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#just in case the read more breaks
True Intentions
So, the latest Pokemon Masters event gave me Feelings, and therefore I had to write something for it.
Needless to say, this contains Pokemon Masters event spoilers, verbal/mental abuse, and one reference to physical child abuse.
And in case the “read more” breaks, this is also tagged as a long post.
N stepped into the cave, his heart thudding. He could see the oh-so familiar cloaked figure in the distance, and he swallowed hard. He was not alone, for which he was very grateful, but companionship was not doing much to assist his nerves. 
‘You’re sure about this?’ his companion dubiously asked. In Nate’s opinion, N was making a huge mistake, and it was not yet too late to turn back.
‘Yes. This is the answer I’ve come to. I’m sure,’ N insisted, and Nate held back a sigh. Damn it. ‘...Thank you for coming with me, though.’
‘It’s fine,’ Nate replied. ‘I wouldn’t want you to go and see him alone.’
‘Mmmm,’ N murmured. He knew only too well that Nate had a point. ‘We need to be careful when dealing with a man like… him.’
N had tripped over his words. He was uncertain how to refer to the man they were meeting. “Ghetsis”? “Father”? As much as he wanted to call the man “Father”... it was too soon. Much too soon for that.
‘I’m still a little worried,’ N confessed, after a pregnant pause.
‘Yeah, well no matter what happens, I’m on your side,’ Nate promised.
‘Thank you…’
Any further conversation was cut off,  by a sudden interruption. 
‘N! You’ve come to see me!’ a voice called out. For a moment, N froze; when they entered, Ghetsis had his back to them. His and Nate’s conversation had been in whispers, and he had assumed Ghetsis had not seen them yet. 
He shook himself out of his reverie, his face calm, stoic, as he turned to lock eyes once again with the man he called Father, his abuser.
At least in appearance, Ghetsis had not changed. N sincerely hoped that was the only thing that remained static. Incredibly tall, Ghetsis towered over those he met, and his own son was no exception. He still used a cane. N’s gaze lowered to the gloved hand that held onto it, as his mind helplessly wandered to thoughts of what was hidden beneath the cloak. Was Ghetsis’ health the same? Had it improved? Or perhaps worsened?
That was the most likely scenario; Ghetsis always had a great love of expensive wines, scotches and other such alcoholic drinks, and it had taken its toll on him. Combined with one arm, the nerves permanently damaged by his Hydreigon, Ghetsis was an incredibly unhealthy man. 
N lifted his head, staring his father in the eyes. One was still covered, and the other just as vividly scarlet as he remembered. It was difficult for him to maintain eye contact, but he forced himself to push through it. 
‘I’ve come to let you know my answer,’ N declared. He had taken a quiet, deep breath in before speaking, to ensure his voice would not wobble, nor crack.
His head had been spinning, ever since Ghetsis initially approached him. Wanting to be a father to him again…
Though in order for him to be a father “again”, he had to have been one before. N knew that, deep down. But it was a thought he tried to keep pushed to the back of his mind. 
‘Let’s send out our Pokemon,’ N added, when Ghetsis remained silent, just observing him. 
Zekrom and Kyurem were both released from their Pokeballs, two thirds of the Tao Trio coming eye to eye with one another again for the first time in years. 
‘Well? What’s your answer?’ Ghetsis demanded. Still so impatient. 
‘...I don’t think it’s possible for us to become a true father and son so easily…’ N cautiously replied. His nerves were threatening to spill over, and he grabbed the brim of his cap. Something to focus on, while under his father’s scarlet gaze. ‘But… if you’ve really had a change of heart, and are seriously prepared to face people and Pokemon, then… maybe one day, it will be. That’s why I need you to show me that you have love in your heart -’
Ghetsis, the lower half of his face hidden by his incredibly high collar, clenched his jaw together tightly. How the fuck was he going to do that?
‘- through battle!’
Oh. The former Plasma leader relaxed. That was alright, then.
‘Father!’ The word escaped N’s lips, as he called out to the man before him. Ghetsis’ eyes slid shut.
‘I am grateful you’ve given me this opportunity…’ he started, his voice soft. N’s demeanour changed a little - Ghetsis was accepting what he said? Then maybe, just maybe, he had been telling the truth, after all! If Ghetsis could work on his issues, and treat those around him like human beings, and N himself like one, instead of an extension of Ghetsis, then -
‘Thank you for this chance.’ Ghetsis’ voice pulled N out of his thoughts again. The Plasma leader’s face twisted into a wicked grin, as he leant forward on his cane, a malicious glint in his eye. ‘To capture Zekrom for myself!’
No. No, please, God, no -
‘What?’ N gasped. The words left him winded, as though Ghetsis had struck him with his cane.
And it was a feeling he remembered all too well.
‘Now! Restrain Zekrom!’ Ghetsis commanded, his voice thunderous, as N tried to wrap his head around what was going on.
How could you be so stupid? Of COURSE Ghetsis was going to betray you, it’s what he DOES! the former king mentally chastised. How could he have been taken in so well? How, even now, with years free from Ghetsis’ influence, could he still be so easily manipulated? 
As Ghetsis slammed his cane down on the rocky ground, several unfamiliar figures in black and white masks suddenly leapt out, having been waiting for Ghetsis’ signal. More Pokeballs were flung into the air, as more Pokemon were sent out, between N and Ghetsis. 
Crackles of electricity zapped around Zekrom, the giant legendary held in place. N had frozen up again, feeling helpless, lost for what to do. 
‘Zekrom!’ he cried. 
‘It can’t move,’ Ghetsis said, a sinister chuckle coming forth. ‘I took special measures to use Pokemon that can hold it in place.’
N’s hands clenched into tight fists, shaking. How could I be so stupid? The entire thing had been a scam. Not only had Ghetsis prepared his Hydreigon to counter his team, not only had he made sure the Shadow Triad had Pokemon that could take down Zekrom, he had now done the same thing again on Pasio, to ensure he got what he wanted!
And like a fool, I fell for it, N’s mind traitorously whispered. 
‘What d’you think you’re doing?!’ Nate angrily snapped. He looked as though, if the Pokemon were not there, he would run at Ghetsis and try to physically attack him. 
‘I can’t believe you’d actually do such a thing…’ N’s voice was flat, hollow, belying the deep sense of betrayal that was rooting him on the spot. 
‘Of course I would!’ Ghetsis taunted, cackling. In typical Ghetsis style, he seemed to be relishing rubbing salt into the wound. When he spoke again, his voice was a disdainful sneer, not making the slightest effort to mask his contempt for his own child. ‘I only put on that ridiculous act so that I could get my hands on Zekrom! That is all you’re worth to me! As if we could be a true family! Me? With a freak like you?!’
N’s jaw was clamped tightly shut, only barely managing to contain an outburst of pain at Ghetsis’ words. He had heard that insult too many times.
“He’s nothing more than a freak without a human heart!”
He had lost count of just how many times that word had been wielded like a weapon against him throughout his entire life. Every time he had attempted to talk to his father, particularly about his ability to talk to Pokemon, it had always gone the same way.
And that was no doubt the reason why, as an adult, he was still being called a freak. Because Ghetsis had always refused to believe his claims. 
The fight had left N, and he did not bother to counter his father’s harsh words. But Nate was livid. 
‘How dare you play with N’s feelings like that?!’ he yelled, launching his Pokeball into the air, Braviary bursting from it. ‘I’m going to help N protect Zekrom!’
With an instruction to attack, and N still paralysed, Nate began to battle the Team Break grunts that had gathered under Ghetsis’ command, and easily took them down. As the last opposing Pokemon fell, Ghetsis’ expression twitched, ever so slightly. 
‘...Not bad,’ he conceded. ‘I can feel your anger!’ And it fuelled him.
‘Next is the pair holding down Zekrom!’ Nate declared. The Team Break trainer in question looked concerned as Nate attacked again. 
‘That’s enough.’
A new, commanding voice interjected, as yet another Pokemon appeared. The sleek, yet threatening form of Mewtwo landed between Ghetsis and Team Break, and N and Nate, pushing the latter two back. Mewtwo extended one arm, launching a hard blast of psychic power, taking Braviary down. Trying not to panic, Nate recalled his Pokemon before it could hit the ground, as N gawped at the newcomer.
‘Is… is that…?’ His voice trailed off, his eyes wide in horror when he recognised his father’s ally. 
‘Stay out of my way,’ Giovanni warned, his voice a low snarl. He looked almost exactly as N remembered. He had not seen anything of Team Rocket himself, not even on the news; Ghetsis had done too good a job when Team Rocket were around, of keeping N secluded and ignorant of the outside world. But the boy had heard things from his sisters, and done his own research since escaping Team Plasma. 
This Giovanni did not look too dissimilar to the man he had seen in photos. Perhaps a little older, his face slightly more lined. A few flecks of grey in an otherwise jet black head of hair. But the biggest difference, was the symbol emblazoned on the breast of his jacket. Not a red R, but multicoloured. Reds, yellows, greens and blues, one colour transforming into the other. 
Rainbow Rocket Giovanni rolled up a sleeve. In doing so, he revealed not just the fact that his arm was so heavily tattooed that his skin colour could not be seen, but more importantly, the Mega Bracelet enclosed around his wrist. 
‘Giovanni?’ N questioned, as the man in question approached, coming to a stop beside Mewtwo. ‘W-What are you doing here?’
The realisation that an already bad situation had just gotten worse caused N’s voice to crack. Which in turn made Ghetsis smirk. N was afraid. Good.
‘I just so happened to meet Ghetsis, while recruiting Team Break members,’ Giovanni explained. The apparently leaderless team had been like a gift for him. Already organised, already with their own Pokemon, all they needed was someone to take them under their wing. Someone to guide them.
And who better than Giovanni?
‘He told me all about his plans. And if he’s able to get his hands on your Zekrom, then that works out perfectly for me.’
