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#just a litte about me
punchthemind · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their names are White & Yellow. Yes I am the creativity goddess.
I am making this post just because I wanna share the cats I have had over the years.
(Some of them died ‘cause of age/sickness and others are w/their new owners. So I am going to use past tense and/or present tense while talking about them. (and I’m not saying which ones died because it makes me sad.))
Tumblr media
That’s Dark-head (It makes so much more sense in my language) 
She was so calm and gorgeous. And always had these ‘mother’ vibes even when she wasn’t around her kids. Oh, my family and I loved her a lot. ∩。• ᵕ •。∩ ♡
Tumblr media
That’s White! She is Dark-Head’s daughter!! I loove her. My sister helped Dark-Head when she was giving birth to White and I watched it!! Always looks so tired with life tbh. Gave birth two times while she was with me! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡
Tumblr media
Yellow at your service! He is the Dumb Friend™. He is afraid of drummers and planes. Not only that, but he never leaves the house. Didn’t like fighting with other cats too. He is dumb, kind of a coward but a sweet pie. (๑・ω-)~♥”
Tumblr media
And that’s the Queen!!! Lucy! She is a little piece of sh*t, the Popular Girl w/Fighting Skills. She likes going outside and walking around, a lot. There was actually a few people that said they saw her around 2-4 km away where we live. She would sit in the middle of street and watch people but  wouldn’t let anyone touch her. A Bad-Ass-Mother-Fucker Knight-Queen. ♡(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)♡
Tumblr media
He didn’t have an actual name because I keep on calling him baby lol. He is one of White’s kids. I absolutely love him. With all of my hearth. He is just so lively and sweet. And!! He loves plants!!! Literally slept under them for weeks! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡✧*。
Tumblr media
This is Mr. Black. He looked like a devil himself, but he is just so friendly, and cuddly you can even get overwhelmed by it. Also, he is a kid of White too! (✿´‿`)
Tumblr media
Aand these are Lucy’s kids!! She ony gave bith once and we gave them for adoption because at the time there were just too many cats lol. (ღ˘⌣˘)♥
That it folks!! There were a few more but they either didn’t have any photos or just cats we looked for a few days. 
Also! If y’all want to see my cats doing dumb/cute stuff, tell me!! (~ ̄³ ̄)~
Stay pawsitive! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ ♡  
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sleepy-sapphic-moon-moth · 9 months ago
I love how everyone on Tumblr just decided that tags are to be ignored unless they’re funny. Like, stuff you can’t say to your friends because they’d freak out? Put it in the tags of a post and no one will know, people who read tags? never say anything about it. It’s just a secrect space where you can say whatever the fuck you want. Just let it all out. And honestly that’s awesome. 
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galaxy-of-me · a year ago
just finished moominvalley s2 and OH BOY
#moominvalley#spoilers for things#moominvalley spoilers#original posts#okay so like first of all imma talk about snufmin ofc bc what else would I talk about#snufkin leaves and then when he thinks something is wrong with moomintroll he IMMEDIATELY TURNS BACK LIKE??? LMAO#and snufkin got to experience a bit of what moomintroll feels every winter waiting for him and ugh wow the parallels#‘oh moomintroll where are you?’ like wow fuck me up ig#and what he looked like when he thought he found the note and when he knew moomintroll was back wow softest thing ive ever seen#okay enough snufmin lets talk about mama and papa#AAAAAAAAA THEY WERE SO GOOD THIS SEASON#I like moominpapa’s self growth this season trying to find his purpose and all and I loved how moominmama slowly grew with him and learned#that she wasnt just there for others#also they literally relit their flame im crying oh woW fucking middle aged people in so love with each other thats the sweetest shit#I loved the whole family thing with all the other residents of moominvalley making tuft feel welcome and loved it was really fucking cute#litte my was amazing this season as always queen QUEEN#you can really see her becoming softer and part of the moomin family too and 🥺🥺 found family love that#and the most important thing this season was moomintroll’s growth#he’s become so much more independent!! and the way it was tied together at the end of the season with him sailing of in the adventure was#very fitting#and I like the PARALLELS (yes again) like with the groke and him saying he doesnt have time for her right now that was POWERFUL#he’s decided to not base his life around others so much anymore and I think thats neat#the sea horses were......... uh interesting#yeah idk lmao#snorkmaiden is off being an independent princess good for her!!!!#yeah idk I really liked this season aaa
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desertgremlin · 2 days ago
Totally understand, I'm just grateful you even read my rambling theories and analyses haha. But yeah I can definitely see how someone would look at Lale and Sean and be like, "Them?" Especially since so many viewers love Sean, I don't think a lot of them necessarily want to see him be with another woman, let alone an older woman who is a player in the game. I think for me part of it was wish fulfillment that happened to come true, and another part is that because there is so much violence happening on the show, the moments of intimacy and attraction and vulnerability stand out. And so with those two, I saw it because they are both really hot and interesting, and I really really wanted them to get together haha. Like, the infamous episode three, dude.....Sean was not playing around. It was there and it litt a match!
And speaking on Alex and Ed, I think you are right. I think Ed was tired of Sean. They are family, but family gets annoying too. And Ed is the type of person who definitely has little patience. He has such a low tolerance for...most things haha. And Alex....yeah he just doesn't have the nerve to engage in violence. He tried with Sean and he couldn't do it. And you're right that the smart people usually don't last long. I was shocked at what they dis to Jevan, and that was after watching all of the very violent scenes before that. That was just cruel (even though I didn't really like Jevan, but damn).
I'm also curious to see what will happen, because they really killed off most of the characters. I was wondering why my feelings towards Elliot were changing. I loved him at first and I wasn't grasping that his motivations were changing. Is he a good guy anymore? I have no fucking clue! Lol. So yeah I'm really looking forward to the next season. Like you said, Asif will definitely get revenge on Lale, so at least that is clear. But everything else...who knows? I'm just glad Billy and Jacqueline got the fuck out of that mess haha. They are both so stressed from all that shit and they aren't even involved lol.
I love your theories and analyses so much! and I totally agree, moments of vulnerability stand out so much because it’s such a stark contrast to the constant action and violence and I think it’s part of what I love about the show so much. It’s willing to go there and be meaningful as well as give us that bloody, gory action. I read a new article where Gareth Evans talked about wanting each death in the show to mean something or to have an effect on someone and not just be a trivial ‘let’s get this guy over here shot in the head just because we can in this show’ and I really like that approach. (Side note, speaking of meaningful, I’m also obsessed with Luan and his wife. Like maybe it’s because most of the major players in this show are on their own that it highlights their relationship that much more but wow talk about power couple.)
I was shocked too when they showed what happened to Jevan! Totally didn’t expect it but I guess it goes to show the investors truly aren’t fucking around, they’ll use anyone. And yup I’ve been thinking about the ending and what Elliot’s up to but it’s anyone’s guess. Man has options, it’ll be interesting to see what he’ll do.
Oh, it’d be great if season two just has Billy and Jacqueline out in the countryside or on some remote part of the world just chilling, living their best lives and being unbothered haha. They’d deserve it honestly 😂
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yayen-chan · 2 days ago
so that guitar shredding thing. @tartrazeen I’m not sure if this would be what you had in mind. but yeah
Hankcon Thoughts: Shredding
They had trouble in cases before, a few android hater extremists and the like, criminals trying to get away to the point that a gun fight gets involved, even going so far as people just screaming at them. They were a human-android detective duo after all. Hank was usually more level headed when it comes to people taunting him. He throws a barb or two, maybe a punch if it ever escalates but not to this point.
Connor has been scanning the crowd of the rock event, while also being mindful of Lieutenant Anderson’s location which was by a bar. Hank was blending in with a red plaid long sleeves on top of a black Knights of Black Death sleeveless shirt. Denim jeans and boots. It was a refreshing look if Connor had to be honest. 
He was about to head over to the other side where the VIP booths are to scan there, when he heard a voice in his earpiece. “Classical music, I understand but Britney Spears don’t freaking shred, old man. You senile?”
“Want me to prove you wrong?” came Hank’s voice, growling and falling for the taunt, that had Connor whirling to his direction. He saw Hank smirking following their perp on the stage, bottle of bear in hand. Panic filled the android’s chest why didn’t Hank send a signal to him that he found their target?
Connor watched in half awe and horror as Hank stepped up the stage catching the electric guitar that their perp tossed his way, rendering the whole place eerily silent.
“Alright old man,” The man sneered, “show me what you got. Prove to me that you can make Britney spears rock and roll.”
Hank took a swig of his drink, before taking off his plaid shirt and tying it on his hips, “Watch and learn, kid.” he slung the guitar strap on his shoulder, Hank started to fiddle with the strings, playing a few riffs, catching everyone’s attention.
Connor blinked at him, not hearing Nines calling in his ear as Hank started to play, smirking at their perp. Britney Spears’ Toxic chorus rang out on the speakers. His fingers fiddled with the strings artistically, lightly tapping through each note and earning a few ooh and aahs from the crowd. He shredded the chorus of the song. His greyish blonde hair feel over the side of his face like a curtain briefly hiding the joy in the lieutenants face. 
The guitar keened and the notes vibrated all around Connor but the only thing filling Connor’s consciousness was the sight of Hank in his element.
The guitar solo ended, with perp clapping his hands as Hank ran his fingers through his greying hair. “You’ve got spunk old man,” he chuckled and retrieved another guitar on the stage, “You wouldn’t mind battling it out with me do yah?”
Connor stood in the crowd watching his partner have a guitar battle ranging from jazz, blues, heavy metal, rock, pop and classical music. He marveled at this supposed hidden talent of such a decorated policeman such as Hank Anderson. 
He felt something grow warm inside him seeing Hank like this. He had tied his hair up, so his bangs wouldn’t cover his face as he focused on playing. Hank had a grin on his face, eyes alight with determination and defiance from the challenge of his opponent. Sweat beaded on his forehead, his arms strong and burly bunched as he continued to serenade them from the stage rocking their world.
All was well and good, until the perp got angsty having missed a note and threw the guitar down the stage and pulled a knife at Hank. “Come on kid, you don’t need to be a sore loser.” Hank growled, hands raised to placate him. Connor was about to run towards him to take the man down but with quick action Hank swung the guitar down hitting the man on the side of his face with a loud clang making him fall to the floor.  Hank jumped down from the stage a few fist bumps from those who stayed despite the slight chaos. Before pinning him down and pulling out cuffs, “You’re under arrest, its one thing to be a little prick and acting holier than thou, but you need to pick the people you act that with, specially if they happen to be a cop.”
Hank looked over at Connor who flinched, calling for back up. As soon as their perp was carted off. The android approached him bashfully, trying to think of a thing to say, “Hank...I didn’t know you could do that.”
The older man raised a brow at him, “What? I can’t have a fucking hobby?” he smirked putting a hand on Connor’s head, “Let’s go, I need another fuckin drink.”
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babbushka · 3 days ago
Zannah! I’m not asking for breeding kink, but I would love some hot Flip wanting to keep you stuffed full of his cum and wanting to knock you the fuck up. Please and thank you 😍
Anonymous said: Can you please do something with Flip wanting to have a baby with you but make it hot 💘Thanks Mrs Z!
2k, it's a lot fluffier than it was supposed to be lol; NSFW (birthday sex, PIV, lil bit of body worship, mentions of pregnancy/trying for pregnancy)
Tumblr media
Sneaking upstairs with a cup of coffee in hand, you throw open the curtains of your bedroom window, letting the sunlight come pouring in. The birds are chirping, the butterflies are fluttering, there’s not a single cloud in the sky – it’s a perfect day for your husband’s special celebration.
Blinking awake, startled, Flip looks around, confused. He checks the clock and makes a move to bolt because shit it’s so much later in the morning than he normally wakes up, but you put a hand on his shoulder and sit on the edge of the bed next to him, and he sighs.
“Happy birthday handsome.” Practically beaming at him, you hand him the fresh hot mug of coffee, which he takes gratefully, still not entirely sure what’s happening.
“Don’t fuckin’ remind me.” Your man groans as he sips down the scalding black coffee, perfectly bitter.
Flip turned a whole thirty-nine this year, and he wasn’t in the mood to deal with it, not one bit. He always had a rough time with birthdays, but something about being just a hop-skip away from forty has him feeling extra sour. One look at you though, and he can’t help but feel some of your happiness soaking into his own skin, your joy contagious.
“Aw c’mon,” You pull the mug away after he’s had another sip, and place it on the night-stand before crawling in on his side of the bed, shoving yourself as close to him as possible even though your side is wide open. “Another year around the sun is another year you get to spend with me.”
“Alright it’s not so bad when you say it like that.” Flip concedes, because really, you were nothing if not the light of his life.
“Of course it isn’t. I’m always right.” You wink, and all Flip can do is kiss you.
“Yes dear.” He rolls his eyes sarcastically, and you scoff out a laugh, tugging on his earlobe playfully.
