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#just Big Gay feelings yknow
helahades · 7 months ago
hey 👉👈 idk if you remember me bc i've been MIA for months now. but shit happened: i tested positive for the rona, had to isolate myself (which SUCKED) but spending all that time alone made me realize i just might be gay bc there was a girl who sent over, like letters and pressed flowers and puzzles and stuff to people in isolation wards and we started texting and i dreamed about taking her to a sunflower field on a date. so, i came out to myself! it's scary but it's good. how've you been? 🌵🌵
hi baby oh my goodness let me just say that im so happy you’re here and okay and I love you
im so glad that your isolation time was focused on healing and hopefulness and like...huge discovery!🥺🥺🥺that is so sweet of her and you totally deserve a sunflower date with someone who treasures you
take your time and don’t rush yourself honey like,,,that is such a big realization. I know tumblr is full of like established gays^tm and it might feel a bit overwhelming both here and irl but you can always keep chatting with me about it 💕
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thetinsoldier1992 · 8 months ago
I think sometimes the way I talk about Warrior Cats downplays just how integral it was to my developing brain 'cause genuinely an "Ashfur" and a "Ravenpaw" are now character archetypes in my head
#i know a ravenpaw type is just a meek character who witnesses something awful and is blackmailed into silence#and an ashfur is just a fffuckin incel but listen#that doesnt have the same nuance .....#its not a big bad villain whos legacy changes the world as we know it its a tigerstar#SOMETIMES you just look at a character and ur like damn................that sure is a yellowfang YKNOW#some characters are just crowfeathers and you just gotta get with the program#now i will say- and i think i probably say this every time i talk about warriors cshdhsj BUT#its a franchise that means so much to me and is literally the thing that got me reading as a kid and i still love a lot of the books#but don't you ever accuse me of thinking its good or well written dhdhrbejshfbdjsjfj#like there is good parts....there are things that resonate with weird kids (me).... honestly might even be half decent#but i havent really respected the writers storytelling abilities since i was 10 (and i started reading warriors when i was like 9 lol)#(actually that one manga artist who keeps trying to put as much gay subtext into series as possible seems alright he seems cool)#in a way thats a good thing i always feel like genuinely bad for folks whos childhood books were like normal good books and later the author#turns out to be awful or something cause like damn its a lot easier when ur childhood book is like#one step away from being some kinda modern day version of serialized pulp fiction (for kids)#the books are practically written by committee like modern day garfield comics its absurd like if any more erins turn out to be shitty#the situation will probably be dealt with promptly im pretty sure most fans even the kids havent trusted the erins for years and like#have a loaded gun pointed at them at all times#like listen we noticed the shitty things in the text#the ableism.....dear god the ableism.....jesus CHRIST the ableism...... i literally cannot type it all out in the tags theres just too much#and this i didn't realize until a friend whos indigenous pointed it out but the first series is truly a cut and paste magical native trope#and i was a little stupid at the time as a middle schooler so i couldn't quite recognize it easily#but straight up has anyone else noticed that like after they dances with wolves'd the first series so hard#when it got to the second series where firestar is fully integrated into the clans they were like OH SHIT WE NEED ANOTHER MAGICAL NATIVE#so they brought in the tribe cats fhdhbtjekfjdj#literally......they just did it again ........#i noticed the ableism as a kid but the indigenous stereotyping and also the shitty treatment of female characters flew a little more under#my radar but now that im older and i know a couple more things..........whew its a lot...#and on much less serious topics its technical quality aint great either its writing style could be described as 'retcon everything' lol#all in all warrior cats means a lot to me and i like to beat it to death for its crimes and it changed my life thank u and goodnight
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saintadeline · 8 months ago
Yes hi sorry I was gone for 3 days due to pyre making me a bit too gay for my own good But i have returned for your regularly scheduled adeline loveposting 💙 dont forget to send over your brainfluid
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pixelmuppet · 3 days ago
I just finished the movie and 😭😭😭 I beg for your missing link headcanons
CW For Spoilers
Susan is genderfluid and pansexual. No I do not take criticism.
Sir lionel has to be the biggest bi diaster I've ever seen. Hes trans too.
Adelina is bi too.
One thing I love abt sir lionel and susan is that- I genuinely have no idea what their relationship is. They dating? Besties?
They ain't straight!
Tumblr media
That's GAY.
Susan loving to dance and just picking Adelina or Lionel up and swinging them around.
Gives the best hugs. Bc duh.
Can we talk abt how cute her suit is??
The ending tho, "YOUR UTOPIA SUCKS!" had me laughing so hard.
But the Real hot take of that movie was Adelina telling lionel that he was a great man, but she deserved greater. Just- YES.
Susan is so polite I cant even. Just them apologizing for coughing in front of lionel and explaining it was probably just a field mouse or a nut or something. Had me grinning bc Susan is just- endearing.
The end credits! That song is living in my head rent free rn! DO DILLY DO!
The picture at the end!! They took their photo together!!
They are the eccentric uncles that travel alot.
Can we talk abt how pretty the yeti elder was tho?? Like she was a cunt but holy- she was gorgeous (Susan: Get a haircut! Also made me laugh)
Her guards were brushing and braiding her hair! Aw!