In just getting him this far, this Ghetsis had already proven himself to be much more useful than the one he had already met and recruited into Rainbow Rocket. But, Giovanni was a smart man. He knew that the Rainbow Rocket Ghetsis had already tried to manipulate him, and was absolutely prepared for the current Ghetsis to try and do the same. Ghetsis no doubt had his own hidden agenda, but he was certainly not the only one. 
‘Yes, so I should thank you for gathering these pawns, and sharing your information with me,’ Ghetsis smirked. ‘I’ll be sure to return the favour. Now, our preparations are complete! I will soon possess a legendary that combines two powers!’
‘No…!’ Nate gasped. 
‘The fusion of Kyurem and Zekrom…’ N murmured, the memories of the exact same thing happening before flying through his mind. 
‘Watch this moment closely!’ Ghetsis cried out, as he approached the trapped Zekrom, Giovanni keeping close behind him. 
‘Zekrom!’ N called.
‘Ghetsis, don’t do it!’ Nate added. He knew too well that there was no way Ghetsis would listen, but without his Pokemon and badly outnumbered, there was not much else he could do. 
‘Kyurem! Absorb Zekrom, use Absofusion!’ Ghetsis ordered, an unhinged, determined grin set upon his face. 
‘Now’s my chance,’ Giovanni quietly said, watching the scene intently. He snapped his fingers. ‘Do it.’
Mewtwo reappeared, floating in the gap between the two other legendaries, facing Kyurem down. 
‘What the -?’ Nate spluttered. N looked similarly taken aback.
‘They stopped them from fusing?’ he questioned, not entirely certain whether he believed what he was seeing. 
‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Ghetsis spat, glowering at Giovanni. He slammed his cane on the ground again. ‘Giovanni!’
‘Well, you see… I too have a plan,’ Giovanni replied. ‘I know how you operate, Ghetsis. Perhaps a little too well, and the way I see it, once you have both of these legendaries under your command, your next move will be to secure more pawns to make use of. And as these Team Break members answer to me, I know that it’d be me you target next.’
Ghetsis remained silent, teeth bared. As Giovanni observed him, he could see that he had been completely right. Granted, it would not have been out of character for Ghetsis to lie, and claim he had nothing of the sort planned, but he surmised Ghetsis would only have done that if he were calmer. And the ex Plasma leader, as he was currently, looked apoplectic with rage. 
Ghetsis’ raging, hateful silence was the only answer Giovanni required.
‘So, I intend to take Kyurem and Zekrom before that can happen!’
‘How cunning,’ Ghetsis hissed. ‘But it’s too little, too late.’
More masked members of Team Break appeared, again, on Ghetsis’ cue, standing beside him, as Giovanni’s eyes widened, just for a second. 
‘You are not the only one who has a talent for convincing people to join you,’ Ghetsis gloated. ‘I am more than capable of that, too! A faction of Team Break is already under my command!’
Oh, shit. This was not what Giovanni had in mind. He knew exactly what Ghetsis was planning, yet the son of a bitch still out-witted him!
Despite his inner panic, the Rainbow Rocket leader’s expression continued to be a smug grin, as though it was all a game they were playing. He would be damned if he was going to let Ghetsis know that he was rattled.
‘I guess I underestimated you after all,’ he admitted. ‘In that case… Mewtwo, get them!’
‘Rise! We must defeat Giovanni!’ Ghetsis roared. 
‘...So they’ve broken their alliance,’ N mused, as more Pokemon were sent out. With the attention mostly taken off Zekrom, N felt he could breathe a little more easily. ‘...I suppose they were never actually allies in the first place… 
‘I want to help Zekrom, but there are way too many Pokemon over there…’ Nate fretted. 
‘Go, Volcarona!’ 
Another new voice entered the fray, as a familiar Volcarona appeared over N’s head, striking the Team Break Pokemon. As they were knocked out, N and Nate spun around on their heels to see the former champion, Alder Castillo, striding forward. He was staring directly at Ghetsis, his expression set into a look of grim determination, with a young redhead behind him. 
‘Alder! Silver!’ Nate greeted, a wave of relief washing through him to have some backup. 
‘I had an unpleasant feeling that something bad would happen,’ Alder stated. The sensation of foreboding had been with him ever since he learnt Ghetsis was back. He knew that N had been ambivalent about forgiving him, and having a proper father and son relationship with the man again. And Alder did not want to completely squash his hopes of that happening. He had been direct with stating that he did not trust Ghetsis, but seeing the look of utter defeat in the young boy’s eyes, Alder had to wonder just what he had missed. That maybe he had not been severe enough. Perhaps he should have explicitly told N not to trust his despicable excuse for a “father”, even for the faintest fraction of a second. ‘I’m glad we made it in time. We took care of the Team Break members at the entrance, but reinforcements are on their way right now! We need to get out of here!’
Silver, the young redhead, was not paying any attention to Alder. Nor was he even paying any attention to Ghetsis. No, his gaze was firmly on Giovanni, and his expression was one of hatred. 
‘Oh?’ Giovanni questioned, glancing over. He was uncertain how to react, so he kept the same usual smug demeanour. This boy was not his Silver, but was a Silver. And clearly things had gone the same way between him and his Giovanni, as they had in the Rainbow Rocket leader’s timeline. 
‘I have more important things to worry about right now, than him,’ Silver declared, without giving one single fuck about the fact that his voice was loud enough for Giovanni to hear. Not that Giovanni seemed bothered. He was used to it from his own Silver. ‘Come on, hurry up!’
Now freed, N turned back to the rest of the group to see Zekrom land before him.
‘I’m so glad you’re okay…’ he murmured, relief sparkling in his eyes.
‘Let’s get out of here,’ Nate urged. 
Sensing that the situation was no longer in their favour, the Team Break grunts who had followed Ghetsis began to retreat, much to his annoyance.
‘Tch… Worthless fools,’ he growled. 
‘Now that a former champion has arrived, I suppose I have no choice but to give up on Zekrom,’ Giovanni decided. For now. ‘Kyurem, on the other hand, will be mine.’
‘I warned you before…’ Ghetsis started, his voice dripping with rage, before suddenly ramping up to a scream, ‘NOT TO UNDERESTIMATE ME!’
The cane struck the ground, as Kyurem roared. Alder winced at the noise, but Giovanni seemed unbothered. A snap of his fingers later, and he was gone, along with Mewtwo. Alder glanced back, seeing N approach, and noticed how the boy looked mentally exhausted. It was no surprise, Alder guessed that N must felt like he had been put through the wringer.
Because he had been. He was about to speak up, to try and reach out to N, when Nate interrupted with another insistence that they should leave. He was right, the less time they spent in the cave, the better. Giovanni might have been gone, but there was still Ghetsis to contend with. 
N stopped before he reached Alder and Nate. And, without breathing a word, he turned his back, and strode over to his father. 
‘...What?’ Ghetsis questioned, a look of annoyed confusion on his face. N refused to clarify, but stayed by his side. 
‘What are you doing? Just leave him!’ Silver irritably told N.
‘Yes, what are you doing?’ Ghetsis agreed, clearly as baffled as his son’s friends. 
‘...I want to save Kyurem, regardless of whose Pokemon it is. Even if that means I have to help you...’ N finally answered, without looking at any of them. Part of him had to wonder what the hell he was doing, siding up with Ghetsis, after how Ghetsis had betrayed him, insulted him, and openly laughed about it. He told himself that he was not doing this for Ghetsis’ sake, or even his own.
This was for Kyurem.
‘...I won’t call you my father, Ghetsis.’ That was fine with the Plasma leader. His skin always crawled when that word left N’s mouth. Disgusting. N turned and looked at him. ‘But if you co-operate, I’ll help you get out of this!’
‘I see. Very well. That’s convenient for me,’ Ghetsis replied. No “thank you”, but of course not. N had never gotten a “please” or a “thank you” from Ghetsis in his life, and he definitely did not expect that to change now. ‘Let’s take him down, N!’
‘N and Ghetsis, standing side by side…’ Nate muttered. The idea left him unsettled. It was wrong. He brought the Pokeball with his unconscious Braviary in it up to his mouth, whispering to it, as he used a revive. ‘Just a little longer, we need to help N…’
‘Hey!’ Silver called out, as Nate and Braviary took off. 
‘It’s too late to stop them. Let’s just make sure that they have a safe escape route,’ Alder told the redhead. 
‘The plan is to hold off Mewtwo until he can’t come after you any more, alright?’ N told his father.
‘Yes,’ Ghetsis crisply agreed.
‘Well, why don’t we put it to the test?’ Giovanni questioned, as he was joined by his own Team Break grunts again, now they had recovered from the previous fight. ‘Let’s see what your little father-son team up can do!’
Nate’s Braviary, and the two other legendaries opposing Giovanni started the battle, fighting ferociously against the Rainbow Rocket leader and his underlings. It was not long until it was just the legendaries against each other, and with Mewtwo outnumbered, it was Giovanni’s team that fell. 
‘...Hmph, I suppose that does surpass my expectations,’ he reluctantly confessed. 
‘After him!’ Ghetsis then commanded. 
‘No! You remember what I said earlier, don’t you?! We’re getting out of here!’ N countered. 
‘What?’ Ghetsis hissed, angry that N spoke back to him. But he could see that this time, N was not going to be moved. ‘Fine.’
‘Too bad,’ Giovanni said to himself, as the others left. ‘This would have been so much easier had you stayed here...’ He glanced to the cave exit. ‘Go after them.’
Giovanni had assumed that it was just him, Mewtwo, and his underlings left. That the others had all left with Ghetsis and N. So he was surprised when he saw himself suddenly face to face with his son.
‘That’s enough. Your plan failed,’ Silver glared. ‘Let them go, or else!’ 
To Giovanni’s surprise, the Pokemon that Silver released was none other than Ho-Oh. 
