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#just friends
k-kae · 4 minutes ago
isolating myself bc im struggling but then feeling like a shit friend bc I can't bring myself to message friends and then months go by and still isolating and feeling like shit. When does it end
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davidlovespatrick · 10 minutes ago
One of those days where I really wanna move out and stop living with my parents, but know there’s no chance of that without moving in with another person and there’s no one I’d wanna live with. My wage would barely cover rent, let alone bills and living expenses, and I don’t wanna decimate my savings when there’s no chance of earning more money any time soon. Living at home costs me the weekly food shop and that’s it so it’s not practical to move, but sometimes I really hate living here 🙃
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prettyjaems · 15 minutes ago
There's something about watching some of your male friends and acquaintances grow up into sexist jerks.
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poppyluxe · 18 minutes ago
ugh i want like, 17th century wlw best friends to lovers plot just fluff and secrecy living in a lil town, the possibility of their parents trying to force them to marry other ppl but they love each other too much and aaaaaaa ( also even better if they're witches )
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applesproutjin · 19 minutes ago
both the greatest weakness and strength of being a jin stan is the severe lack of jin content
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so-you-melted-22 · 38 minutes ago
Maybe I should talk to a psychiatrist or something, maybe they can tell me what is weird with my brain…
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wildwestpunk · 47 minutes ago
not to reiterate my ‘twitter is the bane of critical thinking’ sentiment but the system of restricting post content by character limit and thread continuations only being accessible via extra clicks really butchers any of the nuance in arguments and thats why you end up with the kind of wildly reductionist discourse that honestly gets really draining
like here on tumblr its common to have customarily tagged ‘#long post’s which serves as nothing but acknowledgement cause im sure no one actually filters that tag anyway and it doesnt appear until the very end of a post
and so you read through these giant reblog chains of discussion and clarification and by the end you have - if nothing else - a wider perception of the issue at hand
meanwhile on twitter all you get a little blurb of flash information with little to no clarification or insight directly presented, so all you have to  base your perception of X issue is this one tweet
it just concerns me that the younger generation getting their information from twitter is subject to this method of education cause instead of developing the ability to think critically and explore nuance, they see one (1) fraction of an issue and immediately take a position based on that
anyway twitter is the bane of critical thinking <3
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6utt · 48 minutes ago
btw if any mutuals feel uncomfortable seeing me talk about dark venty shit feel free to unfollow/mute me (is that even an option here?)
take care of yourselves first n foremost
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algaii · 59 minutes ago
"Actually, you can have all my kisses."
A Yang Yoseob Fanfiction
Word Count - 1.8K
Summary - Life ain't fiction, or is it? With Yoseob, you will find out it sure is.
Genre - Fluff
A/N - Algaii at your service!
I almost gave up on the account, but then I couldn't because this is one of my guilty indulgence?
Here is a piece featuring Yang Yoseob of Highlight (previously BEAST or B2ST).
For a brief familiarization, the song 'Divine Move' in Hwarang was sung by him. Well, I didn't know that and after hearing his live vocals I was like I have heard the voice somewhere and turns out I had been listening to his song on repeat.
I wrote it in one go, to be very honest. Till the last moment I couldn't decide who it's gonna be and the characters were named 'xxx', 'zzz' and such. But yeah, I wrote this with him somewhat in my mind.
I was searching for some fanfictions of him and literally, I couldn't find a single one. And since I am obsessed with him as of now, here you go.
Have a good read!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You have known Yoseob ever since you could remember. Best friends since high-school, roommates in college and then moving out together to the same apartment after graduation.
You worked in a library, considering your obsession with anything that you could read. Yoseob had a café and you sometimes lent a hand there on your days off. But it was enough to share the expenses.
Well, you two were real close. With you two being there for each other through ups and downs, seriously, who wouldn't be? He knew you sometimes better than yourself. And same goes for you.
Truth be told, Yoseob was one of the sweetest and most valued person in your life. He was a great companion, took care of you when you couldn't yourself and always made sure to put up a smile on your face.