Social grooming is very important
Adelina actually caring for susan and using her name bc Adelina said Trans Rights.
Lionel wears gloves bc he hates the feeling of alot of things on his hands. Dust especially.
Ok but Susan is just as chaotic as Lionel-
Adelina: I dont even want to know where you got this-
Susan: it was a nun, we mugged her.
Susan's favorite color is yellow.
Loves to bathe but y'know- fur is a problem. Clogs the drain.
I forgot what the long haired white dudes name was but FUCK THAT GUY.
Talking about the dangers of new society; Electricity, suffrage, evolution-
Just- shut up. Omfg you dumb cracker stop talking. Why are you still talking?
Lionel is such a hard headed, selfish guy it makes me mad sometimes.
But I love him.
Susan being the best napping buddy and lionel just cozied up near her side.
Susan needs glasses- like they're blind and cannot see but had no idea. So lionel had his eyes checked and yep- Link needs glasses.
Adelina is a big pants small shirt gay.
Susan making the serious face when hes actually upset at lionel.
Yknow the beginning face when we first see susan and he looks kinda scary? Yeah she makes that face when angry.
It makes Lionel feel bad and try to apologize
Lionel helping susan with his bowtie.
Susan gives the best forehead kisses. Whether its platonic or not they're always the best.
Adelina gets a gf on her new travels. It's only fair.
Susan playing chess with lionel and being a tad smug bc they keep winning.
Lionel being a little feral around Susan despite susan being the actual feral one.
Susan will brush and go through Lionel's hair bc social grooming.
Susan growling at anyone who is even a tad rude to lionel or adelina.
Susan being a huge cuddle bug and just hugging adelina or lionel and resting his head on top of theirs.
Loves fruits nuts and berries and would adore trail mix.
Susan getting a mix of suits- yellow, blue (Lionels favorite), green and red. And dresses thanks to Adelina.
Lionel and Susan just travel the world solving little mysteries and exploring bc it's what they deserve.
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oh my god ray i just read that one shot and,,,,,,, i am LOSING my mind
the softness between blake n ilia? the careful, practiced intimacy that is both so new and so familiar to them both letting them fall into step perfectly with each other
strong ilia picking blake up like she weighs nothing,, yes please
also ilia being like “hey i’ve dreamed about this moment for years but just wait a quick sec while i beat the shit out of your abusive ex”
blake not feeling safe in the light OR in the dark but knowing she’ll feel safe with ilia
and then finally, blake knocking on the door of a house that just so happens to belong to two buff lesbians ready to go to battle in the middle of the night
sosososo good omg thank u for that <333
can u believe in the original draft i had arkos and then i was like "but why jaune when i could have yang" aND THAT'S HOW ILIA ENDED UP WITH TWO BUFF LESBIAN NEIGHBOURS fksskghkhg if i ever write another fic in that verse, it's just gonna be gay shenanigans ALL OVER THE PLACE
but gODS yeah i just!!!!!! i don't wanna say that i peaked with that catmeleon one-shot bc i DEARLY want to write more for them i really do and i have about a MILLION one-shot ideas but like ............. i very nearly peaked with that one-shot skefhskghrgkhr
if perchance u are craving more catmeleon but with a focus on bees, i can direct u to my bumbleby big bang fic from last year "both versions of her" in which the catmeleon vERY NEARLY GOT AWAY FROM ME fkshskhg it was. almost an oopsie bc it was. yknow, a fic for the bumbleby big bang fkshfgskfhskgh
anyway im just gonna be grinnin like a damned moron over here for the rest of my night, this is just tHE BEST thank you!!! <333 :D T_T
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thenicestnonbinary · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay yes I realize I’m missing a lOT of flags, but these ones are some of my personal headcanons for the queens
If you use them, please credit me!
And if you want another flag for one of the queens, send me an ask or shoot me a dm! I’ll be happy to oblige :3
Some of my own headcanons will be under the cut
Catalina was the first person to come out to everyone. I know fic writers like to create tension by making her unaccepting at first, but in my house, Catalina realizes very quickly that she never held any romantic feeling for either Tudor brother and instead was definitely into girls.
Idk people making Catalina vaguely homophobic coded just makes me sad and also i want my soft yet stern gay mom so yknow what she knows full well shes gay and she owns it
she didn't make coming out a whole thing, Catalina just offhandedly mentioned that one of the girls they passed while walking down the street was very pretty, but like in a gay way, and everyone just did a double take
Anne also was pretty aware that she liked girls, (I like the way @havaamina put it in one of her fics) although I also had a little thought that Catalina was Anne's true gay awakening.
like- the sheer thought of two lesbians stuck in this awful rut of comphet fighting over a guy both depresses me and cracks me up
also Catalina finds out from Cathy that she was Anne's gay awakening and Anne never lives it down. Ever.