When did Silver obtain a legendary of his own? Giovanni thought, as Ho-Oh flapped its wings and released a loud cry. 
‘...Change of plans,’ Giovanni decided, recalling Mewtwo. ‘We’re leaving.’
His decision confused his underlings, who had been readying themselves for another fight. 
‘B-But sir…?’ one hesitantly questioned.
‘The more people you command, the harder it is to control them. I think learning that much is enough for today,’ Giovanni replied. He tilted his head, glancing to the side at Silver. ‘Besides… I’m very pleased by what I’ve seen today.’
Silver pulled a face, and blinked. Was Giovanni complimenting him? For standing up to him? Obtaining Ho-Oh? But once the shock quickly wore off, his expression turned back to angry. He was not going to be taken in, be swayed by Giovanni’s words! This man had no idea who Silver was, if he thought a few pretty words could appease him.
It was probably a lie, anyway.
Silver headed outside the cave again, where the rest of the group - unfortunately, still including Ghetsis - were waiting for him.
‘I think they’ve stopped coming after us now,’ Silver declared, without offering any explanation as to why he had stayed behind. None of them needed to know about him challenging Giovanni. Or what Giovanni had said to him. 
‘I see. In that case…’ Alder pointedly looked back at Ghetsis.
‘You want to come after me, now? I can’t allow that to happen,’ he warned. ‘Perhaps we can come to a truce for today. What do you think, N?’
‘...I know that you haven’t changed, at all,’ N said, and Alder was relieved. He had been concerned that siding with Ghetsis to protect him might have caused N to start reconsidering, again. He wanted nothing more than for N to have a father he could be happy with, but as long as his father was Ghetsis, that was just not possible. ‘If you do anything to harm the people or Pokemon here, I will be the first in line to stop you!’
‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ Ghetsis replied, tone thick with sarcasm. Clearly he did not believe N to be a big enough threat to him. ‘Then, farewell.’
‘Wait, Ghetsis!’ Nate then called. Ghetsis paused, not turning back around to face them, but instead peered over his shoulder, to see what Nate wanted. ‘I hate you. I’ll never forget what you did in Unova! But you’re still N’s father! You raised him, and spent all those years together!’
Ghetsis had no idea where Nate was going with his tangent, and neither did N. N’s childhood had been spent cooped up inside one room. A very spacious room, admittedly, but still locked away from the rest of the world, and fed only whatever information Ghetsis deemed worthy of him knowing. As much as N longed for change, he was no longer blind to the horrendous circumstances that stole his childhood. 
So why was Nate bringing it up?
‘Are you really going to say you felt nothing when the two of you were fighting side by side?!’ Nate demanded. ‘It’s not too late to change your ways! Please, at least think about it!’
Oh. N braced himself. He was certain that Ghetsis was going to scoff, laugh hysterically at such a ridiculous notion, and he knew it was going to hurt. 
‘Nate…’ N began. 
‘Ghetsis!’ Nate repeated, when he got no reply. And N’s heart sunk to his stomach, when sure enough, Ghetsis began to chuckle. At last, he turned back properly to face them, and erupted with laughter.
‘You naive fool! Our relationship is nothing more than that between a master and his tools! What happened here changes nothing!’ he barked, before turning his evil scarlet gaze onto N. ‘As long as I can keep using you, I don’t care what you call our relationship! I do whatever I please! I am not your ally, not your friend, and I am certainly not your father!’
In unison, N and Nate both tugged on the brims of their headwear. Nate in embarrassment, and upset for N, and N to try and cover his face. He was attempting to be as expressionless as he could, but the hurt shone in his eyes.
‘How dare you -!’ Silver began, readying to go into a full force rant. 
‘Despicable,’ Alder quickly interjected, unwilling to let the youngster draw too much of Ghetsis’ attention. ‘You’re the one without a heart!’
‘If that’s all,’ Ghetsis sneered, their anger and words bouncing off him. With another - but more sardonic - farewell, Ghetsis was whisked away by Kyurem, leaving them free of him at last.
‘I had a bad feeling this might happen,’ Alder sighed. ‘N, my apologies. I think I should have stopped you before you went to help him.’
‘Don’t apologise,’ N said, to Alder and Nate. ‘It was my decision. Please, don’t be sad on my behalf.’
‘...Nate, are you crying again?’ Silver questioned. He looked embarrassed.
‘You truly have a kind heart,’ N gently told Nate, ‘one that resonates with others. You got angry for the people of Unova, you yelled at Ghetsis for me… and now, you’re even crying for me...’
‘I can’t help it! It’s just all so messed up!’ Nate wept. ‘You’re not asking for anything special! You just want a normal relationship with the man you call your father! It’s not asking for much! Why can’t you have that too?!’
‘Nate… It’s okay.’ It was a lie, but a lie told for N’s own sake as well as Nate’s. Right now, he felt like being strong for his friend distracted him from his own pain. ‘I may not have a father, but I have good friends like you.’
‘N…’ Nate sniffled.
‘Yeah, you can survive without a father,’ Silver chimed in, and N nodded in agreement.
I’m blessed to be surrounded by such kind people and Pokemon. That’s enough for me. I suppose… a father figure was just never meant to be.
...But it was nice to hope for it.
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chitsangenthusiast · 11 days ago
imagine with me, if you will: a zukka meet-cute at a farmer's market. where zuko doesn't know a damn thing about the different types of produce, but it's alright because sokka's certainly happy to help 🍊
(aka a longer oneshot that got a little out of control bc i perhaps might be a little too excited for farmers market season starting up soon!)
“Since when you do the produce shopping?” Zuko asks the second he’s within distance of Mai. She hadn’t noticed him at first, too glued to her phone and busy radiating anger to ensure no one comes anywhere close to her. Except for Zuko, who just wordlessly hands over an iced latte as he takes a long sip of his own.
“I don’t.” His presence doesn’t even startle her; she answers easily while glancing over with a sharp glare, stewing, before she accepts the drink. “I take Ty Lee’s list and black out until I’m able to get back to my car.”
“Oh, so I’m your designated moral support or something then?” he asks in amusement, and reaches over to take the pink paper with Ty Lee’s looping handwriting from her hand.
Mai scoffs, and takes off without waiting for him. “No, you were just the closest one within walking distance this time.”
“So you’re admitting I’m dependable. How nice of you,” Zuko shoots back with a smirk, then starts speedwalking because she actually isn’t slowing down for him.
He’s quickly frowning through as they approach the first booth, when he gets a good look at the list. “What the hell is a kumquat?”
“Stop wasting my time,” Mai snaps back. “And Azula made that same joke last week. Neither of you are funny.”
Zuko petulantly glowers at her. “We’re hilarious, actually.”
Mai doesn’t last long at the first booth; she barely even steps up to the counter, choosing to stay back just far enough to not be helped as she takes in their produce and the prices, then is quickly moving on. Zuko follows closely behind, only occasionally throwing out suggestions and prices as they make their way around.
It very quickly becomes extremely obvious that neither of them know what half of the things on Ty Lee’s list are.
“I should’ve stuck with Azula,” Mai complains, crossing her arms as she sullenly watches Zuko google what something is for the sixth time. “Or just told Ty Lee we’d go next week. But at least Azula knows more than you do.”
“Whatever, that’s only because her partner helps out at a community garden,” Zuko grumbles, glancing up with a glare. He’s pretty sure he’s finally getting closer to figuring out the difference between celery and celeriac. “Which is cheating. She neverknew any of that stuff before they started dating.”
“This also goes a lot faster with her,” Mai continues to sulk, ignoring him. She’s already looking away from him and back out into the crowd. Her scrutiny then lands on the flower stand at the end of their path, and she turns back to him. “Stay here, I’m going to get flowers.”
Zuko smiles at the gesture, then furrows his brow. “Wait, what? Why can’t I come?”
“Because I don’t need you helping me decide on a bouquet for my girlfriend,” he immediately gets back, and he scoffs. Mai then waves a vague hand toward the large booth to their right, and says, “Ty Lee goes here the most. See if you can find anything here until I get back.”
And then she’s off, leaving Zuko with a list of random vegetables in one hand and a watered-down coffee in the other, without any chance to convince her otherwise.
He turns to the booth, purses his lips, and strides over.
It’s busy, but not unorderly. Zuko quickly realizes there’s a line that he has to wait in—andbaskets as soon as he gets to the front. The girl who hands one over also gives him a welcoming yet tired smile, but she still seems happy to bounce back over to the elderly couple a couple spots ahead of him to help with their shopping. She’s not the only one behind the counter; there’s a few more people down the line, all engaged in conversations and serving customers, which is admittedly nice to see that there’s always the possibility for assistance considering the insane amount of produce this place has.
Not like Zuko is going to do that.
People end up moving around him, too polite to say anything but also too impatient to wait as he moves at a snail’s pace. The booth, thankfully, has signs with prices in front of everything so he can at least match up the names on the list with what’s in front of him, but it’s slow going. The lettering is just a touch too small for Zuko to be able to read quickly without squinting his good eye, and at times he can’t tell if the sign is referring to everything in the crate or just specific things.
He huffs in rising agitation; it’s frustrating, and he doesn’t like the rising anxiety of feeling out of his element right now.
“—help you?”
A voice suddenly breaks through his intense focus, and Zuko’s head snaps up, startled. Waiting on the other side of the counter is a guy just about his age in a loose tank top and a small grin on his face. Zuko stares, then flushes and jerks his gaze down the plethora of tomatoes between them.
“Uh, no thank you,” he guesses. He only caught the tail-end of the guy’s question, but he’s gotten good at filling in the gaps when people talk a little too quietly too him.
Though the laugh he gets in response is loud enough for him to catch, and it makes him look back up. He’s instinctively put on edge by the open amusement he sees, as the guy gestures to his near-empty basket.