Y/N, take the umbrella, it might rain; Why were you so late?; I don't like that girl, don't talk with her; Don't come to me complaining about your migraine after you stay up all night reading your oh-so-interesting novel; and numerous other stuff. Sometimes you cringed, sometimes you just laughed and sometimes you felt really thankful to have him.
Then, there are the vacations when you take him to your parents or vice-versa.
Yoseob was loved a lot by your family. They considered him outright 'perfect', with him being polite to elders and loving to youngers at all times. You rolled your eyes almost every time your parents said that and he would smirk at you in response.
He was the one who taught your younger sibling to play chess, even though you were far better than him and almost won every time you played. He helped your mother with the cooking since you were a disaster in the kitchen. Your father was a huge fan of his gardening skills. You sometimes felt he was actually a part of your family and it was rather you who was the guest.
But it was exactly the opposite when you visited his parents. They treated you better than you were treated in your family when he came over. You thought it was only fair when he complained that his parents loved you more than they loved him. It was your turn to smirk.
And then, like all those people in the books you have read, you made the mistake of falling for your best friend.
You didn't know if it was gradual or all of a sudden, or if you had already felt like that and just had chosen to ignore the feeling but one fine day you get out of your room after pulling a all-nighter and Yoseob is ready with a cup of your favorite coffee and you are like damn, I love this man.
You thought you had always loved him. He was your best friend after all, who doesn't love their best friend, duh. But then, as the days passed by you realized that you loved him. Like, love loved him. More than a best friend should.
Then again, life wasn't some random novel you read. You couldn't just expect Yoseob to fall for you the way you did like it happens in the books at all times. And you couldn't just confess to him out of the blue and expect him to accept your confession.
Isn't that why you loved reading? Because the scenarios were something that rarely happened in real life, even though your favorite characters were killed almost every single instance.
Doojoon, your co-worker and a mutual friend of yours and Yoseob, was throwing a party. You were actually excited to go, you hadn't gone out and did something fun in so long. Yoseob, however was reluctant, saying he couldn't possibly make time. He somehow convinced you to go alone as he knew you were looking forward to it. You felt guilty but he said it was okay and you could simply make it up with a movie night someday.
Putting on a nice wine-colored dress, you applied neutral make-up and slipped on your heels. Taking your purse with you and checking twice for your phone, you finally made your way to Dongwon, who was waiting outside for you with his car.
"You look beautiful Y/N," Dongwon smiled.
"So do you," You replied, as he drove out of the drive-way. There was a small pang in your heart at the thought of Yoseob not being present in the party, but you brushed it off.
Doojoon greeted you both as you entered his house and offered you some beer to let loose. You walked around chatting with some other friends of yours, occasionally swaying to the music playing in the background. You didn't catch a glimpse of the host well until after a few hours when you were standing alone on the balcony, away from the crowd.
"Y/N, hey," He spoke coming to stand near you. "How are you enjoying the night?"
"It is good, thank you for inviting me over," You smiled at him softly.
"Nonsense, you are always welcome here," He said facing you, leaning against the railing.
At that moment when you looked up at him, you saw him in a different light. His hair looked windswept, even though it was probably him running his hands through them over an again. The moonlight brightened his fair features, along with the fairy lights casting a misty aura all over. He wasn't the Doojoon you knew anymore.
He took your hands in his and fiddled with your ring. It was a rose-gold promise ring that Yoseob and you had got together one Christmas.
"Go out with me, Y/N," Doojoon said in almost an hushed whisper. Had the door to the balcony been open, you would have easily missed what he said.
"I fancy you Y/N. Go on a date with me," He said this time a bit firmly than before.
"She can't."
You jumped at the sudden familiar voice. Turning around, you are met with the imposing sight of Yoseob as he stands with his arm crossed over his chest.
"Yoseob, what are you doing here?" You asked, mildly taken aback.
"It's late Y/N," He grabbed your wrist, wanting you to get out of there as soon as possible.
You allowed him to haul you away but then another hand latched on to your free wrist.
"Who are you to speak for her? Why can't she go out with me?" Doojoon asked with barely suppressed anger lacing his tone.
Yoseob pulled you behind him, glaring at Doojoon. "Not your business, that's who I am. And she can't go because she already is in a relationship."