Jane is a little trickier, she did have some vague romantic feelings for Henry, but also had these weird romantic feelings for Catalina and gosh it's all so confusing.
when they reincarnate, she finds out about pansexuality and bisexuality and just goes "thats a tHING?" and yep its a thing
Catalina is so damn smug that she gave two of her ex ladies in waiting their gay awakenings
Anna is a lesbian, but I also headcanon her as demisexual.
like Anna is super oblivious so sexual attraction is the only way for her to realize that yes she's into someone.
which of course made it a little awkward on her part when she suddenly got slapped in the face with attraction and was like "huh so thats what that feels like."
Anna also didnt make a big deal about coming out, the queens probably just saw her and Kitty cuddling on the couch and went "yea that makes sense, theres no way Anna would be straight"
Kitty i also headcanon as a lesbian, but i also headcanon her as a demigirl
Tho i also headcanon that their relationship with gender is more like they forgot to cancel their 7 day free trial of it but they don't mind
She was probably the second person to come out, and DEFINITELY made a whole deal of it
Like streamers and cake and the whole 9 yards
Cathy is bisexual but like in a very genderqueer way
Like she likes very confident self assured women but she also likes very soft and caring men and she also likes nonbinary people in general and just gosh why is everyone hot
Theyre also a demigirl, although where Kitty had a gender discovery, Cathy had a gender crisis
Like they had this whole thing where they reevaluated their self worth/identity because theyd placed it on being a female author
But after Kitty came out, she got a lot of help from them and eventually settled on a good label for herself
Yes Kitty and Cathy make so many jokes about having to share the pronoun
Wooo okay there we go
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originlist · 15 days ago
actually speaking of pride heres a full just, roster, for trivia purposes i guess. in the order in which they popped out of my icon folder.
Tumblr media
ritsu - everyone’s favourite nonbinary. dmab and now best described as “gender’s around here somewhere, probably fell behind the bed or whatever”. pansexual with preferences for masc partners, which was a chaldea discovery. before chaldea they assumed they were pan with a strong female preference but u learn things about urself when ur around humanity’s very sexy heroes
Tumblr media
laurel - also nonbinary, but femme. dfab. gender is “sexy”. bisexual who likes women and men she thinks would react with alarm and nervousness if dommed. her servant iteration, maenad, has gender best described as “a collection” since she’s a system whose members include people of varying gender, but laurel generally fronts.
Tumblr media
hemlock - he is a dragon. his birth gender is “a dragon”. as a human, he manifests as male. this dragon is gay as hell, good for him! back home (aka in his original verse and in the world before it got Lostbelt’d) he has a partner (aka assistant he might as well be married to) and an adopted kid.
Tumblr media
Shub - her gender is “all of them”. she exists beyond gender. she exists with genders and sexes that earth hasn’t even heard of. she’s invented genders and sexes that the universe hasn’t seen before. she is “female” only because on earth, a “mother” is “female”, but its more like “her gender/sex is whatever bears children”. As the deity of sex she can freely shift her body to whatever she feels like, and as an outer god, she has no need or concept of “birth sex”. Her sexuality is Women Liker but she also won’t turn down a male or genderless worshipper. She just prefers women.
Tumblr media
Alter - his gender is Gun. It’s less like ‘nonbinary’ and more like ‘he has forgotten what it’s like to have a gender identity at all’ because he can’t remember his name half the time. his sexuality is “no thanks”, though it’s due to trauma rather than what his sexuality would be without. demisexual, more or less.
Tumblr media
Archimedes - trans man (dfab). Sexuality is “i dont have the time” which is he’s a demisexual virgin who would rather bite than admit he has no idea what the fuck he’s doing in a sexual scenario. it’s very funny to me. if he wasn’t so tsundere about it i wouldn’t say he should be teased but yknow,
Tumblr media
Avicebron - his gender is I Decide It Upon My Own Whimsy aka haven’t decided if he’s cis or not. Sexuality is that he is canonically/historically a Man Liker and for the purposes of this blog he’s gay and just awkward about it so he rarely realizes if he feels attraction or not.
Tumblr media
salieri - nonbinary in the sense that “salieri and the grey man are different genders, but are the ‘same person’“ so like everything with sal, “its complicated”. grey man’s gender is Inhuman And Death (aka reflected in the fact that in their canon dialogue, the two use different pronouns), but for this blog grey man still uses he/him, he’s just not “a man”. hes Death. hes A Big Fuckin Dragon Monster. and good for him! salieri is bisexual with a strong preference for men and a profound awkwardness around women who flirt with him, same goes for grey man.
Tumblr media
lancelot - lancelot does not and has never had a particularly strong concept of “gender”. he’s mostly a man because he was taught “knights are men” and went “well then i guess thats what i am since im gonna be a knight” and happened to have a dick but like, god help him he doesn’t know what gender is and utterly lacks one outside of “whatever knights are”. it’s much more pronounced in berserker (who is also much more of his fae aspects, and the fair folk also barely have gender) than in saber. lancelot is bisexual with a strong fear of romancing women that would be enough to keep him out of any female relationship that isn’t with guinevere or artoria.
Tumblr media
circe - cis woman. her sexuality is “a strong and loyal hero”, which she generally idealizes as male but a heroic woman could take her by surprise, too. most men who she doesn’t feel are strong and loyal she views with open derision, though. oops!