“Sure, fair. I figured I’d come by and check though, since it looks like you’re trying to decide on a lot of things.” His response is light-hearted, but Zuko catches the teasing dig underneath it all, and he frowns at him.
“I’m managing fine.”
The guy’s smile turns just a little more pointed. “For what it’s worth, we can only allow so many people through the line at a time to keep the crowd down.”
Zuko gets the hint; he cuts a glance over to the front of the line where people are still waiting to start shopping, then back to the guy in front of him. His brow furrows in deep frustration—
“What the fuck is a sunchoke?” he snarls out, annoyed, then rears back. “Uh, sorry, that was a lot harsher than I meant to be. I’m just—”
“Overwhelmed?” the guy fills in for him, chuckling. He’s got a nice laugh. “Well, I can tell you it’s definitely not a type of tomato. Here, hand me your list and we can try to figure out what you need.”
He has nice hands too.
Zuko just nods, and lets himself be helped.
It’s amazing how fastproduce shopping can go when you actually know what things are.
Soon enough, his basket is filled—he ends up needing two of them—all of the items are crossed off Ty Lee’s list, and he’s now standing at the makeshift checkout stand, watching as the guy weighs his items and types in the prices. He’s been smiling the whole time, and Zuko is trying not to read too much into it but he’s pretty sure that his happy expression has been turning into one of rising interest the longer they’ve been together.
He’s starting on the second basket before Zuko clears his throat.
“Thanks for your help, by the way, uh—” he falters, and the guy looks over at him with a twinkling grin.
“Sokka, nice to meet you,” he easily supplies, “and no problem, dude, happy to help. I like knowing that people enjoy what we bring to the market.”
“I’m doing this for a friend,” Zuko mutters, feeling for some reason like he needs to explain himself, but then startles. “Uh, not that I wouldn’t not shop here otherwise. Farmer’s markets are great, I just don’t really cook or—”
“Chill, you’re fine,” Sokka laughs—and it’s a reallynice sound, especially when couples with how he looks now that they’re out of the tent and the sun is hitting his cheekbones perfectly— “Always happy to help first-timers too. Maybe our stuff can even convince you to keep coming back, yeah?”
Sokka says it lightly, but there’s a glint in his crinkling eyes that has already convinced Zuko that he’s going to be coming back next week. He takes a second too long to respond, a little too entranced, but Sokka doesn’t seem to mind; he hums as he takes the reusable bags from Zuko to start bagging.
“Alright, are you planning to pay with cash or card?” he eventually asks once he’s finished, and Zuko frowns. Mai was the one with the cash for this. With a sigh, he pulls out his wallet to grab his card and hands it over. Sokka nods and picks up the tablet to swipe it through the card reader, but then stops before he can do so.
“Oh! Before I forget—” he points at a laminated sign hanging overhead— “we’re collecting donations for a local LGBT organization today! I have a friend there who’s trying to set up a new summer program for the kids around here soon, and would appreciate any help, if you’d be up for giving them a few dollars.”
It’s said casually, like he’s talking about literally any other organization that asks for donations.
But Zuko freezes. Suddenly, the comforting heat of the afternoon feels a little suffocating—and then overwhelmingly revitalizing, as he stares up at the bright blue flyer. The rush of emotions coursing through him leaves him a little dizzy, and the colors on cutesy rainbow header are starting to swirl together a little.
Sokka shifts his weight from one foot to the other, and then there feels like a chasm between them.
“Or not,” he flatly adds, tapping on the edge of the stand. “Whatever floats your boat with stuff.”
“No. I’d, uh, I’ll make a donation,” Zuko breathes out, quickly cutting his gaze back to Sokka’s. “Uh, can I do it on my card?”
Sokka’s eyebrows go up. “Sure. A lot of people are doing that, so we’re just gonna send it to them after we close up for the day.”
“That works,” Zuko nods distractedly. “I’ll do fifty dollars then.”
His eyes have fallen to Sokka’s hands, choosing to scrutinize them instead of fighting himself to maintain eye contact, but Sokka makes no attempt to move. Instead, the tablet slides a little in his grip, as if it’s been completely forgotten.
“Wait, really?” he finally gets out, and the disbelief in his voice has Zuko meeting his gaze again. Sokka looks both surprised and pleased—Zuko hunches his shoulders in response to the quick flutter of his heartbeat at the sight.
“You sure? Or did I just hear you wrong?”
“No, yeah, go ahead,” Zuko mutters, ducking his head. He starts to say something more, but the words catch in his throat and he fumbles for a moment.
Sokka watches as he tenses up, and waits.
Suddenly, Zuko lets out an explosive sigh, straightens himself up, and firmly holds his gaze. “I’m gay, so I’m happy to give a donation to support any organization like that.”
It’s a statement, an announcement, and Zuko can only hold his head up for so long before he sags under the weight of the admission. His heart is racing, his chest is tingling, but as soon as he gets it out, all his mounting nervousness immediately softens into a light happiness that leaves him exhaling out a deep, relieved breath.
“Cool,” Sokka says gently in response, and Zuko is a little winded by how sweet his smile is. “Wow, thanks. My friend will really appreciate it.”
“Yeah,” Zuko mumbles with a half-hearted shrug. He’s still feeling a little too exposed, despite all of the exhilaration at finally being able to admit it in public. He fidgets as Sokka types in the amount, trying to find a way to release more of this pent-up energy, then decides to keep going for lack of anything better to do. “You’re, uh, the person I’ve told who isn’t a close friend.”
His card freezes midway through the card reader as Sokka stills in surprise, before he’s whipping his head up to stare at Zuko in astonishment.
“Really?” he rushes out. Zuko crosses his arms, feeling awkward, but the impressed grin on Sokka’s face persuades him to not hunker down into them for protection. He nods silently, and Sokka lets out a disbelieving laugh. “Whoa, that’s—dude, wow, that’s so awesome! Is it weird that I feel special for that?”
The card reader beeps at him, and Sokka only briefly pays it attention to reswipe the card and finish out the transaction before fully turning back to him. He holds out the card, yet doesn’t immediately let go when Zuko reaches out to grab it.
Instead, he leans forward on the stand, moving himself closer into Zuko’s space, and teasingly sways their hands on the card back and forth a little. “You know, I wouldn’t mind becoming one of your close friends too.”
The smile he sends up is sweet, enticing, and it makes Zuko’s breath catch.
“Oh,” is all he can say in return, awed, and Sokka happily laughs at him before letting go of the card to stick out his hand.
“Then let me reintroduce myself. Hi, I’m Sokka, I like carbs, bike rides, and pretending like I know how to parkour,” he says, and his tone turns mischievous as he continues. “And you are very attractive.”
Zuko’s face flames, and his heartbeat thrills as he takes Sokka’s hand to shake it.
“Hello,” he murmurs. His cheeks start to hurt from how hard he’s smiling. “I’m Zuko. I like coffee, and my favorite cafe is right around the corner if you’re free at all today.”
Sokka chuckles as he glances down at the empty cup on the stand, then at the fact that neither of them have moved to let go of the other’s hand. He hums, running his thumb over Zuko’s knuckles, and Zuko finds he really likes the way the sun shows off the freckles all over Sokka’s face and around his mouth.
“Well, Zuko, if you can wait for five minutes when my sister comes to take over for me, then I can be all yours.”
— — —
“Okay, why does Mai hate you?”
Sokka pauses in the middle of hefting the empty crates back into the truck, then lets out a loud laugh. “Oh, I hit on Ty Lee in front of her the first time they came up to the stall.”
Zuko’s mouth drops right open. “And you’re alive?”
Then his attention focuses on something more important. “Do you hit on everyone who comes to your stand?”
“Only the very pretty ones, sweetheart,” Sokka easily throws back, and the pointed smirk he sends over makes Zuko’s jaw close with a tight snap, and he huffs. A few months in, and it’s still very annoying at how his cheeks will immediately heat up at that look.
Sokka laughs triumphantly and bends over to give Zuko a peck on his forehead. “And what can I say, babe. People always come back because they love what we’ve got to offer.”
He looks nice in the setting sun like this, blue eyes bright despite the wanning light, and his grin even brighter as he nuzzles into his boyfriend’s cheek before pulling back to grab another crate.
Zuko smiles, and gets up to catch Sokka into a quick, happy kiss before he moves to help.
“Yeah, I guess I can agree with that.”
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owleics-fr · 7 months ago
lair review for @dire-vulture​! happy fr anniversary to you for tomorrow!! September really is the prime month to be joining dragon neopets huh
okay firstly I wanna say I love your whole lair so much! all of your dragons are really unique and interesting and its just *chefs kiss* haha im definitely no writer but i will do my best!! also my bias towards tuns really jumped out here but your tundras are just too good!! dont judge me!!!
Tumblr media
starting in pelagos. i just really love the frog armour and he really rocks it! his skincent and secondary work so well together, the colour matches all through his outfit are to die for. green and blue is just a really underrated combo that he shows off to the max. And! he’s dimwitted! whats not to love!!
