled the room. A monotone beep. You were coding.
“I need a crash cart in here. Charging to 200… clear,” called out the doctor. Your body jolted up with the force of 200 joules.
“Charging to 300… clear.”
“Charge to 400, CLEAR,” the doctor screamed.
“Charge to 450—.“
“Doctor we aren’t supposed to give that high of a shock,” informed one of the surgical interns.
“I don’t care, this woman needs to see her kids again… Clear,” The doctor said, delivering a final defibrillation. Your heart rate returned to normal, a steady pulse still weak but there.
“Doctor, she has a pneumothorax (collapsed lung) on her right lung,” said one of the medical personnel using the ultrasound. “Shit, we need to get her to the OR now. Let’s move. I’m not going to let her die on me.” The doctor explained.
A plane ride that was only supposed to be 2 hours and 15 minutes melded into what felt like days. No word from Harry or anyone had come about you and Tom. They all landed and took a car to the hospital. It was enough waiting by then, all they knew is that both of you were found. Neglecting to mention dead or alive.
“I’m here for Tom and Y/N Holland. They were airlifted in. Can we see them?” Nikki asked the person at the front desk.
“No hablo ingles, lo siento,” said the receptionist
“IS THERE ANYBODY HERE WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH?” Dom screamed. “Yes, I do. Did I hear you say you are here for Tom and Y/N Holland?” Asked a man clad in a white lab coat.
“Yes. He’s my son and she’s my daughter-in-law. These are their kids.” Nikki explained gesturing to Parker and Rosie.
“Well ma’am if you’ll follow me. I can tell you in private.” “No, whatever needs to be said, they can hear. They want to hear.” “Still follow me to a private waiting room please, your son is in there. Everyone can come,” the doctor concluded. “Alright then,” Nikki responded, following the doctor to a private waiting room.
“Harry.” Rosie said, seeing her favorite uncle.
“You made it, I’ve been waiting for you guys to hear an update.” Harry was so happy to see the rest of his family. “It’s bad, it was really bad,” Harry explained somberly. “Enough with the dilly dally, just tell me. Is my son dead?” Nikki couldn’t take the waiting anymore.
“They were both brought in barely conscious. Tom had lost some blood due to an open wound on his femur, he has a severe concussion, a few cracked ribs and a small knick on his kidney. He is currently in surgery, they are fixing his kidney. The most he will have is a few stitches but, we are very confident he’ll pull through,” explained the doctor.
“And my mom?” Rosie asked.
“Y/N is currently in surgery, she has protruding wound to the abdomen, a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a severe concussion. She lost a lot of blood, almost dying of exsanguination. She is in surgery to treat her abdominal wound and her lung. Our biggest concern is sepsis, we are worried an infection caused by the elements will occur.”
“So she’ll be okay, right?” Parker questioned.
“She wasn’t conscious like Tom when they found her. In her case the amount of blood she lost might have stopped bringing oxygen to her brain. If she survives the surgery—“
“If?” Rosie gasped, starting to cry.
“Rosie, let him finish,” Parker snapped.
“If she survives, we don’t know when or if she will wake up. We can only hope for the best. I promise to come back with any further updates.”
“Thank you doctor,” said Nikki.
“I need some tea or coffee or a drink. Anyone else?” Sam said, Dom nodded in response.
“I’ll join you and dad,” Paddy said following Dom and Sam out of the room.
Parker was trying to keep everything inside. He actually appreciated the uncertainty of it all, the longer it went on the longer he didn’t have to hear a definitive answer, that you and Tom were dead.
Parker mainly tried to comfort Rosie but that position was filled once Haz and Henry got to the hospital. It was only 30 mins til another doctor approached them.
“Your son is out of surgery. He is resting in room 302, we are just waiting for him to come out of general anesthesia,” came in another doctor with news.
“Thank you. And my daughter-in-law?”
“She is still in surgery,” informed the doctor.
“Ok, thank you. I’m going to go check on Tom. Parker come with?” Nikki asked, she didn’t want to be alone seeing Tom lie in a hospital bed.
“Sure,” Parker said, following Nikki through the door.
“Harry, you’ll stay here with Rosie,” Nikki called out.
“How you doing, Roo?” Harry asked, moving towards Rosie’s side.
“My mom calls me that,” she said, unmoving towards Harry’s love.
Rosie was still like a statue. But her mind was very active, traveling from place to place. Just waiting for someone to update her on your condition.
“I know. She’ll pull through, Rosie.”
“How can you be so certain?”
“Cause I know your mom. For as long as I can remember she has always been the strongest person in the room.” Harry comforted her, draping an arm over her shoulders. “Your dad is convinced she is indestructible. Sure, she has gotten hurt in the past but she has always bounced back. Hasn’t she?” Harry encouraged.
“Yeah, she has,” Rosie sniffled, wiping her nose with her sweater’s sleeve.
“After everything she has survived, she is still here,” Harry asserted. “When she and your dad first were dating, they’d like to scare each other. Tom must’ve pulled something like 20 guns on her. It was really funny to watch,” Harry grinned.
“Tell me more stories please,” Rosie perked up at the anecdotes.
“Well there was that time when your mom told your dad about being pregnant with both you and Parker.”
“I already know that one.”
“Ok, let me think… oh. One time we pulled a prank on her. All of us, me, your dad, Sam, Paddy and Haz. She was supposed to speak at this benefit promoting something… I want to say a disease… maybe climate change… who cares,” Harry began. “But she is better at it now but she used to be so scared of public speaking. That night at the gala, she had a panic attack and Tom went to comfort her backstage, while the boys and I all went into her purse and switched out her speech for the joke one we made.”
“She went on stage and broke in to a laughing fit. All her nerves dissipated as she stood up there, cracking jokes from left and right. It was really funny because she was so scared she would read whatever was written on the cards. She did end up making a fool out of herself, but it was funny nonetheless. She was so mad at us, she avoided Tom for a week,” Harry finished, reminiscing of that night.
“Wow, that’s mean. Like really mean,” Rosie remarked as his story came to an end.
“No it wasn’t. It was funny, she’ll laugh about it now if you ask her.”
“Was she as mad as she has been lately?” Rosie inquired.
“What do you mean?”
“Mom and dad have been fighting a lot… I’m scared they won’t be able to work it out. I’ve never seem them like this,” Rosie cried, fighting back a fit of sobs.
“Roo, those two? Are you kidding me? They will work it out, they always have.”
“But that isn’t a guarantee.”
“Rosie, your mom and dad have been written in the stars since the beginning. Nothing will ever break them apart. And almost dying really brings people back together. I wouldn’t worry Rosie, they’ll be ok,” Harry consoled her.
Rosie really needed to hear that. Something to get her mind off all the death and sickness that surrounded her. She wasn’t ready to say goodbye. She needed you to hold her once more.
“Mrs. Holland, Y/N is out of surgery now. If you’ll follow me I can take you to her room,” a doctor said to Nikki as she was stroking Tom’s hair, waiting for him to wake up.
“Oh thank god, thank you. Parker do you want to come?” Nikki asked.
“No, I think I’ll stay here with dad. In case he wakes up. I’m not ready to see her like that anyway,” Parker mumbled, needing every excuse to not walk into your room.
Nikki just nodded in response. Nikki was there when Rosie was in her coma and she knew you liked to talk to her as if she was there, so she did the same.
“Hey, Y/N. I’m sorry this happened. The doctors have warned me that you might not wake up and I’m here to tell you that’s not an option. Your kids need you. Tom needs you…. He won’t be able to live without you. None of us will,” Nikki said, holding you hand. As soon as Rosie got word, she was already there. Standing in your doorway peering at your sunken body.
“Mom? It’s Rosie…. It’s your Roo,… why isn’t she waking up?” Rosie came barging in. She’d never seen you in a state like this.
“Mom? Mommy, please,” Rosie said, starting to shake you a bit.
“Rosie, come here,” Nikki said, pulling her into her arms. “She’ll be ok. All we have to do is wait.” Nikki concluded.
In Tom’s room, Parker was still there by his dad’s side. Everything had gotten massively screwed up. He was betraying his own dad and Tom didn’t even know.
“Parker?” Tom croaked out, slightly moving.
“Dad, I’m so glad you are okay,” Parker lunged to hug him.
“Me too, buddy,” Tom said, gritting his teeth to mask the pain.
“How’s mom?” Tom asked, praying you were still alive. It had been a rough night. Images of your half-dead body leaning against him for support plagued his memory.
“Umm… you should see for yourself.”
“What room is she in?” Tom asked, jumping out of bed.
“Dad, I don’t think it’s such a good idea you get up,” Parker exclaimed.
“Parker, don’t you dare stand in my way.”
“Mr. Holland, you’re awake — woah, you can’t get up. Your stitches could rip,” the nurse spoke with a thick Spanish accent.
“I don’t care. Let me see my wife,” Tom yelled.
“You may need to sedate him,” Parker said cheekily.
“Fuck that,” Tom cursed.
“You aren’t doing anything to me till I see her,” Tom asserted, the nurse just nodded in response and brought him a wheel chair.
Parker wheeled him through the hospital. He was about to face his fear as well as Tom. It both being the fact that you were dead and not longer living. They weren’t ready for that.
Tom came into your room and it was like a time machine. All those times he was walked into a room similar to this one with the white walls, white sheets, bright blinding lights and the machines that beep to no end. He was taken back to every time he had seen you lying in a hospital bed.
All the times he knew he hadn’t protected you. All the guilt and anguish came flooding back. Washing over him like a tsunami.
He walked in to see everyone gathered around you. Rosie was sitting on the left side of your bed, clutching your left hand and Henry was next to her keeping an arm around her shoulder. Tom didn’t care about them anymore, all that mattered was you.
“Dad, you’re awake!” Rosie cheered, as she saw Tom in the doorway.
“Yeah baby, I’m okay,” he said, holding Rosie close to his chest.
“I’m scared, dad. I’m scared she won’t wake up,” Rosie cried.
“I know. I am too.” Tom responded, his eyes still fixed to your lifeless figure.
“You know it was just a 5 weeks ago, you were lying a hospital bed just like mom. And she was holding on to your hand just like you are to her. And if you woke up from that, I can promise you she’ll wake up from this,” Tom encouraged.
“You really think so?” Rosie queried.
“I know so.… You know what your mom loves to tell me?”
“No. What?”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”
“It sounds like her,” Rosie chucked to herself.
“Yeah, it does.” Tom did the same, he was the one keeping you here. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye. 17 years was nothing compared to lifetime he was destined to have with you. Nobody accounts for the times where something so drastic happens that it can change your entire timeline.
Nobody believes they will die tomorrow or get hit by a bus anywhere. People just live in day to day life thinking that they have a 100 years to go.
You’d think by now, he’d gotten used to seeing you in a hospital bed. Maybe grown accustomed to it. On the contrary, every time he’d see you like this he’d go weak at the knees and beg to switch places with you. To be the one lying there, on death’s door, not you
Every time he has made a promise, your life has been put on the line. You are constantly caught in the crossfires. Tom slowly remembered why he hated hospitals so much, especially when they were associated with you.
“We’ll give you two a minute,” Nikki said, motioning for everyone to clear the room so it was just Tom and you.
“Hey, darling. I told you we’d make it. We had two choices either we died together or we made it together.” Tom began, trying not to cry.
“Y/N, I’m standing here and I’m okay. So it’s only a matter of time before I see you again. We promised it would be us together. Don’t you dare go back on that promise from ages ago, I’m supposed to go before you. Ok? It’s supposed to me. You promised me.”
“This one that you have to keep. I know it might be nearly impossible to, love. But there is no but or if, there is only you waking up and seeing me. Seeing your husband who loves you more than life itself. Seeing our two beautiful kids. I know I haven’t been your favorite person lately, so don’t do it for me. Do it for them, Parker and Rosie. They need you, more than they know.”
“Alright princess, it's only a matter of time. I’ll see you soon.” Tom finished, pressing a kiss to your forehead. One of longing, he just wanted to see your smiling face again. He let himself go completely, breaking down the flood gates. Tears started coming and they didn’t stop, they couldn’t.
Haz peered through the open door, to see Tom crying over you, he immediately jumped into best mate mode and went to comfort Tom.
“Hey. It’s ok. You can let it out,” Harrison said, pulling Tom into his arms.
“I was so awful to her Haz. I let her think I cheated on her so she wouldn’t be mad about Rosie and Henry,” Tom cried out.
“Why? What did you do? You know what, that’s not important right now. The point is she will pull through.”
“She could be dying and the last moment I can only remember with her is our fight. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”
“She’s not dying, Tom. Y/N has survived much more than this and promise you, you will say hello again.”
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Tom said, taking a line from your vernacular.
“Come on, let’s get some coffee… Here, hop on. I’ll push you,” Haz said, grabbing Tom’s wheelchair
“For fucks sake, you aren’t pushing me. I’m not some sick, crippled patient.” Tom exclaimed.
“Well… you did just get out of surgery.”
“I don’t care. I’m not going to let my helicopter crashing be the reason I can’t walk and I am looked at with pity.”
“Alright Tom, I believe we were going to get some coffee.”
“I don’t want to leave her alone,” Tom whispered.
“Rosie will be in here in a moment,” Haz explained.
“Ok.. Roo, can you go sit with your mom while I get your dad some coffee?” Haz asked. Tom still didn’t want to leave you but he knew you would want him to eat something.
“Yes, I’ll keep her safe.”
“I know you will, baby… Hold it. Hey Henry, can I talk to you?” Tom said, holding Henry back from entering the room.
“Dad,” Rosie said, sternly.
“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Tom said pulling Henry to the side.
“I’m sorry Tom.. um I mean Mr. Holland but I love your daughter more than anything,” Henry stammered.
“I just wanted to say thank you for being there for her when.. you know,” Tom admitted.
“Of course, I love her very much. And if the time every comes where I plan on marrying her I will ask for hands in marriage,” Henry promised.
“Woah kid, slow down. This is permission to date. No talking or even thinking about marriage, you understand. Also wear a fucking condom.”
“Yes, sir. Understood… Thanks Tom.”
“You’re a good kid, Henry. She’s in good hands,” Tom grinned, Henry just smiled and returned to Rosie. Returning to his rightful place, in her arms.
“Haz, did you bring me a change of clothes. I need to get out of this fucking gown,” Tom chuckled.
“Are you sure that’s a good ide—“ Haz started but was soon cut off.
“Eh, eh,” Tom interrupted giving him a harsh glare.
“You are not weak, I get it. Yeah, they are in my bag,” Haz concluded.
Tom said, “Thank you,” in return.
The waiting was back and it was killing Tom once again. This time he wasn’t waiting for both your impending deaths, just yours. It was eating him from the inside out.
You didn’t have enough time together. It wasn’t enough. Tom desired more, he needed more. All your favorite moments of you played through his head. Like he was watching a movie of his life with you, his love story.
One specifically, the day he proposed to you. It was hard to top his happiness that day.
All the days leading up to it he was distant and flighty. It worried it you greatly. Was he planning to break up with you? You were consumed with never-ending negative thoughts about your relationship.
It had been a while since you and Tom had a date night. He’d blown you off a few times to plan out the perfect proposal, afraid he’d let the question just slip out somehow. However, that was unknown to you so all you thought was, he’s an ass.
Tom was in his office, planning out how he was going to do it. What he would wear, where he would propose, what would he say. What would you say? He was nervous wreck.
“Haz, I can’t have anyone come in here ok?” Tom ordered. He must’ve practiced it 7 times. Getting down on one knee and declaring his love for you behind closed doors.
“Understood, Tom,” Haz said, giving him a cheeky grin as he closed his door. Not even 10 mins later, you came barging in through the front door. In a fury because Tom hadn’t returned any of your calls.
“Where is he?” You asked Haz. “Y/N?” He said, confused as to why you were here. Well, you did live there.
“Where’s Tom? I have to talk to him,” you asserted. “Why am I asking you? Of course, he is in his study,” you replied to your own question.
“NO, you can’t go in there,” Haz said, following you to Tom’s office.
“And why not?”
“He’s in a meeting.”
“What meeting would he have a 10:30 at night… Unless?” Your heart sank at the possibility of Tom not alone in there.
“Unless what?”
“He has a woman in there doesn’t he?”
“It’s fine. I’ll go. You won’t see me around anymore. He chose her over me,” you said, trying not to cry. But you weren’t going to put up a fight.
“Y/N it’s not like that,” Haz called after you, trying to stop you from walking away.
“Then what is it Haz?”
“I can’t tell you?… Just go in there and see for yourself.”
“I don’t want see them.”
“Just do it,” Haz ordered, you eventually agreed. Opening the door to a very well-dressed Tom down on one knee holding a blue velvet box in his hands.
“People always spoke of soulmates and I didn’t believe them. But then I found you. And I had never been so happy to be proven wrong. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N you make me want to be a better man. You are my inspiration for everything. I can’t ever imagine living without you. Will you marry me?” Tom said, oblivious to you standing right there.
“Yes,” you said without hesitation.
“No! No, no. You weren’t supposed to see that. Haz I told you to guard the door,” Tom yelled.
“Yes, Tommy. I’ll marry you”, you continued, hoping he’d hear you.
“God, it's ruined now. I’m so sorry. I had this huge plan take you to the London eye,” Tom apologized profusely, running his hands through the curls atop his head in frustration.
“Tom, you're not hearing me. I want to be your wife,” you exclaimed, you couldn’t contain your excitement.
“You do?” Tom surprised at your answer.
“Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying. YES!” You screamed. Tom immediately grabbed you twirling you in the air and kissed you with all the love and passion you deserved. He had been neglecting you so he wouldn’t spoil it.
He put the ring on your finger. It looked as though it was home. You were his and he was yours. Nothing could top that moment.
Thinking about you and the time spent together. It made it that much harder to say goodbye.
Tom was brought out of his trance as you stirred, starting to wake. All heads and eyes turned towards you.
“Y/N. Honey, it’s ok. You were in a helicopter crash. You’re ok. You’re ok. I’m so happy to see you,” Tom whispered, tucking the hair out of your face.
The moment you came to, your eyes widened and a look of panic adorned your face. You were completely lost. Unaware of all your surroundings. You managed to croak out three words. Not an “I love you,” not words of love, quite the opposite.
“Who are you?”
A/n: Alright, Y/N lived. As I promised, there are 17 chapter in this series, 6 more to go. I will start writing the sequel series once all these chapters have been posted, even though I have it already planned out in my head lol. New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Guns, Glamour and Goodfellas Masterlist
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rogerblackwolf · 5 hours ago
The Angel
Containment Facility 204
60 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska.
-Modern Day-
A single black Osprey VTOL flew over the snow covered land, a full moon helping illuminate the nighttime sky. The winds caused some turbulence but the pilots were experienced enough to handle it, the single passenger however found it to be a little rough. The passenger shifted in her seat to look out the window at the expanse of white land and the mountains they were heading towards, in the distance she noticed some dark clouds which the moon helped outline. Another gust of wind shook the Osprey, and before long the snow began falling again, thankfully their destination was in sight. The lights of the mountainside were like a Christmas tree, lighting the way for them to land, the Osprey's twin engines slowly turned upward allowing for it to land on a massive helipad. Once on the ground the woman grabbed her two suitcases and got blasted by the cold air as the ramp was dropped.
A couple of men in uniforms immediately came up to her and got her to a waiting vehicle nearby. They drove from the helipad and into an open illuminated tunnel, just as the snow began to fall. A perk of getting stationed in Alaska during the winter months. The first thing she noticed upon entering the mountain was the massive interior hanger which held several other Ospreys. The car then drove down another tunnel and stopped at a service entrance for the personnel.
"Now ma'am, go inside to the front desk, they'll show you where to go." The driver said.
"Thank you. I appreciate the help." She said before grabbing her suitcases and heading inside. Once inside she was greeted by one of a pair of men at the front desk who stood and asked;
"Ms. Clark?"
"Yes. That's me." She replied, putting her hood down and removing her beanie.
"Do you have your ID badge?" The man asks
"Yes right here." Clark said, taking it out of her jacket pocket.
The man looked it over and checked against the file on the computer. 
"Please place your right thumb on this." He says whilst putting a small scanner on the counter. Clark obliged, taking her gloves off and placing her thumb on the scanner. After some more typing the man gave back her badge before asking her to follow him, leading her down a hallway to an elevator. Next to the doors was what looked like an electric lock where the man inserted his ID badge, once the light turned from red to green a hidden plate opened next to it, revealing a scanner with the outline of a handprint. The man put his hand in the outline, a line of light quickly ran the length of his hand before a green arrow pointing up above the doors lit up.
"When the doors close, put your badge into the lock, follow the instructions given and you'll be fine." He says.
"Thank you." Clark replies.
"Enjoy your stay, ma'am." The man said before walking away. A few moments later the elevator rang and the doors opened. Once inside, Clark put her ID badge into the lock and a hidden plate opened to her right revealing another handprint scanner and a retinal scanner. A small screen also lit up with a set of instructions; the first being 'Place right hand in the scanner.', once she did so, another instruction came onto the screen 'Look directly into the lens.' 
Clark looked into the lens and a pair of lights scanned both her eyes. When the lights stopped she blinked with relief, and the last instruction came on-screen 'Report to Dr. Malcolm on Level 4.' Clark pressed the number 4 button and felt the elevator beginning to descend. She unzipped her winter coat and undid her light brown hair which stopped at her shoulders. She took a deep breath, nervous of what would happen next since this was new to her. She glanced at her watch, 9:45 pm, not terribly late but she didn't ponder it as the elevator opened again, this time welcomed to a reception area that split into a couple of hallways. She was met by a receptionist, a young woman with auburn hair tied in a bun and dressed in formal business attire, who happily showed her to Dr. Malcolm's office. The women entered as the man inside was in the process of putting some files away and locking the cabinet. Dr. Malcolm was easily six feet tall, had long blonde hair with some grey mixed in that was tied into a ponytail, clean shaven with an angular face, and dull grey eyes. He also had faint bags under his eyes, probably not the type of man to get much sleep.
"Ms. Clark, welcome to Containment Facility 204." Dr. Malcolm said, shaking her hand firmly before leaning against his desk.
"Thank you, Doctor." Ms. Clark said standing in front of him.
"My name is Dr. Howard Malcolm, I am the Head Researcher and Overseer for this facility. I'm sure you have many questions but I'm also sure you are tired so I'll show you where you'll be staying and get you settled. Shall we?" He asks, leading the way out of his office and holding the door for her. Clark followed him down a hallway and up some stairs to another hallway where there were multiple doors on both sides with room numbers. They stopped at a room near the end of the hall and Clark noticed the lock required a key card.
Dr. Malcolm stepped aside letting her do the honors. Clark inserted her badge and entered, being welcomed with what looked like a high-end hotel room. It had a full sized bed, a bathroom with a shower, a small living area with a tv and workspace, and even a kitchen with a fully stocked fridge. It was devoid of decorations but that could be fixed in due time. Clark put her suitcases at the foot of the bed before taking her heavy coat off.
"Make yourself at home, and in the morning we'll get you set up for your job here, anyway I'll leave you to it. Goodnight Dr. Clark." Dr. Malcolm said, closing the door before she could reply.
Dr. Clark quickly got acclimated after a simple dinner and getting unpacked. Without much else to do she decided to go to sleep even if she was still a bit nervous.
Awakened by her alarm, Clark stumbled out of bed and made some coffee before taking a quick shower and having some toast. She then got dressed in a plain blouse, skirt that went past her knees, plain black flats and some light makeup, first impressions and all. She got a knock at her door as she put on her lab coat and attached her badge.
"Yes?" She asked through the door.
"It's Dr. Malcolm." 
Clark opened up to the man who waved with a smirk.
"Morning Ms. Clark, How was your first night?" He asked.
"Good. I was about to come and find you actually." She said
"Well, if you're ready I'll give you the tour and get your security clearance settled." He said.
Clark nodded before following Dr. Malcolm through the halls of the facility. They passed multiple other Researchers and men in security uniforms, the researchers carried files and iPad devices but they still managed to wave or say a morning greeting. Before long, Clark and Malcolm arrived in the main control center where she was given an iPad that, among other things, showed a map of the level she was on. She noticed how it was rather Labyrinthine in design, but with the map handy she'd adapt with time. Dr. Malcolm explained how the facility housed many creatures that resembled folkloric creatures but each was unique in a way. Each of the creatures were separated by level as were the researchers who studied them. Dr. Malcolm introduced the head of security, a tall imposing man with broad shoulders and short black hair named Andrew, to Clark. He asked her for her ID badge which he told her was only a temporary one, he showed her to an area with a camera and a blue screen. Andrew took her picture, a couple minutes later, she had a new ID badge and finally turned a mic toward her.
"Ok, last thing, speak your full name and credentials." Andrew said pressing a button on the desk next to the mic.
"Dr. Amelia D. Clark, PhD in Philology." She said.
Andrew then typed on the computer before speaking again;
"Ok, the software now recognizes you as part of the staff. Congrats." He said with a smirk.
"Thank you." Clark replied.
"Now onto the reason you are here. Follow me please." Dr. Malcolm said, having Dr. Clark follow him as he walked and talked;
"Dr. Clark, you were selected out of a roster of one hundred and fifty individuals, and only your credentials stood out the most. Received your Master's from the University of Pennsylvania, top of your class, and you did your field study at the British Museum and the Louvre. All impressive." Dr. Malcolm said.
"Well where am I gonna be placed, and why was I chosen?" She asked
"You'll be placed with Research Team 18, they're looking into one of the creatures stored here. One that's quite...unique." Dr. Malcolm said.
They came to a room with a few other researchers working on a number of different artifacts. On one table was a tablet covered in writings that looked like some form of cuneiform, another had an ornate dagger covered with similar symbols along its edge, and the two last tables had many jewelry pieces from a necklace and rings to bejeweled bracelets. One Researcher came up to the duo, an older man with balding hair and some grey peach fuzz on his face but he still seemed  able for his age.
"Dr. Clark, this will be your lead researcher Dr. Luke Allen. Dr. Allen, meet our latest addition, Dr. Amelia Clark." Malcolm introduced.
"Oh yes, the new linguist." Dr. Allen said, extending his hand to her.
"I'm actually a Philologist sir." Amelia replied, shaking his hand firmly.
"What's the difference?" Allen asked.
"A Linguist studies languages spoken today, including dialects used by small populations, while a Philologist studies ancient texts and the evolution of ancient languages a linguist would consider "dead" languages because they only exist in writing, like Sanskrit, Old English, and Old High German." Amelia explained.
"Well then, what language did you study?" Allen asked.
"My focus was Assryiology." Amelia answered.
"If you would, I'm certain our guest is awake by now. And I think it's safe to say that Dr. Clark likes a challenge on her first day." Dr. Malcolm said, looking at Amelia.