"Yeah? I guess who?" He looked back over your best friend's shoulder. "How come you never told me Y/N?"
"Well that explains," Yoseob said sassily. "She didn't want your nosy self to pry."
"C'mon Y/N."
He dragged you to his car that was standing on Doojoon's driveway. Throughout the ride none of you spoke a word.
You were the first one out of the car when you reached your shared apartment. Yoseob opened the lock and you entered, slipping your heels off. As soon as he turned, he was met with your glare.
"Why you did that back there?"
"Oh come on!" He threw his hands up in exasperation. "You are not telling me that you were actually considering going out with him."
"So what if I was? You can't just meddle in like that. On top of it I am in a relationship? What the hell Yoseob?"
His lips twitched a bit at your words.
"Your boyfriend has been calling you non-stop for hours. How come you didn't notice?"
"Wha- No one has called me," You narrowed your eyes.
"Check your phone, you angry bird."
You rolled your eyes and pulled out your phone, only to see 49 missed calls and over 100 texts from none other than your best friend.
"What nonsense is this Yoseob? It's only you who called, and you are not my boyfriend."
An eerie silence followed, in which he gauged the few inches distance between you both, trapping you against the wall.
"Then let me be," Yoseob whispered huskily in your ears.
And then, then, he was kissing you.
His lips were everything you had imagined. Soft, plump, but slightly rough around the edges. You had always scolded him for not applying chap-sticks and there was the slightly lingering after-taste of a cherry flavored one you had got him few days ago. He had said he liked it the best.
Yoseob pulled back when you didn't respond to the kiss.
"I have liked you ever since I can remember Y/N, and I thought you felt the same. If you... if you don't then it's alright, I guess? But let's not let go of what we have," He looked straight into your eyes with his piercing gaze. So many emotions were flitting through his features that you were frozen at your place, not even able to make a sound.
Yoseob gazed at you for another moment before he let go of his grip on you. Stepping back, he looked at anything but you, a sad smile etched on his face.
Before you could think against it, or think anything for that matter, you were pulling him back into your embrace and kissing him. He stood there, shocked for a moment, before he was kissing you with an unmatched vigor. Your grip tightened on his shirt as he pulled you closer to himself, if that was even possible considering the infinitesimal space between you.
He had a content smile on his face as he leaned and joined you foreheads.
"I'm sorry," You whispered playing with the hair at his nape.
"Why, love?" Your heart missed a beat at the pet-name.
"I-" You took a breath. "I don't know. I- I- have liked you ever since too, but was too afraid and I-"
"Are you still afraid?"
"I- Actually yeah."
"I am too, you know? But here we are now, together, and we can make it up until the end just like this. Together."
You smiled again, this time broader. And when he saw it he smiled too.
"You know Yoseob, that was my first kiss," You smiled cheekily.
"Yeah?" Yoseob smirked. "And now you are about to have your second."
He placed a chaste kiss on your slightly swollen and red lips.
"And third."
He pecked again.
"And fourth."
"And fifth."
"And sixth."
"Actually you can have all my kisses."
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enden-k · an hour ago
ok so i just solo-ed lvl 90 Azhdaha as Zhongli for the first time for funsies and as challenge and even though i fought him a couple of times already and am aware of the lines and emotions from the story quest and the battle, i was not prepared for the sudden emotions overcoming me from just. seeing them fight and the music and the lines and the power and wow i truly am sad bc idk, there is something about Zhongli taking care of his old friend on his own and
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lucywrites02 · an hour ago
Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Heimdall?
Steve Rogers- what is one thing people say that you genuinely have never understood?
When someone tries to explain why we can't print more money.
Clint Barton- retiring in the city or countryside?
When I'm old I wanna live in a city because it's easier to live on your own in a city (transport, shops, hospitals, etc). I had been living in the countryside for 14 years of my life and unless I move into a cute cottage in the mountains with the love of my life and fast Internet I don't want it
Heimdall- dream job?
Tattoo artist or to have my own coffee shop
Mcu ask game
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straytheskies · an hour ago
Speaking of, why do we always gotta hint at male characters being bi/pan but not outright show or say it? 🤪
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