Tumblr media
i love tabbagh! obs lion/nox is so damn spicy! and works insanely well with the red ghost and plague dark sclera. expert dressing ngl! i feel like alot of people would be tempted to keep them solely in monochrome with splashed of red (i would be lmao) but the lucky sage shawl gives it a nice bit of red while also tying it in with the red of the learned sage sash and sea petals! very nice! i also love the art!! you’ve got such good taste for that ;D
I also want to give these three an honourable mention:
Tumblr media
I love the art they each have (ricotta looks so dang huggable) and their names!! Their relationship is also super cute too!! Ricotta deserves all the partners 
Tumblr media
dare! i love her, if i could steal any dragon from your lair it’d be her aside from tarragon of course!! contour is good and this is the gay agenda. her outfit is just super good and works so well with her genes/colour combo. the soft pastels of the sweet tea set and the demure apparal with the lavish pants matching the darker colours in her spinner. shes just very lovely and ive admired her for a while now bdbdsjkq her whole look is just so soft and lovely! I’ve always wanted to use the tea tray apparel on a dragon but ive never been able to lore-wise but she has me really tempted again! 
the whole ragawind swamp tab is just... so good!! really good! im a sucker for the swamp aesthetic. quick honourable mention to ahavah his gender: sea captain image made me laugh aloud, he’s got proper foggy swamp tribe vibes
Tumblr media
she made have been cursed by a witch to look this way but isn’t that what everyone wants really? her murk slime is  S O  G O O D! murk is just a really good colour i change my mind this is the gay agenda bsdjbab but i love the way you’ve used the pinker tones in it to tie into her eyes and secondary! her apparel is very nice and matches it all too!! the date plumed set is good and goes so well with this goopy gorl. her art and the expressions in it? perfect. she may not be pleased that a witch cursed her into a pile of goop and fluff but at least i think shes still pretty!
okay lastly i just want to say thank you! your lair itself is lovely and you clearly put a lot of time and effort into it especially with how every single dragon seems to have more the one piece of art, its really inspiring and just super nice to see! but thank you for being a part of this community! you’re such a nice person to know even if it is kind of peripherally and at least i know the fr tumblr sphere of users wouldn’t be the same without you here so thank you for being so so friendly and welcoming!! 💕 I hope you have a good anniversary! 
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thetaoofbetty · 9 months ago
I'm nervous about the confirmed time jump. I wish I was more excited about it bc I'm glad the characters won't be confined by the high school setting anymore, but I just don't trust this show to handle the passage of years gracefully.
Hello beautiful! 
I hope this doesn’t come out wrong but why are you trusting this show at all? 
It’s not been trustworthy since the start of s2. It’s the way it is. If anything, the only thing I can count on is that the writers aren’t in it for the characters. Maybe since RAS seems to be doing, uh, nothing else right now, and bringing in Ted seems to have blown up in all of their faces, he can focus on it again and make it more coherent. 
Really, let’s not pretend this show doesn’t know that bughead is carrying it. Even if you’re someone who thinks the writers hate bughead (I disagree), no one is stupid enough not to know where their demographics are coming from and what they’re coming for. 
I know people really only focus on what they’re interested in (that’s fine! we all do it) but our biggest complaint (before 4x17) was that bughead spent a lot of time on separate storylines. Which is a failing of the writers in general. This isn’t to say that they should make it the bughead hour (I would watch that tho), it’s that they don’t know what to do with the other characters so they’re all regulated to glorified background noise, even when they should be mains (Veronica). 
I watched the last few episodes closely. One because I wanted to get a grasp on the Archie hate boners since I had stopped paying attention to him completely and two, because I had nothing else to do. They give far, far better material to bughead (not saying much, I know) than varchie. There were entire scenes where Archie and Veronica, who are dating, didn’t even acknowledge each other. That’s not including the whole “song/let’s hook up/Veronica who?” route he went for 4x18. If they were trying to show them as drifting apart, they did a bang up job. If they just forgot they’re supposed to be in love, well, I wouldn’t be surprised. 
Is the purpose of that to do some sort of Archie pining for Betty thing? I don’t know. I do know that it wasn’t well done. It could have been well done. They had the perfect season to stick Archie and Betty in a room together all of the time but they didn’t. They decided to be as sexist as possible at every turn (Ted, I’m guessing?) while making sure all the women got hung out to dry. And if they didn’t get that treatment, they got nothing at all. Or they got stereotyped into obscurity. 
So, I mean, would I trust this show? No. But does that I mean I think bughead isn’t endgame? Also no. Of course I do. I think varchie is too, tbh. I think it’s fair to expect a satisfying journey because we want the best for bughead but honestly the most I’m expecting is a satisfying end for them. 
Riverdale is like a hook-up you know better than to commit to but you do it anyway. This isn’t a show that gets loyalty because of the writing and the top notch acting of every cast member, this is a show that’s hanging around based on loyalty to the characters (and for some, loyalty to the actors that play them). They are not a critical darling series, this is a show that tops lists with titles like: “Terrible TV Shows We Still Watch And Don’t Know Why.” 
I’m sure I helped you not at all and for that, I’m sorry, love. I think if anything, we can, at minimum, count on bughead getting a better storyline than the other relationships. I’m at the point where I’ve decided that bughead deserves better than Riverdale and so do we. 
But you know, thanks for the ask? God, I wish I could tell you I felt strongly about the writing but I don’t want to lie to you. Until there are more diverse (and female) voices in the writers room, we’re going to be at the mercy of men who decide what women want by asking other men their opinions. 
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waves02 · 53 minutes ago
Yeah anon here! Tbh I (like you said) don’t really care about any of the hetero pairings. Sometimes I see fanart and I’ll be amazed by it but other than that ehhh :/ I guess I ship chrome with kyoko tbh, I love how kyoko constantly uplifts chrome and makes her more social (considering the fact that chrome canonically lived with kyoko as well 👀) Tsuna/kyoko seems to be the pair I have the most issues with but not because it’s problematic of any sort but because it’s bland and only runs on Tsuna’s adolescent feelings for a pretty classmate who he never really interacts with. Every interaction is over-romanticized by Tsuna it becomes repetitive and boring. The first few times of Kyoko being clueless to Tsuna’s feelings were amusing the first few times but then became a chore to watch. I feel like Tsuna and Kyoko separately had better chemistry with other characters too LOL but i think it’s just personal since I really hate one-sided pining that isn’t hinted at being reciprocated in any way
Ooh I’d forgotten they lived together! I should really re-watch the series and read the manga (never did this).
Yes, Chrome and Kyoko would make a wonderful couple, I do agree. I can definitely think of fanfic ideas for them based on what you said, that Kyoko uplifts Chrome and makes her more social but also... what if some enemy mafia family kidnaps Kyoko for political reasons and they send in Chrome and Ryohei to rescue her? And Chrome goes ape shit on all of them because they dared harm her girlfriend! (Also complete with hurt comfort in either cases, I am a sucker for that lol.) Can we also have TYL!Chrome be buff please? I’ve seen her be elegant and I do understand her element is mist so she doesn’t really need to use force but she could totally learn how to break bones directly too. :D
(I’m a bit salty because I was born on May 3rd and that’s Haru Miura’s birthday as well. BUT Hibari is like on May 5th? And he’s much more interesting as a character. It’s not that I don’t care about Haru but I wish she would do more in the series.)
I think most of the str8 pairings I listed are bland, which is why I never got to shipping them. I finished Naruto Shippuuden last night and I think maybe I do ship Minato x Kushina and Temari x Shikamaru but I hated season 21 because Naruto and Sasuke (NaruSasu) have way more chemistry than whatever stalker/non-feeling/hateful/indifferent “relationships” they have with Hinata and Sakura respectively. So NaruHina and SasuSaku are NOTPs for me. I don’t even know how I’m gonna watch Boruto in this case. -.-
I’m sorry to say but Tsuna got on my nerves a lot and I don’t understand how people can ship him with anyone when he’s in his weak form. I just don’t care about him until he gets strong and that’s so far into the series? His TYL version is strong though and he did become a good Vongola boss but meh before that lol. Especially how he cowers before Hibari and some others, tf?
Yes, unrequited feelings / one-sided pining is one of the worst things that could happen! They pulled this shit with Naruto and Sakura too, only for Sakura to straight up tell Naruto she loves him only so she can go and kill Sasuke?? I started genuinely hating her then and the fact she hits him so many times without any fucking reason is so painful to watch. I get that maybe it’s “comedic relief” but that ain’t funny. She’s strong enough to break rock and metal and you’re having her punch Naruto all the time? It’s not even other characters either. When she punched Sai it was clearly done in a serious way but with Naruto’s like “Who? Naruto? No, he’s a Jinchuuriki so he can heal anything, even all of his broken skull bones!!” =_=
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interiordesignncr · an hour ago
7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa
Planning to buy a new Sofa? You are in the perfect place. A single couch can make or break the general look of your living space. Yes, you read that right. A couch creates the first impression of your home on outsiders as it's the focal point of your living space. Purchasing the perfect sofa for your living space can be confusing since there are lots of choices to choose from and you need to select one which will perfectly match your living room decor.
In this guide, we will help you with everything you need to know before buying the perfect sofa for your house.
1. Consider your space
2. Measure the sofa size
3. Perfect sofa for your decor
4. Sofa Material
5. Types of sofa
6. Storage sofa
7. Consider your budget
1. First, measure just how much space have you got?
Before you even think of buying a sofa, one thing that you need to remember is the quantity of space you have in your living space. You want to be certain your couch does not cover up the entire space, merge in your walls, or have lost throughout your own decor.
The tiny rear sofa works well in a little living room area as it doesn't take too much distance and also supplies good seating capacity. If your goal is to make full use of the space available, a couch cum bed is also a fantastic option.
In the case of big living rooms, L-shaped sofas look really classy and also add a modern touch to your living room.
2. Choosing the Correct kind of sofa for the space available
There is not any point in contemplating a sofa if it doesn't fit the distance. Measure your space by using a measuring tape or possibly a string. If your Living room is small, you can go with a two-seater sofa.
This can fix the issue of space and your living room won't look cluttered. Large living rooms could be designed with couch sets where you're able to pair different couches together.
3. Choose a Sofa That Goes Well With Your Decor
For virtually any decor to appear great, you want all the components to complement each other. Contemporary decor and minimalism go together. Therefore, if you have modern decor in your living room, then a couch should also feature the very same characteristics.
You're able to go for white, beige, and gray-colored sofas for your contemporary living room. If your living area motif is conventional, you should concentrate on elegance. Classic living rooms feature hot colors. The most commonly used colors are beige and brown with slight variations.