"Well, I guess no time like the present." Amelia replied.
"Alright. Good luck." Dr. Malcolm said before taking his leave.
Dr. Allen escorted Amelia through a couple of corridors and down a hallway with several contained creatures. The cells themselves were made of impact resistant metal and the doors looked like glass but it let out an electrical pulse when touched. In one cell was what resembled a massive feline with a wolf-like head that paced back and forth snarling at the researchers as they passed. Another cell had a polar bear but it was larger and had bony horns protruding from its body. It took a swipe at the door before getting a powerful shock that made it recoil. 
Dr. Allen showed her to a quieter passage that held some of the more docile creatures, like a supersized elk that reminded her of a Megalocerus and an overgrown bison that appeared to have bony plates on its head and shoulders. While amazed, Amelia was surprised when they arrived at a pair of heavy doors with a hand scanner next to them. Dr. Allen scanned his hand and the doors began unlocking before opening, Dr. Allen stepped in first followed by Amelia. Inside was a circular room comparable in size to Amelia's room, it had stacks of books, magazines, even DVDs and CDs. In four corners of the room were cameras, one of which focused on the researchers as they entered. There was a bed in the corner that had been made and a TV playing a popular show on the opposite end, what surprised her more was the one watching it. The figure turned off the TV, setting the remote aside before standing to turn towards the duo.
He was humanoid, easily seven feet tall, dressed in a gold and white robe with vestments draped over his shoulders, and smooth, tanned skin with golden hair that showered down his back. He also had a pair of feathered wings that sprouted from his back. Amelia was first stricken by how handsome he was but then saw he was hovering in place.
"Good morning Dr. Allen." He said.
"Good morning Subject 11572. This is our new addition." Dr. Allen replied.
The humanoid turned to Amelia and extended his hand to her. Amelia took it and began to introduce herself.
"Hello I'm-"
"Dr. Amelia Clark, PhD in Philology, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Among other things." He said.
"Uhm." She responded.
"Yeah he does that. Anyway, this is Subject 11572, we often refer to him as the Angel for obvious reasons." Dr. Allen says nonchalantly.
"Apologies if I overstepped." The Angel said.
"Oh it's fine, I'm just starting to get used to things here." Amelia chuckled. The Angel smirked in response.
"Dr. Clark will be responsible for studying you from now on. I'll be monitoring the interview from the observation room. Good luck." Dr. Allen said, taking his leave.
Amelia nearly protested but figured this could likely be a test so she took a deep breath and turned back to the Angel.
"May I offer you a seat?" He asked, hovering to the side to offer a couple of chairs.
"Sure. Thank you." She said taking a seat just as the Angel followed suit. 
Amelia pulled up the file on the Angel and read some details while the Angel sat patiently, she couldn't really gauge his emotions if he had any to begin with. She finally spoke by reading off his bio.
"This file says you were found in 1976 on one of the Aleutians. How'd you arrive there?"
"I chose to come to your world as an ambassador. The portal sent me to the islands, I was found by the local tribesmen who welcomed me with food and drink. Your agents found me, I surrendered and I've been here ever since." He responded.
"Ok, how did you know my name and credentials without me or Dr. Allen telling you?" She asked.
"I am able to tell a lot about a person by reading their aura." He says
"Aura?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.
"All humans have an aura, a byproduct of the magical lifeblood that exists in all Creation. I can see and gain a basic understanding of a person by simply reading it, such as if they are good or hold other intentions. However by physically touching a person I can see many more details, like their name, family, etcetera." He explains.
"What did you sense from me and Dr. Allen?" Amelia asks.
"Dr. Allen hides no ulterior motives but he has his own problems like many humans. He is trustworthy despite being easily irritated. Your aura is nervous but good, you're worried you won't do a good job. Perhaps due to your past experiences of clumsiness." The Angel speculated.
Amelia blushed in embarrassment before continuing. 
"So do you have a name? Or are you ok with being referred to as "Angel"?" She asked.
"My name is inscribed on the tablet I brought with me, I cannot tell you it though. And for the sake of simplicity, I've allowed myself to accept the moniker." He says. 
"Why can't you tell me your name?" Amelia asks curiously.
"Telling you my name creates a bond that cannot be easily broken, and allows you access to my knowledge. However, the cost for such knowledge could overwhelm your mind to the point of insanity, if it doesn't destroy you outright. By learning my name, that is a sign that you could stand a chance of surviving and retaining what I show you." He says.
"Sounds simple enough." Amelia said with a nervous chuckle.
The Angel chuckled with her and she caught him with a faint smile, she blushed in response.
The interview went on for roughly another hour before Amelia was called to conclude it. She thanked the Angel and exited the room meeting with Dr. Allen as the doors shut and locked behind her. Amelia then asked Dr. Allen to show her the tablet, when they got back to the research room, Amelia began studying the object. It was 12 inches tall, 6 inches wide, half an inch thick, had rounded edges, and looked like it was made of some metallic alloy but it was considerably lighter. Etched into its surface were symbols that covered only the front side, they resembled the writings of ancient Babylon which gave Amelia a lead.
She downloaded scans of the tablet onto her iPad while also trying to see if she recognized any of the symbols herself. The other researchers helped by getting her some books and journals on cuneiform, and lots of coffee. Many hours passed and Amelia was only able to translate a few sentences talking about a great mission and a person to bring unity. Amelia finally decided to hit the hay and took her iPad with her to her room, she made a sandwich for dinner and showered before looking at the scan of the tablet. She finally decided to let her iPad go through the translation program through the night so she could get some sleep. 
The next morning, Amelia got up and went about her routine, just finishing her first cup of coffee when her iPad suddenly dinged. Upon opening it, the program had finished its translation, which excited her enough she immediately began reading. In essence the tablet spoke of a civil war between the forces of Creation, in the end the rebellion leader was cast from the realm along with his followers. The realm of Creation elected one of their own to go to the Earth so that he could teach mankind the importance of unity even among enemies. To see past the differences of one another and instead see what makes them human. 
The strange thing though was the last sentence was incomplete simply reading 'The Watcher has been chosen, he will be known to mankind by his given name of-' with the last word unable to be translated. Amelia got ready for the day and took her findings to Dr. Allen who, after reading the translation, told her to see if she could decipher it. As she poured through journal after journal, she grew frustrated due to not finding what she needed. As a result she sat at her desk staring blankly at her open books and iPad which had the untranslated word that vexed her mind. Suddenly it came to her.
The word consisted of six letters not just Babylonian but each letter was from a different language of the region. One was from the Sumerian language, another from Assyrian, and Amorite. She wrote out the letters in order, finding them to make sense as she translated them down to the English alphabet. Finally it spelled a name she could read but, despite her eureka moment, she didn't want to reveal it just yet. She went to Dr. Allen, who then took her to see Dr. Malcolm, and needless to say he was surprised by her discovery.
"I think we should consult our guest." Dr. Malcolm said, leading them to the holding cell. This time the Angel was reading a book with a hard cover and a title in Italian. He closed it before standing to greet the trio as the door closed behind them.
"Doctors Clark, Allen, and Malcolm. How are you all this day?" He asks.
"We believe that we have finally translated your tablet, and your name, thanks to the work of Dr. Clark." Malcolm said.
The Angel's brow arched as he turned to Amelia.
"You believe you know my name?" He asked.
"I do, and though I am new here I also believe that these two can be trusted with your secret." Amelia said.
"For security purposes, this device was programmed with your name, whenever your name is said the device will distort it. Keep in mind though that my superiors will be able to hear the unaltered version. Knowing this, are these measures satisfactory?" Dr. Malcolm asked, showing a small recording device.
"They are." The Angel said after a moment of thought.
Once the measures were in place, Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Allen let Amelia take the lead. 
"Your Anauel." 
The Angel, who was hovering in place, landed on his feet. His eyes had a glossy glow before but they now took on a more human color, that of a bright blue.
"You are correct." He said before he took a seat, the rest following suit.
"You have many questions, I will answer them as well as I can. No holding back." Anauel said.
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waterrolls · 23 hours ago
Drabble Request: NaruHina; The Last!Naruto performing CPR on The Last!Hinata to restart her heart
Holy crap! You start me off with THIS?! This is a hard scene to write, Anonymous-san😩 But I did my best.
Here you go, a scene that didn’t make it to the final version of The Last.
When the puppets suddenly appeared, they were unprepared. A barrage of glowing orbs suddenly rained down on the flying shinobi. Sai’s giant ink birds disappeared as they disintegrated under the onslaught.
Shikamaru cursed just as he and Sakura dropped down into the water. Sai tried to create more ink creatures to stop their fall but was struggling. Naruto blasted a few rasengan into their enemy just as he felt Hinata behind him take her hands off his stomach and called out, “Twin Lion Fists!”
But another puppet showed up directly in front of them and raised its arms to blast another attack. It destroyed their ink bird and Naruto and Hinata plunged into the ocean below them.
Just as they were falling, Naruto saw an orb enter Hinata's chest, making her body go limp. She lost consciousness as their bodies broke through the surface of the water.
But he was in the water, too, struggling to stay afloat and trying to get to her side. When he finally did, he caught her under her arms and waded to the surface. His eyes lit upon dry land and headed in that direction.
The others can take care of themselves, he thought. Right now, he needed to save Hinata.
He dragged her to the shore and his heart dropped to see her not breathing.
Naruto placed his ear to her chest and didn’t hear a heartbeat. Quickly, he placed his palms above the area between chest and her abdomen and pushed a couple of times. He stopped and breathed into her mouth, pinching her nose and planting his lips over hers.
Still no heartbeat.
“Come on Hinata. Breathe, girl.”
His palms pumped several times again. His mouth breathed into hers once more.
“Hinata, breathe, honey!” he muttered as his hands continued their compressions on her chest. “I need a heartbeat.”
He placed an ear over her chest to try to find that heartbeat. Still nothing, no response from her.
“Come on,” he encouraged. “Hinata, come on, babe. You gotta do it.”
Naruto continued administering CPR and dimly he heard Shikamaru coughing and footsteps heading in his direction, but he was focused on trying to make Hinata’s heart start again.
“Hinata!” he yelled, eyes never leaving her face. “Breathe, breathe, breathe, damn it! Come on, girl!”
And she finally did, gasping, then coughing as her pale face suddenly suffused with healthy color.
“Thank god!”
He turned her over to her side and she coughed up the water from her lungs.
“Naruto!” he heard Sakura yell out. “Is Hinata okay?”
“Looks like it,” he answered without looking at her. His eyes were still on Hinata’s face.
Sakura reached his side and took over. Fortunately, nothing was wrong and she declared Hinata safe from danger.
“Just to make sure, Naruto. You and Hinata aren’t going out,right?” she suddenly asked.
“Huh?” he asked, his face blank. And then he shook his head. “Sakura, Hinata’s a friend!”
“Right. Friend,” Sakura murmured under her breath as her gaze drifted to his hand that was unconsciously still gripping Hinata’s because he didn’t think to let go.
Sakura hadn’t missed the unwittingly whispered endearments he’d called Hinata, either, when he’d been desperately trying to bring her back to life.
“She’ll be fine, right?” he asked, a worried frown over his face.
“Yes, she will,” Sakura answered and smiled to herself.
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iliumheightnights · a day ago
I See You | Din Djarin x Male Reader
Tumblr media
Fandom: Star Wars, The Mandalorian Pairing: Din Djarin x male!reader Summary: Din returns to his husband after Grogu’s departure.
WARNING: This has spoilers for the finale of season 2 of the Mandalorian! You have been warned.
As the Slave One flew towards the landing pad, Din could only think about the Razor Crest and how it felt to land her right there knowing he was home. He wouldn’t be doing that anymore, he wouldn’t be able to. The Razor Crest was gone...and so was Grogu.
Din tried not to think of it. The Razor Crest being gone hurt him greatly, he had that ship for years. Pretty much since he went out to become a bounty hunter. It was part of his armor, part of him...and now that part was gone.
Of course, the Razor Crest wasn’t the only thing that was gone. Along with his ship, Grogu was gone as well. The little womp rat stole his heart and had taken it with him. He had tried his best to get Grogu back from Gideon, he hadn’t expected a Jedi to show up and take Grogu away from him so fast. He understood it was important for Grogu to be with someone who knew how to train him, but it still hurt. He barely had time to say goodbye.
“We’re here.” Boba Fett’s voice spoke out.
The sound of the ship's engine died down a bit. Din saw the house not too far from the landing pad. He hadn’t been there in a few weeks. His home. Din stood from the seat, Boba and Fennec following him to the ramp.
“Thank you.” Din said, turning to the pair. “For all your help. You didn’t need to help me, but you did. I won’t forget it.”
Boba nodded. “Only returned a favor.” Boba then reached out his hand. “You’ll always have an ally here.”
“Thank you.”
Fennec nodded at him. “I’m sorry things didn’t end the way you wanted them to. I know you weren’t expecting to lose him again so soon.”
Din was quiet for a moment before nodding. “Yeah.” He turned to the house in front of him before turning back to the pair. “Thank you again.” With that, he walked down the ramp and towards the house. As he walked he heard the engines of the Slave One powering up again. He heard the ship flying off and far away from them. He was alone again.
As he walked towards the front door of the house, he passed by a large garden that was growing lots of different types of fruits and vegetables. He heard the sound of animals in the distance. After walking for what seemed like forever he reached the front door. He pressed his hand to the scanning pad and heard the door unlock with a clink.
Din then took a breath before stepping inside.
The moment Din stepped inside of the house he instantly calmed. The inside was warm. Both in temperature and spirit. They had worked hard to make this place a home and it was showing now. Speaking of the other person who helped make this home with Din…
The man walked out of a room into the living room. He was busy looking at a datapad and hadn’t noticed Din just yet. Din smiled underneath his helmet. There was his husband. “M/n.” Immediately, the man looked up from the tablet and broke into a bright smile. “Din.” He rushed at the Mandalorian, crashing into him with a tight hug. Din was quick to hug his husband back. “I missed you.”
“I missed you too.” Din said back to him.
M/n pulled back before looking down and around the floor. “I’m guessing by the absence of a little green found a Jedi?”
Din went quiet and nodded. “Yeah. I did.”
M/n gave him a small smile and gently rubbed his arm. “It’ll be okay. He’ll never forget you, and you’ll never forget him.” M/n let go of his husband's arm and began walking back. “Now...let me make you something to eat you must be starving.”
Din watched M/n walk towards the kitchen, as he did, he wondered if he should do the thing he's always thought about doing for M/n. M/n had never brought it up. He knew it was part of Din’s code and had always respected him for it. But Din knew his husband wanted to see him. He’d already done it twice very recently, his code was already broken...why not do it for M/n?
Without thinking any more on the subject Din moved his hands up to his helmet. He would be lying if he said it didn’t scare him, but this is M/n. His husband. He wouldn’t make things difficult for Din. Then just like that, his helmet was off.
“So what are you in the mood for? I can make Shaak, Kaadu, anything you wa-” M/n stopped as he took in the sight of his husband's face. A face he’s only caught glances of from reflections and from the side. “Din…”
“M/n. I had to take my helmet off to help Grogu.” Din thought of the first time he had to take his helmet off in the Imperial Refinery. Then the time he took it off when he said goodbye to Grogu...and all the people that saw his face. His code was already broken, but did the code really matter? “I don’t want to hide my face anymore. Not from you.”
M/n smiled and let out a huffed laugh before walking closer and holding Din’s head in his hands. He let his fingers trace every line of the man’s face, taking in every inch of him. Din brought his own gloved hands up to hold his husband’s face. It was clear, unlike looking through a visor he was able to see M/n clearly.
“I see you.” M/n said with a smile.
“I see you too.”
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evieonic · 2 days ago
In Simple Joy And Peace (LoSan Fluff | Chapter Two)
Chapter two has finally been published!!! I am so so so sorry it took so long, things just kept getting in the way but i finally got it done! I hope you all enjoy it! I'm happy with it, not so much with the ending to be honest but i couldn't figure out what else to do. XD I hope you all like it regardless though! Part two is available for you to read through here, if you'd rather do that. I don't upload a lot of my stories to tumblr on their own... would it be a good idea to do that? Let me know if you think so!
Tumblr media
In Simple Joy and Peace (Updated: May/3/2021)
Pairing: Luffy x Sanji
Fandom: One Piece
Trigger Warning: None.
Length: 8552 Words, 2 Chapters. Completed.
Summary: Sanji couldn’t see anything except darkness. All he could hear was the small huff of air that he knew was Luffy trying not to giggle.
“Luuuffy~” Sanji purred out, “did you take off your blindfold?”
“No,” Luffy chuckled.
“Really?” Sanji prodded again, reaching out to search for Luffy’s face. He could tell from the volume of the rubberman’s voice, he was right in front of him. He trailed his fingers slowly up the man’s cheeks, causing him to giggle again from the ticklish feeling before the fingers finally landing on the black silk covering his soon-to-be husband’s eyes.
“Happy now?” Luffy said, a teasing lilt in his voice. He felt the man catch his hands before he could pull away, keeping them in place on his cheeks, leaning into one of them. Sanji couldn’t help but smile from the gesture, his heart swelling with love for this man.
“I’m going to be getting married to you in a few minutes,” Sanji said, “how can I not be happy?”
Sanji couldn’t see anything except darkness. All he could hear was the small huff of air that he knew was Luffy trying not to giggle.
“Luuuffy~” Sanji purred out, “did you take off your blindfold?”
“No,” Luffy chuckled.
“Really?” Sanji prodded again, reaching out to search for Luffy’s face. He could tell from the volume of the rubberman’s voice, he was right in front of him. He trailed his fingers slowly up the man’s cheeks, causing him to giggle again from the ticklish feeling before the fingers finally landing on the black silk covering his soon-to-be husband’s eyes.
“Happy now?” Luffy said, a teasing lilt in his voice. He felt the man catch his hands before he could pull away, keeping them in place on his cheeks, leaning into one of them. Sanji couldn’t help but smile from the gesture, his heart swelling with love for this man.
“I’m going to be getting married to you in a few minutes,” Sanji said, “how can I not be happy?”
He heard Luffy giggle again, placing a kiss on the palm of his hand. He could feel him smiling as he pressed against his hand and never in his life has Sanji been so desperate to see his lover. But he couldn’t. Not yet.
They both decided that they wanted to make this wedding special. They wanted to make sure it was a memory that they would cherish and think back on for the rest of their lives. In order to do that, they would wear blindfolds and wouldn’t take them off until it was time for them to kiss.
At first, they thought the idea was weird when Robin suggested it but the more they thought about it, the more they liked it and now here they were, blindfolded and waiting for everyone to make sure their wedding was set and ready to go.
Sanji could still remember the day he proposed to Luffy. Sure, it had only been a few months ago, but it felt so long to Sanji. If he could’ve, he would’ve had that wedding with Luffy the second he said yes. But they had to wait until now so they could get everything they needed.
If Sanji told the more traditional folk about how he proposed to Luffy, they’d probably demand that he repeat his proposal because what he did wasn’t how you’re supposed to do it. He didn’t propose the traditional way most husbands try to do with their partners, but to be honest, neither of them cared. It was how they did it and that was fine by them.
It happened when they had stopped at an island to collect food. The two lovers were finally able to take a second to relax and enjoy a bit of land scenery before going back out to sea. Sanji realized that the second he landed on the shore, so he had the great idea to suggest a date to Luffy, but much to his surprise, the rubberman suggested it first.
“Sanji,” he had said with a wide grin, “let’s go explore the island together.”
Luffy dragged him around the whole island, pointing and gawking at everything he thought was cool. It was something that Sanji used to find exhausting but now he just found it to be cute. Luffy’s never ending curiosity and amazement of the world would never cease to be adorable.
Eventually, the two of them found a clearing on the cliff that showed a nice view of the setting sun, the ocean and the ship down at the shore. Luffy gasped and ran, nearly toppling over the edge as his eyes drank in the view.
“Wow!!” He awed, “Sanji, look! Isn’t it pretty?”
Sanji drew closer to him, admiring mostly the way the sun gave Luffy a glow that made him look almost ethereal. “Yeah.”
“Sanji, you’re not even looking,” Luffy pouted at him, his chocolate brown eyes meeting his own.
Sanji only chuckled and reached out an arm, draping it over Luffy’s waist, “well maybe that’s because I found an even better view right in front of me.”
As he expected, a pretty blush dusted Luffy’s cheeks and he rolled his eyes at him but smiled as he looked back at the view in front of them. The wind was blowing gently, making the waves roll and glisten like diamonds as they reflected the sun’s rays.
Luffy sat down onto the ground, dangling his legs over the cliff, his eyes focused completely on the ocean. Sanji followed his example, sitting down beside him, his shoulder bumping with his. For a few minutes, neither of them spoke. They just sat there enjoying the small amount of peace the moment was able to give them.
But then Luffy spoke, rolling the ball that set their future plans into motion. “Hey, Sanji?” Luffy said in a soft voice, his eyes drifting to the cook’s face.
“Yeah?” Sanji asked, immediately turning his attention to him.
“I love you,” The captain said, his smile widening slightly as his eyes twinkled. For a second, Sanji smiled and was about to say that he loved him too. But then he realized exactly what he said.
Never since day one has Luffy said that he loved Sanji. Of course, Sanji knew that Luffy liked him enough to want to be in a relationship with him but he also knew that Luffy wasn’t 100% sure on whether or not his feelings were love or just him admiring the cook. It was because of Luffy’s uncertainty that he told Sanji at the very beginning that he would never say the words “I love you” until he was completely sure on how he felt.
That never stopped Sanji saying it back though and Luffy was fine with that. He was fine with Sanji saying words of endearment or showing it through actions because Luffy knew he meant them.
But now… Luffy was able to say it back…
So that must mean…
“You love me?” Sanji asked, his voice smaller than before. His heart was beating like crazy, his mind reeling. He felt like he was asking the shorter man out all over again.
“Yeah…,” Luffy said carefully, “I’ve been thinking about it for a while now but I think… no, i’m sure that I love you.”
Sanji breathed out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding. He had never felt so happy before in his life. He huffed out a chuckle before that chuckle quickly turned into a laugh.
Luffy’s smile faded into a frown, his eyebrow quirking up, “oi, you’re not supposed to laugh, you’re supposed to be happy.”
Sanji shook his head at his boyfriend, taking a deep breath to calm himself down, “no you idiot,” he chuckled, “I’m laughing because I’m happy.”
“Oh?” Luffy quirked, looking a little confused at first before he smiled back, “oh.”
Another chuckle slipped from Sanji’s lips as he leaned forward, taking a hold of Luffy’s face and gently caressing his cheeks as he kissed him. He was feeling overjoyed, as if he was floating on cloud nine. He felt so happy and relieved that Luffy loved him back.
But he knew this was something they needed to talk about. He pulled away, allowing himself to bask in the happy glow one more time before asking, “how are you sure?”
Luffy smiled slightly, “well, I was just thinking one day about our future.”
“Yeah?” Sanji grinned, draping arm back over Luffy’s waist, “what did you think about?”
The Straw Hat captain gazed back at the sun before speaking, “well, I was thinking about what I would do if anything happened to you.”
Luffy reached up to scratch his nose, a habit Sanji noticed he did whenever he was trying to stall. His smile faltered and his arm around him tightened. Sanji didn’t like the thought of him worrying about him over such things. He knew he could take care of himself and he knew that Luffy knew that too.
He waited patiently for Luffy to elaborate. “I know you’re strong. You’re amazing!” Luffy grinned, his eyes going back to his, “you’re a good fighter and an equally good person. I know you can take on anything - anyone - and you’d win!”
Sanji smiled at his compliments. It made him feel good to be recognized by Luffy as a strong person since after all, Luffy was the strongest person he knew. It felt good to be admired by him in that regard. But he knew that there was something else worrying Luffy or else he would not have brought this up.
“You’re a good fighter,” Luffy repeated, “and I know you can handle yourself just fine but sometimes… sometimes I worry about what if something happens to you and you can’t? What if there is a stronger opponent, what if they hurt you first and you can’t do anything, w-what if…?” he trailed off, his smile gone now as he started thinking about all of his fears.
“Hey,” Sanji said gently, bringing a hand to Luffy’s cheek, rubbing the soft skin underneath his thumb, “nothing is ever going to happen to me-”
“But what if something does?” Luffy insisted, his voice shaky and his eyes glistening. He was really bothered by this new prospect in his life. Of course he always worried about his friends, but he knew he could protect them or they could protect themselves. But Sanji was different and that scared him. “What if something does happen and what if I can’t save you?” Luffy choked, his eyes wide and scared, “wh-what do I do then?”
“Shh…,” Sanji gently wrapped his arms around the shorter male and pulled him closer to him to where he was basically sitting on his lap. “You said it yourself, didn’t you? I can handle anything, it will be okay.”
Gentle tears began to stream down Luffy’s face as he snuggled further into the crook of Sanji’s neck. “But i’m scared,” he said, “I don’t want to ever lose you. I love you, Sanji. I really do love you.”
Sanji immediately pulled away from him and took a gentle hold of his face to press a kiss against his lips. Their lips slotted together perfectly, the feeling of his soft lips against Luffy’s rough ones felt amazing. He tangled a hand into his hair and drew him closer. Luffy let out a muffled sound, his eyes a little hazy when Sanji finally pulled away. He pressed their foreheads together, letting his nose nuzzle his.
“I love you so much more than anything in this world,” Sanji whispered against his lips, “so you don’t have to worry. I’m not going anywhere because that means I’ll lose you,” he chuckled softly even though his heart stung at the thought of it, “I think that’s the one thing I can’t handle. I can take anything else but that.”
Luffy let out a little laugh too, his nose crinkling up as he did so. His tears were still fresh but he seemed more relaxed. “Well then you better not do anything stupid or else we’re both going to have a problem.”
Sanji laughed with him and curled his arms around his waist, holding him close to him as he enjoyed his warmth. It was shortly after that day that Sanji asked him to marry him. It was early in the morning, the two of them up and getting dressed for the day.
Luffy was buttoning up his vest when Sanji slid behind him, wrapping his arms around him, “so you love me, right?”
“With all my heart,” Luffy said matter of factly, “well, maybe not as much as I love meat, it’s a really close tie.”
Sanji laughed and kissed his neck, just below his ear. “Do you love me enough to the point where you want to be by my side forever?”
“Yes??” Luffy said, a little confused, “I thought we’ve already been through this.”
“Oh, we have, I just wanted to make sure,” Sanji said, smiling as he turned the man around so he could face him.
“Why?” He asked, smiling up at him. This was it. Sanji wasn’t really nervous but he was a little concerned. What if this would scare him? What if this would make him uncomfortable? He internally shook his nerves away and decided that he would never know if he never asked. So he took a deep breath and lowered himself down to one knee.