A moment of comfortable silence ticks by, before you’re walking your fingers up his bare chest, walking them up up up his sternum to toy with the golden chai that rests in the pit of his throat. It glints in the sunshine from the window, and you twirl it around your finger.
“You don’t have to go into the office today you know…” You trail away, raising an eyebrow at him.
“I don’t?”
“Nope, called in a favor with Harry.” You explain, biting at your lip, settling to straddle his waist, “And, I’ve asked Jimmy to babysit. So we’re home alone, all day today.”
At once, his hands are smoothing up your thighs. The parting of your robe opens up, and you give your shoulders a little shimmy, letting it slip off your arms, revealing your naked body on top of him.
“Oh really.” Flip smirks at that, licks his lips.
“Really really.” You grin, grabbing his hands and guiding them up to your breasts, letting him get a handful of your body. He squeezes at you, and you bite your lip again in the way that you know he likes, “Anything you’d care to do to take advantage of that…Mr. Zimmerman?”
Flip looks at you for a long while, a heated gaze. He feels old as shit sometimes, but when he’s with you, he never feels younger. Something about that true love bullshit really was true, wasn’t it? He’s got something on his mind, has had it there for a while. He figured there wasn’t a better time to ask for it than now, so he clears his throat and squeezes at your tits again, rubs his thumbs over your nipples.
“I think I’d like to get you knocked up again.” He murmurs, and it’s clear in the way that your posture straightens up a little more, that whatever you had been expecting, certainly wasn’t that.
“Wait really?” Blinking at him, you feel your heart beat just a little bit faster, your hopes getting up, and you have to double check that you even heard him right, that it wasn’t just some auditory hallucination.
“Really really.” Flip chews on the inside of his cheek, runs a hand through his hair in the way that he does when he’s nervous, “I think it might be a good time, to start trying for another one, if that’s something you’d want.”
“I want it.” You rush to say, because you do, you’ve been thinking about it for months now, thinkin’ about how the kids are getting old enough to be a little more independent, how you miss having babies around the house.
“Yeah?” Now it’s Flip’s turn to get hopeful, his big brown eyes growing wide as he stares into your soul, crossing his fingers that this beautiful morning isn’t a dream.
He’s been anxious about it, lately. About the thought that he was starting to get too old to have more kids, anxious that when they go to school the other students might think he’s a zayde instead of a pop. He’s not even forty, but it’s something that’s been resting real heavy on his shoulders and it feels good to know you want a bigger family.
“I have dreams about it, about our big family.” You shuffle a little closer to him, and he takes the hint, wraps his strong muscled arms around your waist and tugs you all the way into his lap, immediately kissing at your throat while your arms hug his shoulders, your fingers in his hair, “The kids running around in the backyard, playing together. In my head they all have your dimples.”
“I’m gonna fuck you so full of my come that there’s no way it won’t happen.” He groans, pushing you backwards making you give a startled little yelp, not stopping the onslaught of kisses that wet your neck, groaning into your skin, “Let me? Let me make you feel good.”
You’re already wet, and your legs fall open when his weight settles on top of you. He tugs the sash of your robe away and you’re naked before him, and he groans, drops his head into the cleavage that’s on display just for him, groans again.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” Flip bites at you, small nips of his teeth that have you giggling because they’re on your ribs and you’re ticklish there, but the sound of your laugh only makes Flip harder, because he loves you too much for anything else, “Look at you, look at beautiful you are. Couldn’t ask for a better woman to be my wife, I swear I won the fuckin’ lotto.”
It’s only a moment or two later that he’s yanking your hips down to better meet his cock, and then he’s pushing right in. You had anticipated that, had jerked off a little bit in the shower earlier in the morning so you’d be nice and stretched for him. It’s his birthday, you don’t want him to have to do too much of the work after all.
He sets right to work, thrusting straight into you, filling you up completely. A rush of adrenaline makes you sweat, makes your hand shake, because you’re at the perfect spot on your calendar for conceiving -- if it’s going to take, today’s the day, and the fact that Flip knows it only makes you moan that much louder.
“Flip!” You whine his name, because you know how much he loves to hear it when you cry for him, crying out in pleasure that has your eyes rolling back into your head already, even though you’ve just started, “You’re – oh, oh do that again.”
Mouth dropping open, he fucks up hard against your gspot, your toes curling around his waist where he’s pulled your legs up for a deeper penetration, and goddamn does he get deep.
“Damn,” Flip grunts as the slick sound of skin slapping against skin fills the otherwise quiet room, your mouths panting into one another, breathing heavy, chest heaving, “Dammit you’re so hot, I’m so fucking lucky. How’d I get so lucky? This cunt’s so tight.”
Your body bounce bounce bounces on the mattress underneath him as he fucks you hard, and you feel the warmth of pleasure start to build up in your bones, body aching for release. You didn’t let yourself come in the shower, wanting to save that for Flip to see, because he loves looking at you, but it makes you more and more desperate.
“Faster! Please – oh yes! Yes right there!” Your tug on his hair, fingers tangling and winding through his sleep-mussed locks, mouth dropped open as your back begins to arch, “I’m close!”
“Go ahead and come baby, I’m gonna get as many of them out of you as I can today.” He says right away, and you laugh at that a little bit, because you know that means he’s got a marathon of sex in mind for the day. You’re not angry about that at all.
He doesn’t let up on thrusting in and out, ramming over your gspot again and again until your head throws back and you’re babbling, his mouth hot on your jaw where he sucks and licks because bent like this he can’t reach your tits, only egging you on more.
“Fuck, Flip – Phil!” You gasp and writhe underneath him as the pleasure coils hotter and hotter in your stomach, “I’m – ”
“You’re okay, I’ve got you, you feel so good – do you feel good?” Flip drops his hand to your clit for the first time today, giving attention to the poor neglected thing, and your eyes fly open, overwhelmed with the feeling.
“Yes!” You shout, answering his question and praising him and pleased that he’s fucking you all in one, “Yes god -- fuck -- fuck Philly, you’re so good please knock me up, please please please!”
That’s all it takes for him to blow his load, the way that your pussy clenches and flutters around his cock, squeezing him tight tight tight. When he comes, maybe you’re just imagining things, but it feels heavier, feels bigger than normal, hot and thick as it shoots up into you.
Flip pants, groans, and you sigh, the two of you breathing in tandem, eyes closed. Flip pulls out so that he can shuffle down your body and press his cheek against your heartbeat in the way that he always does, his hand drifting down to your cunt to push his come back inside your cunt where it starts to leak out.
Kissing your sweaty chest, he nuzzles his nose against your breast, teasing at your stiff nipple and sighs happily. You’ve only barely just weaned your daughter off, and something in him gets selfishly glad that you won’t be dried up for a while still, as he smacks a kiss to your sternum.
“Knees up ketsl.” Flip announces, even though he’s out of breath still as he does it, one helluva wakeup call.
“Mmhmm.” You nod, sleepy already, the post-orgasm bliss coursing through your veins.
Flip pulls off of you, and manhandles you a little bit because you’re so boneless, shoving a pillow underneath your hips to keep you propped up. He’s not superstitious, but he’s a little ‘stitious, and this worked the past two times you wanted to get pregnant, so he’s not going to break tradition now.
Only when you’ve got your legs bent at the knee and your knees tucked to your stomach, arms wrapped around them to keep them there, looking very silly from the way the pillow cants your hips up, does Flip settle down next to you and light a cigarette, kissing your cheek.
“I love you so fucking much, you know that?” He whispers, like it’s some special secret just for the two of you, “And if it doesn’t take today, then we’ll just have to try again tomorrow.”
“And the next day?” You turn to look at him with glassy eyes, smiling.
“And the day after that…” He attacks your face with kisses once more, thinking that maybe, just maybe, this birthday wouldn’t be so bad after all.
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ariawritesss · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Days in the sun // 13
Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer
Pairing: Luke Hemmings/Calum Hood
Warnings: none
Word count: 4.7k
Read on Ao3
Part 1 / ... // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14
There were probably only few things more calming than feeling the soft mane of a horse under your fingertips. The air was a bit stuffy, the sun was shining into the stable and leaving spots on the hay and Dalia’s light fur. Luke could spend his whole day like this, occasionally feeding her some hay, or apples or carrots, every time she nudged her making him smile a bit more. Maybe he should start horse riding when he goes back home, like on the weekends or something, just to take his mind off of things. He’d love that. He was going to miss her.
“Look at you two,” a familiar voice behind him said.
Eloise — now in jeans, t-shirt and riding boots — grinned and came up to them, starting to gently braid a few strands of Dalia’s mane. “Such a pretty lady, huh?”
Dalia neighed quietly, eliciting a chuckle from them both.
“She’s gorgeous,” Luke agreed quietly. “And so gentle.”
“Oh, she has other sides as well, trust me. She can be quite jealous.”
Eloise fed her some more hay before patting her strong neck. “Isn’t that right? Some very strong opinions here. But it’s alright, we love you anyway.”
“I wanted to go for a walk with her in a bit, do you know where her bridle is?”
“Yeah, I’ll show you. You know what, I think I’ll come along, if that’s okay?”
“Oh,” Luke said, a bit taken by surprise, “sure, why wouldn’t it be?”
They got Dalia and Ilo, Eloise’s dark chocolate mare, quickly ready together, and she explained to him how exactly it all worked with the different parts until Luke had proudly done it himself, Dalia being the epitome of calm all the while.
“You ready?” Eloise asked, and they both led their horses outside, Luke still a bit unconfident, but Dalia really made it easy for him.
They didn’t stride too far from Ashton’s and Eloise’s property, only crossing the soft meadows around it, occasionally stopping for a snack and water break.
“It really amazes me how calm she is with you,” Eloise said at some point when they were already on the road back to her home again.
Luke frowned. “Why? She’s never acted up around me so far.”
“Exactly,” Eloise chuckled a bit, “she’s usually pretty cautious around strangers. She doesn’t like people.”
She doesn’t like people. That sounded... strangely familiar. What was it that Calum had said? Last month?
‘She likes everyone.’ Calum’s voice was clear as day in his mind, he remembered the words like it was just yesterday. That’s what he had said. ‘She likes everyone’. Did he lie? Did he lie to Luke?
“I think it took months for us to get used to each other,” Eloise continued, not paying attention or rather not noticing Luke keeping quiet. “Cal had to constantly feed her to distract her from me, that was funny. It didn’t even make sense, I’m usually pretty good with horses, so that caught us all by surprise a litte. Guess you’re lucky with good old Dalia.”
Luke felt her eyes on him and blinked. “Oh! Yeah, I mean, I guess,” he said, trying to collect himself. Shit. What was this supposed to mean? Why would he lie about that? It didn’t make any sense!
“Or you’re good with horses,” she said further, “but you didn’t ride before, right?”
He shook his head, trying to concentrate on how it was all supposed to fit together. If Eloise was right, then Calum had lied to his face, lied and told him that he was just like everyone else. When he was, in fact… not? Had Calum been upset… because Dalia liked him? Because she liked the guy Calum hated? At least in the beginning, that was. But that would mean that he had been simply... jealous.
“I was gonna clean your room later, do you wanna help or do you have something else on your list?”
“No, I’ll help,” Luke said absentmindedly, gaze drifting over the fields around them. “I’ll help.”
Calum had been jealous. That was ridiculous.
The whole room felt empty. Sure, there was still the bed, the wardrobe and desk and some clutter all around, but other than that, nothing that could mark this room as his. And it was cold.
“We had to air it the last few nights to get rid of the moisture everywhere,” Eloise said, letting her hand graze the windowsill. “But other than that, it’s as good as new. Well, apart from the window, but that’s gonna be replaced tomorrow.”
Something made Luke hesitant to get inside, and he only slowly made his way through the chaos on the floor. “Oh, really?” he said, clearly not paying attention, his eyes scanning the mess to make sure there wasn’t some of his stuff left.
“Yeah, then you can move back in. I’m sure Calum will be more than relieved that we’ll take care of you again. Not that you’re work, of course! That’s… not what I meant,” Eloise quickly said, turning around to Luke.
He barely reacted. Would Calum be relieved? For the first time, he wasn’t even sure about that anymore. Yeah, in the beginning he had definitely made it clear he wouldn’t tolerate Luke for more than a few days, but by now? At times, it felt like he actually liked having Luke in his home. But maybe Luke was reading into things.
“We should probably clean this whole mess first,” Eloise continued and grabbed some trash bags off the desk, tossing Luke the roll after ripping one off.
“Yeah,” he said, simply following her lead.
The whole while that they were cleaning the room, with every piece he picked up, his mind reminded him of Eloise’s words, like a broken record stuck on one passage until someone slapped the roof of the radio. ‘Then you can move back in.’ Tomorrow already? That was so soon! He had just gotten used to sleeping at Calum’s, to eat breakfast and lunch and dinner with him, to watch movies with him or help in his garden. They had found a routine, they had gotten used to each other. Calum barely got annoyed at him anymore. And now he was supposed to move back in with Ashton and Eloise — and leave Calum?