4. Which Sofa Material Is Your Best?
There are numerous forms of materials used in couches, like Fabric, Leather, Leatherette. Each material has its own pros and cons.
Fabric is the most comfy sofa material. They supply diversity in style and variety in colors. Though fabric sofas are budget-friendly, they require high maintenance.
A leather sofa is the best option if you are looking for a sofa that lasts for ages. A leather couch is low maintenance and easy to wash. It's usually sold in basic shades but it always goes directly with most living room decors.
Leatherette is a synthetic kind of leather. Leatherette sofas are more economical in comparison to leather sofas. They are waterproof and also easy to wash. But at the exact same time, a leatherette couch is not as durable.
5. What are the Different Types of Sofa and Chairs Options?
Once you are certain about the distance, size, and substance, it's time to pick the ideal kind of couch! It's necessary to remember the decoration of the living area prior to selecting the type of sofa because as mentioned above, this is what's going to determine if it makes or breaks the appearance.
Traditional couch
A standard sofa is generally 6 to 8 feet long and 32 to 40 inches deep. This couch is ideal for a little into the medium-sized living room. There are various sorts of standard sofas accessible.
Sectional sofas help to declutter your living room by adding more seating space without adding seats. This sofa would be a great alternative if you've got a large family or if you host a lot of get-togethers.
This is only one of the most common and contemporary sofa styles. Sectional sofas are available in L and U shapes.
A recliner is your best choice if you are searching for supreme comfort. Recliner couches add a contemporary and stylish touch to your living room.
They help in improving the position of your spine when you're sitting and also helps to cure back pain.
In case you have a small home, it is simple to benefit from this corner of the home using a chaise lounge. One thing you can't deny is that chaise sofa sofas look extremely stylish.
Language Roll Arm Sofa:
British roll arm couches have a deep chair, low rolled arms with a tight back. This sofa is a great sleeping option because we could even look at this as a bed because of its deep and soft chair. This sofa is one of the most comfortable ones and looks classy.
Lawson Sofa
A Lawson sofa is a contemporary style sofa. It has a tailored back that is about as high as above the chair. The chair is deep, with arms much lower than the back. This style would seem elegant in an entrance hall or a lounge room.
Tuxedo Sofas
A tuxedo couch is one of the most trendy and sophisticated pieces of sofas. This type of couch is actually great for a little living space. Tuxedo couches come under the category of Chesterfield sofas. The standard size of a tuxedo couch is 32" H x 84" W x 33′ inches.
6. Sofas with Storage:
If you have a little living room, your ultimate objective is to conserve space. To ensure that your living room seems decluttered, you may add a couch in your living area which also has storage capability. A sofa with storage allows you to tuck much of this clutter. The benefit of a storage couch is the stuff is nearer to you and it is readily available.
7. Consider Your Budget
We know a major chunk of our funding goes towards furniture things like a sofa. However, you can find high-quality furniture bit on a budget also, you just need to know where to look.
There are lots of options out there that you locate affordable furniture without compromising on the appearance and high quality of the furniture. One really simple option is to go online for your own furniture shopping. Shopping online is the best way to locate the best deals, discounts, and offers on furniture as you can compare costs, materials and the discounts offered and select the one that's perfect for you.
If you are somebody who wishes to touch and feel your couch prior to investing, then buying the sofa from the best sofa manufacturers in Delhi from Furniture shops is the perfect alternative for you. It is possible to see shops during different festivals to take advantage of amazing deals.
Pro Tips For Buying a Sofa:
1. You are going to spend more than 30% to 50 percent of your budget for your living space on buying a sofa. So ensure that your sofa has a really good build quality.
2. As you're investing a lot of money in buying a sofa, make certain that it's actually comfortable and suits your decor.
3. Some folks are allergic to certain materials. Before you think about buying a sofa, be very clear about the couch material.
4. The best weeks for shopping for furniture are January and June because retailers move their inventories at this time. You can benefit from great deals on sofas today.
Article source:
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 8 hours ago
ok so I really love writing and I've written drabbles for bts. I've written my own comfort fics? is thst possible? idk anway my question is, how do u continue a storyline. like I'm sure u don't go through w it it one sitting? or are you truly the greatest? yeah I for the life in me can't retain the essence w which I started the piece? which is why it just turns into like a >1k word para. how do u write bulk, without losing ur train of thought, is what I'm tryna ask
My biggest tip is music. I always write to music. For every story, I have an overarching theme and the playlist usually reflects that. If I have to write over a course of days (work, other shit happening, chores, etc), I always go back to the same music and it gets me in the headspace.
Second, I'm a bit of a method writer. Some readers say they like my writing because it's immersive and that could be because I feel all the emotions the characters feel. I believe all situations and emotions are complex. I tend to dissect them all the time, so my writing always reflects my mental state. I don't always post right after I'm done writing, but in general, the course of my work reflects my mental state within the past couple weeks.
In some cases, I write it all before posting (ex. 'mango', 'selfie', 'bao', 'pause', 'addiction'). All of these were done before I posted them and I usually spent a week or two writing them.
A bit of an exception is 'mango'. I wrote this while listening to twenty one pilots album trench, and if you've heard this album, it's super dark at times ('neon gravestones' and 'bandito' were on repeat) and I realized 'mango' was going to a really dark place and that wasn't my intention, so I had to backtrack and rewrite it. I have the original on my hard drive, so technically, there are two versions of that story.
In other cases, 'tuxedo', punctuation au, 'calculated', a-dick-ted au, these I write over time. They have different moods to them so they are largely dependent on my mental state. Sometimes I have to reread and then I'm back in that headspace. For 'tuxedo', I have to be happy (and mildly ridiculous) to write it. punctuation au, I have to be in a sub mood (and I'm a dom, so that's rare). 'calculated', um... this is not only me thirsting after DICON JK, but also *cough* basically, this is, if I was a guy. unlike the punctuation au, I'm in JK's role. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that is literally how my mind works when writing that series. punctuation au and 'calculated' don't have endings per se; it's just kinda their life, so I'm not worried about having an ending. 'tuxedo', I know the general ending.
a-dick-ted au is music-based. I find music that fits the vibe of the three characters and get inspiration from that.
Often I write for long periods of time and crank out 3-4k words, sometimes up to 10k. When I'm focused, it's hard to break it, which can be a bad habit because I forget to eat, sleep, etc. This might just be me - I was like this in school, able to study for hours at a time. I actually stopped reading books because I would spend hours reading and not doing anything else. Since writing respires screentime, my eyes get tired, so I'm forced to take breaks.
Also, I have to suck and fuck, so, you know, priorities.
I have a lot of trouble writing drabbles actually, which is why I started the 'nameless drabbles masterpost'. It's like I can't contain stuff under 1k words and think up all these intricate emotions and storylines, so I wanted to challenge myself to be more concise and to focus on a single moment.
I wouldn't be too worried about only writing drabbles. A lot of people like them and they're easy reads for someone with little time. Besides, everyone starts somewhere. I've been writing since I was in middle school (and it was TRASH lol), and I'm an adult now with a job / career (to make money and then spend it on BTS, sheesh I need help). I've been writing for a long time hahaha
If you can't tell... I think a lot, hence this long af response LMAO
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firebirdofscythia · 8 hours ago
Tw: anon hate, bullying, mention of relapse and bad mental health
Okay so it’s about time I address this cause it’s really not stopping. After the live I made two posts, one addressing elucien shippers, the other addressing elriel shippers.
And a lot of people got pissed because they thought I was attacking them for being excited or making jokes. That was not the case. I was talking about the people I’ve seen tagging people who ship something different and literally bullying them or sending anons harassing them over a stupid fucking ship.
Both of those have been taken down due to the flood of anons in my inbox calling me a bitch, or the civility police, or intentionally trying to get me to relapse (for those who did this, wow can’t believe you’ve been around since I talked about those issues in November and December and you’re still here just to harass me). 
Before that I had both elriels and eluciens in my inbox bullying me over Ardor, now that Ardor is abandoned it hasn’t stopped. Elriel shippers are harassing me over writing elucien and elucien shippers are telling me that I’m writing Lucien and Elain wrong and that I clearly hate them and am only writing elucien to get more attention on my fics. One in specific told me to become a good writer first and then maybe people would actually like my fics.
Anons have also told me that I just kept going and going and attacking eluciens. I have not. My page is a place for me to vent and the posts they’re referring to are ones where I talked about how negatively this fandom and the ship war have affected my mental health in the tags. This is something that is not uncommon on my page, when my mental health or my pain levels are particularly bad I make a post and I rant in the tags. However, it only became upsetting when I was ranting about elucien and elriel.
This is why I’ve stepped away from the fandom and have made the decision not to write elucien, gwynriel, or elriel. Ardor will not be continued and has been marked as abandoned on my masterlist.
I’ve also had anons angry with me for targeting eluciens cause apparently since I ship elucien too I couldn’t possibly see anyone being rude over there. Unfortunately I’ve never been on the good side of either ship, I’ve never been on the nice side for eluciens or elriels and that has made me feel very unsafe participating in almost anything regarding those ships.
Aside from the oneshots I’ll be posting every now and then (only crackships) I will not be interacting with the acotar fandom for a while. 
As for the anons I’ve mentioned, you’re clearly still lingering around my page with all the asks you’ve sent and that I’ve deleted. Just stop, and for anyone else I’ve managed to upset and is thinking about sending hate, I’m responding. I’m deleting the asks as they come in and doing my best to move on. It’s a waste of time and I’m so sorry you have nothing better to do with your life than harass people on the internet that you clearly don’t even know. You’re ridiculous and pathetic.
For anyone who’s read this the whole way through, this is my explanation as to why I’m taking a break from the acotar fandom and I hope you understand that it’s for my sake and I will not be returning and I can feel safe interacting with anyone in the fandom again. Thank you.