He watched as Luffy at first looked confused but then his eyes widened in realization, slowly raising a hand to his mouth as a small gasp of surprise left him. “You can say no,” Sanji said with a smile, “If you’re not ready, it’s okay to say no. You already know that I love you so much and I don’t mean to repeat myself but you really do mean the world to me.”
Luffy tried to bite his lip to keep his tears from flowing but it didn’t work. The tears slowly ran down his cheeks against his will as he listened to what Sanji had to say.
“I love you and I know that if you’ll let me - if you want to - I wouldn’t want anything more but to spend the rest of my life with you,” Sanji said, pulling the box out of his pocket and opening it to reveal the beautiful yet simple silver ring. “So, if you’re ready and only if you’re ready… will you marry me, Luffy D. Monkey?”
For a second, Luffy could only stare down at him before he grinned, laughing as he put a hand over his mouth to hide his sobs mixed with chuckles. He smiled, regaining enough composure to whisper, “yes. Yes!”
Sanji’s own eyes widened in amazement as he suddenly laughed, and reached up, wrapping his new fiancé in his arms. He couldn’t possibly explain the emotions he was feeling right now but he knew that the main thing he was feeling was joy. So much joy.
Luffy’s own arms wrapped around him as he laughed, holding him as close to him as he could. He pulled away only to take Sanji’s face in his hands and pull him forwards so he could kiss him. Sanji nearly giggled against his lips as his arms went around his neck. They pulled away shortly after, laughing to themselves as Sanji finally put the ring on Luffy’s hand.
After that, they announced the news and planned for the wedding and now here they were. About to finally be one person together, to share a life together. They could hardly wait.
Finally, just as they were starting to get impatient, the door creaked open and they could hear two sets of heels clacking against the wooden floor as the owners walked in. They both turned their heads towards the sound but remained unknown to who it was.
“We’re ready now,” A voice said, which belonged to Nami. Although they couldn’t see it, she was smiling, “Just as you requested, Robin and I are ready to guide you to the altar.”
Sanji smiled, wishing Nami could see the smile in his eyes too. “Thank you. I believe we’re ready as well.”
Luffy chuckled, “yes! I don’t know if i could wait any longer even if you asked me too.”
Because everyone on board the ship was family to them, they were having a very untraditional wedding in terms of roles. Luffy and Sanji didn’t have a best man or a maid of honor, but they had asked Nami and Robin to be the ones to guide them to the altar. They asked Chopper to do the flower petals for them and for Usopp to design the altar and setting arrangements. Franky helped set everything up while Brook did the music. And of course, because Zoro was such a valuable friend to the both of them and was Luffy’s first mate, they asked him to officiate the wedding.
It was everything they could ever dream of.
Sanji felt Luffy’s hands leave him and a daintier, softer pair took a hold of his arm. He smiled, hoping the owner could see his smile, “Thank you, Robin.”
“Of course, Sanji,” She said happily, “It’s an honor to do this for you two.”
Carefully, Sanji and Luffy both were led outside the door of their room. They stood there for a second before the music began to play. Sanji felt a chill run up his neck as it finally started to settle in. He was about to be married. He was about to finally be married to the love of his life. He felt so nervous now but also so excited.
He couldn’t wait.
They were led to the altar and turned to face each other. They searched for each other’s hands before finding them and holding tightly onto them. Sanji could hear Luffy let out a little giggle as Sanji’s thumb rubbed the top of hand, massaging the muscles there. It was a habit he adopted since they started dating.
“Are you ready?” A gruff voice asked. Sanji immediately recognized it as Zoro’s. He squeezed Luffy’s hands, getting a squeeze in return and he smiled.
“Yes,” Sanji said.
With that, Zoro cleared his throat and began the ceremony. He talked about how Sanji and Luffy first met and first fell in love and discussed their relationship. He did what every officiator did, discussing their relationship and then talked about himself and his relationship to them. “When I first was told by Luffy that he was dating Sanji,” he began, ”I really wanted to hit him on the head and ask him ‘why?’”
Everyone laughed at that. Even Sanji and Luffy.
“It confused me at first because I didn’t know that Luffy was even interested in Sanji. I didn’t even realize Sanji was interested in Luffy! But as I watched their relationship develop,” Zoro continued, his voice softening, suggesting a hint of a smile, “I realized they actually were perfect for each other. I could tell then and I still can say for sure now that Sanji has devoted his heart to Luffy and only to Luffy since day one.”
Sanji felt his hands carefully be lifted up and a pair of lips gently placed a loving kiss on the knuckle of his ring finger.
“Oi, no touching or kissing until I pronounce you married!” Zoro scolded.
“Sorry,” Luffy said, in a mischievous tone that suggested he was not sorry at all. “Couldn’t help it.”
Zoro sighed and continued, “and as for Luffy who can’t sit still.” Luffy giggled at that as Zoro went on, “I could tell that at first, he didn’t understand his feelings. But as he understood them, I could see in his eyes that every time he looked at Sanji, he was in love with him and he knew that.”
Sanji felt his heart flutter from that remark. God, it would never make him feel so… so loved to hear that Luffy really did cherish him as much as he did him.
“Luffy told me when he chose Sanji to join the crew,” Zoro began again, his voice gentle and soft, “when he chose him to be his cook, he didn’t choose him because his food was good or because he had skills. Luffy hadn’t even tried his cooking when he picked him, and he wouldn’t have cared if Sanji was bad. He chose Sanji to join the crew because he could tell that he was kind. And that was all Luffy wanted from him.”
Sanji subconsciously squeezed Luffy’s hands. So even in the beginning, he had Luffy’s trust. Luffy could see what kind of person he was, how kind he was even towards people who didn’t deserve it. He felt Luffy squeeze his hands back, rubbing the joints of his thumbs, caressing his hands with so much love that Sanji was going to start crying before he got to see his new husband.
“I think we all know that the two of you really do cherish each other so much,” Zoro said, “and I know i’m speaking for everyone when I saw that we all hope you have a wonderful, long and loving life together until death do you part.”
He cleared his throat, “Now, before we get to my least favorite part which I know Sanji is dying for.” The crowd laughed, as well as Sanji. He wasn’t wrong, Sanji really couldn't wait to see his husband so he could kiss him. “First, you must do your vows.”
As they had discussed before, Zoro squeezed Sanji’s shoulder, signaling that he would go first. They decided that Sanji would go first since he was the one who asked Luffy out. He fell for him first and wanted to explain why that happened. So he cleared his throat so he could begin.
“At first, i didn’t have these feelings for you. I honestly didn’t think I ever would,” Sanji said, telling the truth. He always thought he’d settle down with a girl someday because he had always felt attraction only to girls. “I always thought i’d marry a woman someday. But one day, I took one look at you and realized that you were… you were just…” he stumbled, trying to find the words, “you started to intrigue me in a way you never had before.”
“Sanji, I'm going to slap you if you mean in the way that us ladies intrigued you,” Nami said, most likely with a glare and her hands on her hips.
He laughed and shook his head, “no, no, not like that.” He chuckled before his voice turned soft again, “I started to really notice that Luffy is a good person. He’s always trying to help people, help us, he’s always fighting for his dream as well as the dreams of others. I admired you when I realized that,” he said, squeezing Luffy’s hands, “I admired you and pretty quickly, I realized that admiration turned to love and I knew that when I told you, you probably wouldn’t be interested but I went to you and asked you anyway. I can’t tell you how happy it made me when you said yes.”
Luffy chuckled, squeezing his hands back and lifting them up to sneak one more kiss on the backs of them.
“At first, you needed time and I happily gave you time. I’d given you eternity if you had asked. I understood that you needed patience in order for you to understand your emotions, and I happily gave you all of that. But even so, it made me so overjoyed when you were able to tell me that you loved me too, I had been waiting for so long and hearing you say three simple words were enough to make me just... so happy,” Sanji laughed, “of course though, i wouldn’t of been just satisfied with that.”
“I can’t wait for what’s going to happen in our future,” he continued, “it’s both so exciting and scary at the same time but I know that no matter what happens, we can get through it because we’ll be together, by each other’s side. And I know that while I don't know what’s going to happen, I know that one thing that's going to happen no matter what... and that's falling in love with you more and more with each passing day and i’ll never stop, not even when we die.” He smiled softly at that, squeezing his soon-to-be husband’s hands. “I love you so much. Thank you for marrying me.”
Although he couldn’t see it, he could hear Luffy chuckle, letting out a little sob suggesting that he was tearing up. He was beaming though, trying to calm his quivering lip and keep his tears at bay. Zoro touched his shoulder this time, partly out of reassurance and partly to signal that it was his turn.
Luffy took a minute to swallow down his tears and clear his throat. “When I was a child, love and romance isn't really something I got to see. It wasn’t around me when I was child so i guess I didn’t grow up understanding that that was a concept that adults usually felt. Of course I know what love feels like but romantic love wasn’t really something that I felt. Or if I ever did feel it, I never really focused on it.”
“That’s why when you confessed your feelings for me it took me so long to be able to share that feeling. It took a long time of thinking and muddling over my feelings for me to finally realize what I felt. Eventually, what helped me see it was when I started to think of what would happen… what would I do… if something happened to you,” Luffy squeezed his hands, biting his lip, “the more I pictured it, the more it hurt and scared me. I felt sad and afraid at the thought of ever losing you, of not being able to protect you.”
“I would think about anything happening that resulted you being taken away from me. Either by death or by someone taking you, maybe even someone else causing you to fall for them,” Sanji squeezed his hands in response to that, causing Luffy to chuckle a little before resuming his vows, “it hurt so much. And I realized that, because it hurt so much, it meant that I really did care about you. And It didn’t take long for me to realize that meant that I loved you.”
He sniffled, his tears finally leaving his eyes as much as he tried to hold them back, “I can say with absolute certainty now that I love you so much, Sanji. I finally understand how you feel about me and I never thought that anyone could feel that way about me or that I could feel this way about someone. But I'm so glad that I finally know it now and I’m never going to let this feeling go. I’m never going to let you go.”
Sanji grinned, raising his hands to his lips and kissed each of his knuckles. He understood exactly how Luffy felt. He was never going to let him or this happy feeling go either. He would never be able to and he hoped he never would have to.
Zoro cleared his throat. Finally, It was time for the moment they had been waiting for… “well, with that being said. It’s time for the real part of the event.” He took a hold of Sanji’s shoulder, “Sanji Vinsmoke, do you swear to love and stand by Luffy D. Monkey, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, until death do you part?”
“I do,” Sanji said softly. He did. He did promise, he’d happily promise a hundred times.
Zoro took a hold of Luffy’s shoulder next, “Luffy D Monkey. Do you swear to love and stand by-”
“I do!” Luffy chuckled, too excited to wait for Zoro.
“Oi, you idiot, you’re supposed to let me finish!” He grumbled but Luffy wasn’t going to have any of it.
“I do…,” he said gently, “I do, a thousand times, I do!”
It was silent for a second as Zoro smiled. Luffy wasn’t being impatient or wanting to get this over with. He was just honestly excited and ready to marry the love of his life. He didn’t need to see his eyes to know that.
“Well…,” Zoro said, “the two of you now must close your eyes.”
Finally. Finally! Sanji felt the black cloth be untied from behind him as he closed his eyes, unsure of when to open them. He waited for the signal until he felt a pair of rough hands cradle his face and he opened his eyes to the most gorgeous sight he would ever lay his eyes on.
“Sanji…,” Luffy whispered, beaming brightly as his brown eyes twinkled at him. Sanji was absolutely blown away. Luffy was gorgeous. He was wearing a tux, the coat flaring out slightly to act a bit like a dress. He wore a veil on his head and Sanji wore one too. They chose to add that to their ensemble. But that was the only thing they agreed on. Sanji’s suit was different. It was more simple, more like a typical groom’s suit but it matched Luffy’s perfectly.
His eyes took in every little detail about how beautiful he looked. It was funny, neither of them had talked about clothes at all yet they had matched so well. It nearly brought him to tears.
“You look so beautiful…,” Sanji gasped softly, his hands taking a hold of Luffy’s, “god, just look at you.”
Luffy chuckled, his eyes misty and threatening to spill over. “Me? How about you? You look ten times as good as I do.”
“No,” Sanji shook his head, chuckling as he stepped closer to his new husband, “it’s impossible for me to look as good as you.”
“I disagree,” Luffy said softly, his eyes now glued to Sanji’s lips.
“Oh, stop arguing,” Sanji chuckled and finally did what he knew he was supposed to do next. He kissed his husband, and he kissed him hard, pouring all of his love for him into it. Applause rang out all around them, cheers and whistles, everyone laughing and beaming with joy at their union.
When Sanji pulled away, he lifted Luffy up into his arms, twirling him around. Now, they were officially husbands. Luffy laughed, wrapping his arms tightly around the older’s neck, kissing him one more time before he was set back down and they continued the rest of the festivities.
The rest of the night was just as much fun. They had cake, of course by serving it to each other. Luffy, being the mischievous man he was, made sure to smear as much cake as he could at least once on his husband’s lips. Sanji didn’t mind it though because he got his revenge by kissing Luffy as hard as he could, transferring most of the frosting and cream on his face to Luffy’s.
Some of their friends gave speeches and some personally delivered their best wishes. Of course all of them were very happy for them and the couple knew that. Only a few actually wanted to deliver a speech while others did not.
Luffy and Sanji had their first ever dance shortly after that. It was slow and sweet and perfect. Neither of them were the best dancers and that was okay. They didn’t have to be. Luffy kept stepping on Sanji’s toes, which he didn’t mind at all.
“You can just stand on my toes and i’ll guide you,” Sanji said softly, making sure it was just Luffy who heard him.
“You don’t have to do that,” Luffy chuckled, “I’ve only stepped on your toes at least twice.”
“More like eight times,” Sanji laughed, pressing a kiss to Luffy’s forehead. “But that’s okay, I really don’t mind.”
“Oh? So next time we dance, I can step on your toes as much as I want?” The rubberman grinned as he planted his feet gently on top of Sanji’s.
Sanji laughed, taking a bigger leap than usual as he led Luffy into the dance so he could throw him off a little bit, “I didn’t exactly say that.”
“But it was open for interpretation, right?”
Sanji dipped his husband rather quickly, causing him to gasp and lose the smirk on his face, “Hmmm, i don’t know. But I do know that the more the two of us dance, the better you get.” He smiled, “I’ll make sure you get lots of practice, don’t worry.”
Luffy giggled against his lips, “you better. I’m starting to like this new adjustment to life.”
“As am I,” Sanji smiled, already knowing that he’d never be able to let this feeling go.
When the dance was over, they stayed to have fun with the others. The party lasted until the sun started to rise over the horizon. All the guests soon passed out after drinking too much liquor and having too much fun. Everyone except the newlyweds of course.
Luffy dragged his new husband to their bedroom, giggling the whole way as he covered his face in kisses, laughing as Sanji chuckled back at him and nuzzled his nose in his neck, pressing as many kisses to his neck and jawline as he could.
The pair was so hopelessly in love with each other, how could they not spend the whole night proving that to each other in their bed.
If you asked Sanji, he’d tell you in a teasing manner that that night was his favorite memory of his relationship with Luffy. But in all honesty, every memory he had of Luffy both good and bad were his favorite. Of course, the day they got married would always be so special to him but the memory that really was his favorite, the one that was at the top of the list, was the day they adopted their daughter.
He smiled at the memory of the day they found her. She had tried to pick his pocket when the two of them were on a date. Sanji had opened his mouth to tell her to scram but he noticed how thin and weak she was. She was only five years old yet she looked as if she could’ve been two. She was short, dressed in rags with so little meat on her bones, her ribs and elbows showed.
Much to his surprise, Luffy had smiled softly at the little girl before leaning down to her height, “hi.”
She only looked at his with wide, terrified eyes. But Luffy only continued to smile gently at her, “are you hungry? My husband is a really good cook, would you like to try his food?”
She gave him a feeble nod and ever since then, she’s been their little girl, their pride and joy.
The girl giggled, climbing into the bed, specifically in Luffy’s spot, making sure to spread out so he couldn’t lay down.
“Oi, how rude,” Luffy scolded with a playful grin on his face, “that’s where I sleep, you sleep in between us.”
“No!” She laughed, “right here!”
Luffy sighed, “well then… I guess i’ll have to make you.”
“No!” she gasped and shook her head but her eyes were twinkling with excitement.
Sanji laughed and propped himself on his elbow, peering at the two of them, “shall I hold her down for you, Captain?”
“Yes, loyal husband of mine. Hold down our captive so she can take her punishment,” Luffy grinned mischievously, wiggling his fingers at her. Their daughter squealed, trying to roll away but Sanji wrapped his arms tightly around her, only restricting her movement slightly as Luffy started to tickle her.
She laughed and snorted, wiggling away from his touch as Luffy attacked her sides. “No more! No more!”
“Are you going to move for me then?” Luffy asked.
“Yes!” She giggled and the tickling stopped. She rolled further into her other father’s chest, making space for Luffy. “Daddy’s mean, papa.”
“I know,” Sanji smiled, “he’s a jerk but we love him anyway.”
“I feel like i’m being attacked right now,” Luffy said, sitting on the bed and moving the covers over them. “I don’t appreciate it at all.”
“You know we love you,” Sanji said, smiling as he leaned over, pecking his husband’s lips.
Their daughter made a face, “gross!”
“Gross, how is that gross?” Sanji smirked, “you get kisses all the time.”
Their daughter remained stubborn, shaking her head and insisting that it was gross. Luffy laughed and leaned over to kiss his daughter’s forehead, “now, now, there’s no need to be so feisty about it.”
Sanji laughed, watching as his daughter groaned before rolling away from Luffy and curling further into Sanji’s chest. “I think someone’s a little shy now,” he laughed, hearing her let out a whine in retaliation.
“And sleepy too,” Luffy added, smiling sweetly at his husband. “I think we should both go to sleep now.”
Sanji nodded, pulling his husband into his embrace before laying one last kiss on his lips. “Good night, my king.”
Luffy giggled and whispered back to him, “good night, my love.” Then he glanced down at their daughter, gently curling arms around her. She was already fast asleep but he still whispered to her, “good night, my sunshine. I love you both so much.”
Sanji’s heart warmed at that and he tightened his hold on Luffy, “and we love you too, so much.” He kissed his nose, “I know i’ve said it a million times but thank you for marrying me and giving me this wonderful life.”
Luffy smiled, cupping his husband’s cheek and gently stroked the bone before answering, “thank you for falling in love with me. I’m glad I didn’t let fear stop me from being with you because this life, what we have right now… I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not even to be king of pirates.”
Sanji laughed, “but you so badly want to be the king of pirates.”
“Hmm, I do,” Luffy grinned, “but I love our happy family too much. If I had to give you both up, I wouldn’t take it. I’m already happy with how my life is now, living with you and our daughter in simple joy and peace… what more could I want?”
With that, Luffy’s eyes fluttered closed as he let out a content sigh, “I love you, Sanji.”
Sanji smiled warmly at him, closing his eyes too, “I love you more, Luffy.”
And with that the three of them fell asleep, once again in simple joy and peace.
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Never Gonna Be Alone- Chapter 40
Title: Punishment
Warnings: profanity
Tagging: @c-a-v-a-l-r-y​, @alievans007​, @innerpaperexpertcloud​, @tragiclyhip​, @miss-smutty​
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Tumblr media
Ovi is waiting for her when she arrives home. Leaning against the wrought iron railing that borders the front steps; clad in a heavy winter coat and a black beanie pulled over his ears, face illuminated by the glow cast from his cell phone. It’s the last person she’d expected to see; assuming he’d head back into Queens with the girls in tow following his trip to the museum with Tanner and Takota. Part of her wants to believe it’s nothing to be concerned about; he simply wanted to spend the extra time with his family before the craziness of last minute wedding preparations took a hold of his life. The other side immediately fears the worst. Tanner had become too overwhelmed and overstimulated and had had one of his more epic meltdowns; his fight or flight instinct kicking in and choosing aggression and lashing out physically as opposed to attempting to run for safer ground. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened; there've been many a ‘kick off’ in the grocery store or busy restaurants when too much noise and activity around him has become unbearable.
They’re used to the whispers and the stares; the comments about his horrible behaviour and how ‘our kids would NEVER behave like that!', accompanied by judgements in regards to their parenting skills. Or lack thereof. It had taken her a long time to get over the anxiety and the fear of actually taking him to busy establishments; often ending up in tears herself because of all the negativity being tossed in her direction. Tyler’s always handled it better; right from the time they’d gotten the diagnosis he’s preached about Tanner being just as worthy when it comes to experiencing life as anyone else. He deserves to be on this earth; out in the sunshine and seeing the world and learning and exploring and how there's no damn way he was going to keep his kid ‘locked up in the house’ because people viewed him as an annoyance or inconvenience. And he’s never shied away from confronting people in public; calling them out on their bullshit and defending his child and his now anxiety ridden, tearful wife. No one gets away with disrespecting any member of his family but especially her; a woman that has given so much of herself to not only bear his children, but abandoned her old life and her own career to give him a second chance at being a husband and a father. And he refuses to be polite about it; making an even bigger scene than Tanner had originally and not leaving until the offending party is either apologetic or completely humiliated.
“Surprised to see you here” Esme remarks, as she climbs the front steps. “Didn’t think we’d see you again until the big day.”
“Thought I’d stick around for a bit. Lend a hand.” Tucking his cell phone into his jacket pocket, he embraces her with both arms and presses a kiss to her cheek. “How’d it go? How was the hockey game? Everything went alright?”
“Well they’re all still alive,” she makes a sweeping gesture with arm, indicating the four children gathered on the stairs. “So that’s always a good sign, right? That I didn’t leave one or two behind. That no one’s looking for a new home.”
“Rangers won five nothing!” Declan exclaims, as he excitedly jumps onto the landing and parks himself in front of his mother; eight years old and the top of his head just reaching the tip of her nose. “It was awesome! And we got to eat all kinds of junk! Hot dogs and popcorn and slushies and pizza!”
“You are going to be six foot eight and built like a brick shit house,” Esme decares, dropping a kiss on the top of his head and draping her arm across his collarbone. “Just a big, strong, powerful boy.”
Declan tips his head back to look up at her. “Like dad?”
“Even bigger than dad, I bet. What do you think about that?”
“I think that would be awesome! To be bigger than him. He’s practically a giant, so if end up being bigger THAT? That would be so cool! If I don’t get to play pro ball, maybe I do what he does. Go up against the bad guys.”
“Something tells me your dad and I will agree with you on that idea. There’s other careers we’d rather you take up. Besides…” she pulls him tightly against her and presses a kiss to his temple. “...I don’t want my Gingerbread muffin doing that kind of thing. I want him to stay a momma’s boy forever. Can you do that? Love me forever? Even when you’re way over six feet and you’re playing football? When you’re all crazy rich and famous and have tons of girlfriends?”
“Of course I will. Doesn’t matter how big I get. You’re still my mum. No other girl will EVER be as important as you.”
“You are TOTALLY getting everything in my will,” she chides, and squeezes him tightly. “Why don’t you guys go in and get washed up? Get changed, put your stuff away, and find your dad and tell him the food will be here in about forty minutes. Can you guys do that?”
It’s become a yearly event; attending a hockey game and having dinner out and then always calling on the way home to order food for those who’d stayed behind. And when four heads nod in agreement, she steps aside and let’s the smaller bodies pass; directing a playful kick at TJ’s rear end when he’s the last by her. The ten year old pausing in the door; giving his mother a dramatic, mock glare and pointing two fingers at his eyes and then at her. Shooting her a playful wink and chuckling before backing away from the door and letting it close behind him.
“He is so much like your dad it is scary sometimes,” she says to Ovi, and shoves her hands into the pockets of her coat in an attempt to keep them warm. “Have you noticed it? How alike they are? Especially the older TJ gets?”
“TJ’s ALWAYS been like him. Even when he was really little. Remember how he’d freak out about the littlest things? Millie taking a toy of his or accidentally bumping into him? He’d LOSE it.”
“Unfortunately, the Rake temper is one of those things he inherited. So what’s up? What’s the real reason you’re still here? I thought you’d be long gone back to Queens. Riya’s going to be pissed; you gone for so long.”
“I called her and told her I had some things I had to take care of. Family stuff. And that I needed to wait until you got home to do it.”
“Okay….” she leans back against the railing. “...I don’t think I like where this is heading. Which one was it? Tanner or Takota? Which one had the meltdown? Takota’s been grumpy as all hell for the last week and Tanner…” she sighs. “...well you know what’s going on with him.”
“It’s neither of them. Both were amazing. No issues. Tanner handled himself really well; knew when he needed a break and got out his headphones and put on the weighted vest. He’s doing amazing with that; self regulating and learning to advocate for himself. He’s come a long way.”
“He has. We ALL have. It’s been a journey, to say the least. I don’t like that look on your face. How many times have I told you about frowning like that? How those lines in your forehead will get stuck there forever. If it wasn’t Takota or Tanner throwing a wrench into things…”
“There was an incident. When Tyler was out with the girls today. Micki told me when I came to pick her up.”
“An incident? What KIND of incident? Is everyone okay? Is someone hurt? At the hospital? Worse?”
“It’s nothing like that. Nothing that serious. You didn’t check your voicemails, did you.”
“I haven’t had a decent signal since the second period of the game. What’s going? Is Tyler alright? The girls? What…?”
“Addie had left you a message. She was upset. Just in case you check it later and can’t make out what she’s saying. She was crying pretty hard and no one could get her to calm down and…”
Esme frowns, and glances towards the door. “Crying? Why? She always loves going to American Girl. It’s her favourite in the whole city, practically. What happened? Why was she crying? Why…?”
“Micki said she wandered off. Didn’t tell anyone where she was going. One second she was there, the next she was gone. Guess it freaked dad out. Pretty bad. From what I managed to get out of Addie, I guess when he found her, he lost it on her. Made her cry. And we all know how sensitive Addie is.”
“And as far as she’s concerned, nothing is worse than daddy yelling at her. Which doesn’t happen often. She’s usually the unproblematic one. I should have warned him though; she DOES have a habit of taking off like that. I’ve told her time and time again not to do it and that she could get lost or someone could grab her. And you know what your dad is like; he’s been drilling stranger danger into those kids since day one practically. Is he okay? Did he say anything to you?”
“Not much. He shuts down, you know that. He’s always been this. He probably always will be. But I could tell he wasn’t in a good way; said I’d stay with the kids while he decompressed and got his shit together. His anxiety is through the roof. And he’s definitely in a depressive state. No doubt about it.”
“Do you think he’s going to be okay? Until we get home and I can get him to Doctor Klein? Is he in any danger of spiralling? Heading to a crisis?”
“I don’t think it’s anywhere THAT bad. I think it’s just the stress of the holidays and going back into the field and hearing the things he did. Probably wasn’t the best idea; taking that job.”