“Luke,” a voice behind him said, making him turn around. Eloise was frowning at him, as if he missed something. Was she talking to him?
“Sorry, I was — I was a bit lost in thought,” he said, hand brushing through his curls. Shit, why was he so worked up about this?
“Just wanted to tell you your ride’s here,” Eloise said, nodding towards the door.
His ride?
“Luke, Calum is back. Are you okay? His horn was loud enough I thought.”
“Oh, I just… I probably missed it,” Luke said, trying to gather himself and the bags around him. Shit, shit, shit. Was he supposed to tell him? That he would be moving out? Would he be glad, sad? No, probably not. But… what if?
“I’m gonna head downstairs then.”
“Yeah, just put those bags in the utility room next to the entrance, I’ll get rid of them later.”
“Alright. I’ll… see you then.”
“Yeah, of course. And thank you! For helping out.”
Luke’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh, for sure. Yeah, don’t worry about it, it was my room after all.”
Was. He was already talking about it in past tense — how was this supposed to go? He couldn’t just ask Calum to let him stay.
Luke grabbed the bags and left the cold room after one last look around. His stomach felt hot, and he was almost dreading getting into the car with Calum now, knowing he’d have to bring up the topic sooner or later. He quickly stopped by the kitchen to say goodbye to Ashton before stepping outside and steering towards the rusty red pickup in the driveway.
“Hey,” Calum greeted him, his cute, white-teeth-and-eyecrinkles-everywhere-smile bright as ever and one hand going through his hair.
Luke smiled as genuinely as possible. “Hey.”
The seat was hot from the afternoon sun, and Luke wanted nothing more than to get out of the car. But instead he was stuck with Calum.
“How was your day?” the aforementioned asked him as if on cue, one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the gearshift. Luke had seen that countless times with someone else, and yet, the way Calum did it was entirely different. He swallowed and forced himself to avert his gaze to the fields passing by outside his open window.
“Not bad,” he said, stretching his hand out into the cool airstream. “Relaxed. Nothing exciting, just going on a walk together with Eloise and cleaning the guestroom.”
“Ah, sounds nice.”
“And you, success in town?” Luke turned back to Calum, who nodded.
“Yeah, did everything I planned on. Even got some cold beer with Gepetto in his old garden. You should visit it some time, it’s amazing. Overflowing with flowers and blossoms. It’s like a whole scent paradise.”
“Really,” Luke said, mind still occupied with the same topic. Should he bring it up now? Or later? Did it make a difference?
“I’m just gonna clean out the truck bed when we’re home, then we’re good to go I think.”
Luke’s heart started beating faster at the approach of the mystery place they’d go to later. “Okay. I’ll be ready, I guess. Anything I should pack?”
“Swimming trunks. I’ll take care of the rest.”
Swimming trunks — but they’d already been at the beach. What was special about going for a swim?
“I know what you’re thinking, but trust me,” Calum continued with a knowing grin, patting Luke’s knee without looking, “it’s not what you’re expecting. Or rather, it’s just not the same.”
Huh. Luke would just have to trust him then.
“That’s… a lot of stuff,” Luke said, eyeing the backpack Calum held when he came outside half an hour later. He was — just like Luke — wearing swimming shorts and a shirt with flip-flops, sunglasses in his hair instead of a snapback like Luke.
“Well, we’re gonna spend some time there, it takes too long to drive there if we were just gonna go for a quick swim,” Calum said, putting the backpack on. “Come on, let’s get the bikes.”
“Bikes?” Luke asked hesitantly, following Calum to the old barn on the right of the house. “I thought we’d take your car…”
“No! It’s an essential part of the whole experience. The way there is a puzzle piece of the whole adventure.”
Wow, now that sounded intriguing. Luke did as told, and a few minutes later they we’re on their way, the sun burning down on them, the wind a relieving breeze messing with his clothes. For the first 10 minutes or so, Luke knew the way like the back of his hand, the golden cornfields, the wildflowers lining the dusty road, the clear blue sky above them, but then Calum took a left turn into a sandpath, and from then on, Luke had no idea where they were heading.
“I hope you know your way,” he said out loud, trying to keep up with Calum who slowed down a bit.
“I’ve known this path since I was seven years old, Hemmings,” Calum said, chuckling. “It’s ingrained in my brain. I could find my way blind if I had to.”
The scenery changed quite quickly, now that they had left Luke’s usual territory. Trees sprung from the ground, slowly taking over the fields, and threw their shadows on their path, bushes filling up the spaces in between. Luke was thankful for the drop in temperature while they made their way through the forest.
“I’ve never been here,” he told Calum after some time, “how did I miss this?”
He looked up, squinting at the few sunrays that still found a gap in the leaf canopy above them. The air was so fresh and clean it felt like being reborn. Luke wanted to drown in the feeling.
“Most people don’t go here ‘cause it’s quite labyrinthine,” Calum explained, “it takes a lot of time to get used to the paths. The forest changes so much throughout the seasons, it never looks the same. But I love it. Makes it even more special, and bonus point: no one disturbs you here.”
Luke scoffed in amusement. “Meaning you could take me out and no one would ever find me.”
Calum turned to him with a smug expression. “Something like that.”
The pathway really was quite complicated, Luke already knew he wouldn't get out on his own should something happen. Which, obviously, he didn’t wish for.
“So, how long until we’re there?” he asked after half an hour, already feeling the sweat running down his temples.
“Almost there, Luke,” Calum said, taking the lead again. “Don’t worry.”
And indeed — a few minutes later, he could already taste the salt on his lips, the breeze becoming harsher, the sun breaking through the green above.
“Alright, we gotta walk from here,” Calum said. They left their bikes next to a huge tree, and from there on made their way by foot, Luke getting more and more excited. There was something sparkling in between the trees and the thicket that blocked his view, he wasn’t imagining it. They were so, so close.
“Watch out, it’s slippery here,” Calum suddenly said, and Luke found himself offered a hand to help him down a huge tree trunk in their path. Calum’s hand was still cool, but his grip was firm and strong, and Luke almost caught himself wanting to keep holding it. But Calum continued without a word.
Luke was so concentrated on trying not to trip over the roots and plants in their way, he almost ran into Calum when the latter stopped.
“Sorry,” he said, a bit out of breath, and heat flushed his cheeks when he tumbled into Calum, but Calum only chuckled and turned around to him with a big smile.
“We’re here.”
He was right. They were here. Luke turned in the direction Calum nodded, and was starstruck like a six-year-old at the sight.
Endless royal blue, fading into the light blue sky upwards and a magnificent turquoise towards them, only to be cut off by fine white sand, and it all was framed by the forest around him like a gorgeous painting. It had to be a painting, it was so beautiful it completely took Luke’s breath.
“This is my spot,” Calum said solemnly, taking a few steps forward while Luke was still processing it all. “It’s my secret.”
“I don’t — I don’t have any words,” Luke said, baffled, eyes still wandering around the scenery and over the sea. “Wow.”
“Yeah.” Calum chuckled and gestured for him. “Come on.”
Luke followed him, his feet sinking into the fine sand, the air full of salt making him lick his lips. They were salty already.
Calum led him across the small beach, and if that wasn’t enough, there was some kind of grotto where they went.
“It’s pretty small,” Calum said, halting in front of it, “but the water is just as clear, and you can find sea shells everywhere around here.”
Luke let his fingers graze the beige stone. It was cool underneath his fingertips, but surprisingly smooth.
“This is amazing, Calum.”
“It is.”
The latter was already setting up the beach mat he brought along, and Luke was quick to give him a hand so that they could sit down.
“Here, take a sip,” Calum offered him his water bottle, and while Luke raised the bottle to his lips, Calum started taking off his shirt. Luke almost choked on the water, and Calum was quick to pat his back with worry across his face.
“Hey, you okay?”
“Yeah ,” Luke choked out, “I’m fine, I’m fine.”
“You sure?”
Luke only nodded, doing his best not to cough or look at Calum, whose hand was still on his back and had Luke worried he might burn him with it. He almost gasped when it disappeared. This was a mistake. A big, big, fucking mistake. What had he been thinking when he agreed to this? Calum mentioned the swimming trunks. He should’ve seen this coming, for fuck’s sake!
“Take it easy with the water, my last first-aid-course was some time ago, I don’t know if I could save your ass from choking,” Calum said, shaking his head at Luke with a grin. “Come on, let’s get in the water, I’m so fucking sweaty, I gotta cool down.”
Water! Luke had just almost drowned on land, and now Calum wanted him to get into a whole sea.
“Wait, wait, I gotta — give me a sec,” Luke panted, closing the bottle. The back of his mouth hurt still, and he had to clear his throat several times until he felt reasonably good.
“Come on,” Calum repeated, and once again offered Luke his hand, making him look up. Shit, how had he never noticed how good Calum in black shorts looked? And why did he have to notice this now? Out of all the moments they’ve had together so far.
He swallowed and grabbed Calum’s hand with a forced smile, who pulled him up ridiculously effortlessly. How was he this toned when he never worked out? Or did he? Did he work out behind his back? No. Luke almost always knew where Calum was, and not once had he disappeared somewhere lately.
Shit, and he? He looked like a potato sack in comparison. Fuck.
“First one gets to decide the movie tonight,” Calum said, and before Luke could answer, started sprinting towards the sea, leaving Luke no choice but to run after him.
And damn, was it nice. The sea had the perfect temperature, not too cold, but still refreshing, and Luke glady dived into water after Calum, both laughing when they resurfaced.
Luke’s hand automatically brushed his curls out of his face, a big smile on his lips, his bubbly laugh drifting towards Calum. It was like a melody. Everything Luke did was like art, and everything he said was music to his ears. Maybe he should listen to his music some time, he thought, or was that weird? Yeah, probably.
“I fucking love this,” he heard Luke, who let his gaze wander around, eyes glistening in happiness.
“I know,” he mumbled, probably too quiet for Luke to catch, and let himself drift away in the water, eyes closed to not risk any obvious looks. Sometimes he questioned the amount of time he spent looking at Luke. Obviously, he as a part-time-artist looked differently at things — potential subjects for his next sketch were always welcome —, but still. Sometimes he caught himself staring at Luke for what was probably minutes, and was glad when Luke hadn't noticed it when he scolded himself afterwards.
He opened one eye to glance over to the mentioned, and just like him, Luke was drifting with closed eyes, lips slightly parted, some water drops glistening on his cheeks. The perfect moment for a sneak attack therefore.
A grin found its way onto Calum’s face, and he quietly swam over to Luke who still hadn't moved, arms stretched out like a starfish.
Calum bit his lip, waited for the right moment, then threw himself forward and right onto Luke whom escaped a loud scream that quickly got drowned out when they dove underwater.
They wrestled like children, no one wanting to lose, and both were laughing when they came up to the surface again, the fight immediately weakening.
To his own surprise, Calum flinched a little when Luke’s hands landed on his hips or shoulders, as if he wasn’t doing the same.
“Alright, alright!” Luke panted after a few minutes, “I give up! I surrender, let go of me, please, Calum!”
Calum did as told (albeit very reluctantly) and brought some distance in between them, just as out of breath as Luke, but laughing still.
“That was mean,” Luke said, once again brushing his hair back, and Calum wished he could do that instead of him.
“Sorry not sorry,” he managed, panicking a little at his own thoughts and trying to cover it with a chuckle and a shrug.
“Screw you,” Luke said, splashing Calum with water to really get his point across.
Why couldn't Calum stop smiling? This was ridiculous. But then again, he did absolutely enjoy this right now. He liked spending time with Luke. He loved how he could never stay mad at Calum for more than an hour, or if he did, then all it took was a stupid joke and Luke was giggling again.
“Hey, look,” Luke suddenly said, interrupting Calum’s thoughts, “look at the sky.”
Calum turned around at his words, and immediately went quiet. It was beautiful. The night was showing her first colours, a soft orange creeping up from the horizon, and conjured a warm tone onto the sea and sky.
Calum turned back to Luke, hesitating for a second — Luke looked so pretty in this warm light —, and, to distract himself, asked: “You hungry?”
Luke’s eyes snapped back to Calum, and a smile grew on his lips. “Oh god, yes. I’m starving,” he said, chuckling, and they slowly swam back to the shore again.
There was plenty of food in Calum’s backpack, all secured in an isolated bag, and they just unpacked everything and arranged it in between them like a buffet.
“When did you do all of this?” Luke asked, impressed by the variety, and stretched out his hand for a strawberry.
“Yesterday, when you were away,” Calum said, “and right before we left. Didn’t take that long.”
“God, I definitely need your cooking lessons then because that would’ve taken me an eternity.”
It made Calum laugh, the innocent awe Luke showed him about something as simple as food. But it also made his heart flutter a little. No one ever talked about his food, or his sketches, and Luke somehow always managed to say at least something nice about it, even when Calum absolutely hated the outcome. It was nice. It really made him feel appreciated.