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twsty-lav · 12 hours ago
I was reading back through your blog and the angsty Valentine's was great, but I'm curious about what became of the aftermath. Yes, the culprit was caught, but they still WON essentially because Yuu DID stay broken up with their S/O(s). So what now? Do the boys try to win them back? How? And even if they try, Yuu just withdraws from them (and everyone) and maybe begins avoiding them completely, which is not easy given that a school is only so big. How would each boy react to that? tHe AnGsT hErE
<33 thank you uwu i did my bestest best... mmm angst
short answer: the intended ending of the drabble is that no matter what happens, Yuu just ends up walling them out. im so sorry boys 😔 them trust issues be the works 
longer answer: in the case of this particular yuu, it was more or less written with the fact that they’re originally not very trusting people in the first place; the fact that they were coaxed into a relationship was an astronomical feat in and of itself! unfortunately that totally backlashed lol its just ... nope... 
Tumblr media
The other difficult thing about Yuu is that they don’t even avoid the others. they’re not cold or rude or even a little troubled, at least on the surface. They interact with the boys with a completely straight face, exactly like before they got together. Whyever would they be upset? They broke up on amicable terms, after all. They accepted it easily, even before the truth came out. 
Sometimes, reaching out is scary. Sometimes, it’s easier to convince yourself that you never cared at all. 
I imagine none of the boys are very happy about it though 😔 
- i believe that floyd would be the most likely to act out (i cant imagine ever anyone DOING the breaking up would come out of it on friendly terms with him), which would unfortunately prompt jade and azul to come with some (un)subtle attempts to push them back together... 
- Rook and Trey are probably much less stubborn and more understanding in those circumstances, though rook might spend a few weeks chasing you around 
- if anything they’d be more hurt by the fact that yuu is so unaffected by the entire ordeal. did it really mean nothing at all?
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thegirlwhogotfrozen · 12 hours ago
Hi girly! Wow, I hope you had a good time though, I'm not surprised you're shattered Honestly, she's a genius and I'm blown away very often. I think a really underrated lyric she had was "I've come too far to watch some namedropping sleaze tell me what are my Wordsworth" like ??? HOW?? And ugh, same, my brain is just permanently mush :( That's true- 1989 will have some really exciting ones I think. It'll be so nice to have some unheard pop Taylor. I was originally drawn in to country Taylor but i mean, she just slays every single genre anyways. Out of the Woods is about Harry isn't it? I'm pretty certain it is but I'm not 100% sure. I was watching Taylor's stories today with her rep tour mems and it made me sad lol but also so excited to relive rep era. I can't remember if I said this or not, i remember thinking it but you know how you were talking about not having the clean speech? i wonder if the blog that you linked with the speech in text has the actual video, they must have if they've been able to type out a transcript. I remember thinking of it, but i don't remember if i said it so i thought i'd just say it just in case Anyways, thank you angel I appreciate it, I hope you've had a lovely saturday and managed to catch a break <3
I’m sure I’ll sleep like a roooock tonight and I think I’ll have do a deep stretch tomorrow morning, because I was in some very questionable contortions during cleaning lol Uhhh yes let’s talk underrated lyrics!!! That one is so good and deserves the love. Not to be a this is me trying stan again, but also “and it’s hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound, it’s hard to be anywhere these days when all I want is you, you’re a flashback in a film reel on the one screen in my town” HOW DOES SHE DO THAT!!!! that is basically how I felt all of last summer (no real parties obviously, but still) and I wouldn’t be able to explain the feeling any better than she does in that song Yes it’s very very verrrry likely that OOTW is about HS, it’s my favorite song on 1989, another one I relate to a little too much haha I just think the reason why I love the songs about him so much is because I went through a relationship or maybe more of a situationship that was sooo anxiety inducing, I felt exactly the way taylor describes the relationship in OOTW, so i can really relate to the uncertainty and the constant “are we gonna be over tomorrow or in two weeks or in three months?” thoughts Yes, you said that!! But I think I read it and forgot to actually say something about it + forgot to actually go over there and ask haha, but on that note idek if that blog is still active, I’ll check it out though, smart thinking on your end! Sending you love and light <3
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iwasdrunkitwascomicon587 · 13 hours ago
[Comfort] Colin Zabel x Fem! reader
Tumblr media
[Colin comforts you after finding out you were grabbed inapproprietly at work)
Warnings; Swearing, sexual harrassment.
If you’re not comfortable reading this for sure read another one of things I’ve written :)
A/N: I love this show already and Colin is so awkward but precious. I love him so much!
Work was fine most of the time. You love working as a waitress, but sometimes things can go badly. For instance, the current day you're on.
You were serving a man, maybe in his 30s? He seemed okay...from afar. Until you actually approached him and he led his eyes up and down your body, a sick smirk growing on his lips. You wanted to tell him to stop but carried on instead asking him what he wanted. "Good-morning sir, what can I get you for today?". He let out a chuckle, resting his arm on the table. "Can I please get the special for today, the eggs and bacon with the coffee?". You jot down his order, "What coffee?". "Black, 2 sugars.". "Gotcha.". Finishing writing his order, you hold the pad to your chest and nod. "Okay, i'll be back after.".
You start walking away from the freeze however. This man had grabbed your ass, this piece of shit. You spin around to face him, a horrified expression present on your face. "Excuse me?". "What's wrong?". He replies, playing it off as if he didn't just sexually harass you. "You just grabbed my...". "I didn't do anything, so can you just go..?". His happy tone disappears, now replaced with annoyance. "I...". Come on (y/n), just go, you can't start a scene. You let out a quiet sigh, deciding to side with your thoughts. "Okay.". Then you walk off, tears beginning to fill your eyes.
Dropping your bag onto the table and slipping your shoes off, you walk over to the couch and fall down onto it. At first you sit there in silence...until your emotions finally get the best of you and you break down into sobs. Curling up into a ball your body shakes, tears falling fast and staining your shirt and the pillow you now gripped onto.
You end up slipping into an uncomfortable sleep, not actually realising you had fallen asleep.
-Hours later-
A click of the lock and the door-handle wakes you up. You're a light sleeper so noises will wake you up fairly easily.  Your eyes move over to the clock which reads 12.05 am. I was asleep this long?. You look over at the door, to your boyfriend who's placing his stuff down on the table. "Colin.". Colin swivels his body your way surprised to see you on the couch and not asleep. "Sweet-heart, I didn't think you'd be awake.". "I...actually, fell asleep on the couch.". You admit finally standing, and waling over to your boyfriend. "How was, uh, work?". Colin greets you with a soft kiss but he thinks back to the 'falling asleep on the couch.' "Great. We're getting head-way in the case, but is everything alright? Why did you fall asleep on the couch?".
What that man did returns to your mind. How he had the nerve to do that to you. How he played it off like it was nothing. "It was...". You don't realise tears falling down your cheeks until Colin's eyes widen. "(y/n), sweet-heart, what happened?". He sounds panicked, a hit of anger in his voice. "Colin, it was..". You blink away more tears, realising lying would prove to be useless.  "Okay, let's t-talk on the couch.".
Pulling his hand towards the couch, you plant yourself down. He remains holding onto your hand and you don't make a move to let go either. After a minute of silence you say something, "Work...wasn't good Colin.". You let out a sigh, eyes moving from Colin to the pillow on the couch "...I was serving someone, a guy in his maybe 30's? I finished writing his order down and went to leave when...". You look back up to Colin with even more tears in your eyes. "He grabbed my ass.".
Colin's expression changes from concern, to anger. He frowns, his other hand balling into a fist.  "He did what?" "I k-know Colin, but there's no point in doing anything.". Colin wants to stand up, leave the house and hunt this son of a bitch down. He wants to make him pay for touching his girlfriend. However he soon realises staying with you is better and he needs to comfort you, be there for you. He loves you too much, you're the only one who's been there for him from the start.
"Okay sweet-heart.". He moves closer to you, soon wrapping his arms around you. Colin holds you against his chest protectively, and you snuggle your face into his shirt. "I love you so much (n/n).". "I love you too Colin.". He lowers himself on the couch, letting you lean your head on his chest, letting you listen to his heart-beat. He knows it helps when you're stressed, or something bad has happened, or you just need comfort. "I'm here for you no matter what, I'll always protect you sweet-heart.". Absent-mindedly he begins to run his hands through your hair. Your eyes close and you let out a happy sigh, "You mean the world to me.".
The two of you lay there in peace, not a word being muttered. Colin may be the love of your life. But he's your protector too. ----
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bookjoyworm · 14 hours ago
Oh oh oh oh for the meta !!!
#3 - What is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway)
(I’m so curious because you have these super detailed world building set ups so I’m like ... is this ever the case for you??)
Ahhh thank you so much for the ask!!!!
oh gosh...(yeah I do go for the super detailed world building set ups, don't I? 😅😂) let's see...
Well, I'm sure if I really took the time to wrack my brains about this I could come up with several, but then I'd have to either choose or resign myself to a ridiculously long post so...alright, so, I have this star wars au floating around in my head right, and most of it is fairly serious, generally speaking, but it also contains these three (so far) scenes that are just complete and utter crackfic.
I've written a grand total of one (1) of them, which I posted on April Fools day and you can read here if you're so inclined.