Tumblr media
georgios - cis man. bisexual but in the sort where hes like “well isnt everyone? :)”. not in the “religious guilt” way, just in the way where he honestly never imagined that not every man would also be at least a little interested in men. he likes people with strong convictions.
Tumblr media
gilles - cis man with bonus dysphoria. his sexuality is [muffled screaming]. technically he’s bisexual, but does feel guilt over that, in the sense that he thinks him being attracted to anyone is Inherently Wrong because His Existence Is A Burden.
Tumblr media
hektor - cis man. pansexual, but his standards for women are so high because he compares all women to andromache and she’s the best ever, so good luck. he’s also polyamorous, which is partially culturally related, as multiple spouses were fairly normal in his royal family. his tits big because theyre full of love for fellow humans.
Tumblr media
kariya - trans man (dfab). sexuality is a long strong of question marks. bisexual, mostly, but also suffers the “i am a burden and none must ever love me” curse, which is utterly ignored by berserkerlot so they’re just husbands now. this worm man has been gay married, what happens next will shock you!
Tumblr media
koschei - in his original body, cis male. borrowing kariyas body in his first two ascensions, trans and confused about it. he’s never seen a coochie before. took some mental adjusting. his sexuality is “tsar”, which means he says hes attracted to women, but his definition of “woman” is “person who would be a suitable queen, meaning i could possibly run off with them, i think them cute, and they have a ruler’s demeanor”, rather than anything to do with gender or sex.
Tumblr media
seimei - dmab. his gender is “i’m not particularly worried about it” nonbinary. his sexuality is “i haven’t thought about it”. he’s not ace i don’t think but he has such a low sex drive and distance from the concept of “feeling attraction” that it’s fairly moot.
Tumblr media
nyarlathotep - his gender is “drama”. like shub he exists outside of earthly concepts of gender and sexuality, but is mostly genderfluid using he/him for convenience. he borrows a dfab human body and the name keziah with enough comfort every so often. his sexuality is “anyone who can entertain me”
Tumblr media
asclepius - trans (d?ab, intersex, changes by verse. has a dmab body as a sefant and dfab one as a human, both would still be classed as intersex and as a human he gives himself homebrew hormone treatments). he/him and very firm about that. his body is generally extremely feminine, which gives him hella dysphoria and that’s why he get aggressive if misgendered. sexuality is male-leaning, usually.
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faerociousbeast · 21 days ago
ace attorney??? more like really fucking gay attornies who are SO THICKHEADED i am going to kill them
why couldnt this just be a fandom thing like i thought it was before i played. why cant they just make these canon. why must we suffer so
i dont even want them to be canon cuz yknow normal reasons, i just want the fu kdingnf PINING TO STOP cuz its SO MUCH WORSE EVERY TIME
wrightworth? killed me. not bc of their cuteness or normal ship reasons, nooo instead you change your entire major for a guy you knew for 4 months when you were 9 and book a private jet cuz you thought the guy was dying and gain unnecessary feelings and have that man shine brilliantly in your eyes and share a deep dark secret with the exact same girl who just confessed her love to a guy and being great partners and trusting in each other to find the truth and enjoy biting into apples because theyre red and
klapollo? dont even get me started. once again, not because of normal ship reasons, but because they make me so infuriatingly mad. but yknow being used to getting inspected by the ladies but feeling that way for the first time with a man and calling each other cool while blushing and treating your guitars like lovers instead of smashing them on stage and singing a song about your boyfriend being the prosecutions witness and taking care your heart isnt stolen away and wiping pretty smiles off your opponents face and pulling the darkness out of him and being dazzled and literally asking him out to dinner is all normal and straight dude stuff
lanamia? girlfriends? really? i cant believe you thought that going to law school together and being both a detective and prosecution at the same time she was a defense attorney and being close enough to her you had to push her away and break contact when you got involved with a murder and dying at the hands of the man that blackmailed her and her being the first person you tried to contact when you were in trouble and being attracted to her (intellectually) could possibly mean anything not straight at all.
franmaya?? wtf are you on about??? wdym you saw acts of lesbianisms when two women admire each others strengths for being so strong in her own way in the exact same situation as herself and when theyre narrative foils and when one of them avoids whipping the other despite not doing this for pretty much anyone else and when she spends all night on a freezing cold mountain doing something extremely difficult to make sure the other is okay and out as soon as possible?
faraskye? HA dont make me laugh. why are you even telling me about how theyre literally a detective and thief which fits the trope perfectly and about how they investigate together and about how they worry about each other and how they both have big dreams about their careers in the future which theyre super passionate about and have entirely planned until something comes in their way?? this is all heterosexual behaviour???
blackmadhi? you mean having opposite designs that are black + edgy and white + holy while having the complete opposite personalities to their outfits and calling each other sad monk and reverse panda while fiercely going off against each other because neither of them can bear to lose and putting up facades to keep others away from their true selves but still caring about their younger siblings and doing anything for their sakes? yeah i dont see it.
junithena? youve got to be kidding. playing together in the woods as children and growing up to still remember each other even when others dont approve and being determined to help her find her true self and being worried that shes anxious while remembering what happens when she does even though its been years and getting mad at anyone who bothers her and sobbing because she gave you an orange and promising to defend her no matter what and taking a risk so that she doesnt get in trouble in court and calling each other nicknames and getting jealous that two people are fighting over her love while calling her a bunch of compliments and being supportive but sad when she gets a crush on a guy for some weird forking reason doesnt mean anything at all.
