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#just a silly thought
firstlastalvvays · 5 hours ago
I sort of hate when one of my interests becomes a popular topic of conversation and I'm sure its not a gatekeepy thing its just because I'm outed as "enjoyer of thing"
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skenpiel · 2 days ago
ahahaha. i didnt reallize before that actually drawing the stuff i need for my carrd was gonna be So embarrassing <3
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kanene-yaaay · 2 days ago
YOU ARE BY FAR THE MOST SUPPORTIVE MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY HANDS DOWN. SO PLEASE LET ME SPEAK ON BEHALF OF US ALL. YOU ARE AN ANGEL. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE THE BEST. Your fics. IMMACULATE. Your rambles and tags- ADORABLE. Take that glitter out of your pocket and sprinkle it above your head you star! I love you! We love you! Drink water, take care of yourself! I appreciate you so much
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How dare you to come here and leave me without words after such lovely and kind message? Gosh, I literally have no reaction aaaaa aagavgagjwgwfwhw. I am incredibly soft rn, okay? Gimme a b r e a k
Thank you. For real. Thank you very very much. That words mean a lot to me.
I luv you too, dear! Your blog always brings a smile to my face because you're just fabulous and great and cool like that. Don't forget to take of yourself as well, okay? Drink water, have a snacc, think about something nice and sleep well, okie?
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what if i selfshipped with violet from a series of unfortunate events. hm what if i did. hm
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lil-kissy · 2 days ago
Hmm If she's gonna be Ed's official/unofficial lil sis when does the lil princess get to meet Roy?
@flameleads @alchemic-elric
And does he know he'll be acquiring a daughter.
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altruistic-meme · 2 days ago
uhh aftg hc I guess:
even with the 22 names Neil went through, none of his disguises ever had long hair, bc Mary wouldn't allow it. Long hair takes more time to maintain and it could have been dangerous for Neil in case of a fight or emergency (long hair can more or less provide a "handle", something for an attacker to grab quickly and easily, whereas short hair is hard to grab and harder to hold on to; it can get in your face during a fight; and it could also get tangled in things while running, ex snagging on trees in the woods)
Neil never even really cared, but maybe after some time he decides to give it a try, because he feels safe, finally, and he knows that he has people with him to help if he ever needed it. so he grows it long once. he doesn't hate it, and he loves how Andrew will play with it, and how Allison and Renne will teach him about styling it or will just sit there and put it up in increasingly ridiculous ways, but he doesn't keep it, eventually cutting it all off. sometimes he'll still let his hair grow a little past the "chop of the mop" stage though, just so he can tie it up again.
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katierosefun · 2 days ago
feel like it's my duty to ask for rexanidala so rexanidala!
of course, lou, anything for the queen of this ship
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they're cute! utilize the two hands method! good for them!
// ships closed, inbox is very full!
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softboiledwonderland · 2 days ago
I remember when I was 11-12 and reading the Georgia Nicholson books, my favourite series at the time besides Harry Potter, and thinking there's NO WAY I’m going to be that silly when I’m a teen because I’m just too smart and sophisticated and cool (incidentally, all the things Georgia imagined herself to be) -- fast forward to 2021 and my almost 29-year-old self finding a diary from when I was 16 with the entry: "In my next life I want to be a monkey. They don't have skin problems, as they're simply very hairy. But a pampered monkey." which is PEAK GEORGIA NICHOLSON
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mosiee · 2 days ago
Okay but
Newsies AU where there’s a Peter in Queens and a Steve in Brooklyn and they cause so much trouble for everyone
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attre · 3 days ago
i unblocked all the people in the cyberpunk 2077 fandom i blocked ages ago for being annoying because i no longer go in the tags…. ✨ growth ✨
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