“Thank you for taking me here, by the way.”
Calum looked up again, right at Luke’s eyes on him, a serious expression on his face.
“Oh, sure,” he said, a bit surprised, “I knew you would love it.”
“Well, how could I not?” Luke gestured around with his hand. “This is incredible. Like straight out of a movie.”
“It is. It’s my favourite place in the whole world.”
He couldn’t count the days he’d spent here if he wanted to, that’s how much time he had passed on this small hidden beach.
“I’m sure you used to go here all the time with your friends,” Luke said solemnly, his fingers absentmindedly playing with his sunglasses, eyes on the horizon. His curls were plastered to his forehead, and Calum wished Luke would brush them aside.
“Not really,” Calum quietly said. “You're… actually the first person I brought here.”
Luke spun around. “Wait, what?”
Shit. Should he have told him that?
“I, uh… well, I just used to go here when I was a child and wanted to be alone,” Calum continued, too scared to look up, “it was a good hiding spot because, you know, people didn’t even know how to get here. So when my parents had yet another one of their countless fights, I just… ran. And hid here.”
Silence settled it, so long Calum only risked a glance at Luke after long minutes. His eyes were on Calum still, his head a bit tilted, his fingers now stopped toying with the glasses.
“I’m sorry, Cal. I didn’t know that.”
His voice was so calm and empathetic it almost brought tears to Calum’s eyes. He had sworn not to cry about it ever again.
“It’s fine,” he tried, wincing at himself for the voice crack. “It’s, it’s nothing, really. It was so long ago, I can barely remember it anyway.”
His chuckle sounded dry and insincere — and well, it was, because it was all a lie. A big, fat lie. Calum remembered it all too well still. Every night where he’d woken up to shouting, every dinner he’d gotten up early because he couldn’t stand the silence, every car ride he’d put on his headphones to drown out the arguing. It felt like his ribcage contracted, leaving him no air to breathe and forcing him to be all too aware of his throbbing heart. Fuck. He wiped something off his cheek he desperately hoped was only water.
“Well,” Luke began, his finger drawing lines on the beach mat, “it’s okay to still be hung up on something like that. That’s human.”
“I’m not — hung up on it,” Calum managed, his fingernails painfully digging into his palm. “I just… This is my happy place. I shouldn’t be crying over this. Especially not here.”
“You're allowed to, you know, but I won’t force you to anything. We can talk about something else if you want.”
Calum rubbed his eyes, trying to gather himself. Damn, this was a topic he had suppressed for so long, he had almost forgotten what force it had. What power. He had a feeling he would have to deal with it again someday, maybe even someday soon. But not today. Not here, and not with Luke.
“Sorry,” he mumbled, sniffing a little, “I mean, yeah, I’d rather not talk about it now. Some other day maybe. So, please tell me then, why do you wear that shirt?”
Luke looked down on his chest to the big graphic of Spiderman before looking up with furrowed brows. “Did you just insult the Peter Parker, the one and only Spiderman?”
“No,” Calum quickly said with a chuckle, “no, I meant, like why are you wearing a shirt in general? It’s over 30°C.”
“Oh.” Luke’s voice was small. Did Calum say something wrong?
“No, I’m sorry, I like it, okay? I didn't mean that, I swear, I was just wondering —“
“Yeah, I know,” Luke interrupted him suddenly, all calm and collected. “I know. You’ve probably asked yourself countless times why I don’t ever take it off.”
This felt like a door he shouldn't have opened. As if he was stumbling right into the trap. Was this a trap?
“Luke, I — I’m sorry, I always do this, I swear it’s not intentional,” he tried to explain, “I swear. Please, you don’t have to say anything. We can just go home if you want.”
But Luke slightly shook his head. “No,” he quietly said, “you should know. You should know the whole story. It was long overdue anyway.”
“What?” Calum was lost. Where was this going? What did he do?
“You can keep a secret, right?” Luke asked him, his eyes narrowing a bit. There was a shadow on his face that took every glimmer they possibly could’ve had, and it sent a shiver down Calum’s arms. “I don’t… I don’t want other people to know.”
“I — I mean, yeah of course, but are sure about this? Are you sure you want me —“
“Cal, I trust you,” Luke interrupted him. “Okay? Do you trust me? I need you to trust me.”
Did he trust him? Calum felt his heart ponding against his ribs at what was happening right now. Luke trusted him. But did he trust Luke? A month ago, he wouldn’t have said anything to him that he did today. A month ago, he would’ve told him to fuck off for wanting to spend time together. But now? What now? Things have changed. God, they have changed so much, he could barely grasp it. The fact alone that they were here now, sitting on the beach, in his childhood hiding place, the fact that he brought Luke but not Ashton — his best friend of so many years. It felt like Calum had lost control.
“I… do,” he said slowly. “I do trust you.” It was true. There was no point in denying it anymore. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Luke, who now was calmer than he has ever seen him — except for his trembling fingers.
Luke straightened up a litte, taking a deep breath. Calum swallowed, unable to look away, on edge for what would follow, unsure if Luke was doing the right thing. If they were doing the right thing.
Then he heard Luke mumble a quiet “Alright” as if to encourage himself, and watched Luke take the loose shirt off. Calum’s eyes widened.
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This can't be real. Peter thought. No, he knows it. He is standing in that warehouse again with the Birdguy. He is talking to him and everything is happening like the last time. The guy is sending his wings towards Spiderman, but also not really to him. The problem is that Peter realized this just a few seconds to late. He knows what's about to happen next, but instead of changing something it all happens the same again. The problem is that Peter then realized he can't move. He just can't move his legs to run away, when the warehouse is falling on him. It feels ten times badder than the last time and so real. He can smell the dust and need to chough a few times. 'Why is it happening again?' Peter asked himself. He still can't move under the building and this time didn't bring the strength to even lift it. He was stuck. He also couldn't breath, there was to much dust around him. He just couldn't.
Suddenly the location switches and Peter is on Titan again. And again there is the dust, this time not only in his lungs. He also can feel himself turn to it. But this time he is alone. Mr. Stark isn't by his side. He is in fact also there but standing a bit away and watching the boy angry. 'I told you not to come!' He yells. 'Why can't you just act this one time like an adult? Huh? Oh wait I forgot because you're just a kid. It was wrong bringing you to the Avengers. I mean look at you! You're just a dumb kid!' Peter could feel the tears burning in his eyes and falling down his dry skin.' Oh wow, now he is crying... What are you? Four? Do you want to run to your mommy? Oh wait.. I forgot.. ' He looks the Spiderling dead into the eyes.'She's dead. Like your dad and uncle. Because of YOU' Peter couldn't help it anymore. Now he is crying and sobbing like a litte kid. He still can feel the building, that wasn't even there anymore, on top of him, as well as himself turning to dust. Slowly and painful this time.
He can't breath anymore. It all felt so real. He can't handle it anymore. He was right, Mr. Stark thought about him as a failure. As a mistake to take him in.
'' Boss, it seem Mr. Parker ist experience a panic attack as well as a nightmare. His heartbeat is way over the normal and he is struggling breathing. I would suggest you go checking him. ''
Tony, of course, was already on his way to the boys room. Worrying about his kid.
When he came to his door and opened it, Tony could see Peter wimmering in his sleep and crying. He was also breathing very fast, like he couldn't get enough air and at the same time like there was no in his room.
Tony hated to see his kid like this and sat beside him on his bed. Peter just cried more and more and Tony wished he would knew what caused the boy so much trouble sleeping. He gently touched Peters shoulder and started shaking it. '' Hey, Underoos. Wake up please, it's just a dream. You're safe.''
Peter suddenly jumped awake and tried to reconized his soroundings. He still felt like he couldn't breath and heard his family in his ear. Still whispering what kind of a failure he was and that most of them where happy to be dead already. As he felt a hand touching his arm he jumped from the bed, to the corner of the other side in the room, to get away. Then he realized that it was Mr. Stark who touched him, still sitting on his bed, looking sad at Peter. '' Hey Pete, it's just me. Come here its over, nothing is going to happen to you. '' As much as he wished to crawl back into his bed and believing what his mentor said, he couldn't. Peter still would see Mr. Stark looking at him like he was dirt, a failure, a mistake to trust him, but most importantly just a kid.
Tony flinched when Peter shook his head in his corner and turned away, starting to cry again. He stands up trying to get to the boy and help him up, when said boy whispered. '' Please, I'm sorry. I know I'm just a dumb kid and you can have the suit back. I know I'm not good enough for it. I'm so sorry Mr. Stark about what a burden I am to you. '' Tony looked at Peter and couldn't believe what he just heard. What did he said? Where did that come from? '' Pete please, listen to yourself. Whatever your thinking, it isn't true! You're not a burden to me and you are definitely the only person worth it wearing this suit. More than anybody else! I beg you, please just stand up and come here to me. Let me help you. '' Peter looked at the man, tears still streaming down. This time all he could see in his eyes was sadness and confusion. He wasn't angry anymore at him. So Peter slowly stood up, leaning against the wall for support, his legs shaking from exhaustion. He tried to go to his bed but tripped because of his weak legs, but Mr. Stark catched  him. '' Whoa Pete. Slow it down, come here. '' They both sat down and Tony hugged him thigtly. Peter, still unsure what to think, accepted the hug and snuggelt into his mentors T-shirt.
It smelled so much of Tony, that Peter couldn't feel different, but save. He realized that all of what had happend where just  bad dreams. Nothing really real, or at least not for the moment. He started crying again, silently this time. But Tony still reconized at the wetness of his shirt. He tried to relax Peter while stocking the boys curls. '' What was it about? FRIDAY told me that you had a bad dream which also caused some kind of panic attack. Wanna tell me what happend? '' Peter nodded slowly, but he still needed time and that was what the man gave him. Enough time till he was conftable to speak. Which took like another thirty minutes.
They where lying in Peters bed now, Tony still hugging the younger one. While Peter also still tightly gripped the man's shirt. '' I had a very bad dream. '' Peter started, Tony listening. '' I was with the Vulture again, but couldn't move. The warehouse fell on me again, and I still couldn't move or even breath. Everything was so dusty and then it changed.'' Tony listened patiently at the boys story, feeling sad for him to relive that all over again. '' It suddenly changed and I was on Titan again. Turning to dust but slowly this time and much more painfully. I didn't even thought that was possible. And then... then there where you, standing in front of me.'' He breathed slowly to calm himself before he started speaking again. '' You where saying this things... '' The boy sniffed again. ''What did I say, Underoos?'' Tony asked gently. He of course already had an idea what was coming now and didn't want to force his kid, but he needed to know. '' You.. You said these things about.. about m-me. You.. you sa-aid that I was just a dum.. dumb kid and that it was a.. a mistake taking me to the avengers.'' He sniffed again, and tears started falling again silently. How could someone cry so much in such a short time? Tony thought. He was so sorry for his kid, but also felt like that this wasn't all. '' Did I said something else to you Pete? '' The Spider boy needed a moment but then started again. '' You also said, after I started crying, if.. if.. I wanted.. to-.. to go run..  to my.. my mommy... and then you talked.. about all... all of them being happy.. not needing to live at my side.. anymore.. '' Oh dammit. that where horrible things Peter's mind was showing him. The boillionare couldn't belive it. '' Oh Pete.  That is so horrible. I'm so, so sorry for you. But I hope that you know that all of it was just a dream, right? I would never say such mean things towards my favourite kid. You know that right? '' Peter nodded again. '' Yeah, I know. ''
After a little while longer Peter was finally totally calmed down and half alseep, when Tony wanted to go back to the labs. The man slowly tried to stand up, without interrupting Peter to much when he heard the boy saying. '' Please stay. Just tonight.'' He tought about it, when Peter again whispered. ''Please dad. I need you.'' Okay now he was definitely staying. ''Sure thing kid. Just move a bit to the side for me yeah?'' He did as told and snuggled again at Tonys chest. Before exhaustion could knock both of them out, Tony mumbled. ''Night kid, love you.'' As a response he just heard the boy snoring and then fell asleep himself.
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jerepars · 6 days ago
My QOTS 5x05 live reactions:
Wait why is this “previously on” so long (and why does Peter do the voiceover in his James voice), there’s been literally 4 episodes. Are they thinking now is a good time to bring back plot lines from S3? LOL
“Love, Boaz” omg yes, love Boaz.
wait is George TRYING to get caught spying
“There is no way out” sounds like a James problem to me
So…okay….Teresa’s just gonna take her core crew—including a woman who is with child—to Berlin to solve Oksana’s problem? That’s the premise of the episode? WTF, at least write a believable thing that doesn’t require Teresa saying they can’t lose the Kostya connection to solidify why they’re going -______-
no seriously George why are you trying to get caught
James in a suit James in a suit James in a suit James in a suit
“ski the slopes” oh I like that one
Too bad Jeresa can’t hold hands as they’re walking down this hallway past this art because of all this “maybe in another life” and “I miss who you used to be” bullshit. They look so cute next to each other.