“It was the worst possible idea. I knew right away that it wasn’t going to end well. And I wanted to tell him; to just say no and stay home and not put himself back out there. But it was Anil who was asking and he IS a good friend and a business partner and he has brought A LOT of clients on board. I knew it was something your dad wouldn’t turn down. If it had been anyone else…”
“Anil knows how bad things are. Mental illness wise. And he knows dad’s been staying out of things; sticking behind the scenes and not getting his hands dirty. You can’t tell me there wasn’t someone else that could have gotten that job done. I know dad’s the best and he’s got a hell of track record with these things, but…”
“But it was a mistake,” Esme concludes. “ A HUGE mistake. And trust me, I am kicking myself in the ass for not saying anything. If I had told him that I wasn’t comfortable with him going and that I didn’t think it was a good idea, he would have stayed. I know he would have. I know he would have told Anil that he couldn’t do it; leave his family and risk something terrible happening. But I didn’t want to step on any toes or ruffle any feathers. And I didn’t think it would be something so serious. That he would be going against THOSE kinds of people. Hearing what they did to women and children? Of course it set him off.”
“Definitely hits way too close to home. Don’t beat yourself up over this, mum. You couldn’t have known what was going to go down. The things he’d hear. And I bet he didn’t expect it either. Probably just thought he was going in and taking out a couple people and that was that. Probably didn’t put much thought into what kind of people they actually were.”
“This is just a disaster. I don’t know what more I can do for him. I can’t make it better. I WANT to. And God knows I would do anything to make this all go away for him. I hate seeing him struggle like this, Ovi. I hate what’s happened to him. I hate what his father put him through and I hate what the horrors of war did to him and I definitely hate Asif and your birth dad and most certainly hate that fucking asshole Nathan. The physical stuff was bad enough. But what he did mentally? That is shit you NEVER recover from.”
“But he’s done well. Considering. It could have been a lot worse.”
“Yeah, he could be dead. And I remind myself that all the time. When he’s going through the hard shit and I feel hopeless and useless. I tell myself that at least he’s here. I still have my husband and my kids still have their father. But I fucking hate this. Seeing him like this. Hearing what he says about himself. Not being able to help him.”
“You ARE helping him. You’ve always helped him. Right from the beginning. If you never stayed behind on that bridge…”
“I stayed because he deserved a second chance. It wasn’t his time. He didn’t deserve to die. And selfishly, I wanted more time with him. I wanted us to get to know each other and fall in love and everything amazing that would come with that.”
“And you’ve gotten that. Probably turned out even better than you thought it would.”
“Not in a million years did I ever dare to dream I’d have the life I have. Stuff like this? It doesn’t happen to someone like me. Someone that’s had the life I’ve had and whose made some really bad mistakes and horrible life choices. Trust me, never did it ever cross my radar that I would end up with an Australian. How crazy is that? A girl from Colorado ending up with an Aussie? It’s like one extreme to the other. Snow and the mountains and the sun and the surf.”
“You’re quite a pair,” Ovi smiles. “That’s for sure.”
“I never thought I’d end up living there. That I’d have this amazing existence with an incredible husband and SEVEN beautiful children. If someone had told me before I met your dad that all of this would happen? I would have called them crazy. Because that’s EXACTLY what it sounds like. Crazy talk.”
“He’s lucky, you know. That it was you that Nik paired up with him. If it had been someone else, I doubt he’d even be here. I doubt he would have made it off that bridge. And I don’t know about you, but I’m damn glad he did.”
“So am I. And I would make that same stay behind...a million times over. I know he always goes on about how I saved him. But he saved ME. In so many different ways. If he only knew how I look at him and what I think about him and how much I love him…” her voice cracks with emotions, and she briefly looks away and noisily clears his throat.
“He knows, mum.” Ovi reaches out and lays a hand on the small of her back; palm moving in slow, comforting circles. “He definitely knows.”
“And it’s not that I want to fix him. Because that means I’m saying he’s broken. And he’s FAR from being broken. But I wish loving someone was enough to take all the bullshit way. To just take away those demons and those monsters and that voice in his head that tells him he’s a horrible person. I wish love could do all that.”
“So do I. But don’t ever think you’re failing him. Or that you’re not helping him. Because you ARE helping him. You’re the one that keeps him going. You’re the reason he wakes up every morning and gets out of bed and puts one foot in front of the other. Just you being there and getting to see you is enough for him. It always has been.”
“I just wish there was a way to get rid of all that shit in his head. And now this thing with Addie. You just know he’s beating himself up over that. I mean, that’s his baby. His little peanut. We almost lost her. Twice. And then the thing in Mumbai…”
“Yeah he’s kicking his own ass, that’s for sure. I tried talking to him, but it was no use. He just shut himself down. It’s what he does.”
“Unfortunately,” Esme grumbles. “He is notorious for it. And we’ve been working on it. With the therapist. But you know what they say; old habits die hard. Where is he now?”
“In the gym. Working himself to an exhaustion. Better outlet than any, I figure.”
“It’s his go to. If we were home, he’d do that and then take off and surf for a couple hours. He’ll be better when he can do that; when he’s back home and where he’s happiest. And honestly? I’ll be glad to get there too. I miss you and Riya and the kids and I love you guys so much, but this has been a brutal Christmas. At least we have the wedding, right? Something awesome to look forward to.”
“You know, if you feel he needs to go home sooner, I’ll understand. All I want is for him to be healthy. For him to be where he’s happy and comfortable. If you need to leave before the wedding…”
“He would NEVER agree to that. He’ll be okay. I’ll talk to him. Try to get him out of his head. It’s not like it’ll be the first time. I’ve kinda become a pro at it. We all have our talents, right?”
“I’ll stick around,” Ovi offers. “Until you talk to him. Just in case you need backup. Or a cheering section.”
“You know…” she beams up at him. “ turned into an amazing man, Ovi. And I’m proud of you. We both are.”
“Well what can I say?” He presses a kiss to her cheek and pulls her into a hug. “I had a great role model.”
She hesitates in the doorway. Chewing anxiously on her bottom lip and rocking nervously back and forth on her heels as she watches him punish the heavy bag. A flurry of motion and activity; lingering rage and frustration and self loathing unleashed through a variety of kicks and punches. While his intensity level is always high during a workout, the power behind those arms and legs is something she hasn’t seen in years; the force brutal and unforgiving and no doubt fatal if it were a human combatant. She’s only seen him this engrossed once before; when the team of specialists had given him the green light to go back to the gym and he worked himself to near exhaustion. Finally able to unbottle all the anger and hatred for Nathan; furious about the damage that had been done to not only his body but his mind, and both frustrated and disappointed with what he considered unbearably slow progress. He’d always been able to push himself; two to three hours in the gym his norm. Suddenly he had very little stamina and was lucky to last sixty minutes; the months of healing mixed with loss of weight and muscle tone leaving him a shell of the man he’d once been. But he’d refused to give up; going longer and harder each time he stepped foot in the gym and ignoring her warnings that he was going to reinjure his surgically repaired knee, shoulder, or femur and find himself on the shelf once again. Ferociously stubborn; his physical build and the strength he possessed directly feeding into his confidence and his sense of self worth.
Tonight he uses it as an escape; torturing his body in hopes it gives some sort of relief to a troubled and fractured mind. He could concentrate on physical suffering; the treatment of sore muscles or bleeding and bruised knuckles distracting from the storm that's raging inside of his brain. The incident with Addie would be one that he’d have trouble getting over. The guilt will gnaw at him and he’ll beat himself up; hating that he’d not only lose sight of her, but that his temper had reared its ugly head and he’d snapped at her and made her cry. She isn’t the youngest, but she IS his baby; a bond that is different than those he shares with his other children and has become even more powerful than the one he’d had with Millie.
Addie is unique; a bright and beautiful little soul created during an extremely difficult time and the one thing that kept him centered and grounded after the horror Nathan had inflicted on him. She’d been so tiny; oblivious to the worry and the stress and not able to remember the time in Mumbai or the weeks she’d been separated from him. And she’d come so close to danger herself; an assailant creeping into her room and electing NOT to use her as a means to send a message. She has no memory of those times; her parents’ fear, the near loss of her father, the weeks in the hospital and the months of recovery. Until Takota and Brooklyn, she was the one that had him as a constant presence in her life; the others used to his frequent absences and his dedication to the job. She doesn’t remember a time without her daddy. He’s always been around; her birth and her first steps, the start of preschool and kindergarten, every birthday she’s celebrated in the past five years. And she’d bonded easily and effortlessly with him. Daddy’s the one she immediately turns to; whether it be to scare the monsters out of her closet or to comfort her during a thunderstorm or after a nightmare or to crawl into that tiny bed with her when she’s sick. There’s nothing he can’t do as far as Addie is concerned; truly believing that he could steal the stars or rope the moon if that’s what she asked of him.
For several minutes the brutality raining down on the punching bag continues; his face flushed, breathing ragged and heavy, body and hair soaked with prespiration. And while she’s seen many bouts of anger and frustration over the past twelve and a half years -the last five, especially- she’s never seen him quite like this. The deep furrows in his brow and the tightness to his jaw and the darkness in his eyes; intense and stormy and extremely unsettling. It worries her; the narrow ledge that he’s walking between mental stability and collapse. And it’s the first time she’s actually been scared of what she sees in front of her; a man so traumatized and so full of anger and self loathing and mountains of guilt and regret.
“You CAN come in,” he says, when the assault on the heavy bag finally comes to an end. “I don’t bite. Unless you want me to.”
She manages a small smile; appreciating the attempt at humour. “I usually do. It’s kind of my thing. Give OR take.”
“Yeah, I know. I’ve got a collection of scars to prove it.” Swiping a forearm across his sweaty brow, he bends at the waist; palms resting on his knees and his eyes closed as he takes in deep, ragged breaths.
“Bare knuckles, huh?” She moves to the set of shelves closest to the door, snagging both the first aid kit and handful of towels; keeping one of the latter and dropping the other items on the nearest weight bench. “Haven’t seen you do THAT in a while.”
“Sometimes it’s needed.” He draws in a breath and slowly releases it, raking a hand through his hair as he returns to an upright position. “It’s been one of those days.”
“Yeah, I heard.”
She nods.
“I told him not to tell you. That I just needed some time to get out of my head. Decompress. Or whatever the hell you call it.”
“I think you need a lot more than.”
“Don’t psychoanalyze me, okay? I’m not one of those case studies you used to do when you were in college. One of your little guinea pigs. Your pet projects.”
“No. You’re not. But you ARE my husband. Who I love. Who I worry about. And I don’t think this is just going to go away.”
“None of it’s going to go away, Me. We knew that five years ago; when we found out just how fucked up I really am. We knew this was it; that we were in this for the long haul. You’re the one who stuck around. You had your chance. I gave you that option.”
“And do you remember what I told you? I told you to shove your options up your ass. Would you just abandon me if I had something wrong with me? If I was the one that was struggling? Or if I was diagnosed with something horrible and needed you to take care of me? Would you just say ‘fuck you, Esme’ and take off?”
He scowls. “I would NEVER do that. I’m not that guy anymore. And I won’t be that guy. Ever again.”
“And I’m not that person either. I never have been . I stuck around twelve and a half years ago, didn’t I? Same way I stuck around five years ago. Or when I didn’t give up when we split up for six months. I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere. No matter how hard you try to push me away.”
“You ever think I do it to protect you?”
“Protect me from what? You? What do you think is going to happen? I’m not scared of you, Tyler. I never have been. Because not even in your worst moment would you ever do anything to hurt me. I trust you. With my life. With my kids’ lives.”
“And if I just snap one day? Lose my mind? Lash out? I won’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I won’t be able to just stop. You won’t be able to get me out of it. You think I want that happening? Me finally fucking losing it completely and doing something horrible to you? I could kill you. Easily.”
“But you wouldn’t.”
“You don’t know that.”
“I DO know that. I’m not scared of you, Tyler. I never have been and I never will be. I’m not abandoning you. That’s not who I am. I didn’t abandon you on that bridge and I’m not abandoning you now.”
“Do you think I want this for you? That I want you living like this? With someone like me? You think I don't know you deserve better than this? Better than me? Don’t you think I know that? That you’re worth more than this?”
“I think you’re angry and you’re frustrated and you’re hurting and you’d rather deal with it all by yourself. I think you see yourself as a burden. A problem. I think you’re worried that one day this is all going to be too much for me and I’m just going to walk away.”
“Honestly? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I wouldn’t hold it against you. I wouldn’t hate you. I’d totally get it. This isn’t the life I wanted to give you. This isn’t the way I thought things would go. Me losing fucking mind.”
“There’s nothing wrong with my life. With OUR life. This is just a bump in the road. It’s just one more thing for us to get through. And our track record for getting through hard times is pretty damn good. You think you would have realized by now that I’m not a quitter. I don’t give up easily. Not on us and DEFINITELY not on you. Didn’t I make that obvious? When you tried to choke me out way back when?”
A grin tugs at the corners of his mouth. “That’s NOT what I was trying to do.”
“You didn’t scare me away then and you sure as hell aren’t going to scare me away now. You can’t get rid of me that easily. You’re stuck with me, buddy.” She slaps him across the chest with the towel. “Until the bitter end.”
“I can think of worse fates.” He uses the towel to clear the sweat from the nape of his neck, then scrubs vigorously at his hair. “I’m fine,” he says, laying a hand on the small of her back and leaning down to kiss her. “Honest.”
“You’re full of shit.” Her arms circle his neck when he attempts to pull away; fingers tightly gripping the back of his tank, body pressing into his when his hands settle on her hips. Eyes closed and her head against his chest; nails lightly scraping along sweat slicked flesh.
“You’re gonna stink,” he warns. “I smell.”
“Yeah, you do,” she grins up at him. “You smell like a man. MY man.”
“You know, even after all this time, I like the way that sounds. Your man. And I kinda like being your man.”
“Kinda, huh?”
“Just a bit.”
“You really ARE a glutton punishment, aren’t you. Come on…” perching on her tiptoes, she presses a chaste kiss to his lips and then turns on her heel and captures his hand; gently tugging and encouraging him to follow her to the weight bench. “...let’s take a look at your hands.”
“My hands are fine. You need to just…”
“I don’t need to do ANYTHING. What you need to do is sit your ass down and let me take care of you. For once in your life, would you please do something without arguing with me first? Will you just let me do this? Stop testing me. Please.”
“You know…” he reluctantly takes a seat on the weight bench; grimacing at the tightness in the small of his back and the discomfort in the back of his right knee. That’s never a good sign; normally the pain is centered above and directly in the cap. Anything else has always been a sign of an injury. “’re awful fucking bossy.”
“So I’ve been told. Many times. By men who think it somehow emasculates them when their women dote on them. Would you rather no one gave a shit? Would you rather be back in that shack with bathroom chicken? I’m sure she made a lovely nurse. In her own way.”
“You’re a real smart ass, you know that?”
“I’ve been told that too. But you secretly enjoy it. Both my nursing skills and my smart ass.”
“I definitely enjoy your ass, alright.”
Rolling her eyes, Esme heaves an exasperated sigh and drops to her knees in front of him; snapping open the first aid kit and snagging one of the clean towels. “Boy, you really know how to fuck yourself up, don’t you. Your knuckles weren’t busted up enough?”
“Sometimes you just have to kick the shit out of something. Bare hand.”
“While I have to admit that there’s something insanely sexy about that and I actually ENJOY the thought of you kicking the shit out of things...or people...I don’t like seeing this. You have beautiful hands. Scars and messed up knuckles and all.”
“You’re a lot stranger than even I realized.”
“And you’re stubborn as hell, so we’re even. You realize you’re never going to get your ring off, right? That knuckle is totally fucked. Only way that thing is coming off is if someone CUTS it off.”
“They can pry it off my cold, dead body.”
“Don’t tempt me, Tyler James. If I find one more pair of dirty socks IN FRONT of the hamper…”
“Hey, it’s happened once or twice. In the past week. I’ve been pretty good over the last five, six years.”
“You have,” she admits, and unscrews the lid off a bottle of peroxide; tipping it upside down onto a gauze pad and using the latter to clean the open wounds on his left hand. “You have improved when it comes to certain things. I haven’t almost fallen into the toilet in the middle of the night in almost a year.”
“Do we really want to talk about this? Shit we do that drive each other crazy? Because I have a list.”
She grins. “You and your lists. When the therapist said to make them, he didn’t mean make them for EVERYTHING. You must have lists stashed over the place.”
“Notebooks, Me. Notebooks full. Of shit you do that drive me fucking nuts.”
“There’s that much, is there? Yet here you are. Twelve and a half years later. Still playing house with me. Still putting up with my shit and raising children with me and all of that fun and the drama that comes with it. So I can’t be THAT bad.”
“The sex is fucking incredible. I won’t even get into your head game. Because that? That is off the charts good.”
“And you accuse me of using you solely for your body,” she teases.
“We both know it’s why you married me. The fact I dick you down as good as you do. You needed to lock that shit up. You knew the chances of finding that quality of dick again weren’t that great. No way you were letting that go.”
“That’s definitely it, Tyler. I let you put a ring on it solely because of your sexual skills and prowess.”
“I knew it. You’ve been bullshitting me for twelve and a half years.”
“I have never once denied that it started with unbridled and unrelentless lust. Just that it quickly became more. And I for one, am I glad it did. I don’t see you complaining. That things took an entirely different turn than either of us expected them to.”
“Not what I had in mind when I was banging you against the wall in our hotel room. But I can’t say I actually mind where we’ve ended up.”
“We definitely have come a long way since then. Especially in the last five years. I don’t know about you, but I think we’ve done damn good. I’m proud of us.”
“Yeah, so am I.” Laying a hand on the back of her neck, he drops a kiss on the top of her head; the resulting smile wrinkling the bridge of her and making her eyes sparkle.
For several minutes neither of them speak, and he nurses a bottle of water as he watches tend to his mangled and bloody knuckles; her gentle and attentive touch a striking contrast to the harsh sting of the peroxide. He’s seen her tend to wounds many times; skinned elbows and knees on the kids and healing surgical incisions on him. Days when the home care nurses couldn’t make it and she readily stepped up the responsibility of bandage changes; learning how to care for stitches and to irrigate still open wounds properly redress them. Never once complaining about the extra work; not shying away from seeming him bloodied and battered or hesitating on having to help him to the bathroom or with a shower. Always so soft and patient; touch impossibly tender and her focus so intense.
“Do you want to tell me what happened today?” she inquires, not looking up from the bandages she applies to deeper, bloodier cuts.
“I thought Ovi already did.”
“Bits and pieces. You weren’t exactly forthcoming with the information and Addie was too hysterical for him to really understand. I think it would be better to hear from the horse’s mouth, don’t you?”
“Horse’s ass, you mean.”
“No. That’s not what I mean. I just want to hear it from you. No judgement, no freaking out, no arguing. I’m worried about both you AND Addie. And it’s definitely something we should talk about. Don’t you agree?”
“I’d rather we didn’t talk about it. I’d rather we just forget it ever happened and move on.”
She stares up at him pointedly.
“I take it that’s not an option?”
“Considering how upset Addie was? And how pissed you are? I think it’s something we NEED to talk about, don’t you?”
“What tells you I’m pissed?”
“Oh I don’t know, Tyler. Maybe it was the look on your face; the one that screams you’re about ten seconds away from tearing someone a new asshole. Or maybe it was the way you were beating the shit out of the heavy bag with enough intensity to kill five grown men. Any of those could have clued me in, don’t you think?”
“I’m not pissed. Not at Addie, anyway.”
“At yourself?”
He nods. “I didn’t handle it good. At all.”
“Before I pass judgement one way or the other, why don’t we start at the beginning so I know EXACTLY what went down.” Capping the peroxide bottle, she returns and the package of gauze to the first aid kit and snaps the lid closed. Then plucks the water from his hand; taking a swig before settling herself on her bum between his feet. “I know it had to have been something bad,” she adds, and places her hands on his thighs. “For Addie to freak out and you be like this? It wasn’t something small and simple.”
“No,” he agrees. “It was not.”
“Is this where you start telling me or are you waiting for me to nag it out of you or…?”
“I got distracted. Lost sight of her. One minute she was right there, the next she was gone.”
“Got distracted with Brookie and Micki or…?”
“Just someone wanted my attention and I was dumb enough to give it to them. And when I turned around to get the girls to leave, Addie was gone. And I freaked out. One second she’s there, the next I have no clue where she is. I fucking panicked. Right away. No hesitation. I just lost it.”
“Pretty understandable considering everything we’ve been through with her. I mean, we almost lost her. Twice. When I was pregnant with her. And then Mumbai…”
“It’s all I could think about. Mumbai. How close someone had gotten to her. When I was less than twenty feet away from her. They were able to get in that room and they were able to get THAT close to her and there was no reason for them NOT to take her. They had every reason to grab her, Me. They wanted to send a message. And it didn’t make sense that they didn’t use her for that. Why’d they take the bear? A toy? Why didn’t they just go for the big prize? If they’d really wanted to break me? Fuck with my head? Why didn’t they just take her?”
“They didn’t want to break you right away. They wanted to do it a little at a time. It was a game to them. Mess with your mind and wear you down a little at a time.”
“Or maybe they had a change of heart. A bad guy with a conscience. Maybe they were supposed to grab her and just couldn’t do it. Took the bear instead.”
“Maybe. I like to think she was never part of it. That they never considered going to that extent. And if that is the case, I think we can agree that we got very lucky that we got a bad guy with a conscience, don’t you?”
“We came so close. So fucking close. To losing her. And when I turned around and she wasn’t there, I immediately thought the worst. I thought someone had grabbed her. It’s always possible, yeah? That there’s people out there looking for me? Even watching me? I’ve pissed off a lot of people, Me. A lot really bad, evil people. The kind of people that hold onto a grudge for years and won’t think twice about acting on it. I have stepped on a lot of toes and burnt a lot of bridges. I’m not naive; I know there’s people out there that would love to get a hold of me. And would start by going after my family.”
“I don’t think there’s a reason to believe someone is out there right now. We’d hear something, wouldn’t we? If there was some kind of threat? We have eyes and ears all over the world, Tyler. If something was going to happen...even if there was just a whisper of it...we’d find out. IS there a reason? That we shouldn’t feel safe? That we should think someone is after you?”
“No,” he admits. “There’s not.”
“I get it, though. Why you reacted the way you did. ANY parent would. That’s scary shit. For ANYONE. You know how many times she’s done that to me? Where I’ve gone into my purse for something or I’ve turned to look at something and she just takes off? All of the kids have. .TJ used to hide in clothing racks and not come out until I was frantic and bawling and then the little shit felt guilty. Remember the time Declan took off? At the football game? He was right beside me and I made the rookie mistake of letting go of his hand to scratch my nose. That little fucker took off. And you know how fast he’s always been.”
Tyler manages a small laugh.
“I’m not going to blame you for freaking out. For panicking. I know how terrifying it is; when one of them disappears like that. And this is Addie we’re talking about. She’s not the youngest, but she’s definitely your baby. And we’ve been through a lot with her.”
“I just hate how I reacted. With her. I hate that I snapped on her. Made her cry. That’s not like me, Esme. I don’t do shit like that. Not with ANY of my kids. But especially not with her.”
“I agree; that’s not like you. You’re normally the calm and diplomatic one and I’m the hot mess. But there’s nothing NORMAL right now, Tyler. It hasn’t been normal since you got back from Cambodia. You’ve been on edge and spiralling and making some really bad decisions and you’re not exactly in your normal frame of mind. And maybe I put too much on you; expecting you to take them today. Maybe I should have gotten Desi to do it. Or Riya.”
He scowls. “There MY kids. Not Desi’s, not Riya’s. Well, ONE was. Technically.”
“Yeah, they’re your kids. But you know what? Sometimes we need breaks from our own kids. That’s not unusual. Sometimes they get on our nerves and we need some time away from them. All parents do. And considering what you’ve been going through…”
“I don’t want to use that as an excuse. My fucked up brain. It NEVER should be used as one.”
“First of all, you’re NOT fucked up. You’re sick. You have a legitimate illness. And right now, things aren’t going so well. And you’re not going to react the same way you would when things are going okay. And it’s alright to admit that, you know. That you’re having a hard time and you need to step back. For your own sanity. Second, I shouldn’t have put that on you. Taking them today. I know what you’ve been going through and I know how badly you’re struggling and I just put more on you and that wasn’t fair. And I’m sorry; I should have taken what you’re going through into consideration and NOT thrown you to the wolves like that.”
“You know, you’re really good at that. Deflecting blame onto yourself. For shit that has NOTHING to do with you.”
“Gee, I wonder where I learned THAT from? King of ‘blaming himself for everything under the sun’. Isn’t that your thing? Haven’t been doing it since the dawn of time?”
“I’m not THAT bad.”
“You have a tendency to shoulder a hell of a lot things that you shouldn’t. I mean, you’re better. WAY better. But it’s a bit of a bad habit of yours; blaming yourself for things you’ve had zero control of. And I know you’re kicking yourself in the ass for how you reacted with Addie, but I also know that it was warranted. She scared you. And considering your past and the things you’ve done and the people you’ve gone against, you have an extra reason to worry. About your family. So I’m not going to blame you. For reacting the way you did.”
“Addie’s blaming me. All she did from the time it happened and all the way home was cry for you. She went on and on and on about wanting mummy. And no one BUT mummy.”
“Something tells me that upsets you more than anything else. The fact she DID want me. And not you. I know how much you love having them worship you. You love that they’re daddy’s girls. You were the same way with Millie when she was little. Every time you tried to discipline her , she’d pull the wanting mummy card too. And it would hurt you every damn time.”
“Fuck…” he heaves a heavy sigh. “...I HAVE gotten soft.”
“No. You’re just a dad. Who loves his kids. And so what? So what if it IS considered being soft? Do you really care? The only people who would call a loving and attentive father ‘soft’ are guys like Gaspar. Do you really give a fuck what someone like THAT has to say?”
“Of course I don’t. Why would I?”
“Because I think sometimes, Gaspar still lives in your head. Rent free. In the same way your dad does. I also think that when you’re struggling, their voices tend to get louder. And that it’s almost impossible to ignore them. Or quiet them.”
“Wow…” a smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth. “’re good at this shit.”
“Tyler, you are the manliest man I have ever known. Hands down. And I was in the Marines, so that’s saying a lot. You are the walking definition of masculinity. It’s one of the things that I found so attractive about you; that edge and that grittiness and that toughness. The fact you COULD do the things you were notorious for. That you didn’t just talk the talk, but walked the walk. But what else I found incredibly attractive about you? You didn’t give a fuck about any of that. About being a bad ass or a tough guy. You didn’t thrive on it. You didn’t enjoy it. You just did it. As a means to an end. You didn’t walk around with this chip on your shoulder or with some bullshit, cocky swagger. You were just you. A normal guy. And that’s what I liked. That you could cause some serious damage and fuck people up but didn’t boast about it. You were just...I don’t know...Tyler.”
