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#just dumb
executionersongmp3 · 16 minutes ago
i keep trying to listen to the end of time and other bothers but i’m constantly like did i miss something ??? where are they ??
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linbeifuckmeup · 18 minutes ago
Sometimes I forget I’m a real person with a real person life
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tobios-housewife · 23 minutes ago
I unnerved a guy flirting with me 🙁
He was flirting and then made a comment about how cute I'd look begging and I asked him what made him think I'd be the one begging 🙂🙂
I got his number but like 🙁 he definitely wasn't expecting that.
Wait- You guys are getting flirted with??
*asks my wife is she flirted with me, gets told she did flirt with me, realizes I’m dumb and have no idea if someone is flirting with me ever, shocked pikachu face*
Snakey if you got his number AFTER you said that....Oh then I’d be seeing how far I can take that one ngl 👀 You get bored of him send him mommy’s way I can be much ore unnerving  👀 👀 👀 
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thespineoftherighteous · 27 minutes ago
Neil is definitely one of those kids that can just fling themselves over really tall things
the foxes find out in a break during practice when Neil and matt are fooling around and Neil uses his hands to just launch himself over one of those massive trash cans in the locker room
matt is fascinated by this and has Neil do it again and then once more
as they make their way back to court matt questions Neil on whether or not he could jump over various things
"the bookshelf in the girls' room?"
"probably" (thoughtful)
"coach's liquor cabinet?"
"probably" (confident)
"my racquet?"
"definitely not"
"hm?" neil breaks out into a grin as, at the sound of his name, aaron turns around from where he was taking with Renee at the doors of the court
matt explains neil's newfound talent and aaron just looks unimpressed
"wonderful. that's not going to happen"
"aw why not?" neil's grin has grown. "you scared?"
"of your incompetence maybe. not really in the mood for getting a knee to the head"
"ohh you're afraid of messing up your face. don't worry it's not that pretty anyways"
Aaron gestures wordlessly between his face and the face of a recently appeared andrew
"neil's right." andrew doesn't look at either of them as he walks by and a smiling Renee joins him in entering the court
Aaron rolls his eyes at that and matt, who has done very well in suppressing his laughter, asks him to let neil try
"ask Andrew. we're the same height anyway"
now Neil is just trying to be wicked: "i can't. don't want to risk messing up his pretty face"
Aaron rolls his eyes again and groans, elbowing his way past Neil onto the court. he turns back to Neil and matt who are shrugging at each other
"fine. once. and make it quick before Kevin and coach get back"
forty seconds later, matt is positioning Aaron in the middle of the court and Neil is bouncing on his toes seven meters behind him
Dan has looked up from the list of skills she was poring over and Andrew and Renee and Nicky and allison have paused mid conversation to watch
Aaron crosses his arms at the attention but then matt says "go" and a few seconds later there's a heavy pressure on his shoulders and Neil goes flying over his head
to Aarons credit, he doesn't so much as flinch
there's applause coming from Nicky and Dan and then:
"can you do that in a game?"
Kevin and coach stand in the doorway of the court
before neils face can even fully form a look of consideration there are four very firm "no"s from wymack, Dan, Andrew and Matt
Kevin and Neil look crestfallen but Dan continues. "besides, the majority of the people we play against are much taller than Aaron"
Aaron rolls his eyes and goes to sit next to Allison in the bleachers
Neil now looks contemplative. "I mean I could probably get over someone Nicky or Kevin- sized"
*cue practice being delayed by fifteen minutes because Neil wants to try jumping over everyone. coach draws the line at matt and Kevin but allows Nicky. Nicky, however, does not immediately allow Nicky*
"do, like, Renee first"
"why Renee?"