Buy the helicopter, George!
isn’t this guy Louis Litt’s therapist from Suits lmao
Wait wait wait wait. So James just stole the art? In that tiny clip? No trouble at all? WHAT? *cough* whowrotethis *cough*
shut up about your son, Pote, it’s gonna be a girl and she’s gonna be a bad ass, not like you
the helmet and the “you’re welcome” he’s so hot I-
Pote is such a dunce. He sucks. The sound of his voice has become like nails on a chalkboard. Full offense. Not sorry.
“you still haven’t learned, cabrón” HAVE YOU
“I can’t stop thinking about the future” thanks, but no thanks, James has no future
George hitting his head on the railing is the first moment of the episode I laughed out loud at. I’m a fan of the physical comedy.
“who is this de la Peña” Does this REALLY seem like the appropriate time to be asking that???
Look, if James is the one with a weapon of any sort you know it’s gonna be efficient. But his sniper skills? Forget it, you don’t even get the chance to think. You’re already dead.
Oleg is gonna kill Oksana one day, isn’t he? No one agrees that easily.
Europe? You need Europe, too? How are you ever going to get out of this business.
oh there IS a Jeresa exterior balcony shot FUCK ME
That was a married couple conversation. Soft voices. Somber looks. (But it still doesn’t make sense for James to stick around for all of this just because she asked when he doesn’t believe in any of it and hates who she’s become. When do we get a feasible explanation beyond the implication that he loves her? Like, yes, obviously, we know that, but why do they want James to have absolutely zero self-respect? Tell me that preview for 5x06 signifies we are moving into the part of the story that explains why it was important for James to stay and be a simp etc.)
JT Campos always bringing the heat, man.
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astral-space-dragon · 7 days ago
On Sweeter Tides Ch2
Hey all! Second chappy! Is here! Enjoy!
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tagging: @harlot-of-oblivion​ @drusoona​ @novashine666​ (if you wanna be tagged for this particular fic, lemme know!)
Summary: After her encounter with the merman, Rosemary tries to go on with her life. 
Unfortunately, she finds herself thinking about him.
She has to see him again
Rosemary stood in the kitchen of the restaurant, her mind still going back to her merman encounter. She is dragged from her daze when the oven dings. She opens the doors and pulls out freshly-baked cinnamon-banana bread; the third loaf of the day.
She cuts up the bread into slices and places them on a tray. Still in a mild daze, she brings the sliced bread to the display case. Her ears perk up when the bells jingles. She looks up to see Frank enter the restaurant. It was easy to see how exhausted he was.
"Hey, Frank. Rough day?"
Franks plops down at the counter with a heavy sigh "To call it a rough day would be an understatement"
"Oh? What happened?" she asks as she pours Frank his coffee.
Frank takes a large gulp of coffee. He then answers "You remember meeting Delia and her crew?"
Rosemary nods "Yeah. I've met them once or twice. Why?"
Frank runs his hand through his thinning hair "Apparently, her crewmates pulled out a large bluefin--- well… what was left of it"
Rosemary furrows her brows "What was wrong with the fish?"
Frank shakes his head "Something picked it clean, leaving mostly bones"
The old fisherman shrugs "Maybe… maybe scavengers"
Rosemary hums "It might've been small sharks and seagulls…"
Another shrug from Frank "It's a possibility" he sighs "The big blue is a mystery"
"Heh. True. Today's special is a fried cod fillet on a potato bun. Lots of homemade tartar sauce and fries"
Frank smiles "That sounds great. I need fried food after today"
Rosemary nods "Would you like some cinnamon-banana bread while you wait?"
Frank chuckles "You had me at 'banana'. I'll take a couple of slices"
As she fries the fish and fries, she hears Frank ask "What about you? You look like you've been through the ringer"
Thinking quick, she lies "Ah… didn't get a lot of sleep last night. So, I'm a little tired"
Frank lets out a disapproving grunt "Why are you working then, sweetheart? You should be letting yourself rest"
Rosemary chuckles "You know I can't do that. It's not in me to just take a day off"
Frank huffs "Then allow me to tell you: take the damn day off"
Rosemary laughs at the man's tone "Wow. You said 'damn'. I'm impressed"
I mean it, Rosemary. You try and function today, and you'll end up paying the price. I should know, I was a bartender for ten years"
Rosemary sighs as takes the fish and fries from the oil "You're right, Frank. I should stop while I'm ahead. I'll take a half day"
After she assembles the sandwich, she places it and the fries onto a plate. As she brings it out to Frank, another fisherman steps into the restaurant. Rosemary greets the man "Morning, Luca. What can I get you?"
Luca sniffs the air "I smell cinnamon. What'd ya make?"
Rosemary smiles "Cinnamon-banana bread"
Luca immediately slaps down a wad of cash "I'll take your entire stock"
Rosemary's eyes widen at the sudden gesture "Th--Everything?"
Luca nods. Rosemary shrugs as she bags the slices of bread "I'll have to make another loaf"
Frank immediately shoots that down "No. You said you'd take a half day. If you try to make more bread, you'd be here all day"
Rosemary sighs "You got me there… Alright… I'll close up after you leave"
As promised, Rosemary cleaned and closed up the shop after Frank returned to work. After locking up the shop, she stood outside her shop, lost in thought. She turns her gaze to the shoreline. Should I…? Will I even see it again?
Without thinking, Rosemary makes her way to the beach.
Like yesterday, she walks along the shoreline, staring at the water.
When she reaches the same spot, she climbs up on the rocks to where… he was sitting yesterday. She's a little disappointed to not see him, but not surprised.
As she turns to slide down the rocks, she gets the feeling of being watched. She glances up and down the beach, but sees no one. She then looks out into the sea. At first, she sees nothing but the rolling waves. 
Then… she sees a familiar mop of silver hair. Out in the water, the man from yesterday lurked just above the surface of the water. Only his hair and his striking blue eyes could be seen; blue eyes that stared straight at her.
Rosemary cocks her head and smiles.
The man scrunches his face into a scowl before sinking into the sea. She giggles to herself. For some reason, she found his reaction to be a little humorous.
She picks up a small venus comb shell before starting her walk back home.
Vergil POV
Vergil waits just beneath the surface of the ocean for a few moments. Carefully, he peeks his head out to see the human woman leaving. He snorts to himself. Why was that human back? Was she trying to hunt him? To trick him?
That human… with her hair as black as the oil that chokes the oceans. Eyes as grey as the smoke that blocks the Tidemother. And she had the nerve to smile at me! I'll drag her to the depths, see if she still smiles then...
As he glares at the receding human, he hears someone next to him. He knows exactly who it is without even looking, he knows exactly who it is.
"Hey, bro!" his twin greets loudly "Whatcha looking at?"
Vergil says nothing.
Dante swims in front of him and looks in the direction he was looking. Dante cocks his head "You looking at that human?" he chuckles "She's cute"
Vergil huffs "Of course, you think so, brother. You do have poor taste. Mer or human"
Dante scoffs "Sure, man. Whatever you say. Did she see you?"
Vergil is quiet.
Dante grins impishly "Ooohohohoho… she did, didn't she?"
Vergil punches Dante in the shoulder "Speak of none of this to father or mother"
Dante shrugs "Whatever. I'm going to go find some clams to eat. Wanna come along?"
Vergil looks back into the direction of the human only to see that she is gone. He hums "Fine"
He dives back into the water and follows Dante to their favorite clam spot.
Normal POV
When Rosemary returns to her apartment, the first thing she does is place the venus comb shell on her shelf with the rest of the seashells.
After showering and changing into her grubbies, she opens her laptop and types in one word: merfolk.
As she scours the various pages, she finds countless information and stories on mermaids. But nothing on their male counterparts. And anything she does find is far and few and not a lot of help.
She hums to herself as she clicks on an article.
Finnish mythology is portraying mermen as powerful and handsome creatures that wield magic and have the ability to cure illnesses, lift curses and brew potions. They are most often depicted with a beard made from seaweeds, and are sometimes capable of causing much destruction if they come too close to human civilization.
She thinks of the merman she saw. He was handsome… he has that going for him. He didn't have a beard made of seaweed, that's for sure… does he know such magic?
She clicks and scrolls for hours on end. Everything she reads is not a lot of help. Plus, she reminds herself that these stories might not even be true and accurate.
She sighs heavily as she closes her laptop and starts on dinner.
For the next few days, Rosemary continues her daily grind: go to work, walk along the beach after work, see the merman, smile at and get glared at in return. She honestly doesn't mind his glare. If anything, she finds it endearing.
On one occasion, she saw a second white-haired merman with him, which she assumed was his brother. This one was clearly friendly. When she made eye contact with the merman, he waved at her with a dopey grin on his face. As a result, his scowling brother shoved him beneath the water, making her laugh at their antics. The merman glared at her before diving back into the water.
Soon, being glared at by a merman became a part of her routine.
Rosemary stretches her arms out as she assembles that last bowl of shrimp spaghetti. She slides a piece of focaccia bread into the bowl and brings it out to Delia "Here you are Delia. The last serving of spaghetti for the day"
The fisherwoman's eyes light up as she smells the steaming bowl "Looks great, Rosemary"
She hums as she takes a large bite of the pasta. She takes a gulp of beer before asking "So, any plans after work?"
Rosemary shrugs "I'm just gonna lock up and take a walk along the beach"
"You've been doing that a lot…" Delia comments. She smirks "There's a guy you've been meeting up with?"
Rosemary nearly tenses up. She chuckles "Nah. I just like walking along the shore. It relaxes me after dealing with tourists all day"
Delia winces "Yeesh. I don't know how you deal with them… I'd have gone nuts by now"
Rosemary shrugs "Unfortunately, they come with the program"
After Delia finished her food, she paid for her tab and returned to work, leaving Rosemary to finally close up shop.
After locking up the restaurant, she makes her way to the beach, eager to see the merman again.
As she makes her way to the secluded part of the beach, she sees a figure lying in the sand. As she gets closer, she can make out a familiar mop of silver hair. She gasps. It's the merman. And his tail is tangled in fishing nets.
As she gets closer, the merman's gaze shoots up at her. Her heart clenches at the mild panic in his eyes. As she steps closer, his face contorts into a snarl as he summons a katana from thin air "Get away from me, human!"
Rosemary stops in her tracks. She raises her hands in defense as she softly says "It's okay… I'm not going to hurt you… let me get those nets off you…"
The merman continues to glare at her, not letting up his readied attack.
"Please…" she mutters softly "Let me get you out of those"
The merman looks down at the ground. He then looks back up at Rosemary and nods. She smiles softly as she steps closer and kneels into the sand, being careful to not scare the merman. She digs into her pocket and pulls out her swiss army knife. The second she pulls out the biggest blade and the merman clicks out his katana. Without thinking, she places her hand on his "I'm just going to cut the nets… I'll try and not nick you"
She lets the merman relax before starting to cut the nets. Carefully, she cuts parts of the nets that are digging into his tail. As she slices through the material, she subconscious comments "You have a beautiful tail. Makes me think of a lionfish and sea serpent"
The merman says nothing as he watches your actions intently.
As she cuts more of the nets, she says "Almost done…"
Once the nets are cut, she pulls them from the merman's tail and tosses them to the sand, away from the ocean. She looks at the merman "May I check for any cuts?"
The merman wordlessly nods and lets her check his tail for any cuts or gashes. She smiles upon finding none. She then says "Let me help you get back to the water"
The merman looks confused for a moment. The confusion quickly turns into shock as Rosemary tries to lift him from the sand. After the third try, she gives up. She huffs "You know what? Screw it!"
She scoops her arms beneath his and pulls him into the water, not caring that her pants and shirt are getting wet. Once he's in the water, he swims from her grasp and circles around her for a moment.
She smiles "Glad you're safe…" she trails off, remembering that she doesn't know his name.
The merman stops for a moment. He then says one word:
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minijenn · 7 days ago
Keys to the Kingdom Preview
Hhhhh hilarious how I’m stalling resolving that damn cliffhanger by starting this chapter off with stuff not even really related to it. Anyway Riku and Kairi need to interact more, they’re both worried about their Mutual Idiot Boyfriend. Oh and Axel’s there too, third wheelin, I guess lol:
Riku takes another lengthy pause, seemingly ignoring the annoyed sigh Kairi lets out over his continued silence. Mostly since he needs to take his time in trying to piece this peculiar mystery together, in trying to figure out where Sora might have gone and why. “Ven said Donald and Goofy were with him when he left that world?” he finally asks, what feels like a lifetime later to Kairi. 
“Yes,” Kairi nods affirmatively. 
“Where did Ven say they were going?”
“He told us they were going to try and get the Key back they’d lost to Luxord,” Kairi explains, reiterating an excuse she still doesn’t necessarily believe. “But… I guess they got sidetracked with looking for the Key to Return Hearts? Ugh,” she groans, running a hand through her hair and not even caring about how she might be disheveling it in the process. “None of this makes any sense!”