“Here I was thinking it was my pretty blue eyes and my boyish charm that hooked you,” he teases.
“The eyes played a part. And you know what has even made you more attractive in my eyes?” She laces her fingers through his and places their joined hands on his thighs. “What has made you even more manly? The way you love your family. The way you are with me and your kids. I watch you with them and I’m so in awe of you. You have so much love to give despite everything you’ve been through. And that’s a beautiful thing; that you’re this big, strong, tough man and you’ve got all of that humanity and compassion inside of you. Being the way you are? As a dad? As a husband? Baby, there are no men like you.”
Smiling, he leans down and presses a kiss to her forehead, followed by the bridge of her nose. “You’re good for my ego.”
“I just call ‘em like I see ‘em. Don’t let Gaspar or your dad convince you that you’re somehow ‘less than’. They could never, EVER, measure up to you. And you showed it that night; at Gaspar’s house. When you refused to give in to that offer. He seriously underestimated you. Completely misjudged you. THAT? You stepping up and defending Ovi and me like that? He NEVER saw that coming. And you are way more of a man than he could have ever hoped to be.”
“Still wish it never ended the way it did. Had I NOT taken you there…”
“You didn’t have another choice. There weren't a lot of options. You did what you thought was best. There’s no way you could have known what was going to happen. And didn’t we agree NOT to talk about that? Dhaka? Until we got back home and talked to a therapist?”
“In all fairness, you brought him up first.”
“I was trying to make a point. What exactly that point was, I have no idea. I have totally lost that train of thought. I know in some weird way it had something to do with what happened with Addie. And you talk about YOUR brain being messed up? Have we met?”
“As much as we love our kids, I think we BOTH need some time away from them.”
“I will definitely agree to that. And the ball is in YOUR court when it comes to that. Once we get home and things get settled, you can book that little weekend getaway. To Lord Howe Island. Maybe we can stay in the same place we did last time? That little hotel right near the water?”
“The one with that hot tub AND the hammock on the balcony?”
“Exactly that one. We did some naugthy things in that hot tub. And on that hammock.”
“We’ve done some naugthy things in a lot of places.”
“Well, we have had twelve and a half years of experience. That’s a lot of time to explore new ways of doing things. And new places do things in. You never fail to impress me, Tae. You always live up my expectations.”
“Even that first time?”
“Oh you exceeded those expectations. Big time. And speaking of expectations, stop putting so many of them on yourself. You have nothing to prove, Tyler. To anyone. Especially not to those damn voices in your head. The people that matter? Me and your kids? We love you. Even on your worst days. You don’t ever doubt that, okay?”
“I never do,” he says, and places a kiss to her brow. “I’ve never had a reason to.”
“This is just a bump in the road. How bad things are in your head right now. It’s just a rough time, not a rough life. We’ve had a good run, don’t you think? With the bipolar and the PTSD? Things have been pretty quiet and non eventful.”
“I’ve been lucky. VERY lucky.”
“This isn’t permanent. The illness is, but NOT the way you’re feeling right now. You’re just going through some shit. And once it works itself out and we get home and we get to see Doctor Klein, things will look up. He’ll do right by you; get you on the right meds and all that. This too shall pass. I promise.”
“You have a lot of faith. Especially in me.”
“Well someone has to. Considering you’ve always had very little in yourself. Lucky for you, I have enough for both of us. It’s never going to run out. And this thing today? With Addie? I don’t blame you for losing it. I would have to. I probably would have been A LOT worse. You know how neurotic I can be.”
“You? Neurotic? Never.”
“I wasn’t there today so I don’t know what EXACTLY happened, but I don’t blame you for freaking out. Not with your past. You’re right; it IS naive to think to think there’s someone out there that would love to get back at you.”
“Does that scare you? The fact you realize that?”
“No. I’m never scared when I’m with you. I know what you’re capable of. And I know you’d do anything to keep me safe. And your kids. So no. It doesn’t scare me. Not one bit. Does it scare you? The thought of someone being out there? Just waiting for a chance?”
“Not really. I’ve been pretty much living like that for years. With a target on my back. I just wish I wasn’t putting you through it. Or my kids. Maybe it WAS selfish. Getting involved with you and bringing babies into all of this. Maybe I should have known better. That this wasn’t the kind of life to bring people into.”
“And what? What would you have done differently? Would you have told me to leave? When you woke up in the hospital and I was there? Is that what you would have done? Found a way to scare me off?”
“I didn’t want to. I was glad you were there. I woke up and my first thought was that you were dead. That you never made it off the bridge. And then I realized you were sitting there and I saw that smile and everything seemed so much better. Knowing you were alive. That you stuck around.”
“I stayed because I was falling in love with you. Because I WANTED to be with you. That was MY choice. I went into things with you knowing who you were and what you did for a living. I knew you were a mercenary. I knew what kind of life that was. I knew the risks that came with it. I wasn’t some naive little girl who had no clue about the game. I stayed because I wanted to. Because I wanted YOU. Do you think you really could have done it? Gotten rid of me?”
“I didn’t want to do it. But I probably should have. Spared you a world of hurt.”
“My world has been just fine. Yeah, there’s been some pretty shitty times. We have been through some scary things. But I don’t regret staying with you. On that bridge or in the hospital in Dhaka. And I definitely don’t regret going to Australia with you. My old life was over. My new one was with you. Simple as that. You’re not selfish, Tyler. You’re not a bad person because you found something. SOMEONE. You got a second chance and you deserved to make the most of it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not even your own brain.”
“And you call ME a glutton for punishment? That coming from a girl like you that picked a guy like me?”
“I think I picked very well, thank you very much.” Pushing herself up onto her knees, she shuffles closer to him and places herself between his thighs. Both arms wrapping around his torso and her face nestled into that favorite spot hers; that warm and familiar place between shoulder and neck. “You are kind of stinky,” she observes, and he chuckles; one palm settling in the middle of her spine and the other gently cupping the back of her head. “Kind of ripe.”
“Thought you didn’t mind it? Thought you said I smelled like a man. YOUR man.”
“You do.” She tightens her hold on him; pressing a kiss to the puckered scar that mars the left side of his throat. “You smell like Tyler. MY Tyler.”
“As corny as this is going to sound, I actually like when you call me that. Your Tyler.”
“It’s what you are. WHO you are. You are mine. All…mine.”
“That am I, babe. Until the day I die. And then the second you bring another guy home, I’m going to show up and haunt his ass.”
“There won’t be another guy. You’re it. The last one. My always and forever. If you go before I do, there won’t be anyone else.”
“I hope I do. Go before you do. ‘Cause if it’s the other way around? I don’t think I could handle that. I think that would fucking break me. For good.”
“You’d keep going. For the kids. They’d need you. To get your shit together. You know how you always tell me I’m a lot stronger than I think I am? So are you. I know it terrifies you; the thought of something happening and you being left to do everything. But you’d be okay. You’re tough. The toughest person I’ve ever known. And I know you’d be alright.”
“How about we NOT talk about this? Please? You know it’s not one of my favourite things to discuss. And as far as smelling like your Tyler? Are you saying I stink all the time?”
“No,” she laughs, and pulls away from him. Hands sliding through the openings on the sides of his tank; fingernails lightly scraping along his ribs. “I’m saying that even when you’re pretty ripe, you still smell like you. Like your normal smell is still there. Underneath the stink. You’re still Tyler. My Tyler.”
“Have you been drinking?”
“No. I have not. All I’m saying is that I like your smell. Even when you’re ripe. Because your normal scent is under the ripeness. What is so hard to understand about this?”
“I understand it just fine. I just think it’s pretty fucking weird.”
“Not the the first time you’ve ever called me that. And definitely won’t be the last. Admit it…” her fingers trace the tattoos that grace both sides of his torso. “ weirdness is part of my charm.”
“I don’t quite know about that…”
“I notice it didn’t scare you away. The fact I am weird. I notice that wasn’t a deal breaker. You didn’t care that I was a little...out there.”
“You were different. Than the women I was used to. You walked into my place like you owned it, you didn’t get intimidated easily, you weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself. And you definitely didn’t hesitate to put me in my place, that’s for sure.”
“Something tells me you weren’t used to that. Women knocking you down a peg or two.”
“I definitely was not. It was...I don’t know...nice. Someone that wasn’t a push over and wasn’t all passive and submissive and shit. But wasn’t a fucking psycho either. You’re not, right? A psycho?”
“We’ve been sharing a bed for twelve and a half years. I think you would have discovered if I was a psycho by now. What I AM hearing from you, is that assertive and strong women turn you on. And you never realized that. Until me.”
“YOU turn me on. You just happen to be assertive and strong. Strongest goddamn person I’ve ever met. All five foot nothing and a buck twenty soaking wet.”
“There you go stroking MY ego. I haven’t been a buck twenty since before Declan came along. I’m definitely not the same person I was. I definitely don’t look like I did when we first met, that’s for sure.”
“And I do? I’ve got a lot more miles on me, Esme. A lot more damage.”
“Yet you still manage to be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Oh wait…” she cocks her head to the side and regards him. “ don’t like being called that. What should I call you? Ruggedly handsome? Insanely sexy? Extremely fuckable?”
“All three are fine with me.”
“All three it is then,” she giggles, eyes closing when his lips meet her brow.
“For the record, you DON’T look the same. As when we first met. You look even better. You have no fucking idea how beautiful you actually are. And it burns my ass that you don’t. That you’ll tell me I’m biased or make a joke that I’m blind. You’ve always been the most beautiful girl in the world to me. You always will be.”
“I see it in your eyes. That you feel that way about me. It’s all in how you look at me. Like I’m the most incredible thing on earth. Like no one else exists.”
“That’s because no one else does. Just you. It’s always been just you.”
Smiling, she presses a kiss to each corner of his mouth, then to the tip of his nose. “You know, you keep buttering me up like this, you might get laid tonight.”
“That’s what I was hoping for,” he chides.
“You should know by now that you don’t have to work that hard.” Her nails once more travel down his ribs and then around to his back; slowly scraping across to each hip before moving upwards. “Do you feel better now? That you talked about all of this?”
“A bit. My kid still hates me though.”
“Addie could never hate you. She just got scared. Her feelings got hurt. But you’re daddy. The sun rises and sets on you. That’s never going to change. I’ll go and check on her; see how she’s doing. Sound good?”
“Sounds good,” he agrees, and covers her mouth with his in a long, slow kiss; fingers sliding into her hair and firmly pressing into her scalp. “And thank you…” he nuzzles the bridge of her nose with the end of his. “...for patching me up.”
“Anytime, handsome. Maybe I’ll go one step further and give you a sponge bath later.”
“I knew I should have bought you a sexy nurse’s outfit for Christmas.”
“You snooze, you lose. You should go and take a shower. Wash some of the funk off. Dinner will be here soon; pizza and wings. Your favourite.”
“You know, it only took twelve and a half years, but you’re catching on to this marriage thing.”
“Practice makes perfect, right?” She lightly pecks his lips and then reaches up to playfully ruffle his hair. “And it sure doesn’t hurt that I’ve got the perfect partner to practice with.”
“You could definitely do worse.”
“Yeah…” she says, and rests her forehead against his. “...I could.”
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Imagine - Tommy Shelby
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Reader
Characters: Tommy Shelby, Grace Burgess
Warnings: N/A
Request: N/A
Word Count: 753
Author: Hannah
When you’d returned to Birmingham, you knew things were going to have changed but you never thought your Tommy would have changed.
Yes, war changes a man, it could change a man beyond repair, but you had hope for Tommy that he’d return with the same smile he left you with.
It had been over a year since Tommy and the others had returned from France and on your first stop back in Small Heath was to go straight to the Garrison.
Small Heath hadn’t changed that was for sure, the streets were the same and the walk to the Garrison felt as familiar as ever.
When you pushed the doors open you smiled as the familiar bustle of the patrons greeted you and it felt as if you’d never left.
The only thing that was different was a new barmaid behind the bar instead of Harry, but you paid her no mind as you headed for the snug, planning on waiting there for Tommy if he wasn’t there already.
“You can’t go in there!” the blonde barmaid called out to you as your hand landed on the doorknob of the snug.
You turned to her, a smile on your face. “I think you’ll find that I can,” you answered her in a sickly-sweet tone.
At the sound of your voice the door in front of you whipped open to reveal Tommy standing right in front of you.
Your heart melted at the sight of him again, the small smirk on his face that he always had when he looked at you hadn’t changed.
“I knew I couldn’t imagine that voice,” he spoke, reaching out to tuck a curl behind your ear.
“And I could never imagine those eyes,” you stared right into his eyes as you spoke, those eyes that had captivated you all those years ago and still did to this day.
It was then that his smile graced his face, the smile you were hoping hadn’t been changed by war. “God I’ve missed you.”
Tommy’s hand rested on your cheek as he leant down to kiss you, your hands went to his waist as you melted into the kiss.
He pulled away with a smirk on his face and his hand still on your cheek. “Could never imagine that either,” he commented.
You laughed, pulling back properly and you caught the blonde barmaid’s eye. “I did tell you I could go in there,” you told her with a shrug.
Tommy chuckled at you, reaching down to snag your hand as he pulled his cap back on. He eyed Grace and watched as she glared over at you.
He tugged on your hand to lead you over to the bar, clearly intent on making introductions. “I didn’t really come for a drink Tommy,” you joked with him as he pulled you into his side. “I only came to find you.”
Chuckling, he picked up the glass of whiskey that had been placed in front of him. “Grace, this is Y/N,” he spoke to the blonde and then turned to you. “Love, this is Grace, Harry needed some extra help around here.”
You smiled at her as you enjoyed the fact that she seemed royally pissed off by you on Tommy’s arm.
“And how come I’ve never seen you around here?” she questioned, her accent ringing clear.
“I was away for a while, couldn’t come home until recently,” you answered her, being intentionally evasive as there was a feeling about her that you didn’t like.
She nodded as she wiped down the counter. “And you know Tommy how?” she quizzed again it being clear that her curiosity was getting the better of her.
Tommy chuckled again as he took another sip of his whiskey, his hand present on your waist as he decided to dig into his pocket with his other.
When he pulled it out, he held up a ring you hadn’t seen in a long time. “This belongs on her finger Grace so I’m sure you can guess just how she knows me.”
And with that Tommy finished his drink and quickly whisked you out of the Garrison, to his car that was parked down the way.
“You kept it?” you asked as he helped you into his car, the surprise was in your tone, as you were surprised at the fact Tommy still carried it around.
He smiled at you as he started up the car. “Stayed around my neck in France Love, just like you asked of me.”
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mammonprotectionsquad · 3 days ago
Hello, yes. The rewrite to the first part of A long story from my oc's perspective that nobody asked for xD but I thought it's a good starting point, before I write more oneshots with her :3
This uh... Is a little bit of a longer one 😅
Here's the introduction post for my oc, for anyone who might want a little bit more info about her :3
First meeting with complications
Vanderwood x Talia (OC)
It wasn't the first time for Talia to get paired with another agent for a mission. Still, it never made her less curious about what kind of person it was. "Be careful. He probably won't hesitate to leave you behind." or "He doesn't work well with others. Only doing what's best for him. So don't expect too much." were things she'd been told when word got around who she got paired with.
In all honesty, it only left her wondering if he was really that bad, or if people just exaggerated, as they so often liked to do. Anyway, she had never been one to give a damn about, what she liked to call, office gossip in the first place. She preferred to get to know people herself, before she judged. 
Readjusting her skirt a little, she continued her way down the busy sidewalk, smiling at the people who gave her strange looks. Well, maybe it was a bit weird to see someone dressed like a secretary walking around with a rather big bag thrown over her shoulder.
In the distance she was able to see her partner for the day already. Leaning against his car, cigarette between his lips. 
Agent Vanderwood... Have to admit, quite handsome, she thought, while making use of the time it still took her to reach him. It was easier to eye him like that, without being too obvious. 
Thought the closer she got, the more obvious it became that he had apparently done the same. Only... less sneaky. Something that made her smirk and as soon as she was basically standing in front of him, she raised a brow.
"Didn't anyone ever tell you that it's rude to ogle women like that?" 
She wasn't quite sure if she saw it correctly, since he was quick to turn his back on her, but she could've sworn there was the slightest tinge of red on his cheeks.
"Shut up and get in the car. We have no time to waste", was the only reply Vanderwood gave her. 
After stashing her bag in the trunk, she slipped into the passenger's seat. The man pretty much driving off the second she had closed the door. Shifting a little in her seat, she turned more towards him. This time eyeing him very openly.
So it seemed like what she had been told was actually right; that man was quite the grump.
His voice snapped her out of her thoughts, making her blink a couple times, before she simply shrugged. 
"I'm just trying to figure out who might've pissed into your coffee, for you to be in such a bad mood." 
The reaction she got was a roll of his eyes and a quiet huff, his gaze never leaving the street. 
A silence stretched between them, giving her some time to ponder things over. For example; why was he such a grump? Was he really that bothered to be paired with someone? Or was it because he got paired with her? But why would he? He probably didn't even really know anything about her. Besides, why did that matter anyway? Usually they never really teamed people up for more than one or two missions. Long-term partners? Highly unlikely. It made the risk of people getting attached to one another too high. 
A couple more minutes passed, Vanderwood seeming very set on trying to ignore her as good as possible in that small space. It was irritating, for some reason. Especially since she hadn't had the time to upset him with any of her actions. 
"Look", she eventually began, eyes landing once again on the brunette. "I know you're not big on having a partner. People warned me about it. But thing is, I'm not as bad of an agent as you probably think I am." 
That actually made him glance shortly at her.
"I guess we won't be having a problem, as long as you follow orders." 
Now that was a start! More than one word as an answer and he didn't look as annoyed as before. Something that made her beam at him, though at the same time she couldn't keep herself from mock saluting. 
"I can absolutely do that. Under the condition that your plan won't suck. Otherwise I will rebel and do whatever is best to get things done." 
That earned her a groan, paired with yet another roll of his eyes. And she noticed how his hands twitched ever so slightly against the steering wheel. 
"Don't make me tase you..." 
And Talia? She just chuckled. It wasn't that she didn't believe he would make his threat come true. It was just amusing to her that he'd already feel the need to warn her about possible consequences, after she simply made it clear that she'd only listen as long as she didn't deem the plan absolutely stupid. After all, she wanted to get the job done and, preferably, for both of them to make it out alive and unharmed. 
The rest of the ride was spent in silence again, but at least it was less awkward than before, which was a start. Though the second they arrived at their destination, her expression became more serious. 
"Alright, so what's the plan?", she asked, while gathering her long dark hair, tying it in a high ponytail to get it out of her face. Only her curtain bangs still hanging out and framing her features. 
And while they both slipped out of the car, Vanderwood began talking about how it was potentially rather easy to get in with the badges they had, since security was sparse, apparently. So far so good, but what rubbed her a little the wrong way was his next statement. 
"So at least try to act like a business woman." 
There it was again, people easily underestimating her. Making it her turn to be the one to roll her eyes, this time. 
"This isn't my first rodeo. I know how to go undercover. Now continue, please?", she added in the sweetest voice she could manage, all while expertly hiding a gun and two throwing knifes under her skirt. 
Just as she turned towards him again, she caught him quickly looking away and instead he made quick work of grabbing his own weapons. 
Easy mission or not, it was never a good idea to go anywhere unarmed. Something they taught very early on in the agency. 
He continued to go over the plan with her. Saying he'd be in the security room to loop camera footage and therefore ensure no one would be able to see her slip into the office. Then it was up to her to download the data they needed, before they could disappear and call it a day. 
In all honesty, it did sound fairly easy. Maybe even a little too easy... Leaving her to wonder why the agency had decided that it was a two person job. Because to her, it seemed like it could've easily been done solo. But oh well, now they were there and the sooner they got in, the sooner they could go home. 
Vanderwood was the first one to go in, since he had to prepare everything for her part. Talia waited a couple minutes, until she followed. Thankfully the badge the agency had given them worked without any problems. The last thing they needed was unwanted attention because she couldn't get in. 
As soon as she got the okay from her partner, she immediately made her way up to the 10th floor, checking the hallways to make sure no one was around, before she slipped into the office.
So far, so good. Still, something seemed off about the entire thing... 
"Okay, I'm in. But Vanderwood?", she muttered, wasting no time to get to work at the computer and gather all the data they were sent to collect. The only reply she got was a hum, but it was enough to let her know he was listening. "Doesn't this kind of feel... I don't know. Too easy? We're stealing very sensitive information here. I really expected more security to show up. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for easy and quick missions, but something seems off. The place should be crawling with security." 
There wasn't any kind of answer, something that already confused her. Sure, he didn't seem to be the most talkative person, but surely he could've shared a few words to give his opinion on it, right? 
With a frown, she watched as the window on the screen closed, indicating that the transfer was complete. Leaving her to erase all possible traces of their actions. Though just as she stashed the USB stick safely away, she was able to hear a man's voice over her earpiece. But it was quiet and definitely not Vanderwood. 
"You've got the data, right? Then get out of here. Now!", she suddenly heard him whisper
"What the hell? What's going on, Vanderwood?"
Fuck, those words never meant anything good. Face in a frown, she headed to the door, listening for any footsteps outside. 
"Doesn't matter. Just get out, got it? Take the car. I'll handle this." 
"Handle what? Come on, talk to me, idiot!"
She was just about to open the door, hand already on the handle, when she heard a gunshot. The sound making her freeze momentarily. But it only lasted a second until she jumped into action. Running down the stairs as fast as she could, until she reached the floor her partner was on. 
Like hell she'd just leave... Yes, she got that he wanted her to make sure the mission was a success, but she never let anyone behind. Not if she could help it, and she surely wouldn't start now. 
Sliding around the corner on the slippery floor with her heels, she didn't hesitate to grab her throwing knife to take out the first guard in front of the security room. Afterwards grabbing her gun to get rid of the other two. 
The way inside was cleared in time to see how the last guard remaining aimed his gun at Vanderwood. The agent looking like he already expected everything to end there for him. Not on her watch. Without even thinking about it, she shot the guard straight in the head. The man falling to the ground with a dull thump.
"For fucks sake, you should've been more careful!" The words were out, before Talia could've stopped herself. Heart still racing and as the adrenaline slowly started to ebb off, her hands began to tremble ever so slightly. No matter how often she'd gone through situations like that, she doubted it would ever become any easier. 
"When I tell you to go, you go!", he spat at her in return, looking genuinely angry at her. 
Did he really expect her to leave him behind? Had it happened to him before and that was why he didn't like working with others? There were so many questions flooding her mind.
But it all came to a rattling halt when she noticed how he was staggering and her eyes landed on the wet patch on his side, staining the shirt an angry red. She quickly wrapped one arm around his waist, the free hand grabbing his hand to position his arm over her shoulder, in order to support him on their way to the emergency exit. Trying to be as careful as possible, since she didn't want to cause him any more discomfort. 
"And leave you for dead? Not happening, hotshot." 
"Why do you have to be such a stubborn piece of shit?"
"Funny, I was about to ask you the same thing." 
Thankfully there weren't any more unpleasant encounters on their way outside and once at the car, she helped the brunette into the passenger seat. 
After all, he was in no condition to drive. And Talia? She broke all sorts of speed limits, not giving a single fuck about it. She had to get him somewhere safe, before he potentially bled out in the car. At the same time she was debating where to go. 
Heading to either of their homes could turn into a death trap. If anyone followed and found out where they lived, it could end very deadly. So that was easily dismissed. The closest place she knew would definitely be safe, was the cabin she often went to. 
It was her little place to escape the world, not only when missions had complications. So taking someone who was basically a stranger there felt weird, but there really wasn't any other option left. 
The cabin it is, then..., she thought, before constantly apologizing when they drove over a bump in the road and the movement made him groan in pain. Yes, she knew it wasn't really her fault. Still, she couldn't help but feel guilty. 
For a while, it went quiet and she glanced over at Vanderwood to make sure he was still breathing. 
At some point she noticed his eyes fluttering open again, making her let out a relieved sigh. 
"Where exactly are we going? Gonna get rid of me in the forest?" 
"Sure, makes total sense after saving your ass", she snorted. "No, we're gonna stay at a safehouse."
It didn't take much longer after that, until she parked the car in front of the well hidden cabin. Immediately at his side to help him into the house and over to the couch. And once she was sure he wouldn't pass out on her again, she busied herself with gathering all the medial supplies she could possibly need. 
Moments like that mader her thank her past self for always stacking up on everything important. 
"Think you'll be able to take your shirt off yourself?", Talia asked, while she dropped the first things off, then headed into the kitchen to grab him a bottle of scotch. The first and best thing she could get her hands on as some kind of distraction, which would hopefully also help him get a little over the pain. 
"And you haven't even bought me dinner, yet..." 
His comment actually managed to tickle a small smile out of her and when she returned to hand him the bottle, he was already shirtless. 
"Ah, he's actually able to joke. But I'm not sure if that's a good thing or if it means you're gonna die on me."
After putting on some gloves, she leaned in closer to inspect his side, her fingers brushing lightly over the skin, face in a frown. 
"No exit wound... This is gonna hurt, I'm afraid." 
Talia expected him to be tense, to make some kind of remark, but instead he looked weirdly... calm? 
"Do your worst, nurse."
That earned him an eye roll, though weirdly enough it also helped her to relax a little further. And with that, she first started to douse a cotton ball in alcohol to disinfect the wound. 
"Why do I get the feeling you've done that before?"
Shortly she stopped in her tracks, glancing up at him and shrugging. 
"A couple times. That was kind of my main job for a while, because I picked up fast on how to patch people up", she explained, at the same time carefully inserting tweezers into the wound to try and find the bullet. 
Whenever he winced or made any pained noises, her concern grew bigger, making her feel bad for putting him through all that. But at the same time she knew it was necessary, because they couldn't just leave the bullet in there. Still she did her best to work quickly, also trying to be as gentle as possible.
"It's gonna be over soon... Good news is, the bullet is in one piece. Aaand... There we have the sucker!", she announced nearly triumphantly, holding the bullet up shortly, before dropping it in a little bowl in the coffee table. At the same time pressing some a gauze pad to the wound and moving one of Vanderwood's hands there to keep it in place. Then she prepared needle and thread to sew everything shut, making sure to be meticulous about it. She didn't want him to end up with a horrendous looking scar because she didn't to her job well. 
A comfortable silence settled between the agents as she worked away. Feeling his gaze on her the entire time, but she didn't mention it. Maybe he just wanted to make sure she did everything properly. When she was satisfied with the outcome, she made sure to bandage everything properly, before taking her gloves off.
One thing less to worry about.  
"... Thank you." 