asoryuu????? whaaaat??? cant believe you ever thought that being certified besties and taking a huge risk so that said bestie wouldnt lose their dream and calling each others partners like every line and that thinking hes the pride and joy of your university and not sleeping in the same bed so you can go into the closet and teasing each other while still showing your unbreakable bond is homosexual activity.
tldr: theyre straight /s and i hate them
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delias-bitch-craft · 27 days ago
ᴇxᴀᴍɪɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʙᴇx | ꜱᴄᴏᴏʙʏ ᴅᴏᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴠɪᴇ
THANKS @cordeliaswhore NOW I HAVE TO DO THIS
anyway welcome back to examinations with me enjoy
today on the list is: scooby doo the movie, came out in 2002 yet gives off the strongest 90s vibes I've ever perceived
there will be swearing ahead, obviously
Tumblr media
this is the only gif i could find and yknow what i agree completely
five seconds in and YEP this is definitely from the 90s can't change my mind
OH MY GODS fred checking himself out in the mirror sdvgfkfjha
daphne is hot
velma is hot
why are they so hot
i still don't know how the ghost glowed btw, like...i get the floating bit but what made him glow???????????? explain that one, velma
"the ghost was pawing me for an hour and a half" pfffff-
shaggy and scooby are clearly smoking o u i d and I love that for them ngl
hydrocloricon???? now I really need to here about that one my g
huh, this is...this is very weird.
watching this at 16 and understanding what they're talking about...the amount of mature jokes they put in this is AMAZING
oh gods daphne and velma are still hot
i'm whimpering
oooh pretty lady
nailed it shaggster
god these songs are still total bops even 20 years later LMAO
e l e c t r i c a l t o r t u r e p a r a d e ? ? what the f u c k ? !
"r a w r hehehe UwU" vibes from the park honor
goddamn carol is a badass bitch! (girlboss)
oh you know when you go to an amusement park and they're just casually conducting an an intricate ceremony to summon hades that's my favorite
this is so...there are so many things to talk about here so many issues
first of all, if an amusement park is encouraging sacred rituals where they summon the walmart version of cerberus, that's a HUGE red flag right there
next, this reminds me of like...what they would do in hawaii, much more cursed
lmao velma's change of expression from 😰 to 😏 is amazing
the guy: "do my friends scare you?? >:)"
velma: "heh. they would except they're not real and here's why LMAO"
but yknow I do love that V is noticing how the back row of kids are all chanting along with the ritual mantra, which is definitely strange
dsgfhkfajl so many things are going on here and idk if i love it or hate it SAHGDH
*pat pat pat pat* wHaT a SmArT lItTlE oNe 😒
i'm in love with the fact that a talking dog just walkin around, answering phone calls and what have you, is just totally accepted. the guy just sets the phone down as if he gets calls for talking dogs every day
"no one's ever given me a stuffed dismembered head before...🥺" i know she's not who we think she is but also that was adorable
oh idiotic yet so beautifully innocent. love you man.
THIS SFX oh my gods the monsters are so horribly made yet so gorgeous how is this movie so perfect in every way
the little sneeze 🥺
i have no words for most of this castle scene so here's me not giving you any words for this castle scene lol
never mind i have words
2,000 year old can of chinese whoop-ass lmao sure babe
and by scare the *i have no idea what that word is nor how to spell it so um...let's just say shit???* outta daphne you mean you wanted to be alone with her in order to flirt with her after ten years of being apart
i see you velma
and i see those sapphic thoughts behind those glasses
go get your girl bb 😌🧡
this entire team is gay and you cannot tell me otherwise and while I'm not saying the Fred and Shaggy would be good together.....mystery husbands??
going on double dates with mystery wives daphne and velma????
i think this is a perfect idea tim burton sign me onto your next project
dorky chicks like her do what-
fred I-
stop hiding, you can admit that you're gay. please. stop...doing whatever you just did to velma. please.
same, V. same.
why does...why did they make Daphne moan every time she tried to do something difficult? like she's trying to push the pull doors but in the process she's just like "aeugh 😫"
"oh yeah, oh yeah--OH NO-"
f r e d d y ? o _ o
why is there a movie set in this ride
𝒾𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒷𝑒𝓉𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓃 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔 𝓅𝑒𝑜𝓅𝓁𝑒 𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝒷𝑒 𝓅𝑜𝓁𝒾𝓉𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒸𝒶𝓈𝓊𝒶𝓁.
followed by
and then back to
ᴡᴏʀᴅ! ;D
gods why did they put Daph in such a revealing dress-
i jumped in unison with Daphe I wasn't expecting a fucking jumpscare-
girl why did you wait ten seconds to jump out of those walls, like you almost got squished, you should have started running the second they started moving LMAO
burping competition. 𝑒𝓌.
we're here. to solve. a mystery.