"to give you practice cause she's shorter"
"she's the same height as Aaron"
"fine so do Aaron again"
(Aaron, who is now on his phone: do not do Aaron again)
Neil jumps over Renee. then Dan. and Allison.
the foxes are all loving it (especially Kevin) and Neil is in his element
Nicky finally stands up for it but when he hears the violent pattering of neils approaching feet, Nicky shrieks and flinches in a way that nearly wipes both of them out
coach calls an end to it at that and Neil, slightly breathless, drops into the space next to Andrew on the bleachers
andrew hands him a water bottle and neil takes it while looking expectantly at Andrew
all Andrew says is "you're not even a rabbit. you're a frog"
Neil grins. "rabbit, raccoon, frog. it's getting hard to keep track of them all. you really should choose one name and stick with it"
Andrew rolls his eyes and rubs his knuckles against neil's shoulders to indicate his amusement.
"yeah that works too"
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caroldantops · 33 minutes ago
okay but hear me out on this concept:
demon!nat has gotten super super wise over all the years she’s been alive and as much as she loves the idea of corrupting r she also is a stickler for forcing r to be a better and smarter person and she’s so cocky about it!
like if you were to say something during sex like ‘you fill me up so GOOD’ she’d point out that it’s WELL and that obviously she’s successfully ‘fucked you stupid’
asjgklfdjgkl this is so funny omg i love 
nat “well, actually”s you all the time and you mostly just ignore it because you know she doesn’t try to be condescending she’s just like that but sometimes you’re just like “okay thank you no need to demonsplain” 
also um nat calling you a dumb baby or stupid slut in bed anyone? no just me? alright ill see myself out
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sehrenefudgemuffins · 40 minutes ago
I looked at your pfp really quickly and it looked like buck was flossing... Now im disappointed in myself
Genuinely thought you meant his teeth but yeah I see what you mean
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kuiinncedes · 51 minutes ago
#i'm really not complaining or anything i'm just like#being annoying lmao it's so dumb i keep thinking like#why do i rarely get random asks/anons :')#which is literally so dumb lmaooo like it doesn't matter at all#i feel like that's kind of a common thing tho idk i think i'm boring to talk to#slash people don't really want to talk to me????#now that's just me bringing my other dumb issue into it too lol#bc i want to talk to my friends but i feel like i'm being annoying#bc i texted them when i finished my semester and they didn't really respond like one of the two reacted to the message and that's it#and they should also be done but no one texts me updates or anything#like sometimes it feels like no one wants to talk to me voluntarily??#and/or it's just me telling myself that no one really cares#akdhfgdksljgflkdhsfakjsghdljfskfgjhf#i think a bad part of being on tumblr tho is also seeing how other people get asks and shit and comparing myself#based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING aslghklsjfsjddkfs#so it kinda amplifies all this shit#i need to limit my tumblr usage a little more lol#like the fact that i feel like getting notes and asks is like some kinda validation???? stop#especially since i went from three weeks without it to basically being on tumblr#for hours at a time especially at night#i'm just refreshing every five seconds lol#anyway i'm fine i might reblog an ask game or something if i see one bc i'm desperate for attention XD#(/lh for all of this lol)#stfu jeanne#like .. everything's fine i just like rambling about dumb shit lol#bc i don't really have other friends i feel liek i can go to alkshdgalskjdf anyway#yeah jeanne maybe try to work on one of ur fucking fics rn lol
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raesand · 54 minutes ago
why is it that fan cast edits are always done by people who have clearly only ever watched 3 movies or TV shows in their life?
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Some artist: *makes art with a widely known element that isn’t anyone’s trademark and can therefore be explored by anyone, i.e. stained glass, halo/religious motifs, monochrome w/ one single pop of color, etc.*
Me: ah fuck, they did it first. If I do it now I’ll be copying off them and therefore Plagiarizing And Being A Bad Lazy Artist
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bees-self-ships · an hour ago
Ursula, doing Kassandras makeup: Are you gay?
Kassandra: No, I think I’m actually one of the only straight ones here
Usrula: Hm.... well, there’s still time
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namjinner · an hour ago
pls im trying to find references for my morioh ac island and i cannot for the life of me find the location of The Centipede...yknow the important location where sheer heart attack happens. for example this map tells me the telephone pole nijimura keicho dies on but not the shoe shop location? or the pylon? or cafe?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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milesbutterball · 2 hours ago
Watch "Nirvana - Dumb" on YouTube
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