That little statement was enough to send a wave of warmth through her. It wasn't really the norm to hear anyone thanking her. A lot of agents saw it as normal to get patched up by whoever they were paired with. So this nearly felt a little... special. Especially when it came from the guy with a reputation of being a grumpy, rude loner. 
"Not for that, big guy. Now let's get you to the bedroom. And no, this is not up for discussion." 
It was fairly visible that he seemed to want to argue, but to her relief he opted for simply sighing and nodding. Even letting her help him into the other room, where she took off his shoes and put them aside, before making sure that he would be comfortable in the bed. She also set a bottle of water down on the nightstand, along with a couple painkillers. Just in case he needed any during the night. 
"You know, you're actually not so bad", Vanderwood muttered, just when she was standing at the door. 
Looking back over her shoulder, she couldn't help but beam at him. Could anyone really blame her? It was the first real nice thing he'd said to her, so far. 
"Well, you're not so bad yourself. Now sleep. I'll make sure everything is safe." 
That being said, she turned off the lights, both murmuring quiet good nights, before she closed the door behind herself. 
Taking a couple deep breaths, she looked around the room, deciding that it was probably best to call the agency first and fill them in on everything that had happened. Plus telling them that the mission was still a success. No one wanted their boss to be mad at them... 
At the same time she already began to clean everything up, putting all the medial supplies back where they belonged. 
"Yes, I understand. I'll get the data to you tomorrow, don't worry." 
Hanging up the phone, she flopped down onto the couch. The exhaustion of the day slowly creeping into her bones, now that there wasn't really anything left to do. Nothing to keep her body and mind busy. It didn't take all too long until her thoughts began to wander, though everything came down to one topic; Vanderwood.
What a peculiar man. Yes, he had been distant at first. But also, it's what they've been taught over and over again. That they weren't supposed to let anyone close, not even other agents. Besides, who knew what he might've went through already? Everyone had other coping mechanisms. Different ways to keep themselves safe from all sorts of harm. 
Still, she couldn't quite understand just why him getting injured had left her feeling sort of... anxious. It wasn't the first time someone around her got injured, leaving her to take care of them. It was normal for her to always treat everyone carefully, to not be the cause of more pain,
Though with previous partners, it had never affected her the way it had that day. Strange. Everything about that man and everything surrounding him was strange. Leaving her with way more questions than answers. But he had also, kind of, a little bit, warmed up to her and that was a good start, right? Not to mention that he had been so willing to basically sacrifice himself, in order for Talia to ensure the mission would get done. It didn't at all line up with the "he only does what's best for himself" thing people said about him. 
"And people say I'm weird", she muttered with an amused snort, freeing her hair from the hair tie and ruffling through it, making the brunette strands fall over her shoulders and the back of the couch. 
At first she considered trying to get comfortable on the couch, but soon enough Talia had to find out that it would be a sleepless night for her. Because as soon as she heard the smallest sound from the bedroom, she was on high alert. Even though she knew his wound wasn't life threatening. For some reason, she was still worried that anything could be wrong. That something could happen when she fell asleep and then she wouldn't be able to help him. 
Damn, talk about a stupid, annoying helper syndrome. Which was quite comical, considering what she did to earn money. 
Well, at least there were enough books in the house to get her through the night. 
When morning rolled around, she tried to be as quiet as possible while busying herself in the small kitchen, preparing coffee and even making pancakes. While she wasn't really a breakfast person, she would make Vanderwood eat, no matter what. Mainly because he needed to get his strength back more than she did, being the injured one and all. 
She was nursing her second cup of coffee, when she picked up on movement in the bedroom. Wasting no time whatsoever to walk over and poke her head in, relief washed over her when she saw Vanderwood awake.
"I see the patient is awake~", she hummed, already sitting down next to him to check on the wound, before she switched out the gauze pad and bandage. "How are you feeling?" 
"Still feel like I got hit by a bus, but I've been worse", he brushed her off. 
"Well, I'm just glad you seem to be doing alright. Now come on. I've made some pancakes and you need to get some food into you. Afterwards I'll get you home." 
She went ahead to fix him a cup of coffee and a plate with food. And once he joined her, she throws him a spare shirt. Originally one she packed to sleep in, but now it came in quite handy, since it was a little big on her. 
"Might be a bit on the tighter side, but I guess it's better than nothing", she explained, at the same time expertly hiding her slightly flushed face behind her own cup of coffee. 
Breakfast consisted mainly of her making sure he'd eat enough, while filling him in on everything she'd discussed with the agency the previous night. But when he offered to take care of the paperwork, she shook her head vehemently. 
"No, it's okay. You just focus on getting better." 
The drive back was way more relaxed, the atmosphere between them nearly comfortable, even if none of them said anything. Maybe it was the knowledge of the mission being all wrapped up. Vanderwood not being all too badly injured. Or maybe, just maybe, it was that strange, undefinable, small bond that had began to form between them during the events of the previous day. Whatever it was, it didn't feel all too bad, Talia had to realize. 
Eventually she turned the radio on, on a lower volume. Occasionally singing along quietly to the songs she knew, without even realizing what she did. And every now and then they caught each other's gaze, when she glanced over at him. As silly as it was, it made her lips quirk up into a small smile every single time. 
For some reason, she got a little sad when she parked the car at his place. Though she was quick to shake her head in an attempt to get rid of those stupid thoughts. Also, before any irrationality on her part could kick in, she slipped out of the car and grabbed her bag from the trunk. Catching Vanderwood practically staring at her, once she closed it. 
"What are you doing?", he asked, a hint of worry in his voice.
"Uhm... Getting my stuff? It's your car, after all", she explained, confusion written all over her face. 
"But how are you-" 
"It's fine", she cut him off. Hating how his sudden display of concern made her heart skip. Leaving her to remind herself to get a damn grip on herself! "I don't live too far from here. I can just walk." 
Shouldering her bag, she began to slowly walk away from him, when a thought suddenly hit her. They only lived about 15 minutes apart. And as stupid, reckless and dangerous it could be, maybe there was a chance to meet him again. Even if the agency might not pair them for another mission again. Still it was impossible for her not to smile widely and when she turned her head to look back over her shoulder, she saw the other agent still sanding next to the car. Eyes fixed on her. 
"Who knows, maybe we'll see each other again", she chirped, accompanied by a wink send into his direction. Then she continued her way home. 
Despite the exhaustion from the mission and not getting any sleep the previous night, she had a skip to her step. 
Vanderwood had caught her interest and she would love to get to know him better. He was just... something else. And during that one day they've been together, she already saw quite some different behaviours from him. Also, she was convinced that he was actually not all that much of a grump, deep down. 
Maybe, someday, she'd get the opportunity to get to know him better, despite the risks she knew it held. Who knew. Maybe the universe would finally take a tiny bit of pity on her and let her have something nice in her life. Just this once. 
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BDSM / KINKS / PWPS - Short Stories
See You When I Get Home by @fournipplesau (10k) | Explicit
“What are you thinking about?” He repeats Louis’ question from earlier.
“You.” Louis’ reply comes out in a moan. It shocks Harry, and his brain scrambles for the right thing to do, the right thing to say. He doesn’t even know how to feel, or if he even heard Louis correctly.
Stillness Is The Move by @turnyourankle (2k) | Explicit
Harry fails to follow instructions and requires punishment.
And I know he’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb by @capturethesunset (3k) | Not Rated
Louis getting wrecked by jealous Harry.
give and take by @sky_reid (1k) | Explicit
sometimes louis just needs.
English help? More like Fuck me. by orphan_account (5k) | Explicit
Oh he’s much more than just a student. He’s enchanting and enticing and just pretty and Louis wants to touch. Just wants to devour him, it doesn’t fucking matter if it happens in his own classroom either.
When I hear your cries, praying for life. (I will be there) by @brokenbeauty (5k) | Explicit
Well, I figured we needed Larry birthday sex, soooo….. ;))))
hop hop hop by orphan_account (3k) | Explicit
Suddenly, Harry’s slipping down his jeans, and Louis gasps as he’s met with a very unexpected but delicious sight. A mass of fur nestles between Harry’s cheeks, matching with the pink of the inner part of his bunny ears.
Or, the one in which Harry wears bunny ears and a bunny butt plug and Louis proceeds to fuck him.
I’m Gonna Love You (Until You Hate me) by @sweaterpawstyles (8k) | Explicit
As if reading his mind, Louis glanced over his glasses at Harry, presumably because Harry didn’t reply to his statement earlier.
“I decided to get my glasses out again,” he chuckled, winking at Harry. “Do you like them?“
Harry felt his face heat up. No, he didn’t just like them. He fucking loved them and wanted to ride Louis and call him daddy while he wore them. But he didn’t want to just tell Louis this.
Louis wears glasses and Harry doesn’t like to be teased
sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me by @moonlightlouis (4k) | Not Rated
harry’s been a naughty boy and needs to be punished and louis is there to do it
shit, i still love you (still see you in bed) by @Wankerville (10k) | General Audiences
Harry hums, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth, “I want daddy to fuck me in the gold booties he got me for my birthday.”
or, it’s valentine’s day and harry wants to be fucked in his gold boots
daddy daddy cool by @sky_reid (6k) | Explicit
harry wakes up hard.
Yes Daddy, I Will by @recklessandbrave (9k) | Explicit
Louis smirks, arms crossed while admiring the scene in front of him. He had Harry exactly where he wanted him; desperate while blindfolded and tied up, and he was loving it. He feels drunk off the sight of his boyfriend spread out for him, naked, hard, and needy.
Or the one where Harry distracts Louis while he works and gets the punishment he deserves, and so badly wants.
Part 1 of Pastel
Make Him Want to Sin by @QuickedWeen (9k) | Explicit
The stranger’s sharp gaze landed on him immediately, the eye contact shattering through Harry’s defenses. For the first time in his life, Harry had an instantaneous reaction to someone. The man stared down at him with interest, like he wanted to take Harry apart and put him back together again, piece by piece. Harry wanted that more than anything, and he wanted it right now. It took every ounce of strength he had ever possessed to not drop down to his knees instinctively.
All from one glance.
welcome to the mansion by @blankiehxrry (7k) | Explicit
Harry is a Playboy bunny.
12 Hours by @1975sam (2k) | Explicit
If two people who hated/couldn’t stand each other got stuck together in an elevator for 12 hours, what would happen?
A Million Years by @sunflowerstyles (3k) | Explicit
Louis always ends up feeling guilty that he’s not ready to give Harry what he wants. Harry shows him how much fun they can have while they wait together.
But I’ll Still Take You Home by @LoadedGunn (9k) | Explicit
“So how old does that make you?”
It takes Harry a second. “Twenty.”
Louis arches an eyebrow. No matter how morally dubious that makes him, this boy is not twenty years old. “Bullshit.”
Harry pinches his bottom lip between two long fingers. “Eighteen.”
“What is this, a missile launch?”
Harry giggles. “Seventeen.”
Or, Harry is 17 at a college party, and Louis is not Brian Kinney.
can i stay the night by @frappeniall (3k) | Explicit
Louis pulled away and stood up, ‘This.. This is wrong. You’re 16.’
‘17 in 6 minutes,’ Harry interjected, ‘If that helps.’
[harry has a crush on his older neighbor, louis, and stays the night at his house when he gets in trouble with the police]
Can’t help but touch myself by @Tita (7k) | Explicit
“I asked what these were, love.” Harry gulps. “Panties,” he explains with heated cheeks, needing more than the light touches from Louis and getting nothing. “What did you get them for? Were they to impress someone else?” He asks, and Harry shakes his head fervently, stumbling over his words as he tries to get his tongue to cooperate. “No, no,” he emphasizes, arching his back to plaster himself to Louis. “For you, always for you, Daddy.”
Champagne by @fanshae (2k) | Explicit
“Look at how pretty you are,” Louis murmurs, Harry’s stockinged toes curling against the floor at the praise, “Give Daddy a twirl, baby.”
Dance Floor Whore by @ropewithnoanchor (7k) | Explicit
Louis and Harry go to a club while on tour to blow off some steam, but Harry gets too drunk and lets another man dance up on him in front of everyone. Louis takes him back to their hotel and spends the next morning punishing Harry, making Harry work to make it up to him.
foreign but not different by @frappeniall (2k) | Explicit
When Harry signed the papers, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. All he knew was that he had good grades and that he was sick of his mom and sister. So he convinced his mom to let him go to school in London for a year.
[harry is a foreign exchange student who stays with the tomlinsons]
Give It Up To Me by @krisstylinson (8k) | Explicit
“You’re going to end up making me come with all the boys in our lounge,” he finished, his tone softening the longer he spoke.
“And?” Harry murmured, placing his palm over the crevice of Louis’ arse, keeping the plug nice and tight inside of him. “What if I wanted you to?”
Or the cliché where Louis isn’t supposed to come but he does, and that can’t go unpunished in Harry’s eyes.
I can feed your appetite by @dirrtylarry (5k) | Explicit
During a meal out with the other boys, Harry teases Louis to get what he wants.
I’m Tired Of Using Technology, I Need You Right In Front Of Me by @Phillipa19 (6k) | Explicit
Louis goes away on yet another business trip, but when he stops calling Harry to check in, Harry decides to take matters into his own hands.
OR- Louis is Harry’s sugardaddy who has gone away on business and Harry feels neglected. Louis is possessive and gets a camera installed in their bedroom so he can check up on Harry, so Harry decides to use the camera to his advantage.
it ain’t trickin’ if ya got it by @sarcasticfluentry (10k) | Explicit
Louis raises an eyebrow and smirks. “You have to ask nicely, Harry.”
They’ve never really played like this before, and Louis is a little out of his element but he finds that they’re both falling effortlessly into their roles (and not just because Louis is good at acting).
Harry’s too overwhelmed, though, to say anything without first gasping, “I c-can’t - god, I can’t believe you - please, Daddy, please put it inside?”
… or, 28-year-old blockbuster actor Louis Tomlinson rushes home to give his 20-year-old model boyfriend Harry a good seeing-to after a particularly provocative Instagram post and, in his excitement, alerts the entire world. Featuring daddy kink, anal beads, and feelings.
Just One Night by @LovelyAnon (7k) | Explicit
Louis is upset and goes to a bar to drown his worries. Harry shows up. Sex ensues. What more is there to say?
just one step at a time by @hickeylou, @sowearegay (10k) | Explicit
Louis is insecure and Harry has trouble sometimes.
just want to make love to you by @beautlouis (3k) | Explicit
Louis has a lapful of Harry before the car has even closed and maybe he should be a bit concerned about that, judging from the look in Liam’s eye, but it’s hard to worry about anything when Harry’s wriggling against him, warm and insistent.
“’m so hard,” Harry pants against his ear, “Been this way since we got off the stage, want–want you to fuck me, yeah, I want–”
*the aftermath of the xfactor performance where harry went wild
Mark Me Up (My Skin’s Yours to Touch) by @eyesofshinigami​ (2k) | Explicit
They stumble into their bedroom and Louis’ is immediately pushed onto the bed, Harry scrambling after him. Shaky hands pull down his joggers right under his arse and Harry’s tongue circles around the still tender skin, never touching it directly. Despite the heat and desperation between them, Harry’s almost reverential in his touches. “‘s for me, Lou?” he slurs between passes of his tongue. “A place that only I can see?”
Or the one where Harry gets to appreciate Louis’ new tattoo.
my one and own (i wanna get you alone) by @beautlouis (6k) | Explicit
Louis’ favorite thing to do is make Harry come. It’s the best feeling in the world, watching the boy he loves fall apart underneath him; to see how good it feels for Harry, in every line and movement of his body.
Louis pushes a thigh between Harry’s and grinds just enough that Harry sighs gently and ruts his hips back into Louis. Holding Harry’s waist firmly, Louis presses his lips into Harry’s ear and says, “I think I’d like to make you come.”
It isn’t as if they don’t both know that’s what tonight is—Louis making Harry come—but the verbal acknowledgment of it makes Harry moan sharply and turn his head to try to pull Louis into a kiss.
my youth is yours by @skarshes (6k)| Not Rated
“They shake hands and when they’re finished, Louis stands up to go shake Harry’s hand. He doesn’t understand why Harry is gawking at him until he realizes that he’s still dressed in a pair of blue lacy boyshorts. He blushes, but the response from Harry is the best, his cheeks are flushed and his eyes are wide. Louis shakes his hand and welcomes him before leaving to go finish his last part of the photoshoot. Harry is still standing there with his mouth wide open when Louis walks out.
Oh, this is going to be so much fun, Louis thinks to himself as he gets in position for the next photo set.”
Or: Louis is a model and Harry is his assistant. Cue the instant attraction, flirting, a little bit of smut, a little bit of angst, but a happy ending.
nominae by @pressedpeachpits (2k) | Teen And Up Audiences
Louis is Harry’s beautiful acting professor, and Harry is an awkward college freshman with a crush on said teacher. After a slip up with what name to call him, Harry finds himself in a world of embarrassment, obsession, and lots of support from his roommate Niall.
Or, the one in which Harry calls his teacher Daddy, but it isn’t as bad as he expected
One day to believe in you by @mediaville (7k) | Explicit
A mysterious force compels Louis to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Even when it’s really inconvenient.
Harry blinks and has the nerve to look surprised. “You think about me when you get off?”
“Yes,” Louis says. He wonders how hard he’d need to punch himself in the face to knock himself out.
“Yes, Christ, Harry,” Louis groans. “Probably eight times a week for going on six years now. On average, you know. More when we were touring, less when I’ve been visiting family. Anything else you’d like to know?”
Skipping Heartbeats by @1dfetusfics (3k) | Mature
Louis doesn’t talk much and for some reason he has a queasy feeling in his belly whenever he’s around boys now, especially around Harry.
so defiant, little one by orphan_account (4k)| Not Rated
Louis refuses to talk to Harry when the older man doesn’t buy him the necklace he wanted, and in return Harry teaches him to be grateful when they get home.
sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me by @moonlightlouis (4k) | Not Rated
harry’s been a naughty boy and needs to be punished and louis is there to do it
Sweet Dreams by @dormant_bender (5k) | Explicit
When fantasies become reality.
Talk To Me, Baby by orphan_account (3k) | Explicit
Harry loves to talk and whisper little things to Louis during sex. Louis is pretty quiet, loves it, but just listens. But one day Harry really wants to hear Louis say some of the dirty things he loves Harry to do to him, so Harry really encourages Louis to talk to him during sex. Louis is self-conscious at first but then they really get into it and amazingness happens.
Thank the Hotel by orphan_account (4k) | Explicit
The hotel messed up the boys’ reservations for after their Red Nose Day performance, causing Louis and Harry to share a single bed hotel room. When Harry wakes up to Louis having a wet dream, he just can’t help himself. He’d have to remember to thank the hotel later.
Untitled sugardaddy fic by orphan_account (2k) | Explicit
Harry comes home from a long day at work and has his way with his baby. (That’s Louis.)
The one with all the daddy kink sex and spanking. It’s pure pwp.
Wake Me Up by @larrystylins (2k) | Explicit
Harry stretches and accidentally pushes his bare bum into Louis’ crotch. Oh. That’s definitely Louis’ cock. Okay that’s definitely the outline of Louis’ hard cock pressing against him. “Lou?” he whispers. Of course Louis is fast asleep..
or Harry wakes up to Louis’ morning wood pressed against his bum. Harry gets needy. Louis wakes up and punishes him.
You Don’t Need Me To Show The Way by@LoadedGunn (6k) | Explicit
But right there, on Harry’s iPod, is a folder entitled Lou Sappy Sappy Long Indie Hipster 80’s Love Songs Mixtape.
Louis expects a sappy mix tape. He might even expect his own shitty versions of Foo Fighter songs. What he doesn’t expect is clicking on “AUD-20101223” and suddenly hearing loud moaning. He gasps and scrambles to pause it, so shocked the iPod drops right to Harry’s stomach. Harry looks absolutely mortified, even more than he did when Louis played High School Musical. He’s blushing so furiously his face bypassed rosy straight to flaming red, and his mouth is closing and opening like he can’t think of a single thing to say.
Then Louis starts laughing uproariously. “Hiiii, I’m Harry from Cheshire, when I’m on the road I like listening to indie music and gay porn.”
Or, 2011 fic where Harry rides dick for the first time and Louis appreciates technology.
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justalarryblog · 3 days ago
BDSM / KINKS / PWPS - Dirty Talk
See You When I Get Home by @fournipplesau (10k) | Explicit
“What are you thinking about?” He repeats Louis’ question from earlier.
“You.” Louis’ reply comes out in a moan. It shocks Harry, and his brain scrambles for the right thing to do, the right thing to say. He doesn’t even know how to feel, or if he even heard Louis correctly.
hop hop hop by orphan_account (3k) | Explicit
Suddenly, Harry’s slipping down his jeans, and Louis gasps as he’s met with a very unexpected but delicious sight. A mass of fur nestles between Harry’s cheeks, matching with the pink of the inner part of his bunny ears.
Or, the one in which Harry wears bunny ears and a bunny butt plug and Louis proceeds to fuck him.
I’m Gonna Love You (Until You Hate me) by @sweaterpawstyles (8k) | Explicit
As if reading his mind, Louis glanced over his glasses at Harry, presumably because Harry didn’t reply to his statement earlier.
“I decided to get my glasses out again,” he chuckled, winking at Harry. “Do you like them?“
Harry felt his face heat up. No, he didn’t just like them. He fucking loved them and wanted to ride Louis and call him daddy while he wore them. But he didn’t want to just tell Louis this.
Louis wears glasses and Harry doesn’t like to be teased
daddy daddy cool by @sky_reid (6k) | Explicit
harry wakes up hard.
Yes Daddy, I Will by @recklessandbrave (9k) | Explicit
Louis smirks, arms crossed while admiring the scene in front of him. He had Harry exactly where he wanted him; desperate while blindfolded and tied up, and he was loving it. He feels drunk off the sight of his boyfriend spread out for him, naked, hard, and needy.
Or the one where Harry distracts Louis while he works and gets the punishment he deserves, and so badly wants.
Part 1 of Pastel
strawberry milk fic by @Wankerville (158k) | Explicit
“So here’s the thing,” he starts. “I didn’t mean what I said a few weeks ago to like, hurt your feelings or anything. If you like painting your nails, then you should do that, and not like, care if anyone else doesn’t like it because their opinions shouldn’t matter, you know?” Louis takes a breath, finally glancing over to see the boy wide-eyed and pink-cheeked. On a whim, he adds, “And like, I noticed you scraping it off and you haven’t been wearing any and I think you should because that’s what you like.” or an au where harry paints his nails and drinks strawberry milk and is too nervous for it to be nothing and louis’ just trying to figure out whats wrong with him
One for Luck by @leavingonatrain (96k) | Explicit
The very first time Louis remembers hearing Harry Styles’ deep, deep voice, he’s just won gold at the World Equestrian Games and he’s officially back on Great Britain’s Olympic team. He’s also three sheets to the wind, drunk on victory and champagne, and there’s a gorgeous boy whispering in his ear. Life’s grand.
(AU: Louis and Harry are professional riders on the British Olympic team.)
Make Him Want to Sin by @QuickedWeen (9k) | Explicit
The stranger’s sharp gaze landed on him immediately, the eye contact shattering through Harry’s defenses. For the first time in his life, Harry had an instantaneous reaction to someone. The man stared down at him with interest, like he wanted to take Harry apart and put him back together again, piece by piece. Harry wanted that more than anything, and he wanted it right now. It took every ounce of strength he had ever possessed to not drop down to his knees instinctively.
All from one glance.
driving instructor fic by @LoadedGunn (104k) | Explicit
AU where Louis is a 25-year-old driving instructor and Harry is a 17-year-old virgin who’s really awful at seduction, except for the time he gets Louis to fall for him and fuck him senseless and take him on kinky adventures.
welcome to the mansion by @blankiehxrry (7k) | Explicit
Harry is a Playboy bunny.
Can’t help but touch myself by @Tita (7k) | Explicit
“I asked what these were, love.” Harry gulps. “Panties,” he explains with heated cheeks, needing more than the light touches from Louis and getting nothing. “What did you get them for? Were they to impress someone else?” He asks, and Harry shakes his head fervently, stumbling over his words as he tries to get his tongue to cooperate. “No, no,” he emphasizes, arching his back to plaster himself to Louis. “For you, always for you, Daddy.”
Give It Up To Me by @krisstylinson (8k) | Explicit
“You’re going to end up making me come with all the boys in our lounge,” he finished, his tone softening the longer he spoke.
“And?” Harry murmured, placing his palm over the crevice of Louis’ arse, keeping the plug nice and tight inside of him. “What if I wanted you to?”
Or the cliché where Louis isn’t supposed to come but he does, and that can’t go unpunished in Harry’s eyes.
I can feed your appetite by @dirrtylarry (5k) | Explicit
During a meal out with the other boys, Harry teases Louis to get what he wants.
One day to believe in you by @mediaville (7k) | Explicit
A mysterious force compels Louis to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Even when it’s really inconvenient.
Harry blinks and has the nerve to look surprised. “You think about me when you get off?”
“Yes,” Louis says. He wonders how hard he’d need to punch himself in the face to knock himself out.
“Yes, Christ, Harry,” Louis groans. “Probably eight times a week for going on six years now. On average, you know. More when we were touring, less when I’ve been visiting family. Anything else you’d like to know?”
Sweet Dreams by @dormant_bender (5k) | Explicit
When fantasies become reality.
Talk To Me, Baby by orphan_account (3k) | Explicit
Harry loves to talk and whisper little things to Louis during sex. Louis is pretty quiet, loves it, but just listens. But one day Harry really wants to hear Louis say some of the dirty things he loves Harry to do to him, so Harry really encourages Louis to talk to him during sex. Louis is self-conscious at first but then they really get into it and amazingness happens.
Thank the Hotel by orphan_account (4k) | Explicit
The hotel messed up the boys’ reservations for after their Red Nose Day performance, causing Louis and Harry to share a single bed hotel room. When Harry wakes up to Louis having a wet dream, he just can’t help himself. He’d have to remember to thank the hotel later.
✨You can also check My Fic Tags for more fics! ✨
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pseudofaux · 4 days ago
Hi there! Can I request an IkeSen smut drabble where MC comes back to the Sengoku after being away for a year in Masa’s route? Turns out while she was away, she started playing otome, and Masa finds it on her phone. Of course slightly jealous sexy time ensues...
Sure! I’m not sure how long her battery would last for Masa to find the games on her phone, but he’s a curious guy. 💙🌙 This is a lot of scenario so I covered as much as I could. I hope you will enjoy this!
(Requests are open through the end of May 1 if you’d like to get one in!)
Tumblr media
“So it’s just like a story,” she explains, feeling embarrassed. “The characters aren’t real. This is not a real person I’m writing to, it’s a fake chatroom— which is sort of like a pretend... teahouse. A space for people to talk.”