yes daphne tell those men who's boss
were....was this group of oompa loompas and their john cena knockoff just.....waiting by the door? to hear the alarm?? like there's no way they ran up that big ass hill in literally five seconds
the plot holes are large but my amusement is larger so i'll let it slide
oh yeah and they didn't hear that fire explode right behind them plus shaggy saying "like oh no" uh huh sure
he's strong but he's also ✨𝒹𝑒𝒶𝒻✨
absolute BOPS in this move
why would that to the guy? like didn't you say that it might be him? PLUS WHY OUT IN THE OPEN
like why you in the fuckin party zone like "HEY MR WHATS-HIS-NAME LOOK WE FOUND BILL CIPHER'S TWIN"
lmao gravity falls references
i miss that show 😔
oh yeah, totally just tell him that he's a suspect. reaaaaal smart Fred
dear gods men are stupid🙄
gay high five
cmon just go for it you know y'all wanna kiss just d o i t
the intimidating sit down at the piano just for it to be "didlalalala" LMFAO
big scary man:😤😠
his music taste:🎼🎼
velma....i love you but....why can you understand pandaemonic?? (no, not the pandemic, it's a very old [noexistant] language stfu y'all)
nice sweater
she definitely wasn't expecting alcohol and that OvO look was priceless
no fred did not know how to accessorize, he wore the same goddamn ascot everyday stop it
wheezing currently
is scrappydoo, like...scooby's cousin? brother? estranged, twice removed, very distant aunt???? o_0
velma's giigggleeee 😭😭
clean your beans at don knotts' christmas party....pfff
fred get off the table
(it's not actually trump, i'm just using the metaphor because it might as well be LMAO sorry not sorry trump supporters 🤪✌)
"thank you! ...nice mask! bad breath though."
the sfx in this movie good for 2002, in all seriousness, the visual affects team definitely needed to get paid big bucks for that shit, but it's still so funny
what man???
what power??
who do??
SCOOBY GIVING THE MONSTER AN IMPROMPTU MANICURE AND THE THING JUST STOPS AND IS LIKE "HEY GET THE--huh?? oh? you--you're gonna do my nails? aww...please continue *0*"
these things act like annoyed siblings, just smacking each other and grumbling very strange scarily english-like sounds
shaggy I-
I can understand leaving Fred behind he's definitely a douche
but velma??????? bruh what did she do to you besides carry this entire team on her back?????
the fucking COASTGUARD are in on this shit too?! WHY??????
this song-
"i look at you and try to do the best i can"???
absolute gold
i did not realize how much subtle swearing there is
those were pull doors. shaggy and scooby leaning on them would open them, not hold them shut. instead of punching through the windows you could have just opened the doors. what the fuck is this movie
those guitars are not connected to anything, therefore when you hit them on things they will not make any noise except the sickening sound of crunching aluminum alloy.
yep the girl is a monster but she's still adorable soooo
a bowl of souls
I've always wanted to dip my hands in that thing just to know how it feels it just like water? it's definitely cold, no doubt about it. maybe it's thicker, like...thiccit. idk but i wanna touch
oh gods velma's hotter
they put her in a regular shirt
she's hotter now
they cut her hair
oh dear gods Daphne's gonna go insane LMAO
fred...stop being a pervert. no one likes you.
Daph: I can handle this guy U^U
also Daph: *typical teenage greeting*
um yeah, i think them taking over the world is less mean and more psychotic babe
awwww scoobyyyy
my poor baby all locked up and whimperingg
i'm pouting. :((
no one is talking about the fact that shaggy eats dog treats huh
this plan scene is so reminiscent to home alone
i love it
great cover guys, those dancing skills are pro level (????)
daphneee stop moaningggg
okay but like the thing with the souls all flying back to their bodies? yes please.
the boy is fogging up her glasses yes but she's using that as an excuse because she doesn't want him to kiss her
awww i hope shaggy and mary-ann got together after this film that would be adorable
scrappy: "if not for you meddling sons of b--"
Daphne: :O
Fred : o_0
Velma: o _ o
Shaggy: T^T
i will never understand how Velma always wears that thick ass sweater EVERYWHERE, like everyone else is wearing shorts and T's, isn't she, like, really warm??????
and the ending is funky, hell yea
Overall, I'd give this a....36 oz. box of scooby snacks/10.
very nice movie when I was a kid, even better movie now that i'm an adult.
would recommend.
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stay-midnight · a month ago
AAAA IM SORRY I WONT DO IT AGAIN 😭😭 I really want to talk to him but I'm scared but I'm a bad bitch so I will try hard to flirt sjfoneof it might fail but I think I really like him, like, this is the first time I think I liked someone as much as him so I'm nervous but also hEcK I just wanna get a hug from him yknow 😩 gay bitches are always superior 😌 and thank you for supporting me 🥺❤️ I'm sorry to hear about that friend of yours I'm gonna fight her 🤺😤 and ooo you should really come out to that guy he sounds cool 😌 school really is torture who the heck invented it 😠😠 and yes I ate and drank water 🥺 -🐱
YOU BETTER NOT 😭. I- go for it with ✨ confidence✨ if he doesn't like you, call me. I have a set of knives, hammers and a big empty refrigerator ready😃😃. GET YOUR MANZZZ AAAAAAAA, if he hugs you, cling on and never let go 😃. 😌 yes and thats periodt sis, gay bitches will rule the world. 🥺♥️ Np, bestie. Yes fight her 😭 I feel slightly betrayed cuz like idk why they even judge people like that. She’s all about women empowerment but she bashes her fellow women ffs 💔💔. I could but i think i basically came out to him when I said I like Jeongin’s biceps alot 💀💀. I’m dying from embarrassment i swear 😭😭. Yes. Arson school. 🔥🔥. Good!! 🥺🥺.