“No, it doesn’t…” Riku agrees, a hand perched against his chin. “Did anything else strange happen while you guys were in that world? Stranger than usual, I mean.”
“No, not that I--wait,” Kairi stops herself short. Her eyes widen as a crucial detail, largely lost in the shuffle of everything else, finally lands at the forefront of her mind once more. “Luxord said something to me and Aqua, something that bothered me so much that I called Sora about it right after. H-he said… he said that ‘Xehanort’s been keeping a close eye on Sora’.”
“What?!” Riku instantly bolts upright in his seat. Somewhere in the background of the call, Kairi can hear Mickey curiously call his name from elsewhere in the cockpit. Riku largely ignores the king however, in favor of focusing on the incredibly alarming statement he’d just heard. “What else did he say?” he demands, his former calm composure completely gone now. 
“That was it,”  Kairi admits, hating how intentionally vague the gambler had been. He’d given her just enough to fear, both then, and now, for something so concerning, yet something so unclear all at once. “Like I said, I called Sora right after, and he said it was nothing to worry about, but… now I’m not so sure. Riku, what if… w-what if something bad is happening to him? Something neither of us even know about…?”
Riku closes his eyes, forcing his racing thoughts to slow, his rising dread to fall back under the surface. He’s fallen prey to thinking in terms of the worst case scenario before, his pessimism a longtime trait he’s been trying to work on reigning in. Worrying over something that might not even be true won’t get them anywhere, he knows that, especially with as little evidence as a mere foreboding statement from a single Organization member to go off of. And yet… after the promise he’d gotten, not once, but twice that Sora would be honest, that he’d tell him the truth if anything was even remotely wrong... “Sora, I swear, you’ll be luckier if Xehanort himself finds you before I do…” he mutters, so quietly that Kairi can’t even really make out what he’s saying. He pauses for another beat or two, pinching the bridge of his nose as he lets out a long, exasperated sigh before addressing Kairi once more. “Ok, let’s… not jump to any conclusions here,” he tells himself more than her. “As long as he’s still with Donald and Goofy, then I’m sure he’s safe. But before we do anything else, we need to find him.”
“Right,” Kairi soundly agrees. “That’s why I’m here. As soon as I meet up with Axel, we’ll-”
“You called?” Kairi let out a surprised squeal as someone suddenly taps her shoulder. She quickly eases up upon spinning around to find Axel standing behind her, offering her a wry grin of greeting. 
“Hey there, former fellow classmate,” he says casually. “You get enough sleep last night? ‘Cause you look like you’re just a little bit on edge today.”
“You have no idea,” Kairi sighs, sending him a small smile all the same. 
“Kairi?” Riku speaks up over the phone. 
“Oh! Sorry, Riku,” she quickly glances back at the device. “Axel just got here, so we should probably get going-”
“Right, y-yes,” Riku interrupts. Kairi frowns when she hears his tone waver, something so slight and small that  certainly no one else would have been able to notice. No one, save for someone who’s such a long time at his side like she has. She doesn’t even have to wonder if the stress of this situation is already starting to get to him like it’s reached her; she can tell, just from the shadows cast over his usually bright eyes, the tension drawn up in his shoulders. She’d hug him if she were on that Gummi Ship, hug him and hope that she alone could even come close to being enough to fill the void of the one they’re both missing. “The two of you look around there. I’ll fill Mickey in on what’s happening and we’ll see if we can find any sign of them in any other worlds we come across, just in case they might have left Twilight Town already.”
“Ok, we’ll call you as soon as we find anything out,” Kairi assures. She stifles a smile when he lets out a small sigh of relief. “But… here’s hoping Sora is the one to call either of us first.”
“I feel like that might be a bit too much to hope for at this point…” Riku half-jokes. “Be careful out there, Kairi. The last thing I want is you going missing on me too.”
“Hey!” Kairi protests in faux offense. 
“Don’t worry,” Axel cuts in with a playful smile. “I’ll make sure to keep an eye on her.”
“Hmph, more like I’ll be the one keeping an eye on you,” Kairi shoots back, lightly elbowing him in the side.
“Well, as long as you’re both looking out for each other, that’s what really counts,” Riku chuckles, amused. “Good luck out here. I’ll talk to you both later.”
“Bye, Riku,” Kairi returns warmly as Axel waves his own farewell. After the call comes to an end, he’s the first one to speak to their new shared mission.
“Sooo,” he begins, leaning up against a nearby building. “What’s the plan?”
Kairi bites her lip, glancing away apprehensively. “I… was sort of hoping you had one.”
“You came all this way hoping I had a plan to find your missing boyfriend?” Axel arcs an eyebrow at this. “You know I’m already here looking for a way to help Roxas and Naminé, right? Last thing I need is to be tracking down a third kid on top of those two.”
“I know…” Kairi sighs, rubbing her arm. “I’m sorry for coming here to distract you; I want to help Roxas and Naminé too, but… I just… can’t shake the feeling that Sora might need my help right now too…”
Axel properly stands, genuine concern filling his features as he looks his former classmate over. “Is it the same feeling you had when he was captured by Maleficent?” he asks, his tone more serious than before. 
“It’s… sort of like that…” Kairi lightly skims her heart with her fingertips. “But it's nowhere near as strong as it was back then. It’s almost like… his heart is still calling out to mine, but it’s getting fainter… like it's harder for me to hear his voice. Like the connection between his heart and mine… is fading…”
“Tch, I find that hard to believe,” Axel notes with a smile. “The connection between the two of you seems like it’s stronger than ever, especially what happened at the ball.”
“I thought it would be stronger after that too, but… our hearts don’t lie,” Kairi shakes her head, her gaze set on the ground. “Something’s wrong, something Sora isn’t telling me about. And I need to figure out what that something is.”
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matryosika · 9 days ago
shoot me, chapter II
pairing — changbin x reader
rating — 18+
genre of the overall series — smut, angst, fluff if you squint
prologue chapter I chapter II
word count for this chapter — 5.5 k
warnings — softdom!changbin, kind of bratty reader, mild exhibition (something happens at a dressing room but it's not too much), dry humping - lap riding?, oral (m), praise kink, use of petnames, slight edging, masturbation and cum eating
note — i wrote this today because maybe this week i'll be busy with college and i was feeling a bit inspired. i'm so happy with the messages i recieved and, if you like my work, i highly encourage you to send an ask or a message! thank you so much for reading me and i hope you enjoy this chapter. it's a litte bit more smut and angsty tension than actual plot, but i was feeling this today. also, i didn't plan on having a taglist but i guess i'll do! if you are interested in me adding you, please let me know! <3
tag list — @cozyblues @ahgasearmyfan
the awkward small meeting soon became lunch. arthur convinced you and changbin to join them at a very nice restaurant that was located a few blocks away from the company and, although you refused for the sake of comfort, your father didn't accepted a "no" for an answer.
"he is like a step-son to me" arthur said, looking at changbin as if he had some sort of admiration towards him. "i've seen him become the man he is now and i'm sure no one can run the company like him"
both haeun and jang-yeop seemed flattered, but changbin didn't even smile at the compliment arthur just said. by the lack of response, his mother rushed to say something in order to move on to other topic. it was pretty obvious that changbin was acting kind of rude towards everyone today, but you guessed he was just feeling uncomfortable because of what happened yesterday.
"so, y/n" haeun interrupted "your father had planned a dinner for you yesterday but it seemed like he had to canceled it because you had plans… how was your first day back in korea?"
"oh" you muttered, trying to chew the food that was still in your mouth so you could answer her question "it was… definetly something"
as soon as you answered her question, changbin gave you a side look from his place at the dinner table. "i went out with an old friend from middle school to itaewon"
"itaewon.." jang-yeop added "there are some dangerous places there, y/n. you should be more careful going out at night, korea might be a safe place but you can find anything out there".
"yeah i-" and for a moment, a perversed idea striked your head "i actually had a very unpleaseant situation yesterday at the bar i attended to"
immediatly after you finished your sentence, changbin glanced right at you.
"what happened?" jang-yeop questioned filled with concern.
"there were some awfully rude people there" you replied, limitating the answer. you wanted changbin to have an uncomfortable time there just because he crushed your pride the night before "i'll just leave it at that"
"changbin" her mother intervened "weren't you at itaewon yesterday too?"
the poor man almost choked on his food, coughing softly to avoid attracting any attention or being too loud "i was"
this was the first time you heard his voice that day and you would be absolutely lying if you said it didn't make you feel something. the memories of him praising you last night while he was eating you out just flooded your mind, making you stare directly at him for a really long time.
he was looking at you too, but his gaze transmitted something completely different than lust or desire. he was angry, maybe at himself or at you for teasing him in front of his parents, but he looked scared too, uncomfortable.
"see, this is exactly why i planned that dinner yesterday" arthur stated "i wanted to introduce changbin to y/n so he could guard her during her stay in korea. you know jang-yeop, how men are behaving nowadays…"
"tell me about it, arthur" the old man replied.
"i trust changbin as if he is my own blood" your father continued "if i asked him to take care of my youngest daughter y/n, i'm sure he would"
"maybe he can give her a tour around the principal streets of seoul" his mother suggested with the biggest smile.
"i'd love to" you were quick to say, earning a death-stare from the man in question. "i wanted to go to this mall i saw on my way from the airport but hyejin was in a rush and we couldn't stop by"
with a satisfied look, jang-yeop laid his body down on the chair he was sitting and sighed. "well, changbin, seems like you have plans for today"
"i'm not a taxi-driver" he spitted, earning a despicable look from both of his parents.
"no, changbin" arthur was rushed to intervene "i would really appreciate if you took care of her whenever she goes out alone. you know how men are, just think of her as a younger sister"
for a moment you felt the need to throw up at his fake words, but you were enjoying the scene.
a younger sister, that's funny.
"where's that store again?" changbin asked annoyed.
this can go really good or really bad for you, changbin. it's up to you.
"so you are not going to even apologize?" you asked in the middle of the uncomfortable silence that was now filling changbin's sports car.
"for what, giving you the best orgasm of your life?" he mumbled with a cold tone in his voice. you could see he wasn't really in the mood for talking, but you at least expected an apology for humiliating you yesterday.
"funny how you thought of me as a gold digger when my father is practically your boss and you do exactly as he says" you chuckled.
now let's clarify something. you never really felt proud of being arthur's daughter because he wasn't even a father to you. yes, you shared his blood and last name but at the end of the day that didn't meant anything for you. nevertheless, changbin didn't knew this so you could play that "ceo's bratty daughter" card everytime you wanted, even if that obligated you to actually act like you and arthur held a loving fraternal relationship.
"if i knew you were his daughter, none of that would've happened" he replied without parting his eyes from the street, again, with the coldest voice you had ever hear in your life.
"what part, the humiliation or the orgasm?"
he gave you a threatening look and proceeded to keep is eyes on the road. you were quite unsure how to lead this situation since everything happened really fast: your arrival to korea, your first encounter with ryujin after a long time, the itaewon night and the bar incident... changbin was still a mere stranger but you had quite a feeling that this wasn't going to be the first time you spended time with him since your father made it clear: changbin was like family to him.
shit, i am his real family and never even bothered to reach out for me when i was in japan. he probably only did it this time because of ara.
"is this is?" changbin asked as he parked.
"yeah" you replied, looking at the tall building that was in front of you.
"i'll wait for you here, don't delay, i don't have your time" he snarled without removing his seatbealt.
"you are not coming?"
you had one idea in mind to fuck up his head even more, but it was only going to work if changbin accompanied you to the store.
"and what exactly am i going to do there? rate the stupid clothes you try on?" he scoffed, checking his cellphone without even looking at you.
"do whatever you want" you told him, closing the door with a loud noise and bending over the opened window of the car "but i don't think arthur would be happy about your hostility towards me"
a smile appeared on your face as you walked away, hearing another loud noise indicating that one of the car doors just closed again. good.
"are you done?" changbin asked irritated as he walked besides you on your tour of the mall.
"yeah i just" your attention was caught by a black short dress that was on display at the front of a store that looked -expensive-. you had some of your own money from the previous night because, thanks to ryujin's master plan, you didn't actually had to spend any... but it was probably not going to be enough.
and just when you were about to tell changbin that you were ready to go, you remembered it: hyejin lended you one of her credit cards yesterday to buy yourself a "top-of-the-class present" because she was quite unsure of your likes and dislikes.
"i'll just go to that store and i'm done"
changbin rolled his eyes and followed you through the crowd of people that were in the mall at the moment. the store was crowded with people too, mostly women and their husbands or boyfriends who were waiting for them at the couches provided.
as you entered, you were quick to approach the pile of black dresses that caught your attention in order to try one on. the price, as expected, was elevated for you but it was probably nothing for hyejin. i'll buy this, i'm sorry sis.
it was a simple, skinny black dress with the whole back exposed. you figured out that it would be nice to wear it on a bar night or something and, since you didn't have that many clothes for those kind of situations, it would be good to get yourself some.