“What are the characters like?” Masamune asks skeptically. He’s usually so accepting of everything she tells him about the future, but she can understand why this would be a different matter. He knows enough to understand there’s a romance element in the games, and of course that brings out his competitive side. Even if he’s competing against pixels.
“Different types!” she’s quick to tell him. “This character with the blue hair is very outgoing and sweet. This one is more reserved. This one is very domineering.”
“Do any of them own land?”
She manages not to laugh. “No. One of them has an apartment in an expensive district, but it’s just... like several rooms, in a tall house shared with other people.”
“So none of them are better than me,” he says proudly.
“No,” she says right away. “Of course not. This is just pretend.”
Masamune leans in very close from his space in front of her. “And do you pretend to be intimate with these ‘phone boyfriends’?”
She gulps. “Uh... look, before the machine stops working, let me show you some pictures I took of Aoba in the future, it’s very beautiful.”
He tuts at her and lifts the phone out of her hand. “Uh uhn. Answer the question, kitten.”
“...pretend, yes,” she admits, shifting nervously.
“Only pretend?” he asks.
“Do you like me better?”
“Yes! So much!” she tells him, looking into his face for the first time in a few minutes. “No pretend could ever be as good as you,” she adds, because it’s the truth.
Masamune barks out a laugh with a great deal of superiority, but he is grinning, and she will take it. He narrows his eye at her. “I can tell when someone is trying to flatter me, you know.“
“Can you tell that I’d rather do something else?” she asks hopefully. He laughs again and she’s so grateful to just be with him that she moves to take her phone so she can turn it off and put it away, but he holds it out of reach and his grin gets wider.
“You want your pretend boyfriends, or your real man?”
“You, Masamune,” she says, grinning too. “Always you.”
He tosses the phone over his shoulder, back into his room. “Show me, then,” he commands.
She looks at the phone, but gives up on it. She straddles his lap, a little more awkwardly than she is used to because he doesn’t help her at all. But when she gets there, he pulls her chest against his and murmurs in a low growl, “Prove it.”
He’s definitely jealous, but he’s keen to play like always. And it feels so good to be here with him, playing, that she’s smiling as she puts her arm around his neck and thinks of what to say. He’s so much better at dirty talk than she is, but sometimes he reacts to things she says that aren’t even meant to be sexy. She decides to be playfully direct, so he can’t mistake her meaning.
“You know what none of those pretend boyfriends can do?” she asks, ruffling the hair at the back of his head. She’s careful of the tie of his eyepatch but hopes she’ll be allowed to take it off before too long. His scent is so good, some kind of sengoku cologne, she swears, and being this close to him she gets it in every breath.
He hums, just a questioning note. He doesn’t seem to want to talk yet, and she nearly giggles but stays the course. “It’s actually something nobody but you can do, Masamune,” she whispers, working her fingers down his scalp to his neck. She’ll play dirty and go for his sensitive spots if she has to, to win him back fully. He deserves a little extra care, she thinks. It’s not like he was playing harem games while she was gone.
She moves to his left side and gently frets his earlobe between her teeth. Just a tiny squeeze, like kitten teeth, is all it used to take. He’s definitely tightening his grip on her waist, so she thinks she’s nearly there. Maybe one little attack of his play (she hopes) defenses more...
“Nobody else gets to touch me,” she whispers. “I don’t want anyone to touch me but you, Date Masamune.”
“You’re damn right,” he growls again, and sweeps her out of his lap, back onto the floor. She laughs because this is so fun and feels so right, so like how it was. She’s already reaching for him when his mouth comes down, hard and hot.
“Don’t you forget it,” he drawls.
“Never,” she whispers.
He hums again, and then there’s no talking for awhile.
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floralflowerpower · 4 days ago
Little Lion King
Chapter 5 {Chapter One} 
Danny woke from his sleep with a Deep stretch and a yawn. 
Pausing in horror for a moment when he saw his very human-looking appearance in the mirror in the corner of his room. 
He felt his heart skip a beat. 
He fell asleep in front of Chester. 
Danny whirled around in a panic to see if the older ghost was still in the room, only to sigh in relief when he realized he wasn't. 
Danny took a deep breath and tried to steady his nerves. 
His eyes landing on a plate of diced fruit with a note tucked firmly underneath it. 
Danny's nerves started up again. 
He walked over and unfolded the note, breaking the wax seal. 
My King, 
I hope this note finds you well. I hope you do not mind that I left shortly after you fell asleep. 
Oh, thank god. That meant Chester hopefully didn't see him transform. 
I thought perhaps your illness, the one you called Depression, was making you need to rest. I did not want to disrupt that. 
After all, I wish you nothing but happiness and health. 
I took the liberty of handling a few things while you rested on your behalf. 
I informed the council of your desire to make a peace treaty with the people of the far frozen. They are not happy, but with Shard's help, I was able to secure an agreement. 
They approved a diplomacy trip, so long as you take Fright Knight as well.  I also talked to Fright about this, and he is just about as nervous as I am to head back to this land. 
Danny sat down on the edge of his bed as he continued reading. 
But we are eager to see your dream of peace through. 
We will be ready to leave after you wake. 
I had one of the seamstresses already make the necessary alterations to my clothes as you suggested. 
Ambrose helped me pick the plate of fruit from the garden. I have noticed how much you enjoy human food, and I thought it would help improve your mood this morning. 
Ambrose said these will also help to balance your humors so your body can fight off your illness.  
Danny snorted at the last sentence. He still didn't understand how Ambrose could be so wrong and so right at the same time. The old Plague doctor was a mystery that continued to both baffle and occasionally annoy him. But given Ambrose typically had his best interest at heart, Danny would often humor him. Pun intended. 
Well, all except for the apples. He was upset I was giving you those, especially since you still tend to eat them raw. So, if he asks, please tell him I cooked them or I will never hear the end of it. 
Meet us in the throne room when you are ready to leave.
See you soon, my liege. 
Danny smiled lightly as he folded up the letter and scarf down the plate of fruit. He was starving and was extremely grateful he didn't need to make up a bullshit excuse to slip away so he could feed himself. 
Ghosts didn't need to eat the way humans did. Ghosts didn't need to do a lot of things that humans did. Fulfilling his basic needs while keeping his halfa status a secret was one of the biggest challenges he faced. It did not matter if he was in the human world or the ghost world. One-half of him always got neglected. 
This was honestly the first time he could remember where his needs were being met first, and it was nice. 
Maybe he could use this humors thing as an excuse more often. 
He'd have to see if he could find a book or something to explain the outdated practice. 
Danny hummed lightly as he ate the last bit of his breakfast and willed his plate away to the castle kitchen. 
That was the nice thing about the keep, minimal effort to keep everything in it clean.
Danny stood up and stretched once more. Grimacing as he caught a whiff of himself. 
Looks like it was time for a quick shower before he tackled his day. 
Fright Knight returned to the keep with a bag of books from the human world. 
Chester went wide-eyed at the sheer volume. 
"Those are all about depression?"  
"According to the young human friend I have made, yes. She was kind enough to use her influence at a special building called a library to retrieve these for me. However, we must return them in a fortnight, or she said she will be brought up on charges." Fright explained as he passed on the bag to a very eager Ambrose; the Plague doctor was obsessed with medicine and was delighted with a sense of morbid curiosity when he found out that his young King was ill. Especially with a sickness, he had never heard of before. 
It unsettled Chester because it seemed like Ambrose liked it when the King was not well; he was not sure how to feel about that. He watched as the doctor wasted no time in burying himself in the first book he picked up. 
Chester shook his head and turned his attention back to Fright Knight. 
"Charges? Hopefully, they are no longer as severe as they used to be. I would hate for your friend to get harmed." 
"Admittedly, I was worried too when young Sam had mentioned it. But I will not let her down; I will make sure they are returned to her on time so she will not be in any danger." Fright said with a determined nod. 
"I am still surprised they let you leave with these. Do you all remember how they used to chain books to the shelves like they were on death row?" Ambrose asked with a chuckle as he turned the page he was reading. "The fact you can just leave with them is stunning. I thought King Phantom was insane for doing the same thing here in the study, but now that we know he's from the modern era, I supposed it makes sense that he did that. It's fascinating, really. The charges must be severe enough to deter stealing." 
That last sentence made Chester uncomfortable. He didn't want Fright's friend to get harmed. Especially now that he knew the King was a halfa. His King would have to meet the needs of his human half, Chester had been dead for so long that he wasn't entirely sure what those needs were anymore, but he was going to try his best to help.  He was hoping maybe Fright's friend Sam would make a good ally.  He would just have to be careful with how he breached the subject with her. He had decided he was not going to tell anyone about the King. Not even the King himself. He was worried that King Phantom would feel unsafe if he knew that Chester knew. He would let the King decide if he wanted to tell his secrete on his own. 
"Well, as I said, Lady Sam is under my protection. No harm will come to her or her friend Tucker. Who I also had the pleasure of meeting for the first time today. The boy seems to be a big Fan of King Phantom." 
"Fan?" Chester repeated in confusion. 
"Oh yes, King Phantom has quite the reputation in the human world. Many of the humans view him as a protector.  They even make toys of him." Fright explained with a shrug. 
Chester blinked; that was something he didn't realize. Humans were typically afraid of ghosts. To hear that they trusted and adored king phantom that much was troubling. 
Did they know he was a halfa?
Were they kinder to him there? 
Would he choose them over his subjects?
Chester nervously twiddled with one of the bells on his hat as he considered the situation. 
Would King Phantom leave?
"Mmmm, I hear jingling. What's troubling you, Chester?" Shard asked from where she was seated on the Throne. 
Chester still felt it was inappropriate for her to sit there, even if the King said he was okay with it. But that was an argument for another time. 
"I am just hoping this trip to the far frozen goes well." It wasn't entirely a lie. He was worried about that too. 
"I am sure it will be fine." 
Chester did breathe a sigh of relief hearing her say that.
Shard was incapable of lying, and she was a brilliant strategist, so her confidence gave him some hope.  
"Well, since you all seem dead set on talking. I think I will retreat to the garden to read." 
Ambrose said absentmindedly as he used his spectral tail to heave the bag of books off the floor and onto his shoulder. Using his free hand to wave them all off as he exited the room, his eyes never once leaving what he was reading.   
Fright Knight shook his head. 
"So much for all of us being here to see the King off," Shard mumbled bitterly under her breath, just quiet enough for Chester to hear it. 
Chester was about to put his two cents in as well, but he was interrupted by the sound of another pair of doors opening. 
"Morning!" King Phantom chirped with a huge smile. One that left everyone a little speechless but happy. "Shard! You're already on the Throne! Good! Cause I am leaving you in charge while I am gone!"
Shard blanched. 
"A-are you sure about that, sire?" She asked, shock dripping into every syllable of her voice. 
"I am positive. I couldn't think of a better candidate." King Phantom replied before turning his attention to Chester and Fright. "You two ready to go?" 
Chester and Fright shared a look before nodding. 
"Right! Then let's get going!" King Phantom said as he eagerly shot to the Castel doors. 
Fright followed him out, telling him to slow down, so they all didn't get separated. 
There was more to the conversation. But Chester lost focus of it as he stood in the doorway. Staring at the edge of the keeps floor that led out into a free fall of swirling green ectoplasm. He hadn't been able to cross the threshold of this door in so long. Could he really leave now?
"Chester, are you alright?" The King called from where he was floating out in the green abyss. The zone almost seemed to cradle him lovingly, as ectoplasm seemed to gather around him. It was like an otherworldly cape that hung off his back. It made him look ethereal.
King Phantom never wore a crown or a cape or anything that would give you the impression that he was more important than the people around him. So to see his King like that was…he wasn't sure how to feel. 
King Phantom flew back to the opening of the door. 
"I know it's been a while since you've left. Are you nervous?" Danny asked concern pooling into his green eyes. 
Chester smiled. 
"A little…but I am excited too." He replied honestly.   
King Phantom Grinned and extended his hand. 
"things are always less scary when you do them together." 
Chester returned the smile and took hold of his King's hand with a quiet thank you. 
Things really were about to change for the better. 
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Over the past few weeks, a growing number of people have been using my front sidewalk as a bus stop. In Managua, bus drivers stop wherever they see passengers. As a result, my sidewalk is now littered with empty cans, plastic bottles, cigarette butts and other rubbish. And to add salt to injury, the buses block my driveway every time.
I had been trying to ignore the situation, but something in me snapped yesterday while I was waiting to enter my driveway. My infamous temper got the best of me again. I parked my car along the sidewalk, walked to the bus and yelled, “Get out of my way, this is not a fucking bus stop!” While yelling, I pointed my finger very angrily at the people standing in line and the bus driver. They all looked surprised, and one man called me an “arrogant rich bitch” as I walked past him on the way back to my car. I honked the horn like a maniac until the bus left.
Late at night, I had another hypnagogic hallucination with the dead rock singer. He was pointing his finger at me and moving his mouth as if yelling. It was obvious he was mimicking my earlier actions, but I couldn't tell if he was reproachful or amused. Assuming he’s just a figment of my imagination, I should be able to know what he intended. I admit, I did feel a little ashamed of having behaved like that.
The hallucination took away my drowsiness. I laid in bed in the dark with my eyes wide open for I don’t know how long, hours maybe, and then saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. There was an oval-shaped shadow about the size of a football slipping down a wall. I turned my head to see it better. The shadow slipped across the floor, climbed the opposite wall to the ceiling, and stopped right above my bed. I was immediately frightened by the thought that it might land on my body, so I jumped off the bed and ran to turn on the light. The shadow was gone.
I fell asleep shortly after dawn and dreamed that my house was surrounded by a contingent of heavily armed soldiers. I only slept for about two hours.
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"𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝 𝙢𝙚?"
request: yep, by kali. pairing: sapnap x reader genre: fluff word count: 743 warnings: killing a zomb, kissing pronouns: none for reader, he/him for any other characters mentioned by name summary: sapnap comes to you with some information, and you're more than willing to help him.
note: i've been writing this for like two weeks please help me also, i'm working on three more oneshots/imagines (a romantic c!dream, a platonic c!puffy, and a romantic/angsty c!techno that i had to take a break from writing because it made me sad :D)
Tumblr media
sapnaps arm struck down in front of you, landing straight down into the walkers skull. he grimaced at the blood that resulted with it, tugging it out of the undeads skull and flicking it off. he glanced behind himself to you, a smug grin on his face.
"see? told you i can handle myself."
you rolled your eyes, snorting as you pushed him forward. "uh-huh, totally believe you now. c'mon pretty boy, let's go." he giggled, nodding as you walked side by side with him back to the current base of operations.
he fiddled with his fingers, as if nervous to tell you something before taking a deep breath and talking. "i, uhm, i have something to tell you." you hummed in response, poking the decaying body of a walker with the end of your foot. thankfully, it was fully dead, and you kept that thought as you two neared the gate. sapnap had gone into some ramble about past relationships and seemed to be getting to the point of the rant until you heard another man's voice from above. "oh, you're back! hey, open the gates, it's sapnap and y/n!"
he bit his tongue, muttering a grumpy 'later' as you walked inside. the texan shot a glare towards the man who yelled, a man named sam. you waved a hello to others as you walked through to the house you shared.
"hey, you're back! how bad was it?"
"oh, hey dream! not too bad, but that's not saying much."
sapnap groaned quietly, wanting to be alone with you for the specific thing he had to tell you. you stood with the florida man, waving your hands to exaggerate your words with a grin. yes, he was dating you, but he hated the look of you next to another man.
maybe he was being too protective. maybe he was being too possessive. he didn’t know. he shook his head, running a hand through his hair as he watched you and dream part ways, the blonde walking towards george and bad. you pressed a hand against his cheek with a gentle frown.
“-nap? sapnap?”
he shook himself back, blinking down at you. “hi, yeah, sorry. what’s up?” something about him seemed off, but you couldn’t pinpoint it. “you were gonna tell me something earlier?" sapnap stared down at you, thinking for a moment before nodding nervously. "yeah, yeah, right uhm- can we go somewhere more.. private?" you nodded, allowing him to grab your hand and drag you inside the house, leading you to the couch.
he sat you down, sitting in front of you as he nervously messed with his hands. he kept his eyes on his fingers, avoiding your gaze. “i... have never kissed.. anyone. and i would uhm like you to- to teach me?" you smiled softly at him, reaching forward and placing one of your hands on top of his.
“i’d be more than willing to teach you, bubs.”
sapnap looked up, meeting your eyes. he took a deep breath, waiting for your mark to start anything. your eyes softened, moving your hand up to his cheek gently. your thumb carressed his cheekbone as he pressed his cheek against your palm, relishing in the warmth radiating off it.
he scooted closer, gulping nervously as you began to lean closer and pursed your lips. "pull away if you're scared," you mumbled as he leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours as gently as he could. sapnap treated you like you were made of marble, as if any sudden movement would hurt you.
you rubbed your thumb against his cheek again, smiling into the kiss as he furrowed his brow softly. pulling back for less than a moment, you whispered, "don't try so hard, hon. just go with the flow," before kissing him again, giggling as he scooted closer again.
sapnap pulled you against him, humming happily as your lips moved against his. he could've sworn that a symphony was playing around you two, feeling the gentle push and pull you gave him to signal how the kiss was going. you nipped his bottom lip, both of you giggling and pulling away.
your foreheads rested against each other, staring softly into each others eyes. he smiled at you, whispering softly. "thank you, sweetheart. i'll be sure to do this with you again some time soon." you snorted a laugh, leaning to the side and pressing your head against his shoulder. "anytime, bubs. anytime."
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redminibike1 · 4 days ago
Mace Windu Appreciation Week - Day 7
Last day already, wow! I really enjoyed writing for this entire week, and it was so fun to show Mace some much-deserved love. Thank you again @mace-windu-appreciationweek for organizing this! All pieces for this week are posted here and on ao3, here. 
Okay, I actually had a whole piece written out for today, but I was shamelessly inspired by some lovely comments on my piece for Day 4, so I grinded out something new. I’ll admit it makes me almost obnoxiously happy, so I have no regrets :)
Summary: It’s common knowledge that Jedi will always be uniquely fond of the Younglings they bring to the Temple. Mace finds it out for himself.
No warnings I can think of. Main dynamic is between Mace & Obi-Wan, with Mace & Qui-Gon and some Mace & Yoda.
Growing up in the Temple, Mace had never understood the idea that Jedi always maintained a unique fondness for the Younglings they’d brought to the Temple.
After all, it had been Yoda who’d found Mace, pushing his pram to the ship with the Force as he hobbled along behind. And Yoda, to Mace’s knowledge, had never treated Mace any differently than he’d treated the rest of his long list of Padawans, still as steady or chaotic as he was famed for being.
Mace had shrugged it off, really, as a circumstantial pattern, not relevant to his life. He practically forgot about it, as they went on missions, practiced lightsaber combat, learned how to meditate in a way where he could ignore the anger and fear that threatened to consume him.
But all the jokes, all the half-forgotten comments about how it felt to watch the child you brought home grow up, rushed to the surface on Mace’s first solo mission.
His Knighting had been an honour, like Mace had always dreamt, standing in the dark Council chamber as his Master sliced off his braid and declared their Padawanship completed, and Mace an independent member of the Order. Yoda’s eyes had been distant, which wasn’t new, but he’d almost smiled when Mace kneeled and placed the severed braid in his small hand. Mace knew it would just be added to the box on the bookshelf in their shared apartment, filled to the brim with twined hair, braided fur, lengths of silka beads. It was hard to comprehend how many Padawans Yoda had raised, who’d lived and died while he lived ever on. Mace knew it was likely he would just be another name on the list, a blurred moment in the memory of one so old. Still, it was an honour, and Yoda had taken the braid with reverence, like it could possibly matter to him as much as it mattered to Mace.
It was a nice thought.
He’d been on his way home after a transition of power of Altrion, which had been peaceful and smooth, with ballrooms and signing tables and handshakes, leaving Mace practically vibrating with tension. He knew it wasn’t right, that he preferred a fight to easygoing formalities, but Mace had long accepted that part of himself. After all, at least during a fight you knew what the other person was thinking.
So when his comm had chimed, and the Council had appeared in tiny blue figures to request he divert to Stewjon, of all places, Mace had nodded, ended the call, and taken a deep breath. The last thing he wanted after his mission was to go get a Youngling, to sit down with a family and explain the Order, to pick up a little Force-sensitive baby and try to soothe them as they cried, overwhelmed by Mace’s always-turbulent emotions.
His ship took him down on autopilot, landing outside a quaint little village, stone cottages and soft hills. At least it was beautiful, green and warm, exactly the place that would make Qui-Gon close his eyes and wax poetic about how the Living Force is in everything, Mace.
The people were kind too, the entire community coming out to greet him, returning his bow in a way that made him relax, just a little, and guiding a small group to the front.
A small family, a mother, father, and young boy, looking warmly up at Mace. The boy had a bundle in his arms, little red tuft of hair sticking out the top, identical in colour to the woman’s and the young boy’s.
The bundle, it seemed, was the child he’d come for. Mace knelt, brushing the soft blanket aside to reveal a little face, round and pale. He closed his eyes, like how Yoda used to do with him, when he was very young, and reached out.
Mace reeled, shocked, as he slammed into a boiling ball of cracked glass, dark and shifting. Never had Mace encountered shatterpoints so large, and he fought not to gag at the sheer intensity of it.
He swayed, pressing a hand into the soft grass, and tried to stop the ground from spinning, clenching his jaw. Even when he’d first discovered his ability to see shatterpoints, his reaction had never been this bad. Blinking, he shook his head, and inhaled deeply. He was a Knight now, and he had a job to do. Pushing down the dread that kicked around in his throat, Mace reached out again, pushing away the threads that lead in every direction, formidable and threatening. Finally, finally, he broke past, and gasped, ever-so-softly.
The child’s Force signature was...lovely, such a strange contrast to the shatterpoints around it. It glowed with the soft warmth of children, stretching out the barest tendril, questioning and curious, all deep greens and impossible blues. The child felt like…like the Room of a Thousand Fountains, like jumping from a cliff and feeling his heart in his throat, like standing in the pouring rain and changing into dry robes afterwards.
Hello, Mace said, reaching back, breath catching in wonder, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Suddenly, Mace understood all the stories, and he knew that he would be forever changed.
It was raining on Coruscant, a monthly event that had been scheduled for centuries, and Qui-Gon opened the door to his quarters before Mace could knock.
Mace raised his eyebrow, as Qui-Gon stepped aside, and walked into the living room. Qui-Gon turned around, smile sly on his face. “And what’s that little beauty you have there?”
Mace rolled his eyes, shoving the potted plant into Qui-Gon’s hands. “The Queen wouldn’t let me leave without a ‘token of their appreciation’. This little guy was in the garden, and he was so damn ugly that I knew he’d suit you perfectly.”
Qui-Gon gasped dramatically, cooing down at the spidly brownish-green plant, “Don’t listen to him, my friend, you’re absolutely beautiful. I know exactly where to put you.” He took off towards the meditation area, and Mace walked into the kitchen, setting the kettle on the stove.
“What, no ‘thank you’?” he called.
“Seeing as you’re here to steal my Padawan, again, I’d say this is exactly what I deserve.” Qui-Gon moved to the barstools, talking over the adjoining counter
Mace pulled out three mugs, grinning at the neon pink one he’d bought in the markets of Naboo. “Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi Order is a community. I’m only ensuring that your Padawan receives a balanced education in every aspect of the great mystery--”
“Save it, Mace, I already heard it from Obi-Wan.”
As if on cue, one of the adjoining doors hissed open, and Obi-Wan walked out, face lit up.
“Master Mace!” he said, bowing quickly.
Mace glanced between the teenager and the oddly coloured bundle that filled his arms. “Padawan Kenobi, may I ask?”
Obi-Wan flushed, looking at Qui-Gon with unconcealed embarrassment. Qui-Gon only nodded, mimicking the obnoxiously wise expression that Yoda always wore. “Go on, Padawan.”
Sighing, Obi-Wan steps forward, and thrust out the bundle towards Mace. “Master Qui-Gon made me take up knitting, because he says I’m too impulsive.”
Mace took the, frankly hideous, lumpy cluster of yarn, and shook it out, revealing a blanket, made up of every garish colour Mace could possibly imagine, a mess of patches and stripes.
“As you can see, Obi-Wan took his displeasure out in his colour choices.” Qui-Gon deadpanned.
Obi-Wan laughed awkwardly. “It’s for you.”
Mace couldn’t fight his smile, and the warmth flooding his chest. “It’s perfect.” He threw the blanket over his shoulders, and bowed seriously. “I’m honoured, Padawan, for the gift.”
The kettle began to whistle, and Qui-Gon walked over to pour the tea. “I’m not taking this hideous mug, Mace. You bought it, you can drink out of it.”
“You sound like Master Dooku.” Mace said, sinking into the couch. He didn’t even look up to see what he knew would be Qui-Gon’s aghast expression.
Qui-Gon took the neon pink mug, and Mace thoughtfully hid his victorious expression.
They drank and talked, rehashing their recent missions and going over the recent drama amongst some of the Knights. The rain pattered against the window, and Mace admired his blanket, ugly and uneven and his.
Eventually, Mace and Obi-Wan left, waving goodbye to Qui-Gon, who was already looking longingly at his bedroom, and Mace knew Qui-Gon had deathsticks hidden somewhere in there. Obi-Wan chuckled, also reading his Master’s mind, and Mace ruffled his hair, a bit longer than usual, wondering when the teen had gotten so damn tall, already past Mace’s shoulders.
They walked through the halls, and Obi-Wan looked over at Mace. “You know, I think you should drop that off in your quarters. I really don’t want people asking for one for themselves.”
Mace smiled, knowing that Obi-Wan was giving him an out from walking the halls with the large blanket over his shoulders.
“Well, if you insist on hiding your talent from the world, I guess we can stop by.”
With Mace’s blanket in its new home on his couch, Obi-Wan and Mace headed into the streets of Coruscant.
Mace was so glad for the chance to spend time with Obi-Wan, to watch how he changed with each mission, and to bask in his warm, wonderful Force-signature, so similar to how it was when Mace first found him.
He ignored the shatterpoints, most of the time, years of experience taking away the shock he’d felt when he looked at the writhing mass of potential. It was difficult, to ponder just how important Obi-Wan would be to the galaxy, especially considering how often shatterpoints went hand-in-hand with tragedy.
Obi-Wan was so good, and Mace couldn’t consider the hurt that his life promised, couldn’t even voice it.
He had never told Obi-Wan or Qui-Gon, especially after he’d seen the chain linking them together, the large knot weighing it down in the middle. Nothing good ever came of trying to change the future, and Qui-Gon had never put much weight in anything that wasn’t the present moment, whether it be past or future. Mace had figured it was pointless, to force the burden onto either of them, and Yoda had agreed.