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pinkinthenightdean · a month ago
4, 5 and 9 for the spn discourse!
4. Human!Cas endgame or angel!Cas endgame ...i hate this one.... bc i genuinely dont know what i want more like realistically in terms of what id expect from the show, cas would come back and live with dean as a human. that happened with other characters, he was ALREADY human for a big chunk of the series, and it really felt like in order to have cas really come back from the empty, he’d have to lose a part of himself in the process which is SAD and that’s why the other half of me wants him to keep his grace bc then we’d also have the misadventures of gay little angel man using his powers to fuck with the passive aggressive pta moms at jack’s school and dean would feign disapproval when sam was around but like love it every time like HELLO (i dont want to choose) 
5. Dean: dark blonde or brunette  ok the hair discourse always makes me laugh and i have no idea where it came from bc not once does jensen ever look blonde on spn. like he was blond as a child and it turned brown (which happens a lot with blonde babies) as he aged and i get it, truly but that bitch is BRUNETTE 9. Miracle: dog <3 or fuckthatdog dog <3 !!! up until maybe a month or so ago i wasnt even aware people hated miracle 😭or the concept of him but i get it now that ive seen people explain why LOL like i understand how people can despise what miracle represents and how the timing of miracle coming into the picture basically replaces cas in a way- which is so fucking dumb BUT in good spn cas comes back and they adopt miracle together anyway so 🤷🏻‍♀️but also like i genuinely liked seeing dean be soft and gentle with a dog like it felt like good character development from him yknow all i wanted was to see him soften as he aged and let himself be silly and baby a dog :’) he’s a dude that’s had to be a mother father and brother essentially his whole life and it’s nice that he was given something that literally is just there to love him and asks for absolutely nothing in return BUT love i feel like he could learn so much from that 
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ikigaitooru · a month ago
1000. 1000 followers. ???!?!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!!!?!?!?!
heres me shipping my mutuals for 1k💟 i’m def missing ppl and i’m so sorry but my brain is not working
@bunny-xoxo i have you and bokuto engraved in my little pea size brain. uhm i’m not gonna lie i think youd ghost him (lol) and it would make him sad, but otherwise good ass couple. long car drives and screaming
@genesisrose74 you and hinata shoyo are literally dating i’m literally jealous of you like you two are in a committed relationship you hold hands and play with each other’s hair and have really chaotic conversations where you send him lengthy paragraphs that he has to reread twenty times and he sends you about forty texts while you’re typing. such a cute couple, though. would kill for what y’all have
@rat-bastar kuroo💪😫. LMFAO jk, it’s kirishima. yup, yup, you heard me right fucker. he combats ur monotone-ness and ‘i will punch you in the face’ comments with pure sunshine and also teasing the fuck out of you. pretty good balance, clashing aesthetics couple. i think y’all would be unironically cute so there 🤢
@444sushirrito you have denki kaminari on your ass tbh, i’m not gonna lie. i love that man and would fight you at the sword for him, but you two are in love 😪.
@snoozless you already know this but i still think you and matsukawa would be real swell. yknow when you’re tired or all over the place and you send a lot of random chaotic shit and can never spell? he loves that. he loves it. you two would be so cute. he’d just listen to you ramble about your little notes and cute things you got for organizing and philosophy and general sweet elle things, n he’d probably tease you for it but he’s got big heart eyes.
@erekami eren what the fuck. nothing but eren. listen, i don’t know much about him,,,,, or anything about him other than the fact he looks like a goth twink but i know YOU LOOK LIKE A GOTH TWINK TOO SO ??????? plus, you’re literally so in love with him. you talk about him the way i talk about bakugo..... like........... when is the wedding? (but also on another note, i could see you and kenma making a pretty good couple)
@kuroosperiodictable wow believe it or not. kuroo. you GET THE DIRTY CAPITALIST TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. he teases you a lot tho, han, i’m not gonna lie to you so you’re gonna have to learn to stomach it bc he is relentless 😕. he has such a cocky, laidback fuckhead attitude and you’ve got sweet shy vibes and i think you two would be such a good couple. he embarrasses you sometimes (in a cute way), and you send him cute ass good morning texts periodically. i feel like youd look up science puns to send him and a bunch of cat boy memes but i’m assuring u rn that he loves them
@x6nji ijichi. idfk bitch go lick his overly defined cheek bones. break his glasses shawty bae
@mitsuluv ok reiner specifically bc i know how badly you want to suck his tits but also on a for real note. kiyoko. LETS GO LESBIANS LETS GO. can you imagine you two as a couple? i’d die. i don’t even know if you like her but i would pass away? you two are smart bitch gays and you play with her hair and she just stares at u whenever tf she can
@txzierbaby yachi! yes i think you two would be really sweet together!! like matching aesthetics vibe imo. y’all would def go on a picnic date
@izukine han pls don’t kill me but, liyah i’m giving u megumi. you two would be such a hot & sexy couple? if i saw you walking down the street i would think ab you both for the rest of my life as a human being— like up until the day i die. y’all bullying each other hard as fuck ngl
@dancingazaleas baby again idfk anything about aot but i think the way u talk ab zeke is true love <3
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deadmanswilly · a month ago
uhh... rant ?