"so" you said, walking out of the dressing room and immediatly catching the attention of changbin who was right outside of it, sitting while talking on the phone with someone.
"i'll call you back" he mumbles, turning his cellphone off.
"how do you like it?"
"does it matter?"
"it's too expensive and i won't buy it if i don't look good in it" you laughed ironically.
"i don't think arthur would be happy with you walking around seoul wearing just that" he scoffed, implying that the dress was too sluty.
"i wasn't asking for arthur's opinion" you spitted "i was asking for yours"
he shrugged his shoulders without even giving a proper answer, returning to the only activity he had been doing since the two of you arrived to the mall: using his cellphone.
"i actually need your help to get this off" you mentioned
he swallowed nervously without even looking at you, licking his lips "ask for help to the ladies that work here"
"they are busy"
you had no idea what they were doing but you needed to get changbin into the dressing room with you. he already feels guilty and i don't have anything to lose, it's not going to harm us if we add more stuff to the the record.
"just help me so we can get this over with and leave" you snarled, waiting for him to get up of the couch and walk with you to the dressing room.
the store was full of people minding their own business and, contrary to popular belief, they sold clothes both for women and men. the dressing rooms were pretty much mixed so it was not going to look weird if they saw changbin entering to one of them. besides, they had long curtains that fell right into the floor, it was impossible to look who was inside of them.
without saying a word, changbin was ready to untie the straps of the dress while looking directly at you through the mirror.
"now this brings back some memories" you said, chuckling.
changbin strucked you down with his gaze and approached the curtains with a swift movement, trying to get out of the small space the dressing room was without even helping you to get out of the dress first.
"look at me and tell me you don't find me attractive" you commanded, looking at his reflection in the mirror before he could even get himself out of there. changbin looked at you, letting out a sigh as he bit his lower lip in frustration.
"i'm sorry for what i said yesterday" he whispered angry, almost in resignation. "if that's what you want to hear so you can drop this fucking bratty attitude then i'm fucking sorry"
to be fair, that was actually what you wanted to hear since you encountered him that morning. but now that you had him there, the urge of wanting to make him feel even more guilty and ashamed just took complete power over you.
you couldn't really explained why you wanted to do all kinds of things to make him feel bad. it was probably your hatred for men, the fraternal relationship he had with your father or the fact that you found him extremely attractive, but you wanted to make him feel miserable.
"so, do you?" you inquired, stepping closer and pushing him away from the curtains.
"stop playing" he insisted, his gaze changing drastically from one moment to another. what looked like anger three seconds ago was now transformed into desire.
"it's okay" you cooed, resting your hands on both sides of his face, tilting yours to the side as your eyes fixed on his lips. "no one will find out about this, if that's what you are worried about"
he parted his lips as his tongue danced inside his mouth, grimacing in frustration "you mean about what happened" changbin dictated.
"about what happened?" you muttered, letting out a small whimper as his bulge grew against your thighs. "or about what will continue on happening?"
one of his hands approached the back of your head, gripping your hair harshly while lifting your face. "you know your father would fucking kill me if he finds out"
a victorious smile appeared on your lips. he just gave in.
"isn't that more fun?"
before you could finish the sentence, changbin's lips attacked yours. the kiss was sloppy and needy, as if he had been wanting to do this exact thing all the evening. his hands traveled to your lower back as he pressed you against him even harder.
his sweet taste and the friction between his bulge and your thigh almost made you give in as well, but you couldn't.
you had to prove yourself that you were still in control of the situation.
just a bit more.
his lips left your mouth to pepper kisses all over your jawline and neck. the way his breathing sounded was heavenly, making you start to feel the heat forming at your core. he looked at your face every now and then, as if he enjoyed the gestures you made by trying to hold back your moans.
okay, that's enough.
"a public restroom and now a dressing room" you shighed, as your hands pushed him away of you "i knew you were desperate but i didn't know how much"
his face contorted in anger, clenching his jaw as he saw you picking up your clothes from the floor.
"don't think too highly of yourself, changbin" you mumbled, looking at him before opening the curtain "you are a man, and men are just so easy"
you walked through the whole store with the dress on and your regular clothes under your arm.
"my boyfriend is paying for this, he is right behind me." and with that being said, you left the store.
as you were hiding yourself in the public bathrooms of the mall, you called ryujin.
"i'm at the coex" you said "can you please pick me up, i kind of need to talk with you"
"you want to grab some a snack?" she asked, and you could almost listen how she immediatly got up from her bed to get dressed.
"yeah, but not here" you replied. before hangin up, ryujin gave you a "gotcha" and you continued on changing you back to your previous clothes. you had no bag to carry the dress, so you exited the mall grabbing it like you just stole it.
you patiently waited for ryujin to pick you up, and it was actually earlier than you anticipated.
"there's a lovely coffee shop a few blocks from here"
"and that's pretty much what happened" you concluded, just as you finished telling ryujin the whole bar incident and the dressing-room idea you had that evening. she looked at you surprised, as if she just had witnessed a crime.
"so you had your first orgasm ever with a stranger on a public restroom?" she asked, almost on the brink of laughing hysterically.
"i just told you that i engaged in sexual activities with the most despicable men on earth who happens to be my father's right hand and that's everything you could pick up?" you replied, sipping from your iced coffee.
"pretty much, yeah" she joked "i don't remember him"
"yeah, why would you?" you teased her "you were pratically flirting with every man on the table and almost eating the soul out of one of them"
"chan" ryujin said softly.
"oh, so you got his name?"
"not only his name but his number" she mumbled as she held her cellphone almost in a victorious manner.
"so you have been talking to him?"
"kind of" the blonde-haired replied "apparently they are going to have a gathering at his house and he invited me" she then made a long pause "wait, you should come!"
changbin was definitely going to be there. another interaction you could decline but still chose not to.
"yeah i should come"
as soon as you got home, you fell completely asleep. it was only 6:00 p.m., but last night you barely had a good night of sleep because ryujin kept moving around and the thought of what happened in the bar wouldn't leave you alone.
as you woke up from your nap, your phone had a couple of unread messages from both hyejin and arthur.
[6:13 p.m., hyejin]
i'm going to grab something to eat with hyuna. arthur said he was probably going to go out to eat with ara and her family so if you want to have dinner just order something with my credit card.
[7:21 p.m., arthur]
i'm going to have dinner at ara's tonight.
with her family.
changbin said he had a great time with you today and since you were going to be at home, he insisted to make you company at dinner time.
i'm glad you two are getting alone
either he was completely stupid or he definetly trusted changbin with his life because no man would ever let her daughter spend time alone with a man.
but that was not even the worse part: you knew where this whole thing was going to.
a great time? you made him pay 620,000 korean wons and humiliated him on a public dressing room. i mean, you did have a great time but you weren't quite sure he did.
before you could start overthinking the whole situation, you heard how the doorbell went off. fuck, well, if i don't open the door he won't be able to come in.
the doorbell went off again, and you just chose to ignore it.
[9:33 p.m. unknown number]
i know you are there
your father told me you were going to be at home
[9:35 p.m. unknown number]
you do know that i have the keys of the house since i spend a lot of time here working with your father here, right?
now you were starting to feel nervous. not only because you were, obviously, going to have to pay for the dress you practically stole, but because you were quite unsure if you could still have the self-control you had earlier today in case he approached you in that way.
but he probably hated you now just as much as you did.
maybe he just wants his money back.
while you were threading your thoughts, you heard how the front door of the house opened. quickly you got out of bed and ran downstairs with hyejin's card on your hand to encounter him before he could even get further into the house.
"just take the 600,000 wons" you said, extending your arm to lend him the credit card number and code.
he scoffed at you, ignoring it.
"i don't give a fuck about the money" he mumbled, approaching you as your back slammed against a cold wall.
oh, just casual rich behavior.
"now i'm the one who wants an apology for the show you did at coex" now this was what you were fearing. his lips dangerously close to you, his scent mixed with mint and cigarettes flooding all your senses.
changbin was fine. his body, even though you hadn't seen it in all his glory, was extremely well built and he knew it; the clothes he wore only accentuating more his manly figure... and here comes the part of the self-control.
"you said my father was going to kill you" you stuttered, trying to look away from his face that was merely centimeters away from yours.
"and isn't that more fun, princess?" princess, that fucking petname again. changbin was using the exact same words that left your mouth hours ago to tease you. "if you don't want this, then tell me. but do it now, because if we move forward i don't think i'll be able to stop"
you swallowed thickly. you knew exactly what he was talking about and the proposal he was making, but wasn't that a bit too rushed? besides, the hatred you felt towards him grew bigger by the minute. wasn't that a bad idea?
but then again, wasn't it a very good idea? you could prove changbin that you didn't thought too highly of yourself for nothing and you would be able to mess with your father's pride... it was just a very good offer you couldn't decline.
"i don't have all night, y/n" he grunted, still looking at you with starving eyes.
"it's you who has to think this through" you whispered, trying to keep the eye-contact with him. "i don't have anything to lose, but you on the other hand..."
"if this is done right, no one will lose anything" changbin replied, brushing his lips softly against your chin "and in exchange, i'll have you begging for me the rest of the days you spend here in korea"
that single statement made you blush, but you wouldn't let changbin acknowledge the power he held over you.
"i don't beg"
changbin gripped your hair and pushed your body down, making you fall into your knees.
"use your words, princess" he said while maintaining eye contact with you "for the last time, tell me that you truly want this and then we can move on to something more interesting"
you were unable to hold your tongue from licking your lips at the sight of his bulge. "i do" you said softly, almost inaudible, but it was good enough for changbin to take you.
his grip on your hair stopped and you were able to stand up, following him into the living room of arthur's house as he rested his whole weight in one of the couches. "come here" he ordered.
he sat down while spreading his legs and it was only then that you noticed how cozy his lap looked. unsure of what to do next, you climbed on top of him, your barely-clothed core making contact with his cock under his pants; just that fraction of contact was all it took to get a whiny moan out of you.
"what exactly where you trying to achieve at the dressing room anyways?" he inquired with a mocking tone.
"i just wanted to get back at you" you admitted, trying so hard to ignore the pressure between your thighs.
"and did you enjoyed it?"
"i did"
changbin licked his lips as he let out a soft laugh, trying to find a decent reasoning behind your behavior.
"well i'm glad you enjoyed it because it didn't work at all" he stated. "no matter how hard you tried to control yourself earlier today, you still ended up craving my touch"
his hands toured your naked thighs and stopped at the elastic of your pijama shorts.
"it doesn't matter" you hissed with strangled breath as his fingers dance around your shorts and skin "i still got what i wanted"
"and what was that?" his hands were now at your hips, holding you so thightly that could anticipate a few bruises there.
"to see you drowning in embarrassement" you admit, looking directly into him. "it was a pretty fun sight"
"i bet" he grunted, lifting ever so slightly his hips and making the pressure between your thighs increase immediatly.
a sudden moan escaped your lips, provoking changbin to smile. "do you want to count again?" he teased, talking about the bar incident.
your hands grabbed his shoulders for support as his hands started guiding your hips over his lap.
unlike you, changbin was all dressed up in his black pants and white shirt he had on earlier today. as soon as you arrived home you changed into more comfortable clothes, your pink pijamas whose fabric was extremely thin, and just now you started to regret your decision of not putting more clothes on before having this encounter with him.
"i need you to touch me" you admit after a few painfully seconds grinding against his bulge. it felt good, but you knew that it would feel even better if he decided to actually participate in your orgasm. besides, the scene of you pathetically grind against him in an attempt to chase your high was degrading.
he was right, both outcomes were pathetic. as you pondered, your head fell upwards and your core started to painfully clenched around thin air.
"then beg" he smiles, his hands still resting on the sides of your body. this bitch. "you don't want to because you are too proud, but how exactly are you going to feel after coming undone only by grinding on my lap without my help?"
"if that's what you want" he grunted at the absence of pleads, lifting his hips again "this is the only way you get to cum tonight"
your hips rushed the movements as you felt your pussy getting hotter, your juices making a mess on changbin's pants.
"who finds who attractive, hm?" he asked as the sight of your dripping core. "it's taking all of my self-control to not fuck you right here, right now"
"why don't you do it?" you ask in between broken moans, your hips moving at a steady pace.
"because you don't deserve it"
changbin was fucking you up and he was doing it just right. every word that came out of his mouth only made you angrier and wetter, drilling a hole on your mind by even considering beg for his touch.
"you don't deserve to fuck me either" you sighed, trying to hold back all the loud moans that wanted to escape your mouth as your clit repeatedly stroke against him.
"i don't?" he asked, mocking pain "are you sure, princess?"
the frustration of not being able to reach your high was starting to make you feel pathetic because all you wanted was to experience the exact same feeling you got at the bar.
"changbin" you whined, grabbing yourself onto his white shirt. "if you aren't going to touch me then please just do something else"
his hands moved all the way to the straps of your pijamas and he gently pushed your top down, exposing your bare breasts.