So besides a cursory glance to see if anything had shifted, Mace ignored the shatterpoints, focusing instead on the teen himself. They went to a dingy food truck deep in the lower levels of Coruscant, buying tubs of spicy Toydarian food, which they ate with chopsticks as they walked to a local podracing track.
Mace watched Obi-Wan more than the race, pondering that old saying that finders would never forget the ones they found, and knowing with his whole heart that it was true. Obi-Wan had changed Mace’s life from the moment he reached out his little fist, blinked his curious blue eyes, and shared his name. He would never regret the gift the Force had given him, with the opportunity to know Obi-Wan Kenobi, and to live to see just what he would become.
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edwardeidolon · 4 days ago
The Office Job: Chapter 25: The Mandala Effect
Have you been having strange dreams?
Gradie had been listening to distant gunfire and explosions for half an hour when Holly came out of her office and said in a loud, shaking voice; “Guys, we just got word there is a shooter in the other building, and they’re telling us to go into a lockdown, so everyone under the desks, Matt, get the lights—”  
The office broke into a panic and Holly shouted over the noise. Was this it? Was he really going to die in this office?
Another explosion thumped somewhere outside. It felt like reality was collapsing and somewhere in the chaos was a message meant for him. The phantom gun. The terrorist attack right next door. It didn’t seem real.
The feeling that he had forgotten something important became so intense it almost knocked him over. He had to do something, so he did the one thing he had been terrified of doing since his life fell apart. He reached in the bag again and felt the gun.
This time, it was something more.
FN Five-Seven. Twenty-one rounds of 5.7x28 ready to fucking go. He could feel it fire just looking at it. All at once the office snapped into place around him and his life jumped off the track it had been chained to since birth and took flight.
Hilarious. He looked around at the panic. Nothing here had anything to do with him anymore. This wasn’t his job. This wasn’t his life. His destiny had fallen out of a cage and landed right in his hand with one in the chamber. He loved the feeling so much he laughed out loud.
In a hidden flap inside the mag pouch, he found the phone and earbuds. There was a moment of silence until they chimed and sound returned. He pulled up the chat logs and opened the map. Holy shit. He was right there. He sent EP a message.
“In building three. Moving to tunnels. Call me.”
Matt yelled at him as he moved down the aisle.
“Gradie! We’re still in a lockdown! Gradie!” He ran into the breakroom, humming darkness lit only by the microwave clockfaces, like a transition zone for the rest of his life. He pulled out the Five Seven, made sure it was on safe, got it in the holster then put it on his hip and put the mag pouch on his belt.
In the dark lobby, police lights glittered across the lot like magic. A smile spread across his face and he felt he would never lose it. He went into the stairwell and waited for EP to call him.
 When EP was sick of looking at the smoking lobby, she leaned back in her chair and groaned at the ceiling.
The massive desk in front of her held three large monitors and was covered with papers, phones, detonators, sensors and old coffee cups. The attic was decorated to host a Halloween party and smelled of spices and dried marigolds. There was a custom mini-Uzi on the desk next to her coffee and a Saiga leaned up against the bookcase.
All the windows were quadruple thick and bullet resistant. The ground floor and most of the wooded, uninhabited land around was rigged with traps and cameras and her solar powered drones hovered above in set flight paths. Now that the noise of violence had died in her headset, the gentle sounds of nature pushed in through the windows. When she was done regretting the failures of the day, she leaned forward with a sigh.
One of the icons on the bottom toolbar was orange. She jumped. How long had it been like that?
 “Can you hear me?” EP said in his ears. Memories attached to the voice flooded in, bringing in pieces of another world and another him. It was electrifying. He felt ready for anything.
“Yea. I’m in the stairwells. Where do you want me? I’m assuming shit is getting heavy next door, right?”
“Everyone else is down. They’re moving the target through the tunnels.”
His chest dropped out. Whatever tore through the rest of the team was escorting the target right below him, and his only purpose on earth was to get in front of it.
“The door is down there somewhere.” EP added.
“The what?”
“The Door!”
“I thought that was in his head?”
“What? Didn’t you listen—”
“Ok, whatever, where is it?”
“I don’t know! They took out the cameras.”
Gradie went down the stairs in a hurry and stopped. The feeling of forgetting something hit him again. It was too much of a coincidence. He had been completely out of it until five minutes ago and now the target was right below him? Michael’s voice slithered out of a distant memory.
“At times, it’s best not to have a plan at all. It’s a world of will after all, and your spirit may handle things better than you could have ever imagined.”
He had put himself here for a reason, and if he could do that…
He closed his eyes and reached into his memory and felt it start to open. He pushed it, guided it. It was like light falling on hidden things.
He remembered yesterday, last week, a month ago, looking for anything about the tunnels, and there it was. A few months ago, there had been loud construction noise coming from the basement. Gradie always liked to eat lunch down there if he could, and that day he had seen the back maintenance area blocked off with a temporary fabric wall and a security guard sitting on a fold out chair.
“The door’s in this basement.”
“What? How do you know.”
“I saw some construction a few months ago.”
“You pushed memory?” She sounded surprised. He tried not to let his ego flare up and jumped down the stairs.
“How many guys are with him?”
“Two.” Adrenaline bit his tongue and worked out towards the rest of him.
“Any other advice?” he asked.
“Move fast.”
He pushed the handle on the basement door. Locked. He reached out again and remembered taking up lockpicking a few weeks ago, buying the picks online...
He slid the thin metal tension and rake out of the back of his wallet and raked the lock. After he got the handle down, he waited until he was sure of the silence on the other side and slipped inside without breathing.
The basement was dusty and still, lit only by a weak amber glow coming from the thin viewport of a large metal door in the wall. The floor was bare besides the junk pushed up against the walls and the thick concrete pillars that reminded him of all the glass and steel stacked above him. It felt like the bottom of the world.
A light flickered in the darkness to his left. A flashlight, pointed by someone coming down the stairs behind another door. The beam caught swarms of dust as it flashed out of the thin glass pane. He looked around for somewhere to hide.
A few ceiling panels were missing right above him, exposing what looked like solid blackness. He ran forward, kicked up the nearest support pillar and grabbed on to one of the exposed beams and pulled himself up into the ceiling just as the door opened and more flashlights scanned the room below him. He positioned himself horizontally, with his feet on one beam and his hands on another and held his breath. The large metal door opened with a sucking sound and he heard someone step out.
“Where the fuck is everyone?”
“Dead, but it’s clear now.”
“Even Anthony?”
“Yea. For all the shit he talked.”
Gradie held himself steady with his left hand and reached down and grabbed the gun off his hip with his right. They passed below him with the target in the center. The guard up front killed his light and approached the door while the guard in the rear pointed his light at the door Gradie had come through. Gradie flicked the safety off, aimed at the side of the target’s head, and stifled a laugh.
The muzzle flash lit up the room like a rave. All three shots cut through the side of the target’s head before the guards reacted. Their flashlight beams crossed below him and he put another two rounds through the front guard’s face. The rear guard aimed up at Gradie’s right arm, where he had seen the muzzle flash, and fired past Gradie’s hands. Gradie let go of the beams and brought his hands together as he fell and put three rounds through the guard’s face before he hit the ground. He landed in a low squat with a support pillar between him at the guard at the door. It was only a foot wide, but it was enough to give Gradie the second he needed to bring his weapon up while the guard stepped to the side to get a shot. As his head came out from behind the pillar, Gradie shot him under the chin and the bullet came out the crown of his head. He fell over and kicked up a cloud of dust that danced in the crossed beams of the fallen flashlights.
“Fuck!” someone yelled from inside the room. Gradie aimed back at the target and saw him twitching. He put four more rounds in his head and neck.
“He’s already gone, dumbass.” Said the guy inside, stepping out to have a look. His rifle was down at his side.
“With a fucking pistol.” He smiled and shook his head as he unclipped one end of his rifle from the sling and brought the barrel up to his mouth. He fell over in a blast of brain matter and the shot echoed off the back wall of the basement.
Gradie stood there in the silence until it occurred to him that EP might not have seen.
“You got any cameras in this room?”
“No. Hold up your phone.” Her voice shook.  
He did and the camera and flashlight came on by itself. He took a wide triumphant pan of the bodies, lingering on the targets crumpled head.
“Holy shit. You did it.”
“Now what?”
“Go to sleep. Or eat a bullet. Job’s over.”  She clicked off the line. Not even a ‘way to go’.
He stepped over the bodies and went through the metal door. It was a small room that smelled like weed and metal and there was a man dead asleep on the couch. In the far wall was another door, plain wood laminate, faux brass handle. Just like any other office door. For no reason he could express, Gradie opened it.
It was a long hallway, with dull carpet and flickering fluorescent light that came on automatically. There was a wide tunnel on the other end, unlit, that ran perpendicular to the hallway, and looked like a forgotten arm of the pedestrian tunnels that connected the office parks. It felt like the edge of the world, and the beginning of another one.
He slammed the door shut. Something about it terrified him, and he had other things to do.
Inside the fridge he found a vial of Propofol and some syringes. He found the vein easily. In a few breaths, the world folded in on itself and something else grew out of the pieces.
Across the highway, a woman in handcuffs fell asleep in the back of a cop car, and miles away a wanted scammer took sedatives with her wine and laid down in an attic.  
Thanks for Reading!
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cinebration · 4 days ago
Written in DNA (Booker x Reader) [Part 11]
Booker and the immortals implement your plan to capture Quynh.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12
Tagged: @lucy-sky​, @city-of-weird​, @all-the-right-regrets, @alannister-always-pays-her-debts​, @fleetwoodsmacabitch​
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Gif Source: boydswan
Booker thrummed with tension as he drove back to the airfield. Waves of pain pounded in his skull, his neck and upper back a riot of knots. He glanced up in the rearview mirror, his hands clutching the steering wheel.
You and Andy sat in the backseat. Andy brooded, her face haunted. You sat unnaturally still, scanning the surrounding the area with just your eyes as Booker approached the tarmac.
It should work, the plan. Booker told himself as much, but he didn’t truly believe it. Maybe it was the migraine or the brutal streak of bad luck he was accustomed to, but he didn’t feel right, like an axe hung over his head, waiting to drop. He recalled the sound of the guillotines, the swish-thunk of the blade and the softer thud of a head falling off a body.
Focus, he snarled at himself, guiding the car down the stretch that led to the FBO hanger.
Early morning light had begun to crest the horizon, but the dark still reigned over the airfield. Booker slipped the car between pools of light cast by runway lights and eased to a stop in front of the hanger.
You were already out, dragging Andy along beside you, before he took his hands off the steering wheel. He scrambled out after you, struggling a moment with his seatbelt.
“I’ve brought her,” you shouted into the dark, your voice echoing in the hanger. “Now what?”
Quynh materialized out of a shadow in the hanger, striding forward with a hungry look on her face, eyes sharp even in the semi-dark. Booker stopped a few feet to your left, the gun in his waistband pressing hard against his lower back.
“Quynh,” Andy breathed. The surprise in her voice was genuine, the grief in it heart-wrenching.
“Andromache,” Quynh purred. “How nice to see you again in the flesh.”
Andy pulled against you, but you held her firmly in place. Her hands were bound loosely behind her back, giving her enough slack to slip the knot when the time came.
“How did you get out? Who found you?” Andy’s voice cracked.
“My saviors are not important. What matters is that you are here.”
“I tried finding you. I spent years—”
“No.” Quynh’s voice snapped in the early morning air. “I do not want to hear your lies. You left me.”
“I couldn’t find you—”
Quynh stepped forward and cracked Andy across the face. The slap reverberated through the air. You held Andy up, keeping her from pitching forward. The immortal raised her head. Licking at the blood welling from a split in her lip, she tried to meet Quynh’s gaze.
“Why are you not healing?” Quynh asked. She stepped forward, jerked Andy’s chin higher. “What is this?”
“Andy has lost it,” Booker mumbled.
Fury spasmed Quynh’s face. She shoved Andy away, staggered back a few steps. “No! Why!?”
Booker glanced behind her at the shadows in the hanger. They had begun to move, detaching themselves from the far walls. Joe and Nicky moved forward on soft feet, angling toward Quynh. Somewhere behind the hanger, Nile waited with their getaway vehicle.
“Fate would,” Quynh snarled to herself. “I wanted you to experience my pain, but now you cannot. Not without dying.” The rage in her face died, replaced with something cold, dead. “I can still find a way to make you suffer.”
Andy slipped the knot. She lunged forward as Joe and Nicky closed in behind her. Quynh snarled as the three immortals converged on her. She landed an elbow in Joe’s throat, a kick to Nicky’s thigh. Her hands raked at Andy’s face.
Then she was sobbing, thrashing against Andy’s chest as the woman held her tight, whispering, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Quynh’s anguished wails rang through the hanger, drowning out Andy’s voice.
Booker turned away, unable to stomach it. The grief drove daggers through his heart, reminding him of the rage of his distraught son.
He felt a hand on his shoulder. Glancing up, he met your kind gaze. “What now?” you asked.
He shrugged. “I don’t know.”
“Your favorite words,” you laughed.
He risked a glance in the other immortals’ direction. They had gathered around Quynh, trying to soothe her while restraining her.
Chest constricting, he exhaled shakily only to frown. Nile hurried toward them, her gun drawn at her side. “What is it?”
“There’s a convoy setting up a perimeter,” she announced.
“General Howzer,” you whispered.
“I called him,” Quynh muttered. “I only wanted to borrow you.”
Your expression didn’t change, but Booker felt the anger in you.
“Who?” Nile asked.
“You need to get out. All of you. Cut across the field and jack a car before the perimeter closes.”
Booker recognized the edge in your voice. He stepped up to you, dropping his own. “What about you?”
“I told you.” You met his gaze. “He’ll just keep sending them.”
Something dislodged within Booker. “No, you can’t give yourself up.”
“It will buy you time. You can’t let him get his hands on any of you.”
Andy and the others were already moving across the tarmac, heading for the field lining the landing strip. Booker could hear the cars slowing to a stop, boots hitting the ground. In the distance, a chopper approached.
“Go,” you hissed, shoving him away.
“Don’t make me make you.”
A hand closed around Booker’s elbow. Nile appeared beside him, tugging on him. “Come on.”
Booker glanced back at you, but you were already across the airstrip, firing your gun into the air. He followed Nile into the unkempt grass, trying to keep his eyes on you.
The chopper’s searchlight clicked on, bathing you in white. Men poured in from around the trees, screaming at you to put the gun down. You went down to your knees.
“Come on,” Nile insisted, yanking on Booker.
“We have to do something,” he said. “She can’t go back. She can’t.”
Nicky seized Booker by the waistband and yanked him across the field. A gunshot cracked the air.
Booker jerked back to see you collapse.
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Pairing: c!Wilbur Soot x gn!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of death and revival
Tumblr media
Wilbur was ecstatic. He could breathe fresh air, he could feel the breeze rustling his hair, he could feel the sun shine on his face as it rose. He was back and he was ecstatic. 
He barely registered the shocked and shaken expressions of the three teens that had approached him right after he had successfully been revived. He couldn’t care less about their startled states. He was back and that’s all he cared about. He could finally carry out everything he wanted to do. Needed to do. As a laugh left his lips and he stepped down from his position above, he found his mind drifting before something clicked.
At the mention of your name, Tubbo frowned and tilted his head. They were all familiar with your relationship with Wilbur, it was hard not to. He adored you and even as Ghostbur you had stuck by his side. How could he not immediately run to you?
“Where’s my muse? Where’s their home?” Wilbur asked, turning to the young ex-president. “Tubbo, where are they?”
The teen stumbled over his words for a moment before finding his voice and quickly describing your home to him, telling him it stood just outside of L’manberg’s remains. He didn’t give the three a second glance, quickly turning and rushing off in that direction.
You were none the wiser of Tommy’s plan and Ghostbur’s involvement. You were used to the latter sticking by your side, but you hadn’t seen him the entirety of that day. You didn’t question it much, knowing sometimes he needed his space. So you went about your day, finishing up the potions you needed to finish the supply you always tried to have stocked. You were absorbed in your work until a loud, banging knock sounded on your door. You jumped, loudly cursing as you dropped the bottle in your hand.
You quickly moved to the front door, yanking it open with an annoyed expression. “Are you kidding me? The fuck do you… need…” You trailed off as your eyes landed on an all too familiar figure. Your breath caught in your throat as you took in dark brown eyes and a head of curled brown hair, a streak of white standing out.
A smile broke out across his face, a small laugh leaving him. “It’s me,” he breathed out. “I’m home.”
You could only stare for a moment, hearing your blood rushing in your ears and your heart thumping in your chest. He was back. It had been months and yes, you tried to fill your heart with Ghostbur. He was sweet and he reminded you of Wilbur when you were younger, more naive, but he wasn’t your Wilbur. You missed him dearly.
You stumbled forward as he gently called your name again, tightly wrapping your arms around him and gripping onto the back of his coat. Your eyes were wide as you held onto him, his hand settling against the back of your neck, his fingers tangling into the hair on the nape of your neck. You felt your heart pound in your chest as you buried your face in his chest. As you inhaled you smelled smoke and fresh parchment, a scent that was so instinctively Wilbur and a scent that you hadn’t smelled in months. You couldn’t help as tears gathered, threatening to fall as he buried his face in your hair.
“You’re actually here,” you laughed, your voice wobbly with tears that threatened to fall. As you held onto him, you allowed yourself to forget the bad he had done. The pain and trauma he brought onto others. You only saw your Wilbur, the man that you adored. “You’re home.”
He nodded, pressing a long kiss to the top of your head and pulling back enough to lift his hand not against your back to cup your cheek. You looked up at him, quickly blinking away the tears that had formed. “You’re as perfect as I left you,” he breathed out, his fingers gently brushing against your cheek. You melted at his touch, a warm feeling spreading through you. “I missed you so much, Y/N. I spent day and night for thirteen and a half years without you and I never want to do that again.”
“I missed you too, Wil,” you murmured, nuzzling into his palm once it was pressed to your cheek again. “I missed you every single day.” He gave you a faint smile before leaning down to kiss you for a moment.
“You won’t need to miss me ever again. I swear.”
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lu-undy · 5 days ago
(it is me, sad boi)
Prehaps Spy is coming home from work, it was absolutely horrid, people were mean to him, he got yeeted down the stairs. And he really wants to cry.
But good ol snipey steps in and lets him cry, but doesn't let him do anything bad to himself? 🥺
Here it is!
“Frenchie! You dishonored this entire unit!” Soldier exclaimed at his colleague as he entered the resupply room.
“Bloody hell, Spy, why didn’t you sap that sentry?” Demo opened a wide eye.
“Yeah, Spy, you useless, d’you - Argh?!”
A blade had flown to the wall an inch away from Scout’s eye, ending up planted on the wall of the resupply room.
The battles of the day had just ended in a loss and the mercenaries had regrouped in the respawn room. Spy ignored his colleagues and headed straight back to his quarters.
“Yeah, yeah, go back to your room and smoke your cigarettes till tomorrow!”
Sniper went to the blade and retrieved it from next to Scout’s head, taking the opportunity to tower the young man.
“What? What are you lookin’ at?” The Bostonian answered, looking up at his taller colleague.
The Aussie growled and took the blade in his pocket before turning away from Scout.
“Yeah, go back to your useless boyfriend! He didn’t do anythin’ right today and we lost cause of him - ARGH?!”
The kukri landed on the wall, where Spy’s blade was, and the door opened and closed again as the sound of Sniper’s heeled boots faded away.
There was a knock at the door with the knife symbol.
“Go to hell!”
There was a second of silence.
“Spook, can I?”
Sniper didn’t hear Spy sigh and melt further down on his sofa, in front of the fireplace. He took the doorknob in his hand and slightly twisted it. He gently pushed the door and entered. 
“Spook? You left your door unlocked?” 
It was unusual enough to be mentioned. As Sniper entered, he locked it, for his and Spy’s peace of mind and came next to his lover. He removed his hat and aviators that he put on the coffee table and took a seat next to his lover. 
No answer from Spy and Sniper noticed the bottle of wine in his hand, the disheveled looks, the tie, half-undone and the lock of hair sticking out of his mask. 
Spy took a deep breath and sighed. 
"Go away." 
"What? Spook-"
"Go. Away." 
Sniper sighed. 
"I'm not gonna let you get piss drunk on yer own." He took the bottle off of Spy's hand and took a generous gulp of it. "Oh, mate, that's a shite one." 
"It serves its purpose." 
"It makes the pain physical, that way it is much easier to heal." 
Spy was still not looking his lover in the eye and stared angrily at the dancing flames of the fireplace in front of him. He didn't feel their warmth.
"Here." Sniper passed him the bottle and it lasted for half an hour, maybe more. The bottle went from gloved hand to naked one, back and forth, until Sniper put it on the coffee table. There was still some wine left inside. 
"Don't listen to them. We lost as a team." 
Spy scoffed. 
"They are right. My inability to sap that sentry cost us the victory today. But what infuriates me is not that I did not succeed."
"What is it?" 
"The humiliation both from the enemy and my own team."
"What d'you mean?" 
"I have received more of the infamous jarate and mad milk today than in the past months combined." 
"At first I thought it was a coincidence. But non. It turned out that the enemy Scout and Sniper had a bet going on, about who would cover me the most often in their atrocious fluids."
"Twisted bastards." 
"You use your jarate too." Spy said. 
"Yeah, but I don't just use it for humiliation. I get the job done with it, and move on."
"Hm. Oui. Maybe. In any case, I was sent in a spiral of endless respawns. Each time I got within a few metres of the sentry, they would find me out by throwing their glass jars or bottles at me, before their Pyro would burn me to death. I can still smell their filth on me." 
"Then let's go and take a shower." Sniper suggested.
"Right, you know what? Keep bein' grumpy, I'll make you take a shower." 
"C'mere." Sniper pulled his colleague out of the sofa and dragged him to his private bathroom. He turned the shower on and closed the door. 
"Sniper, this is ridiculous."
"You're bein' ridiculous too. Now, shush and let me do the right thing for you." Sniper undressed his lover and pulled the shower curtain open. "Come on, chop, chop." 
"Spy, you're standin' here, naked and you'll catch a cold. Get in there, oh?" 
Spy bent forward until his head bumped Sniper's chest. He raised his hands and clung on to him. 
"I have been such a failure today." 
"No, what're you talkin' about? You weren't alone eh? Demo or Soldier could have taken the sentry out if Medic had popped on them. God knows what the nurse was up to. I was bullied relentless by the bastard in a suit."
"Am I… a bastard in a suit?"
"No. Not you. You're… You're everythin'." He laced his arms around the slim frame of the naked, sad Frenchie. 
"Don't let go of me." He asked, clinging to his work shirt, and the Aussie smiled, albeit sadly. 
"It's alright… I've got you…" 
"M-Mundy… I am tired… I am so, so tired…" He pushed his head deeper in his lover's chest. 
"I know, love, I know. But I'm here, eh? It's just one of those days."
"Stay with me, please, don't leave me." 
"I won't, I won't." Mundy slipped his hand in his lover's greasy hair and brushed the salt and pepper locks back. He bent his head down to drop his lips on his lover's forehead and Spy closed his eyes, arching his eyebrows up, pleadingly. "Look at you, you fragile thing… Get in the shower and wash yerself, you'll see, you'll feel better afterwards." 
"C'mon, listen to me, now."
Spy opened his eyes and looked up at Sniper. 
"Come with me." 
"In the shower?" 
Spy nodded.
"I don't want to let go of you. Everything feels so… empty, without you." 
Mundy smiled. 
"Right, let me get out of my clothes."
"May I help?" 
With four hands on his clothes, Mundy got out of his clothes very fast. As soon as he finished, Spy, or Lucien in the intimacy, latched onto him. 
"Hey, now… Are you alright?" 
The Frenchman nodded, his head still against his chest. Mundy pulled him under the shower head and closed the shower curtain. 
"Here we go. Now, which one's your fancy shampoo again…?" He asked, looking at the bottles. 
Lucien just enjoyed the hot water trickling down his head and his lover's body. He felt Mundy's fingers work in his hair and soon, the foam came to his ears, deafening him. He closed his eyes and waited for a while. Mundy was washing his own hair and then, he pulled his lover under the water again and rinsed it all away from him. Next came the shower gel. 
"Love, I gotta unstick you, hold on."
"Non…!" Lucien held his lover harder, digging his fingers behind his back. Mundy chuckled. He loved Lucien as much as he did Spy. The only difference was that Spy would hide Lucien's sensitivity and softness under a thick mask of arrogance and cold-bloodedness. But Mundy knew it, the Frenchman would show his vulnerable side only to him, and he loved that.
"Please, sweet thing, I promise I won't be long."
"Make it quick." 
Mundy spread the shower gel on his lover and Lucien mirrored him on his tall lover. In the end, Mundy took a bit of foam on the tip of his index finger and tapped the tip of Lucien's nose with it. The Frenchman pulled his nose back and his eyes crossed on the foam hanging there, making Mundy laugh. 
"You look like a clueless kitten." 
Lucien grimaced and Mundy pulled his chin with one hand before kissing his lips. When he withdrew, Lucien pushed himself to the tip of his toes for more. 
The shower and the entire bathroom were in a thick fog of steam. 
"Right, let's get out now, yeah?" 
Mundy stopped the water running. 
"You gonna say 'non' to everythin' I say?" 
"At least, that one is a 'oui'." 
They stepped out of the shower and dried themselves off before heading to Spy's bedroom. 
"Here, that's your fancy pyjamas…" Mundy threw a shirt and a pair of trousers to his lover. "And that's my boxer shorts." He slipped them on.
Lucien joined him in bed and curled in his arms. The Aussie wrapped his arms around him and let his fingers lazily brush the Frenchman's silky, wet hair. 
"You feel better?" 
"Oui. Merci." 
"There we go, then. Forget about everythin', I'm here with you." Mundy adjusted the blanket around them both. 
"I… I felt terrible about myself."
"I know." 
"But somehow you manage to pull me out of these fits of… of powerful distress." 
"You're bein' dramatic."
"I am being in love." Lucien shut his eyes.
"Pfff, c'mere…" Mundy chuckled and left a kiss on his lover's brow before rolling to his back, Lucien lying on top of him. 
"Yes, Lu'?" 
Lucien raised his head and looked down at his lover with a smile. 
"Thank you." 
"No worries."
"Non, really, I am in your debt." 
"You're bein' dramatic again, luv'." Mundy tapped the tip of his lover's nose with a grin. 
"I cannot help it."
"I know, I love you for that, and the rest." 
Lucien bent to push his lips on Mundy's and they melted in a nap, the Aussie's arms around his lover, while Lucien nuzzled in the hollow of his neck.
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