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#just dudes bein bros
dilftojis · 15 days ago
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those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it
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kamesenkuririn · 16 days ago
been thinking about past fandoms, and apparently my favourite ships had a type. the bro dynamic...
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dawnwalks · a month ago
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@relinktus​ said: we’re safe now. you’re safe now. 
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riku’s always hated nightmares.  he’s always hated them  ,  the way he feels so out of  control  ,  the way he wakes up so full of the  fear  he tries to suppress.  it’s why he doesn’t sleep anymore  ,  why he pushes himself to  exhaustion  before he lets himself rest.
it doesn’t help  ,  but he pretends that it does.
he doesn’t realize he’s shouted himself awake until roxas is trying to soothe him  ,  doesn’t realize how much he’s  shaking  until he’s being held.  he feels  sick  ,  feels raw  &  rubbed open  &  vulnerable  in the wrong way  ,  he wants to push roxas away  ,  but he doesn’t  ,  he just finds himself clinging tighter  ,  voice  raw  when he finds it.
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‘ don’t....don’t go. ’
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snapperoni · 2 months ago
who tf asking on quora ‘why is math hard for people’ like that isn’t just built-in knowledge into your cranium that you’re gonna suck at math
#snap chats#im back <3 i was clearing out my emails :)#yes i get emails from quora Why i dont know and i dont know how to stop it so i'm just gonna let it happen#anyway everyone sucks at math let's get you some fruit#if you're good at math no you're not#either that or like. damn how does it feel to be god's favorite :////#on god failed math in uhhhhhhhhh i dont remember LMAOOO#i did fail math once tho and i had to retake it next year- or i had to do a quick  make-up class#funny part of that experience tho is i met this dude who like#he might've had a thing for me i dunno maybe he was just bein a bro#he called me cute which made me be like ??????#Respectfully i'm not attracted to dudes bro sorry HOWEVER if you just think im cute Point Blank then like thanks man :)#i was about to say  maybe girls'll like me then but it's not a problem--#ok that sounds horribly conceited LMAO but trust me those werent good experiences so i say that like uhhhh Not Good-ly :)#anyway i'm the problem i just get really nervous and scared :( i'm tryna work on it but covid makin it hard to say h#but thats for another post's tags ok this life guy right#like he'd call me kitkat cause i told him i liked kitkats once and he was a TOTAL BRO and got me a kitkat for lunch later that day#i should make a separate post talking about the two times bros were sus towards me cause theyre funny stories imo#cant help bein cute as a button ig ://// beautiful to a fault rip @ me#disclaimer i am not very attractive honestly i am very average LMAO standards just dont exist in high school
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clare-with-no-i · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
some of the most important relationships in James’s life are explored in Bond and Free Ch3, including: 
Sirius Black
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oonessawness · 3 months ago
As a Google kinnie ur arms r hot and I think we should kiss /hj
Googz don't play w me I'll literally kiss u bro
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dawnwalks · 4 months ago
@lightreigned​.     /     modern verse.
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‘ hey. ’ 
he nudges sora’s shoulder lightly with his own as they walk  ,  kicking at the ground a little bit with his hands in his pockets.  this isn’t the first time he’s done this  ,  hell  ,  he’s been asking this same question since he was  twelve  &  the answer never changed  ,  so why would it change now ??
doesn’t stop him from ever getting nervous about it  ,  though.
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‘ if you’re not....busy this weekend, you wanna hang out after my competition ?? ’
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curseanature · 4 months ago
recently watched end of the line and im absolutely infatuated with how sniper looked in that
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karasmassivedong · 4 months ago
todays episode was so good bc it gave us the two best things that ososan has to offer: the side characters being sexier versions of themselves and the brothers being dumbasses together 💖
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verbalrickroll · 6 months ago
Headcanon time
Both Mike and Charlie have ADD/ADHD except Charlie is undiagnosed, even after obtaining the factory he never got checked.
Both him and Mike have similar stims (ex; flappy hands, flappy hand snap thing, lots of hand movements) but Charlie's are more 'extra' cause I can imagine him just being v hyperactive then he just *aggressive flappy hands*
When Charlie first starts stimming hes scared as fuck cause he's just like "oh heck what is this??????" and Mike helps him calm down and explains that he probably has ADD like himself.
Mike's stims can happen at any moment (example; walking in the factory normally then just *RAPID SNAPPING*) meanwhile Charlie's are just mainly starting because of boredom or excitement which usually result in flappy hands or the Bouncy Leg TM
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manaborn · 6 months ago
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@yoakkemae​ [ ⛅️ with alex! I feel like they'd become friends via taking down an alien invasion together ] ⛅️  friends of circumstance
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nunyabizni · 6 months ago
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braywashed · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
thewindhamrotunda: Happy Birthday @adamscherr99
From one tyrannosaurus to the next
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underdog-arts · 9 months ago
i am So Proud of you ma’am
Tysm my dude 😪 it’s literally not even a Date but I’m still excited
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