As for the other two, I'm putting them under the cut bc this is still getting really long:
1) basically, I have this one scene where Ventress winds up killing Maul, then melting down his legs and then having them made into a tea set which she then gives to an extremely bemused Obi-Wan for his birthday (yes this is extremely weird, no, I don't know how the fuck I thought of it but it's strangely hilarious to me, so there you have it) which is ridiculous on it's own but then you've got
2) which is a follow up to the april fools day snippet, in which anankin-undercover-as-darth-vader convinces tarkin that Quinlan Vos is his own, entirely fictional, cousin Sergei who just so happens to look exactly like the definitely super dead Jedi Knight and who is also an extremely loyal informant for the empire. A few years later, a few more 'Imformant Sergei" incidents have happened (Anakin saw the opportunity to troll the hell out of Tarkin and ran with it; Quinlan is more than happy to facilitate this, and so is everyone else who's working with them. All incidents are recorded and safely stored to show ahsoka when they finally track her down) and what happens is this:
For leverage against the rebellion reasons, palpatine has ordered Princess Leia (roughly 15 years old at this point) taken hostage by "Vader's" "sith" apprentice, Mara Jade (who's been secretly actually Anakin's second jedi padawan since she was about seven, which Leia is aware of but Bail isn't). Rex (who is completely unaware of the whole "massive undercover rebellion right underneath the emperor's nose" thing and therefor the fact that leia isn't actually in much of any real danger) goes to investigate and try and rescue her.
Stuff happens, Palpatine orders Mara to kill Leia and Mara (who had already been planning to fake her own death, bc as she grew into her strength in the force, Palpatine had started paying more attention to her which was getting dangerous. she'll join luke and obi wan in secretly living in the secret rooms in "Vader"'s star destroyer lol) explodes the building that she was holding Leia in, successfully faking BOTH of their deaths.
Rex runs into the girls on their way out, and when a group of storm troopers spot them he decides to head them off so that Mara and Leia can escape.
This turns out to not be immediately necessary, bc said storm troopers are actually Cody and an assortment of other de-chipped clone troopers. Cody gets as far as explaining that to Rex, when Tarkin shows up.
He, predictably, zeros in on Rex bc he remembers him from the clone wars and doesn't like him and because he's Tarkin, he decides to order Cody to take off his helmet and execute him.
Cody, obviously, isn't going to do that and goes with the only option left to him: break his cover. So he and his troopers all draw their blasters on Tarkin, at which point Tarkin calls his own troopers to surround them.
Then he starts monologuing: blah blah glory of the empire, blah blah, traitor, blah blah, 'if only you demonstrated the same loyalty that Informant Sergei does without any kind of programming.'
That makes Cody snort, and Quinlan, who's been lurking this whole time waiting for an opportune moment, can't possible pass over the dramatic entrance potential and reveals himself like, "hah, bitch you wish!" and blows his OWN cover.
So Tarkin is about to lose his shit, Cody's panicking, Rex is both panicking and completely confused, at which point Anakin-as-Vader along with a bevy of stormtroopers who include Appo, Boil, Kix, the 212th's medic, and Obi-Wan shows up.
Cue Rex's confusion and panic squaring itself when this, for some reason, makes Cody relax.
Tarkin's like, "Ah Vader, you're just in time to assist me in doing away with these traitors"
And internally, Anakin's like 'fuck fuck fuck' but externally he's like, "Traitors? whatever do you mean?"
And Tarkin tells him what just happened and Anakin thinks fast and goes:
"Oh, yeah they're definitely not traitors, they have until just now been on an important mission for me among ancient...sith...ruins! And it appears that they have all been exposed to a sith toxin which causes confusion, aggression, and muddled loyalties."
And Tarkin maybe buys that? but either way, he goes,
"Well, in that case, they're useless to us now, so we might as well put them down and be done with it."
And Anakin, maybe panicking a little, goes, "Do you really think that I would send such valuable assets into such a situation without having some kind of treatment on hand?"
Tarkin: Oh, and what treatment would that be?
Anakin, mind going blank: Medic, tell the Grand Moff about the cure.
Kix, trying to murder his general with the force of his glare alone underneath the helmet: Yes Sir. The...only cure to such tea! the...legs of the vanquished enemy of...the ancient and powerful Jedi...Ben."
Obi Wan, Anakin, and everyone who still has the benefit of a hemet: *tries not to laugh audibly but are about to rupture something containing themselves*
Rex: What? the fuck?? is happening???
So, Tarkin buys it, and Anakin and his men 'subdue' Cody, Quinlan, Rex and co. and bring them back to their shuttle, where Mara, Leia, and Luke reveal themselves and they explain everything to Rex, who at this point is more or less certain that this entire day has been some sort of bizarre fever dream.
And I'd love to write the whole thing out! but to do that and have it make any sort of sense I'd have to write many chapters of context and everything leading up to it which is...a lot of stuff. So maybe I'll get to it eventually, but it's not event the first star wars au on my list of stuff to write, not even taking into account all the stuff for other fandoms, so it's probably going to be a long time until I get to it, if I ever do 😅
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magnumdays · 23 hours ago
Magnum PI 3.16 - Bloodline review
So this episode was... let’s just say I have emotions. 
I’m also super exhausted because I woke up at 5 (after going to bed at midnight because I was finishing off The Moments We Decide on Forever) and couldn’t go back to sleep and couldn’t find the episode so I was stuck in this purgatory: I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t do anything else but to ponder the episode and not try to read spoilers. And because I’m a comfy bitch + corona school from home I’ve gotten so used to 8 hours of sleep, I don’t know how to deal with being tired any more.
Higgy leaving:
Higgy going with Ethan makes no sense. Yet, I kind of love the end scene so much, I can almost forgive them for having this weird plot/ choice. It’s very confusing. So yeah. 
(Don’t worry there is more on this further down...because of course there is, it makes no sense!)   
Tumblr media
I liked the fact that this is a “not-police-worthy case” (at least to start). We got Magnum being his heroic self, promising to make everything okay. Twists and turns. Now owing a Russian diplomat spy a favor. Dramatic shoot out ending, daddy/daughter re-connect! 
Did not feel like a finale case (or episode) but you know, whatever, it is what it is and it was fine. Much more uplifting than the depressing one from last week to be sure.
Jin/ Ferrari:
Tumblr media
I ship it.
Ethan/ Higgy:
OMG, I already posted on how much their ‘getting back together scene’ cracked me up. But it really did. 
Tumblr media
(Ethan looking constipated in love)
Tumblr media
(Higgy looking adorable)
Other than that, it was kind of nice to see Higgy dealing with the break up at the start. Mostly because she was super chill about it. Like “should have handled it differently but you know” but with a *whatever shrug* and then our girl was like “are you going to let me in or just hand me my stuff?” when she went to Ethan’s! Love it! 
One of my favorite scenes was her telling E No about going with him to Africa. And I was like “this makes sense” while also going “how in the world do they change this into her wanting to go?” 
Answer is... they don’t?
Because she goes because Magnum tells her to. Because she thinks it’s what she should do. Have to do to save her already kind of failing relationship with Ethan. She’s actually not really expressing a whole lot of desire to go at all. She is sad about being separated from Ethan, sure, and she care about him... but she’s not ready to go to Africa with him. She goes because Magnum basically tells her it’s what she should do (IMHO).
Even though she says to Ethan “I’d love to go with you, of course I would,” that is absolutely not the feeling she’s giving off in this scene.
Her arms are crossed, she’s looking up and down, to the side, not holding eye contact for any length of time time. Fact is this is giving me big times, “I like you, but I like my life here more, so how do we deal with that?” 
She also start this exchange by saying “it’s not fair to make you wait to my answer” because she does honestly not need to or want to think about it. She wants to tell him she’s staying and see where that leaves them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And let’s not forget the fact that she’s more concerned about leaving Magnum, who will simply be staying in Hawaii with his friends then she is about Ethan going alone Africa to work in some pretty bad conditions and around possibly desperate and dangerous people. But yeah, we got our priorities in order! I love it. (Though to be fair, Magnum does need a keeper because he could quite possibly get himself into trouble buying ice cream...)
Magnum / Higgins
Oh my poor baby Magnum, being to damned noble for his (and at this point Higgy’s) own good. And I do get it, why he pushed her to do it.
If she hadn’t gone, would there always have been this maybe? 
So I see what he was doing. But he was doing it as much for himself as for her. 
And I would like her to be a little hurt by this at some point. Realize he was pushing her towards Ethan because he was worried telling her anything else might make him have to face his own feelings. Realize he’s projecting what he might be feeling for her and assuming that because he’d follow her to the ends of the earth if she asked, she should want and do the same for Ethan? 
See he was trying to do what was right for her without asking what she truly wanted and looking past the mandatory ‘yes of course I want to go’ which he infers from her being upset, and don’t actually get a confirmation on her even really telling him before he’s telling her to go (at least I don’t think?).
Honestly, we needed a minute where Juliet talked to Kumu at the end about not being sure and then quickly brushing it off. But we don’t get that. We get Kumu going “You deserve to be happy Juliet” and Juliet smile with no eye sparkle and then makes this face... 
Tumblr media
and says “Thank you.” Not that she is sure she will be happy. Or that she is. But thank you? To me that does not scream ‘I’m overjoyed to be riding off into the sunset with my prince’. (Then again we all know who her real prince charming...or shall we say white
Moving on...
Love how you can clearly notice Magnum shifting how he’s acting after hearing Juliet and Ethan are back together. In fact he’s acting like this whole thing is NOT a big deal. Even the hug and his always adorable smile is a bit distant at the end.
+ she’s hugging him with both her arms, one around his neck and he’d not  going full in on it. Because he gotta keep that distance because he’s back to “Higgins and I are just friends” territory. And he can’t let it be anything more, especially now that he’s convinced her to go with E.
This is also why he gives her banter rather than feels there when she’s trying to be serious for a second. Even if the Jolly Good is basically becoming their ‘I love you’ code. I did really appreciate that we got a moment of soft Higgy admitting to Magnum that he is her best friend and that she wouldn’t know what to do without him.
(And I need that ‘Jolly Good’ T-shirt. STAT.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyhow. this last bit... all of it was pure gold.
I don’t know what I’d do without you either.
You’re my best friend. (This one is just... everything.)
Ditto? Really?
The ‘Jolly Good’ call back.
The looking back from the car, him still looking at her.
Yup. I’m getting all teary eyed thinking about it.
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