"do you never wear underwear, princess?" he growled, attaching his lips at the skin that was faintly bruised because of last night.
"fuck, changbin" you moaned, the friction between your bodies increasing as he was closer to you.
"i know you can do it without my help princess" he said, grabbing one of your hardened buds in between his lips.
the knot was starting to form on your lower abdomen at a much slower pace than before, making you let out desperate whines. "look at how messy you are being"
his mouth licked one of your nipples as his fingers played with the other, wanting to edge you until you had no choice but to beg for his touch. "fuck, changbin. i'm close"
as soon as you told him this, you felt how his body reincorporated into his seat, making the contact between your core and his lap almost inexistent. "i changed my mind, i don't want you to cum like this"
with teary eyes you looked at him. was he really going to edge you this bad? was it because you didn't beg? fuck, all you wanted was to cum and he wouldn't even let you do that peacefully.
"don't you think it's my turn?" he smirked while unbottoning his pants. oh, right, his turn.
you clearly had not much experience in that department but you wouldn't let him find that out. back in japan you were not really an enthusiast of oral sex, but you would often hear stories from your classmates talking about experiences and tips.
before you could keep recalling all the stories you heard, changbin's hands stroke your hair making you look directly at him.
he was... making you quite confused about whether if you were going to be able to take it or not. "come on princess" he encouraged as the tip of his cocked brushed your lips slightly.
getting rid of any hesitation you were quick to drag your tongue all over his lenght, earning a sigh out of him. you would be lying if you said that it didn't turned you on, because it did (more than you ever wanted to admit). slowly, he pushed his cock into your mouth making you gag over it. "good fucking girl" he whispered as he starred into your teary eyes.
changbin had one arm over his head while the other guided you to take his cock. his eyes never left yours, only ocasionally as his head fell upwards when the pleasure was too overwhelming for him. his chest was moving everytime at a faster pace, and the sounds that left his mouth were getting more frecuent. "fuck, y/n"
you were learning how to take him inside your mouth to the point that it felt too good having him there. "y/n"
"mhm?" you mumbled around his cock, making waves of pleasure travel all over changbin's body.
"touch yourself for me as you take my cock" he ordered.
you had tried several times to reach your orgasm just by masturbating and it did felt good, but for the longest time you thought that if that was what an orgasm was supposed to feel like, it wasn't so much of a big deal. that was until yesterday, when you truly felt a real one. but you assumed that by the previous stimulation, it was going to be way easier to come undone this time, even if it wasn't as powerful as the one changbin made you feel.
you started to rub your clit in circles as changbin fucked your mouth slowly without parting your gaze from his eyes. his eyes that intimidated the shit out of you and that were the main reason of why you wanted to submit immediatly for him.
"that's my good girl" changbin's grip on your hair was getting tighter and his breathing was getting heavier than before. "does it feel good baby?" he asked, watching how your eyes slightly rolled to the back of your head by the pleasure provided by your own touch and his cock inside your mouth.
"fuck" he cursed under his breath "i'm close"
with eager eyes you started to take him in even more, determined to making him finish just as you chased your own high. your fingers moved around your clit at a soft but hard pace, making that now familiar knot appear at your abdomen. "y/n"
you knew you were a couple of seconds away from your own high as changbin's hands pushed your head all the way over his cock, releasing himself into your mouth. "good fucking girl" he praised with raspy voice and quick breath.
and with the feeling of his hot cum down your throat and your drool all over him, your juices dripped onto your fingers. moaning against his cock, changbin's body trembled at the overstimulation and he quickly pulled himself out of you.
"open your mouth" he ordered while you were still coming down from your high. you did as he commanded, with the remains of his release still in your tongue. "swallow"
and so you did, tasting him.
"my pretty doll" he grunted "did you make yourself cum while your mouth was taking my cock?"
you nodded with tears streaming down your cheeks, messy hair , drool dripping onto your bare chest and your pijama shorts soaked in your own juices. that sight alone was everything for him, increasing his desires of completely ruin you in his bed... or yours... or any place.
a smirk appeared on his face as he pulled you in for a kiss, tasting himself on you.
"i fucking hate you" you whined against him, feeling how your nipples grazed with his chest. "god i fucking hate you"
and even though you did, you knew that this was only getting started both of you.
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islandofmuses · 10 days ago
Emotinal Bites || Zeke & Axel || Self-para
Zeke knew there were a few hours before the club's opening, however Nate had been taking care of everything alone, so he decided to come in early that night.
He was walking past the stage when he noticed Axel, the Wolf was tunning the guitar, hair into a tiny bun, and wearing a black thank top, now, Axel knew, the vampire asked him to hide the bite, but wolves run hot and that scarf was making him sweat so he took it off.
Tumblr media
Noticing Zeke, the Wolf smiled. "Hey, man, how are you?" Zeke walked over to the stage, stopping by the other man, "I'm okay. Glad both my boyfriend and my friends are fine, I heard about what happen, glad to see you up and running," he smiled placing his hand on Axel's shoulder, right away he could feel the wolf's conflicted emotions, which was something Zeke has gotten used to, but... There was somehting new, a feeling of... Zeke couldn't put his finger on it, but it was a giggly, happy feeling mixed into a bit of pain, he couldn't help a little frown as he studided the other man. "Are you doing your empath, thing?, Dude! I'm fine, don't give me that..." He pointed at the Warlock's face, gently removing the hand from his shoulder. "Fine, but you know, I've gotten used to your emotions, Axel, I wasn't gonna mention it" he shrugged a litte, being an empath could be tricky sometimes, Zeke felt like he was reading someone's diary, it was all so personal, and not everyone like to talk their emotions. "Good fucking luck with that" Axel scoffed, "you must feel like crawling into fetal position and cry everytime I enter the room." "Axel, sweetheart," the Warlock sighed, "Someone did a big Number on that heart of yours, but , you're going to be okay, just give it time, hearts heals too, you know. honey?" He was about to place his hand back on Axel's shoulder when he noticed something on the other's neck... Round shaped marks... Like... Bite marks? "Oh, sweetie! What happened to your neck?" Zeke was, of course, playing dumb, it wasn't hard at all to get to what happened. "Oh that?" Axel smirked, "Mosquito bite, an annoying liltte one, buzzing around my head all night..." he chuckled a little, he just had to. "Right, you know? I think maybe I've seen that... Mosquito around," Zeke giggled, "Though to be fair, there's no way in hell, I'd let him get that close to me" he said, an amused look on the Warlock's face as he pointed at the other's neck. "Sometimes you just can't help it, man, mosquitos they can be very... Determinanted?" Axel winked. "Right, well, I'll be watching your show later, alright sugar?" Zeke patted the man's back before walking por of the stage.
Now he was getting it, the giggly feeling, the happy mixed in with pain and confusion, and the bite, it all lead to one person... It was a dangerous game the 2 were playing but, hey, sometimes you had to add some danger to the mix. Despite this being amusing, Zeke trutly hoped his friend was not gonna get hurt in the middle of all this, because this wolf... he was barealy hanging on, emotions all over the place... Nate was a sweet man, he dind’t want this rocker boy to come over and emotionaly ruin his friend, it was nice to see that Nate was taking chances thought, always drowing in work, locked up in that office, who knew, he was a daring enough to bite a werewolf! Well, time to play Nate a little visit...
Tumblr media
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tasteslikemolecules · 11 days ago
10, 15, and 18!
10) What are your thoughts on Dean and Cas’s dynamic/its resolution? In general I liked Dean's and Cas' interactions and found them interesting, especially in the earlier seasons. I saw them as ambigiously wavering between platonic and potentially romantic. The more Dean changed, the dynamic between them became more stale. As much as I loved the power dynamic shift between Sam and Dean, it was more a lot less fascinating to watch between Dean and Cas, because Dean was never obsessed with Castiel the way he was with Sam. So you get the posessiveness and the anger but without insane love, and it just made Castiel seem... Kinda sad. I didn't really like the resolution, but not because I disagree with the general take of Castiel being in love with Dean and it being unrequited. That rang true to me. (I wrote a litte more about my Destiel feelings here.)
15. Was reviving Mary the right choice? The way she was revived was very contrived (but isn't that true for most resurrections?), and I hated the idea of her coming back, but I was proven wrong. I liked the addition and she became one of my favourite female characters on the show. I mainly think it worked because of how flawed Mary was. She was this „perfect mother“ in Dean's eyes, and seeing how she's not what we were told at all, was really good. I also liked how much Dean and Sam struggled with her keeping her distance and being overwhelmed. They could have done a lot more with her and the awkward relationship she ends up having with Sam and Dean, and her BMOL plot line was weak, but it was worth getting something like „Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox“.  18) When did Supernatural start declining in quality? (If it did?)I think there were several instances when the show dipped in quality. I really like season 7 and 8, but I feel this is when the show starts getting less tight and was struggling to find its footing again. And it stays in that weird “trying to find itself” state until it eventually just gives up trying near the end of the show. Season 7 has really good episodes and interesting arcs but the overarching plot is really silly. They’re leaning into humor a lot more, and taking risks. Season 8 is one of my favourite seasons but some of the episodes are SO bad. Season 2 to 5 are so tight and cohesive that even when I don’t like an episode I can kind of see why it’s there. With season 8, you have an amazing first half that suddenly dissolves into “Larp and the real girl” (blergh) and “Everybody Hates Hitler” (just shoot me), extreme forgettable episodes like “Remember the Titans” & “Pac man fever”, only to end with an amazing finale. It starts being a show where you know you have to sit through some really bad things to get to the rewarding stuff. I still think Supernatural is a really good show until season 11. Season 12 is weak but has good episodes. Season 13 has an amazing beginning and a fantastic ending and a filler middle part. Season 14 is just weird as hell and like all the writers were high, and Season 15 is legit bad. But I might have a warped perception of this season because I only watched it once so far. In general I liked every season more the second time I watched it. 
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grayedout · 11 days ago
Urzai Week Saturday: Youth
The final day of our first 2021 Urzai Week! Here’s my final entry.
Everything looked...bigger than it was supposed to.
Ozai looked up at the cover over his bed and wondered why it seemed so tall. Surely it was the same height, right? That’s what his eyes were telling him, but his brain insisted it was tall, so tall. He didn’t understand. He reached up—
—and realized that his hands looked really different. Chubbier. Smaller fingers. The hands of a four-year-old, at best.
Today was going to be really, really weird.
Ursa was back in the royal palace. This was surprising, but not as surprising as the fact that she was now approximately three years old.
There was a servant standing over her, confusion clear on his face as he watched her look at herself in the mirror. At least some of her clothes had shrunk with her—she now wore a tunic that wouldn’t look out of place on a child in the streets of Hira’a. But most of the fabric from her clothing was now piled on the floor around her. 
“Servant?” she said imperiously, trying not to wine at how her voice now sounded.
“Yes, um…little one?”
Her title was not the most important thing right now. “What year is it?”
“It’s the sixth year of Ozai’s reign, little one.”
“Don’t call me little one. I am a lady.” Okay, so she hadn’t gone back in time. Had she just…turned into a three year old? And been transported to the palace? Whatever spirit was involved here, they had some serious explaining to do. What was she even supposed to do? Would she ever get back to her proper age? “Is Fire Lord Ozai here? Take me to him.”
“Litt—lady, I’m not sure I can do that—”
“Do you know who I am?” she inquired menacingly, or at least tried to. Her new three-year-old voice got in the way. 
The servant swallowed. “Um, I’m afraid I don’t—”
“I am Ursa. Fire Lady Ursa. Ozai’s wife. I don’t know what happened, or who cussed me to become three years old, but I am still your Fire Lady and you will treat me with respect.”
“Alright. If you say so.” It was clear that the servant didn’t totally believe her. But still, he opened the door and escorted her to a chamber, whose doors she couldn’t see behind a mass of guards and servants clamoring about something. Ursa caught the words child and Fire Lord and curse, but not much else.
She stood up as tall as she could in this younger body and said, in her clearest voice, “Let me through! I need to see Ozai!”
The crowd quieted as they turned to see her, standing up as straight and regal as she could in a three-year-old body, and some of them even seemed to recognize her.
“Uh, ma’am,” one of them said, “I’m afraid something strange has happened to our venerable Fire Lord--”
“Something strange has happened to me, too,” she snapped. “I need to see him.”
Murmurs and arguments broke out again, until someone just snapped “Let her through!” and the crowd parted to let her walk to the ajar door to her husband’s quarters. (Wait, could she have a husband in a three-year-old body?) Inside it was quiet and dark. She didn’t immediately see anything, but she did notice a small bump in the covers, maybe the same size as a pillow.
“Ozai?” she asked on a fleeting thought. “Is that you under there?”
“Ursa?” a small voice says from under the blanket. “Ursa, is that you?”
Ursa went over to the bed and struggled to get on top of it. “Yea, it’s me. Come on out. Let’s talk.”
Whatever was happening here, they’d get through it together.
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