okay so i'm a hostess now at my new job (it's my first job but whatever) anyways, i really wanna make buddies with the server's and their assistants :( it feel so lonely that i only ever really get to talk to the other hostesses and the managers. like yeah sure, i get to give the servers their tables, and ask the male SA's (server assistant) to clean the restroom for me but like that ain't fun :l i want dude friends yaknow! as a host, we only ever get girls and all the big bad men go to be a server assistant or a bartender or something ~manly~ they aren't really allowed to hang out around the host stand either which is so BORING. all my coworkers are great i just be lonely asf :l i think i wanna be buddies with this one SA cuz he was mean to me a couple times so i want him to not hate me so he feels more obligated to be nice to me. also i'm tired of covid asf but i lowkey like the mask thing. i'm constantly talking to myself and when that SA that was mean to me starts bein a bitch i just start whispering to myself or mouthing out words. i do it with shitty guests too like bruh i have no control of it. i'm working tomorrow, friday and saturday tho and idk i'm not looking forward to it. we just got a new hostess and i luv her she's great. she's super sweet and we get along very well. but she can't close and we're so short staffed that it's literally only me, my lead hostess, and the new girl. and one of the managers whos been helping us loads is taking some days off this week so it'll literally just be me and the new girl seating tables and all that, and then i have to close which ALWAYS ends at like 12am on fridays and saturdays. i mean i get hella good hours so i get good money but like... damn... yknow... so i'm closing the rest of this week and for the entirety of next week until we get a new host or whenever the new girl gets her car. idk this rant has been pretty dumb.
anyways one of the guys who works at my job has an ASS. like CAKE bruh. i be staring at that shit all the time like i need it to live. but lowkey looks like the kind of guy who would call me a 'libtard' so that sucks... but not like call me it like 'i'm a conservative. trump 2020. fuck poc and gays' more like a 'i'm a centerist and i like to piss off left leaning people because i think they're the extremists and not the weird trump supporters' i have no evidence to back this up i just... i have a gut feeling. i kinda wanna ask him?? LOL like would that be weird? would i get in trouble for that?
"hey [name] you kinda look like you'd call me a libtard, am i correct in that assumption?"
it'll go one of these ways:
1. "hello elle, no i would never. that was so funny though. haha."
2. "what the fuck is wrong with you" *reports me to management and i get fired or yelled at because i thought it would be funny to ask*
3. "yes. i would." *laughs and doesn't report me because i now have that against him.*
i'm #struggling with this. it's a serious dilemma.
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cupidcreates · a month ago
yknow that tiktok trend that’s like "people i would cheat on my boyfriend with"? y/n (in any universe tbh) sets a powerpoint up for her boys and calls them over for an important meeting:
slide 1. absolutely no one bc my boyfriends are my entire heart and i couldn’t ever imagine being with anyone else
slide 2. all of their girl best friends (and it’s just a collage of pictures of rumi, mina, toga, uraraka + tsu, jirou, very honorable mention of fuyumi cause 🥵)
and yn is standing there all proud with a coy little smile cause damnit if she didn’t spend 5 hours making that 2 slide powerpoint look pretty while her boys are FUMING lmao if she walks around with a few more hickeys than usual the next day, no one mentions it -😌✨
(also i may be more hopeless than i am romantic but if it’s flirting you want, lemme break out the desert wine and some willow smith lol (whose music makes me feel xtra gay✨🌺🧚🏻‍♀️))
AHSJOWB The way they’d all be like 🥺🥰😊😎😘 on the first slide and 😨😭😒😞😡🤬 on the second slide fuck that’d be SO FUNNY TO SEE
I love that they’d all react so differently too because you know Shinsou would roll his eyes and play the whole thing off as a joke and maybe even forget about it by the next afternoon. He’s very secure in himself and his relationships and we love that about him 🥰
But Bakugou and Dabi would be FUMING they’d be SO PISSED and 110% Bakugou would message Mina some shit like “the fuck have you been saying to my girlfriend huh? Homewreckers get hit idgaf if you’re my friend” and Mina’s like
Tumblr media
“What did I do???”
Of course Dabi would get possessive as fuck and be hovering for the next few days. Keigo would get petty and dramatically deny any sort of physical touch for the next week and a half.
“If you want a hug so bad why don’t you ask RUMI FOR ONE”
And Tamaki would be precious of course, big ol puppy dog eyes like;
“You don’t mean that, do you? Not really right? 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺”
Pls give me this I think it’d be so great
How about some white grape juice, cheese, and John Mulaney instead 😊)
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